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The Bible is not a history document, it is a religious document

To The Daily Sun,

It takes one to know one is a common term. John Demakowski has alluded that our cordial professor, Mr Cracraft, may be afflicted with hot air. A misreading, of course. Mr Demakowski's hot air is straight from his make-believe Bible's lake of fire, where he has it in his tormented mind that you will be tortured with fire because you deserve it if you don't accept the beliefs of people who didn't know where the sun went at night. Got that?

Now let's get to hot air. Firstly, there is no evidence for any supernatural realm, beings, or deities. Zero, so stop pretending there is to make yourself feel warm and fuzzy. Ignorance of natural processes in the universe is not grounds for faith. It is grounds for awe and wonder and curiosity.

Secondly, there are no primary contemporary sources for the life of the Bible's Jesus. In my opinion, Jesus is a mythical construct, a synthetic person made by synchronizing Pagan mystery cults, Hellenism, and Judaism. All three represented the major religious currents of that Roman era. Nor does archaeology support the Pentateuch.

The Bible is not a history document; it is a religious document not unlike the Quran or the Bagativa Gita or the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Mr Demakowski speaks of his Biblical literacy but in my view that is as important as claiming one is well studied in Harry Potter novels, the Dune Trilogy or the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov.

Pretending to know things is not a virtue. Its the virtue of a wolf.

James Veverka

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I want to be part of presbytery's mission to country of Romania

To The Daily Sun,

Dear friends and relatives that do and do not know me as of yet:

This summer our presbytery here in Northern New England is sending a mission trip to the country of Romania. I am praying about and planning to be a part of this trip.

As I lay alone in my hospital bed healing from a horrible car/motor cycle accident, I knew then that Christ had saved my life for a future purpose of His. I feel that this trip to Romania to share the Gospel and administer Christ's mercy to others is part of the reason Christ let me live on. Please pray for me and help me if you can.
Romania has suffered oppression for much of the last century; at the hands of Nazi Germany during WWII and then the USSR for many years afterwards. Germany annexed large sections of land and the USSR bled Romania of natural and economic resources in the 1950s. The communist dictator Ceausescu came to power in 1965 promising independence, but proved to be brutally oppressive. Tens of thousands of citizens were detained, imprisoned, tortured or killed during his regime. Since his ouster in 1989 there has been steady improvement, but even today Romania has the lowest average yearly wage in the European Union. The average Romanian makes 1/8 to 1/10 of a comparable worker in the U.S.
This economic hardship creates many challenges for the Christian church in Romania, as ministry is complicated by poverty, child abandonment and birth defects from alcoholism. We are working with Hong Key Chung, a Korean missionary who is pastor of Zion Presbyterian Church in Bucharest. Rev. Chung, in addition to his work in church planting, has focused on ministry to the political establishment so as to effect change in the country through those with the greatest influence.
Our team will be providing an opportunity for Zion Church to be refreshed through a five-day retreat in rural Romania. We will be assisting with teaching, children's programs, drama and other elements of the retreat.
After the retreat is over, our team will partner with another local church to do evangelism and mercy ministry in Bucharest for three days.
The trip will take place from July 2 – 11 of this year. The cost of my trip is $1,800. This covers my airfare, lodging, food and ministry expenses. Because of the economic situation in Romania, our team is raising an additional $5,000 to cover some of the expenses of the retreat itself and part of the travel and lodging costs for Zion Church members. Otherwise most of them would be financially unable to go.
Please consider praying for this trip and, if you are able, contributing financially. This is a big step of faith for the presbytery, our team and me. I'm looking forward to seeing how God builds our faith through the process.
All financial contributions are tax-deductible and can be made out and mailed to: Grace Presbyterian Church, 174 Province Street, Laconia, NH 03246. (Place my name on the memo line)
Thank you for considering this opportunity!

Ralph "Rip" Perrino


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