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We write in support of 'Farm to Table' events at Timber Hill Farm

To The Daily Sun,

As 44-year residents of Gunstock Hill Road and neighbors of Martina and Andy Howe of Timber Hill Farm, we are writing in support of their efforts to hold "Farm to Table" events at their farm.

Agriculture in New Hampshire is in crisis. These types of events are one way to help family farms to prevail, to maintain diversity in our economy, and to add to the quality of communal life.

If administrative changes are necessary, such as zoning ordinances, then these should be accomplished as soon as possible.

Barbara & Don Carey


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Demolish the downtown parking garage; no one ever uses it

To The Daily Sun,

I think the parking garage downtown should just be removed. Nobody ever uses it or has used it, at least not enough to make it worth fixing. By reading the articles in The Laconia Daily Sun about it, it sounds to me like it's pretty far gone, and will cost a lot of money to repair. Why throw good money away on it if no one uses it?

The businesses on the ground level could relocate. There's plenty of empty space downtown. Then demolish the entire thing and pave it over and make a parking lot, or better yet, widen that end of Main Street and put it back to two-way traffic, like it used to be, and like it should have been kept. Also, it sounds to me like the place was poorly designed from day one and just slapped up.

Derek "Dee" Morrissette



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