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1,400 hot meals were paid for with proceeds from HATT auction

To The Daily Sun,
How sweet it was! So many contributed to the success of our First Annual Dessert Auction to benefit Hands Across the Table it was overwhelming! Huge thanks go to our lead sponsor, the Beane Conference Center and contributing sponsors Woodshed Roasting Company and Contigiani's Catering and to Paul "PK" Zyla, auctioneer extraordinaire.

Our thanks go out to the many local bakeries and restaurants that contributed beautiful desserts to help us in providing free hot meals each Tuesday night at the Boys and Girls Club Complex across from Opechee Park: Ooo La La Creative Cakes, Kara's Café and Cakery, Village Bakery, Annie's Café and Catering, Wicked Sweet New England Treats, Penny's Crafts, Heavenly Confections, Fratello's, Hectors, T-Bones, Water Street Café, O Steaks and Seafood and the Huot Tech Culinary Arts Department. Gift certificates from Shaw's, Vista, Hannaford's and the Mill Fudge Factory all resulted in overbids. Many individuals, church groups and non-profits offered up their family favorite recipes while many HATT Board Members and friends of HATT took on the task of providing refreshments, decorating and plating desserts, and assisting our guests with registration and check out.

Most of all, this event was a success due to the wonderful attendance and generous bidders which all told helped us raise $2,971, or in HATT language, over 1,400 hot meals! We are blessed to live in this great community!
Debbie Frawley Drake
HATT Board & Event Chair


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'Ends jusify the means' is path that leads to Hell on Earth

To The Daily Sun,

This is in response to George Maloof's letter in the November 30th Sun:

Mr. Maloof, I had to read your letter regarding Obamacare more than once to determine whether it was meant as sarcasm or if you really believe what you wrote. Going by many of your previous letters I must assume you were serious.

In your contention that "the end justifies the means" you have shown your true colors, meaning that to you anything goes as long as you get what you and the other leftists think we need (or that you want). It doesn't matter if your intent is good as such a path always leads to hell (and I'm not talking about biblical hell, but Hell on Earth). While the context of your letter deals with Obamacare and the lies that were used to justify its passage and implementation, you expanded on it to show that you would have no problem expanding "the end justifies the means" reasoning to cover other actions you and your fellow travelers deem necessary.

For instance, would you use it as an excuse to round up those who oppose your political beliefs and put them into re-education camps in order to push your political agenda? Would you make it a thought crime to question the brilliance of your ideology? Would you be willing to kill millions of your fellow citizens in order to ensure "ideological purity" and to bring about your Progressive Utopia (the aforementioned Hell on Earth)? How far would you take "the end justifies the means", Mr. Maloof? Would you be willing to become the next Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, or Saddam in order to ensure your ideology triumphs? Really, how far would you go?

Your kind of thinking is dangerous, Mr. Maloof, as it shows a willingness to start down that slippery slope to totalitarianism. Either that or you are nothing more than what Lenin once called "a useful idiot".

In addition I must address your twisted view about what happened that evening when George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin had their deadly encounter. First, Zimmerman did not just "gun down" a teenager. He killed someone who was trying their best to kill him, pounding his head against the concrete until he was able to pull his weapon and end the assault. Even the local police knew that to be the case after their investigation, which is why the local prosecutor declined to take the case before a grand jury. It wasn't until the race-baiters and hustlers, including your sainted president, got into the act that a special prosecutor came forth and tried the case... and lost. The evidence bore out Zimmerman's claim of self-defense. While Martin's record was not allowed to be discussed during the criminal trial, all of his dirty laundry would have come out had his family decided to sue Zimmerman in civil court. Poor "innocent Trayvon" would have been shown to be a thief, a drug abuser, and a gangsta wannabe and not the clean-cut kid everyone had been trying to portray.

As I must state yet again for your benefit: You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

Dale Channing Eddy


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Will Sen. Forrester explain these fiscally irresponsible decisions?

To The Daily Sun,

Sen. Jeanie Forrester is the newly-appointed chair of the N.H. Senate Finance Committee, entrusted with leading thoughtful conversations and drafting fiscally responsible legislation in the area of N.H.'s fiscal policy.

But how does that square with some of her recent decisions? Back in June, Sen. Forrester voted against the inclusion of Medicaid expansion in the budget before the legislature. Instead, she endorsed appropriating $200,000 to seat a commission to study the issue to report to the Legislature in the fall. That expenditure is after the Department of Health and Human Services hired an outside consultant, the Lewin Group, to study and report on the exact same issue earlier in the year.

