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If you've a form DD-214 I thank you for your service but I'd like to see it

To The Daily Sun,

My goodness, reading letters to the editor in Aug. 20's Daily Sun, it seems someone took the blanket off the parrot cage again. The squawking is unbearable, but such a pleasant sound.

I asked Russ Wiles a simple yes-or-no question and got a half-page response. That is to be expected from a right-wing politician wannabe. I'm sure if you kept up with the news, Russ, the five terrorists traded for Bowe Bergdahl are being watched from the ground and from above as well. Berdahl's case will be heard the end of next month. At present he is still on active duty in Texas.

If you served in the army and have a form DD-214, thanks for your service.

However pretending to be a right-winger who has questioned the birthplace of President Obama I will have to see it before I believe it. AWK AWK.

Ramblin' on, I am not surprised to read that Mr. Wiles continues to be the answer parrot to any criticism directed at Mr. Meade. It was my experience with Mr. Meade in past letters that he does not like to respond when put on the spot.

Ramblin' on, it is plain that Steve Earle needs to look into the history books and find the truth on highways federal grants to each state for upgrade in infrastructure. The C.C.C undertook projects during the 1930s to create jobs. Why are you so worried about Social Security and Medicare going broke by 2035, Steve? I am older than you are, so when I become 94 in 2035, let's talk about it again when we don't receive our check. Okay, Steve?

Mr. Earle says Hillary can't be president because she used her own server. Steve, tell me how outraged you were when in 2007 Bush and Cheney were caught deleting 20 million e-mails on a illegal secret private e-mail server hosted by Republican Party? I was glad to see you know now who created the Internet, Steve. You and I have a problem of speaking before we think as noted by me in the Daily Sun of Aug. 22. So much more to say but for now I'm ramblin' on. Awk Awk

Henry Osmer


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Lots of folks contributed to making 117th Old Home Day a success

To The Daily Sun,

The organizers of Gilmanton's 117th Old Home Day on Aug. 15 want to extend a special thanks to all of those who made the event a success.

We are so grateful to all our volunteers who worked in the kitchen, food booth, wait staff, pie bakers, bean sorters, art show judges and participants, ticket takers, grounds setup folks, the muscle men who remove the beans from the fire pits, car parkers, crafters, vendors, Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts, American Legion flag ceremony, our loud speaker announcer, ambulance rescue, antique car parade participants, tug of war folks, and the raffle hawker. Entertainment was supplied by Lindsay & Her Puppet Pals, The Motion Man, and Parker Hill Road Band.

The Old Home Day basket raffles were won by Marjorie Durkee and Robin Bean, and the 50/50 raffle by S. Robertson who kindly donated her winnings back to Old Home Day.

We also want to thank Hannaford's, Shaw's, Vista, Market Basket, Jack's Pizza Shop of Pittsfield, Baron's Major Brands, T-Bones/Cactus Jacks, and Fernwood Farms for their donations for the basket raffles.

Again, a big hearty thanks goes also to everyone who attended our annual Old Home Day as it makes all the work involved a grand day.

Sarah Baldwin-Welcome, President
Gilmanton Old Home Day Association

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