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Justifiable criticism is decried as ‘war on public education’

To The Daily Sun,

"My ignorance is as good as your knowledge."

I'm not sure just how Scott (Cracraft) meant that, but it sounds to me like a poor choice of a phrase. Knowing him, I don't think he meant it in a condescending way, though it sounds as though it could be interpreted that way. What I will take issue with is his description of "a war on public education". It's very common on the left to describe any opposing views of anything as a war on this or that. But a war on public education, Scott?

Really now, I just don't seeing any screaming mobs of sign carrying activists outside any public schools or liberal politicians being inundated by e-mails or calls from any organized opposition movements demanding something be done, "there outta be a law", as it were. I think the right words would be "justifiable criticism".

After all, for 30 years or so standards have been reduced in public education our standing as a nation as one of the best educated populations in the world has declined to one of the lowest in the industrial world. Sense public education is responsible for the vast majority of those receiving education, K through four years of collage, it only stands to reason that the lions share of blame falls there upon. I did point toward liberals in this because it's liberal teachers and politicians who have blocked/opposed any conservative ideas or plans to change the status quo. Liberals only support throwing millions of dollars more at the problem which they have been doing for decades without success. (And what is it they say about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?)

Not only have standards and expectations been lowered, but control and behaviors in the schools are pitiful. I'm sure when Scott, and I know when I, attended school teachers had the respect of students because if they didn't there would be serious consequences there and at home. I never heard of a student verbally attacking a teacher let alone physically assaulting one. No one ever heard of a teacher in high school having an affair with a student. Where does that come from, where do these teens get the idea that they are in charge, entitled and free do and say whatever they want? It's certainly no part of the moral ethical code endorsed and practiced in past times by conservatives. So when Scott decries that educators are unfairly being blamed for all the problems I can only ask, who's foot does the shoe fit?

Steve Earle

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‘President Obama wants to destoy America’ – now that’s funny

To The Daily Sun,

President Obama wants to destroy America.

What a stupid thing to say. And how stupid you sound for saying it.

Don't you realize that this paper continues to print these sick, sad absurdities because of their high entertainment value? They are funnier than the funnies.

Peter Davis

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