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High homicide-rate states should enact gun laws like N.H.

To The Daily Sun,
Even with Bernadette Loesch's history of inaccurate, misleading, and slanderous letters, her July first letter still amazed me. Right after claiming to want an "honest conversation about...the Second Amendment", she says, "It is incumbent on all of us to open a dialog with those who believe they have the right not only to own guns but to use them at will without penalty."
That would be a short and useless dialog since there are no law abiding gun owners who believe they have the right "to use them (guns) at will without penalty." Loesch's claim to want "honest conversation" is simply to mask her slander of Second Amendment supporters.
Loesch's statement is the opposite of the truth; law abiding gun owners complain that criminals using weapons are not punished harshly enough to deter future crimes.
While the mass shootings get all the attention, the truth is that the vast majority of homicides are done by people with criminal histories (known criminals, gang members, and people who associate with criminals). Various studies show that about 75 percent of murderers have adult criminal records; most of the remaining 25 percent of the murderers are juveniles, most of them with juvenile crime records. Almost all domestic partner homicides follow long histories of violence. Real "crimes of passion" are rare.
It's a fantasy that America's 100 million legal gun owners start shooting people on a whim or a slight. This fantasy only exists in the imaginations and the rantings of people like Loesch who are trying to scare people into giving up their rights and don't care that people will be defenseless, and undefended by a legal gun owner, e.g., if their home is invaded or if they face Orlando or San Bernardino like killers.
Legal gun owners know they have much to lose by possessing guns; nevertheless they prevent and safely end many thousands of crimes annually.
President Obama has been increasing the likelihood of gun violence by increasing America's exposure to Muslim terrorists and illegal alien criminals, reducing gun violation prosecutions, and releasing criminals from prison early. President Obama willing trades away American lives for political correctness and his ideological goals.
Few dangerous mentally ill people actually buy guns to commit crimes; these purchases could be prevented by current laws if all states, not just some, added such people to the federal crime database.
Nevertheless, any determined person can get whatever guns they want despite whatever laws exist. It's easy to get guns illegally, e.g., they can come over the open Mexican border along with many of the illegal drugs that kill about four Americans for every gun homicide victim.
If you want to solve a problem, the solution that works may or may not be the acclaimed "common sense" solution. If people like Loesch and Obama want to save lives, they would want the states with high homicide rates to implement gun laws like those in New Hampshire and Vermont with very low homicide rates.
Sadly, President Obama's focus isn't on saving American lives. His focus is on restricting the Second Amendment rights of the 99.999 percent of the American gun owners who don't shoot, and don't intend to shoot anyone except to protect themselves, their family, or other innocents.
If Americans surrender our Second Amendment rights, then we will be defenseless in the face of armed criminals and terrorists. When seconds count, our fine police are minutes away; they won't arrive in time to prevent your rape, robbery, beating, or murder. Don't let the scaremongers' wild imaginings and false claims scare you into giving up our Second Amendment rights.
Don Ewing

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Kelly Ayotte won't stand up to special interests who do us harm

To The Daily Sun,

For many recent college graduates, these summer months are spent looking for jobs that will allow them to begin paying off mountains of student debt. Their decision to invest in themselves, and incur significant debt along the way, was made with the promise that higher education would propel them into a lifelong career. Instead, some are coming to a sobering realization that the degree they were sold isn't worth what they paid for it, specifically for those who attended for-profit universities like Bridgepoint Education.

Just like Donald Trump's scam "university," Bridgepoint is being investigated by several state attorneys general, the SEC and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Employees of the organization have said that they were pressured to target veterans and low-income individuals who were ill-prepared for the online classes, leading 67 percent of students to drop out with plenty of debt, but no degree. Clearly, these predatory businesses have no place in our education system, and there should be protections in place to prevent their shady practices.

Unfortunately, Senator Kelly Ayotte doesn't agree. According to a WMUR report, after she learned about Bridgepoint's shady practices, she continued to accept campaign contributions from Bridgepoint. At one point, she wrote a thank you letter stating her "commitment to stand up for the beliefs that you and I share." What beliefs does Kelly Ayotte share with an organization that targets our most vulnerable citizens? Is that why she supports Donald Trump, because scam universities are what she's committed to?

It's not too often that we see elected officials stand up for special interests so explicitly, especially when they can do so much harm to Granite Staters. Kelly Ayotte's decision to side with Bridgepoint instead of students with debt in New Hampshire is shocking, and if voters believe that we should prevent veterans and low-income individuals from being preyed upon, then they should reject Kelly Ayotte in November.

Megan O'Gara

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