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Don't be too hard on the paper; I can test the patience of many

To The Daily Sun,

The longer I live, the crazier the world seems to be getting. I read that black movie stars intend to boycott the Oscars. Apparently the feel black performers did not receive enough nominations. I didn't know there was a quota system in place there, I thought it was based on the quality of the work voted on by probably the most liberal people on the planet — guess not.

Then there is a music performer named Kanye West (I don't follow this stuff) who lately begged Mark Zuckerberg for a billion dollars. He also came in second for best music album and went on a hissy fit, demanding "white magazines stop rating 'black' music." His rationale was these publications have no idea what it means for the great grandson of a former slave to have come this far. Really, is he kidding?
From what little I've read he is one of the most successful people in the industry. Still he believes the music industry owes him for wrongs done to a great-grandfather. Entitlement gone crazy as if his own accomplishments are not enough? Maybe it's all that money he doesn't have?

Another story I read today is that of a decorated Marine (Bronze Star) accosted by black teens at a McDonald's,  demanding he answer if he believes "black lives matter. He ignored them then was attacked, knocked unconscious and robbed. This begs the question, is the black lives matter movement designed to shield thugs and thieves?

They say it isn't so, yet the increasing numbers of violent incidents committed by this group or those purporting to represent them continues to grow.

One last thing, a kind lady took her time to scold the letters section of this paper for not correcting my terrible spelling and grammar. I have often admitted my failings in these areas, but please don't be to hard on the paper's staff. After all they do print many letters from many conservatives in spite of their slight, very slight left-leaning views. It must be noted their professionalism should be welcomed as this was an aberration. After all, I can test the patience of many folks.

Steve Earle


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To which presidential candidtes does this logic pertain?

To The Daily Sun,

There is one female Democrat candidate and one male Republican candidate to which the following logic pertains:

"The popular opinions, polls, are not well founded and a variety of other reasons that make them dangerous things to join into at this time."

Bill Bertholdt

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