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Belmont Middle School hosting huge indoor yard sale today

To The Daily Sun,

Saturday, March 14, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Belmont Middle School is hosting a huge community yard sale indoors in our cafeteria.

The staff of BMS has been working tirelessly to raise money to allow all 87 of our fifth-grade students to attend a science inquiry camp in Maine this spring. Tuition is costly for this trip and we are trying to raise money to allow some scholarships to be awarded to our most needy children. The kids will spend an entire week together with their peers and teachers as they investigate exciting classes that include but are not limited to dissections, marsh explorations, rocketry, shelter building, and so much more. The kids have an incredible time and walk away from this experience as changed people. They truly have an unforgettable experience that will stay with them for a lifetime.

We are asking that members of the Lakes Region come to the yard sale to support the fifth graders and help to ensure that every child has the opportunity to attend this adventure. We thank you in advance. Now the only thing left to do is, "Shop 'til you drop!"

The students and staff would like to thank the editors of this newspaper for helping us get the message out for this great cause.

Keith Noyes

Fifth-grade teacher

Belmont Middle School

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Out of 4,700, less than 1,000 Meredith voters bothered to vote

To The Daily Sun,

Residents of Meredith, thank you to all of you who came to the polls and voted for me in my first attempt running for public office. And thank you to all of the others that came and voted for their candidate of choice, and especially to the seven other candidates trying to fill the two seats available on the Selectboard. All of you showed great professionalism, were very polite and open minded and willing to talk amongst us all about the issues that you felt needed to be brought forward to the board and showing great interest in the future of Meredith.

I am sorry that we cannot sit on the board together. Our individual knowledge, experiences and our abilities cover a wide wealth of resources that collectively could accomplish a lot of good for our town moving forward. Again thank you, you all have taught me a lot in a short period of time.

To you who live here and have registered, approximately 4,700 of you, only less than 1,000 took the time to participate in our future. What to hell are you thinking? Without your support or interest, this town will never be what it could be, it will never get better, we will slowly price ourself out of being able to live here.

If you are not supportive or don't care about Meredith, why the hell don't you just leave, move out, go to another town and help drag them down and backwards. I'm so glad my parents and grandparents have passed so that they will not see what is slowly coming to our town.

P.S. Never let me hear you non-participants complain why or how things are going. You really don't want to hear my answer to you!

David Lund Bennett, Sr.


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