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Our Forest Service even boarded up the pit toilets in WMNF

To The Daily Sun,

Over the weekend, my family and I went for a hike in the White Mountain National Forest in Waterville Valley. After the 2-mile hike up the Livermore Trail we came back too the parking area and had to use the bathroom facilities that were in the parking area. Upon going up to the facility, we discovered that it was boarded up with 2x4s with a notice informing us that due to the government shutdown they were closed.
We were upset that the U.S. Government could,not even afford to keep this pit toilet open for use.
I think that maybe they should board up the White House bathrooms along with the Congressional bathrooms, too.
You know the old saying, what's good for the goose is good for the gander!
You gotta just love it!

Bob King

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Beneath the facade built by extremists is some form of hate

To the editor,

A few weeks ago, Mr. Earle was having difficulty grasping the meaning of extremism. He can be assured that holding political views and beliefs do not make one an extremist. However, if those views show distain for the rights and liberties of others they do become extreme.

Rest assured, Mr. Earle, that extremists represent both sides of the political spectrum, right wing or left wing, their views are typically beyond the boundaries of logic. They are broadly divided into two groups; movements and adherents that are hate oriented and those that are mainly anti-government, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority or rejecting government entirely. They like to cloak their extremism under the guise of more legitimate discussions, but beneath the facade is some form of hate.

Extremists hold a strong feeling that their opponents have differing view because they are bad, immoral, dishonest, hateful, prejudiced, etc. and not merely because they simply disagree, see matters differently, or are mistaken. They demonize the other side and are intolerant of dissent, attacking the character of those with opposing views rather then deal with the facts or issues raised. Often they will question motives, qualifications, past associations, alleged values, and personalities as a diversion from the issues under consideration. A favorite devise of extremists is to resort to taunts/name calling (e.g. nutty professor, cool-aid drinker, moon bats, elitists, etc.) to label and condemn opponents and to divert others from listening to their positions or arguments. In addition, extremists may deliberately lie or otherwise distort, misquote, slander, defame, or libel their critics. With extremists, the end justifies the means.

Recently, Mr. Earle exemplified extremism with a letter to this forum in which he declared that the Obama administration had six members of the Muslim brotherhood on its staff. His information stems from a forwarded e-mail with the title of "White House Staff" or "new in the White House." This is an unproven conspiracy theory, which alleges that six American Islamic activists who work with the administration are Muslim Brotherhood operatives influencing American policies. There is a great lynch mob among us and they go unhooded and work without a rope.

In previous letters I've tried to outline how right wing extremists in the Republican Party have flirted with "birtherism", charges of socialism, and allegations that the president is a secret Muslim, hated whites and wanted to get even. This type of rhetoric was done to both enrage and energies the party's extremists. In doing so, they've turned their guns on their own leaders and in the process have driven the party more and more toward uncompromising positions. At one time the divide in the GOP was between Republican moderates and conservatives; today the intra-party cleavage is between the Republican establishment and the lunatic fringe.

Ultimately, the core problem that extremism presents is less the severity of their activities, but more so the closed, fixed, and intolerant nature of extremist attitudes and their subsequent imperviousness to change.

The time has come for extremists to start standing for something, instead of simply lashing out against things.

L. J. Siden

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Obama not representing the almost 50% who didn't vote for him

To The Daily Sun,

The election of an academic ideologue with deep distrust for business should be more than a cautionary tale for Americans going forward. One sure question we should ask future presidential aspirants is tell us how you negotiate, your experience at negotiating and in the end will you negotiate for the greater good of ALL AMERICANS, not just those that elected you. Barack Obama's presidency exemplifies the calamity, war and political dysfunction created in two party democracy when one person refuses to negotiate or more precisely does not know HOW TO NEGOTIATE.
Just about every American president and surely the trans-formative ones all knew well the black art of negotiating. They all found someone they could TRUST in the opposing party to pursue the give and take required to FIND SOLUTIONS AND PROGRESS as the bickering and "politics" went on out front. The behind the scenes working relationships that Reagan had with Democrat Tip O'Neil and the one Bill Clinton had with Republican Newt Gingrich is stuff legends are made of. Both men produced presidencies that we STILL TALK ABOUT. More importantly, both presidents found paths to move their parties partisan walls in order to MOVE THE COUNTRY FORWARD. Not Obama, the ACADEMIC IDEOLOGUE sees himself above negotiating, PROSTITUTING the PURITY of his principles. Having negotiated endless business deals myself there is no single greater DEATH WISH to GETTING any DEAL accomplished than one person trying to protect the PURITY of their PRINCIPLES in any negotiation.

