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Celebration of Barbara Hunter's life to be held on July 31

To The Daily Sun,

It is with heartfelt sadness that I have joined a group to plan a Celebration of Life for Barbara Hunter, who passed on June 2nd. Barbara leaves a legacy of true dedication and vast contributions to our community that spans many decades in the Lakes Region and her home town of New Durham. The planning group from Belknap County, New Durham and UNH Cooperative Extension offices includes myself and Judy Buswell, Sandy McGonagle, Alida Millham, Gil Schohan, Tammy Emery, Sue Cagle, Charlene Baxter, Judy Bush, Cathy Allyn, Dot Martin Veisel, and Donna Swett.

The Celebration will be held on Wednesday, July 31st starting at 4 p.m. at the Historic Belknap Mill on Beacon Street in Laconia. Anyone attending can bring a non-perishable food item to be donated to a local food pantry. We are also contributing to a Memory Book, "Recipes for a Life Well-Lived" by writing our favorite memory of Barbara on 3x5 cards. For those of you who cannot attend and/or wish to honor Barbara, the Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation has set up a scholarship in Barbara's name. Donations can be sent to LRSF at PO Box 7312, Gilford NH 03247.

Any questions can be addressed to Judy Buswell at 524-6580 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Judi Taggart


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The Daily Sun gives front & center exposure to many views, including mine

To The Daily Sun,

To see the public get involved in local politics and government is heartwarming. So, I ask myself, why is there so much back and forth on local matters? It is only because of The Daily Sun. No matter what your position is or how vehement one gets at times, or if you attack The Daily Sun, your letters are printed and they have ignited public response. That is what good journalism is all about. For years, the local people have sat back and not made known their positions. Now, for whatever side they are on, they are speaking out.
Not only does The Sun print your letters, they give front and center to those issues and opinions that often do not represent their own personal views, even when they are criticizing the paper that is printing them and despite the perceived preferences, everyone gets coverage equally and often.
Referring to the editor as having an advantage in local mayoral race because he is the editor of the paper is wrong. He is at a disadvantage, because by the very nature of his position, he cannot react and respond to those critical of him. At some point in time, there will be the proper forum for questions and answers from all candidates.
Local elections are not held on a Democrat or Republican basis. They are nonpartisan and we vote for the person and his record. We vote for the person who will best represent Laconia.
I personally know that my views are most often the opposite of the paper, but I would not be sitting on the council for the past eight years without the coverage the paper has given me.
We should applaud the papers for being the only outlet we all have for getting our message out. Discourse is good, but don't make it personal or party oriented.
Councilor Brenda Baer

Ward 4 - Laconia

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I think these episodes qualify as scandals, even if Obama doesn't

To The Daily Sun,

Yesterday the president gave what may have been his longest speech ever but did he say anything really new? If he did I must have missed it by dozing off now and then. Shame on me, but now that I think on it, I think he may have added a little twist on his usual spiel. He made quite a point of taking offense at "phony scandals". Now I wonder just what he meant by that? Could it be that the "Fast and Furious" gun running episode never really happened? Were the two hundred plus dead Mexicans and one of our boarder agents killed not a scandal? Did Eric Holder's lying to Congress then the president giving him cover of executive privilege not qualify as a scandal? And how about Benghazi? Now it was reported that our ambassador and three other Americans were killed there, not so? And what about that YouTube video lie every one from Obama on down was promoting for two weeks after? Guess that doesn't count either? Now surely the IRS being corrupted, not by a couple of rogue agents but from at least as high up as the legal counselor, appointed by the president, to the IRS, surely that must be? Could it be that witnesses questioned by Congress "couldn't remember" or taking the fifth means nothing? And Mrs. Clinton saying, "What does it really matter?"
Well I think all of these qualify as scandals in spite of the president's wishful thinking. And you know what, I think it does matter in spite of what Hillary said, trying to weasel out of her responsibility. Every one of the president's men and women have shown themselves to be unfit to serve, and many should be charged and prosecuted because real crimes have been committed by them in the name of the American people and I take offense at that.
Steve Earle


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My boat sank in the Broads & I'm luckiest person you could know

To The Daily Sun,

To my very generous Lake Winnipeaukee and Lake Shore Park Friends (LSP), on Saturday morning I think I became the luckiest person I have ever met.

At 7 a.m., while I was on a sinking boat out in the Broads, I became lucky in many ways. First, Kathy, my wife, had fortunately chosen not to go for a ride. Second, a fantastic, unknown at this point, water-ski family raced over, gave me a rope to tie to the boat as it went down, pulled me out of the water, and called 911. They also used their GPS to document the boats location, and sat with the boat for the entire morning.

I was lucky in another way, as a second generous ski boat family brought me back to the LSP to get my dive gear to retrieve the wreck. My brothers, Frank and Randy, as always, were already on the way to the scene. My good neighbor, Mike Fournier, was woken from a sound sleep, into his boat already en route.

My always overly helpful friends, Tommy and Richard Madden quickly came with Tom's brand new Tri-Toon to use as a retrieval base. Shortly after their arrival, the Department of Safety Officer, Phil Carpenter, and the Alton Fire Rescue Crew arrived, and remained there the whole time for support while staying clear and letting us work.

I can't even remember how many other Lake Shore Park friends showed up with boats to offer help, all are truly appreciated. I do remember returning up from down deep in full scuba gear to meet Aquaman Murphy, in no gear, swimming down to help rig the wreck (must have gills).

After Frank, Randy, and Richard towed the wreck all the miles in to Baby Beach, 10 or 15 other great friends waited for the truck and trailer, and then loaded the boat for me. Tommy proceeded to stay with me for another hour or two and actually got the motor running again!

If I have forgotten to name any helper, I am sorry, but there were so many helping me out that morning. The sense of community is absolutely mind boggling. Thank you so much, I am so lucky.

Gary Cook


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Thanks for making Buckey's Golf Tourney for VNA & Hospice a success

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of Buckey's Restaurant & Tavern and The Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice we would like to express our sincere thanks to all the generous people who helped make the 11th Annual Buckey's Open Golf Tournament Benefitting Hospice such a success.

We were able to raise $7,863.67 at this year's tournament. We are pleased to report more than $37,000 has been donated directly to Hospice over the past eleven years as a result of the "Buckey's Open".

We want to thank all who came out to participate in a fun round of golf and those individuals who gave of their time and resources.
Our sincere thanks also to the following who made a either a cash donation, sponsored a hole and/or donated fabulous raffle prizes: A & B Lumber, Archeez, Aubuchon Hardware (Moultonborough), Ben & Gerry's (Meredith), CruCon Cruise, Dan Buckley, DaSilva Motor Sports, Dennis Flint, Dunkin' Donuts (Moultonborough), E.M. Heath, Hair Connection, Hannaford's (Meredith), Inns of Mills Falls, Keepsake Quilting, Kellerhaus, Kepco Construction, Lakes Region Realty, Lavinia's, Lee's Candy Kitchen, Meadow Pond Animal Hospital, Melinda Sturgeon, Meredith Village Savings Bank, Mike Kepple, Mike Quinn, Miracle Farms Landscapes, Moulton's Farm, Papa Gino's (Gilford), Pine Ridge Lawn & Landscape, Preferred Vacation Rentals, Ridgewood Country Club, Scissor*ogy Day Spa, Smitty's Plumbing & Heating, T Bones/Cactus Jack's, Tanger Outlets, The Bob House, The Common Man/Flying Monkey, The Woodshed, Yankee Smokehouse.

Jim & Patti Gray
Buckey's Restaurant & Tavern


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