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Ask me the tough questions that need to be asked on April 13

To The Daily Sun,

I invite all of my Belknap County Friends to come Belkap County Republican Committee meeting on Wednesday, April 13 to say hello, hear my brief pitch for U.S. Senate and ask me the tough questions that need to be answered.

The meeting will be held at the Top of the Town Restaurant (88 Ladd Hill Road) in Belmont at 6:30 p.m.

I'm running to protect good-paying jobs and secure retirements for Americans, keep us safe from terror, cut spending, debt and the size of federal government, and will keep my promises because I can't be bought. Check my website to learn more or to get involved.

Jim Rubens


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The left's full-out assault on our freedoms & safety is deadly

To The Daily Sun,

How many thousands of "isolated incidents" have to occur before the left (progressives, socialists, too many Democrats) and their complicit Republican counterparts will decide to get serious about illegal immigration? I am referring to those who commit violent acts on the peaceful population of this country.

Does Kate Steinle and sanctuary cities ring a frustrating bell for any of you? How about the more recent attack on a Framingham, Massachusetts, couple? Four illegals from Guatemala raped the young man's girlfriend and beat him senseless. Elmer Diaz, Ariel Diaz, Adan Diaz and Marlon Josue Jarquin-Felipe had all been previously deported. Various charges had ranged from assault with a dangerous weapon, kidnapping, assault and battery, witness intimidation, drunken driving and disorderly conduct.

I will spare you the details of this horrific act against this Framingham couple. Oh, and stop me if you have heard this before, Ariel Diaz had been arrested this past winter for drunken driving charges, but ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) was not notified.

How many of you have heard about the Jan. 31, 2016, death of 21-year-old Sarah Root. Root was a recent graduate of Bellvue University with a 4.0 grade point average and a B.S. in crime investigation. Omaha, Nebraska, police charged illegal immigrant Eswin Mejia with her killing as a result of driving drunk while street racing. Where is Eswin now? No one seems to know, since he vanished after posting a small bond. Before he went into hiding, police had asked ICE to detain Mejia. ICE spokesman Shawn Neudauer apparently told officials that they couldn't detain him because he did not meet their requirements for a hold. It gets worse folks. Omaha is in Douglass County and has been designated as a so called "sanctuary city." That is apparently why the judge was not allowed to ask about the suspect's immigration status or his history of skipping out on charges stemming from previous brushes with the law.

Can anyone tell me why we continue to give leniency to people who are here illegally and have committed violent crimes against humanity? How about why violent illegal immigrants who have been deported several times, end up back in this country? The majority of Democrats and the mainstream media and of course our president, continue to tell us that deportations are up and the border is secure. Bodacious lies of course, because of course, they really want open borders for a variety of reasons, none of which are beneficial for the preservation of our constitutional republic.

If Hillary Clinton becomes our next president, then you can expect more of the same. In fact, the left's full-out assault on our freedoms and our safety is so strident and deadly, that there is now a move toward cutting our prison population in half within the next decade or so. The "Cut50" project, backed by the ACLU and bankrolled by the ultra evil, George Soros, is pushing to cut the 2.3 million incarceration rate in half. That would entail shortening sentences, relaxing parole criteria and redefining what offenses are considered violent.

There's the real kicker folks. Formerly labeled violent offenders would have to be part of any effort to let out that many inmates. As Senator Jeff Sessions notes, "When we release large numbers of criminals early, we know that a substantial number of those individuals will commit murders, rapes, assaults, robberies and other violent crimes that would have been prevented had they remained in prison." You don't suppose that Angela Davis and Van Jones might be involved in this project do you?

John Kerry finally admits that ISIS is committing genocide and has decimated the Christian population in the Middle East. Glad to know our Secretary of State is on top of current events. Anti-Semitism is on the rise in this country and in Europe. This administration sides with Palestine and gave Iran a blank check with which to attempt to annihilate Israel. The left is hell-bent on destroying this planet and not just this country.

And what do these condescending, pusillanimous patrons of social justice believe is the biggest threat to mankind? Man-caused global warming of course. Leftism and radical Islam are working side by side to destroy the social climate of humanity. Yet, they actually believe they can control the meteorological climate that has been changing for all of mankind. Delusions of grandeur? No, delusions of grand destruction.

The rape and pillaging of America by the left continues unabated. Is anyone else as upset as I am?

Russ Wiles

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