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I urge Commissioner Burchell to stay at table & represent me

To The Daily Sun,

Last November conservative and Tea Party voters went to the polls with the objective of tossing out the Democrats who believed in Obama's agenda.

It seems that Republicans cannot stand victory. John Boehner begins by alienating Congress members whom I agree with. And it did not take long for the Speaker of the House to bow down to Obama. Harry Reid still thinks he is Majority Leader of the Senate, even though he is not. Since McConnell does not like confrontation, he is allowing Reid and Obama to set the agenda. Obama is angry at Netanyahu for reminding us of what a real leader does. And I snicker at the thought of B. Hussein being put in his place.

There is another opportunity for something good for the residents of Belknap County. The voters said they wanted a County Commission that would protect us from a new county jail addition, members who would listen to the public, and be transparent (not BHO's idea of transparency). I did do what I could to help candidates (Dick) Burchell and (Dave) DeVoy win, and the appointment of Hunter was a good move.

Now for some reason, my hope was that the three commissioners would be the answer, they are giving the detractors an opening to attack their every decision.

Commissioner Burchell, as a supporter, I ask you to remain at the table, not as the chairman, but as the man who wanted to represent me.

Niel Young


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Time for Gilmanton to end this failed SB-2 experiment

To The Daily Sun,

I have found that most people I speak with feel that, for a variety of reasons, our elected representatives don't fully reflect our beliefs and desires, and that we are limited in our responses to that problem. We can complain to the representative, and we can vote for their opponent. Neither path gives us as much say as if we were that representative ourselves. The one and only place where we had that power was at Town Meeting. We are the representatives of our town government by virtue of citizenship alone — no fund-raising or unseemly compromises needed for the position.

Once a year for five hours we came together and set the future course for our town. SB-2 took that right away from us along with the social bonds of community governing. Like it or not, politics runs everything and being a spectator gets you nothing. Please vote for Article 2 which will return us to our roots in participatory democracy and end the failed SB-2 experiment.

Lew Henry

Gilmanton Iron Works

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