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Granny D, roll over in your grave, SB-307 was gutten by GOP senators

To The Daily Sun,

Thanks to Senator Jeb Bradley for sponsoring SB-120 and Rep. Bob Perry for introducing the companion bill, HB-392. SB-120 is the "Disclosure Bill" that requires full and timely reporting of campaign expenditures, revealing outside groups' "dark money" spent to influence elections, usually with those gloomy TV ads that cast a pall on the other party's candidates.

What didn't succeed was SB-307, as introduced by Senator Martha Fuller Clark. New Hampshire would join the growing list of states calling for a constitutional amendment to reverse the disastrous effects of the Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens United decision. Fifty-three town meetings voted for this in March and May, including eight in our Sen. Jeanie Forrester's District 2. SB-307 explicitly recognized "the need for a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United ruling and related cases" and created a committee of legislators to "make recommendations to the New Hampshire congressional delegation as to which approaches, if any, the delegation should support."
In committee, Senator Bradley gutted SB-307 by removing the call for a constitutional amendment.
Republican Senator Prescott honorably supported restored language -— but the Senate on near party lines passed the toothless bill. The House restored the original language and intent of SB-307, then passed it by a bipartisan margin of more than two to one. But SB-307 died in a House/Senate conference committee when Senator Bradley again rejected the original language calling for a constitutional amendment.

Granny D, roll over in your grave. People spoke; politics ruled. Our Senator Jeanie Forrester didn't vote for the constitutional amendment language, either. Senator Bradley did shuffle-along leadership and she followed like a puppy. SB-307's killers value those incoming big bucks more than they value clean elections, as Granny D named the goal in her campaign.
Lynn Rudmin Chong

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How much are all these 'acts' and 'bills' costing the taxpayers?

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to the Honorable Carol Shea-Porter:

Thank you for your last newsletter. The citizens of New Hampshire are grateful for your representation.

However, I have been told that if someone is not told that something they are doing is wrong, they will keep on doing it, thinking that all is well.

Unfortunately, all is NOT well in our federal government. First of all, you mentioned that the economy has improved. In fact, our Gross National Product has decreased in the last six months. Increasing the minimum wage will only turn business owners away from hiring new employees. In fact, I can see where owners may pay employees under the table a lesser wage, then nothing will be reported to the government. Isn't that a possibility?

You complained about the VA. Isn't that a government-run bureaucracy? It just shows me one more thing the government can't seem to do right. H.R. 1980 was a good move, however, my concern is that doctors will drop those patients like they do Medicaid patients.

Thank you for calling Social Security "earned benefits" since the government took our money, and supposedly put it aside for retirement. But where is it now? What? The government spent it on other things? Thank goodness for our (robust) economy that will restore our benefits.

Representative, I am impressed by the number of "acts" you are introducing and voting for. My question is, how much do all these "acts" and "bills" cost the tax payer? My concern is that the Executive Branch is not enforcing the legislation you are producing, but creating its own legislation. Are you doing anything about that?

Hoping to hear from you,

Peggy Graham

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Only thing Republicans care about protecting is the Romney 1%

To The Daily Sun,

What is the GOP doing?
Are they working for us and the country or just trying to impeach the president? Personally, I think they just want to impeach the president.

Committee after committee they sit around pointing fingers while trying to justify blame. All this while earning a hefty salary from our tax dollars. The laughable part of this is few of them need the salary.

Take Issa for example. He is, reputedly the richest of the GOP. New worth of around $450 million. Not bad for an admitted Nixon security aide liar, three-time car thief and almost convicted arsonist. But he got away with it all and now has lots of power and an attitude. You can almost feel him thinking how much better he is than you are and there is nothing you can do about it.

The GOP figures the more they lie about Obama, the more you will dislike him and his party and will vote them out in the next elections. We all do know that the only thing the GOP does protect is the Romney 1 percent and they don't care a hoot about you. You are like an fly on their arm. They will slap you down and you won't be able to get back up.

They love it when you have to depend on government handouts because they are in control of you. They will complain about your type because it will make others dislike you even more. In war it would be called divide and conquer, but in politics it is a way to gain control, more power and cash. This is why nothing has been done by the GOP the last few years. Jobs and the economy, social programs, equal rights, immigration reform, voting rights, environmental issues, etc. are all Democratic ideas so the GOP will stay as far as possible away from them.

