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Only 1 candidate is running to fix broken system: Larry Lessig

To The Daily Sun,

We don't live in a democracy anymore. Billionaire celebrities, millionaire CEOs  and zillionaire SuperPac donors have made a mockery of this election. Is it no coincidence that months after the Koch brothers announce that they will donate $900 million to GOP candidates that there were suddenly 17 of them each wanting a piece of the pie? I think not.

Big money donors have bought our representatives. They're sold, and they'll say anything to get your vote so they can ignore you for four more years and while they turn Washington, D.C., into the largest profit center for corporations in the world.

With your tax money.

I'm sick of it. I'm more than sick, I'm angry about it. I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore. You might not know this, but there is one candidate who is running solely to fix this broken system. It's his only goal, because you know deep in your heart that whatever platform your favorite candidate is selling ain't gonna happen until we fix democracy first.

I'm supporting Larry Lessig for president. If you agree with me, you should, too.

Brian Shields


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Take a good look at Sen. Ayotte's record of fighting for women

To The Daily Sun,

A recent letter to the editor in this paper attacked Senator Kelly Ayotte for her vote last week to avoid a government shutdown. While deploying the same, tired talking points that Democrats usually turn to, the letter writer seemed to miss what's actually going on in Washington.

The truth of Kelly Ayotte's record is this: she's constantly crossed party lines and even stood up to her own party to get things done for New Hampshire. She was widely credited with helping end the last government shutdown and she has always been a strong, effective crusader for women's health.

Kelly is a different kind of leader. I'm proud that she stands for limited, more efficient government and lower taxes and spending. But she's also willing to compromise and work with people she sometimes disagrees with to deliver results for us. From her over-the-counter contraceptives bill, to her work to expand access to mammograms, to her many efforts to support working women and families, Kelly just doesn't fall into the bogeyman mold Democrats are fabricating.

So yes, Granite Staters should take a good look at Kelly's record fighting for women and common sense solutions in the Senate. It's pretty impressive.

Hillary Seeger

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