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Gun laws don't change because reps know they'll be voted out

To The Daily Sun,

After writing a letter to the editor I don't usually respond to different opinions after I write them. But after reading some brainwashed followers of our dictator-president, I couldn't help thinking of how down-right laughable.

Here is some from Judith A. Ackerson's letter published on Jan. 8: " A president's most important roll as chief executive is to secure the safety and well-being of the citizens of this country, You have just taken a step in the right direction."

How could anyone make that statement and, "We are under attack in this country, not by ISIS and Muslims, as some presidential candidates would like us to believe. We are under attack by gun laws that are antiquated and unable to protect law bidding people."

WOW not ISIS or Muslims. The very day her letter was in The Sun, two would-be terrorists were arrested. One in California and one in Texas. The very next day a police officer in Philadelphia was shot at 13 times, and not only was he lucky to live, with only one arm was able to get off three shots and hit the suspect once.

After his capture, the suspect said he did it in the name of Allah. I don't think a background check would, as the gun was a reported stolen from the police in 2013.

You mention that you drive a three-ton vehicle that could be used to cause the death of other human beings. If you drive like you think, I hope I never meet you on the road.

I love it when people say that 90 percent of the people in this country want more gun regulations. If this was true, why can't new laws be approved by Congress?

Every one blames the NRA but the NRA work for what they believe in and the people that serve us in Congress. The gun laws haven't been changed to satisfy the anti-gunners because Congress knows if they do they will be voted out of office. Being that's the case, where does this 90 percent figure come from? In my state, you need over 50 percent of the votes and most of our elected officials are pro-gun. (Just remember, our governor vetoed the right-to-carry law.)

You remind us that we already have enough gun laws, "this might be true but couldn't we stand to tweak them a bit-or perhaps enforce them."

You hit it right on the head. We would not need new laws if the laws on the books were enforced. Vote for Hillary, you can have a clone of Obama.

L. Michael Hatch

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You can't cure stupid, you just have to vote it out of office in November

To The Daily Sun,

Once more into the wide breach ... here we spend again. That is the new battle cry we hear from Washington and Concord.

Another $150 million of federal taxpayer money has been awarded to the state for mental illness and addiction prevention. The $150 million will be spread out over five years. That's $30 million a year on top of what we are already spending, but the catch is that this is fed tax "grant" money, which means that the state will have to cough up another $30 million a year. As this money will be funneled through DHHS (Department of Health and Human services), and in order to be a recipient of the services, you will have to be eligible and enrolled in Medicaid. That will shove New Hampshire up over the $200 million mark for the next biennium. I fear that this is a conservative number, but I regress.

Can't wait to see how much more bacon (2nd District Congresswoman) Annie (Kuster) brings home for more beds. With the large lack of services statewide and with all of the red tape, it will take years to even allow or establish facilities to operate. This money will be long spent before anything of value is provided.

How is this program going to be implemented and to what measure are these programs going to be held accountable is the real question. Whereas the geriatric ward under the gold dome are not going to be transparent enough to inform the people of the state as to where all of this money is going and the misinformed public who do not question why lawmakers can and will spend millions of taxpayer moneys to fight personal problems, there is no need for accountability. What a scam. I question if these psychiatric/drug rehab centers will be located across the street from all of the schools and community centers that distribute Narcan in the state.

Five years from now, if and when DHHS has built up another $300 million in failed policy programs, guess who will be left holding the bag. I've stated a number of times that you can't cure stupid, come next November, we can, and hopefully will, vote stupid out, before we end up filing for bankruptcy like Michigan did for years of building up state government, or for raising taxes to the point where our economy will be unsustainable for all of these services.

Isn't it amazing how the Northern Pass, wind towers and gas pipe lines are not the big red button topics any more. When you fail to prevent what the majority do not want, it just isn't worth mentioning any more,is it? Just more failed campaign promises by our generic politicians who willfully spend millions, on more failed policies. There are no historians in Concord.

Oh yeah, there is a bill in the House this session to increase the yearly pay to the state representatives and senators, from $100 for each member to $2,500 a year; here comes a bipartisan vote. Any one want to bet it passes?

Eric T. Rottenecker

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