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Lakeport Landing should be able to match the highest offer for property

To The Daily Sun,

I have been watching the saga about the Lakeport Landing debacle from a distance and I admit I am confused. Let me explain: I was a friend of the late Paul Blizzard. Paul was a gentleman and an impressive businessman who happened to have roots in the town I grew up in. We have a few common friends here in this area that are still watching this saga.

I remember being impressed with an article in The Laconia Sun that reported that Blizzard had secured the right of first refusal to purchase the property from the City of Laconia back in 2005 or so. I regarded the agreement as a coup for Blizzard.

Now, here comes my confusion. It seems that the city has tried to close the door on this matter. Did this actually happen in 2005? I am certain it did. I can't help but think that ethically, Lakeport Landing should have the ability to purchase the property for the amount of the highest bidder. One would assume that the city would be accommodating in this regard.

So, where are the minutes of this meeting and where is the article I read? Does the ball really belong in Lakeport Landing's court; or another?

Robert Heinrich

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Neither GOP nor Democrat presidents have enforced immigration laws

To The Daily Sun,

Two levels of government have the responsibility, authority, and capability to protect the citizens of San Francisco from illegal aliens. Currently these are the Democratic-controlled city government and the Democratic President Obama-controlled federal government. Both governments failed to protect Kathryn Steinle from being murdered by a habitual felon and repeatedly deported illegal alien who was in San Francisco because it's one of America's 276 "sanctuary" cities.

Kathryn Steinle could have been just another one of thousands of unpublicized illegal alien homicide victims. (More than one daily based on government reports. For some names, faces, and details see: http://www.ojjpac.org/memorial.asp)

Most Americans only know about Kathryn's murder because Donald Trump created a firestorm by talking about the harm done to our country and to millions of Americans by illegal aliens.
Trump's comments are still being condemned by the politically correct crowd who try to shut down anyone, any talk, or anything that threatens their political objectives, their favored special interests, and the Washington elite.

Trump's comments resonated with the American people who bear the brunt of illegal aliens. Every-day-Americans are crime victims, suffer lower wages and lost jobs, endure higher living costs, and have long waits in hospital emergency rooms flooded with illegal aliens. Their children are exposed to unhealthy illegal alien children at schools which must divert scarce resources to help unprepared and non-English speaking children of illegal aliens.

Every-day-Americans also know the unfairness of rewarding illegal aliens when millions of people wait to immigrate legally, the stupidity of rewarding law-breakers, the repeated false promises of our politicians, and we have trouble comprehending the concept of a "non-criminal illegal alien."

Kathryn Steinle's father is testifying before Congress for a law named for Kate to try to prevent there being future victims of illegal aliens. But having a congressional inquiry doesn't mean Congress will pass meaningful laws to protect Americans nor that President Obama will enforce them; too many politicians and special interests benefit from illegal immigration.

To most effectively eliminate the threat from illegal aliens, we must fully enforce our existing immigration laws: close our borders and immediately deport people who violate their visa conditions. Neither Democrat nor Republican presidents have enforced our laws, nor is any establishment Democrat or Republican politician likely to do so.

The American people mustn't accept a sham Kate's Law. We must demand a law that at least severely penalizes illegal aliens who commit violent crimes and withholds all federal taxpayer support for sanctuary cities. Contact Congress and demand that they pass the Davis-Oliver Act, S.1640.

Don Ewing

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