Gov. Maggie Hassan doing nothing to bring businesses to our state

To The Daily Sun,

The unemployment rate is now 5.9 percent. Sounds good. But what about the people who stopped received unemployment or just have part-time jobs because they cannot find a full-time job with the same pay rate as the job they lost? They are no longer counted in the unemployment rate. What about the people that did find a job, but are getting paid less than the last job they had?

Just after the Primary, I heard Maggie Hassan talk about all the jobs she created.

I got a job under Maggie Hassan. I also lost that same job. I was hired by a company with a big project. When the project was finished there was not another to take its place, so over 100 people were laid off. I wonder how many people who got a job created under Maggie Hassan are still employed in that job.

I am looking and it does not look good. I do not want to collect unemployment. I want a job — a good job with benefits, a full-time job — and so do a lot of people in this state.

New Hampshire is 50th in corporate taxes. Yep... last (highest) in the country. That really is enticing companies to come here.

New Hampshire needs full-time year round jobs. Maggie Hassan is doing nothing to bring businesses to New Hampshire. Some are leaving. New Hampshire needs jobs with benefits.

TIdo not think Maggie helped the people in our state. She did not help me, and I am sure she did not help others.

Linda Riley


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5-year-old kept from One Voice cast because parents aren't married

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing this letter in complete disbelief that in this day and age, something like this would be happening. But it is, and because I believe in standing up for what is right, and for being a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves, I am submitting this letter.

A few weeks ago, a sweet little 5-year-old boy told his mom that he really wanted to be part of the One Voice program that performs every year, usually at Christmas and Easter. This little guy loves Jesus, and he will tell you that. He absolutely loves Christmas and the true meaning of it. He attends a Christian school and goes to Sunday School at Grace Capital Church here in Laconia. So, after auditioning he was told he could join. Proud as a peacock he was, so excited he was "doing something for Jesus" and something he loves. He learned just about every song, every word. He listened to that CD every time they got in the car.

Last week, after practice, his mom was taken to a little room with One Voice directors. They blindsided this very proud mom, who happens to be the most attentive, loving, "put the Lord first" mom I know, by telling her that her son would not be allowed to be a part of this (Christian-based) program. These parents, by the way, love each other very much. They've been together over eight years, own a home, work in the community, and are good people. It's a miracle their first son even survived a traumatic beginning of his life. They've been through a lot, but it's only made them stronger. Anyway, the reason they will not let this little guy sing is because the parents are not married.

Mom was told parents must be with the younger children backstage and (I quote) "We cannot possibly let you go back stage with the married mothers." WHAT? And, when it was suggested that someone else be in charge of him in order to practice, she was told "we cannot do that, because if someone recognizes him from the audience and know their living situation it will taint their image." I think this has tainted their image.

I'm very disturbed for two reasons. The heart of this little boy is so joyful and innocent, it saddens me that he is being rejected by people who claim to serve the Lord. I do not in any way want this letter to reflect poorly on the church as a whole. This is the work of a few, who are taking what they believe and making it law. The will not respond in anyway to phone calls or letters written, stating only that it is " a private matter." Only private because they know it will cause outrage in Christians and non-Christians alike. I cannot allow it to be "private" because not only is it unjust, but it is discriminatory and wrong. We are talking about a little boy. A child of God. And though I could throw many scriptures in here, I won't. I will only say that God says in his word, "Suffer the little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven."

I'm sure this grieves His heart as it does ours.
I and many, many people will not be attending this program. It does not exude God's grace and mercy. To the directors, who took their convictions or what they think is right, without being fair (how about asking the married mom's backstage how they feel. I dare say they wouldn't dare), I will only say this: When you stand before the Lord, which we all will one day, you will have to give an account for your words and actions. Maybe your little program will go on with many in attendance, but you yourselves have already tainted the message. Jesus is all about forgiveness and not judging others. He says, "For all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God."

We are called to love. You have not done the one thing he asks of you. I believe all things happen for a reason, and what we do with what's been handed to us is what matters. The little guy you've rejected? He'll be just fine because he has a family who lives him tremendously and a God, who has promised good to him.

