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Trayvon Martin's death a prop used to forward a leftist agenda

To the editor:
On Wednesday, you printed a letter from a person called Brenda Sens of Gilmanton. In that letter she makes a couple of statements that I would like to address.
First, she accuses George Zimmerman of committing a "murder" when he shot Trayvon Martin. Excuse me but the man was acquitted of a 2nd degree murder charge and we have yet to be told by any juror that they acquitted Zimmerman despite the evidence. I distinctly recall some members of the O.J. jury publicly stating that they had, in fact voted to acquit despite the evidence (jury nullification). If memory serves me correctly it was a case of trying to make a statement against the LAPD at the time. So, Zimmerman is not a murderer, at least not in the eyes of the law.

Second, Sens claims that Zimmerman used Florida's "stand your ground law" to "get away with it". Really? That law was never at issue in this case and Zimmerman's defense team did not use it as a justification. The claim was that Zimmerman used deadly force to stop an attack when he felt his life was in danger. The fact is that Zimmerman decided to follow Martin. During that time Martin assaulted Zimmerman and at some point Zimmerman felt his life was threatened and he took the action he did. How many times are we allowed to smash someone's head on the ground and how many times can our noses be broken before we are allowed to take action? We can disagree about what action Zimmerman took to end the assault but in the real world what he did is called "self-defense".

Now, of course, if the goal is to restart a fight over the 2nd Amendment then you might make a claim that someone "used" a stand your ground law to "get away with it".

What I believe is this: People see this unfortunate local crime as an opportunity to reignite a battle over the 2nd Amendment after a recent setback. They are cynically using the tragic death of a young man to further the agenda that they refuse to drop. Does anyone really believe that men such as Eric Holder or Al Sharpton give a hoot about Trayvon Martin? George Zimmerman? Believe that if you like but I think you're mistaken. These young men are nothing but props to be used to forward a leftist agenda. It's an evil and cynical game that many in these pages seem ready to play unfortunately.

Eric Shirley



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One of my family members was officer in large police department

To The Daily Sun,
This reply is to address Dave Schwotzer's query as to whether I know the difference between a Prison and a County Jail:

I will share with you a bit of information of my in-depth knowledge of the difference between a prison and a county jail. Although you do not need to know about my life history or background, as I wish to keep it out of public arena, I am willing to share this much with you and the readers of this newspaper. One of my family members wore two separate uniforms for many, many years. One uniform was worn during service in the U.S. Military, the other was worn as a law enforcement officer for a large police department. Enough said.

Bernadette Loesch


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Progressives need to believe America is hopelessly racist nation

To The Daily Sun,
In response to Bernadette Loesch's letter last Friday in the Sun: I a simple man, am perplexed by most of your reply. I mentioned that it was likely you had never heard of George Thomas and the horrifying rape and murders committed by George and four others. Your seemingly incoherent reply, "I will admit to you that I do not know either individual you refer to in your letter. But I will tell you this fact. I know that they were both involved in crimes whether they be the alleged perpetrator or victim". Sheesh, it's an AFLAC duck/Yogi Berra redux moment. You obviously did not check out the situation at all. The two people killed were not involved in any crimes whatsoever. George and the four other perpetrators had been involved in numerous unlawful activities.
And judging by your response, you are copacetic with the Maryland teacher injecting an inaccurate racist component in her lesson plan by using the Emmitt Till murder as a comparison to the Martin/Zimmerman case. You said, "who better than a teacher who is qualified and responsible for the education of our children...right?" Only if one thinks indoctrinating our youth with racialist, progressive, revisionist history is a good thing.
Bernadette, you are spot on when you said, "in this day and age for skin color to cloud our opinions be it positive or negative, pollutes any logical decisions or outcomes in the legal arena and in our daily lives". President Obama, certain Democrats, the mainstream media, Hollywood and Eric Holder's thoroughly corrupt justice department are classic examples. Judicial Watch obtained documents revealing that the Department of Justice helped organize demonstrations and protests against Zimmerman under the guise of being sent to offer calm guidance and maintain the peace. And that was using unsolicited taxpayer funds to boot.
As writer and radio host, Derek Hunter notes, Progressives need people to believe America is a horribly and hopelessly racist nation to justify bigger government and more thought crimes. I would add, also to keep Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Ben Jealous (NAACP president) relevant since as Derek says, "actually talking about and solving problems for which they've appointed themselves champions would put them out of business".
Christopher Paslay, M.Ed, notes how many people in 21st century America believe "colorblindness" is an ideal and goal we all strive for. Unfortunately, a liberal professor at Eastern University while giving a lesson about social justice, told the class that "colorblindness" is a code word for white supremacy. So I ask you, just which group is it that seems reluctant to admit that white racism against blacks is really quite hard to find today. Which is why progressives made up the story that George Zimmerman had racial animus in his heart when there was no evidence whatsoever to make that claim. Look up Sherman Ware, homeless black man in 2010 when George came to his aid to get a police officer's son charged with assault.
Karin McQuillan, author and psychotherapist reminds us how the country working together, black and white, Republican and Democrat, Christian and Jew, were wildly successful in overcoming racism and discrimination to a very large degree. She says that within a generation, racism became rare and socially unacceptable. According to a World Values survey, only 3.8 percent of Americans are reluctant to have a neighbor of another race. Within two generations, we elected a black president who has a black Attorney General, after already having two black Secretaries of State.
I find it incomprehensible and so sad that our own president, ably assisted by Eric Holder and their progressive armies, continue to promote victimhood and impart the notion to black children that the deck is stacked against them. Hundreds of black men, women and children are murdered every year in the inner cities of America and there are no Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson demonstrations demanding justice and solutions for them. They are merely nameless faces dying silently in the graveyards of political correctness while the race hustlers recommit to their relentless search for the next white on black crime. Bernadette, I hope you are with me in what should be a bipartisan quest for a true colorblind society. And in any future letters to me, please make sure they are indeed logical and cohesive. After all, I am but a simple man trying to make sense of this crazy world of ours.
Russ Wiles

