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Government needs the will, not new laws, to secure the border

To the editor,
The advertisements promoting the "gang of eight's" "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" are about as phony as their sponsor, "Americans for a Conservative Direction", and the bill itself. There is NOTHING CONSERVATIVE about rewarding criminals for their illegal acts, but that is what "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" does.
Advocates promise that the bill will close the border. But, they don't need new laws to close the border; they just need, but don't have, the will to close the border. They broke many (all) previous promises to close the border.
They promise that illegals won't be able to get (federal) welfare. But, that doesn't require a new law; they just need to enforce current laws. But once illegals are "legalized", they are eligible for many state and local welfare benefits funded by American taxpayers.
They promise that illegals will pay back taxes, but there is no mechanism for taxing unreported income. And, most illegals probably qualify for a subsidy (via the earned income tax credit) rather than owe taxes.
They say illegals will pay a fine. First the fine was $2,000, then $1,000. Now only the first installment of $100 "must" (if it isn't waived) be paid before getting amnesty. Whatever the fine, it is small compared to the approximately $16,000 of annual benefits received by each average illegal household.
While American citizens get promises, higher taxes, labor competition, and more crime, illegal aliens get amnesty/legalization/rewarded for breaking our laws, welfare, and the ability to take jobs from Americans and depress their wages.
"Comprehensive Immigration Reform" is another 1000 plus page bill full of goodies for everyone but the vast majority of American citizens. It is being sold to us with promises that are not intended to be fulfilled by people (politicians, businessmen, and special interest groups) who expect to benefit from the bill.
Even the name of the sponsor of many advertisements supporting this bill is intended to deceive the American people. "Americans for a Conservative Direction" is funded and controlled by three very liberal billionaires who wish to take advantage of another feature of the bill, greatly expanded visas for skilled workers. This will allow these billionaires to replace skilled, but costly, American workers with cheap immigrants.
No legislation is needed to fulfill the promised desirable features of this "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" bill. The desirable sounding promises are just intended to divert our attention from the real intent of the bill, to benefit politicians and payoff their political supporters, including rich businessmen and other special interests.
Tell Senators Ayotte and Shaheen and Congresswomen Shea-Porter and Kuster to reject this bill and demand enforcement of existing laws.
Don Ewing

Meredith, NH

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Noisy, well-funded minorities block the radical chance we need

To the editor,
Good letter by Brenda Baer about the prison/state school property on Parade Road in Laconia on May 15. "Bad investment", she said.
That land could have become a low-maintenance food producer if the principles of permaculture had been used years ago. Now it's been built on, paved, painted, sprayed, mowed and blown, and polluted.
And I agree with George Maloof's letter on June 3 that Monsanto is evil incarnate — more bad news for the environment. (And Kelly Ayotte thinks that the IRS is "Big Brother"!)
The March/April issue of Pacific Standard Magazine has an article about "astonishing sources of oil and gas all over the world", but scientists say that two-thirds of it should stay underground to prevent further global warming. Sea level is rising.
We need radical change, but noisy, moneyed minorities block progress.
Dick Devens
Center Sandwich

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U.N. Small Arms Treaty is one step to taking away our freedoms

To the editor,
In yesterday's paper (June 4), there was an informative letter by George Dengel regarding the U.N. Agenda 21. We've been doing a lot of research on the subject and a whole new world is opening up to us. Thanks to Tim Carter and the Lakes Region Tea Party, to Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter for standing firm on the Constitution.
Mr. Dengel mentioned the U.N. Small Arms Treaty that has just been signed by 60 countries, and President Obama will be signing it when the translation has been done to his satisfaction. Any international treaty will trump our own Constitution. According to freedomoutpost.com, Mr. Obama may sign the treaty sometime before the end of August — when Congress will not be in town. The Senate has already signed a resolution to not ratify the treaty, and we must let our senators know we support them. Secretary of State John Kerry said that Obama will sign despite bipartisan resistance in Congress. This is all part of the U.N.'s sustainable development initiative signed by George Bush in 1992, and implemented by Bill Clinton under a Presidential Order, and has been in the works in all planning commissions around the country. The Master Plan calls for governments to take control of all land use and not leave decision making in the hands of private property owners. Look it up on line; this is a fact, their plan, not a conspiracy. The U.N. Small Arms Treaty is only one step to taking away our freedoms.
Hal & Peggy Graham

