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What's wrong with Marlborough superintendent? Is he a communist?

To The Daily Sun,

What is this? Marlborough, N.H. schools wanting to change Christmas tree to holiday tree? That is an outrage. I think P.C. has gone too far, taking Christ out of Christmas. All because they may offend someone? That is bull for sure. Stop with all the offend business already.

It is a Christmas tree, not a holiday tree. Why should our long-standing tradition be changed? It has always known as a Christmas tree. Come on New Hampshire, let's fight this. Anything that says happy holidays I will not buy. Only the items that say Merry Christmas.

If someone has a problem with that, then leave. I get upset if someone says happy holidays and not Merry Christmas. I always say, "You mean Merry Christmas?" That is what it has always been and I will not change it for anyone. Come on New Hampshire.

Remember God is the one who has created us. When we stop believing, then everything goes wrong. Look around for yourself and see what is happening to our country today. Be the only one with the brains to fight this garbage. Do not let anyone brainwash you with what they say is P.C. I am not shocked at this being God is taken out of everything.

All I have to say to the school superintendent of Marlborough is shame on you for having to change from Christmas tree to holiday tree. That is wrong. The school superintendent needs to be removed. Is he a communist?

Anna DeRose

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Phase 2 of the Gilford Meadows development project is complete

To The Daily Sun,

Following the successful creation of the first new athletic field at the Gilford Meadows property in 2014, it was immediately put to use as a safe and much-needed open space for our young athletes to prepare for their respective sports in 2015. That field was prepared professionally and with great care to protect the health and well-being of our student-athletes and their families.

Because of the generosity and tireless efforts provided by those recognized below, a new, much larger field was created this year for the use and enjoyment of the youth and families from Gilford and Gilmanton. Work on the second new playing field began in August 2015 and was completed in November. This adds yet another jewel to this outstanding school district complex that continues to grow and expand.

The Meadows Committee has long held a vision for the Meadows property to serve as a unique academic and athletic complex, a destination for young athletes to play and learn, and a long-term asset to the school district. Its development has always been viewed as a facility that would encourage the growth and development of body, mind and spirit for those who use it. As a result of the unselfish efforts of those below, that vision is now becoming a reality.

The Meadows Committee would especially like to recognize the following individuals and companies for their contributions:

— Andy Bartlett, project manager, Mas-Con Corporation.

— Norm Harris, Gilford Well Company Inc.

— Christian Zimmerman, Pike Industries Inc.

— Andy Howe, Beans & Greens Farm Stand.

— Hayden McLaughlin, Belknap Landscape Inc.

As the Meadows Committee proceeds to Phase 3 of the project (e.g., bathrooms, locker facilities and a concession stand), it recognizes that without the efforts of those noted above, none of this success could have been achieved. If you have comments or suggestions, please contact either Kent Hemingway, Superintendent, Gilford School District, at (603) 527-9215; email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or Tim Drew at (603) 293-7109.

The Meadows Committee

Timothy W. Drew, Chairman

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