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How many have completed everything & are really insured now?

To The Daily Sun,

President Obama and his supporters are celebrating their Obamacare achievements. Great, so the 40-50 million uninsured are now insured? No.

The March goal was 7 million. Well, insuring 7 million of the uninsured is a good start. No, that didn't happen. Their goal was revised to 6 million. Well, insuring 6 million of the uninsured is a start. That didn't happen either.

What are they celebrating? That 6 million people signed up for Obamacare? But signing up doesn't mean they are insured now, or that they were uninsured before (apparently most had insurance). That's confusing.

People aren't insured until their sign-up is transferred to the insurance company and the premium is paid. Unfortunately the Obamacare website hasn't worked well. Some sign-ups aren't sent to insurance companies and some payments aren't collected, so some people aren't insured, even though they think they're insured.

That's bad. How many people have completed everything and are now insured? No one knows, the Obamacare website doesn't collect that information.

Wasn't Obamacare's purpose to insure the uninsured? Yes.

Who else signed up? Well, most existing insurance plans are unacceptable to Obamacare and are being canceled. Over 6 million people, so far, have had their insurance canceled (many losing access to their doctors, hospitals, and life-saving drugs). Some of these people signed up for Obamacare, but others can't afford the Obamacare compliant insurance.

And, some people with insurance signed up when they found that Obamacare would subsidize their premiums with money taken from their neighbors. Oh.

But Obamacare is reducing premiums, right? No.

Obamacare depends on young healthy people signing up and subsiding older, less healthy (but wealthier) people. But far too few young healthy people are signing up.

Therefore premiums will increase. And taxpayers will be subsidizing the health insurance companies, as required by Obamacare.

This isn't what President Obama promised. Correct, President Obama has been lying to us about Obamacare for years.

Let me see if I have this straight. After spending tens of billions of dollars, the Obama administration is celebrating because 6 million people signed up for Obamacare. But apparently only a small percent of the previously uninsured, the whole justification for Obamacare, signed up. More people had their policies cancelled than have obtained insurance. Some people who bought insurance before can't afford Obamacare compliant insurance and are now uninsured. And, because not enough young healthy people are signing up, premiums will rise and taxpayers will be subsidizing health insurance companies? Correct.

And, they're celebrating rather than firing people? Correct.

Please tell me that this is just a sick April fool's joke. I wish it were, but it's all true.

Don Ewing

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Gilford can grant 10-year contract & MetroCast can charge whatever?

To The Daily Sun,

If there is one thing I cannot stand, its pilfering and monopolies and there seems to be a lot of that going on around here lately. From the powers-that-be giving a 10 year contract to MetroCast, to the social worker stealing vouchers so they can ride on the taxpayers' dollar for free, down to the accountant who fudges the books to line their own pockets with unearned money.

Since we all know that monopolies are against the law, along with payola, you can bet your bottom dollar that something smells like dead fish when several people can grant 10-year contracts and the contracted can raise the charge as much as it wants each year. To put it simply, someone's hands were greased, you know it and I know it. That seems to be the new norm on how one runs a business.

While these people thumb their noses at John Q. Public, they should realize that they will get caught eventually. The best thing that ever happened to me was that I was forced to retire. It gave me time to look around me at all the wasted taxpayers' money being thrown away every day. The saddest thing about this situation is that you see it too, but are afraid to say anything about it.

As one gets older, it seems that the fear factor leaves us and we lose the fear of speaking out. The part-time secretary, pilfering vouchers for the free ride will get caught. Her bosses are not as dumb as she thinks. The powers that gave the contract will lose their positions only to be replaced by new powers who may be more honest, we only wish, and life will go on as usual, stealing this or that.

Only in America can so many be ruled by so many who think they will never be caught in their wrongdoings. Do not be afraid to speak up when you see something wrong with the system. But when you speak, be prepared to follow up with the proof.

