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Liberals are really the ones trying to put a lid on right of free speech

To The Daily Sun,

In response to Alan Vervaeke's response to my April 5 letter. First off I want to apologize to my readers for my gaff that left me open to Mr. Vervaeke's charge of not knowing how our government works. Secondly, I want to thank the editorial staff at The Sun for correcting my gaff in their title for my letter. I don't think anyone who reads my letters on a regular bases would charge me with with not knowing how our government works. I do my best to stay knowledgeable and informed and try to limit my writing to things I know something about.
I am also quite a student of history. To be charged with not understanding how our government works by someone who does not understand the relationship between morality and the success of a democratic republic, that has been understood from antiquity is a bit much for me.
Alan's suggested banishment of my letters to Rhe Weirs Times, which is by the way a pretty good little newspaper, puts the shoe on right foot, on who is in favor of free speech and who is not, as liberal writers have tried to claim conservative writers have been trying to stifle free speech. It is really the other way around.
One closing thought: Are not our senators morally bound by their oath to support the Constitution, to see that justices who believe in the Constitution and will base their decisions on it and not some other philosophy or source are appointed to our federal courts?

John Demakowski

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If you continue to publish racist letters I'll get my news elsewhere

To The Daily Sun,

Recently you have published letters from an individual who has decided that using harsh language about a specific group of people is an acceptable way to get his point across. He has done this more than once — multiple times in the past few days in fact — but this letter was specifically inspired by his letter of April 8.

This individual is utilizing blatant hate speech, and you at The Daily Sun are allowing it to be published. To me, and I am sure to others, this is absolutely unacceptable. When a letter comes across your desks (metaphorically speaking, I suppose) that states a refusal to be "politically correct," calls Islam a "prehistoric religion," and implies that most Muslims are basically nothing more than killing machines, what would possess you to print that?

Yes, there are Muslims who have committed terrible atrocities, and no one is arguing that these acts should be overlooked or pushed under the rug. Here's the thing, though: people do terrible things every day, and it may surprise you to learn that many of those people are not Muslim. No race or religion is immune to having radical and/or violent followers, and calling out the Islamic religion in such a way is racism, plain and simple.

I am not a newspaper editor (obviously) and I do not know the exact intricacies of what can and cannot be published, but I am fairly certain that, if nothing else, it is just a good business practice to discourage and disallow discrimination and hate speech, especially when your business is a public forum available to anyone who walks into a Dunkin' Donuts in the Lakes Region.

Typically I look forward to the days that I have some down time to thumb through The Daily Sun, and I usually love reading letters from other local people. But if this is the kind of attitude and racism your newspaper is going to enable, I will have to get my news elsewhere.

This letter is not an attempt to start a dialogue with the author of the aforementioned letters. I simply hope that you at The Daily Sun will reconsider your policies for the language allowed in your Letters To The Editor.

Michaela Goodell

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