I know how importatant experience is in the Registry of Deeds

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in support of Lisa Scott for the position of Register of Deeds for Carroll County as she is the most experienced candidate. The invaluable knowledge she gained from working in a law office for the last 35 years, specializing in all aspects of real estate matters, is what sets her apart from the other candidates.

As a title abstractor in the registry of deeds since 1977, I have personal knowledge of how important that type of experience is to effectively operate the office of Register of Deeds and effectively guide the general public.

Please vote for Lisa Scott.

Susan C. Hoople


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Market Basket employees should be very proud, they were heard

To The Daily Sun,

Welcome back and congratulations on a job well done, Market Basket employees. We have missed you. It was with great pleasure that I stopped at Market Basket Sunday to shop and say hello to family and friends who work there. It was great to see the parking lot full of cars, the shelves stocked, the supermarket aisles bustling with shoppers, and the employees happy to be back to work.

How fitting that Market Basket is up and running again this Labor Day weekend — a cause for special celebration in appreciation of the hard-working employees who were willing to join together in solidarity and risk their jobs to fight for what's right. Thank you. Your actions will benefit everyone in our community.

As one of the New Hampshire state legislators who signed on to stand in support of Market Basket employees, I am happy that after a successful protest by both employees and customers, an amicable arrangement has been negotiated, and that Artie T will be taking back control as CEO.

MB workers, you should be proud — you have been heard. You not only made history, but have also led the way in setting an example for modern labor movements.

Rep. Ian Raymond

Belknap County District 4


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Representative Herb Vadney is open, easy to reach and easy to talk to

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is to state our support for Herb Vadney in the upcoming primary election on Sept. 9. Herb is a New Hampshire native and graduated UNH with a degree in mechanical engineering.

During his 28-year career in the Air Force Herb and his wife Karen lived in many different states as he served his country with distinction both here and overseas. These experiences gave him wide and deep understanding of both technical and political issues.

Now that Herb is back home in New Hampshire, representing the residents and businesses of Gilford and Meredith, we see him bring that same knowledge, leadership, initiative and sense of responsibility to Concord that he long demonstrated as an Air Force officer, and that he used so well while serving as Planning Board chairman and Meredith selectman.

As a leading member of the Science Technology and Energy Committee, Herb is enhancing our economy here in the Lakes Region and throughout the state. It is clear he respects and understands that our economy depends largely on tourism and our natural resources. We appreciate that Herb's policies on sustainable, reliable and affordable energy, respect and protection of our natural resources, and enhancement our regional and state economies.

Herb Vadney cares deeply about New Hampshire and New Hampshire's future and works very hard for your future, as well. He is open, easy to reach, and easy to talk to. Why? Because Herb cares.

Please join us in supporting Herb Vadney on Sept. 9.

Larry DeLangis, Owner

Inn on Newfound Lake


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Hope for Sofia brought in outpouring of support, Thank you so much

To The Daily Sun,

We would like to take this opportunity to show our gratitude and thanks to this amazing community. A community who banded together, and gave of all they could to support Hope For Sofia.

A pasta dinner and silent auction was held on August 29th, and was able to raise $8,214.68. This total does not include the monetary donations that were made directly to the bank. The funds have been secured in Sofia's SMA Hope Fund at TD Bank. These funds will be used appropriately to reimburse the family for any future medical expenses that Sofia will incur.
Many thanks go out to several local business, for without your generous donations this would have not been possible. Thank you Hannaford, Fratellos, Shaws, Vista Foods, Coca-Cola, Lakes Region Party and Gift, Laconia Village Bakery, Brighter Image, Kitchen Cravings, The Winter St. Project Band, Gilford Community Church, Annie's Cafe, and TD Bank. Your donations were above and beyond.

Also, thank you to all of the business that donated goods, services, and gift cards that we were able to auction off. We did not receive a single "no" while collecting items. We are so proud to be a part of such a giving community. Thank you to all the friends, family, and people just willing to donate. You, too, were a big part of the success of this event.
Thank you all again. It has been such a blessing.

Roslyn Dutile


Diane Lyons


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Senator Forrester represents her constituents faithfully & genuinely

To The Daily Sun,

Please join us in supporting state Sen. Jeanie Forrester on Sept 9.

Sen. Forrester is devoted to the best interests of the towns and the residents of her Senate district which consists of 27 towns. Somehow Jeanie finds time to visit locally fairly frequently.

Jeanie does a great job of listening, learning and then translating the input she gets from residents of her district into legislative priorities in Concord. Well respected by her Senate and House colleagues for her integrity and her bi-partisan relationships, Jeanie is also active as a volunteer for a number of charitable and civic organizations and has been throughout her career.

As a member of The Senate Finance Committee, Jeanie puts her MBA from Whittemore and her business skills to work as an effective steward of our regional and state economy. Importantly, Sen. Forrester believes in policies that will provide sustainable, affordable and reliable energy to the homes and businesses that count on it. With a deep appreciation for the natural resources of our state and the scale and size of tourism's impact on our state economy, Sen. Forrester is an outspoken and effective advocate for protecting our natural resources and our state's scenic beauty from being destroyed by poorly sited industrial energy complexes.

It is rare to find a "public servant" who is truly interested in doing exactly that, representing his/her constituents faithfully and genuinely. Sen. Forrester cares about her district and our state and it shows in not only her words, but her actions.

Please take action on Sept. 9 and vote for state Sen. Jeanie Forrester.

Ivan and Barbara Quinchia


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