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Expanding Medicaid will extend coverage to 55k N.H. working poor

To the editor,
It is clear to me after reading about the recent rallies supporting Medicaid expansion in Concord, Claremont, Portsmouth and Plymouth that the public knows that refusing federal dollars to broaden access to health care in N.H. is wrong. Medicaid expansion will allow us to offer health care coverage to over 55,000 working poor who have no access to care now.
New Hampshire has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to leverage $2.5 billion in federal dollars over the next 7 years — funds that will help reduce uncompensated care at hospitals and community mental health centers; provide health care coverage to the working poor; and increase health-related employment. It makes no sense to turn this down.
Legislators need to put aside their partisan bickering and listen. Expanding Medicaid just makes sense. Please contact your legislators as they prepare the final version of the state budget and tell them it must include Medicaid expansion.
Liz Merry
Board of Directors, Genesis Behavioral Health
Board of Trustees, LRGHealthcare

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More good books I would recommend to Daily Sun readers

To the editor,
A continuation of the authors and filmmakers I recommended to your readers:
1) Jeffrey Toobin — "The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court". Mr. Toobin did his undergraduate work at Harvard (magna cum laude-BA). Attended Columbia Prep, Phillips Exeter Academy and got his law degree at Harvard (magna cum laude). He was the editor of The Harvard Law Review. Received the Truman Scholarship. Law clerk to a federal judge. Associate Counsel during Iran-Contra and Oliver North's criminal trial. He was an assistant U.S. Attorney in Brooklyn.
2) Joe Nocera — "All the Devils Are Here: a history of the financial crisis". He is currently at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard. Worked at the New York Times. NPR commentator. Writes for Fortune, GQ , Esquire, New England Monthly, The Texas Monthly, The Washington Monthly Magazines. Editor at Newsweek. Received his B.S. from Boston College. He was a 2007 finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.
3) Andrew Ross Sorkin — "Too Big To Fail: the inside story of how Wall Street and Washington fought to save the Financial System and themselves". Received his B.S. from Cornell University. Worked at the New York Times and Business Week. I responsible for breaking major new re: Chase's acquisition of J.P. Morgan & Hewlett Packard's acquisition of Compaq. Vodafone's hostile bid for Mannesmann ($183 billion). IBM's sale of PC Business to Lenovo and News Corp's acquisition of Dow Jones & The Wall Street Journal. Also reported on the government bailout of major investment banks and AIG.
4) Sebastain Mallaby — "More Money Than God" and "The World's Banker". Scholarship to Oxford University and Eton College. Senior Fellow for Economics at the Council on Foreign Relations. Paul A. Volcker Senior Fellow. Contributing Editor to Financial Times. Columnist and Editorial Board Member of The Washinton Post. Writes for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Atlantic Monthly. He is The Economist's Washington Bureau Chief. Two time Pulitzer Prize finalist.
5) Roger Lowenstein — "When Genius Failed: the rise and fall of long-term Capital Management". Attended Cornell University. Reported for The Wall Street Journal for more than a decade. Has written five books and writes for: Smart Money, The New York Times, The Atlantic and Bloomberg Business Week.
6) Robert Reich — "Beyond Outrage: what has gone wrong with our economy and how to fix it" and "The Work of Nations: preparing ourselves for 21st Century Capitalism". Attended Dartmouth College (A.B. Summa cum laude), won a Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford University and earned his J.D. from Yale Law School (Editor of The Yale Law Journal). Served under Presidents: Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. Was the Secretary of Labor during Pres. Clinton's Administration. Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy at Goldman School of Public Policy and the University of California-Berkeley. Former Professor: Harvard's JFK School of Government, the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University. Chairman and founding editor of The Harvard Business Review. Writes for The Atlantic, New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Has published 14 books. Was an assistant to the U.S. Solicitor General Robert Bork. Director of Policy & Planning Board of the Federal Trade Commission. Taught at the JFK School of Government at Harvard.
7) Joseph Stiglitz, PhD — "The Price of Inequality: how today's divided society endangers our future". Field: Macroeconomics, Public economics and information economics. Was The World Bank Chief Economist, succeeded by Nicholas Stern. Was the 17th Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors. Alma Maters: Amherst College and MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Professor at Columbia University. Research Fellow at Cambridge University, England as a Fulbright Scholar. Held academic positions at: Yale, Stanford, Duke, Oxford and Princeton. Recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. Former senior vice president and chief economist of the World Bank and is a former member , and Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors. In 2000, Stiglitz founded the Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD), a think tank on international development based at Columbia University. Also chairs: the University of Manchester's Brooks World Poverty Institute as well as the Socialist International Commission on Global Financial Issues and is a member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. He has over 40 honorary doctorates, eight honorary professorships, and an honorary deanship. The president of the U.N. General Assembly appointed Stiglitz as the chairman of the U.N. Commission on Reforms of the International Monetary and Financial System and commissioned a report on reforming the international monetary and financial system. Named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. He is the author of 10 books, including The Price of Inequality (2021) which was on the New York Times best seller list. He gives classes for double-degree program between Sciences Po Paris and École Polytechnique in Economics and Public Policy. He was the lead author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for which he received the Nobel Peace Prize (2007). Named by Foreign Policy magazine on its list of top global thinkers. 2012 he was awarded the Legion of Honor, in the rank of officer, by French ambassador in the U.S. Francois Delattre. And last, but certainly not least: he was an advisor to the Greek government.
To be continued.
Bernadette Loesch