In addition to sanctioning the commission, Sen. Forrester agreed that Governor Hassan should call the Legislature back into Special Session for 10 days in November. Special sessions involve reimbursement of members for mileage, committee hearing expenses, staff salaries; it is neither a cost-free nor a normal order of business proposition.

And most recently, Sen. Forrester joined her Republican colleagues to defeat all the Medicaid expansion proposals before the Senate; one drafted by Republicans, one by Democrats and one based on proposals by the Commission to Study Expansion of Medicaid Eligibility. Instead, she wants even further work on these proposals even though failing to begin Medicaid expansion on January 1, 2014, will cost NH $500,000 per day in unrealized federal reimbursements.

As chair of the Senate Finance Committee, how does Sen. Forrester explain these fiscally irresponsible decisions to her constituents and residents of NH?

Paula Trombi

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We hope beloved Constitution can protect us from wind farms

To The Daily Sun,

Is the New Hampshire government, in seeking to appear green, violating our New Hampshire Constitution under the Green Energy Act? Health concerns, property rights, wildlife rights, safety concerns, the view tax and democratic freedoms are just a few examples.

Many other states have also fallen in line with the nationwide movement to appear green, led by wind energy developers. But not all states had the good fortune of hearing firsthand from people adversely impacted elsewhere by wind turbines. New Hampshire has this fortune.

NHWindWatch.org, a local opposition group, must raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to cover legal costs to challenge these wind companies in court. In defending our rights, we're all up against exceedingly well-funded, corporate lawyers and government-paid lawyers who are well versed in dictating their agenda on us.

Does the Green Energy Act and the New Hampshire Constitution conflict? The Constitution of the State of New Hampshire is the fundamental law of the State of New Hampshire, with which all statute laws must comply. "Article 2. Natural Rights. All men have certain natural, essential, and inherent rights — among which are, the enjoying and defending life and liberty; acquiring, possessing, and protecting, property; and, in a word, of seeking and obtaining happiness. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by this state on account of race, creed, color, sex or national origin."

Have those locally affected by the Groton Wind Farm fallen on deaf ears? Have politicians succumbed to the corporate promise of "quick and easy" money. Has the N.H. government done a cost-benefit analysis? Has the N.H. government done any impact studies? Has the N.H. government conducted a financial analysis on how much will it cost N.H. ratepayers or the state to send electricity to southern states? And if so, what is that cost?

Most states don't bother with cost-benefit analyses because most of the costs don't show on their own books. The result is much costlier electricity and no net reduction of carbon. But community costs are massive: including the loss of fundamental rights and freedoms, loss of our right to a good night's sleep and good health, lost market value of homes, and loss of the right to enjoy non-industrialized rural landscapes, dangers to our watershed, dangers to our tourism revenues, dangers to our wildlife, etc.

So, New Hampshire citizens are taking this high-priced battle to the courts where we hope our beloved Constitution can protect us and our democracy. After-all, it was Ed Cherian who's promise echoed through these foothills "if the community doesn't want us — we will leave". A promise that was offered to us by an Iberdrola Renewables representative willingly. An offer that was soon reneged.

Ask questions, demand answers and pound the table if you don't get them.

Ray Cunningham


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You must do better than repeating what you hear on MSNBC

To The Daily Sun,

I just don't understand it. L.J. Siden is mad at me. He says I said Obama was a pot smoking, class skipping, poor student.(I DID NOT!) Obama said that about himself. Guess L.J. missed that, what with him getting all his information from MSNBC and other left-wing news sites. So I still ask how did Obama manage to get into not one, but two of the most prestigious universities in the world? The theory I subscribe to is that he used fraud, claiming to be a foreign student. Why else would all his school records be sealed?
Speaking of sealed records, L.J. says BHO graduated cum laude with a 3.7 gpa. Well just how the heck does L.J. know this, all the records are sealed. Saying Obama said this, more questions come to mind. When, to whom and we are talking about the same guy that said the Benghazi attack was a demonstration that got out of hand due to some YouTube video no one had ever heard of? The same Obama who said, "If you like your insurance you can keep it. If you like your doctor you can keep him"?
L.J., you just must do a lot better then repeating the stupid things you hear on MSNBC. I can tell your educated but your blind devotion to Obama makes me think he could sell you a dead horse and make you pay him for it.
Steve Earle


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