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Hopefully the ZBA will grant variance so 'Pecker' can live in peace

To The Daily Sun,

Kudos to the Laconia Daily Sun's March 28 issue for giving "There's a rooster in the house" priority in being the cover story.

I am very impressed with Bridgette Leroux's detailing life with "Pecker" the rooster. It sounds like a very strong loving family. I sincerely hope their life will not be decimated by a ruling of the city — founded on one man's antagonism.

I can appreciate the comfort and joy each member of this family gives to each other — so evident in the application submitted by Bridgette Laroux to the Zoning Board of Adjustment. Hopefully the ZBA will grant the variance to this family and all this unhappiness can be averted.

Betty O'Donnell


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Here's a story that is really deserving of a 'God Bless America"

To The Daily Sun,

This is a story about an act of kindness.

My niece's husband, a native of the Netherlands, recently became a citizen of the United States. He, and we, and the rest of the family and friends are delighted. I thought it would be nice to get him a gift of an American flag lapel pin. Sounds easy enough, but not so.

I was in Staples getting some office supplies and asked if they carried the flag pins. They did not. I drove across to a jewelers in the Tanger outlet, but no luck there either. I stopped at a gift shop a short distance past the "Mosquito Bridge" but they didn't carry them either. Then on to another jewelers in the Belmont Mall . . . no luck. On over to JoAnn Fabrics and no luck again. Down the road to Walgreen's and they didn't carry them either.

I stopped at All My Life Jewelry store on Main Street and finally, found a store that had such a pin. I explained to the pleasant young woman that I wanted to buy it as a gift for my nephew-in-law who had just become a naturalized citizen, and that he would be coming up this weekend. She showed me the pin and it is actually much nicer than the one that I wear.

The woman then asked if I would like it gift-wrapped and I said yes. She then did a beautiful job of setting it in cotton in a gift box, wrapped it, and then made a handful of ribbon bows to adorn it.

And, when all was said and done, neither she nor Randy would accept any money ... they generously wanted to give a gift to a new citizen. Of course I thanked them for their kindness and will make sure I deal with them whenever I have a jewelry need.

Now, isn't that deserving of a God bless America?

Bob Meade


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