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Thanks for all donations to Gilmanton Community Church Food Pantry

To The Daily Sun,

It is with heartfelt gratitude that the Gilmanton Community Church Food Pantry says Thank You to EVERYONE who made donations in any form during our recent food drives and requests.
We had many generous contributions from Grace Capital Church, Gilford and Gilmanton Schools, Gilmanton Gallopers 4-H Club, Gilmanton Boy Scouts Pack 242 who participated in the "Scouting For Food Program" and were assisted by the Cub Scouts who also collected and walked in the Pantry Walk held on October 6, as well as Wolcott Construction; to name a few. To the many, many unnamed individuals, we are truly grateful — thank you.

We also want to thank our many Thrift Shop patrons whose purchases contribute to the success of the Food Pantry. Thanks to all of you, over 30 families enjoyed a bountiful Thanksgiving meal which they might not have, had it not been for the generosity of one and all.
GCC Food Pantry & Thrift Shop Committee

Evelyn Sanville, Secretary

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Thanks: 12th Annual Fall Craft Fair reached goal for LRGH Auxiliary

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of the Lakes Region General Hospital Auxiliary I would like to extend its appreciation to all those who helped us at our 12th Annual Fall Craft Fair reach our goal to provide comfort bags to breast cancer patients in the LRGHealthcare Breast Health Program. Our goal was attained thanks to the many who attended, and the combined efforts of our Auxiliary members and volunteers, LRGHealthcare, several local businesses, many individuals and finally our generous vendors who not only participate but the many who donate items to our raffle.

We need to acknowledge the wonderful cooperation of the Laconia School Department and Laconia High School where we hosted our event.

We would like to thank the following businesses for assisting us with our event with either raffle donations, publicity or parking: Northeast Communications Corp.; Fred Caruso; Alan Harrison from WEZS; John Kimball; LRGHealthcare; Piche's Ski and Sport Outlet; Mark Dickson; Lakes Region Floral Studio; Roche Realty; Tilton Veterinary Hospital; The Taylor Community; Trustworthy Hardware; Kitchen Encounters; Kellerhaus; Patrick's Pub and Eatery; Cantin Chevrolet; Lakes Region Party and Gift; Interlakes Family Medical Practice; The Laconia Clinic; O.P.A; Meredith Bay Coffee House; Forestview Manor; Frank Roche Realty; AutoZone; Sacred Heart Church; AutoServ Tilton; Laconia Department of Public Works; and Pepi Herrmann Crystal.

Special acknowledgement is extended to the volunteers who stood out in the cold for hours to help direct parking.

In addition to vendor space rental charges, our craft raffle and bake sale helped us reach our financial goal. Many thanks to the dozens of people who offered to bake or made a donation in lieu of baking. Thanks again to the vendors, individuals and businesses that donated an item to our raffle.

Finally, our sincere thanks goes to the volunteers who worked long and hard on the day of the event and to the members of the planning committee.

Barbara Tuttle, Chairman
LRGH Auxiliary
Fall Craft Fair Committee

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Selectmen who forced Keenan's resignation acted as hypocrites

To The Daily Sun,

I thank the lady from Laconia, Ms. Lawrence, for expressing her outrage as to her interpretations of the behavior of one of OUR town employees here in Gilford, who was recently forced out of their job by two selectmen. She is certainly entitled to "her" outrage but we are left a bit perplexed as to whether she or someone in her social or business associate's hierarchy will be some how benefited from this recent course of events? I believe she has made some erroneous assertions in her recent letter. Perhaps she owns a business in Gilford that she pays property taxes on?

She has asserted that, "Adultery... is not a crime anymore" ... "Just because it is not on the books anymore..." This is just not factual as the NH RSA-645 statues on Public Indecency, do in fact define this as a crime. It is a misdemeanor in fact. "The other officer ... has not been raked over the coals,.." Well, I would strongly disagree with that as Ms Lawrence is in fact in her letter raking this person over the coals over a very private matter in a local newspaper.

I occasionally attend the public meetings as held for the conducting of the public's business both for town and county. At the beginning of each meeting I risk being ejected for taking what I call, only the "Catholic" version of the pledge of allegiance to the flag. I simply do not believe we have as yet established, "liberty and justice for all". I do remove my hat in deference and recite the earlier part I hold to be of the greatest merit.

