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Two-party system is just one party away from being a one-party system

To The Daily Sun,

In some ways, Trump's crank on power transition, post election, is becoming very effective, for as Obama defends democracy, the focus goes right back to the rigged Democratic primary. The American people are demoralized this election cycle. I don't care what side your are on. I'm on Jill Stein's side and I still feel it.

Those who defend the Democratic primary after five resignations within the DNC are obviously suffering worse yet, and Trump voters must sense the weakness of their boat. The amazing thing is that the media continues to have the masses believing that this is a two-horse race. People, there are four horses and to place your bet on — a loser or a liar. When you have two other very sensible options is surely proof that a hoax exists on the American public. Wake up American Zombies! This is the year of the third-party candidates.

The polls will be proven wrong on election day and in hindsight the system will implode as the media will be proven negligent. They already have been. It already is happening before our eyes. This is not going to go away at the end of this election cycle. We have entered a new phase and it will not be completed until several new political parties take hold and we witness a transition into a socialist style multiparty system.

Why? The two-party political system is just one party away from a one-party system. Thus we are adjacent to our old arch enemies. Whereas the socialist countries have political parties that are principled. Certainly there are ugly power grabs and struggles going on in their ranks, but ours is hideous in comparison. We all feel the dead end. The antidote for American Zombies is obvious. Get to the polls Nov. 8 to deliver your truth serum to the others.

Send a signal with your vote this year. Send a third-party signal. Buck the two-party system!

Tim Golden


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Bob Giuda is opposed to expanding government programs

To The Daily Sun,

I have known Bob Giuda for 12 years and I am supporting him as our next state senator from District 2. Bob has the energy, vision, values and conservative ideas we need in Concord. His years of dedicated service to community, state and nation have proven that he has the leadership, experience and judgment to serve as our next state senator.

A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and soon-to-be-retired international airline captain, Giuda is a strong advocate for creating jobs rather than expanding government programs and mandates to deal with the sagging economy. "Almost every business I've spoken with is either reluctant or unable to expand because of over-regulation, taxation and workforce issues. We don't need more government. We need better government, focused on delivering a better education to our future workforce and a much friendlier environment for entrepreneurs and businesses."

The resident of Warren, Giuda is a Marine Corps veteran and former FBI agent, and has owned several small businesses. He has served as a selectman, school board member and town moderator, in addition to three terms in the state House of Representatives, from 2001 to 2007. He has also been endorsed by (among others) the NRA, the New Hampshire Union Leader, the National Federation of Independent Businesses, and numerous elected state and local officials.

Bob will host a town hall meeting at the Pease library in Plymouth on Nov. 7 from 6 to 8 p.m. Come and ask your questions and meet Bob Giuda candidate for state senator for District 2.

Please cast your vote for Bob Giuda on Nov. 8.

John Randlett
Plymouth Selectman

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