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Let's spend time to explore what's best for Briarcrest tenants

To The Daily Sun,

I have just completed 19 years as a tenant at Briarcrest and feel the need to join the fray. After learning about the owner's retirement and plans to sell I felt that everyone deserves time to really enjoy life. Change is usually difficult for all involved. Some can find it an adventure, others too scary to contemplate.

The sale to an Orlando firm saddened me and then the Hometown America firm out of Chicago was even more frightening, with the vastness of their holdings and once the Internet was consulted, most especially Hometown America.com/complaints. It also appeared that they did not have any mobile home park rent less than $500 per month.

I was relieved that we had an alternative and that the State of New Hampshire had an organization that would help us acquire the park. My belief is that organizations governed by people living in close proximity to the area and owners with a vested interest would care more about our well being than anyone else could. If anyone in the park had a problem, large or small, our neighbors would be our first to help. We have many single tenants, some elderly, with a fixed income that find rising costs in every area of life reaching a point that they can no longer keep up. The burdens continue to grow unabated. The caliber of the tenants in Briarcrest is such that it is hard to envision our park in deep decline as some have suggested.

To have the ownership and the governing body in charge made up of intelligent caring individuals working hard for themselves as well as the other tenants at Briarcrest as well as the fact that the monies generated by the park will stay in our park, our city, our county, our state makes a lot of sense to me. Our governing bodies will benefit as well as our schools, city government, stores, businesses, professionals and the environment. Within a few years the monthly rents will level and possibly stay the same for a while. This you will never see with outside ownership. Their only concern is profits.

The owner's organization has been busy gathering information for all the services now provided, estimates have been provided and bids have been received. These officers are doing all this work free of charge on their own time because they are concerned for all of us. We should all be willing to spend a small amount of time to ascertain what is best for all the tenants of Briarcrest. With this much of our lives at stake, a second opinion needs to be researched. An informational meeting is scheduled outlining the many benefits of tenant ownership of the Park and financial viability. We can all respectfully agree or disagree, having the facts should help the process.

Barbara Patterson


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Incomparable Johnna Davis saying goodbye to Pizza Hut after 32 years

To The Daily Sun,
As of Friday, Johnna Davis is moving on from Pizza Hut with her life with her great smile, laugh and great hard-working but fun personalty. Nearly everyone over the last few decades has gone to Pizza Hut for lunch and has been met with a cheery greeting and great service by this young lady — who did everything with a great work ethic that she handed down to her daughters and shared with her fellow co-workers. Please do not tell her that I have told you but she has been at Pizza Hut for 32 years wow.

So please everyone who has enjoyed her company and service over the last 32 years, go in and let her know that you will miss her as much as I will. Friday will be her last day as she heads out for her next working adventure. She is a great person. I know she will enjoy this time with her family, friends and her drums. LOL and keep drumming, Mrs. Johnna Davis.
Richard Savary

Laconia Pizza Hut

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There are 3 federal statutues which prohibit nationalized curriculum

To The Daily Sun,

Common Core is a national school standard curriculum backed by Microsoft's Bill Gates and other progressive educational groups. While Common Core pretends to put children's learning first, it is really an attempt to nationalize education, placing each child into a GOVERNMENT-backed education system. Everything in Common Core is geared toward building and serving a progressive society and identifying the individual within that society. Common Core is about the "collective" not the "individual". Here are a few reasons to not support Common Core:

1. Assessment drives this program and assessments are all computerized. This EXPENSIVE undertaking will come to our communities via our rising tax bills.

2. While officials will tell you it is a "rigorous" program, many in the teaching field, at all levels, say the Math and English components are significantly lower than today's educational standards. In fact, two members of the original task force who put Common Core into place have since taken to traveling the United States voicing their opposition. They refused to sign off on Common Core specifically because it LOWERED the bar of education of our youth.

3. Informational texts will take overtake literature in the English component — students will be instructed/taught as cogs in a government managed machine. This is not a good thing for developing our children's independent thinking skills. Information texts may teach a "skill" but they do not teach a multidimensional approach of learning.

4. Assessments and teaching will include "data collection" which has some real privacy issues. Collecting personalized information on both behavioral and academic criteria on our children and making that data available to federal, state and outside contractors is a serious breach of expectations of privacy and the law. If anyone tells you this is NOT part of Common Core they are simply not informed — it is indeed a significant part of this progressive movement in education.

