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Dems: go look in the mirror; person you see isn't compassionate

To The Daily Sun,

I figured I could perform a two-fer with this letter, responding to both L.J. Siden's and George Maloof's letters in the November 22nd Sun.

First, L.J wrote that President Barack Obama "is quoted as saying that his grade point average at Columbia was an impressive 3.7." There's only problem with Obama's statement — there's absolutely no proof his statement is true. None. All of his college transcripts have been sealed, as have any papers or articles he may have authored while attending Columbia and Harvard Law School. We have to take his word for it, and as we have come to see over the past five years, his word isn't good enough. He's the only president in the modern era that has worked so diligently to bury parts of his past that previous presidents and presidential contenders have made readily available to the American public. So until he makes his transcripts available I'll take any claim Obama makes about his grades with a huge grain of salt. His saying it's so doesn't make it so.

Next, Mr. Maloof has once again dipped into the "people are tired of Republican partisan bickering" pool while at the same time choosing to ignore that his favorite party, the Democrats, are masters of the art. While it is true there are schisms within the Republican party, mainly between the establishment members and the Tea Party members, George sees it as a sign that GOP is doomed. That's a rather short-sighted view.

Every political party goes through changes. Even the Democrats have done so over the past 50 years, changing from a party that stood up for the "little guy" to one that believes that only they, with the power of an overreaching government behind it, should control the little guy, as well as the middle guy, and a good portion of the big guys, too. It appears they also believe that it's not greed when you want to take away money that someone else earned, but it is greed if the person who earned that money wants to keep it. (Has "It's not your money. It's OUR money and we know how to spend it better than you do!" become the new Democrat mantra?)

The GOP is going through a change as members who have gotten sick and tired of the GOP establishment whom they see as abandoning the principles of the party, that being frugality in spending and taxation. The GOP has become not much more than Democrats-Lite. The Tea Party wants to get back to making sure the American taxpayers get the biggest bang for every dollar they surrender to the federal government. The basic principles of the Tea Party movement boils down to that the American people know better how to spend their own money and that the government doesn't. Government waste is legion, with billions, if not hundreds of billions of dollars (a third of which the government has borrowed) being wasted on programs, earmarks, redundancies, and agencies that do absolutely nothing and have no value to the American people. I would think that you would be angered by such waste, Mr. Maloof, seeing as some of your tax money is being frittered away. (I am assuming, of course, that you actually pay taxes to the bottomless money pit that is the U.S. Government.)

Addressing your last point, Mr. Maloof, most Republicans, at least at the grassroots level, are quite compassionate. We give of our time and our money. You may think of yourself as compassionate as well, but the problem is that you appear to be more than willing be compassionate with MY time and MY money and not your own. Who's really the compassionate one? I'll give you hint: go look in a mirror. The fellow you see there isn't the compassionate one.

Dale Channing Eddy


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Thanks to wonderful supporters of Mill's 190th Anniversary party

To The Daily Sun,
On behalf of the trustees of the Belknap Mill Society, I wish to thank our wonderful supporters who participated in celebrating the 190th anniversary of the Belknap Mill.
More than 100 people joined the celebration on Nov. 8. Guests were welcomed to a meet and greet with photographer Annie Posnack, sponsored by LRGHealthcare, and the grand opening of the Belknap Mill's 1,000-sq.-ft. Fine Arts Gallery.
Guests were entertained by a '30s and '40s live musical group, Swing-a-Cat, and had a wonderful time sampling signature dishes of the Lakes Region's best restaurants. Miss Lakes Region, Kendall Wipff, stopped in to congratulate guests, while mingling and meeting with Laconia High School Mixed Choir students who surprised everyone with a "Flash Mob" singing "Roar" by Katy Perry.
"It is with sincere thanks that the trustees of the Belknap Mill thank our sponsors," stated David Stamps, board president. "Supporters of the Belknap Mill Society are just the BEST, and their continued generosity has been a sustaining element of our mission to preserve and protect the Belknap Mill while providing historic and artistic opportunities for all to enjoy."
Belknap Mill Society 190th anniversary sponsors were: LRGHealthcare, Meredith Village Savings Bank, Prudential Verani Real Estate, Franklin Savings Bank, Contigiani's, Woodshed Roasting Company, Curt's Caterers, LLC, Patrick's Pub & Eatery, Laconia Village Bakery, O Steaks & Seafood, Annie's Café & Catering, Kevin's Café, Hart's Turkey Farm Restaurant, Tilt'n Diner, Gilford Gourmet, Fratello's, Taylor Rental, Bank of New Hampshire, and Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce.
Our generous raffle sponsors included: Blooming Iris, Cactus Jack's/T-Bone's, Big Cat Coffee, Laconia Rotary, FranksArt, Home Depot, Doug Stone, and Roger Gagne.
A sincere thank you to our wonderful supporters.
Denise Sharlow, Director of Development
Belknap Mill - Laconia

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Rep. Garcia should be treated as respected & honored opponent

To The Daily Sun,

In the 2012 elections, Democrats attacked Republicans as anti-women. This is par for the course in most of our elections, though there is no truth to it.

