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To The Daily Sun,

The Belknap County Conservation District (BCCD) appreciates the many letters of support and those that spoke on our behalf during the Belknap County Convention process for the 2015 budget. It is clear that many Belknap County residents recognize the importance of conserving soil and water resources in retaining the health of our environment and economy in the Lakes Region. As former BCCD Director Jan Hooper suggested to the convention, the so-called "outside agencies" are really supporting agencies which provide vital services to the county and its towns and residents.

BCCD would also like to thank the Belknap County Commissioners for their generous offer to co-locate the Conservation District and UNH Cooperative Extension at the county courthouse. This move will provide better access to our services than our current location, facilitate our cooperative efforts with Extension, and save the county money.

Our mission is to help landowners, communities and other organizations conserve soil, water and the natural resources of Belknap County. BCCD achieves its mission by:

• Identifying critical natural resource conservation issues and needs.

• Initiating projects that demonstrate conservation best practices.

• Delivering conservation information and training.

• Creating access to technical and financial resources that enable conservation action.

From our annual plant sale, to stream restoration projects, to community workshops on protecting water resources, to assistance with grants to towns and landowners, BCCD is committed to serving our county. We invite anyone who is interested in natural resource conservation to participate in our programs and to learn more about what we do. Our website is at www.belknapccd.org/

We are heartened by the support provided by the County Board of Commissioners and the public and look forward to continuing to serve the people of Belknap County.

Belknap County Conservation District Board of Supervisors

John Hodsdon, Chair - Meredith

Dean Anson – Laconia

Earl Chase - Barnstead

Donna Hepp - Belmont

Ken Kettenring – New Hampton

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Opinion, yours or mine, should not require vetting by anyone

To The Daily Sun,

To quote you Mr. Osmer: "I have a suggestion for Mr. Eddy: If you don't like what's written in this paper, stop with the whining, just don't read it."

Have I once ever stated in writing that I don't like what's written in this paper? Why are you putting words in my mouth, Mr. Osmer? In my previous letter I stated that Mr. Hoyt's suggestion that letters to the editor be vetted by an "impartial" panel for truth and accuracy, particularly when it comes to political opinions, would be in violation of the First Amendment. While his main point was aimed at political ads, he did make the suggestion that letters to the editor should also be reviewed. I also suggested that he not confuse opinions for articles, something with which he appears to having problems. Opinion, his, mine, and yours, should not require vetting by anyone. (I do think that if something is libelous that it is within the power of the Sun's editor to remove it as it could also leave the paper liable should it be printed.) Articles should be at least fact-checked because they are, after all, supposed to be news. If they are not accurate, then they are opinion, or worse, outright prevarication and opinion posing as news. (I believe at that point it's called propaganda.)

There are time when I have found many of the "facts" put forth by Mr. Hoyt and others of the same ideological bent to be questionable.

Here I am going to do something I had promised myself I wouldn't do, but this one time I'm going to break that promise: I do not consider The New York Times, The New Republic, Salon, the Washington Post, numerous other mainstream media outlets, or anything coming from Congress or the White House to be accurate or unbiased. (It doesn't matter who's in office.) I do not use sources such as Fox News, National Review, Rush Limbaugh, or any of the other conservative sources Mr. Hoyt et. al. despise as the basis of my opinions. I base my opinions on years of travel, exposure to numerous cultures all over the world — good and bad — the study of history (not just American history, but history in general), and decades of personal experience in numerous fields of endeavor that have shown me what works, and more importantly, what doesn't work.

That I may respond to someone's opinion that proposes something that I know won't work or requires the dismantling of yet another freedom as delineated in the Constitution "for the common good" is my right. I have never proposed that those with whom I disagree should be censored, much as Mr. Hoyt proposed in a backhanded manner in his earlier letter. I do enjoy reading his letters, as well as those of the usual suspects if for no other reason that to see just how off the mark they are. At times they are outrageous, but mostly they are amusing.

Oh, and in regards to your line about "the normal letters written by the parrots", it applies equally to Mr. Hoyt and the others as I rarely see anything original from any of them either.

Dale Channing Eddy


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