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You need more than money and family name to be governor of N.H.

To The Daily Sun,

Last Saturday I spent a fun day with Jeanie Forrester, a candidate for governor. Along with her supporters, she marched in the parade in Warren. It was really impressive how many people showed up from all the area towns. I had a lot of fun before the parade going around meeting and talking to the local folks.

I met many veterans and we were able to sign up about 15 of them that will support Jeanie. A lot of them knew her as their state senator and were really pleased with her service for the area.

The one thing that surprised me was that that not one other candidate for governor was there. It seems they only need to be in the southern part of the state where the majority of the voters live. Jeanie is keeping her promise when she entered the race for governor that she is running to serve all the people of New Hampshire.

I personally feel great knowing she realizes how important the North Country is. The one thing I have noticed the past few weeks is how Chris Sununu has started to run his campaign as if he is in the general election. I have a lot of respect for his dad, the (former) governor, and brother, the (former U.S.) senator. I hope he doesn't think because of his name that makes him the winner.

To prove my point, most of you must know the name Jeb Bush. Many thought there was no way he could be
beaten. Well guess what? After more than $100 million spent he never got higher than fifth place.

New Hampshire needs something more than money and a family name to get us back to the great state we once were. Jeanie isn't taking anything for granted and knows she has three other good people running for the same job. I hope you get to meet her and see why she is the best candidate to be our governor.

I got off subject for a little bit. Back to Saturday, after returning to Meredith a cookout was held at Richard and Carol Gerkens for veterans and their families. Jeanie got to talk to many of the veterans and listen to their concerns. Jeanie said as senator she has heard many of the problems the veterans of New Hampshire are facing, and as governor she would make veteran issues on the top of her list and do all she could to improve the situation that it is at the present time.

We need someone that cares about all of us, and I believe that person is Jeanie Forrester.

L. Michael Hatch


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Tea Party has never engaged in violence or intimidation tactics

To The Daily Sun,

A quick word to keep readers from any confusion. Steve Earle from Hill is now Steve Earle from Gilford. Same guy we just sold the big, old house and moved to a little one-level place easier on the wife's knees. Otherwise nothing else changed.

Well sense last I wrote so many things have happened that I feel I can say, "I told you so" to readers. Bill Clinton met secretly with the attorney general in her airplane and the fix was put in. No charges against Hillary, what a shock! One set of rules for us and none for the Clintons and all the big shots with power and connections.

Gays were massacred in Orlando and Obama, Clinton and the left went on an anti-guns binge. Oh, all those terrible NRA legal gun owners, it's all their fault. But then in rapid succession attacks exploded all over the world. Some with guns, some with bombs, some with both and at least one included a sword. And what was the one common factor? All were carried out by Muslim terrorists. Anyone surprised by that must have just arrived from off planet. That's been going on for decades now and still Obama/Clinton can not even say Islamic terrorism.

Please lefty don't tell me about how it's only a minority or they don't represent true Islam. That's bull. Muslims have been doing it for 1,400 years. It's built into their culture and religion. It's a Muslim problem not a guns problem. Until all those "moderate Muslims" reject, stop enabling and making excuses for their own and do something about them I'll continue to condemn the whole bunch of them.

To the naive gentleman who lauded Prof. Cracraft's letter-writing, let me just say that my friend Scott has had a long-standing history of making up things not in evidence in order to give credibility to his liberal views. Example: Scott to this day maintains the Tea Party has racists and fascist tendencies. Fact is he has never attended a Tea Party meeting or rally so he has zero experience. On the other hand I have been to numerous such events and never seen any indication of anything of the sort. Taxed Enough Already is where the TEA came from and members support smaller government and lower taxes. Very un-facist which is a big government, top-down control, much more like the Democratic Party's vision.

Nor has the Tea Party ever engaged in violence or intimidation as many liberal groups do. Scott never mentions those facts, readers may recall. You may also note the Tea Party does not call for free speech (hate speech) to be outlawed, verboten or banned. We rather debate ideas openly and honestly and not shout down or stone those we disagree with. Too bad the left can't get past the tantrum-throwing stages.

Steve Earle


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