5. There are no fewer than three federal statues which prohibit a nationalized curriculum. Our country has a system which prohibits top-down education. We have local school boards who are accountable to the voters. We should allow the school boards' to assist in the process of determining a school's curriculum at the LOCAL LEVEL. This concept is turned upside down with the implementation of Common Core.

I invite you to look at www.truthineducation.com. On this site you will see Stop the Common Core Video Series. Much information is offed at this site. Alton deserves a "hat's off" for standing for LOCAL CONTROL in education. We will work together to bring a higher standard of learning to our students in Alton. TOGETHER — IN ALTON. Not from Washington.

Rep. Jane Cormier
Belknap District 8


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Scare tactics turn people against those needy who get food stamps

To The Daily Sun,
Is there a direct relation between the number of people on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and the high comporate profits a last few years? I say YES because companies are trimming the work force, lowering pay, increasing automation and therefore increasing profits. As more people are working at minimum wages, with little if any benefits, profits have increased. This has been the overall plan to eliminate the middle class and to widen the gap between the haves and have-nots. Scare tactics turn people against those needy who receive foodstamps or any type of welfare or "handout" These people are called lazy layabouts who refuse to work. I don't think so because there are no many jobs to be had. I qualified for the SNAP program and got the card and used it twice. But in my position, I felt I didn't need it so it expired and was thrown away. But some people do need it due to circumstances beyond their control and we do live in a country that used to help those in need, not just think about them. For example our own GOP Senator Kelly Ayotte just posted on Facebook about remembering the MIA's and POWs, etc. But how will she vote on this SNAP program that helps about 20 percent of vets? Will she just remember them or will she try to help those in need too?

A quick comment on Obamacare. Since everyone is so scared of a government-run health care, I'll add my two cents. For the last 2-1/2 years, since my body decided to fall apart, I've been on both Medicare and Medicaid (I'm also over 65) and both are government-run programs and I've had no problems with either one. I say give it a chance to work as you have everything no gain.

Jon Hoyt


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Vast majority to Americans oppose Obamacare, despite the speeches

To The Daily Sun,
Last Friday, two Democrats joined Republicans in the House of Representatives in passing (230 to 189) a Continuing Resolution (CR) that stops this Washington politician caused national disaster created by Obamacare (a/k/a the inappropriately named Affordable Care Act).
Obamacare's passage in 2010 showed how little Washington Democrats care about the American people or about really improving health care for Americans. Obamacare was written in secret and passed by Democrat senators and congressmen who didn't even read the bill! Democrats passed Obamacare without a single Republican vote and against the clear wishes of a vast majority of the American people who still oppose Obamacare despite hundreds of speeches and billions of dollars spent promoting it.
Obamacare has had a disastrous effect on jobs causing reduced incomes or lost jobs for millions of Americans. Important Obamacare promises were broken: health insurance premiums are increasing, people are losing their doctors and insurance coverage, and health related costs are up, not down. Things were far better before Obamacare.
Former Obamacare supporters (businesses, labor unions, government workers including Congress and its staff, etc.,) are now requesting, and President Obama often grants, exemptions from Obamacare. The rest of us are just left to suffer.
Our future with Obamacare promises to be even worse as 150 new government bureaucracies will control (interfere with) everything related to the health care industry. Bureaucrats can even punish doctors and hospitals for providing treatments that Obamcare formulas say are not "cost justified", no matter what the doctor believes is best for the patient.
Obamacare's disastrous impacts (on jobs, on people who lose insurance, on health care quality and availability, and on our nation's growing national debt) make Obamacare not worth the harm it is doing, especially to the 85 percent of Americans who already had health insurance.
The House passed Continuing Resolution (CR) fully funds all government programs except Obamacare. There will only be a government shut-down if the Democrat-controlled Senate or President Obama are willing to shut down the government to try to force Obamacare on the American people against their wishes, and despite all its disastrous effects.
It is time to end this failed experiment in government controlled health care. Tell Senator Ayotte (202-224-3324), Senator Shaheen (202-224-2841), and other senators to pass the Continuing Resolution (CR) which stops Obamacare and funds the rest of the government. Tell President Obama (202-456-1414) to end this failed experiment in government controlled health care.
Don Ewing

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