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Mr. Trump thumps the Bible but I suspect he never opens it

To The Daily Sun,

I am amazed to watch Trump attract the Republican voters. He is the least charitable billionaire in the country.

From 1990 though 2007 he donated a total $3.7 million to his own foundation. While he brags of all the money he has, and all that he owns, he never brags about how charitable he is. There are no hospitals, schools, shelters or initiatives around the world named after him as are skyscrapers all over the country. He describes himself as an "ardent philanthropist..." but never has mentioned where he gives any of his billions.

It seems to me that aside from his many other unattractive attributes, this lack of compassion would make him a terrible president. What would he advocate be done to help the poor and uneducated of our country rise up the economic ladder? I doubt very much would be done on his watch. I don't think he knows anything about the poor.

Despite all the criticism of the Clinton Foundation, they have given and raised millions from their billionaire friends for charitable initiatives around the world. Hillary herself started To Small to Fail, an effort to get support for very early education. Hillary knows how to get things done, and knows what can be accomplished in the cesspool of Washington. This in contrast to Trump who says "I will just do it". With his billions in the private enterprise world he can make anything he wants to happen. This is not the way it works in government.

Going along with this is his lack of serious involvement with any church. He mentioned going on Easter. He thumps the Bible, but I suspect he never opens it.

Examine the real world of Trump behind the "I can fix anything" loudmouth".

Kent Warner

Center Harbor

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I want my voice heard again; I'm supporting Larry Lessig

To The Daily Sun,

I watched the Democratic debate, and as one topic after another came up I watched as each candidate promised the moon — making college affordable, prison sentence reform, fighting Wall Street, climate change, gun violence, VA reform. Heck, even marijuana legalization was discussed.

One by one as the topics were debated I realized they all have one thing in common: special interests are in the pockets of those in Congress who vote to reform these issues.

Education lobbies and unions forced Common Core to make big bucks. Private prisons make money on prisoner head counts. Wall Street is the largest funder of congressional campaigns. The energy industry stifles climate change legislation at every turn. The NRA has a stranglehold on the GOP. The health care industry is actively attacking the VA so they can seize their funding and profit off of our veterans.

Even marijuana legislation is fought against by Big Pharma, cutting into the profits of depression and anxiety medications.

Every major domestic policy issue in this country comes back to money. Money in your favorite politician's pocket influencing how they vote, so they can get more.

Money is flooding this campaign. The more money that is spent, the smaller of a voice we have, and the smaller of a chance that anything is going to be done about it.

There is only one candidate who is fighting this system. He wasn't at the debate because the DNC blocked him from participating. His voice wasn't heard, either.

Larry Lessig is fighting Washington to pass one bill that will reform elections in this country, make voting accessible to everyone who is eligible, and restore citizen equality. He believes so strongly about this message that he will pass this law first, because until this corruption has been fixed, nothing can ever get done.

Do we want eight more years of a lame duck president because a corrupt Congress responds only to those who fund their campaigns, or do we want a president that will pave the way for a future where Congress listens to the people.

I want my voice heard again. I'm supporting Larry Lessig for president.

Brian Shields

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