All I can even think to say to you ladies, is shame on you. Shame on you for taking a gift that God gave you in being able to direct something that could/would glorify Him, and making it all about you and what you feel is right.

I think if the community as a whole understood what you have done, they wouldn't make an effort to see this program. Because you've taken something that was his, and made it your own.

Donna Page


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If elected to represent Gilford & Meredith, I will listen to all sides

To The Daily Sun,

As a candidate for the Statehouse to represent District 2, the towns of Gilford and Meredith, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you and to give some of my reasons for running for public office.

First of all, I believe in the importance of building strong communities and in participating in community activities. There are many ways to do this: Serving on the Budget Committee or Library Board, running a Little League sports program, volunteering at the school or helping to refurbish a warming hut, organizing fund-raisers or supervising beautification projects, participating in local theater or choral groups. New Hampshire towns are filled with people who willing give their time and talents to benefit their communities.

For the past 10 years, I have joined many of you in volunteering at the local library, the hospital, and the Belknap County House of Corrections. Like so many of you, I support the Lakes Region Singers and the Winnipesaukee Playhouse as well as the Streetcar Company in their efforts to bring quality programs and productions to our residents. And I have been privileged to be one of many CASAs (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for children who are in placement.

These are some of the ways that I have come to learn of the many issues that concern the citizens of District 2. I have also paid very close attention to the Belknap County Commission-Convention meetings and the general tone of mistrust that has dominated them. If elected, I promise to listen to all sides of an issue and to all the people that I will be privileged to represent.

Listening does not mean simply sitting politely while someone else is speaking, waiting your turn to voice what is on our mind or saying a dismissive "Thank you for your input." It means actually paying attention and seriously considering what someone else has said and then responding directly to it. It means having a genuine dialogue, and taking all voices and concerns into account to ensure that the best possible solutions to any issues are reached. All elected officials must be very aware that most of the people the represent will not have voted for them—either having voted for an opponent or not voted at all. Nevertheless state reps must represent and consider everyone, not just their supporters. We need to work together.

In the coming weeks I will be attending candidate forums, making phone calls and knocking on doors, hoping to meet you and asking you what your concerns are. I will also be writing additional letters outlining some of my positions. On Nov. 4, I ask you to vote for me, Dorothy Piquado, as well as for Lisa DiMartino, Nancy Frost, and Sandy Mucci.

Together we can continue to strengthen our wonderful community.

Dorothy Piquado


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Don't waste vote on Librertarian mystery man; write my name in

To The Daily Sun,

Where is Bob Hull?

Robert Hull (Libertarian), who ran under the Republican ticket, had bought his votes through advertising, is hiding somewhere. Hull spent $7,000 in advertising to buy 500 votes from Republicans who "bought a product without ever seeing it," from the five towns in lower Grafton County and nobody even knows what he stands for. The Republican Party doesn't know where he is. Even after his victory in the Primary, Hull still has not reached out the party.

So who is this famous vote-getter that no one has met? He is yet to get on the agenda for the selectboards in Ashland, Alexandra, Bridgewater and Bristol, to introduce himself. In fact out of the eight candidates (six were from the town of Grafton) for Districts 9 and floterial 17, all these selectboards have been seeing at their regular meetings to date, is me.

Introducing yourself to local government shows that you are willing to step up to take on the responsibility of proper chain-of-command representation for your district to Concord and County. Introducing yourself and listening to your constituents will give you an idea on how to represent your district and how to vote in Concord. Mr. Hull, why are you hiding from your local government officials? What is it that you hope to accomplish for your constituents, whoever they are? Are you going to ignore all of your constituents for the next two years while you sponge a seat in the House?

The only thing I know for sure about Mr. Hull is that he lives at 12 Liberty Lane in Grafton with eight, or 10, or 20 other people who use that address for voter registration. Tim Condon who challenged Jeanie Forrester for State Senate District 2 is also listed at that same address. Condon moved from Florida to New Hampshire for the Free State Project and founded the now defunct, New Hampshire Legal Rights Foundation with Bill O'Brien former speaker of the House. Condon and O'Brien were attorneys in a lawsuit against Grafton County brought by Hull, that delayed the construction of the new county jail. Is Hull on his way to Concord with the hopes of delaying more state jobs? Mr. Hull, what kind of delegate will you be to Grafton County, for District 9, now that you have tried to sue the county?

