Thanks to C.A.V.E.S. for its care of 'Maggie'; she will recover

To The Daily Sun,

On Monday morning, Oct. 6, at approximately 12:30 a.m., the Franklin Police and Fire Departments responded to South Main Street (Route 3 South near the Daniel Webster Farm) for a serious vehicle crash. Within minutes of arriving it was determined that one of the drivers was deceased in the vehicle. It took rescuers near 15 minutes to extricate the second driver from his heavily damaged vehicle. This second driver is expected to make a full recovery.

In the vehicle of the deceased was a frightened and injured canine. After the incident was stabilized, police and fire crews pondered the best appropriate care for the canine. Crews made attempt for local care however, to no avail at that hour of the day. Knowing that the dog may have serious injuries, the Incident Commander inquired to C.A.V.E.S. (Capital Area Veterinary Emergency Service) if they would accept and treat the injured canine. Even after it was made clear that it was uncertain who would be financially responsible for the dogs care, C.A.V.E.S. staff responded "bring the dog in." Fire Department crews loaded the canine into a firefighter's personal pick-up truck and immediately transported the dog to C.A.V.E.S. in Concord.

In days that followed the incident, C.A.V.E.S. management staff reported that the canine was identified through her microchip as Maggie. C.A.V.E.S. staff also identified that Maggie's lower jaw was fractured and needed surgery to implant two steel plates. While still receiving tender loving care at C.A.V.E.S. four days after the incident, Maggie is expected to make a full recovery.

Even though it is undetermined where Maggie will end up permanently or if her medical bills will ever be paid, there is one thing that is certain: The Franklin Fire Department is grateful for the brisk altruistic care that C.A.V.E.S. has provided in this incident.

Thank you C.A.V.E.S.

Franklin Fire Department

Kevin LaChapelle, Chief

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Do folks realy want a radical group of planners to care for them?

To The Daily Sun,

President Obama tries to shade his eyes from the bright light of reality as he wallows in the darkness of his arrogant, progressive madness. How to divert this country's attention away from all of his denials, deflections, distractions and diversions? The political Baryshnikov of our time pivots again, but then really steps in it.

Remember not so long ago when our dear leader assured us that this ISIS bunch was just a jayvee team? Remember way back to last Sunday when he blamed his intelligence agencies for underestimating that jayvee team? John McCain, Lindsey Graham and other politicians had read the long-ago written memos alerting our president about the cancerous growth of this Islamic terrorist threat and brought it to his attention. Did Valerie Jarrett, Samantha Powers and Susan Rice tell him to hit the links and not worry so much? Did they even need to do so? Don't worry about missing so many security briefings, Mr. President. We will keep you apprised of any real threats to our national security. Is that what they were telling him? He certainly wasn't listening to our top field commanders who have been outraged and incensed at his disregard for their expertise.

But now our president has assured us that he has a bold and brilliant plan to defeat the Islamic State and he has complete confidence that the CDC has total control over the Ebola outbreak and it will pose no threat to our beloved homeland. Oh wait, no not really. It was time for another Fred Astaire-like pivot. President Obama went to Northwestern University to insist to the American people that he deserves credit for our much improved economy. Yes indeed, he said that by every economic measure, it is indisputable that we all are just so much better off. Say what Mr. President? Did you fall off the balance beam?

Here are some sobering facts for all of us to ponder. Contrast these figures from Jan. 2009 to now: National debt $10.6 trillion to $17.8 trillion; median income $56,696 to $54,045; labor participation rate 65.7 percent to 62.8 percent (lowest since the late 1970s Carter era); home ownership 67.5 percent to 64.7 percent; food stamps 32 million to 46 million. Not to mention the astronomic rise in the disability roles. Hey, please keep this under your hat.

The top 5 percent have become richer while the middle class has grown poorer. Yet, the progressive, liberal politicians bemoan the greedy rich while their voters meekly nod their head in adoring approval, clueless to the absurdity of this contradictory message.

A worldwide medical emergency has emerged while our president has implemented a catch-and-release policy for the hordes of illegal immigrants entering our southern border; this in lieu of the outright amnesty he has promised after the November elections. Islamic terrorists have infiltrated our borders while social media outlets help recruit the disgruntled among us, especially those inside our prisons. Our president's answer has been a desire to try terrorists in American courtrooms, setting imaginary red lines in Syria, giving more flexibility to Russia, Benghazi massacre and cover-up, bombing and leaving Libya and endorsing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Our borders, language, culture and educational system are being destroyed while our national defense is being decimated by liberal, progressive policies. The fundamental transformation of our constitutional republic draws near, threatening most everything we hold dear.

