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Ted Cruz was winner of 603 Alliance caucus; good luck with that

To The Daily Sun,

For anybody who didn't know or didn't care, Ted Cruz won the (603 Alliance) caucus, followed by Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina.

Now that it is over the 603 Alliance thinks all those attending are going to unite and support Cruz.

As soon as I heard about the caucus and looked them up on Facebook, and the people that organized the event I knew this was a far right movement. And supporting Cruz, the winning candidate, proves it.

To show you how important this was to the candidates, only Cruz showed up. Some others did have stand-ins speak.

On the final vote Cruz took 72.3 percent of the vote. Being the main objective of the caucus was to unite for a candidate, it will be real interesting to see how many people voted on the last ballot. If all the people who voted on the first ballot weren't there at the end, I guess that shows not all were planning to vote for the choice of the Alliance as they claimed.

One of the organizers of the caucus, Fran Wendelboe said one of the reason that other candidates didn't show up was they didn't like to engage unless they think they can win. Like I read on Facebook right after the caucus, many people felt they had a good idea Cruz was going to win. Probably the reason more people didn't attend.

Being this is New Hampshire, I don't think 700 people are going to tell us how to vote.

Good luck people. You're going to need it.

L. Michael Hatch


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Police Commission & city face challenges & I'm ready to serve

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Jonathan Muller and I am running for one of the Police Commission positions for the City of Laconia.

I am running for this position to give back to my community, and apply my skill of thinking outside the box to the challenging issues facing the Police Commission and city. This would include issues surrounding mental health, addiction, homelessness, a changing workforce and fully staffing the Police Department.

I have been a resident of Laconia since 1976, attending city schools and then graduating from New Hampton Prep in 1994 and Plymouth State University in 1999. I am a past board member of the N.H. Landscape Association and past trustee of The Winnipesaukee Yacht Club.

As a long-term resident of the city, I have an understanding of the changes which have taken place which I bolstered more recently by riding with LPD Officers on all shifts.

I chose Laconia to start my landscaping business and a family. My wife and I saw the value and beauty of this city and all it had to offer. My business is now in its 17th year of successful operation, our children attend local schools and my wife works for LRGHealthcare.

I believe I have the necessary skills and experience to fulfill the demands of this position. I am looking to give back to my community that has given so much to me and my family. Please consider voting for me on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Jonathan Muller

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