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'Celebrate Sports & Recreation' will be parade theme this year

To The Daily Sun,

Our participating Eagle Scout candidate this year at Sanbornton's July 23 Old Home Day is Logan Morrison, who will be collecting donations of non-perishables for food pantry distribution, or money toward that goal. He'll be at Life-Safety Building.

We'll have vendors in the library field, and demonstrators in Currier Field. Candidates for office under the "Sanbornton Votes" banner. Any filed candidates looking to meet Sanbornton voters, please come along and give us some time and literature. Walk in the parade.

The day starts with Sanbornton Historical Society's 8 a.m.-plus pancake breakfast in Lane Tavern. Lunches will be at our new "food court" between the church and Old Town Hall.
As last year, we'll have free cake slices served out with Rock Salt Creamery's delicious cashew-based ice cream. Sorbet for those who can't do nuts.

Thanks ahead of time to our many volunteer cake bakers. Parade-time (3 p.m.) will follow on the heels of cake and ice cream. Line up is at the top of Tower Hill, and our theme this year is "Celebrate Sports and Recreation." We hope some family groups will discover a way with that theme to walk in the parade too.

This year we hear that our selectmen will be participants in the Balloon Burst Booth loaned to us by Franklin Savings Bank! Fun for all, right there, at Life Safety Building. Same location — Brad Crosby will hold a cribbage tournament if players will call him ahead of time so he can set up a schedule. Call Brad at 286-8605. A Market Basket-donated $50 money card will be the top prize.

Thank you to the more than 40 T-shirt sponsors who've given us the wherewithal to pay the bills. We appreciate each and every one of you. Public can buy T-shirts at $5 each that day.
Co-chairs Dave Witham (286-9590) and Lynn Chong (934-6486) will answer any questions.

Lynn R. Chong


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Outcomes of both Democratic & GOP primaries need to be respected

To The Daily Sun,

The Republican Party has become so divided, and it's only going to hurt them in November both in presidential and down-ballot elections. Recently, there has been rumors and even support for a movement to stop Donald Trump from being the nominee of the Republican Party. Over 400 GOP delegates that will head to the GOP convention in Cleveland has supported this Stop Trump movement. As a Democrat, I find this unfair, and it takes the democracy out of the people.

Even though I staunchly oppose a Trump presidency, you cannot deny 13 million Republican voters. He has received 5.6 million more votes than the next GOP candidate in terms of votes. Not only will this be unfavorable among the GOP base, this could possibly end up becoming a full-blown riot at the Republican Convention in Cleveland. I do believe that if Trump isn't the nominee, we'll see his voters and supporters turn to the streets and cause havoc. I would be frustrated too. As much as the Republican elites despise Trump being their nominee, it's their fault that he has become their nominee and took him as a joke all along — until now.

Just like on the Democratic side, you've seen Sanders supporters reject Clinton's presumptive nominee status even though Clinton has 3.7 million more votes than Sanders. However, on the Democratic side, most Democrats have come to accept the Democratic presumptive nominee. Clinton will surely become the Democratic nominee, and Trump will surely become the Republican nominee. The point of this letter is, you can't overturn the will of the people. Both parties still have work to do to ensure party unity, and the Democrats seem to be further ahead in their efforts to unite the party, while the Republicans seems to still fall into pieces.

If both parties encourage people to vote for their respective party's nominee, they must respect the outcome of the majority. Donald Trump has earned the right to become the Republican nominee, and those who oppose him has the right to vote for a third party candidate, write-in, or even vote for Clinton in November. It's clearly undemocratic to tell voters to show up to the polls, then change the rules, and say we'll pick the candidate. If you fear that your side of the electorate will make the poor choice, then don't let them vote (even though that'd be a poor thing to do.) Remember, this is coming from a person who fears a Trump presidency.

Nick Crosby

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