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Obama still has enough time left as president to do great damage

To The Daily Sun,

Our president saw fit to submit the Iran deal to the U.N. before our Congress had a chance to vote on it. Should the U.N. accept the deal and our Congress not accept it, our president put the United States in violation of the U.N.

I personally do not worry about that as so many countries are in violation of the U.N. and nothing ever happens. Countries that are not true friends of the U.S.

It seems he has no respect for the Constitution or the will of the American people. Unfortunately we have still time left in his term to do more damage.

Our Congress must stand tall against his disrespect for the American people and our Constitution.

Our representatives must vote against the U.N. deal. They cannot waver in this at all. For all the votes that they did, not defunding the "Dreamer" amnesty or Obamacare as some promised to do, this one, Republicans and Democrats must come together and defeat.

It is bad for our country. It is bad for the Middle East. It gives Iran money to buy weapons and also drops the embargo of selling weapons to Iran which it can and will pass on to terrorists.

Some places the U.N. inspectors cannot examine and when they do they must give almost a month's notice. Anything can happen in that time.

Our borders are so porous that it is easy for the terrorists to come in with weapons that could do great harm to America.

If Congress votes against the Iran deal and Obama vetoes it, our representatives must work with other representatives to override the veto.

It is no longer enough that a representative says they will vote for or against something. They must work with other representatives to see that the bills are passed or not with the regard of the wishes of the American people.

The American people do not want this deal. Our representatives must have the integrity to do the right thing and not what they think the media will approve. It is time that Congress stand tall for the American people and the world. Now before it is too late.

Linda Riley

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Community college administrators greating climate of fear & intimidation

To The Daily Sun,

Recently, there has been a great deal of discussion about the crisis in the New Hampshire Community College System (CCSNH). Of course, one problem is funding. Tuition at our community colleges is the highest in the nation. The main reason is that the state contribution toward a student's education is 25 to 27 percent, while in most states it is more than 50 percent.

Even so, a large part of problem is that the CCSNH is mismanaging the funds it has. While good, competent instructors are being laid off and replaced with (part-time) adjuncts, the CCSNH is investing in new buildings, hiring more administrators, giving administrators huge raises, and wasting money on questionable software systems.

Perhaps there is something to be gained from running a college like a business. Of course, the money has to be spent wisely. But, our current administration would shock even the best business people. Even conservatives should be outraged.

Another problem is since the Community College System separated from state government, there has been little oversight of these things. The Concord Monitor and former CCSNH Vice-Chancellor Chuck Annal, as well as others, have rightly called for an independent investigation.

Such an investigation, however, should not just focus on misspending. It must also focus on the management style in the system over the last few years. This style has been autocratic and includes the creation of a toxic and intimidating work environment at many of our colleges.

The administrators are often far from transparent. Employees are often misinformed and disinformed. To accomplish their goal of getting rid of full-time employees, they have created, in many cases, a climate of fear and intimidation. If the system is to be run like a business, it is not being run like a modern, humane business, but more like a sweatshop or plantation.

As the Monitor suggested, any investigation has to be completely independent. Experience shows that internal investigations can result in consequences for those who dare speak out.

E. Scott Cracraft


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