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Industrial wind power around Newfound is travesy we'll regret

To the editor,
On May 3, I kayaked around Newfound Lake. This is a stunning and unique lake — it not only offers great beauty but also offers me a free drink during my expedition. It has always been my favorite lake and to me it's likely the last summer to kayak this gem before its viewshed is ruined by industrial wind turbines. Its sweeping 360 degree water views from Bristol to Hebron are spectacular!
Newfound Lake is so highly regarded that many resident, both past and present, have donated their lands in hopes to preserve the lake's charm. Yet in spite of this — the state is now promoting industrial wind turbine sites all around this "extraordinary" and "special place".
The promotion of the Groton Wind Farm with its 24 industrial turbines was done quietly and quickly. To many of us it was a surprise! I believe it's all in the wind developers planning approach — because they announced all four wind projects shortly after the summer residents left.
It goes to show you how summer residents are valued — "YES" — your voices count and should be heard on this matter. If all proposed projects get built out, this wonderful, stunningly scenic place will be littered with 125 huge industrial wind turbines surrounding it. The viewshed will be ruined for the next 20 years.
I have summered in Bridgewater since the early 1970s. Many of you don't know me... but you can see that I have a passionate love for this lake. When my parents first discovered this lake — they were awed by its spectacular beauty. I strongly believe that industrial wind power developments around the lake is a travesty that we will come to regret. I am angry that the political climate of today has allowed such unjustified destruction of our Lakes Region to take place. Please join me and the efforts of "New Hampshire Wind Watch" in battling this. You owe it to your soul...
I ended my kayak trip that day and wrote this letter. Just goes to show you — the lake is also a great place to think.
Ray Cunningham

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Quite sure people who voted for Ayotte are happy with her actions

To the editor,
So much condemnation of Senator Ayotte in recent letters and TV ads. I wonder, why wouldn't these letters instead be praising President Obama, extolling his actions and bold leadership. After all he issued 23 executive orders back in January (reference my letter of Jan. 18, 2013, Sun page 7). Bolder action by Obama, such as what F.D.R. was inclined to take with a stroke of his pen which spurred his Congress into action, may yet be forthcoming.
Giving praise when and where it is due is a positive thing guiding others in a positive way. Senator Shaheen has I'm sure done much to be praised, such as voting her party line faithfully. The ads and letters tell us nothing.
As to Ayotte's representing N.H., I'm quite sure the majority which voted her in are satisfied with her actions.
As to Obama's promised transparency, he allowed some but only as humor during the Correspondents Dinner on April 27th. Stating he was a young socialist (past tense), suggesting he's an old(er) socialist now, just humor.
Back in July of 2008, campaigning in Colorado Obama stated, "We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded." Today his administration's departments — from the Department of Homeland Security to Social Security — are buying up tens of millions of rounds of ammunition, enough it is estimated to expend 5.5 million rounds a month for the next 24 years. Some think it is a bit quirky to say the least, it may just be there is extra funds available from his sequester program (which Shaheen voted for).
Again, I'd like to read from some of the letter writers the good and positive things that socialist governments around the world have achieved in the last 100 years. One thing about them is, at the cost of tens of millions of lives, they have made capitalist out of all but a small handful, even if they continue to be authoritarian, single partied.
GW Brooks

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Patsy handles everything that comes her way with itegrity to the core

To the editor,
Dear voters of Sanbornton:
On May 14th, Sanbornton voters will be heading to the polls to elect a Selectmen. Patsy Wells is running.
Patsy Wells has been part of my family for a number of years. In the years together as a family, we have been through a lot of life experience's with Patsy, tons of joy, and sadly, also great tragedy. Needless to say,with those experience's, you get to know someone very well and how they deal with the things life sends you.
I will tell you, regardless of what comes her way, Patsy handles it with the highest level of integrity to her core. She walks the "high road" because that's where she lives. She also is one of the most pure of heart human beings I've ever had the honor to know. What you see is what you get, a no-nonsense, sharp as a knife, hard working woman who never stops being who she is.
Patsy deeply cares about Sanbornton and the people who make it what it is. Patsy has been a selectman here before as many of you are aware of. She is no stranger to the workings of the town Sanbornton, and knows what it takes to make this great place move ahead into the future. Sanbornton has a great opportunity to once again utilize the assets of her knowledge, fairness and truth.
I have no doubt what so ever, Patsy would make positive things happen for Sanbornton.
Please support, on May 14th, the most positive choice for the Sanbornton selectmen seat, Vote for Mrs. Patsy Wells!
Gordon Gourlay

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Ralph Rathjen is right person for opening on Sanbornton BudCom

To the editor,
Write-in Ralph Rathjen for Sanbornton Budget Committee.
As a community, we always try to encourage residents to become involved in the process of government through expanded participation to all our boards and committees, ensuring better representation by more people and not just the same dedicated, reliable and over worked volunteers. We invite and welcome people with a variety of backgrounds, to offer new eyes with a fresh look, in this case, to our review of past budgets and future budget planning
Ralph and his family moved to Sanbornton in 2010, on the property between Upper and Lower Bay Roads, which they farm under the name " KREBS Farm", on Upper Bay Road. This is where the Rathjen's have chosen to retire and live the "Rural Sanbornton Dream", as they plan and plant the land to produce the best products possible. As a family, the Rathjens have quickly become involved in the community through the library, old home days, farmers markets, Farm to Restaurant Connection, Heritage Farm and the NH Food Bank.
I believe that Ralph Rathjen is the right person for the opening on the Budget Committee, at this time. He has extensive experience in financial analysis and has served on a number of advisory and finance boards over the years. In his present endeavors he has proven the ability to appreciate the present needs and the vision to plan for the future, under unpredictable conditions.
This is exactly who Sanbornton needs, as we come slowly out of the recent difficult economic times. Ralph is the person with "fresh eyes" and "vision" to work for the "best interest" of we the taxpayers.
I encourage you to join me, and Write-in Ralph Rathjen for Budget Committee on May 14th.
Steven Ober

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Question still out there; why need for mass destruction weapons

To the editor,
Dear Don Ewing:
I am still awaiting your answer as to why people in this country have to arm themselves with weapons of mass destruction. You have had more than a week to answer those of us who are puzzled as to why people need high power weaponry.
A timely answer would be greatly appreciated.
Bernadette Loesch

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