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Tell us exactly how power has been taken away from the people

To The Daily Sun,

Don Ewing and others use the Tea Party to promulgate their lopsided philosophies. Tea Party adherents argue that their way is the right way and no other political entity is to be believed. The TEA Party demands that laws must apply equally to all Americans, says Don Ewing. He further states: "The TEA Party wants to re-establish our nation's founders' vision of a government near the middle of that spectrum with the primary purpose of protecting everyone's liberties so that each person has the maximum opportunity for achieving his or her own goals."

Very interesting when you consider the following excerpts from the Tea Party webpage:

1. We believe....that our government has grown out-of-control in a death spiral of unsustainable and barely imaginable trillion-dollar deficits.

Mr. Ewing needs to tell us just how this trillion dollar debt developed over the decades. He has to include those wars the U.S. has been involved in since George Bush's presidency. They were carried on without voting for funding to sustain them. The costs of these wars would have totally wiped out the entire national debt. The funds should have been appropriated to programs and crucial needs here in the United States. Keep in mind that President Obama is bringing home the troops from these theaters of war as he pledged to us in his first inaugural speech.

2. The Tea Party also believes that the government "daily drains away the individuality and entrepreneurial spirit of Americans in order to advance a radical, socialist*(see below) policy built on the backs of American taxpayers."

Mr. Ewing needs to tell us just how his Tea Party proposes to support the following entities at the federal and state and Ccty level: a) police and fire departments, b) public education,  c) departments of transportation and public works, d) Department of Justice (FBI, CIA, etc.),  e) a vital military and f) social services.

3. Our mission is to recruit like-minded Americans to the Tea Party Movement in order to advance the principles of limited government, fiscal restraint, and individual liberty at all levels of government through promotion and education.

Mr. Ewing needs to tell us why the Tea Party doesn't specifically target those politicians who work very few days of the year which receiving very good salaries, benefits and other perks. Why doesn't the Tea Party target secret PACs, lobbyists, and mega corporations who are now able to contribute untold millions of dollars to political campaigns without revealing their recipients? Why hasn't the Tea Party cried out about Citizens United which made corporations akin to people and has changed elections from "one person, one vote" into "one dollar, one vote"?

4. The Tea Party Movement is a grassroots movement of millions of like-minded Americans from all backgrounds and political parties. They share the core principles among which is "returning political power to the states and the people."

Mr. Ewing needs to tell us how the political power has been taken away from the states and the people.

During the recent election campaign I had the pleasure of attending a get together for Rep. Carol Shea-Porter. This event was held at a home in a private community. It was most troubling to see Tea Party members not only protesting in front of this community, but trespassing on private property to display their dislike of Rep. Shea-Porter. How does this demonstration further the cause of the Tea Party? What message is being sent by these individuals? At town halls and various meetings and open public forums throughout our region over the past four years, we have seen self-described Tea Party members display rudeness, lack of basic civility, and they have shouted down and talked over others and prevented others from being heard.

Mr. Ewing, the definition of *Socialism: a theory or system of social organization in which the means of production and distribution of goods are owned and controlled collectively or by the government. To say that our country is a socialist government is quite simply absurd and delusional. By the way, government means all of us, right? Aren't "we the people" members of that government? Aren't we a nation Of By and For the People? This nation has in fact evolved to being owned, run and dictated to by corporations and the One Percenters. Is this in fact what Mr. Ewing means when he states, "Our national government has shifted towards the absolute control end of the spectrum." Isn't it these very corporations who have slowly but surely taken away the rights of all Americans?

Mr. Ewing should address these concerns in his next letter to the editor. We are still awaiting an answer from Mr. Boutin concerning the programs and services put into law by the GOP for the good of all Americans: A request that was asked almost a year ago.

Bernadette Loesch


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Thanks to Hart's for turkeys at Veterans Christmas Dinner

To The Daily Sun,

On Saturday, Nov. 29, the Sons of the American Legion Squadron of Meredith Legion Post 33 held its annual Veterans Christmas Dinner. The menu included turkey, ham, smoked venison, potatoes, vegetables and rolls with pie for dessert.

There was a bus full of veterans from the New Hampshire Veterans Home in Tilton and many other veterans present. Some from as far away as Westborough, Mass. They all enjoyed a great meal and also meeting with all in attendance.

Santa sent a very pretty Santa's helper to visit and for photos. Thanks Ms. Dori for your help. The SAL Squadron would like to thank Hart's Turkey Farm Restaurant for donating turkeys every year, George's Diner for donating the gravy, potatoes, and vegetables.

Also a big thank you to the Ladies Auxiliary for their help and support.

We could not do this without your help and support.

Barry B. Weeks

SAL Adjutant


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