What will happen is Obamacare is repealed but not replaced?

To The Daily Sun,

Both Scott Brown and Frank Guinta talk about repeal and replace. Assuming they have good ideas about health care, what chance do they have of getting them through Congress?

What will happen if the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is repealed but not replaced? The negative consequences on many people could be huge. Please consider seniors, young adults, people with documented illnesses, and the millions of people who are now insured because of the ACA.

The ACA, also called Obamacare, has language that protects guaranteed benefits. Nancy Lea Mond, an officer of AARP, has reported "the good news for Medicare recipients is new protections and benefits in the health law that strengthens Medicare and give more coverage." Note that the Part A trust fund is solvent until 2029 instead of 2016. What will repeal mean to seniors?

Consider people who have muscular dystrophy, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, breast cancer or heart conditions. If the law is repealed are they insurable or are we back to pre-existing conditions?

The Affordable Care Act can be improved if Congress wants to make it better. Repeal is not the answer. I hope you join me in voting Democratic. I am a senior, a parent, and a grandparent and I am voting the best interests of my family.

Paul Bonneville

Lochmere (Tilton)

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President Obma won't close border because he sees Dem voters

To The Daily Sun,

President Obama's pitiful response to the Ebola outbreak supports his ideological objectives but may sacrifice thousands of American lives.

A president who cared about American lives would have quickly acted to stop Ebola from being brought here. Travelers from the regions with Ebola outbreaks wouldn't be allowed into our country.

Homeland Security reports that nearly 500 people from the three countries with the greatest Ebola outbreaks were captured in 2013. Many more probably escaped capture. A caring president would have stopped all illegal border crossings.

The world knows about our open borders. Thousands more people from Ebola stricken regions are certainly coming here. These travelers will likely infect thousands more people along the way, and all will flood our border wanting treatment.

Now some nearly useless, costly, but face-saving screening has begun. Passenger statements are used for screening even though Thomas Duncan, who died, lied about contact with Ebola. Passengers' temperatures are being checked although Thomas Duncan apparently didn't have a raised temperature and common drugs can reduce one's temperature. But screening won't even be done at all U.S. airports that receive international, or even African, passengers.

Illegal alien border-crossers often carry rare (in the U.S.) illnesses. President Obama has moved thousands of illegals around the country without adequate health screenings or notifying the targeted host communities. Illegals create a burden on our schools, hospitals, welfare services, etc., and pose a health threat to our communities.

American children are dying of the enterovirus D68 shortly after the Obama administration distributed inadequately screened illegal aliens around our country. This seems an unlikely co-incidence.

President Obama won't close the border because he sees poor and uneducated people as Democrat voters. President Obama won't take effective steps to stop Ebola because an Ebola crisis will provide an opportunity to spend more money and increase presidential power.

President Obama's actions show that his ideological objectives are a higher priority than protecting Americans.

President Obama is protected by a fawning media. But Americans aren't protected from the diseases this uncaring president lets into our country.

Don Ewing


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Why the emphasis on games taht have no lasting consequences?

To The Daily Sun,

Reading an obituary of a man noted for many stellar achievements in his life, I am struck by the inappropriateness of telling his life story. But I have seen similar stories told back-end-to. It seems typical that writers consider that trivial facts should told first, regardless how insignificant they may be, and the life-inspiring successes of that person told at the end of the article.

A case in point. This man, (who died too early) played soccer in high school. He went to college where again, he played soccer. He received a Doctorate of Law and went on to work for the Supreme Court as an advocate for children and families. He went into the Air Force and retired as a lieutenant colonel.

All is fine, but please notice the fact that he played soccer is mentioned twice — as the lead-in to the telling of his outstanding career achievements — before anything else is told. I ask you, who gives a darn if he played soccer (or any game) and how does that impact his story? It is strictly a non-event and doesn't belong with the recitation of his brilliant career.

Unfortunately this is how we think, repeated many times over in the telling of what a deceased person achieved in his/her life. The games they played evoke the greatest interest, the rest comes later.

Games that have no lasting consequences — but seem to have a fatal attraction for most onlookers and are almost always mentioned first — but not for what it is — a recreational pastime — nothing more. Does this overbearing interest in games contribute to the fact that as a nation we do poorly in academics, e.g. math percentile grades across the state are generally about 27 percent at best. Games dominate the daily news, taking 2 1/2 to three pages. Classroom studies are nowhere to be found.

Asian countries with China in the forefront will soon be the largest economic power in the world (10-15 years.) We let this happen and misplaced priorities has hastened our demise.

Leon R. Albushies


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You would think they'd admit Obamacare mistake & seek alternatives

To The Daily Sun,

Obamacare has been a disaster in New Hampshire. Some 22,000 Granite States were kicked off their private insurance plans once the law came into effect despite promises from the extreme Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter and ultra-liberal Sen. Jeanne Shaheen that it wouldn't happen. Due to regulations in Obamacare, folks are unable to keep their family doctors. To top it all off, premiums have increased dramatically.

Remember, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter voted for Obamacare. They are responsible for this mess that a vast majority of their constituents have opposed from the beginning. You would think they would start joining with those they represent, repeal the law, and replace it with common-sense reforms. But nope, they have continued to blindly follow President Obama and Nancy Pelosi. Shaheen and Shea-Porter won't listen to us, but they are all too happy to listen and follow exactly what President Obama and Nancy Pelosi tell them to do on Obamacare?

William Anderson

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Vote for representatives & commissioners who will work together

To The Daily Sun,

As spouses of patients at the Belknap County Nursing Home, we never thought that we would have to write letters to the editor concerning patient care, yet here we are. Having your husband or wife in a nursing home is burden enough emotionally and financially, but it seems that we now have to monitor local politics, too. Since most of us are at the nursing home every day, we actually know what happens there. We have gotten to know each other as well as the patients and staff. We have experienced the support shown to us by members of the nursing team as they take the time to explain medical procedures or changes displayed as disease progresses.

Working in a nursing home is very difficult and these nurses and licensed nurses aides (LNAs) are unique individuals who work in stressful situations caring for sick and dying patients, as well as, their distressed families. At the Belknap County Nursing Home, the respect shown to patients is consistent. Everyone from the dining staff and housekeeping to the administration all know patients by name and treat them with great kindness. Could any of us spend one day doing the work that these caregivers do every day, some for over 20 years? The loss of these individuals would be immeasurable how would we ever replace them?

We in Belknap County are very fortunate to have such a well-run nursing home, why would anyone want to disrupt its operation? We have competent licensed people who know the needs of patients and staff to administer approved funds.

We can only imagine what they thought sitting there watching representatives who have little understanding of this complex operation, try to micromanage the budget. It was embarrassing to watch the disrespectful attitudes as determination was made for funding pay of nurses, LNAs, dietary, housekeeping and maintenance personnel who actually work in the nursing home and were present in the room. In fact, those of us who attended the recent meeting were distressed to see how all county employees were addressed.

We have been told that the real argument is over health insurance cost. We know that costs have been escalating every year and that many institutions have cut back on both plans offered and contributions. Certainly if all parties involved would work together in good faith, they can reach agreement to avoid any penalties in 2018, and put a stop to any more needless expensive legal costs now. We encourage all voters to become aware of the issues and to vote for representatives and commissioners who will work together to resolve this contentious situation.

Stan O'Neil, Dick Labbe, Catherine Albison, Liz McKinley


Pam Child, Thea Aloise


Phil McMahon


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