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Liberals touting diversity intolerant of Christian's freedom of conscience

To The Daily Sun,

In response to Tom Lemay's letter of May 29, again I'd like to apologize for the bad witness of many of us Christians or perhaps even some so-called Christians. Many of us will have much to answer for in the Judgment. Yet a man needs to recognize where these things come from and it's not from God. I perceive that you have a negative image of who God is. God is not looking to inspire fear in you but love. Yes God is willing to judge, but he is love. He's also holy.

You said that you asked God to speak to you and he did not. I think you're wrong. God can speak to us in many ways and through any source He chooses. God spoke to Balaam through his donkey. Heck, he even speaks through me. Anyway, God meets us where we are. If you couldn't receive from church people, God in his love could speak to you though comic books and TV. He put in your heart a hunger for righteousness.

Superheroes are really a spinoff from Jesus, the original and ultimate superhero. After He made everything, He came to earth as a man. In righteous anger He clears the temple of the corrupt money changers. He heals the sick, raises the dead, forgives sin, protects helpless sinners from the judgment of the hypocritical Pharisees (yes there were corrupt churchmen then too), asking only that they sin no more. He walks on water, turns water into wine, feeds a whole multitude until all are full, with a only few loaves and fishes.

Sounds like a super hero to me. If all this wasn't enough and it wasn't, he took the thing that takes us all, the thing we have no control over that is death and hell and he conquered both by his death of the cross and his Resurrection. All we have to do is repent of our sin and receive Him and His gift of salvation and to let go of the bitterness and unforgiveness in our hearts.

You see God did speak to you and he lead you into a righteous lifestyle that you could receive blessings from his hand. "All good things are from above." If you want to continue in his goodness when you leave this world. You can do that, but only though Jesus. That's the Good News.

Quite frankly, God doesn't care what you believe about homosexuality. He wants you to come to him. Please, I don't want to be quoted out of context here. If you are a homosexual and God is speaking to you to repent, please obey him. I am speaking personally to anyone here. God is holy and he will deal with his children individually according to His timing about specific issues, but you don't have to have all of your ducks in a row, to come to Him, only a desire to repent and receive His forgiveness.

As to my cherry-picking quotes. Tom I really do strive to keep all that I write in the spirit of the Lord. If I ever miss the mark I do apologize.

I think I owe a further explanation about homosexuality and gay marriage. People who believe that Bible is the Word of God, who believe marriage is an institution ordained by God, to be a union between a man and a women; who in good conscience do not want to participate in same sex weddings are being taken to court, in an attempt to force their participation. I do want to speak out on behalf of freedom of conscience for these. And yes, I do hold to the same belief.

You see, liberals who tout diversity are very intolerant to Christians' freedom of conscience. This is in large part why I have made this an issue in my letters. Though Christians who know the truth are not willing to compromise the truth, I believe that it can be honestly said, that they are more tolerant toward those who disagree, than the other way around. For if know that you have the truth, it does not matter if others believe you or not, if you don't, it's human nature to try to force your belief on everyone else. In this way they seek validation.

John Demakowski

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Hillary got thrown under bus in excitement to elect a black president

To The Daily Sun,

I'm reading in Tuesday's Letters to the Editor a couple of rather illogical, poorly thought-out letters from the left.

First a couple writes that Hillary Clinton's leadership as president is much needed. I have to challenge that as to what they base that on? I know of no accomplishments other then being elected to the Senate and appointed Secretary of State which she has made to the betterment of the nation. Sure she has traveled all over the world, met foreign leaders, but to what gain, what good, other then photo ops. Her long, long list of questionable decisions and unethical choices are so very well known so do we reward such behavior just so Democrats can say they have elected the first woman president?

Seven years ago they were so excited to elect the first black president that they threw her under the bus. Incidentally how has that worked out for us as a nation? How has that worked out for the world? Not very well!

Brings me to another letter, where one well-known hereabouts writer says we should demilitarize to improve our economy. Sure, why not? We can trust the rest of the world to leave us in peace and prosperity if we just scrap our national defense? While we're at it let's scrap our police forces, national, state and local after all people are just so law abiding and respectful, what would we have to fear?

I mean, take Baltimore for example, no problem. We can be very sure if we disarm radical Islam will just fade away, Israel will live in peace and harmony with their Muslim neighbors and Putin will put aside all thoughts of reconstituting the Russian empire. China will be no threat to the Pacific rim nations, North Korea will break down its dictatorship and live side by side with the south. War and aggression will cease to exist and the worst crime anyone will ever encounter will be an occasional inadvertent exceeding of a speed limit.

Well I don't know what these folks have read in their history classes? Perhaps they slept through them or they were taught by revisionist teachers but the history I've read and lived through tells me these writers are dreaming. Seems they are ignoring facts and going with wishes, hopes and totally improbable possibilities, rather impossibilities. What they wish is irrelevant we need to face up to our world as it is not how they want it to be. Who a presidential candidate is, not who they wish she was.

Steve Earle


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