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China is a 'junkyard dog' protecting its own territory & interests

To The Daily Sun,

A popular story circulates: USA is like Elvis: Once young, bright, handsome, rebellious, now in its Vegas' years. The bloat, the excesses, and the demise ...

Meanwhile, what is happening in China, and China's interaction with the world, is the most dynamic force in the global community.

Facts: USA functionally, financially, is broke. If the average American family conducted its financial affairs and far-flung money spending on foreign adventures, etc. the family credit score would not allow the family credit to buy gasoline. Yet the USA irresponsible spending spree continues, the lawfully mandated federal "debt ceiling" simply is raised each year, because the political establishment has no other option if government business is to continue "as usual" — and to whom are we ever-more indebted for our profligate excess? Mainly, China.

Simply put, China has USA over a barrel due to our nation's addiction to profligate consumption.

In this abundant, resource-rich, blessed county, can we not live within our plentiful means? Seems we terminally are attached to policies of excess and foreign wars. USA could learn much from Chinese economic and foreign policies. Once, USA was a systemically strong nation, and China was weak and vulnerable. Today, the reverse path is on the horizon.

Make no mistake, few average Americans would choose to live in conditions of modern China. For many Chinese, their quality of life, as we Americans understand it, is very poor. Even the newly affluent urban Chinese live in political and environmental conditions which many of us would consider appalling.

Yet Chinese global foreign policy, and economic strategies, roundly are considered to be stunning stories of success.

A Primer: The People's Republic of China is in debt financially to no one — it is a lender, not a debtor, nation — and is dependent upon no nation for its political, strategic, or military security. China's foreign policies are informed and driven by the simple concept: China first.

While USA is invested in highfalutin', costly and often disastrous geopolitical games and military incursions, China simply, quietly, invests in worldwide, peaceful economic trade-for-aid relations with underdeveloped countries. Visit small Latin American and African nations: Who do they love? China, not USA.

Invite China to join a military coalition to invade Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, etc. etc.? China: "No thank you." Waste of time to even send the invitation.

Yet China, quite by itself, is developing sophisticated economic policies, military technology and power which simply says to the world: Do not mess with us.

No nation can afford to mess with China. USA, of all nations, now is beholden and tied to China, even to USA worrying about Chinese domestic economics.

China is a "junkyard dog", protecting its own territory and interests, with no appetite for global dominance, or policing the world.

USA would greatly benefit by learning from China. USA, too, should become a junkyard dog, protecting our borders and our vital interests, and observing the warnings, from U.S. presidents ranging from Washington to Eisenhower, to avoid foreign entanglements and foreign wars.

If this late-state Elvis nation cannot conquer its own addictions, to where and to what fate shall we finally arrive?

"Siddhartha": Think well on these things.

Michael Harris


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How could anyone conclude the tapes don't demonstrate wrongdoing?

To The Daily Sun,

I just read a letter by Nick Vazzana from Sandwich, titled, "Defunding Planned Parenthood is a attack on women's right to choose".
I know abortion is the law of the land, but when it went into effect there was nothing in the law about the taxpayer paying for this right.

Mr. Vazzana cites the hidden camera equipment, anti-abortion activist have surreptitious recorded hours of videotape with with physicians
and Planned Parenthood. Mr. Vazzana is ether stupid or is out-and-out lying if he believes the tape does not demonstrate any wrongdoing.

Anybody who has seen the tape shows without a doubt that legs and arms were available to be donated for fetal tissue research. If you believe that just because the hospital cannot profit from the donation, that the majority of our citizens accept this, you're nuts.

All you Planning Parenthood activists are claiming that if Planned Parenthood is approved, Congress will shut the government down. I would love to see the poll that 65 percent of the people of New Hampshire say the federal government should continue to fund Planned Parenthood.

Unlike you, the Executive Council saw the video was real and New Hampshire should stop funding Planned Parenthood, while the investigating how far-reaching this problem goes. I want to thank them.

If some of the women get pregnant time after time and have a abortion that's fine, but the taxpayer should not have to be burdened to pay for it.

Maybe the taxpayers could pay for men to be fixed, as they do with dogs and cats?

L. Michael Hatch


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