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A racist, misogynistic megalomaniac ascends to the highest office

To The Daily Sun,

I have not been involved in the always contentious, often irrational and rude letters to the editor on political issues. But I have to respond to Dave Schwotzer's letter of Nov. 15. It is interesting that Mr. Schwotzer, apparently an arbiter of the decorum of writing letters to the editor, finds it within the realm of decorum to label those who do not agree with his political views as "left-wing lunatics." Interesting but not surprising as he and others like him have fallen in goosestep behind the man who has shredded the last vestiges of decorum from our political process and our society. I am sure that he and like-minded people were aghast (as I have to admit I myself was) when Hillary Clinton described Trump supporters as deplorable. But how did they feel about Mr. Trump's vitriolic, demeaning, sexist and racist reactions to those who opposed or dared to criticize him? No, Mr. Schwotzer, there have not been protests before such as those which have greeted the election of Mr. Trump. But we have never before had such a racist, misogynistic megalomaniac ascend to the highest office in our country.

Tom Stankosky

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MetroCast channels 25 & 26 are not available in Sanbornton

To The Daily Sun,

The Daily Sun had an article regarding a movie to be shown on MetroCast Channel 25 on Friday and Saturday nights. We were looking forward to seeing this old movie, but we could not access channel 25, even though we have expanded basic service.
I called MetroCast and was told sometimes when there is nothing on that channel, it will say there has been an interruption in our service. But we could not get channel 25 at any time.
So I called Metrocast again, and they sent out a technician. He spent four hours at our house and couldn't get it to work. Then and only then, we were told that Sanbornton (and some other towns with Metrocast) do not get channel 25 or 26. Yet we are paying for the entire package, and cannot get it all.
This is a warning to anyone not getting channels 25 or 26.

Hal and Peggy Graham

(Editor's note: Lakes Region Public Access channels on the MetroCast system are available only is those communities that chose to support public access TV through their town government's annual budget. The fee each community is asked to pay is based on the number of MetroCast subscribers in that community.)

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