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I'm still trying to figure out what Obama & Clinton covered up

To the editor,

In politics, we are all aware of deception, lies, spinning the truth, etc., but Mr. Earle, in his most recent letter, distorts the truth by taking a statement made by then Secretary Clinton out of context, or as Mr. Meade refers to it, "paraphrasing." By using these techniques, you don't have to report an accurate account of what was said — you only have to narrate whatever information serves your political interests, no matter how blatantly misleading.

The events that took place in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012 were an American tragedy, ending in the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Officer Sean smith, and Navy Seals Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

No one could have imagined, by the end of the evening, how quickly the Republican right would politicize the murder of four Americans. Or how the most basic facts would be twisted and even invented out of the air to manufacture false charges — first to suggest that President Obama was disengaged, or even sympathetic to terror, and then, when that faltered, to begin tarnishing the reputation of Hillary Clinton as she mulled a 2016 presidential bid.

Mr. Earle, in his inimitable way, fails to give us all the facts of Secretary of State Clinton's response to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He conveniently paraphrased her comments to read, "What does it really matter." Her actual response to the question, as to what provoked the attack on the consulate was, "But with all due respect, the fact is that we had four dead Americans. What difference, AT THIS POINT, does it make (referring to the cause of the attack)? IT IS OUR JOB TO FIGURE OUT WHAT HAPPENED AND DO EVERYTHING WE CAN TO PREVENT IT FROM HAPPENING AGAIN." These points made by Clinton, were left out of Earle's letter.

I'm still trying to figure out what Clinton, Obama, Rice, and the State Department were supposed to have hidden or covered-up and why. That they didn't immediately know ahead of time if it was a planned or spontaneous attack? That they didn't know ahead of time there was going to be an attack? That they issued a preliminary report that eventually proved wrong? After all the terrorist attacks on our embassies and the resulting deaths and injuries from them over the last 20 years, the Republicans suddenly decide the current administration is responsible in some way for the deaths in Benghazi. They were perfectly happy to deny requests for increased funding for the State Department and never questioned "security failures" during Republican administrations, but now, especially after losing elections, these "statesmen" need to pin something, anything, on the Obama administration.

Ambassador Stevens was not "butchered", "raped", or "tortured" by members of the mob as claimed by Earle and others, but was alive when brought to a hospital. He bore no external injuries, and died of smoke inhalation from the fire started in the attack on the consulate. Does this diminish his death — certainly not! But exaggerating circumstances of his death for political gain is unconscionable.

L.J. Siden

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Thanks for support of Gilmanton Holiday Craft Fair & Legion Aux

To The Daily Sun,

Gilmanton Ellis-Geddes-Levitt Unit #102 of the American Legion Auxiliary extends it appreciation to the Gilmanton PTA for hosting the recent Gilmanton Holiday Craft Fair, and to our many friends and supporters who purchased great home-baked items from the Auxiliary along with raffle tickets for a chance to win a wonderful holiday/winter themed gift-basket. Ms. Ford was the winner of the raffle and was presented with a beautiful basket full of decorations, linen, holiday treats, gifts and home-good items.
As part of our Holiday-Fair participation, members also donated and collected non-perishable food items which were donated to the Gilmanton Food Pantry. Home-baked items were also donated to the Dump Run Café for their weekly community gatherings.
Members were present to provide visitors with information on our "Veterans at Rest in Gilmanton" project; the goal of which is to locate and document all veteran burials in Gilmanton to ensure that the sites receive proper honor.
The mission of the American Legion Auxiliary is to further Americanism and to support veterans, military, their families and community. Fundraising is essential to the support we are able to provide during the year. The Gilmanton Holiday Craft Fair is a wonderful community event; be sure to join us in Gilmanton next year! For further information on American Legion Auxiliary, our Veterans Projects, membership or donation opportunities, contact us at ALA102@ metrocast.net.

Raelyn Cottrell, President
Gilmanton Ellis-Geddes-Levitt Unit #102
American Legion Auxiliary

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Investment, growth & job creation only way reduce poverty

To The Daily Sun,

Paula Trombi of Meredith wrote to The Daily Sun supporting Medicaid expansion in N.H. under the headline, "Doesn't Medicaid expansion speak to the kind of society we want to be". Good question? Do we want America to be seen as the biggest WELFARE provider in the world because its citizens can not support themselves? That people fail in such huge numbers there is no alternative but to nipple them to taxpayers at the state and federal level for perpetuity. While refusing to recognize and acknowledge the heightened taxation required to fund loosened welfare has the DIRECT CONSEQUENCE of forcing even more millions OUT OF THE MIDDLE CLASS that has been shrinking for 20 years. Is that the how we want America to be seen in the eyes of our enemies and global competitors?