Fast forward to today. N.H. State Rep. Marilinda Garcia (R) throws her hat in the ring to challenge U.S. Congresswoman Anne Kuster (D). Within minutes of her announcement, N.H .State Rep. Peter Sullivan (D) hits the "Tweet" circuit. He infers that by adding former N.H. Speaker of the House Bill O'Brien and Kim Kardashian equals Marilinda Garcia. In another tweet, he says that Marilinda is Al Baldasarro in stiletto heels.

Marilinda Garcia is a rising star in the Republican Party and the Latino community. So many of us are proud of her, and her constituents keep sending her back to Concord to represent them. She must be doing something right!

The Democrat Party, and Rep. Peter Sullivan, should issue an apology for these types of derogatory comments. Rather than attack her personally as an enemy, why don't you do the right thing — treat her as a respected and honored opponent!

Don Walker

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Obama's agreement with Iran reeks of another Munich Accord

To The Daily Sun,

Writing this letter on Monday the 25th, I see and read reports that President Obama is holding negotiations with Iran trying to finalize an agreement that would allow Iran peaceful nuke development and stop nuke weapons development. Now I can applaud the thought but frankly he scares the heck out of me.
Apparently Mr. Obama considers the lessons of history do not apply where he is concerned. He seems to think his personal charm and power to persuade will win over a fanatical religious despot. The whole thing reeks of another Munich Accord.
For those not familiar with that historical event, that was when, in 1938, British Prime minister Neville Chamberland and French Premier Edouard Daladier went to Munich, Germany and signed away Czechoslovakia's existence and freedom without even a single Czech representative present. One year later WW2 began and 60+/- million humans died in that war.
My point? You can not trust despots to honor their words, promises or treaty's. Over and over this country has tried to make agreements with N. Korea, the PLO, Iraq, Iran. You name them the list goes on and on and on and always these despots cheat and finally break their words and treaties. This will be no different only this time it will mean Atomic war. Our people and cities will not be safe. Appeasement never works, never will.
Steve Earle


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Some of the contributors to these pages should do a little research

To The Daily Sun,

The headline "Obama's grade point average at Columbia was impressive 3.7" caught my attention. Some of the letters to this paper are literally unreal. I often wonder if these people actually attach their real names to these letters they write. Particularly the ones that peddle hearsay as fact. Of course L.J. Siden is a self-proven heavy Kool-Aid drinker but it is hard to believe there are people still walking around out there that still believe every last word this president says. A 3.7 gpa is very impressive indeed. What would be even more impressive is if Obama would allow this claim to be independently verified.

Fact: Barack Hussein Obama has never allowed any independent verification of his college transcripts. Period. All we have is his word. And we all know how good his word is don't we. Apparently the "folks" are beginning to awake from whatever coma they have been in for the last six years and realize this president for what the 47 percent of us who didn't vote for him already knew he is. A liar. Period. there have been repeated calls by conservatives and independents for him to release his college records, but he has thus far refused. Why? A person of reasonable intelligence could only conclude the obvious. He is hiding something. I would suspect that something would be a little thing called the truth, something I think supreme-ruler Obama knows very little about.

What is interesting about this is the media in this country has always had an obsession with presidents and presidential contender's college transcripts. If these people are not forthcoming with them then the media will dig them up and put them on public display. Am I the only one who remembers the media witch hunt for the Bush 43 transcripts? Then along comes Barack Hussein Obama and all of a sudden the media has zero interest in his college career. Why? Maybe in 100 years they will unlock the 'Obama files,' like JFK, after we are all long dead. Provided this country is still here in 100 years.

Some of the contributors to this paper would do well to do a little thing called research before writing to the paper and making themselves sound ignorant to those of us who pay attention and have a clue whats going on in the world around us. But they won't. There is a saying that says "you cant fix stupid". So you all just keep the Kool-Aid flowing and keep writing these crazy and ridiculous letters because even I have to admit they are far more entertaining than any of the garbage I have seen on a TV or movie screen in the last 20 years.

Jay Kennedy


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