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Expanding Medicaid in N.H. will increase access to essential care

To the editor,
A U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act has made it optional for states to expand Medicaid coverage to include adults with family income up to 138 percent of federal poverty guidelines. For the first three years, from 2014 trough 2016, the federal government will cover 100 percent of the state's cost for the expansion. In subsequent years, the federal government would cover at least 90 percent of the state's cost.
The case for expanding Medicaid eligibility is compelling. For a relatively nominal state investment, we can improve our state's health care system by increasing access to essential care and reducing charity care and uncompensated care for those who are uninsured.
I have the privilege of being a board member at Mid-State Health Center in Plymouth, whose mission is to provide health care to the community accessible to all regardless of the ability to pay.
However, I have the unfortunate distinction of living in a state where some lawmakers fail to listen to their district constituents regarding some issues. In particular, I am referring to Medicaid expansion. Some lawmakers say they are concerned over the number of underinsured who would leave private insurance for Medicaid. My response is that Medicaid is a very restrictive program when it comes to those who qualify. Expanding Medicaid will bring the two programs closer together. These are the people who could not afford to buy health care even if they had an option. Some lawmakers say they are opposed to expanding Medicaid because they don't pay providers as much as private insurance. My response is that a lower payment is better than no payment.
Some state senators are opposing the expansion for fear the federal government may renege on funding the program as promised. My response is that if for some reason the federal government does not fund the program at 100 percent, N.H. can immediately go back to the previous levels. The U.S. Supreme Court already ruled that Medicaid expansion was not mandatory. Therefore, N.H. can walk away at any time if the program fails.
I implore the N.H. Senate to listen to the people of NH who need your help and who will benefit from this expansion. I ask the N.H... Senate to listen to the community health centers and hospitals that are in favor of the expansion because some reimbursement is better than no reimbursement. I urge the N.H. Senate to agree with the governor and the House and authorize Medicaid expansion!
Jim Dalley, Board President
Mid-State Health Center

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Bernadette left a few titles out of her list of suggested reading

