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January 2014 was 1.7 degrees warmer than 20th Century average

To The Daily Sun,

"Despite the snow and cold in much of the eastern and southern U.S., January 2014 was 1.17 degrees warmer than the 20th-Century average for the planet as a whole. In fact, it was the fourth warmest January on record, dating back to 1880. NationalJournal.com"
— The Week magazine, March 7, 2014, page 16

The same issue had a dissenting opinion by two scientists. I wonder if they read the little snippet above. Can we afford to hope that global warming is a myth?

Dick Devens
Center Sandwich

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Community Rights ordinances adopted in Alexandria, Danbury & Hebron

To The Daily Sun,

Three Newfound area towns took up the issue of Community Rights on Tuesday, March 11. Alexandria, Danbury, and Hebron considered warrant articles to expand our rights to local democracy and sustainability.

We join an increasing number of New Hampshire communities that are coming together to secure our rights to make the critical decisions about our own futures.

In Alexandria, Danbury and Hebron, our communities are threatened with industrial wind turbines. On March 11, residents in all three towns adopted Community Bills of Rights Ordinances asserting our rights to local self-governance and banning unsustainable energy projects. The ordinances were voted in by 320 to 119 in Alexandria, in Danbury 264 to 124 and in Hebron, the vote was 88 to 17.

Following the vote in Alexandria, Tom Larson stated, "I know I am proud to be a resident in a town with this much backbone." Another resident, Jim Hoyt stated, "With our small town being threatened by foreign companies who want to destroy our land, environment and way of life, the residents of Alexandria have pulled together and showed by this vote that we are willing to take a stand to protect and enforce our rights. I am proud to be a part of this community."

We have witnessed the devastation from turbines in the nearby town of Groton. When we learned of the turbines coming to our communities, we contacted the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) for assistance. The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund is a public interest law firm assisting communities across the country in grassroots organizing to assert community rights to democratic local self-governance, to recognize the rights of nature, and to create sustainable communities through local law-making.

CELDF has assisted more than 150 communities in drafting laws that protect them from harmful corporate activities such as shale gas drilling and "fracking", factory farming, and corporate water withdrawals, and eliminate corporate "rights" at the municipal level when they violate community rights to clean air and water, local self-governance, and the rights of nature.

Michelle Sanborn

CARE Group


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Cable TV franchise contracts don't address rates or line-ups

To The Daily Sun,

This is in response to Scott Kipriotis's March 13 letter to the Sun:

I must address a misconception you have about cable TV franchises and the contracts that govern them. A franchise contract with a cable TV company does not award them a monopoly for the duration of the contract. Any competitor wishing to enter the market in a town already covered by a cable company can do so. That has been the case since the Communications Act of 1996 was passed by Congress.

Franchise contracts do not address cable rates or channel line-ups, nor should they, as these are more often than not covered under contracts with the content providers or under federal law. It is the contracts between the cable companies and the content providers (A&E, Discovery, Golf Channel, History, etc.) that determines both the price per subscriber, the location of the various channels within various programming tiers, and so-called niche channels. (Niche channels that are funded by cable subscribers even if no one watches them and are usually required to be carried by the content providers as a condition of carrying their prime programming.)

On another topic you mention, the looming merger of Comcast and Time-Warner, I must agree wholeheartedly. Creating "super providers" will work against consumers in the long run as it diminishes competition and that's always bad for the consumer.

In regards to MetroCast leasing lines from Comcast, I don't know if your prediction that Comcast will boost the costs of leasing those lines will come to be. There are more than a few companies out there leasing dark fiber (what I believe MetroCast is leasing from Comcast). So. if Comcast decides to boost their rates there's nothing stopping MetroCast from going elsewhere, or if it comes to that, building their own lines.

As to your experience with MetroCast's failure to address the problem with your e-mail account, I can suggest that you file a complaint with MetroCast and forward a copy of the complaint to the Laconia City Manager's office. After all, the city of Laconia won't automatically know about problems with MetroCast unless you tell them. Believe it or not, the various towns and cities want to know about complaints against the cable companies serving their municipalities. It gives them ammunition during contract negotiations and helps to ensure the cable company is living up to the terms of the franchise contract. (A caveat: most franchise agreements deal only with the video portion of a cable company's service. Since Internet service isn't regulated like that of video or phone service, there is little in most franchise contracts that covers it other than the company will provide it.)

Dale Channing Eddy


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What are Pres. Obama’s three favorite words? ‘It’s Bush’s fault.’

To The Daily Sun,

From the noise, I can tell Obama has been inspiring his favorite "squeak toy," Bernadette Loesch. Scarier still, Bernadette's source of facts now seem to come from "Veverkaville." There is no one with an IQ above one who buys for a second that Barack Obama has turned this country around economically or socially. In fact, Obama has only heightened social tensions and unrest with his never-ending divisiveness. The magnificence of Obama's great intelligence can be summarized in three words, "It's Bush's fault."

