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Bernie Sanders plays to he human envy crowd like he is Mozart

To The Daily Sun,

A few thoughts on Jim Veverka's letter in support of Bernie Sanders (BS). You know what those letters stand for. We now have BO, who wants BS? One smells, the other stinks.

Who the hell wants a disheveled, grumpy, old, white man as president? Someone who's hair screams for a grease fitting, and a grease job. A man preaching the same tired, failed socialist/liberal rhetoric whose only purpose is to ignite envy fueled with animosity and contempt for others. A message that sends a tidal wave of divisiveness and intolerance across the land. These are all populist policies founded on Ponzi scheme principles.

That is why every major government handout program from Social Security to Medicare to disability all go bankrupt over and over with projected shortfalls that take your breath away — in the trillions as we go forward. Did those Bernie Sanders-looking promises reduce poverty of improve equality? Not one bit. These schemes are all illegal, expect when FDR , BO and BS promise them to you. Such bellicose, hair-flying, finger-pointing envy inciting fantasy rants date back to the 1940s. Just another $20 trillion in debt. Just another few trillion of subsidies here there and everywhere for Tom, Dick, Harry and Mary, never measured for effectiveness and surely never stopped. Just another $20 trillion in higher taxes, paid mostly on the backs of the working middle, it has to be them. That is where the bulk of all taxable income is.

No matter how many times Bernie uses the word "billionaire," there are few of them. Surely, too few to pay for any major policy changes. In addition, they all have a six-pack of overly smart accountants. If that fails, they simply buy tax free municipal bonds. For God's sake, smarten up people. Far better to get the cooperation of the rich, than demonize them, as much as we we might want to.

FDR, BO and BS all say the same thing. They have for the last 70 years. All will be perfect with just a little heavier, more intrusive hand of fiat government in your life. Government can solve every problem you have. The reason you have too little is because someone else has too much. The Constitution does not promise economic equality. It takes an idiot to believe such rubbish. But, I have sadly discovered we have a world full of idiots who believe such contrived BS uttered by politicians running for president. They believe it because it appeals to their human weaknesses — the first and worst being envy.

Bernie Sanders plays to the human envy flaw crowd like he is Mozart with a Stradivarius. Liberal politicians love to incite anger and envy. It is how they get elected, while you get the shaft waiting and waiting and waiting for delivery. Deliverance never comes. It never will come. Did Barack Obama deliver after uttering much of what BS says today? Do we have prosperity, happiness and unity in this country today? Not on your life.

Much of BS's BS is more than revealed in the attempt to provide his so called " Medicare for all" in Vermont. That nutty fantasy was finally put to rest recently when the current Vermont governor finally pulled the plug on the nonsense. He said any attempt to provide single-payer health insurance in Vermont would literally bankrupt the state by driving businesses and population out. The double-digit tax increases required to pay for it would hurt every resident making it impossible for businesses to compete. The same exact problem the Greeks have discovered.

Trying to fund the "fantasy" of "we're all equal, with less" socialism leaves most countries one place: Bankrupt. Give credit to Vermont for grasping reality before it was too late.

Tony Boutin

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You have until Feb. 5 to forward Northern Pass testimony to SEC

To The Daily Sun,

A record crowd showed up at the Site Evaluation Committee hearing in Lincoln Thursday night. As (was apparent from) the rows of people sporting their favorite color (orange), there is great opposition to the proposed project. They rose small orange shovels in hopes that the committee would get the message to bury the project.

We have been telling them for five years to bury it. They have turned a deaf ear to our request time and time again. We thought maybe they are deaf and can only relate to visual stimulation. The new motto: "Can you see us now?" Let's hope they don't have tunnel vision.

If you are opposed to this project as it is proposed please write to the site evaluation committee today. The time is now. Speak up! You have until Feb. 5 to send your testimony to the SEC. Tell them how you feel. We need your help in this fight against the scarring of our beautiful state.

George Wright

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