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Thanks for effort to bring local artists to the attention of our community

To The Daily Sun,

As president of the Lakes Region Art Association, I want to thank The Laconia Daily Sun for its support and interest in our 76-year-old organization. Your recent features highlighting the association as well as our Gallery at Tanger Outlets have given us more visibility.

We appreciate all your efforts in bringing attention to local artists in our community.

Jean V. Kennedy

Lakes Region Art Association

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We need to rally behind those we have elected to serve Gilmanton

To The Daily Sun,

Amid all the noise of a national/presidential election, it is easy to forget about the government that affects us most directly — our town government. We rely on the elected and appointed officials who manage the ongoing business of the community and keep the essential services available when we need them.

None of the elected and appointed jobs is easy or profitable. All require constant learning and attention. The well-being of our town depends on the services of people willing to volunteer for the hard work and responsibility of local governance.

Recently, defeated candidates for selectman have engaged in concentrated efforts to undermine the work of the sitting selectmen. In particular one sore loser and his spouse have engaged in open threats to Selectman Marshall Bishop. They have tried to use state government, and the Planning Board to attack the Bishop's business, the Gilmanton Winery.

Gilmanton needs to welcome and support local business and agriculture and to encourage participation in local government. This kind of behavior is designed to discourage both.
Citizens of Gilmanton, we need to rally behind those we have elected. If we question a particular decision, let's do so respectfully. We all lose when elected officials are subjected to bullying and threats, and when proceedings are interrupted by harassment and unreasonable demands.

The town government is your government. Willingness to serve is a big commitment. But unless citizens are willing to step up and serve, and support those who do, town government doesn't work and we all lose.

Carolyn Baldwin


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