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Perhaps we do need 5 selectmen in Sanbornton after all

To The Daily Sun,

Perhaps we made a mistake when we voted not to have five selectmen rather than three in Sanbornton . It seems that every time an issue is raised with the selectmen they form a committee to investigate and recommend some sort of action, if any.

The latest committee to be formed is the Economic Development Advisory Committee, which reportedly will have 17 members appointed by someone other than the BOS. Perhaps one day the BOS will announce who the members are?

Unfortunately, some committees start up full speed and then just come to a halt and never issue a final recommendation for one reason or another.

I think we need less committees and more timely decisions by our Board of Selectmen. Perhaps two more selectmen could have helped to deal with the many issues that the selectmen are asked to deal with each week! I guess next year we will have to look at the possible future need for more selectmen again.

Bill Whalen

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Appreciate continued support of the Laconia High After Prom

To The Daily Sun,

Once again we have closed out another prom season here at the Laconia High School. It is with great pride that we give a heartfelt "thank you" to all who participated in the Chem-Free After Prom Party and a bigger "thank you" to the community, businesses and individuals who gave so generously.

We could not have held this event without the many donations of time, money and facilities that were provided and gave our kids a safe and fun place to be on this important night. Thank you to Gilford Cinema 8, Funspot, Stand Up Laconia, Laconia Police Department, the Laconia High School and staff, Sal's Pizza, First Student Bus Company, S.A.D.D., Freedom Fund, Tanger Outlet and our local Coca-Cola distributor. We would also like to thank the many citizens of this great community who donated money to support this cause.

We look forward to hosting another Chem-Free After Prom Party next year and we would always appreciate the continued support from this great city that we live, work and play in.

Steve Orton, Resource Officer

Laconia High School School

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