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Too many choose to deny we are involved in a religious war

To The Daily Sun,

President Obama and his ilk continue to profess the following:
— "We must not profile people by their religion."
— "We must not judge all by the actions of a few."
— "We must adopt stricter gun control laws, to prevent such vicious shootings."
— "Global warming is more important to address than radical Islam because it is one of the primary reasons for these terrorist attacks."

This deductive reasoning is not unlike treating strep throat with a hemorrhoid suppository. So:

— The California couple responsible for at least 14 deaths and many more people being injured were Muslims, but this fact is carefully being denied or minimized — for example "work place violence" vs. a religious attack. Why? (I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid. Are you?)

— It is okay to profile and restrict all gun owners because of the actions of a few. Huh? (What do we do about the IEDs?)

— Some of the areas with the highest gun related crimes and murders are under strict gun control laws. How 'bout that!

— Global warming is more important and deadlier than global Jihad. Are you out of your minds?

Again I stress that the American people need to wale up. At the risk of being profiled, I ask: How many more terrorist attacks like 9/11, Paris, or this last California tragedy will it take to see the reality. We are now in a religious war (whether we like it or not) which too many still choose to deny.

Ken Knowlton


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Peace at any price party can't add 1+1 when it comes to terrorism

To The Daily Sun,

Yesterday, Dec. 2, Muslim terrorists killed 14 and wounded 17 in San Bernardino, Calif. President Obama is frantically seeking to name it anything but what it is.

Is he afraid if he calls it Islamic terrorism, his grand humanitarian plan to bring in a hundred thousand Syrian refugees (liberally sprinkled with ISIS terrorists) will be rejected by American people? All his drones are following in lock step all calling for more "gun controls?" Seriously, are he and his followers idiots?

We are under constant threats of attacks from these fanatic Muslims and they want us to disarm? Why, is it still too difficult for terrorists to kill us now? It will be a cold day before Americans disarm because we can only depend on ourselves for survival because Obama's government sure as heck isn't going to protect us. I'll be damned if anyone has the right to tell us we do not have the right to try to protect ourselves, family, friends and communities, even if we die trying.

Oh yea, the pacifist, "peace at any price" party still refuses to put one and one together so let me help them out just a little. Two Muslims, dressed like terrorists, armed like terrorists shoot a couple dozen people at a Christmas party. Answer: They were Muslim terrorists. Anyone who seeks to deny this is a moron.

Steve Earle


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