Omer Ahern, Jr. is in the fight against Northern Pass for long haul

To The Daily Sun,

A recent candidate's forum held at the Pease Library in Plymouth revealed that all of the candidates running for elective office during this election cycle are against the Northern Pass, either favoring burial, or totally against the Northern Pass.

I can personally attest to the fact that Omer Ahern, Jr., who is running for state representative for the area of Plymouth, Hebron and Holderness, has accompanied me to various meetings around the state for the past four years for the purpose of exposing the horrors of the Northern Pass Project. Omer made contacts around the state, which have enormously promoted our cause. He has spoken against the Northern Pass at New Hampshire Grange meetings, New Hampshire Farm Bureau meetings, and various civic organizations to which he belongs. Additionally, Omer has attended various hearings with me, most recently, the SB-99 hearings in Concord regarding the restructuring of the Site Evaluation Committee.

Yes, being a politician who is against the Northern Pass shows a conviction to do what's right, but long-term commitment and actions taken to promote our fight against the Northern Pass demonstrates that Omer is with us for the long haul, which is why he has my vote.

Michael Marino


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Restraints placed on commissioners have undermined elder care

To The Daily Sun,

Dave Pollak is running his election based on values and principles, one of which is to work collaboratively with others. While you may say that you have heard that approach a million times before from politicians, this is one of those times when it is a real pledge.

Rather than pledging to "control costs" or "lower taxes," we need a county commissioner who can work with the administration and the county convention alongside his colleagues to make sensible decisions. We elect commissioners and our state representatives to do a job.

Belknap County needs to take into account not only the realities of today, but also of the future. We have all heard of "penny wise, pound foolish" and some of the antics this year at the county have been just that — short-term penny-pinching. The Republican achievements in the courts have been seen as "political wins" rather than what they really are, which is putting unnecessary bureaucratic limitations on the actions of our elected commissioners.

The restraints placed on our county commissioners from 2012-14 have undermined their ability to: care for our needy elderly (nursing home), invest in our employees to keep them productive and honor negotiated labor agreements; and maintain some reasonable standards of care in our jails. These fundamental responsibilities and principles should guide our county decision-making.

Vote for Dave Pollak on Nov. 4.

Elizabeth "Liz" Merry


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A vote for Senator Andrew Hosmer is a vote for Common Core

To The Daily Sun,

Senator Andrew Hosmer wants New Hampshire to adopt Common Core Standards (CCSS). These standards very profoundly restrict students and teachers.

New Hampshire, and therefore parents, abandon local control over curricula and standards which measure academic standings. Parents' rights to oversee their children's education are stolen. Students' rights to be prepared for the ever-more complex world are stolen as well.

Teacher evaluations are linked to student performances on standardized tests, regardless of the type of students the teacher has. Reputations are held ransom to "teaching to the test." This clearly marginalizes the teaching profession and pits teachers against students.

CCSS does not prepare students for worldwide job competition. James Milgram, officially voting against CCSS, said it will put them behind instead. The U.S. used to be tops in education worldwide. How low will we become with CCSS?

CCSS poorly prepares students for four-year colleges needed to enter graduate schools and get the higher-paying jobs. The man who drafted CCSS' math standards said college "readiness" is minimal. This creates distinct disadvantages in competing for these college slots. CCSS math does not even prepare for college calculus without remedial courses. (source:

Every single New Hampshire student has a right to expect education that prepares him or her for any vocation or further education he or she wants. No exceptions. They don't need inferior federal standards to compete.

A vote for Sen. Hosmer is a vote for CCSS. A vote for KATHY RAGO will stop the stranglehold that is CCSS.

Terry Cox


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What is governor waiting for? She's losing trust of N.H. people

To The Daily Sun,

Joe Kenney stands up for the people of New Hampshire. He listens to their concerns. That is why he point-blank asked Gov. Hassan what was going on with the SEC positions to be filled by the PUBLIC as stated in SB-245, at last Wednesday's Executive Council meeting held in Concord. This was the second meeting in which the issue failed to make the agenda.

The response he received continues to baffle the citizens about why Gov. Hassan refuses to withdraw nominations she made for Concord insiders Sen. Odell and Rep. Merrill for these public positions — the public positions that failed to be advertised in a public venue. Instead, the governor stated she is focused now on filling the public attorney position to the SEC. The positions had a deadline of Oct. 1.

Why does our governor refuse to withdraw the nominations of a state senator and representative, despite continued public outcry about the in-house choices? Councilors Sununu and Pignatelli have also expressed concerns that the governor's nominations are not in accordance with the intent of SB-245.

Is the governor waiting until after the November election in hope of securing more support from the new make up of the Executive Council? Is she waiting for public outcry to fade away? One fact is certain and she is losing the trust of the people of New Hampshire who were led to believe the outcome of SB-245 would be a more transparent and involved public. Shamefully disappointing.

Thank you Joe Kenney for speaking for the people.

Mark Watson



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Rich Leonard will work for us, not for the moneyed interests

To The Daily Sun,

Rich Leonard, our candidate for state Senate, has been out talking to neighbors and potential constituents in Rochester, Farmington, Gilmanton, Alton, New Durham and Barnstead. He's listening to our stories and finding out what is important to us. As a resident of New Durham, a pharmacist in Alton and having lived in Rochester for 26 years, Rich knows our communities well, and he is determined to listen more and learn more about what the people of this district need to build strong families and move New Hampshire forward.

Contrast this with Sam Cataldo, our incumbent state senator. While Sam accepts phone calls and e-mails from constituents, he appears not to be listening. For every issue about which I contacted Sam, he voted the wrong way, yielding to moneyed interests over New Hampshire families. Sam did agree to meet with his constituents here in Barnstead, but he followed up that meeting with votes that disregarded all that we had brought to his attention. We asked Sam to talk to his Farmington neighbors who work full-time but have no health insurance. When we followed up that request with emails asking about these conversations, he failed to respond.

Needless to say Sam voted against Medicaid expansion.

Rich Leonard knows from personal experience what families need to be strong and secure, and he continues to take every possible opportunity to listen to the people of his district. If you aren't fortunate enough to have conversation with Rich as he knocks on doors, you will assuredly be heard if he is elected.

I urge you to cast your ballot on Nov. 4 for Rich Leonard. He will work for us, not for the moneyed interests that pull Sam Cataldo's puppet strings. It's time for a change in Senate District 6.

Diane St. Germain

Center Barnstead

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