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Don't forget, Tuesday is primary election day in New Hampshire

To The Daily Sun,

Undeclared voters may vote in the Democratic primary election on Sept. 13. Immediately after voting, they may return to undeclared status with the supervisors of the checklist.

For more information on the candidates go to, http://www.laconiademocrats.org/.

You may register at the polling place on Election Day as long as the polls are open. You must be 18 years or older on Election Day and a U.S. citizen

There is no minimum period of time you are required to have lived in the state before being allowed to register. You can only register in the town or ward in which you are domiciled.

You will need an ID card issued by the state like a driver's license or a U.S. armed services ID card, a U.S. passport, or a valid student ID card from a New Hampshire school. If you don't have one of these IDs, you can either:

— Have your identity verified by a voting official at your voting location.

— Be photographed by a voting official at your voting location before you vote (if you object to being photographed for religious reasons, you can sign a sworn statement instead).

Hope to see you at the polls.

Mo Baxley

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Fellowship of suffering is force deep in the psyche of Blacks

To The Daily Sun,

Psychology is a pseudo-science that tries to explain human nature. In many ways it utterly fails to explain the individual, his responsibility to exercise his free will, the spiritual dimensions of man, or his relationship to his creator and the influence of other spiritual entities on an individuals life. This renders it almost useless as a tool to help individuals, as can be seen by the state of our society. I say almost, for used in a Christian context it does have some value.

Unfortunately what it is often used for is the manipulation of large segments of the population to accomplish the desired result of the person or group applying it, as grocery stores use of it in laying out the floor plan of their stores to maximize sales.

What is more diabolical is its use in manipulating large blocks of the population into voting blocks. You don't need a tool that is helpful to individuals to do this. All you need to do this is a tool that helps you to see that people all to often don't make choices rationally. There are some things deep in the psyche of men and women, some of them common to particular groups that can cause men and women to make decisions out of this deep feeling that is very very difficult to resist.

I have long pondered why it is that Democratic candidates receive in excess of 90 percent of black votes in elections, even though they support policies that by in large hurt black Americans.

I have had the opportunity to know a good number of black Americans. The people I've met have Christian values very similar to mine. Almost to the man and woman everyone of them have been good people. If people mostly acted rationally you would think these by in large would vote for candidates with similar values and that should make them lean to the right not the left. But people don't make some of the most important decisions rationally. We are all affected by this to one degree or another.

There is a phenomenon I've seen operating in black Americans, that is the descendants of the American slaves. That is what I will call the fellowship of suffering that these have endured though the years at the hands of white Americans. This is a very powerful force deep within the psyche of black Americans. It is so strong that when it comes in conflict with a rational decision it is only with the greatest struggle in ones soul can one make the rational choice.

The Democratic Party has put a hook in this phenomenon and manipulated American black people to vote against their own interest, and to trap as many as they can into the role of victims, so as to assure for themselves a reliable voting block. This can change as a people wakes up and sees that they have been tricked and taken advantage of.

John Demakowski

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