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My summer as a swim instructor in Gilmanton couldn't have been better

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to the children and families of Gilmanton who attended swim lessons at Crystal Lake Park.

Teaching children to swim and be safe in the water has always been a rewarding way for me to spend my summer. Eighty-five children eagerly came each day, filled with enthusiasm for to fun and swim. Every challenge, for the youngest to the oldest swimmers, was met and some exceeded my expectations! As parents, you were supportive and grateful, as you watched their skills develop and strength grow.

It was truly an honor to finish my swimming career here at Crystal Lake Park, with some extraordinary children.

I would encourage any person with their WSI to apply next summer to the Gilmanton Parks and Recreation Department to teach swimming to the best group of children and the kindest, most generous families. Thank you for a wonderful two weeks!

Catherine C. Lines


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As a selectman, you have to be thick-skinned & let folks express opinions

To The Daily Sun,

I recently read a letter in your paper from the Sanbornton selectmen criticizing a letter to the editor from Mr. Whalen and stating that the town attorney recommended they request an apology. In reading the article I find that Mr. Whalen did not insinuate that there was any wrongdoing on the part of the Selectmen. He simply asked the question: Why so many non-public meetings? I will ask the same question: Why so many non-public meetings?

I was a selectman. You have to be very thick-skinned and let the citizens voice their opinions. When elected officials decide to criticize anyone questioning what they do it is troubling. The selectmen have forgotten that in this country we have free speech. I can't believe that the selectmen would even think about censoring free speech. Maybe there's more to these 91-A meetings that meets the eye.

I, for one, am glad that we have Mr. Whalen and others who follow and question what goes on in our town. There are things that were voted on at Town Meeting that the selectmen are not honoring, which they have a right to do — but.

Another citizen and I were accused by this board of being absolute liars when we spoke at Town Meeting in March. They have been proven wrong. We spoke the truth, and when asked to apologize they have refused. They want an apology for something not necessary, but won't give one that is due.

Why do our three selectmen try to censor a citizen and write this kind of a letter for the board to send to the newspaper? What were they thinking?

Dave Nickerson


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