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Left thinks large populaton centers should dictate our direction

To The Daily Sun,

The Left still doesn't get it. Ninty-five percent of the news media supported and worked on behalf of Hillary. They put Trump down at every turn, including selectively editing his statements and those of his supporters to make him look bad. Most of the top politicians from both parties chimed in and said Trump was unfit to be president. The DNC hired thugs to disrupt Trump rallies. Most of the Hollywood elite said they would move out of the country if Trump got elected. Late night talk show hosts made fun of him in a negative way. Saturday Night Live mocked him. With all this against him, Trump still gets elected by millions of deplorable people.

Now the Democrats and liberals and are trying to take the election away from him by circulating a petition to get the Electoral College to vote for Hillary. After over 200 years of giving states a fair stake in the presidential election, the Left now thinks that large population centers should dictate the outcome of an election and not the states. So if we have millions of illegal immigrants concentrated in California, New York and a few other states, they should control the election outcome. What if in their attempt to influence the electoral college, that some electors who are pledged to Clinton, vote for Trump? I'm guessing the Left would jump up and down and cry "no fair"!

Dennis Robitaille

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Dick Devens (11-28) 301 ELECTORAL COLLEGE

To The Daily Sun,

According to http://americanhistory.about.com/od/uspresidents/f/pres_unpopular.htm, four presidents took office without winning the popular vote. In other words, they did not receive a plurality in terms of the popular vote. They were elected, instead, by the Electoral College or in the case of John Quincy Adams by the House of Representatives after a tie in the electoral votes. They were:

— John Quincy Adams who lost by 44,804 votes to Andrew Jackson in 1824.
— Rutherford B. Hayes who lost by 264,292 votes to Samuel J. Tilden in 1876.
— Benjamin Harrison who lost by 95,713 votes to Grover Cleveland in 1888.
— George W. Bush who lost by 543,816 votes to Al Gore in the 2000 election.
Donald J. Trump was losing by 1,223,095 to Hillary Clinton several days ago, but now he trails by more than that.
In the November21 issue of the Union Leader, David Harsanyi argued that the Electoral College vote is more valid than the popular vote. "There are tons of conservatives in blue states, for instance, who do not vote because they understand that the majority around them have a different political outlook", he wrote.
There are also many liberals in red states who stay home because they know that their votes won't count.
Only a little more than half of eligible voters voted in this election.
All votes would count if the popular vote determined who won.
The Electoral College was written into the Constitution by our Founding Fathers in the days before women were allowed into politics, so that won't change. But apparently some states are trying to allocate their electoral votes in proportion to the popular vote in each state, and this might make things fairer.
I don't like the likelihood that Trump will become our president in 2017 any more than I liked it when George W. Bush became our president in 2001.

Dick Devens


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