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People 70 & older should no longer have to pay school taxes in State of New Hampshire

To The Daily Sun,

We love to pass new laws each year so how about something for the older folks in New Hampshire.

Property owners in the state of New Hampshire should not have to pay school tax upon attaining the age of 70. How did the state ever determine that it would be fair for the seniors of New Hampshire to have to pay school tax until they die?

Bill Whalen

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Facing these charges is the price he paid for exposing this evil hiding under 'privacy'

To The Daily Sun,

Jim Veverka in his letter twice called the videos made by David Daleiden bogus. The fact is Dave and his partner have been indicted for using a false I.D. and seeking to illegally purchase fetal body parts. If there was any doubt that they are being railroaded, that second charge should dispel all doubt. Their purpose was to expose the sale of fetal body parts.

Facing these charges is the price they have been willing to pay to expose this evil hiding under this manufactured right to privacy, under which the killing of babies has thrived. They are now experiencing the wrath of the abortion industry and its supporters who want to send a message to anyone who might be bold enough to try to expose the evil deeds of this industry.

The message is expose us and we will silence you. The videos have never been shown to be bogus. It is only that they came at a high price.

John Demakowski

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