Obama's job approval rating reflects his LEADERSHIP FAILURE. They now hover at the LOWS of his presidency. Obama's five years have produced one of the most dysfunctional, partisan PARALYZED periods of American politics in the past century, including our first debt down grade in history. We now head for another one. For a man PURE IN PRINCIPLES NOTHING IS BEYOND harm to protect them. We WITNESS this today. Our Government is now SHUTDOWN. The KING has spoken. Not the president, presidents negotiate, KINGS DICTATE. We witness the inability of a man to negotiate OUT OF IDEOLOGY, in a political system that only moves forward through NEGOTIATION. What ever the problem, it is always caused by simply not OBEYING THE KING. Well, Americans do not recognize a king, as you may have noticed. Remember, the opposite of negotiating is WAR. REAL WARS with real guns, bombs and killing. We like to settle things in a more civilized manner. Politics settles differences without war. In fact one could say the ONE SKILL any politician REQUIRES above ALL is that of negotiation and compromise. If the TOP political leader in America, the president, the place where the TENURE and PULSE of negotiating BEGINS says "I WILL NO NEGOTIATE". Then the opponent is only left with ONE course of action, WAR. Gosh, do we know how destructive WAR is... look at the harm already. Right now we have WAR declared by the highest office in America, the president of the United States. He declares WAR at every obstacle he faces. He seeks no advice or counsel from some trusted ally on the opposing side as has been the path to progress so often for American presidents for decades.
The day after he was elected in 2012, with FEWER VOTES than he got in 2008, Obama said he recognized his obligation to be president FOR all the people NOT JUST those who voted for him. He talks so eloquently and then blows smoke up our knickers. Obama is not representing the almost 50 percent of Americans who DID NOT vote for him. He represents ONLY the pure ideology of Democratic politics. The American public has opposed Obama care for five years with strong majorities to this very second. Did that make any difference to Obama. He decided we needed Obamacare, then shoved it down our throats over scramming protests that still DEEPLY DIVIDE the country and the economy. The harm done to this country by Obama's principles are of NO CONCERN TO HIM. Harm to others is NEVER a concern of ideological despots like him. By the way he says " the current mess is all George Bush's fault". You still buying that one?
Tony Boutin

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Is this really example of what Mohammed wanted Islam to be?

To The Daily Sun,

What's happening in Kenya? The media showed us a major war in a mall in Nairobi, then left us to wonder what it was all about. So I went searching, and found an article from Freedom Outpost.com with more details about the happenings there. But now, suddenly, we are hearing again about Al Shabab.
We were originally told that 10 or 20 jihadists rampaged a mall in Nairobi, and after several days were defeated. The real story is that they didn't just shoot people. They kept hostages (non-Muslims) and tortured them, removing fingers, eyes and other parts, and stabbing and hanging them. Some graphic pictures are on the website. Up to 69 civilians were killed.
The rescue operation began at 6 a.m. on Monday when Kenyan troops and helicopters surrounded the building, but their efforts were hampered by an Al Shabab sniper who managed to pin them back for nearly 24 hours. Tear gas was used to try to flush him out, and another terrorist reportedly blew himself up. It is believed the resulting fire may have killed dozens of shoppers in a supermarket. The mall was retaken when soldiers attacked the terror group on the roof of the mall.
The first pictures taken inside of the site show a gaping hole in the mall's roof after three stories collapsed when Kenyan soldiers fired rocket-propelled grenades inside the complex, knocking out a support column.
To read more go to http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/09/jihad-in-kenya-soldiers-reveal-eyes-gouged-bodies-hanging-hooks-fingers-removed-pliers/#ixzz2gTNYBrSG or contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
This massacre was all done in the name of Allah. Is this really what Mohammed wanted Islam to be? Where are all the peace-loving Muslims? Why is the media so quiet about what really happened there? Why would peace-loving people massacre innocent civilians? Will we get any answers from the leaders that were captured in Somalia? The world needs our prayers.

Peggy Graham

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Franklin voters sent strong message but we must stay vigilante

To The Daily Sun,

Elections are over. Disappointing results. The voters of Franklin sent a strong message, but those who won are too darn pompous to get it! The mayoral race was won by incumbent Ken Marrifield — a mere 50 vote advantage. That number would not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Glenn Morrill campaigned against him for less than a week.

The school board three year term should have been won by Gwen Hall. The 38 votes for the school board, two year term, were obviously intended for her. Even so she lost the three year seat by only 11 votes.

We move on. Those of you who cared enough to write in the "write-ins" — we need to stay vigilante! Remember, those elected should not be working for you and what is best for all the citizens of Franklin and not a token few.

Sue Kidder


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