This gets even better, on Sept.15 the Grafton county GOP had a convention and Tim Condon who lost to Jeanie Forrester, showed up to announce Bob Hull. Is Condon going to show up in Concord to be sworn in for Hull, too? Does Hull even exist? It's apparent that Hull wants nothing to do with the Republican Party or our government, or you. Do you think that this kind of irresponsible behavior is worthy of your vote?

The Attorney General has an ongoing investigation, which began in 2013, into voter fraud concerning on all the people who are supposed to live at 12 Liberty Lane. As of Aug. 27, there are a reported 10 registered voters using that address.

I know Hull is a free-stater (Libertarian) who would like to do away with the U.S. Constitution, the same Constitution I had held up my right hand and sworn an oath to defend, both foreign and domestic, when I joined the Navy. I have served five tours to the Middle East, and I refuse to stand by while people are willing to vote someone into office, who would threaten what all of us veterans had sworn to defend. None of us should stand by.

So this sounds like sour grapes from the guy who lost his bid for the Primary. I would not mind If I had lost to someone who would do the better job. I'd even endorse that person. But with the ongoing absence of Hull refusing to make contact with anyone in this district, and why he wants the House seat so badly that he spent $7,000 for, it leaves me feeling dismayed that I will not have the opportunity to represent the good people that I was ready to take on the responsibility of representing in this district, who deserve common-sense, true representation, not irresponsible behavior.

If advertising is all people want to use to elect state legislators then 2016 is right around the corner. What a way to win a vote.

If you feel that you would like to see a representative who is willing to work for your best interest 24/7, willing to meet and greet, willing to answer the phone, than write me in on Nov. 4. I am prepared to take on the job of bringing information back from Concord to the local elected officials and take the needs of my constituents back down to Concord. The job of state representative is not a part-time job and I will not treat It as such.

We have some major issues confronting us in this state: finances, jobs/economy, business regulatory environment, health care, education, state retirement system, right-to-work, Common Core, dedicated fund raiding, just to name a few. We need responsible people with the passion to resolve these issues.

I will uphold that responsibility. I will not shun or hide from my constituents. Don't let Grafton county become a Libertarian Free State. Don't waste your vote on a Libertarian mystery candidate.

Eric T. Rottenecker
Write-in candidate (R)
Grafton Dist. 9
Alexandra, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol, Grafton

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Rep. Glenn Cordelli is just one of those exceptional people

To The Daily Sun,

There are some people who run for and serve in public office for personal recognition or self aggrandizing opportunities. Other folks do it for the good it will bring to their business or personal enterprise. We have seen many of these characters in our years of observation, haven't we. However, once in a while someone comes along who actually has something to offer the public in the way of leadership, integrity, and a sense of respect for giving the public the best bang for their tax dollar possible.

Glenn Cordelli is one of those exceptional people. I have seen his participation at the oversight meetings dealing with the Carroll County mess. I receive communications from him with updates on state and local issues. Whether attending local board of selectmen's meetings or a meeting of the Carroll County Delegation and Commissioners, he comes prepared, ready to engage in the discussion, fully equipped to express his views and offer resolutions, often educating those who didn't come as prepared. The way a person presents themselves in public venues demonstrates whether they are present only to be seen or there to make a difference. Glenn makes a difference.

His hard work has been recognized nationally as being one of 21 legislators in 19 states in the Class of 2014 Emerging Leaders because of their "potential and ability they have shown to have an impact in their state..." Part of the criteria for this achievement is "... a strong commitment to ideas leading to more private-sector jobs and more effective government at lower costs." He has proven his innovation and tenacity by the bills he has sponsored. He has studied the subject, conferred with people related to the issue and comes prepared to offer his ideas for balancing spending with good results for his constituents.

If you are from Moultonborough, Tuftonboro or Sandwich I urge you to vote in November. And do yourself, your town, the county and the state a favor and vote to re-elect Glenn Cordelli.

Rick Heath


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