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Jerry stood up for what he believed in & now he is in jail

To The Daily Sun,

Bob Meade's column on March 22 was quite important to us as citizens. It clearly demonstrated how the federal government as overreached its authority. I know it is passé these days to quote the Constitution because to do that you are implying it is a document we should listen to.

For instance it says in Section 8 that Congress has the authority "...over such district (not exceeding ten miles square) " and to " exercise like authority over all places purchased by the consent of the legislature of the state in which the same shall be, for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dock-yards, and other needful buildings;.." How you can equate this to the 85 percent of the land owned in Nevada, 70 percent of Alaska, and 57 percent of Utah. Forget the parks and other areas. This was done as an inducement for statehood, but was never envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

This is the dilemma the ranchers on this land have faced and the dilemma Jerry Delemus found himself in 2014. Alongside the Bundys, they stood against the federal government. A government that took his cattle, killed his bulls, and separated nursing calves from their mothers. A BLM doing the bidding of Harry Reid to feather his family's nest. Jerry stood with them to provide security for the Bundys from BLM snipers and in the end, backing the BLM down ... at least until recently.

Late last year, Jerry went to Oregon to try to negotiate a peace in the stand off with BLM. He notified the local FBI and attempted to negotiate a settlement, but the FBI wanted nothing to do with it. Sometime after he came home, the FBI killed LaVoy Finicum under questionable circumstances. I believe the Justice Department, at the direction of the White House, then ordered a crackdown and arrest of 77 patriots associated to the Bundy standoff. I believe they were going to let the Bundy ranch confrontation of 2014 go and hope they could force the Bundys off their land other ways, but their killing in Oregon were likely to cause armed confrontation so they attempted to stop it by locking up the leaders.

My wife and I have known Jerry for a number of years. He is a Marine and a deeply religious man. He stood up for what he believed and now is in jail. Our federal government is fearful of men like Jerry. They should be fearful of people like you and me. We must do our part. Jerry is the sole provider for his wife, Sue, and her mother. If you want to donate to his defense go to But the most important thing you can do is pray for Jerry.

Dave Testerman

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I know the importance of this library to the majority of our town

To The Daily Sun,

What breaks my heart concerning the Gilmanton Year-Round Library isn't the potential of living in a community that doesn't boast one; there wasn't one when I got here. But having experienced the benefits of having one, and witnessing the opportunities it has provided to many, it would be devastating to lose.

Growing up in a city, I fell in love with Gilmanton's community. Walking around town, not one person or passing car fails to offer a smile and a greeting. No matter if you reside in the Iron Works or the Corners, if you live in town you are a neighbor and friend. The generosity of our business owners, church community, and residents, blows my mind every day.

Which is why, knowing the importance of the library to a majority of our community, I can't fathom the unwillingness of those who don't use it themselves to pitch in for the betterment of the whole. That's just not the Gilmanton I know.

The passion emanating from this community in support of the GYRL is contagious. For those who didn't see its importance to this town before the vote, but are witness to how the adversity has brought us together rather than apart, will remember why living in this town is so wonderful. The library brings us all together. You're invited, too.

Elizabeth Major
Gilamanton Iron Works

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