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It's good intentions that matter most to lefists, not good results

To The Daily Sun,

We need more gun control laws, even if to save just one more life, pleads our president as he prepares more unilateral, executive action. Apparently, it was not until he was ready to attack the Second Amendment that he was able to muster up some tears of hurt for children killed by firearms. The many dozens of children shot and killed by gangs in his old home town over the past 50 years was seemingly not enough to cause him to shed a tear. Cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Milwaukee etc., where kids have been killed by gangs, have been run almost exclusively by Democrats. That should be enough to make us all cry and scream for some real "hope and change."

According to Daniel Greenfield, in one recent year, 83 percent of those murdered in Chicago had a criminal record. In Philly, 75 percent; Milwaukee, 77 percent; New Orleans, 64 percent and in Baltimore, 91 percent. Mr. Greenfield notes, "Obama is so concerned about gun violence that "he voted against charging school shooters as adults back in Chicago. Federal gun crime prosecutions have fallen to a new low under him. Amnesty has driven hordes of gang members to America. He continues to free violent drug dealers from prison." But Wiles, my leftist friends will protest, "deportations of violent illegal immigrant aliens has risen under our president." Well of course, when you get to count Kate Steinle's killer as five deportations, which occurred before he shot her.

Did Barack Obama shed a tear for Zavion Dobson out of real compassion or for political persuasion? Perhaps both, but remember this young man, a sophomore at Fulton High School in Knoxville, Tennessee? He was in a nice neighborhood, behaving himself, when he dove on top of three girls to save their lives from a gunman. He died from gunshot wounds to the head. Pretty heroic for a 15-year-old student wouldn't you say? He was accidentally shot as a result of a feud by rival drug dealers and gangs. The victims and the perpetrators were all black. The perps all had long raps sheets. Brandon Perry had a gun on school property and was driving a BMW. If the justice system was abiding by the gun laws already on the books, this guy would not have been tooling around in his fancy car, on his school grounds, playing big-shot gang member.

Remember, our president voted against a bill to try school shooters as adults. Remember Obama frees drug dealers and then tearfully bemoans gun violence. This instance, as in the majority of cases, was not a case of back ground checks failing. No, it is about not defying the gravity of common sense and reality. More gun control laws will have the effect of attacking legal gun owners while the criminals will continue to get the guns they need.

Daniel Greenfield has some cogent advice for our president, should he suddenly have an epiphany and actually want to curb gun violence in this country:  (1) Stop freeing drug dealers. (2) Stop bringing terrorists to America. (3) Stop hanging out with stars who celebrate this lifestyle. (4) Stop promoting #BlackLivesMatter's pro-crime policies.

Of course that would mean taking some real action that would produce some real, life-saving results. But the left prefers the option of offering well intentioned, compassionate sounding, but meaningless steps that produce little in solving pernicious and potentially deadly problems. In fact, those steps often make things far worse. It's their good intentions that seem to matter most to them and not the results of their actions, which continue to spread death and destruction with little accountability. I believe Mr. Greenfield sites this issue as just one more example. After all, didn't Obama use this student as a prop to push his demand for more gun control? A brave young man murdered by the type of drug dealers he has been freeing. It's the cruelest form of irony pioneered by the delusional and deranged left, is it not?

Russ Wiles

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How about an auxiliary to back-up undermanned Fish & Game?

To The Daily Sun,

God bless Ashland's Kim Merrill's Jan. 11 letter to the Concord Monitor about the coyote with its head in a plastic jar. Her answer: tranquilize.

A Fish and Game employee came close to snaring the animal with a noose but he coyote spotted him and boogied.

Kim proposed a question: "Not enough funds to take care of a wild animal?" That might have been part of the problem.

It's no secret that Fish and Game is one the most underfinanced and undermanned agencies in the state. Read anything about their responsibilities in the search and rescue area and it's obvious. Yet the Legislature fails to at least help remedy the situation.

Still, why was a tranquilizer gun not even at the scene of the attempted snaring?

How about Fish and Game auxiliaries? Men and women  who are ready for the woods to back up Fish & Game officers, if manpower is the issue. They could use hunters, hikers, bushwackers, off-duty law enforcement officers, etc. — volunteers or people paid a stipend.

Bill Carberry


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