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Here are services currently being provided by Blue Loon Transit

To the editor,
It was suggested by one of the passengers of the Blue Loon transit service that I send a letter clarifying services of the Blue Loon. It seems there is some confusion between the services that have been currently suspended and those that are still operating. The services that are still operating are the Dial-a-Ride services in North Conway, Conway, Albany, Madison, Tamworth, Chorcorua, Moultonborough, Sandwich, Freedom, Effingham, Ossipee, Center Harbor, and Wolfeboro. Also offered are two shopping trips a month that go to Rochester and North Conway. These shopping trips are prioritized for mature adults 60 and older and disabled individuals but the general public is welcomed if seats are available.
Also operating is the flex route to Laconia that makes three runs a day. Commuters going to work in Laconia can park their cars in the Tramway parking lot in West Ossipee and board the bus. Youth 18 and younger who may be working in the Laconia area for the summer should consider getting a youth pass – $30 for unlimited riding from the day after school ends to the day before the next school year begins.
To find out more about the service, operating hours, trips scheduling, fares for anyone under 60 years of age, etc. call 1-866-752-6890.
Beverly Raymond
Director of Transportation
Tri County Community Action Program, Inc.

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Liberals watch MSNBC for same reason conservatives watch Fox

To the editor,
While reading Mr. Wiles backhanded apology to Mr. Polidoro last week, I was struck by his comment that, "Why anyone watches CNN or MSNBC is beyond me." Doesn't he realize that liberals watch MSNBC for the same reasons that conservatives watch Fox News — neither is "Fair and Balanced" and they pander to what their viewers want to see and hear. Both networks are guilty of egregious misrepresentations in their news coverage and attempt to monopolize opinion and suppress free thought.
There is nothing more important to the maintenance of democracy than a free press. To the degree that access to quality factual information is willfully or unintentionally obstructed, democracy itself is degraded. Not only does a mainstream media now tolerate gross misrepresentations of fact but also many, including MSNBC and Fox News, actually legitimize these displays. Unfortunately, their viewers and listeners develop a powerful identification with these outlets and mount ardent, reflexive defenses of them.
As honest, fair and truly intellectual debates degrade before the eyes of the global media audience, the quality of American democracy degrades along with it.
While we should be reassured that Mr. Wiles will "point out" "revisionist spin" and those who are "politicizing everything", I'm not sure how much faith I can put in someone whose "anger" and "assumptions" may cloud his judgment. Isn't he the one that politicized an apology letter?
L. J. Siden

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Americans in gun free zones have become defenseless victims

To the editor,
On Tuesday, Erica Lafferty, daughter of slain Sandy Hook principal Dawn Hochsprung, attacked Senator Ayotte for not supporting a gun control proposal that everyone agreed would not have prevented the Sandy Hook massacre. There is no credible evidence that this proposal would save ANY life, but it would make it more difficult for law abiding people to protect themselves, and it would make criminals out of otherwise law abiding citizens who don't harm anyone but who intentionally or by accident ignore the law.
There are laws against every use of a gun to unjustifiably harm others, yet liberals and other gun control advocates demand more laws which will just make it more difficult for law abiding citizens to protect themselves, their families, and other innocent people.
Let's imagine that the principal of Sandy Hook and her daughter were conservatives rather than liberals, then Senator Ayotte might have heard the following:
"Senator Ayotte, thank you for coming today. My Mother was the principal at Sandy Hook and died trying to protect the children in her charge. The children and adults at Sandy Hook did not need to die.
My mother was a trained pistol marksman with a concealed carry permit. She met monthly at the range to practice shooting with the third grade teacher who was also a concealed carry permit holder and who sadly also died. The school janitor is retired military and an avid hunter.
Laws and policies made Sandy Hook a "gun free zone", but Adam Lanza didn't care. So, my Mother, five of her staff, and 20 innocent children died because they were defenseless targets in a 'gun free zone.
Thousands of Americans in 'gun free zones' have become defenseless victims of people who obviously don't care about our laws or 'gun free zone' signs. If Sandy Hook had not been a 'gun free zone', I believe that my mother would have saved all those lives. If she failed, others would have been alerted and perhaps could have saved most lives.
My questions to you are: Why isn't Congress repealing the 'gun free zones' law that has made thousands of Americans victims but not saved a single life? Why isn't Congress discussing laws that keep violent people off our streets? Why doesn't' Congress make it easier for law abiding citizens to protect themselves, especially when faced with real immediate threats? Why does Congress spend so much time on gun controls that only make life safer for criminals not for law abiding citizens?
Thank you, Senator Ayotte, for your vote to protect law abiding citizens."
Don Ewing

