3 weeks left in Thursday Marketplace season; food demos each day

To The Daily Sun,

It has been a busy few weeks in the Savor the Season tent at the Laconia Outdoor Marketplace in downtown Laconia.

Aug. 14 brought Leslie Judice from Tavern 27 to the market as our guest chef, and she wowed market-goers with her delicious zucchini pie — a dessert pie that smelled and tasted like apple pie but was filled with zucchini instead.

Then, on Aug. 21 we had a great children's event co-ordinated by Tammy Levesque, the Wellness Coordinator for the Laconia School District/Program Director for Lakes Region HEAL. Children tasted Aunt Molly's Ground Cherries and green kale smoothies, went on a scavenger hunt to see how many veggies they could find in the market, and even fed some worms in a worm farm.

Sept. 4 brought Rachael Burklund of Laconia Village Bakery to the tent, featuring quesadillas made with local goat cheeses from Twillingate Farm, wild black trumpet mushrooms, and other fresh veggies from Minglewood Farm. The Lakes Region Food Network extends deep appreciation to Leslie, Tammy, and Rachael for sharing their time and talents with our community.

We have three weeks left in the market season this year, and there will be food demonstrations in the tent each of those weeks, so be sure to come to the Thursday market from 3:30-4:30 throughout the rest of September for some delicious culinary inspiration featuring local bounty from the farmers in the market.

For more information about the Lakes Region Food Network, please visit our website at www.lrfn.org.

Karen Barker
Lakes Region Food Network

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It’s rare we get the chance to vote for a person like Gary Lambert

To The Daily Sun,

I want to take a minute to tell you about my friend, Gary Lambert. I've known Gary since 1984. We met at Marine Corps Officer's Basic School where we were bunk mates for seven months. Living in such close proximity really gives you the ability to sense someone's character and Gary's was and is beyond reproach. His intellect, character and perseverance not only made him a top graduate, but a well respected Marine Corps officer, achieving the rank of colonel.

Gary set his sites on an office on State Street in Boston and 10 years after the Basic School, that's exactly where I found him. He was a successful patent attorney and ready to settle into family life. Through mutual friends I was able to help connect him to the former Lori Keller and, lo, and behold, she became Lori Lambert. These two amazing people have created a wonderful family that just radiates a sense of love and community everywhere they go. They are very involved in their church, where Gary is an elder/deacon.

There are a lot of anecdotal stories I could interject here, but it all comes down to this: Gary is what we need in Washington, D.C. Gary is what we need in America. What we don't need is a petulant youngster who refuses to shake hands and resorts to name calling when her transgressions are brought to light.

I urge you to go to the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators at http://nhcsl.org/95/resolution/comprehensive-immigration-reform/ before you make a judgment call as to whose metaphorical pants are on fire. This is the document which Ms. Garcia freely associated her name with and the document she is denying supports any form of amnesty.

Frankly, I feel, as do many Americans, that anyone who enters the country illegally should be deported and only have the opportunity to immigrate legally. If Garcia actually believes that this document and resolution does not support a road to amnesty, why didn't she put a link to it on her web page when she called Gary's accusations false?

Gary is a man with no guile. When asked what the candidates liked best about New Hampshire, the other candidates gave sweeping narratives about the lakes and mountains. Gary said, "deer hunting."

When asked about over-the-counter birth control, once again, there were wordy prepared statements and then Gary's simple, "Yes." He is a man of few words and a man of true words.

I ask that you seriously consider casting your primary vote for Gary Lambert. It's not often that we get the chance to elect a person of this caliber to office and I would hate to see the chance pass us by. His love for his family, community, church and country are evident in everything he does. Knowing him has made me a better person as I have been inspired by his spirit in every aspect of my life. I also know that Gary would never even think about refusing a handshake from a combat veteran, even a Democrat. Kind of makes me question her ability to work with people in D.C.

As Gary is always reminding me, primaries have notoriously low turnouts, particularly in a non-presidential election year. Mark your calendar for Tuesday, Sept. 9. Every vote always counts, in this case every vote counts a lot.

Capt. David A Kutcher, USMC


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Deborah Wheeler works hard for consituents and state of N.H.

