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Sen. Ayotte stabbing U.S. in the back with immigration stance

To the editor,
Sadly, Senator Ayotte will join Senator Shaheen in stabbing New Hampshire and U.S. citizens in the back by supporting amnesty for illegal aliens. Comprehensive Immigration Reform, despite some positive sounding provisions (which history shows won't be implemented), benefits the politicians, special interest groups, and illegal aliens at the expense of already over-taxed, over-victimized, and under-employed Americans.
They say this bill isn't amnesty, but it rewards people for disrespecting our country and breaking our laws, that is amnesty!
They say many requirements must be met before illegal aliens get any benefits. Who goes to jail if the "requirements" aren't enforced, if the fines and taxes are waived, or if illegals get federal means-tested welfare? No one. (Note, they can get taxpayer provide state, local, and apparently federal non-means tested welfare. The attempt by politicians to mislead Americans on this is despicable!)
They say hundreds of thousands of illegals will be subject to deportation. Millions are subject to deportation today, but it's not happening!
They say the administration has to certify that certain things happen before the process begins. This administration has repeatedly lied to the American people and Congress (e.g., Obamacare, Benghazi, the IRS, surveillance of Americans and the media); only a dunce would trust them. Both parties have lied to us about immigration, in the 1960s, 1980s, 1990s, and the 2000s with the border fence. Remember, we only have an illegal alien problem because politicians failed to keep their promises and enforce our laws.
The American people have little trust in our politicians because they repeatedly show themselves to be untrustworthy. Our politicians don't listen; a vast majority of Americans has repeatedly said "NO!" to Comprehensive Immigration Reform.
Politicians can earn our trust by listening, fulfilling your campaign promises, and by enforcing existing immigration laws (Close the border with Mexico!). Until then, Congress, the Executive Branch, and the Judiciary have earned and deserve our disdain, disrespect, distrust, and complete opposition to Comprehensive Immigration Reform.
Don Ewing

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Great to see what middle school students collected for food pantry

To the editor,
Thank you to the Laconia Middle School National Junior Honor Society Students, which recently collected and donated food to the Hands and Hearts Food Pantry at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. Thank you, also, to their advisor, Greg Schneberger, who helped to coordinate the donation. All of your hard work and your desire to care for others is appreciated, and it was great to see your picture with what you collected in Thursday's paper.
Rev. Dave Dalzell, Pastor
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

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Any required reading list ought to include varied perspectives

To the editor,
Does the left really encourage critical thinking or do they just seek to criticize anyone that fails to conform? I have to ask after reading the list of suggested reading presented us by Bernadette Loesch on June 5, here in the Sun.
Wow, 24 by count and every one a progressive left winger. Now Bernadette, how in the world do you, or anyone else, broaden their perspective, garner a wide range of facts and opinions from which to make an informed judgment when they only see and hear a single point of view? Your list is not "home work", it's propaganda. The only sources you left off your list was Karl Marx and Chairmen Mao. You sound like my fellow townie Henry Osmer when he demanded everyone stop watching Fox News and tune in to MSNBC a few weeks ago.
Speaking of Henry, I see where he's still on his blame America campaign for everything. Some time ago he was saying that the U.S. sold poison gas to Iraq but after that was debunked he has now changed his term to weapons of mass destruction. Still wrong Henry, WMD are chemical, biological, or radiological. Yes I know the media has taken to calling any large explosive device a WMD but they are really not. Yes very large conventional weapons are powerful but still are not WMDs.
Back to Bernadette: I would like to suggest that she take her own advice and do her homework by reading and listening to a variety of opinions and facts available from both sides, then think and decide for herself what is reasonable rather then being told what to think and say by others.
Steve Earle

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Revision of pope’s words shot my chances on christianmingle.com

To the editor,
A few weeks ago Pope Francis made a startling remark which in essence said that belief in Christ is not necessary for salvation. In so stating he was bucking 788 years of church teaching which has always been very clear: "outside the church there is no salvation". This theory, introduced in 1215 by Pope Innocent III, was an attempt to retain and grow new membership. Not just Catholics but most of Christianity adopted this monopolistic attitude.
Like many atheists, I knew immediately that the media jumped the gun on this one. Being an ex-catholic and grilled in church theology, I nevertheless felt a bit more liberated to know that this Pope hopefully will lean a bit left of center. To explain this doctrine is beyond the parameters of this short letter. It would only infuriate the "outsiders" even more. Suffice to say that I'm pleased with Pope Francis, who is a remarkable improvement over his predecessor. However, he has opened up a can of worms here.
It didn't take long for the Vatican damage control unit to explain "what the Pope meant". I'm hoping that Christians will choose the Pope's words rather than the "second version". Just when I was about to make my move on "christianmingle.com", my chances were looking good after the Pope's announcement that atheists could also go to heaven but after his inner circle got through parsing his words, I probably don't have a snowball's chance in hell on that website.
Like Congress, change comes slow in the Vatican. We should be thankful that the Pope has ignited a debate after seven centuries. The problem is that it is ill timed, since we have so many more urgent problems facing this country. Rather than debating who's saved and who isn't maybe we should all donate a jar of peanut butter to the Got Lunch Plymouth summer program. We'll all be the better for it.
George Maloof

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Political reads should be thought-provoking, not thought-providing

To the editor,
In response to Bernadette Loesch's reading and movie list:
You know what they say Bernadette. Garbage in, garbage out. I am familiar with one of the books and several of the movies and have appreciated them, but not to build a world view on them. Bernadette, dig deeper. Don't let these authors do the heavy work for you. If you accept there views whole they will lead you astray. Think for yourself. God Bless.
John Demakowski

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