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The more people running for mayor, the better Laconia will be

To the editor,
Wednesday was the first day to put forth your name for a seat on the City Council, Mayor, School Board or one seat on the Police Commission. It is a simple process. You go to City Clerk's Office and merely sign your name to permission slip to run for office. This process will extend until next Friday, June 14th, 2013.
As of Thursday morning, four persons have chosen to do so.
I would ask that anyone out there who cares about their city and has some time to give to it, go to City Hall and sign up. The desire to do something for your city is all that is needed. You will have a learning process, that's true, but if the desire is there, and you put in the time, you will find it the most rewarding time and while serving the people, you will learn much and find much satisfaction.
Many people go into the system thinking they can do better and make changes they want just by getting in. It's funny, I thought the same thing, but when you arrive on the scene, you have a lot to learn about the past, what things are in the system, what is lying ahead, understanding the reasons for decisions we didn't understand before we got on board, and considering what the taxpayer wants ahead of your own personal wishes. You will get to know and appreciate every city department head and their workforce. You can't do it without their help and it is always there.
The willingness and ability to see the other side and take into account what the voters want should be a councilor's motivating force.
It has been the best eight years of my life working for the City of Laconia and I want to do one last term to finish up projects most all of this council have been working on for those eight years.
What remains as most important is to do what we can to keep the downtown revitalization forging ahead. A place for the tourists and locals to come and find those things they want and activities they can enjoy. Vital to our economy.
Along with things vital to our tourism business is the protection of our Lakes and we must be setting aside more reserve funds for cleaning up milfoil and other bacteria. If the public finds our beaches are not safe, or the lakes are infested with milfoil, we will lose vital tourism business.
I want to be here to see the success of mandatory recycling. I want to continue to present opposition to unnecessary spending.
Competition is great. Don't back off from signing up because several people are running. The more that run the better. There will be different ideas, different kinds of people, and the more on the ballot, the more interest the public will have in getting out to vote. The local elections have a very poor turnout, sometimes due to lack of sufficient candidates. But, you must do your homework and know what each candidate is about and what their agenda is. Change can be good, but sometimes it isn't.
Councilor Brenda Baer
Ward 4 - Laconia

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Our government started out with just three simple rules

To the editor,
When stating in the Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal, I think we might agree that there was a limited sense of the term "all men". Fast forward 237 years, it has been established that we are not all created equal (even among those enshrined in the Declaration). Turns out that through DNA testing that northern Europeans have up to 5 percent Neanderthal DNA (a mother with Scottish heritage). Some modern races have none and yet others have Denisovan hominins. Am I less and more equal? Whatever, it's not to be denied that I'm myself. The Declaration proclaimed when a people might be justified to establish their own government.
It is the 1st Article of N.H.'s Constitution that states that a government originates from the people. The 2nd that we have "certain" natural rights, in the 3rd that in forming a society surrender of some but not without the society ensuring the individual an equivalent. It is the 4th article that is the most important in that it declares one natural right for which no equivalent can be give or received and that right is the right of conscience.
Today we might wonder how they managed to survive as a government and a nation without all the rules and regulations we survive with today.
Oddly enough science has also figured out how it is that fish, birds, grasshoppers, mammals and humans manage to group, or otherwise swarm. Turns out that it is done with perhaps three simple rules of behavior.
Our government started out with just as simple rules; first was that the people have an unalienable right of conscience, something which the established government can't give an equivalent; that the government is answerable to the people (not the people to the government). And the last article enshrined in 1784, (Social Virtues Inculcated) Article 38. A frequent recurrence to the fundamental principles of the Constitution (by those in government) and a constant adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, industry, frugality, and all the social virtues . . .
So we have it, a long and storied history towards a society with equality of law (at least on the books); a government which does not allow the serving of a turkey sandwich without the stamp of a federal agency's approval, and adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, industry, frugality long forgotten.
G.W. Brooks

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