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Year-Round Library board now stuck with results of own survey

To The Daily Sun,

It intrigues me how someone can begin a letter with, "we would like to correct some information," and then, after writing 632 words ... they end up correcting nothing at all. Such was the case with a recent letter of Jan. 18, which was intended, I'm guessing, to cushion the impact of what I had discovered and written on regarding the results of last year's long-awaited Gilmanton Year Round Library survey.

Apparently, the letter-writer felt it was enough simply to suggest that she was going to correct "misinformation," but didn't really feel the need to specifically correct anything. Or, maybe, she just couldn't.

My letter of Jan. 2, based solely on that survey, had specific page and statistic references for all of my conclusions. Hers did not. In fact, she never once, in those 632 words, even mentions any of the survey's relevant statistics. She instead creates her own set of statistics. How convenient. Her statistics, however, simply do not align with the UNH survey, which was the main focus of my letter. Statistics are, after all, what they are: numerical samples which, by design, are intended to represent a general whole, or consensus.

As a whole, then, the UNH survey shows the general consensus to be that the majority of the GYRL survey respondents were not, in multiple ways, favorable or supportive of the Year Round Library. Specifically, to its being operated on the backs of taxpayers who were never given a vested interest in the library in the first place, and who were allowed to believe, during fundraising, that town taxes would never be involved. I, in my letter, did not create this consensus. The statistics did. If the letter-writer, or the board she speaks for, or anyone for that matter, wants to attack this consensus, which is based entirely on the survey, they must first start with the UNH survey itself.

In my opinion, the GYRL board of directors, in throwing good money away on this survey, made yet another error in judgment. That error being, that now they are stuck with results which, were they truly in touch with their community, they should have anticipated and avoided. Worse, they are now faced with putting an impossibly positive spin on the fact that they never released any information of that survey to the general public in the first place. That in itself speaks volumes.

When I first discovered it, it suggested to me they had something to hide. Well, indeed they do. The undeniable fact is, that even the staunchest of GYRL supporters cannot deny that if the survey had shined favorably on the GYRL, Gilmanton would have woken up the morning after the results were "publicly" released to a front-page article, or a press release, or at least a letter. It did not!

And that, whether the GYRL board of directors or the letter-writer of Jan. 18 want to admit it, or not ... says it all.

Al Blake

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Putin won't be able to push Trump around near like he did Obama & would have Clinton

To The Daily Sun,

Has everyone noticed just how snarky so many letters from the leftists have become ever sense crooked Hillary lost the election? I have. When Denise Burke wrote her letter insinuating I was racist among other things, I wrote back a polite, mild rebuttal but hopefully readers read her insulting follow-up letter? Jeeze! Last Friday James Veverka went off on one of his personal-attack, name-calling rants because he couldn't factually dispute my estimation of Muslims. Then he tops it off in his last taunting sentence, glad Obama didn't veto the bill against Israel. Well surprise, me too James because he has fully revealed himself as a Jew-hating anti-Semite.

And it appears James, you are right down in the dirt with him. So readers, James has answered my long unanswered question of what values do liberals share with Muslims. Thank you for you candor James.

That brings me to the United Nations. This failed organization is being dominated by oil-producing Muslim nations relying on politically correct Western politicians who dare not call them out for their human right violations and support of Muslim terrorist groups. This bunch of cowards and corrupt fools is long past being of any use or relevance. Defenders will ask what would we have ever done without it? We'll never know, but let's review some of the rich history of the U.N.

One of the highlights was when Saudi Arabia was elected to chair the human rights council. Sure, one of the world's worst oppressors of human rights is put in charge. Could that be the reason every time Muslims attack Israel the U.N. inspectors blame the Jews? I think so.

Another "high point" was when U.N. peacekeepers went on a raping spree in the Central African Republic. Where is that in their job description? Also in Africa, the U.N. did little to stop the mass genocide in Rwanda and Uganda, nor did they other than on look at genocides in Bosnia, Cambodia,and East Timor.

Lest we forget the U.N. failed to hold the USSR accountable during the Cold War for toppling regimes in eastern European satellite states and sending huge numbers of people to exile in Siberia.

Again with the U.N. peacekeepers in southern Sudan ignored the rapes and assaults on aid workers, singling out Americans who were beaten and robbed also.

I could go on, so I will. How about the current genocide in Syria? Another do-nothing, and keep in mind the prevailing anti-Israel, anti-Semitic leanings of those in charge. Gee how they hate Jews who actually stand up and defend their country and people. How dare they?

There are some saying Trump should withhold payments to the U.N. I think that would be a hollow gesture. Trump should get Congress to disavow the U.N. due to failure to uphold its mandate, kick them all out of the U.S. (make them pay all their New York City parking fines the deadbeats owe the city) take over the buildings and turn them into condos. Trump's River Side Condos. Wouldn't that sound nice.

Hope readers saw and read The Sun's reporting on the Russian hacking and of our election process. Liberals will joyfully point to Trump's failure to jump to the conclusion this is something bad. Actually he was responding more to the left's charge that Russia rigged the results. But wait, the intel chief clearly said there is no way to judge if the released hacks had any effect on how the electorate voted. Personally I think it did because it exposed like nothing before, just how corrupt and dishonest Obama, Hillary and the left are.

Hurrah for Putin, but his plan will not have much to show for it because he will not be able to push Trump around like he did Obama and would have Hillary. Trump will seek to work with Putin, but will not be afraid to walk out of any deal that isn't in Americas interest. And if Putin seeks to start another arms race he should remember what happened the last time Russia decided to do that.

So in spite of all the snow it's shaping up to be rough sledding for the Marxist leftists for the next four years.

Steve Earle


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