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Please join me in supporting our Gilmanton town government

To The Daily Sun,

Local government is surprisingly complex and its smooth functioning is essential to the ongoing well-being of our community. Citizens who step forward, either for election to office or as volunteers on various boards, deserve our respect. They give of their time and energy to make our town work. For new members there is a steep learning curve. Many decisions are governed by statute, some issues have a complex history, and the best route is not always clear. Few decisions will please all constituents.

But when we disagree, we are called upon to do so respectfully and thoughtfully. Personal attacks have no place in the process.

In Gilmanton we have elected three selectmen willing to undertake the rigors of leadership in town government. They have advice from a qualified town administrator. But ultimately they must learn the complexity of the process and make decisions with the best information available to them. Please join me in supporting our town government, including our elected and appointed board members.

Town residents should be part of the solution. Check the agenda and attend a board meeting when an issue of concern to you arises or should be addressed. Learn about the duties and responsibilities of appointed boards — the Planning Board, Conservation Commission, Historic District Commission. Residents can volunteer to serve on one that interests them, or run for a place on the Budget Committee or one of the several trustee posts. Town government is important to all citizens of Gilmanton. And all of us need to help make it work.

Carolyn Baldwin


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President & Congress should dust Constitution off and read it

To The Daily Sun,
How have we gotten into the mess we are in? We have someone in the White House who is a fraud, a socialist, and a traitor, who with the help of our Congress and the courts sold out America. We have a do-nothing Congress who does not have the courage to stand up to for our Constitution, God and country or their oath of office. We have a corrupt court system that has abandon the United States Constitution to special interest. How did we come this far without a fight?
Have we surrendered our rights as American citizens to the likes of the Bilderberg Group, and other wealthy outside interest groups, who buy our candidates and then tell us who we should vote for? They do not care who the president is. Democrat or Republican makes no difference to them because both are bought and paid for by them. Did we really forget that our president, government and courts work for "We the People?" Did our Founding Fathers really want a government who are career politicians who make more than the military who defend our country? Who spend 10, 20, 30 and 40+ years in office? That would require anyone who wanted to run for office to pay millions of dollars to get elected?
Can you remember when we had a candidate of either party that the majority of Americans really believed in, and had our countries best interest at heart? Do you remember when we were allowed to pray in school, parents had rights, and stood up for the pledge of allegiance? When there was respect for parents, the elderly and one another?
Now it's time to right our wrongs. When did we take the Bill of Rights and our Constitution for granted? Too many brave young men and women have given their all to defend it. It's time we take account of ourselves and take the Bible in one hand and our Constitution in the other and remember what we stood for.
It is not too late if we get on our knees and ask God to forgive us for what we allowed to happen to our country. We can no longer sit on the side lines and leave it for others to do. We are all in this together. Our two party systems has for many years sold us out. We need to vote for the best man or women that represent our values regardless of what party they are in. Let us begin to take back our God, our Constitution and our country. Let us thank our military for the job they have done in the past and in the present to keep us free from the very people who are trying to take over our country from within. They have taken an oath, as have all elected officials, to defend our country for all enemies both foreign and domestic. I would humbly suggest that Mr. Obama, our judges, and Congress take our Constitution off their shelf, dust it off, and actually read it. I would be more than happy to send each one a pocket Constitution so they can carry it with them. If they read it, I know it will help them when making their decisions. Time to get back to the BIBLE AND THE CONSTITUTION!
Harry Accornero

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