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Thousands were spent for nothing & now they want a 'pocket park'?

To The Daily Sun,

Last March, at the Bristol Town Meeting, an amendment to a warrant article for a $10,000, 70-foot fence was presented to the voters, reducing that appropriation to $7,000; the amendment, was defeated. The fence was to be installed on the "Mica Building" plot along the Newfound River. The "Mica" property has a long and sordid history with the Town of Bristol.

Several years ago, over $52,000 in taxpayer funds were spent to stabilize and study the possibility of procuring the building to relocate the town offices. After determining that 40 years of accumulated pigeon dung might prove to be a hazard to the health of our town employees this plan was abandoned. Then came the legal process to condemn the property and take it by tax deed. Yes, we spent thousands of dollars studying and stabilizing the property before we owned it. We also spent this money without an appropriation in the budget, a clear violation of RSA 32:8.

Subsequent to procuring the property the town applied for and obtained a Brownfields grant to demolish the property. All told, hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent on this property.

The lot stands empty to this day. Several adjacent property owners recently expressed interest in purchasing this plot for various uses. It would seem that the best interest of the taxpayers would be to sell the plot return it to the tax rolls and recoup some of the tax money spent. Instead, the selectmen have decided to turn it into a pocket park, thereby ensuring that this property will be an expense to the taxpayers for years to come.

Paul Simard

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Only thing I've ever seen coming out of that chimney is hot air

To The Daily Sun,

With interest, I did read all the various comments in regards to the issues the Motorcycle Museum owner has with Mayhew (Funeral Home).
It is simply not fair at all to say Peter Mayhew is only interested in making money.
My wife died March 1 and we needed cremation services. The Mayhew quotation was by far the best and the services were outstanding.
I'm driving by these two buildings almost daily and never had an objection to any smell coming from the Mayhew building. All you can see, while a cremation is in process, is the hot air coming out of the chimney. Still would have to search and see any evidence for ashes. Why do we never see photographs about it?
It should also be noted, that between the Mayhew Funeral Home and the Motorcycle Museum, there is a huge, green tree, showing no damages. The beautiful, green tree acts like a curtain. So much for the environment.
The only smells this long-time Meredith resident has objected to are those coming from McDonald's and the ones of Hart's Turkey Farm.
As for the museum, I believe those arguments go deeper. During a visit, our son, serving already 25 years with the Ohio police, was very much interested to see what the Motorcycle Police Museum has to offer. When he was asked to shell out $11, he turned around. He said, a $5 charge for such a small museum would have been appropriate.
Good bye Motorcycle Police Museum. Maybe the next owner of the building will open an ice cream parlor at the same facility.

Werner Rebsamen

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