We get that you arent' happy with your duly-elected government

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to Steve Earle, and others:

Enlighten us. Educate us. Inform us. These are all vital components missing from your constant letters to the editor.
It's long past time for you to come out of your echo chamber. Instead of automatically disqualifying those you don't agree with, why not try looking at facts and reality for a change? Your letters have a tendency to be full of conjecture, half-truths, twisted logic, and a generous heaping of things that are not true, stirred vigorously with a self-righteous sense of paranoia under siege. You write as if your so-called statements are the coup de grace, and nothing else that might be close to the truth.

While we read other people's eloquent letters which contain evidence and rationality, you continue to use (and ineffectively, I might add) the IRS, Benghazi and the ACA as peas in a shell game. No matter what facts and new investigations show, you continue to parrot outdated talking points based on fabrication, distortion, untruths, half-truths, innuendo and whatever you hear from your self-referenced talking heads.

In my opinion you are tone-deaf and cannot get out of a self-made rut. You really need to be looking beyond your shadowy horizons. You squawk about coming calamities you see inside your bubble-land. That's a disservice to your readers and to you.

It seems to us that you love scapegoating President Obama and Democrats for everything that happens and for things that haven't happened. No need for proof or valid evidence.

We get the point that you are dissatisfied with your present duly elected government. Although you probably still believe your fantasy that ACORN and swarms of non-existent voters carried the elections in 2008 and 2012.
President Obama and his administration are dealing with very complicated world situations, and an inherited mess at home and abroad. And with a Republican Party whose only mission is to disrupt, obstruct, sabotage and say "No."

Isn't it time to say, "We are a unified country, where we disagree but can try to work together to solve the many real problems?"

Bernadette Loesch

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Seems one party is good at creating problems & another is good at fixing them

To The Daily Sun,

I greatly appreciate the voters of Northfield and Franklin (Ward 3) taking the time to vote in the primary and I especially want to thank those that believed in my candidacy and granted me their vote.

As you know, a great many very important issues are "on the table" this year including a looming budget deficit. It appears that one political party is good at creating these problems and one is good at fixing them. As a financial adviser, I am trained to identify and handle fiscal issues and I understand the solutions to these challenges. Elections do have consequences, and I hope I am able to count on your vote again in the general election Nov. 4.

As always, I welcome your input and your help with the campaign. Please contact me at 603 286-7329. Otherwise, I hope very much to see you at the polls Nov. 4.

Greg Hill


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N.H. Dems are also guilty for the taking apart of our America

To The Daily Sun,

From Shaheen headquarters: On Tuesday, Sept 23, New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen will kick off a week-long "New Hampshire Jobs First" tour with events in Nashua and Dover. Throughout the tour, Shaheen will contrast her record of working to bring good jobs and economic opportunity to New Hampshire.

Barack Obama says, "You didn't build that company, government did."

As Jeanne Shaheen travels around New Hampshire perhaps someone could ask her to define exactly what those jobs were.

Knowing that Shaheen is very close to Obama and his agenda to destroy America, are those government jobs, welfare, disability claims, stimulus money that is unaccounted for? In her six years, going in with Obama, how many bailouts has she supported? I do hope she will tout her accomplishments, like Obamacare.

Carol Shea-Porter, and Annie Kuster are just as guilty for the taking apart America as Jeanne Shaheen and Hussein Obama. Hey all Democrats, how do you feel about your part in Obama's race war, trillions in debt, "world peace," sickness, no respect from other world leaders, more loss of American lives because you are not qualified for the job in any way?

Jeanne, Carol, and Annie, you know you cannot run from your record of no challenge to this madman. You must go.

Niel Young


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Wonder what Mr. Earle & Mr. Young could say without name calling

To The Daily Sun,

Some people able to disagree without being disagreeable? Mr. Earle calls another writer "stupid" followed by "you are not reasonable." Apparently Mr. E thinks that name-calling makes him "reasonable." It doesn't.

The same day Mr. Young is nattering about "Obama forcing gun buyers to declare their race." Prove that statement. Without a link to actual data, that statement sounds more like Fox than facts.

"A lie travels around the world before truth has time to tie her shoes," observed Mark Twain.

I wonder what Mr. Earle and Mr. Young could say without name-calling, simple-minded labels, the current dog-whistle words that are used to disguise the lack of actual thought.

Michael Jones


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Tom Dawson has the necessary integrity, ability & experience

To The Daily Sun,

I attended a significant number of the Belknap County Convention meetings this past year and witnessed firsthand the lack of willingness to collaborate in solving problems demonstrated by some of the representatives running again now for re-election. Their strict adherence to an ideology was more apparent than their responsibility to work with colleagues of differing opinions to come to a consensus decision where everyone gets a little of what they want and need, but no one gets everything their way.

Come Nov. 4 I will be supporting Tom Dawson for state representative from Laconia. He understands that proposed legislation should be evaluated on its own pros and cons, not some extremist ideological approach that looks and sounds like "my way or the highway" governance. I have talked with Tom and he understands good decision making requires being a good listener and doing diligent, unbiased research of issues before coming to conclusions.

Tom has a proven track record of being able to do just that while serving three terms on the Laconia School Board and as the State Fire Marshal appointed by the governor in the mid-1980s when he had to work with all the towns in New Hampshire. While serving as assistant fire chief of Houston, Texas, Fire Department Tom acted as chief financial officer, built and administered a budget over $130 million in a fire department of over 3,000 men and 75 fire stations. Tom is also a retired Lakes Region Community College professor having developed and taught fire protection technology in the 1970s, 1990s and early 2,000s.

I believe Tom Dawson has the integrity, ability, and necessary experience to achieve consensus building decision making that treats people with respect even while differing with their point of view. I urge you to join me in supporting Tom Dawson for State Representative from Laconia and help bring civility and reason back to Belknap County government. Extreme ideologies have no place in good government, nor do they serve the needs of the citizens of Laconia or the State of New Hampshire.

Kay M. Anderson

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