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It's simple, my primary concern is for the victims of gun crimes

To the editor,
As usual, Steve Earle misses every point I make. The reason I get nauseated when hearing about the oh-so-touching burdens on the law abiding gun owner is that I am concerned about the law abiding victim first. Unlike Kelly Ayotte and her ilk, my first concern is not about the burdens to gun dealers but gun victims.
Once again, Steve attacks a study because the study doesn't agree with his right wing fantasies. I learned long ago to check the facts before attacking the messenger. Look for other studies, etc. If a study says something different than what Steve wants to hear, well, golly gee, it must be a liberal poll! Does anyone remember how sure the Fox Snooze pundits were that all the polls that had Obama beating Romney were fixed? The idiots STILL think Romney won and there were WMDs in Iraq! Well, that is the land Steve lives in. He hates facts which brings me to his 75 percent figure. Its not true that gun crimes are down 75 percent since 1993. (http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2010/crime-in-the-u.s.-2010/tables/10tbl01.xls) It's in the upper 40s. with much of it occurring 1992-2000.
But these figures are masking the truth: Regardless of any decline, we have a gun murder rate that is 20X the average of the rest of OECD nations' average (minus Mexico). (http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/worldviews/files/2012/12/firearm-OECD-UN-data3.jpg) So when I hear a right winger again parade this statistic, I get out another one of my trusty airline approved barf-bags because once again they can't see the larger picture. TWENTY TIMES! Homicidal maniacs of America! Got a problem? Get a gun!
On the matter of Chicago, yes, Steve misses the point again. Gun-nuts love to parade Chicago's strict gun laws as some kind of evidence gun control doesn't work. But they lie, distort and omit things. Illinois does not require a gun dealer to be licensed so 57 percent of the crime guns in Chicago come from outside of Chicago but in Illinois. Forty-three percent of crime guns come from other states with Mississippi, Indiana, and Michigan leading the way. Kelly Ayotte and her ilk are the people who open the doors for criminals to get more and more guns. And what is with the whining? By trying to keep more guns out of the hands of criminals we are constantly being told that we are targeting "law abiding citizens". What a load! Where's my bag?
James Veverka

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Thanks for opportunity to serve on selectboard for 3 more years

To the editor,
Thank you to the Sanbornton residents for giving me the opportunity to serve you as selectman for the next three years. I'm looking forward to continue working with our other two selectmen, town administration and employees.
Please contact your Board of Selectmen with any thoughts or ideas you may have.
Selectman David Nickerson

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Belmont PD is striving to become more community oriented

To the editor,
On behalf of the Belmont Police Department bike unit, I would like to thank everyone that helped make the bike safety rodeo this past Saturday the 18th a huge success. There was a great turnout from the community, and everyone had a lot of fun.
Donations from local businesses allowed us to give out prizes to every child that participated, and bike helmets to any town resident that needed one. The Belmont Rotary Club was also on hand with free food.
Belmont PD is striving to become a more community oriented department, and this was an excellent opportunity to positively interact with the public.
We hope everyone has a fun and safe summer, and we will see you out there.
Officer Derek Gray
Belmont Police Department

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You're not the first to try & financially damage my radio program

To the editor,
Hey L.J. Siden: Just arrived home late Tuesday from working all my three jobs.
In capsule form, how many men do you know 40 and up who have any one one of these names: Barack Hussein Obama? How many Americans have one of all of those names?
Will take more time with you later. For now, one of my callers wants to know if you are Mr or Mrs? Hard to tell with so many using initials. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dwight David Eisenhower, Richard Milhous Nixon, JFK, MLK, Jr, William Jefferson Clinton, George W. Bush, gee, what is your problem with me calling Obama by his name?
Unlike you L.J., I will use the number of words asked by management. You are not the first liberal to attempt to hurt my radio program with my sponsors, but that is what cowards do. Actually, it may interest potential advertisers to part of a popular program that brings customers through the door. Just so you know, Loony Socialists Liberals (those who live off those of us who work and pay taxes), "Elite Republicans" and more than a few conservative Republicans, do not care for me. That shows that I am an equal opportunity person — doing what most will not do.
Niel Young

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Students have no connection to GHS grad who died 10 years ago

To the editor,
This past Saturday, which was deemed as Armed Forces Day, had the Daily Sun featuring a photo of a very happy group of young people enjoying perhaps the best years of their lives, heading for the prom from Gilford High. In remembrance of Armed Forces Day a lady from Sanbornton had a poem titled "SACRIFICE", inserted in the same paper. No mention or note was made in that day's Sun of the young man, also of Gilford High, who passed away on this date in Iraq seven years ago. The community seems to little note nor long remember what he did and what then became of him there.
Some of the students currently matriculating at Gilford High have proposed that an athletic field be named in honor of one of their most successful, well loved, and admired coaches. They are not contemporaries of the young man who sacrificed his life in Iraq when they were in 4th or 5th grade. The School Board seemed reluctant to take their request under advisement. I think in this season of remembrance that some mention should be made of this young man who is remembered fondly by his contemporaries of the greater Gilmanton, Gilford, Laconia community, as well as by the rest of that community who know and understand that freedom is not free.
Timothy Sullivan

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