When are bleeding-heart socialists like Paula ever going to grasp the only way possible to reduce poverty and dependence is through economic policies that vigorously stimulate investment, growth and job creation. Policies that focus on poverty directly through handouts and re-distribution (like Obamacare) only INCREASE the problem as we have seen for five years. If expanding welfare and dependence on government worked, why do the millions dependent on government keep increasing? We have had straight 70 years of easing and expanding the welfare definition. I challenge any person to show ONE PLACE where it has been effective in REDUCING POVERTY. There is no argument what so ever about lifting the the poor out of poverty. The disagreement come entirely in the method to accomplish it. If Paula or anyone else has EVIDENCE that prove generous government benevolence reduces the numbers in poverty, PRODUCE IT. No need for a personal attack, just produce the EVIDENCE. We all respect facts! All I ask is that liberals stop trying to B.S. their way into more bankrupting, sure-to-fail policies from BRIBING, government on the Trojan horse of benevolence all while trying to SHAME others in the process for not buying the "snookering job". The only sure cure to POVERTY is a JOB, not a HANDOUT!
The Supreme Court decision made it crystal clear. The federal government was BULLYING and coercing states with the Medicaid CRAM-DOWN under Obamacare and removed it. Paula wants the BULLYING IMPLEMENTED. SHE LIKES BULLIES. Government is trying to BRIBE states with a carrot to entice states to take over the care and COST for millions more poor. Bribe MONEY starts high, then dwindles quickly. The states are then are stuck with paying endless billions more for the poor out of STATE REVENUES for eternity. These MUCH HIGHER costs will then SQUEEZE money from every other much needed cause including education going forward. Then the LIBERAL screams. . . WE CAN'T CUT EDUCATION SPENDING! FACE IT. Government has over promised FIVE TIMES more than it can ever deliver or WILL EVER DELIVER without totally killing the MIDDLE CLASS to pay for it. The latest CBS news poll on Nov. 20 shows an ALL TIME record of 61 percent of the public now are OPPOSED to Obamacare and an all time LOW of 37 percent give Obama a favorable job approval rating. It proves Americans do not like to be LIED TO, and they do not like being BULLIED by government, democrats, Obama or Paula.
Tony Boutin

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1,400 hot meals were paid for with proceeds from HATT auction

To The Daily Sun,
How sweet it was! So many contributed to the success of our First Annual Dessert Auction to benefit Hands Across the Table it was overwhelming! Huge thanks go to our lead sponsor, the Beane Conference Center and contributing sponsors Woodshed Roasting Company and Contigiani's Catering and to Paul "PK" Zyla, auctioneer extraordinaire.

Our thanks go out to the many local bakeries and restaurants that contributed beautiful desserts to help us in providing free hot meals each Tuesday night at the Boys and Girls Club Complex across from Opechee Park: Ooo La La Creative Cakes, Kara's Café and Cakery, Village Bakery, Annie's Café and Catering, Wicked Sweet New England Treats, Penny's Crafts, Heavenly Confections, Fratello's, Hectors, T-Bones, Water Street Café, O Steaks and Seafood and the Huot Tech Culinary Arts Department. Gift certificates from Shaw's, Vista, Hannaford's and the Mill Fudge Factory all resulted in overbids. Many individuals, church groups and non-profits offered up their family favorite recipes while many HATT Board Members and friends of HATT took on the task of providing refreshments, decorating and plating desserts, and assisting our guests with registration and check out.

Most of all, this event was a success due to the wonderful attendance and generous bidders which all told helped us raise $2,971, or in HATT language, over 1,400 hot meals! We are blessed to live in this great community!
Debbie Frawley Drake
HATT Board & Event Chair


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'Ends jusify the means' is path that leads to Hell on Earth

To The Daily Sun,

This is in response to George Maloof's letter in the November 30th Sun:

Mr. Maloof, I had to read your letter regarding Obamacare more than once to determine whether it was meant as sarcasm or if you really believe what you wrote. Going by many of your previous letters I must assume you were serious.

In your contention that "the end justifies the means" you have shown your true colors, meaning that to you anything goes as long as you get what you and the other leftists think we need (or that you want). It doesn't matter if your intent is good as such a path always leads to hell (and I'm not talking about biblical hell, but Hell on Earth). While the context of your letter deals with Obamacare and the lies that were used to justify its passage and implementation, you expanded on it to show that you would have no problem expanding "the end justifies the means" reasoning to cover other actions you and your fellow travelers deem necessary.

For instance, would you use it as an excuse to round up those who oppose your political beliefs and put them into re-education camps in order to push your political agenda? Would you make it a thought crime to question the brilliance of your ideology? Would you be willing to kill millions of your fellow citizens in order to ensure "ideological purity" and to bring about your Progressive Utopia (the aforementioned Hell on Earth)? How far would you take "the end justifies the means", Mr. Maloof? Would you be willing to become the next Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, or Saddam in order to ensure your ideology triumphs? Really, how far would you go?

Your kind of thinking is dangerous, Mr. Maloof, as it shows a willingness to start down that slippery slope to totalitarianism. Either that or you are nothing more than what Lenin once called "a useful idiot".

In addition I must address your twisted view about what happened that evening when George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin had their deadly encounter. First, Zimmerman did not just "gun down" a teenager. He killed someone who was trying their best to kill him, pounding his head against the concrete until he was able to pull his weapon and end the assault. Even the local police knew that to be the case after their investigation, which is why the local prosecutor declined to take the case before a grand jury. It wasn't until the race-baiters and hustlers, including your sainted president, got into the act that a special prosecutor came forth and tried the case... and lost. The evidence bore out Zimmerman's claim of self-defense. While Martin's record was not allowed to be discussed during the criminal trial, all of his dirty laundry would have come out had his family decided to sue Zimmerman in civil court. Poor "innocent Trayvon" would have been shown to be a thief, a drug abuser, and a gangsta wannabe and not the clean-cut kid everyone had been trying to portray.

As I must state yet again for your benefit: You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

Dale Channing Eddy


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