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I hope Trump does take the country back & brings God with him

To The Daily Sun,

Well New Hampshire, how do you like Donald Trump now? He speaks what all of us are saying and feeling. While the rest B.S. us until they get elected.

Where are all the promises the Republicans said they were going to do? They did nothing. So he is saying it like it is and needs no donations from anyone. He has his own money and does not have to owe favors to anyone. That's what I call shaking up the apple cart. He is waking up both sides. That is why he drawing so many crowds.

Who wants Bernie Sanders? He is nothing but a communist, another Obama. Have we not had enough of that? Now Iran is going to do their own inspections? How crazy is that? Are they kidding?

Nasty Hillary should be in jail. She should not be running for anything. I just hope you can see all the handwriting on the wall.

I hope (Trump) does take the country back and put God, yes, I said God back into our lives. I am sick of the crazy liberals. They are one of the reasons this country is going down the tubes. All I have to say to them is, wake up.

God bless America.

Anna DeRose

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So, the phrase 'anchor baby' is said by some to be offensive

To The Daily Sun,

My, my they're at it again. Liberals I mean, trying to censor and selectively-restrict free speech. The latest thing is trying to make the term "anchor baby" a no-no. It's what always happens when they are losing public opinion on any issue, either that or name-calling.

Supposedly the anchor baby term is offensive. Really? To whom? Well to them, because it strikes right at the issue of illegal immigration. It's a simple, accurately descriptive two word phrase that conveys clear meaning to people. Heck, last thing liberals want is clarity on anything. After all they spend most of their time trying to hide behind lies and double talk.

Remember back several months when they tried to make the word Chicago a "racist" term? I do. I'll bet most honest readers can add a couple dozen other "unacceptable" terms or words they tried to erase from our rights of free speech like, oh yea, America/American. What a bunch of hypocrites, I've noticed they want anchor baby called just babies but refuse to recognize an unborn fully-formed human child a baby. I've noticed another thing, people are getting fed up with this "political correctness" bullying from the left.

Now, how about that Hillary playing dumb when asked if she had her servers wiped before turning them over to the FBI? Her answer, you mean with a cloth or something? Oh very cute Hillary, and really just shows how much contempt she has for truth and honesty not to mention transparency.

Steve Earle

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