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This is the idiocy Hillary has hitched her presidential wagon to

To The Daily Sun,

After several weeks of hiding from the media, Hillary finally came out making a pronouncement. She is now in full support of attacking, vilifying and painting all cops as corrupt racists. Eight years ago she was all for law and order, more cops on the beat but, hey, that's not the current hot button, leftist topic so she, of supposed solid values, jumps right in and panders to the mob mentality in the liberal media.

Folks, remember Fergerson where it all started? Remember "Hands up, don't shoot" and how the liberal media jumped all over that narrative, condemning a police officer on the word of a criminal coming straight from a robbery? I do, and I remember the bombardment by the self-righteous left never ever questioning this criminal's story. Then when it was proven by scientific and witness testimony beyond any reasonable doubt that it was all a lie, those same media sources were as silent as the grave — never an apology to the public for spreading the lie. And it's still going on. Apparently any thug, criminal or gangbanger who happens to be black should be regarded as beyond reproach by police.

Fast forward to Baltimore, where the liberal city government fell right in line with this liberal political correctness nonsense, arrested six cops, and the prosecutor, speaking as though she was part of the mob, virtually promised to send these cops to prison to appease the mobs not for justices sake mind you. And now the police are hanging back letting the liberal administration stew in their own pot and the murder rate is soaring. To bad and the city mayor still thinks it's because of slavery.

This is the idiocy Hillary has hitched her political wagon to. Like she doesn't already have an overflowing abundance of stupid decisions dragging behind her.
One other little matter I'd like to touch on. I read that New York City buses are sporting a new advertisement on their sides. Reportedly it reads: Killing Jews is a religious right that brings us closer to Allah. ( I'm paraphrasing here) Well now, isn't that sweet? So where is the moral outrage from the left? Where is the media and political indignation? Oh I forgot, they save that for Christians and conservatives. Well if that isn't proof of the lefts racist and religious bigotry nothing is. Just last week the left was demonizing the organizer of the draw a cartoon of Mohammed contest, calling it provocative, inciting violence and akin to the "N" word. So what's this crap on the buses except an invitation to commit murder and terrorism? Time I think for the revival of the Jewish Defense League, and why not, sense at no level of our government will they intend to curb the murderous intentions of Muslim extremists? Oh, and did you know that the City of New York refused to allow the advertisements for the draw Muhammad cartoons on their buses? It's only offensive if it comes from the right.
Voters, it will be your children and grandchildren who will become the victims of Muslim extremists aided by the pandering, and appeasing politicians trying to reduce our republic into a Marxist socialist state. (Read Hillary Clinton here.) So think about that as the 2016 elections approach.
Steve Earle


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I applaud Holy Grail for keeping cross atop their establishment

To The Daily Sun,

In respectful response to Bishop Paul W. Blake. The steeple of the Holy Grail Pub points to the sky to signify respect to the Lord. The cross at its top offers hope to all of those who see it and believe in him. In a day and age when we Christians are being asked to remove our religious symbols from all things public, one would think that this beautiful symbol of Christ's gift to us would be revered and respected no matter where it was or is on display.

I, for one, applaud the Holy Grail Pub for keeping this symbol atop of their establishment. Jesus turned water into wine, and fed many with one loaf of bread. Hopefully this breath of fresh air in Laconia will aid in the continued path to economic and social growth for the area. Let the cross of our Lord draw in believers and non-believers alike. The fellowship of all can only be good for the community.

Hillary Seeger


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