In the case of the forced resignation of Gilford's police chief, I applaud Ms. Lawrence's last statement as to the condemnation of "hypocrites". In my humble opinion, the two selectmen who forced this matter to this as yet to be concluded unsavory end indeed acted as hypocrites by first taking the full pledge of allegiance and then acting capriciously and then with as yet to determined in court, possible commissions to violations of New Hampshire and/or U.S. law.
I am not an attorney, yet I have five reasons to put forward as to how and why they acted improperly. #1 - The primary reason for seeking the resignation seems to have been the citing of NH law RSA 645. They have so far not sought the resignation of the second police officer who has as explained may also been possibly established as having had committed a misdemeanor as well under the same statute. The chief of police is then singled out for forfeiture of his job but not the other "perp". #2 - The Selectmen did not act in a unanimous vote or sentiment on the seeking of the chief's resignation. This is troubling as to the reason for one to have dissented and as to whether he may have felt the Selectboard was perhaps engaging in some action that was neither reasonable or customary in such a situation as was to their unanimous discontent. "No cruel or unusual punishments inflicted" as per the possible violation of the chief's 8th amendment rights. #3 - The Constitution provides no specific rights to privacy but our law continues to evolve so as to establish at least some rules of common decency. It has been reported that there may have been some contact with the marriage counselor of the chief of police and his wife, by one of the selectmen seeking the chief's removal. Perhaps it is a stretch to imagine this as a violation of HIPPA rules but the HIPPA rules and doctor, lawyer to patient, client rules for privacy in the law do establish what is reasonable and customary and why there is a need for these legal protections. #4 - The town seems not to have had in effect any clear regulations prohibiting internal fraternizations and romantic liaisons with warnings that such would be a basis for dismissal. As the results at our nation's U.S. military academies show where rape has been rampant with out Congress taking any effective measures to resolve that, we find that anti-fraternization policies may be better relaxed and educational programs to promote social responsibility and to educate people on what it means to be socially responsible may be more effective? #5 - There has been no establishment of the chief being in any way insubordinate in the conducting of his official professional duties other than this tawdry personal situation which should never have gotten to this point, an outrageous seeking of retribution against him, that could also be a violation of the Gilford taxpayer's right to have a CLEAR separation of church and state.
Here we are in the season acknowledging how long the world was left in sin and error pinning. I consider myself a Christian. We were married in the "ONE TRUE Church" as it was taught to us, but now subscribe to a different denomination. I truly believe in the one wife for life plan as a natural order for mankind. I love the parable of the good seed equally as to the one of the vineyard owner. I love the amendments to our Constitution that define our rights as citizens, equally as well. For years Gilford taxpayers were tortured by a certain pest at our beach. For years the complaints went unheeded. That seems finally to have been resolved? Sometimes employees need to be removed for cause. Generally though they are first offered an opportunity to rehabilitate themselves before such egregious sanctions as dismissal are sought against them, their families and careers. I indeed think it is hypocritical for anyone on the Selectboard to claim that they have the higher clearer vision to see what is morally right in a society we continue to define and most love as a secular one.

In this matter I as a taxpayer of GILFORD am the MOST CONCERNED with what this capricious action by the Selectboard will have in what is ultimately and perhaps what in court will be determined as a properly enhanced severance package for the chief of police. The bard has counseled that ambition can be a very grievous fault and that we may if found to be truly ambitious, be made to pay for that in a grievous manner. The Gilford Budget Committee is currently in session reviewing the many requests from department heads and the school district for things our town is in dire or approximate need of. We are contemplating after a proper period of demonstrated need and with recognized cost abatement proposals a bond for the renovation and retro fit expansion of our police station. There are many good projects that may end as delayed or even cancelled if the costs to the town for the removal of the chief of police rise to be a substantial sum. A letter of reprimand and a period of leave without pay may in the end prove to have been a lot more cost effective to our taxpayers pocket books than this very ambitious change in personnel in our police department. For disclosure purposes, an officer of the Gilford Police Department is within feet of being one of my abutters. Otherwise, I have no social or business relationships I am aware of with anyone in the department. I do feel my neighborhood is a safer one given who lives here.

Timothy Sullivan


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With regard to Obamacare & lying: the end justifies the means

The The Daily Sun,

Have you noticed lately that insurance companies have become the darling of the masses? Seems like just yesterday that we all used to complain about them as being evil personified — and for good reason. Most health policies were, to be generous, crappy and downright criminal not to mention the reason for many bankruptcies in this country. Along comes Obama who accomplished what five presidents before him couldn't do and gave us health care that "almost" puts us in line with the rest of the civilized world. Okay, so it took some fancy slight of hand to accomplish it. I don't think either political party seriously believes this is going to be repealed. And in a few years when Obamacare has undergone many revisions and improvements, no politician will ever dare to bring up the subject again.
This country is a mere 229 years old (if you count from the Declaration of Independence) and even younger than that if you start with the Constitution. In other words, compared with many other countries, we are still in the adolescent stage. As such we exhibit all the virtues and vices attributed to this volatile time in life. Yes, we are generous than most but we are also impetuous and violent to the point that it has become a part of our DNA. We're not happy to make war on other countries (mostly smaller) but we make "war on poverty" and "war on cancer". Perhaps it's time to make up some new metaphors?
Remember George Zimmerman, the murderer who gunned down the teenager and got away with it? He became the darling of the "fringe" set. If you've kept up with this whacko you'll know that since that time he has pulled a gun on three other people (mostly women) and has had several brushes with the law. I don't think the fringe will be bringing him up anytime soon. I just hope Santa doesn't try to go down his chimney. