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Together, we can provide common sense & accountability in Concord

To The Daily Sun,

I am seeking the state Senate seat in District 2 to follow in the important Republican shoes of Sen. Jeanie Forrester. Jeanie is a proven effective leader who is running for governor. Candidly, I am a true conservative. As a leader I am compassionate, and an excellent listener: qualities critical to building consensus.

The centerpiece for my campaign has been reaching out and listening to all of the voters throughout the 27 towns which comprise Senate District 2. I have traveled throughout the district repeatedly, since the early spring, and met hundreds of voters face to face. Through my conversations voters have gotten to know me and are able to recognize my qualifications and abilities to serve them in a consistent manner in Concord with similar constituent traditions Senator Forrester has established for the good of the people.

My vision for a promising New Hampshire future includes:

— A balanced financial plan with responsible spending supported by realistic revenue projections.

— Promoting excellence in education with local control and parental choice.

— Protecting Second Amendment rights and expanding personal liberties by reducing government overreach.

— Term limits for government officials which will bring hard work, accountability and dependability to our political environment.

As a Belknap County State Representative I have worked tirelessly to:

— Return $600,000 to county taxpayers by holding the line on spending.

— Work in Concord to help take on the heroin/opioid crisis.

— Support law enforcement and fought human trafficking issues.

— Help grow jobs by supporting cutting business taxes.

— Stand strongly for right to life.

— Help pass a responsible New Hampshire budget with no new increased taxes.

— Support education choice and parental rights.

— Support protections for private landowners' rights.

Presently serving as state representative from Belknap County representing District 4; I live in Sanbornton with my wife, Karen and her 93-year-old Mom in the house I built in 1986. Together, we have been blessed with five children and seven grandchildren. During the 2015-2016 legislative session I was appointed by the House speaker to serve on the important House Ways & Means Revenue Committee.

I grew up in Rhode Island in a strong Catholic family. My mom worked as a principal's secretary at an elementary school for 20 years while my dad supported the family of three boys by selling life insurance. Dad also served in World War II and was awarded the Bronze Star. I am a former marathon runner having participated and finished races in Boston, New York City and Cape Cod.

I graduated from Boston College earning a bachelor's degree, and a Master's degree in Business Administration from Plymouth State University.

My professional career experiences include over 30 years in finance including work in the New Hampshire Budget/Finance Office in Concord where I served for 12 years helping to manage state finances under many governors (both Republican and Democratic) beginning with the Honorable Gov. Meldrim Thomson.

Later I served in the New Hampshire Supreme Court at the Administrative Office for eight years. Following this, I was appointed as first business manager for the Newfound School District in Bristol. Subsequently, I accepted appointments as the business administrator for both the Windham/Pelham school districts.

After more than 30 years of a successful career in public finance I retired while continuing with limited educational consultation in New Hampshire. As a community leader I know how to steward the public tax dollar. I've served on many local town and school organizations and I am a member of the State Lilac and Wildflower Commission. This year I was recognized for conservative achievement credentials by the American Conservative Union.

There continue to be many challenges in Concord, Ffghting against a sales and income tax and stopping government economic waste being just two. Together, we can provide common sense and accountability to the Statehouse while managing wisely with understanding and compassion to address financial needs of the people of New Hampshire.

I humbly ask for your support and vote for me for state Senate District 2 on Tuesday, Sept. 13 in the Republican Primary.

Rep. Brian Gallagher




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I've worked with Gallagher & I don't agree with his decision making

To The Daily Sun,

The Lakes Region needs a state senator in District 2 who will work for the people, support the Constitution and promote the economy. Bob Giuda is that man.

Bob Giuda graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy. He served as an aviation officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. Bob Giuda has been an international airline pilot since 1986 and will soon retire. I have three good friends who are also former military pilots and now fly as international commercial airline pilots. All of them are men who possess great judgment. This is something we are lacking in politics today.

I have worked with Bob Giuda's opponent, Brian Gallagher, and I do not agree with his decision-making. He has little or no experience working in the private sector. How can Mr. Gallagher make needed changes in government when has been employed by the government for the last 30 years?

The following are some examples of his judgment and decision making, as a first-term state representative.

As a Lakes Region small-business owner, I was shocked when Rep. Brian Gallagher stated that both New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS) and Laconia Motorcycle Week promote prostitution. These activities are extremely important to our local economy and his statements were reckless. These events can make or break many small businesses. Laconia's police chief claimed that in his 22-year experience, he has never made a prostitution arrest during Bike Week. The general manager of NHMS also disputed Mr. Gallagher's unfounded statements.

Brian Gallagher was also the author of the failed nipple bill. A first offense would be a misdemeanor. A second offense would be a Class B felony. A woman convicted of this "crime" could have been sent to state prison for seven years and be required to register as a sex offender. When Rep. Gallagher's bill was being reviewed in committee, he was asked if it should apply to men. His response was, "I would have to think about it."

As your county commissioner, I worked hard with my fellow commissioners to find taxpayer savings and we ultimately amassed a $695,000 surplus. The county complex roof has failed, which includes the Belknap County Nursing Home. Nursing home residents live with the threat of a roof that could start leaking at any time. As a fiscal conservative, I recommended replacing the roof with the surplus to avoid the taxpayer paying interest on a bank loan. Rep. Gallagher lead the opposition against this action and wanted to use the entire amount (of the surplus) to reduce the budget. He prevailed and soon the county will ask the delegation to bond a new roof. The residents of Belknap County will now have to pay Wall Street unnecessary principal and interest for years to come. He takes credit for this action in his campaign website. Now elderly people, in their final stages of life, live under a failed roof only to benefit his state Senate campaign.

The clear choice for our next state senator is Bob Giuda. He is a fiscal conservative with private sector experience and a man with good judgment. Please join me in voting for Bob Giuda for State Senator District 2, on Sept. 13.

David DeVoy, Chairman

Belknap Board of Commissioners

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