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Makes me angry to hear how my fellow veterans are treated

To The Daily Sun,

I have heard stories of the runaround veterans get and how they are treated by the Veterans Administration (Department of Veterans Affairs).

As a veteran, it makes me angry to hear how my fellow veterans are treated by our government. Men and women who are willing to give their all for our country are treated like dirt when their tour of duty is over. Many cannot get the medical help they need without jumping through hoops. Many wind up living on the streets, or unable to find a job. (I could go on, but I am only getting angry.)

Our government has turned its back on those who defend our country every day, yet the are quick to give benefits and jobs to people that our here illegally. We send billions to countries who hate us, but never have money for health care for our veterans. I never asked for any benefits from my country, because I was proud to serve.

Just recently I wanted to get a Veterans ID. I was given a number to call and when I did, I got a recording that told me after two minutes to call another number. I called the new number and got a recording telling me how much they want to help, but I need to call another number which was the number I call in the first place. If I got this runaround just for an ID. I can only imagine what those veterans who really need help go through.

If you, or a member of your family are veterans, or you know know friends who are veterans, please write your member of Congress and the Department of Veterans Affairs and ask them to honor their commitment to our veterans. Please let's start a write-in campaign and let our government know we honor our veterans and want them to do the same. It's time for our government to be held accountable and honor their commitment to our veterans.

Harry Accornero

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Hassan, Kuster & Shaheen know better than N.H. Primary voters

To The Daily Sun,

Democrats claim to care about the importance of every vote. But, the results of the New Hampshire primary election show that the Democrat Party bosses don't really care about the will of the voters. All they care about is that an election provides the results that the Democrat Party bosses want.

To make sure that the New Hampshire primary provided the desired result, the Democrat Party bosses established "super delegates" whose votes determine eight of New Hampshire's 32 delegates.
Thus, Bernie Sanders who trounced Hillary Clinton, 60 percent to 38 percent, is only getting the same number of delegates as Hillary. In fact, Bernie could get fewer delegates than Hillary if both undeclared super delegates vote for Hillary.

Super delegate Governor Maggie Hassan has committed her vote to Hillary Clinton, thus overriding the votes of about 11,000 Democratic voters.

Super delegate Congresswoman Annie Kuster has committed her vote to Hillary Clinton. She knows better than about 11,000 Democratic voters.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen and three other super delegates have committed their votes to Hillary Clinton, ignoring the will of about 44,000 Democratic voters.

This is reminiscent of "Animal Farm": all votes are equal, except some votes are more equal than others.

The New Hampshire Democratic Primary election result is another demonstration that the political class only cares about maintaining its own power, not about representing the will and best interests of the American people.

Don Ewing

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