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Commission looking at ways to reduce cost of new-jail project

To The Daily Sun,

The County Commissioners would like to keep you updated regarding the planning process to address the existing jail conditions and implement a community corrections model.

We have presented a plan that reflects one scenario based on bed space projections, facility square footage, and costs. This scenario was carefully evaluated by a planning committee and determined to produce the best outcomes for our county after reviewing with representatives from all participant agencies involved in our criminal justice system.

We have listened and heard many concerns from the Delegation as well as others in the community and are looking at a number of ways to reduce the cost of the project. These include:

— Revisit the projection scenarios and attempt to reduce the number of beds required based on alternate admission and length of stay assumptions; also consider a different projection threshold (vs. the 25 year projection currently utilized).
— Explore alternate options for the Community Corrections Center, new construction or renovate an existing space.
— Consider opportunities to work with a neighboring county.
— Reduce the overall size of the facility.

The Commissioners look forward to sharing these findings with the Delegation as we move forward in addressing the needs of the incarcerated population in a safe, secure, and rehabilitative environment that saves costs in the long run by reducing recidivism.

Belknap County Commissioners

John H. Thomas

Edward D Philpot, Jr.

Stephen H. Nedeau



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Taboo against talking about dying is about to change, locally

To The Daily Sun,
Ever wonder what kind of a crap game you're in and who the players are? Wonder no longer because a Death Café is coming this way very shortly. Talking about dying has long been taboo in our culture but that's all about to change. A movement which started about 10 years ago in Switzerland and spread to Belgium and France then the UK and since 2004 has made its appearance in various cities as Columbus Ohio, Vancouver BC , Sonoma County, California and Chicago.
The goal is to raise awareness with the view of helping people make the most of their lives. It has to be a good thing when people are open to get together and talk about death. Keeping it socially unacceptable and taboo is how the funeral industry got so commercial. Usually meetings are held over coffee and donuts and usually run themselves even though there is a facilitator.
Sample questions that you might run into are: How do you want to die? In your sleep? In the hospital? Of what cause? When do you want to die? Is 100 too old? Are you scared? What kind of funeral do you want — if any. Is cremation better than burial? What do you need to accomplish before your life is over?
You may also learn about creating wills and advanced medical directives. I'm sure near-death experiences and communicating with the dead will pop up somewhere! What happens after death? Is there a heaven or hell? What are the different views of various religious traditions? Sound kind of gloomy to you? I thought so too at first but anytime we can demystify and throw light on a subject — to the horror of western religions — I'm all for it. If you're interested in attending such meetings you can call Starr King on Fairgrounds Rd.  in Plymouth at 536-8908. Go easy on the donuts though. One too many may make these meetings more pertinent than you think.
If you're young enough to last another 10-15 years you might not need to attend. There are some very bright people sponsored by some very rich people who are looking into making us all immortal in the very near future. It's just a matter of downloading your brain and exchanging your flesh and blood for some shiny mechanical parts. Voila! Instant immortality. Snicker all you want. We share 60 percent of our genes with a banana; 90 percent with a mouse; and 99 percent with a chimpanzee. I look at it as "upward mobility". Pass the lubricant.
George Maloof

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