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Mocking of letter writer was a turn-off for the readers

To The Daily Sun,

You published a letter in the Feb. 11 edition. I don't remember the writer's name, but I recognized it when I read the letter. The letter writer is someone who contributes to the Letters section frequently.

At the beginning of his letter he complained about someone who had misspelled something. Throughout the rest of the letter there were misspellings by the letter writer and a note in italics from the editor explaining that the writer's misspellings were purposely not being corrected. The only conclusion I could draw was that your editorial staff decided to mock this letter writer by letting the readers see that he himself makes frequent spelling mistakes even though he is bothered by poor spelling.

I guess doing this made you feel very clever, like you're some kind of muckraker or something. I guess it never occurred to you what a turnoff it would be for the readership to see your mean-spirited, spiteful attitude displayed toward this man who is a frequent contributor to your letters section and as such, a contributor to your paper. All I learned from this is how mean-spirited you are, which is information I could have lived without. But then you are the same people who made the decision a couple of months ago to reveal the name of a crime victim in a story just because he has a minor criminal record of his own, aren't you?

Here's a tip for you, from now on when you are tempted to use your platform to hurt someone, don't. It only looks clever to you. To the reader, not so much.

Hillarie Goldstein

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CAP provided more than $157,900 in services to Alton residents

To The Daily Sun,

NOTE: The following open letter to Alton residents and voters was submitted for publication:

I am writing to clarify information in a letter from state Rep. Raymond Howard Jr. in the Feb. 10 issue of the Laconia Daily Sun regarding warrant articles put forward by the Alton Board of Selectmen and Budget Committee regarding funding requests from non-profit agencies.

Article 28 is a request from Community Action Program, Belknap-Merrimack Counties, Inc. for $8,900 to support the Laconia Area Center operating budget, not the programs mentioned in his letter. The staff of the Laconia Area Center provided more than $91,000 of fuel assistance to Alton residents, as well as more than 400 food pantry meals to 51 residents. The staff provided more than $56,500 in utility discounts to 108 Alton households. A total in excess of $157,900 in services was provided to Alton residents in 2015 using funds from federal and state contracts as well as private donations in place of property tax dollars.

The Area Center staff also provides information and referral to other agency programs such as Women's, Infants and Children's nutrition, weatherization, Senior Companion, food boxes for the elderly, job training and other local non-profit programs that can help low-income, elderly and disabled residents meet basic life needs.

The statement that Community Action Program, Belknap-Merrimack Counties supports Caregivers of Southern Carroll County and Child and Family Services is not correct. These independent, non-profit programs are not a part of this CAP agency, but instead serve their individual clientele who meet their program requirements.

The operating budget for the Laconia Area Center is always provided to the Town Administrator with our request for town funding every year as well as information about who can be contacted to answer any questions anyone may have.

Thank you for allowing me to clarify this information for Alton residents.


Judy Scothorne

Community Services Director

Community Action Program, Belknap-Merrimack Counties Inc.

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