Obamacare has been nothing short of success in New Hampshire

To The Daily Sun,

What is William Anderson talking about? He says Obamacare has been a disaster in New Hampshire. That is a falsehood, right out of right wing La-La Land. Obamacare has been a success in New Hampshire. According to the Sept. 14 New Hampshire Business Review, in the first five months of 2014, 22,000 previously uninsured people now have insurance. This is a 14 percent drop in the uninsured, and that doesn't include the rest of the year since. (See http://www.nhbr.com/September-19-2014/Study-NHs-uninsured-population-drops-by-22000/.)

According to the Wakely Consulting Group study, "the individual market in New Hampshire grew by 75 percent, or 26,000 people, with more than 40,000 signing up for coverage through the marketplace by May 1." Medicaid coverage also rose 8 percent or 9,000 folks in need.

William Anderson is as wrong as wrong can be on this one, blindly following the Tea Party propagandists. Bravo, Mr. President! Bravo Speaker Pelosi! Bravo Shea-Porter! Vote Democrat!

James Veverka


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Corporations protected by GOP & Supreme Court conservatives

To The Daily Sun

Mr. Ewing's letter in the Oct. 15 paper is full of misleading statements too numerous to refute in one reply. One glaring misstatement on his part is that Thomas Duncan lied about being exposed to Ebola before coming to this country to visit with family. If Mr. Ewing had done his research before making this accusation he would have found that Mr. Duncan did not know he was exposed to the virus by a neighbor who suffered from Ebola.

That neighbor he helped was misdiagnosed when she went to the hospital with symptoms (sound familiar yet Mr. Ewing, Dallas Medical Center déjà vu)? She was told by staff that she was experiencing sickness as a result of her pregnancy and sent home. Mr. Duncan, the good Samaritan in this scenario, helped her out of a taxi after she was mistakenly sent home (see any parallels yet?). He then left for the United States completely asymptomatic, not knowing that this woman would die from Ebola or that he was exposed to the virus.

When he checked into the ER at the Dallas Medical Center with Ebola symptoms he did in fact state that he came from West Africa. As we all know now he was misdiagnosed and sent home.

Here is a scenario for you to consider. Let's not only recommend that President Obama close our borders to people, but to all manufactured goods coming from Mexico, China and other overseas countries. If President Obama, as you suggest, closes our borders for your illogical reasoning how will those goods get to our markets? You must realize that U.S. corporations fled to countries where labor is cheap, working conditions are deplorable, sanitation is but an illusion, and adequate health care for those workers is but a dream.

Let's take your illogical argument a few steps further. Let's just say that some people who have been exposed to deadly diseases are working in these subpar factories. In these horrendous working conditions without proper ventilation they get their sweat and mucus on the goods coming to our markets. How do we know that when we purchase these products and bring them into our homes or wear them on our bodies we won't be exposed to their communicable diseases?

Can we have a guarantee from corporations who have businesses overseas or in Mexico that viruses and diseases present in those countries of origin will be dormant or dead before goods are transported to the U.S. and then brought into our homes? How are these goods sanitized before shipping to other countries? Are these factories equipped with any means of sterilization?

I suggest that you take a trip to any store here in the U.S. which imports goods from other countries. When you walk into these stores take a deep breath. If you have a very sensitive nose you can't help but smell the chemicals added to many of the goods when and where they are produced. Are these chemicals mixed with factory workers blood, sweat and mucus?

Your last sentence should in fact read: Corporations are protected by the GOP and the conservative majority of the Supreme Court.

Further, how do we know that Americans are protected from these diseases and viruses by an uncaring corporate cartels? Since the Supreme Court declared corporations "people" are they any different from your imaged disease carrying illegals?

Bernadette Loesch


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Brian Gallagher is thoughtful leader who brings people together

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing this letter to enthusiastically encourage you to vote for Brian Gallagher, who is a new candidate running for State Representative in Belknap 4, which includes the towns of Sanbornton and Tilton.

Brian has spent many years working for the State Budget Office and New Hampshire Supreme Court (Administrative Office), so has an inside view of our government, how it works, and how it could be improved. With his MBA in management and degree in accounting, he understands numbers and knows the importance of passing a balanced budget.

When elected, Brian will focus on those things most important to you. He knows we need to keep taxes in check, yet still find a way to meet the needs of our community. He knows how to solve problems and work with everyone, while making sure we have a more efficient and less costly government. Brian will be an advocate for local decision-making in education, for restoring a business friendly environment so we have more jobs, and for hard working families in our state.

Brian is a thoughtful leader who cares about the issues, works toward solutions, and wants to bring people together to solve problems. He brings a conscientious, common sense, compassionate and responsible approach to governance.

Brian Gallagher will be a great Representative for you and a terrific member of my team in the Legislature. Please vote for him on Nov. 4.

Rep. Laurie Sanborn

Republican Policy Leader


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National Journal rated Guinta to the right of Michelle Bachmann

To The Daily Sun,

Just before the November elections, Fred Malek is back in New Hampshire politics with $1.6 million in ads for Frank Guinta, in a coordinated national Republican effort to unseat Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter.

You remember Fred, deputy chief of Richard Nixon's 1972 re-election campaign that put dirty tricks in our political lexicon and gave us Watergate. Fred Malek, the White House aide famously tasked to hunt down Jews in federal agencies Nixon thought were plotting against him. Same Fred Malek the Securities and Exchange Commission fined $100,000 and censured in 2007 for investment fraud, who then served as Finance Co-Chair of the McCain-Palin campaign in 2008. And, yes, the Fred Malek involved in that spectacularly gross youthful indiscretion at age 22 in 1959 when he and friends were arrested in a Peoria park for bludgeoning, skinning, skewering and roasting a dog on a spit. (See Wikipedia and Huffington Post archives.)

Malek now heads the American Action Network, a superpac supporting Tea Party favorites like Frank Guinta, in a close race with Democrat Carol Shea-Porter whom Guinta defeated in 2010 and Shea-Porter then defeated in 2012.

OpenSecrets.org says Malek's $1.6 million is more than Shea-Porter's raised so far in 2013-2014 — all to save the skin of a politician National Journal rated in 2012 as the 31st most conservative House member (putting him to the right of Michele Bachmann.)

New Hampshire needs Fred Malek's advice on who we should send to Congress about as much as we need his culinary skills.

Robert Gillette


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No stronger advocate for the people than Senator Jeanie Forrester

To The Daily Sun,

I will proudly cast my vote on Nov. 4 for Senator Jeanie Forrester, and I would ask that you will consider voting for Jeanie as well.

There is no elected official currently in office who has been a stronger advocate for the people. She listens to what her constituents have to say and studies the issues. For the past four years, Jeanie stood beside those of us who fought against the of Northern Pass and Jeanie helped us protect our property rights when Northern Pass threatened the use of eminent domain.

Sen. Forrester also listened to her constituents and determined that the Site Evaluation Committee was not functioning properly, and sponsored legislation (SB-99 and SB-245) to revamp the make-up of the Site Evaluation Committee. Jeanie successfully sought bi-partisan support, which was key in ensuring the success of this bill. Jeanie knows how to build partnerships, not put up partisan walls.

I know that Sen. Forrester's motto is "Let's Keep Jeanie," but I say, "Where Would We Be Without Jeanie?"

Lee Ann Moulder


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