To the editor,
In a recent letter to the Sun, Bernadette Loesch wanted us to do our homework and read,watch and study many left wing socialist propoganda books and movies that she has read and watched most. I am sure she means well. Good for her!
Now let's look at the rest of the story and see if she is willing to continue HER home work. I am familiar with all of what she presented. What I am most displeased with is her lack of including the greatest book of all time, "The Bible". Or one of the most important documents ever written, "The Constitution of the United States of America." It really is not a surprise.
I include in the following lists what she left out and all Socialists revere, "The Communist Manifesto" (Marx and Engels) and surprise "Mein Kampf" (Hitler). Seems a close look at where we are heading matches up with both of those books.
The following list is really not for her as I doubt she would be that open minded but rather for others that may be interested in the rest of the story and just scratching the surface.
I recommend all of them for study.
As I mentioned earlier all should read "The Communist Manifesto'', (Marx and Engels)
"Behind the Green Mask" (Rosa Koire) – All about UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Developement Initiative and the core of Granite State Futures.
"Broke" – A kind of text book and history of how Socialist Democrats got us into the mess we are in, starting with the "Roman Senate.'' (Glenn Beck)
"Common Sense" – Government out of control. Includes Common Sense by Thomas Paine(Glenn Beck).
"Control" – A complete look at gun control. (Glenn Beck).
"1984" – A novel by George Orwell looking to the future under a type complete Socialist/Communist state.
"Agenda 21" – The same result as "1984", with a chapter on what UN Agenda 21 is all about. (Glenn Beck).
"Demonic" – Chapters on psychology of liberals, historic context of liberals, comparison of the French and American revolutions and why would anyone want to be a liberal. ( Ann Coulter).
"Godless" – The liberal rejection of God and how they revile people of faith. And chapters on evolution. (Coulter).
"Treason" – Excellent chapters on McCarthyism and Communists in government, the Venona Project and the "Pumpkin Papers" ( Coulter).
"Mugged" – Racial demagoguery from the seventies to Obama. A history of Republican civil rights efforts when Democrats turned their backs including the "Southern Manifesto". (Coulter)
"Radical in Chief" – My favorite book this last year next to "Green Mask". A history of Obama from his years in college, his organizing and his "friends" in Chicago. His real socialist goal of destroying the American economy and what he means by "fundamentally transforming America". His definite Marxist beliefs. His history with terrorist Ayers and Dornan, his ties with radical preacher Wright, possible real father Davis, Acorn and much more. (Stanley Kurtz)
"Economics" – A common sense guide to the economy. Rated 4 1/2 of 5 stars. ( Thomas Sowell)
"Atlas Shrugged" (Aynn Rand) – Socialism gone wild. Who is John Gault fame.
"The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History" – by Thomas Woods, Jr., Ph.D. Part of a series with numerous subjects by Regnery Publishing.
Any books by;
Charles Krauthamer, Mark Levine, Walter Williams, Brent Bozell, Mark Steyn, Bill O'Reilly, Shaun Hannity and many others too numerous to mention.
"The Ten Commandments" – Inspirational.
"Atlas Shrugged 1"
"Atlas Shrugged 2" – Both from the book.
"The Fountain Head" – From the book by Aynn Rand. Academy Award winner about an architect and his battle with government.
"Dreams of my REAL Father" – Insights that you will not see any where else. The flip side of "Dreams" by Obama if he actually wrote it.
''2016 Obama's America" – More on his friends and his agenda to change America.
"Farenheight 451" – from the book by Ray Bradbury. About life where books are banned. Kind of like Agenda 21 on steriods. It can be viewed on Amazon instant video.
I agree with her on Lincoln and Shindlers list.
That should keep Bernadette busy this summer as well as any one else interested in the other side.
Hal & Peggy Graham

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Many thanks for help in repairing & painting Lamprey House

To the editor,
Thank you, thank you.
I would like to thank the following people for their help and contributions to the repair and painting of the barn of the Moultonborough Historical Society Museum, the Lamprey House. Thanks go to Dave Godin of David Godin Custom Building for the donation of over 100 feet of siding and handiwork, Dick Plaistead for repair help and John Haven of Solar Haven for painting the upper reaches. I would also give a special thank you to Mark Tuckerman of Aubuchan's Hardware in Moultonborough for the donation of the paint and other supplies Oh, and a thank you to Norman and Meca Atkinson for their moral support.
Sam Perry
MHS Board of Directors

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