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The goal is to make a list of Laconia's concerns & problems

To The Daily Sun,

The first brainstorming session is now over. Let me remind you what and why we are conducting this research in Laconia. Our goal is to make a list of all the problems and concerns we can think of in the City of Laconia. If I win the seat for state representative in Laconia I can take this information to Concord. I will then be in a better position to monitor the activities of the House to help the citizens of Laconia. I will also be able to submit bills to help solve some of our problems and find others to team up with to help. Of course, I would work closely with the House Democratic leadership and other reps in Laconia to be more effective.

The next meeting will be held Wednesday Oct. 12, at 7 p.m. Those who missed the first meeting should come to the repeat session. In the meantime I will be meeting one on one and small groups to gather more information. I will be asking for all of Laconia's help in the next letter to the editor.

Tom Dawson

Candidate for State Representative

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Please write a letter to the editor about your use of the library

To The Daily Sun,

The Library Trustees have been working since 2009 to provide the best possible library for Meredith and to serve the needs of the town's residents, visitors, and Inter-Lakes School District.

When the current building housing the library was opened to the residents in 1901, more than a century ago, libraries were used by men, women kept home and hearth and read "dime" novels, children were seen and not heard, and anyone with a disability, be it mental and/or physical, was locked away and kept from the public eye.

The purpose of this letter is to ask Meredith Public Library patrons who are interested in maintaining a library that meets today's needs and interests to write the editor telling your story and how you use of the library. I personally believe there are many people in town who would be interested in knowing what you think.

How do you use the library? Books, DVDs, audio, children's programs, special events, help with technology support, assistance with on-line employment applications, how to use a specific computer/ phone/ iPad? We also provide community and outreach programs to residents and schools. Are you a patron through one of these programs?

That said, there is so much more we could do with more space and same staff in a modern facility whose design fits in the community and saves on maintenance and operating costs.

Did you know.....you can write a letter to the editor online? Simply go to your favorite newspaper, find the letters to the editor, and start typing! Need help with this? There is a staff member at the library who can help you!

Ann Butler, Vice Chair

Meredith Public Library Trustee

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