The only things they are doing are delay tactics. Trying to repeal Obamacare 50 times, talking about impeaching Obama, Boehner wants to sue him for something, any scandal or even inventing one, numerous committees talking gibberish. They will try to delay until the next election and hope to win, and if they do we all will be in trouble.

Forget about any social programs coming from D.C. Remember it was the GOP who got us into this mess by their reckless spending in the Middle East after convincing us with numerous lies. We shouldn't let it happen again.

Jon Hoyt

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Obama has created this new humanitarian crisis for political benefit

To The Daily Sun,
Most Americans know that illegal immigration hurts Americans and want our immigration laws enforced. However, illegal immigration benefits the Washington political class, so President Obama, like several presidents before him, doesn't seriously enforce our immigration laws.

President Obama exacerbated our illegal immigration problem by announcing that he won't enforce our laws against "young people". Now young people from around the world believe that President Obama welcomes them to come here illegally.

Previously, most illegal aliens were adults who avoided border agents. But President Obama's announcements have enticed many tens of thousands of children to accept the dangers (e.g., illness, death, rape, enslavement) of traveling hundreds of miles to come here illegally.
Young and unaccompanied children cannot care for themselves and need help upon arrival. Even though the administration anticipated this flood of illegals six months ago, our border patrol and support agencies have been overwhelmed. Tired, weak, and often sick children are crowded into filthy, smelly rooms with inadequate furniture, sanitation, ventilation, and health facilities (so bad that no photos are allowed).

Now illegal aliens are being sent around the country and released into the public. Some illegal aliens bring into our unprepared communities dangerous, highly communicable, and sometimes drug resistant diseases that are unknown in the US or were eradicated decades ago.
President Obama has created this new humanitarian crisis, not to benefit the American people, but to advance his own personal objectives. President Obama's actions are directly responsible for every death, every rape, every child sold into slavery, every American who becomes sick or a victim of a crime or accident caused by an illegal alien, every family that struggles because illegal aliens take their jobs or lower their wages, and everyone who struggles to pay their high taxes that fund the costs of President Obama's failure to enforce our immigration laws.

In pursuit of his personal objectives, President Obama willingly sacrifices the health, safety, and wishes of the American people and the safety of the people, including children, that he entices to come here illegally.
Don Ewing

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Shameless Republicans have been sucked in by lust for cheap labor

To The Daily Sun,

Now that we know that this "whacked out sports" administration knew about the impending deluge of illegal immigrants/children refugees, there are so many maddening questions that scream for answers. To those who said "complete nonsense" about the Obama "open borders" implicit invitation that three Central American countries have capitalized on, what have you got to say for yourself now?

Since the White House apparently knew as far back as January 2014 that 50 to 65,000 children would be streaming across our borders, why was there no additional border patrol dispatched to those locations to handle the increased traffic? Why were the states not properly notified so that they could formulate a plan to deal with the looming humanitarian crisis? How in the world can our government be so incompetent and feckless as to allow these poor children to be living in putrid conditions? How is it that there are not adequate facilities to provide proper hygiene, health and nutrition for these children in what is supposedly, the most compassionate country on the planet? Why are thousands of these children being flown as far away as Massachusetts while the governors were not provided with advance notice?

The Democrats are supposed to be the party of compassion. Now those who have their feet firmly planted in the land of reality know that is pure poppycock. This is just the latest example of the lack of integrity and empathy on display from the party of progressivism. The Cloward and Piven deviousness of this administration is on full display for all to see. It seems that the talk-radio conservatives have been right all along. The Democrats know that this influx of Hispanic people will go a long way in ensuring that they stay in power in perpetuity.

Shameless Republicans have been sucked into this immigration tidal wave chess match by their lust for cheap labor. They are giving up their soul, their principles and their party on a sucker's bet. The Democrats, now in power, are giving up the sovereignty of this country and are using innocent children as their Trojan horse. Dwight Moody was quoted as having said, "If I take care of my character, my reputation will take care of itself." With a few exceptions, the current gaggle of politicians running this country have given up their character and humanity while displaying an appalling lack of courage. A virtuous citizenry must wake up and vote them all out of office before President Obama can fulfill his promise of fundamentally transforming this Constitutional Republic into a socialist banana republic, no more exceptional than any other country.

Russ Wiles

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