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Trump is only one with a chance to win who really represents change to business as usual

To The Daily Sun,

"Caveat Emptor," let the buyer beware, should be the title of the book sure to be written about this presidential election. Another possible title should be, 'The Law of Unintended Consequences." It has been said that this presidential election has two of the worst presidential candidates in history, with the worst approval ratings ever. I would just like to interject a little reminder, or dare I say, history lesson.

The last time we had an election with less-than-stellar candidates where there was a third-party candidate and I am talking about the one where the candidate was actually on the debate stage with the two "mainstream" candidates. A significant number of the electorate actually voted for the third-party candidate. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, however you political philosophies lie) he didn't win. He did, however, have quite an effect on our political system. I will always contend that it was a negative affect.

Now I applaud everyone who will go out and vote this November, no matter how you vote. It is also your duty as an American citizen to do so, no matter how dismal the field may be. Voting for your person can come in different strategies. Your are a member of a certain political party and you always vote for your party's candidate, no matter who they are, okay.

Then there are the strategists who will vote for a candidate not so much as they like the candidate, but are in favor of a certain outcome.

Finally there are the idealists, who vote for their candidate because they admire their ideals and vision of America.

A good portion of the idealists will vote for a third party, not because they think they will win, but because that is who they are and that is their freedom of choice and I admire them for that. However, before you enter the voting booth, hold your nose and color the circle, pull the lever, or write in the name of your person, remember the third-party candidate mentioned above was Ross Poirot. While many of us voted for Poirot — yes I was one of those, mea culpa — the country wound up with Bill Clinton.

Remember that "giant sucking sound" Poirot warned us about, well it's still happening. A few months ago, Carrier Air Conditioners told their employees they were shutting down their operation in the Midwest and moving everything to Mexico. I don't know about you, but I will never buy another Carrier air conditioner again.

So if you are happy with the way things are going then by all means vote for Hillary. If you think the country is headed in the wrong direction and cannot bring yourself to vote for The Donald, then by all means, vote for the third-party of your choice. Know that if you go down this road, you conscious will be clear and Hillary will be the next president and things will continue as they are.

Unfortunately if you really want change, Trump is the only game in town. It bothers me that there are a large number of prominent Republicans who are openly against Trump. I think I have discerned the answer for this problem. If you have ever seen "The Apprentice," then you know at the end it comes down to the best person for the job and everyone else gets "fired." Now it seems to me that if Trump gets elected there are going to be an awful lot of Republicans that are going to have their nice cushy jobs and lifestyles thrown out the window and they are actually going to have to do something. They would rather see Hillary elected and would have the status quo maintained than actually have to do some work.

I always maintained that partisan politicians puts their party first, but these group of Republicans are putting themselves first, before party and with the good old United States coming in a distant third. These folks are beyond contempt.

So who wins in the end? God alone knows and he's not talking. It will be an interesting few months, that's for sure.

Martin Kearney


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Check out the details of great work being done by the Clinton Foundation

To The Daily Sun,

The Clinton Foundation has taken a lot or abuse lately for its abuse of millions of dollars of donations. This is simply not true. Any one who is really interested in how much charitable work the foundation itself is doing around the world can find out all the details by clicking on the enclosed link. I found it amazing what they do.


Kent Warner

Center Harbor


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