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We had our day: those that live by the sword will die that way

To the editor,
Since the bombing in Boston I researched the use of bombs in warfare, coming to some starling conclusions. I am not passing judgment as the tragic results at the marathon speak strongly about the use of explosions as a weapon of destruction and death. But, going back 50 years ago, and more recently in the Iraq war, the numbers, some of which are now available, reveal our own use of explosives. I find the numbers to be incredible!
One set of facts is available: The 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing flying sorties over Iraq dropped 500,000 tons of bombs. A ton is 2,000 lbs. If they used 1,000 lb. bombs, that would roughly amount to 1,000,000 x 1,000 lb. bombs. It is estimated that 44,000 stories were flown by all units,( most of which were carrying explosives, in the ensuing years of the Iraq war.. With most of the numbers in, that translates to about 40-lbs. of explosives for every person in Iraq — the population being about 25 million.
Going back to the Vietnam war United States military aircraft dropped seven million tons of bombs in our protracted war to defeat North Vietnam. It sounds too incredible to be true, but those are the facts and we have to live with them.
Our military might has had its day. Those that live by the sword, will die by the sword, so says the Good Book. Be an advocate for peace. Be strident, strong and full of zeal and passion for peace. If you don't do it, who will?
Leon R Albushies

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Change isn't all that hard to cope with; let's recycle more

To the editor,
I've always been a frugal person; partly out of necessity, mostly out of inclination. I've never had a dishwasher or microwave oven. We 've had a computer for several years, but not as long as most people. We drive older cars, but maintain them well. I don't even understand the concept of digital cameras. And,we've recycled for many years because it's as easy as throwing everything away at once, but less expensive, because you don't need plastic bags.
Now comes the threat of pay-to-throw garbage collection, which has been ongoing for the past three years or so, and a handful of people are trying to convince the majority of Laconians to throw away less real garbage, throw away more recyclables, save money, and do what's best for the environment, too. You wouldn't think it should be such a hard sell! And yet, the majority are set in their ways, and don't seem to realize that unless they immediately change their garbage disposal ways, they will pay the promised $1.75-$2. per bag to throw garbage away. And then it will be too late.
I mentioned the first paragraph because yesterday I went to develop some film. Yes, I only ever use the cheap, one-use cameras!, and was stunned — shocked is too mild a word! — to find the price was now $15 to develop what had until recently cost less than 10 dollars. I asked the clerk why the price had jumped so much, was it to make people buy digital cameras? Yes she replied, truthfully.
Well, half an hour later, after she educated me as to the convenience, versatility,and altogether economy of digital cameras — plus the first 100 pictures to be printed for free! — I reluctantly handed in my last camera to be developed, and left the store with a beginners digital camera and memory card. I even look forward to using it, and the pleasure of downloading photos to so easily e-mail them. As I left the store, I asked the clerk what I should do with my old Brownie camera. She was too young to remember that!
The analogy is that everyone must move with the times — it's not so painful. As other letter writers who already know, who are also trying to convince the majority who still don't recycle, if pay-to-throw comes in, you won't have a choice. Do it now, move with the times — it isn't hard to do at all.
Diane Lewis

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