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Dale Channing Eddy (10-4) 295

To The Daily Sun,

This is in response to Jon Hoyt's letter in the October 3rd Daily Sun:

Jon, once again you are projecting your own prejudices upon those opposed to the Affordable Care Act, which is not affordable nor will it provide care. You attribute this to racism rather than a rational belief by a large majority of Americans (there are more than a few polls out there that prove it) that the ACA is not sustainable, will not help the very people you say it's supposed to, and that will hurt everyone in the long run. Mind you, there's nothing wrong with being empathetic to the plight of those who may not have health insurance, but that empathy can cloud your perceptions and your logic and motivate you to promote something you believe will help but in the end will only make YOU feel better while not providing for the very people for which you have empathy.

Over the past couple of decades I have come to realize that many people like you who use accusations of racism as a tool to dismiss dissent are quite often the actual racists. The racism is not blatant. Rather it is subtle and insidious, and colors your thinking in ways you may not realize. You do not see American minorities as being capable of doing the same things everyone else does without the guiding hand of guilt-ridden liberals such as yourself. And more often than not, that "guiding hand" does not help them, but instead holds them back. Call it yet another form of backhanded racism.

You are very good at pointing fingers, Jon. But you must remember the old adage about pointing fingers: Three of them are pointing back at you.

Dale Channing Eddy


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So many to thank for another great Laconia High Alumni Reunion

To The Daily Sun,

The Committee for the Laconia High School Alumni Reunion would like to express its gratitude to Laconia School Department administration, staff and, most importantly, the alumni who gave so wholeheartedly to insure that the 3rd Annual Alumni Reunion was a success. Specifically, we thank the Laconia School Board whose endorsement was so important, LHS Facilities Manager Steve Dalzell, Jack Aldrich and his students of the Meredith Village Savings Bank Culinary Arts Center, Lakes Region Floral Studio, Jennifer Mitchell and Jeff Twombly – IT Department, Laconia High School Kitchen staff, current LHS students who all allowed us to share their homecoming events, and the LHS janitorial staff for their support during the day and night of the event.

We would also like to especially thank Krista Marrs from The Citizen, who was the driving force in making our second alumni publication a reality. We hope to build on this in the years to come to make it a wonderful keepsake of the event.

We thank the generations of alumni who came to Laconia High School to renew friendships, to exchange memories, and to show that we still remain Sachems in the most respected sense of unity for the blessings of our public education. Special thanks to Warren Mitchell, who organized the amazing parade of classic cars for our alumni to ride in. Gert Gilman, Class of 1933, was our senior alumni and we were thrilled to have her join us again this year in the celebration. We think that alumni who attended had a great time reconnecting.

We were also thrilled to have Laconia High School students take alumni on tours of the new Huot Technical Center and the new science center at Laconia High School. Alumni were so impressed with all the work that has been done to benefit our students and support them in ensuring their potential for success with every student, every day, in every way.

On behalf of the alumni, we thank our parents for their insight in supporting us when in school, thank our teachers who challenged us, taught us, and set out dreams and goals to be sought. We know full well that those buildings at 345 Union Avenue have long brought forth a group of citizens who, for some, gave the ultimate commitment so that public education would be available for generations to come, brought forth citizens who made a difference in their nation, their states, their communities, and in the neighbors, in their families, and, yes, in their school systems.

As an alumni committee, grateful and committed to public education, we thank you and hope that next year we can meet again.

Laconia High School Alumni Committee
James Carroll
Chris Guilmett
Joan Cormier
Dave Levesque
Stacie Sirois
Janet Brough

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Insurance is not a right; most of America doesn't want a handout

To The Daily Sun,

"...Once the president signs something into law, it is supposed to apply to everyone. Obama has granted waivers, exemptions, delays to his cronies and allies. House Republicans asked if delays, waivers, and exemptions were good for some, they should be good for all Americans. But Obama, Reid, and Pelosi said no. House Republicans asked that a specific 2.3 percent medical device tax, which is causing jobs to ship overseas, be repealed. Again, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi said no. Obama and liberal media are lying to you America. Obamacare is not a law, according to our Constitutional Republic, because laws apply to everyone...." — Allen West
"Elected leaders should not be treated better than the American people" — Senator Ted Cruz
For those who only watch mainstream media, you are being mislead. This health care law was passed with not one Republican vote. Our president will negotiate with Iran and terrorists but not with the Republicans.
Insurance is not a right. Welfare, Medicaid/Medicare should be reserved for elderly, kids, people with major illnesses, pregnant moms. The rest of America that still maintains its sanity and dignity and does not want hand outs and we don't want to pay for yours. Time to be weaned off the government tit people, and be productive members of society. I'm sick to death of socialist hacks trying to tell us what we have to do and not do. It's beyond time to rise up and tell them we aren't taking this crap anymore.
Kim Lakin

Gilmanton Iron Works

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We don't want to help people without insurance because of race

To The Daily Sun,
Well the Government has shut down, so please thank the GOP House, especially the self-centered Tea Party. They had their chance to vote for a clean bill but they had to add something about the ACA while knowing it would never pass the Senate. The finger pointing has started but the GOP still has the ball, we can even see it, while they try to hide it. The Dems point at the GOP and the GOP point at the Dems and Obama. It was interesting hearing Cruz play the blame game as he twisted and turned words around to suit his point. Almost sounded believable if one didn't know the truth. It was never about deficits or budgets. The GOP even had to change the reason for the shutdown before each vote. It was to expensive, it didn't work (hadn't even started yet), to confusing, was unfair and discriminated against government workers. Was never a shortage of reasons against it even though they did like certain parts of it. They have always been saying about the ACA — repeal and replace — but they have NEVER said what they would replace the ACA with or how they would fix it.

The answer to this is they will replace the ACA with nothing or no health care at all. So if you get sick you will go broke and end up on Medicare or Medicaid so the taxpayers pay for your care. This seems acceptable to the fiscally-responsible, job-creating GOP. But we have a law called the Affordable Care Act that is suppose to save money and create jobs which they are trying to block. You will be able to afford it with all the incentives and credits which should reduce the burden on the taxpayers.

Why don't they want to help the citizens of our country is beyond me. One reason, I believe is, is that most of the people covered will be low income and people of color and we know from the treatment of our president the last four years how much they like people of color. They also mention numerous complaints, lost jobs, high premiums, confusion etc. Amazing this has only happened in their districts. I also hear the complaint about socialized medicine — horrors! Would that be like the other socialized programs we have, like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, child labor laws, women voting, 8-hour work day, unions, other womens' rights, etc.? People tried blocking these back then and I would think some would still like these laws to go away now. Doubt that will happen soon.

So, again, as the Gov of Kentucky said "get over it and move on" The scarey part is we still have the debt ceiling to go through.

Jon Hoyt


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Nixon also thought he was above the laws passed by Congress

To The Daily Sun,

Obamacare is The Law Of The Land. I'm confused. I thought when a law is passed it applies to all. According to Obama, it's here to stay. The people and the courts have spoken.Though I dont agree, it's the way we do things in this country. That's why we vote. Health care for all, paid for fairly by all. We are now learning that's not the case. Obama took it upon himself to change the law, after the fact.

Since when does a president have the right to change the law of the land? Nixon thought he was above the law. History has a strange way of repeating itself.

Tom Sellew

Lochmere (Tilton)

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