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Santa Fund 'Christmas in July' calendars may be purchased for $5

To The Daily Sun,

The Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region operates year-round to help children and families. Last year we provided warm clothes, coats, boots and snow pants for children during the winter months to more than 600 children. We have provided food gift certificates and gas cards to families who have children with medical conditions. We have provided sports items for youth and teens so that they could be a part of a team or go to a dance class. We have sponsored children with special needs to be able to attend summer camp as well as awarded over 40 scholarships to students to attend Shooter's Gold Basketball Camp. We have supplied school supplies for children. We have been able to do all the many things and more with generous donations. Our program is a non-profit and funded fully by donations and funds received by the Children's Auction.

We are holding our first-ever fundraiser, Christmas in July. This is a prize calendar for the month of July and we will draw a name each day for a prize. Generous prizes have been donated by Bank of N.H., All My Life Jewelers, Salon Amara, Ken and Kathy Crane, Jump n' Joy, Goody Good Donuts, Carissa Lampedecchio, Bootleggers, Jamie Caldwell, Lisa Cornish, Gilford Cinema, Katie Pierson, Patrick's Pub, Union Diner, Jordan's Ice Cream, Chris McCarthy, Gilford Home Center, Marlee Guilmett, Che Bella Salon, Café Déjà vu, Wine'ing Butcher, Gilford Home Center, Anna Cochran/Crossfit Juggernaut, Osborne's Agway, Kohl's, Chili's, Irving Gas, Applebee's, Dominos and Kathy Twombly/Gate of Life. Thank you to all who donated these amazing prizes, well worth the $5 calendar purchase to win any one of these gift certificates.

If you are interested in purchasing a calendar for $5 they are available at The Downtown Gym, 609 Main St., or from any of our board members. Please help us raise funds to help the children of the Lakes Region. Thank you for your support.

Board of Directors of Santa Fund
Kim Lacasse
Katie Pierson
Lisa Cornish
Marlee Guilmett
Kathy Crane
Elizabeth Brothers
Andrea Condodemetraky
Janet Brough
Chris McCarthy
Dennis Phelps
Jamie Caldwell
Jim Carroll


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Donald Trump is an evil man and he must be treated as such

To The Daily Sun,

Mr. Trump's response to the recent events in Orlando warrants a response. Normally I do not offer the first-person pronoun when writing these letters, but this is an exception to the rule. Time and time again, it has been warned this man threatens the very existence of our nation, violates the amendments that set our Constitution apart from other nations in world history.

Tom Lehrer wrote songs for the piano in the 1970s. He once said, "This is National Brotherhood Week. This is the week we are all supposed to love our fellow human beings. There are people in this world who do not love their fellow human beings, and I HATE people like that!!"

Donald Trump is a bigot. Anyone who supports this bigot of this most-indecent character must also be a bigot. Many members of the so-called Christian Coalition who support Trump are bigots. There are many Christians who are angry at Trump that are not bigots.

Our Founding Fathers were originally illegals in this country, upsetting the native Indians, tearing their lands apart, killing their children, wives, and wiping out who families, or confining them to a "reservation"? The Constitution states, we are all equally entitled to certain inalienable rights to life, liberty, health, wealth, safety, and property. This means everyone. As hard as it is to say, this includes Trump and his bigoted followers. The president of our country is bound by our Constitution to represent everyone, all the people, regardless of their race, creed, nationality, or religion.

Illegal and legal visitors who are criminals must be addressed respectively. They should be returned where they came from immediately and should be handled by the local and state where the criminal acts were performed. It is my opinion, locals can better manage these criminals better and more quickly than the immigration authorities. This added layer of government action is not needed, is more costly, and less effective.

Many immigrants are trying to make a new and better life here, just as the Pilgrims and other ancestors did, and should be given another chance; to give them the means to be productive members of our society. Why? First, it will help them and their families. Second, it will help the economy. Third, it is who we the People are supposed to be. We do better by example.

Trump, his bigoted followers, including some members of the Republican Party, must be admonished for violating our Constitution and for possible treason. If Speaker Ryan continues to support Trump, he encourages bigotry. Those (of you) supporting Trump should be ashamed of yourselves. You promote this very bigotry of Trump. This means you are bigots yourselves. Your viewpoints are unconstitutional as well as illegal.

Trump should resign or be forced to end his candidacy now. I have neither the time or patience of dealing with the ignorant bigots that infest our country. You bigots clearly are not ones who cherish and respect our beloved Constitution. Trump and his supporters need to know, none of us can choose who our parents will be.

I have seen bigotry in the worse form of discrimination any person could experience. I wear two hearing aids. Lifelong, I have suffered the indignities of bigotry because of this. Even here in New Hampshire, both as a state employee and in the justice system, this bigotry was alive and strong. My hearing impairment makes my skin as black as a black person, or other minorities. Trump's comments on the disabled are out of place and hurtful.

NRA also needs to be put in its place. I do not advocate deleting the Second Amendment. I do advocate the most stringent gun control this country needs to have in place to prevent future terrorists activity from taking place.

Recently, another event prevented another massacre. In Los Angeles, it was discovered an illegal cache of arms in a car that was planned to be used in a parade for gay people. People kill with guns, not guns kill people.

There is nothing wrong with gay people. They have a lifestyle by which they are comfortable with. They do not disturb or hurt anyone. Religions that work against them are bigots. We are all equals in the eyes of God.

No one can buy eternity, especially the richest people in the world, including Donald Trump. Donald Trump is an evil man and must be treated as such. His speeches are traitorous, and violate our Constitution. He should be tried in a court of Federal law. When speech endangers the greater public good, it is a felony, and must not be protected.

The FBI's actions contributed directly to Orlando. CNN said it quite correctly, "The Federal Bungling of Investigation." The FBI should never have removed the red flag from the Orlando shooter's file. This would have delayed or even stopped this terrorist massacre. We need to blame the FBI, CIA, not our president.

Trump offered the final insult. Rather than offering support of those injured, killed, and the respective families, significant others, and friends, he presented his most belligerent attack on Obama and Ms. Clinton. Instead off offering sympathy, compassion, hope, and kindness, he offers bigotry, and hate. Obama is flying there to offer support for survivors and loved ones, as well as those injured. Where is Mr. Trump? Is this what we want in a president?

Bob Joseph, Jr.

New Hampton

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