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Obama is hyper-focues on smaller government? Hahahaha

To The Daily Sun,

Bernadette Loesch asserts that President Obama has succeeded in achieving all the goals aspired to by the Tea Party in her reply to Steve Earle. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Right on Bernadette. Our president, imbued with Marxist ideals, lover of gargantuan government, detester of the Constitution's "limiting powers" is in no way a socialist, you would have us believe. No indeed, as you assure us, he is hyper focused on a smaller government, fiscal responsibility, honest and transparent rule and letting the free market blossom once again. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

One can only hope that you were boasting with a twinkle in your eye and with tongue firmly planted in your cheek. If not, progressive, paradoxical delusion syndrome can be cured with time spent in the psychiatrists' comfy seat. Or perhaps you have spent too much time in the summer heat. Global warming and loony liberal thoughts a forming. A combination that truly can't be beat.

Bernadette, you've offered me a comic reprieve from the summer doldrums. With any luck, the good feeling will carry me straight through to the autumnal equinox. Jousting with modern day liberals is just so much fun. Seriocomic retorts from the Obama faithful is just so darn neat.

Russ Wiles

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It's not our job to punish Syria for using chemical weapons

To the editor,
By the time this is published, the United States may have taken military action against the Assad regime in Syria. After one hundred thousand people have been killed there in the last two years via conventional munitions, the West has suddenly deemed the use of Sarin gas a casus beli for air strikes against the Syrian government. Really?
Assad has shown himself to be a ruthless dictator and oppressor of his people, of that we can be certain. He may have ordered that his military use nerve gas against rebel forces, the evidence is unclear.
Let's assume that he did issue such an order. Before we fire a shot some questions need to be answered. First, we need to know why the use of American military assets against Syria is in the strategic interest of the United States. Syria has done nothing to our country. It is not a threat to the United States, nor has it threatened us prior to our threat against it. I can see no strategic reason for our initiation of bombing.
Additionally, when nation-states use military force against other nations there should be an achievable outcome in mind before hostilities are commenced. There has been no achievable goal articulated by the Obama administration for bombing the Syrian regime. If we think that a limited campaign will deter Assad we are likely to discover military force simply makes him more determined. It also gives his allies new reasons to target us and our allies. That is not an outcome we need to risk, especially when there is no nationalistic reason for acting.
Secretary of State Kerry seemed to imply in a statement issued on August 26th that we had a moral obligation to act because weapons of mass destruction may have been used by Assad. Senator McCain has echoed Kerry. Malarkey! It is not our job to punish Syria for using chemical weapons on its people. The world is filled with nasty actors who commit unspeakable crimes against their citizens. Mao killed millions of his people in China during the 1950's and 60's and Pol Pot did likewise in Cambodia in the 1970's. We didn't go on a moral crusade when those genocides took place. There is no reason to do so now.
U.S. presidents have lately been guilty of misusing our military in adventures overseas. Our forces were badly mismanaged in Vietnam and our nation building campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan have proven disastrous at great cost. Our military needs to be used more traditionally for defending our sovereignty, our citizenry, and our national interests when they are threatened. If an enemy wishes to make war on us we need to be fully capable of a lethal response.
The situation in Syria doesn't affect our sovereignty, citizens, or our national interests. We need to stand down and let the Syrian civil war play out without our intervention. As odious and evil as Assad is, it's none of our business.

Charlie Gallagher

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Paul Simard (8-29)

To The Daily Sun,

I checked the Bristol Energy Committee meeting minutes on the town website; there has only been one official meeting this year. The minutes indicate that the committee, without a vote, will be seeking a grant to study a large scale solar installation in Bristol.

Is this a project that the town as a public entity is pursuing? Or are we obtaining funds to benefit a private concern? Will this study be made available to said private concern? It seems odd to me that the Town of Bristol should be seeking public funding for a private business without the knowledge or consent of the Selectboard, or a vote of the taxpayers. If a private concern wants to build a large scale solar power plant on town property the taxpayers of that community should be consulted.
I would think that the best interest of the town would be served if a private company funded their own project and leased the property from the town with a bond in place to insure reclamation of the land at the end of the project.

Paul Simard

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Vote is a vote, through & through, location within state doesn't matter

To The Daily Sun,

This is a reply to Dale Channing Eddy's letter in the August 6 edition of The Daily Sun:

Mr. Eddy, your talk to Democrats allowing ineligible voters to vote, rigging ballot boxes, and allowing the deceased to cast a vote is quite ridiculous. Rather than berating Mr. Hoyt for not producing any proof, maybe you could provide the readers with something substantial to back up your claims.

I am also bemused that your are pinning voter suppression/unfairness on the Democrats only. You couldn't possibly believe that only the Democrats have dirty laundry. Both sides throughout the past, during the present, and indubitably in the future, have and will take part in underhand tactics.

In reality, you and I really have no idea of the specificity of each transgression, or rather alleged transgression. We may never know. The only people that do are the accuser and the accused.

Furthermore, I expect that Mr. Hoyt is talking abut the bill that Republican Bill Cook introduced that would raise taxes on families that have students, typically in college, register to vote in the town they are living in, for college, rather than their home town. These are the students that are more inclined to vote Democrat.

I also expect Mr. Hoyt is talking about the Republicans plan to eliminate half of the forms of an ID that the person can show to cast their vote. This means a student must register in the town they currently live in, raising a tax on their family. You should be ashamed to talk about unfairness when Republicans in North Carolina are effectively make it tougher for people to vote them out of office.

What difference does location make? A vote is a vote, through and through. The location, within the state, is irrelevant.

Lastly, I wonder how on earth you could blame the Obama Administration for failing to get the economy moving again. America was thrown into an economic hole. What some people fail to realize is that the economy is not a machine that can be fixed by replacing it with new parts or oiling old ones. It is a complete and alive system that reacts to everything we do. Thus, it cannot be simply fixed.

Kaelen Caggiula

New Hampton




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What you say you want is exactly what Pres. Obama has accomplished

To The Daily Sun,

Dear Mr. Earle:

From your latest letter to the editor: 'The Tea Party wants our federal government to reduce the national debt, follow constitutional law, live within our means, lower taxes, reduce excessive federal regulations, stop waist and corruption and have an open, honest government".

You have saved me so much time in trying to write some of the many examples of what has been accomplished by Pres. Obama since he has been in office. You have brought to light some of the best, remarkable and outstanding milestones of the president's tenure in office.. Thank you so very much.

Bernadette Loesch


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