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Franklin Middle School students did superb job honoring vets

To The Daily Sun,

On Thursday, Nov. 6, I and a number of other veterans were invited to a Veterans Day presentation at the Franklin Middle School. The program was put together by the Student Leadership Council, which is comprised of student leaders from each of the four grades that make up the student body. What follows are some of the things to which we were treated.

The students did a superb job in developing a meaningful program to honor veterans and the individual performances of the students was truly outstanding . . . far better than I could have ever anticipated.

After opening remarks, student Mattie Smith sang our National Anthem, accompanied by music teacher Jake Stevens on the guitar. Mattie was very composed and sang a beautiful rendition of the anthem.

Technical Ed Teacher Scott Maxner, himself an Army veteran, gave a stirring speech about military service. That was followed by Mr. Stevens leading the Middle School chorus in a medley that included "America the Beautiful," "My Country Tis of Thee," and "My Native Country Thee." It was uplifting and absolutely wonderful!

After closing remarks by Student Leadership Council member R.J. Soboslai, the veterans retired to the cafeteria where they were served a brunch by members of the council.

All in all, the program and the performance far exceeded anything I could have imagined. A tip of the cap and a thank you to school Principal Kevin Barbour and all those at the Franklin Middle School who made the program possible.

Bob Meade


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Shame on the Democrats who did not stand proudly with Obama

To The Daily Sun,

A saved economy, expanded access to health care, extrication from two wars ... shame on the Democratic candidates who did not stand proudly with President Obama and his accomplishments. Had they done so, the election results might have been different.

I anxiously await the Republication agenda which up to this point has been sadly lacking.

John T. Goegel

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