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Take the time to point out great work or service in public sector

To The Daily Sun,

I'd like to call out an example of our, or at least my, tax dollars at work.

Two days ago I stopped into the Meredith Public Works Department to alert them to some low road shoulders and missing pavement along Chemung and Camp Waldron roads.

I drive along these roads quite often during the week. As I do this, I pay attention to the pavement and shoulders because before I moved to this place of natural beauty I used to be a selectman back in Ohio. I was the chairman of the Roads Committee of my village, so I know a little bit about roads and how to maintain them.

But I digress.

The woman at the desk was polite, she took excellent notes about my concerns and she asked for my address and phone number. I was very impressed.

Ninety minutes later, my phone rings! Who is on the other end but Michael Faller, the Public Works director of Meredith.

Mr. Faller and I had a great conversation, he shared some of his challenges with me and I offered up some ideas to him about how he could repair the shoulders so they'd not degrade so quickly.

The bottom line is that in less than 24 hours, Mr. Faller's crews were out working to correct the problems. Now that's service!

The reason I pointed out the low road shoulders was two-fold. First and foremost it can be a safety hazard. If the gravel shoulder is low and a car tire goes off the pavement, a driver can overcorrect to get the car back on the road causing the car to jerk into oncoming traffic.

The second reason is the shoulder helps prevent asphalt from breaking off at the edges of the roadway. The dense compacted gravel provides the side support asphalt needs when cars and trucks get too close to the side of the road.

All too often people complain and grinch about public employees. That's the easy thing to do. It's harder to take the time to point out great work or service.

Realize that maintaining our roads is a constant struggle, and if you want to see how good our employees do, just head south down to Massachusetts or go to Ohio where I'm from. You'll see deplorable roads there.

Next time you see our roads free of snow, or the crews out there grading or otherwise working on your roads, slow down and thank them. Better yet, write a letter like this so other citizens get to hear the other side of the story.

Thanks again to Mr. Faller, his crews and to the selectmen of Meredith for hiring employees that do care about the citizens of their town.

Tim Carter


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The Children's Auction is truly magical; it is all about the kids

To the Daily Sun,

I realize that there may be several members of the "Auction Team" that wish to sit down this evening and somehow put into writing the experience they had in the past five days. Count me among them. I became a volunteer in 2007, a rookie among many, many veterans.

I was so inspired by the can-do spirit I witnessed up close as a volunteer, that when I became aware of the plight of our Laconia children who relied on the school's lunch program for their daily nutrition needs, I began to wonder; what do these unfortunate children do in the summer, when school is not in session, for a good, healthy meal? As I thought through the problem, I could not help but think of the spirit, the resolve, the absolute determination to help our kids that I witnessed at the Children's Auction.

With a lot of help, Got Lunch! was borne from those thoughts; a program that has been mirrored now in nearly 20 towns in this state. We are so blessed in our community with a well-populated cadre of caring people. As Allan Beetle stated today, there are 720 Pub-Maniacs that work throughout the year to raise funds for the auction.

I have no clue as to the number of volunteers that grace the site of the annual auction, but it has to be close to 100 on site, but likely many, many more.

Folks, it is not the volunteers that make this event "work," it is you, the citizens of our region that support this effort in so many ways. The donors, the buyers, the bidders, the restaurants, the corporations that help in a phenomenal way. As chairman, and former Laconia Mayor Mike Seymour emotionally and appropriately stated, there are times that as a country we just cannot seem to get out of our own way, but the Lakes Region comes through year after year in doing something that is so meaningful to our community.

It is something we should all be proud of. I, for one, am so very proud to be just a very small part of the fabric that makes this community what it is. May God bless every member of our community who participates in any way.

This is truly magical. As you hear on the radio/TV, it truly is all about the kids.

John Walker


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