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Too bad we have to wait so long to vote these people out

To The Laconia Daily Sun,

We've all heard the term "enemies abroad". Well we don't have to worry about that any more, with what we have "working for us" in D.C. The fellas there will kill our country quicker than anything outside of our country. Just think, we actually voted for these people. No person elected should be "in" for more than two terms; also if they shut off wages and benefits of innocent folks they too should have their wages "stopped". Someone wrote that idea last week and I agree!

Too bad they have to wait a long time to vote them out and who knows who will be available and what will they do. Limited terms sure sound good instead of paying and taking care of them medically the rest of their lives for sinking the country. I guess brats just can't play nice.

Jean A. Boudreau

Lochemere (Tilton)

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From Texas, thanks so much to the lady in the Subaru wagon

To The Daily Sun,

There is certainly a lot to celebrate in New Hampshire, the majestic fall foliage, maple products, and the like. However, its absolute invaluable resource is its people.

My wife and I were on vacation and, for about the 1000'th time, found ourselves hopelessly lost. We were off a road in Laconia trying to decipher maps and travel books when a woman stopped and asked if everything was all right. We replied that we were from out of state and were looking for a place to stay. She began rattling off directions to a hotel near where we were. She accurately recognized our bewilderment and said, "Look, if you don't mind following me, I'll drive you there." And she did. Pointing to the hotel, she gave a cheery wave goodbye and drove off.

Now, that may not seem remarkable to some, but for this gray bearded Texan, it was so kind that I am compelled to share this with you. So, to the pretty lady in the Subaru wagon, many, many heart felt thanks!

Keith & Judy Pettit
Arlington, Texas

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McCain & other GOP elities are much too eager to surrender

To The Daily Sun,

Of course I expected that John McCain, Ayotte, and Graham would not be there for the fight FOR Americans, but to hear McCain is ready to throw in the towel, it makes me wonder; do you know the damage you are doing to the future of my grandchildren and others?

McCain and other elite Republicans (in their minds) like Judd Gregg are so anxious to give in to Barack Hussein Obama. Once we have completely lost all that is good about America we won't be going back — ever. Instead of McCain and other light weight Republicans buying into Obama's plan, why aren't they demanding that the ILLEGAL INVADERS should not be holding a rally on our land, and denying WWII vets and others to visit the memorial? Why? Why are senior citizens, and visitors to our country denied, and not in a nice way, access to our parks, etc?

Obama is punishing us and you remain silent? Why? Please tell me why our country and families are no longer important to you. As long as killing babies in the womb, or right after arriving, you could care less about what the Obama Zombie and Obama, do, right?

Every time Obama talks about the children he makes me ill. He doesn't care about babies — who someday become citizens of this great country. Aw, bring in the Illegal Invaders to fill the slots.

Niel Young


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Democrat-controlled Senate is hell bent on destroying the USA

To The Daily Sun,

Social Security and Medicare are government-controlled programs FULLY paid for in advance by recipients! Our lying government steals those reserve funds for their waste, then call the payments entitlements, as if not earned. That matches everything LIAR Obama says and does, backed up by Democrats in Congress. Look at the hundreds of executive orders Obama has put out, ALL leading to his COMPLETE takeover of the USA, as ultimate dictator.
Why are all Democrats suckers for his takeover? Our Republican House is right on trying to protect all of us, while the Democrat-controlled Senate is hell bent on destroying the USA. Never have we seen a president so pigheaded and unwilling to discuss his gross errors.
Jack Stephenson


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I might not be for a co-op if local family were buying Briarcrest

To The Daily Sun,

I am a resident of Briarcrest. I have enjoyed living here for the last 13 years, which was like being on a 13-year vacation. I do not think that the sale of Briarcrest is only a two sided issue. We have all been lucky enough to enjoy living in a beautiful family-run park. No one has a problem with the Mooney Family, they are wonderful, caring people. Each of us has to determine what is best for us as individuals.

I have made my choice based on what I have researched myself. I would prefer that the park become a co-op. I may not feel that way if another local family were buying the park, but that is not the case. This letter is not to trash Home Town America. We have all seen and learned enough to know that things will never be the same when this community becomes one of many, owned by people we will never get to know. They will never know your name or care about you as an individual as the Mooney family has. I myself would prefer to deal with people that are here, on the premises, that we already know. People that care about the community and will continue to keep it up to the standards we are used to. I did not make my decision in haste. I attended the co-op meetings and learned that the numbers DO work and it is in our best interest as residents to take control of our own community. I also did my own research on the Home Town America company. They are a huge business with a bad reputation and they buy and sell parks routinely for profit. It is easy enough to look into and I encourage you to do your own research without listening to either side. I have always felt secure in living in Briarcrest. I think that going co op is a more secure feeling, knowing that it will not be sold again. People please, make your OWN decision. I have only one question that has not been answered. Why is Home Town America's money better then ours?

MaryLou Blaisdell


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