People reading this know damn well, that take is dead accurate. NBC news and the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday Obama now has the lowest job approval rating of his presidency at 41 percent. But he still has Bernadette.

Come on Bernadette, let's debate on behalf of the nation what Obama has done for this country over five long years. I say, you haven't got the courage. There is nothing I enjoy anymore than keeping the total failure of Barack Obama's presidency fresh in the minds of the readers of The Daily Sun.

Maybe you want to debate the disaster of the Obama care roll-out appearing as if baboons were running the show. Maybe you want to debate the monster deductibles that are killing middle-class families. Maybe you want to debate why the young are not signing up? When asked why, the majority say the ACA is too expensive, even with subsidies. Saying something is "affordable" does not make it so. That's pure donkey, squeak toy BS.

Maybe you want to talk about the millions of people that had their policies canceled or lost their doctors or their hospital. Maybe you want to take about why Obama keeps changing the ACA rules every time the polls show it is killing the prospects for Democrats running in November. (Of course unilaterally, without congressional approval). Maybe you want to talk about why the insurance policies Obama said were total garbage three months ago are now going to be sold for another three years. Maybe you want to debate why Obama has essentially eliminated the individual mandate removing what is the heart of Obamacare. Maybe you want to debate why Obama has indemnified all the big insurance companies from $1 of losses. That is total, big business/big government copulating corruption.

Maybe be you can explain the "poop" to us on that? Maybe you want to debate why for five years the vast majority of Americans to this very day, still oppose Obamacare. It must be a Bush-Boutin conspiracy. Is that your logic?

Maybe you want to debate why Democrats lost the big special election yesterday in Florida for an open congressional seat. Democrats outspent Republicans. They still lost. The Florida election has been billed for months as the one eye into the November election because all the hot-button issues that divide the parties were screamed in the race. The Republican blasted the insanity and disaster of Obamacare, while the Democrat hugged it and Obama as hard as she could. Democrats found out millions of people in Florida hate Obamacare. They already see it as the complete, destructive basket case of incompetence it is.

Maybe you want to talk about the snail-pace Obama economy that two out of three people say still feels like we are in recession. Maybe you can shed light on the slowest recovery in 75 years. Maybe you want to debate why two out of three people think the country is going in the wrong direction after five years of Obama. Maybe you know why Obama has produced the largest debt in history tied to the longest welfare lines in history.

Maybe you know why the smallest percentage of the working population is working in more than 30 years. We have a lower unemployment number because millions have stopped looking for work. It's not that they found jobs. In fact the long-term unemployed have become a chronic problem during Obama's presidency. Let me see, who can I blame for that?

Tony Boutin


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Conservative policies create jobs, allowing a pursuit of dreams

To The Daily Sun,

Conservatives want the very best for everyone. We want people to be free, happy, healthy, independent, safe, financially secure, and to feel they are leading lives of accomplishment by providing for their families and contributing to others. These blessings are enabled and fostered by conservative policies.

Everyone applauds Bono's humanitarian efforts in Africa. Bono realized that only capitalism can end poverty. "Aid is just a stop-gap, commerce (and) entrepreneurial capitalism take more people out of poverty than aid." This is true everywhere.

Conservative policies encourage investment, commerce, and a growing economy because they create jobs allowing people to escape poverty and pursue their dreams.

Conservative policies are best for children. Delaying parenthood until after marriage, education, and employment provides the best opportunity for nurturing children, financial security, and happiness.

Conservatives promote school choice. The purpose of education funding is to educate children, not to support school systems.

Conservatives promote adherence to the Constitution because each American deserves equal treatment by government and the freedom to pursue his or her happiness (unless they hurt others) including to fail, to try again, to spend their time and money as they wish, to speak freely, etc.

Conservatives want to help the truly needy. But, for many able-bodied people, welfare is not a safety net but a hammock that is difficult to get out of, locking people in welfare and stealing their future successes. "Welfare lock" produces votes for "generous" politicians who fake compassion while pursuing their political goals rather than the policies that truly help people, i.e., jobs.

Decades of lies about conservatives have enabled progressive political victories that have been disastrous for our country and the American people. Progressive policies stifle job creation, stealing opportunities for job seekers.

Progressive spending policies (i.e., spending to buy votes, reward supporters, and obtain personal benefits) have created most of our nation's $17 trillion debt and promised $100 trillion of unfunded pension and other benefits. These debts will be paid by our children, grandchildren, and future generations who are being treated as economic slaves to benefit today's politicians.

Don Ewing


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