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Many in power fear Trump's enlightened eye for failed government

To The Daily Sun,

Charles Krauthammer's critical review in the Union Leader about the presidential election and how "facts don't matter, history and logic have disappeared" seems surprising when the exact same argument can be said for any real popular religion in the world.

Religious unanswered questions in this type of narrative claim scientific facts do not matter or many historical religious facts have never been verified. But religion has a life changing force — faith in that it can be better.

This election boils down to facts about choking failed policies by the leaders, faith, and trust. Is there faith the politician you are going to vote for will actually do what they say, even if it means they will die a political death, will Clinton or Trump be true?

How has the politician's life or political history been with respect to trust? Have they spoken the equivalent of forked tongue, political correct speech to snake charm your vote out of you?

Many in power are fearful of Trump's enlightening eyes to failed government, which politicians so clearly want to protect and centralize further over the people.

Who is most critical of the policies by the powerful, speaks without forked tongue, and has not been accused of mistrust?
How many people called Christ a false prophet even as he laid out the truths of the failures of the powerful Romans against their citizens?

Today the press continues to crucify Trump. Facts of broken leadership, smothering deficits, and death eared politicians do matter.

Vote Trump.

Jeff Frost

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I'm proud to stand before our nation with U.S. Air Force on my uniform

To The Daily Sun,

On July 5 of this year, I said goodbye to my family and loved ones as I hopped aboard a plane to Air Force Basic Military Training (BMT) in hopes of becoming a United States airman. The desire to serve my country in a way that best complements my natural talents has been inherent in the men and women who came before me.

My father served a term in the Army, my grandfather served in the Navy in the 1960s as a non-commissioned officer, and I have a great-grandfather who stormed the beaches of Normandy as a young Marine. As was my joy to be raised under the tutelage of wise men and an encouraging mother, something "clicked" in my head a while ago. It felt as if I had finally caught up with destiny, for even as a young boy I knew in my heart that I would one day serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. I'm so glad I took the step.

Never have I felt more proud to be alive and to represent a heritage, then when I marched into a packed stadium, full of proud family and friends, watching the evolution that took place in us. It was 8 1/2 weeks of non-stop training, with a focus on "attention to detail" and "never leaving a wingman behind." Our military training instructors instilled discipline, respect, and self-confidence in each trainee as we navigated the subjects of first-aid, counterterrorism tactics, and accounting for the "little things" (i.e. making a bed that mother would be proud of). There I was, saluting the American flag, as the next generation of defenders took their place alongside their forefathers.

I would encourage all young men and women to consider serving in any branch of the military. Here, you are instilled with excellent core values, you are taught the importance of life and the honor of preserving it, and you are given every avenue to financially prosper and to begin a retirement plan (forward thinking). The whole time, mind you, you are earning college credit.

All this to say, it is my honor to stand before this great nation, with both "U.S. Air Force" and "Higgins" sown on my airman battle uniform, fit to fight, both mentally and physically, ready to obey the orders of the president and the officers appointed over me. It is my duty to defend my people from enemies foreign and domestic, and it is my heritage to service the good people of the United States and our allies, striving for a safer, prosperous future.

So help me God!

Mike Higgins

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