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History has proven that the power of man is a delusion

To The Daily Sun,

There are two sides to everything. The same is true of our national election next Tuesday. I am not talking about our two parties, but instead speaking of politics versus God.

In my 72 years on this earth, I have never seen a race where both candidates are so unpopular, with almost no trust from the American people.

What would cause these things? To me, it is very simple. Our leaders have become so self-important and arrogant that they feel no need to worship God and thank him for what this country has enjoyed for the last few hundred years. God is only mentioned if it gives the candidate a political advantage.

This coming Sunday, Nov. 6, from 6 to 7 p.m., the Weirs United Methodist Church, at 35 Tower St., will be holding a one-hour prayer meeting, for our country and its candidates. This is not a political venue, but a group of humble people asking for God to change hearts and minds.

History has proven over and over that the power of man is a delusion, and through prayer the power of God is supreme and right. For one hour on Sunday evening, we will ask for forgiveness and open our hearts to a God who can forgive and right the course of this nation. We will acknowledge that He is in control, not us.

If this is done with a sincere heart, at that moment, the doubt and depression that you have been feeling will disappear. For you have turned the ugliness of politics over to the only one who is able to change things.

Ken Dyrsten

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In Laconia, there are countless people supporting our students

To The Daily Sun,
This past week, I found myself wondering how I could say "thank you" to so many family and community members that continue to do so much for our students at Pleasant Street School.
During Pumpkin Fest, a group of parents went out and purchased over 300 pumpkins for our students, so we could carve them at school. With a cost of over $1,000, they somehow acquired donations and contributed their own hard earned money to support this event. For many of our students, this was their only opportunity to carve a Halloween pumpkin. As you can imagine, the day was awesome.
This past weekend, our Volunteers in Pleasant Street School (VIPSS) coordinated our annual Fall Festival. This community event raises all of the funds our school needs for field trips and enrichment opportunities throughout the year. Through generous donations from the community, PSS families, and faculty members, we were able to have a bake sale, family games and over 50 raffle prizes. VIPSS even had the Laconia Wolves Hockey Team volunteer their time.
Finally, this week, I received a phone call from a parent, stating that he had heard that some students have gone without a meal during the school day. Even when I assured him that we would never let this happen, he still wanted to do something. The next day, I had a $500 check in my hand from this gentlemen to put into an account at PSS. He wanted to make sure that "just in case" a student needs some money for food, we have it.
Many days we read or hear about the negative things that are happening in the Laconia community. I am here to tell you, there are countless people supporting our students. Positive and amazing activities happening in our school every day because of this support. We have a wonderful community that wants what is best for our kids.
With the holiday seasons coming, I know our families will continue to take care of our students across the entire city. It is the little things that make a big difference in a school!
On behalf of the faculty and staff at Pleasant Street School, I want to say "thank you!" You are helping us make a difference every day in our student's lives. You are the reason "WE ARE ... Pleasant Street School!."
David Levesque, Principal

Pleasant Street School - Laconia

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