To The Daily Sun,

Deborah Wheeler is a two-term state representative, running for a new term in Merrimack County District 3 (All of Northfield and Ward 3 in Franklin).

She graduated from Franklin High School in 1963 and resided in Franklin until 1986. She has lived in Northfield for over 29 years. Deb served as a state employee for over 36 years, first working for the Department of Adjutant General, Agriculture and retired in 2002 with over 32 years of service with the Department of Revenue Administration.

While residing in Northfield, she has served as ballot clerk, and a supervisor of the checklist.

Deb is the widow of James Wheeler and daughter-in-law of the late Rollin (Bud) Wheeler, former police chief and prominent member of the Northfield community.

Deb has been an active member of the District 3 community for many years. She has also cared for many elderly people in community as well as family members.

During Deb's first term in the Statehouse she served on the Environment and Agriculture Committee. Here second term, she served on two committees, Municipal and County Government, and Legislative Administration. She has sponsored and co-sponsored bills of which all but two have passed into law. Deb has appeared before Commerce, Labor, Environment and Resource Committees, introducing new bills. She works very hard for her constituents and the residents of N.H.

Issues which concern Deb:

— Services for the children, elderly, ill and disabled.

— Alternative education opportunities for young people who are in need of structured classes.

— Works for all citizens to help improve their quality of life, regardless of income.

— Tax relief for seniors and disabled citizens.

Deb will work with Leigh Webb, also running for Merrimack County District 3, to build a better N.H. She would appreciate your vote.

Tammy Clark



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Innis is best choice for voters who want to fix Washington, D.C.

To The Daily Sun,

On Sept. 9 Republican Primary voters in the 1st District have a terrific opportunity to begin to fix Washington, D.C., by voting for Dan Innis. Dan is a small-business owner and former Dean of the Business School at UNH. Unlike his opponents, Dan is focused on offering real solutions to the issues we care about.

Our district has been a revolving door of career politicians with no business experience, failed economic policies, no real solutions to our country's biggest issues, and the same old "Washington as usual" mentality.

Dan Innis's background and experience in business and education makes him the best candidate to change the direction in Washington. The stakes are too high to keep sending the same people to Washington who are more interested in running for office again and again, than providing relief from federal regulations, growing the economy, and reducing the national debt and deficit.

Dan is a strong advocate for fiscal conservatism and free-market economic policies. As a small-business owner, he sees firsthand the damaging effects of big government regulations on New Hampshire's small-business community. Dan also ran his Business School at UNH like a business, always returning an annual surplus to the university while expanding enrollment and building a $50 million building with no taxpayer money.

I voted for Frank Guinta in 2010 and 2012, but it's time we elect someone who hasn't spent their career in politics and lobbying to Washington. We need to send someone who has real business experience and a thorough understanding of the economy. The choice is clear. Join me in voting for Dan Innis in the Republican Primary this Tuesday, Sept. 9.

Let's finally send someone to represent the best interest of New Hampshire and not the best interest of themselves. It's time to elect someone with the background and experience outside of politics to provide solutions and change the tone in Washington on day one.

Tom Boucher

CEO - Owner Great NH Restaurants

T-Bones / Cactus Jack's


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Jeanie Forrester is accessable all the time, not just before election

To The Daily Sun,

The primary is coming on Sept. 9. I was hoping my state senator, Jeanie Forrester would not have anyone running against her in the primary.

Jeanie is what I think a representative should be. I e-mail her often with opinions and questions. She always replies. She gives me the reasons why she votes the way she does.

Weekly I receive an e-mail newsletter from her. She sends this to all constituents who are interested. She sends out e-mails about happenings that she think people might be interested in.

This happens all year, not just before an election. She is accessible to all her constituents. All the time.

She wants to cut the fraud and spending in the New Hampshire budget and is working hard to do it.

She is chairman of the Finance Committee. She keeps an eye on the state spending, and that is what I want. I want to make sure that spending is not out of control and the state does not spend more than it makes. We as citizens on New Hampshire have to do that, and so should the state.

Let's send Jeanie back to Concord. We really need her.

Linda Riley


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