Do folks really want this group of radical central planners to take care of them? Do you think Thomas Jefferson, one of the smartest leaders this country has ever had, would approve of the direction this country is headed right now? How would he direct us out of this corrupt, bureaucratic growth of soft tyranny? Oh how he would chastise us for our tepid and lackluster response to the anti-capitalist and anti-constitutional left.

Our president recently assured us that the November midterm election is a referendum on the economy and his "policies are on the ballot, every single one of them." I think I know what President Jefferson would want us to do on Nov. 4.

Russ Wiles


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My 2nd grader had a similar experience with One Voice chorus

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in response to the letter written by Donna Page regarding the discrimination of a young child by the One Voice chorus organization. I am deeply disturbed by this behavior, but unfortunately not at all surprised. I have also had an upsetting experience with this organization.

When my daughter was in second grade, she brought home a flyer from school advertising a chorus program. This chorus program was sponsored by a church and was a younger version of One Voice. The organization goes through the school to recruit students, and uses the school after hours for its activities. The chorus was advertised as focusing primarily on singing and some of the songs would be religious in nature. Since my daughter loved to sing, I thought that this was something she would really enjoy.

I was alarmed when she was given literature after one of the chorus classes which implied that I was a "sinner" because I was a divorced single mother. My daughter also began having stomach aches on chorus days, and begging to stay home from school. I discovered that, instead of focusing mostly on singing as advertised, the chorus was basically a religious education class. My daughter was being told and read very detailed, violent, bloody Bible stories. These stories were upsetting and confusing her, as in our family, we take a positive view of God and do not focus on fear or violence in regard to religion. I was upset that I, as her parent, was not told in advance that these stories would be shared and given the opportunity to decide if they were appropriate for my child or not.

I called the woman in charge of the chorus (this individual is also very much involved with the One Voice program) and voiced my concerns via a voice-mail message. In my message, I was very polite, respectful, and professional. I left my number and asked for her to call me back. I was fully expecting her to call me back with an apology, an explanation, or at the very least, a respectful discussion. No call ever came. I called back, and left another, similar message, again requesting a call-back. My message was ignored. My daughter was very relieved when I told her that she did not have to be part of this group anymore and has fortunately moved on from this traumatic experience.

I feel terrible for this 5-year-old child who has been upset by this organization and made to feel as though there is something wrong with his mother not being married. I hope that his parents will take advantage of the many, many more open-minded churches in the area that also offer singing and choir opportunities. My family and I will also not be attending the One Voice performance this year. We will not support or condone any organization that judges and condemns people in this manner.

Melanie Hodge


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A 'mystery' candidate? I'm health officer for Town of Grafton

To The Daily Sun,

I see that I was called a "mystery candidate" in these pages recently. I'm Bob Hull, candidate for state representative in Grafton District 9. It's no "mystery" that I have served as the Town Health Officer in the Town of Grafton. I am a member of the Grafton Volunteer Fire Department. I have served as secretary of the Town of Grafton Planning Board, and I serve as a support member with the Town of Grafton Volunteer Ambulance Department.

As a Republican delegate, I was at the recent State GOP Convention in Hooksett, where we debated and voted on some changes to our GOP Party Platform.

Our great state is facing some serious challenges ahead and, if elected, I will fight to overcome those challenges by reducing taxes and fees on working families, proposing responsible budget solutions, returning local control of schools and education and preserving Second Amendment rights.

The Democrats have nearly spent New Hampshire into insolvency again, and we need Republicans in office to fix the problem. New Hampshire Democrats follow their national leadership, from Barack Obama to Harry Reid to Nancy Pelosi. That is why I ask that you "just vote Republican" in the upcoming election.

My thanks go out to everyone who voted in the primary, and I thank all the voters ahead of time for voting on Nov. 4.

Robert "Bob" Hull
Candidate for State Representative, Grafton District 9

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I'm voting for a creative, hard-working, highly-competent woman

To The Daily Sun,

Three simple reasons to elect Lisa Scott for the office of Carroll County Register Of Deeds: Competent, trustworthy, and experienced.

I have had the joy of serving on the Doris L. Benz Community Center Board of Directors and the Sandwich Senior Housing Committee Inc. while Lisa was the president. Lisa is a natural leader who was able to see the needed improvements concerning these organizations and accomplished them.

With over 30 years of experience as a skilled real estate and probate paralegal, she has the familiarity and knowledge of the technical aspects or real estate documents and their registration. She has worked in all 10 counties in the State of New Hampshire, and has a vast understanding of the technologies needed to bring the registry online.

I am voting for a creative, hard-working, highly competent women, Lisa Scott for Carroll County Register of Deeds.
Please join me at the polls on Nov. 4.

Paula Kuehn


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