Bev Buker

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Forrester didn't defend constituents against ugly characterization

To The Daily Sun,

I attended an information session co-hosted by Senator Forrester and Senate President Morse regarding the Senate's Health Insurance Proposal, SB-413. Senator Forrester introduced President Morse, who discussed the bill and took questions.

He answered a number, but not all, of the questions. He turned himself into a pretzel, trying to appease some of the more conservative audience members when they or I focused on the financial aspects of this bill.

I asked him, "Since SB-413 would be federally funded, where is this federal funding actually coming from?" Senator Morse said he didn't know where in the federal budget it was coming from and furthermore he didn't care. I commented, "I find that very surprising since you, Senator Forrester and many of your supporters rejected Medicaid expansion funding from the very same Feds." Surely Senator Forrester, chair of the Senate Finance Committee, knew where the funding was coming from. Why didn't she tell the audience? After all, it was an information session.

I called the New Hampshire's Department of Health and Human Services to determine that this federal funding originated from the Affordable Care Act. These federal funds are actually our tax dollars coming back to New Hampshire.

The subject of "EBT" cards, the program for those needing and qualifying for food stamp assistance, came up. Senator Morse said, "We did everything we could to get their pictures on the card but could not get that passed. So now, these EBT cards will be going to their drug lords." I then said, "There but for the Grace of God go any one of us in this room. We could find ourselves in many of their situations. What you said was extremely insulting."

I am disgusted by what the Senate President said and that Senator Forrester did not defend her constituents whose lives depend on those EBT cards to feed their families. She also never answered the questions Morse dodged.

Senators, what kind of government do you want? What kind of society are you trying to create? Why did you not answer the question I asked? I suspect you were not only keeping me in the dark, but also the more conservative members of the audience. And lastly, what else do you say behind closed doors?

Please let us know your answers. These are not rhetorical questions.

Paula Trombi


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Alton Selectboard should pick Phil Whittman to fill open seat

To The Daily Sun,

I recently heard the news that Bob Daniels has stepped down as selectman from Alton. As the recent article in the Baysider stated, the voters of Alton need at least one selectman who may have a different opinion than the four incumbents.

If he is still interested, I feel that Phil Wittmann should be chosen to fill the position, since he demonstrated the interest to actually enter the race and received the support of approximately 500 citizens. This will give us the diversity we need and expect from the Board Of Selectmen.

Donald Kleeberg

Last Updated on Tuesday, 01 April 2014 10:14

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I pray, asking God to forgive this country & its leaders for Iraq War

To The Daily Sun,

Sen. John McCain recently said, "We defeated Iraq." I hope he didn't choke on those words. It's more than mere folly to make a audacious statement when he knew well, as every senator knew, it is a concocted lie.

We overwhelmed a small sovereign country with tremendous military power and left years later exacting the death of over a half million people. It was a non-declared war, illegal and criminal in every aspect. What happened to viable dissent in the face of this catastrophe? No one spoke out forcefully against it. Not the people ( the majority, at least) not the news networks, not the clergy: and it happened because most of us turned our back on it and tacitly approved the killing of men, women and children. It was, and is, a devastating loss of life for a nation still in the throes of civil unrest.

We started in Afghanistan, bombing unknown targets and bribing tribal leaders with suitcases full of money. Our duplicity again demonstrated we were not constrained by any law, our own domestic laws and international laws, firmly established and recognized worldwide. The U.N. was silent as was every nation, cowered by our immense military power and our willingness to use it — anywhere and at any time. This sordid chapter in our checkered history will soon diminish, thank God.

I pray fully asking God to forgive this country and its leaders past and present for this immense tragedy. Whatever the reason, (contrived or real) our criminality is an affront to all that is decent and moral. These wars did not have to happen. This nation was never in any danger — except the danger of a administrative military takeover, enabling and encouraging continued violent through harassment and deception of the American public.

Did McCain mean the war was justified because we won? Is winning ever a legitimate reason or result that pacifies our game-oriented mentality? We must resolve that military conflict will never again be used as a method of resoling international problems. Work for peace. Do not tire in this endeavor.

Leon R. Albushies


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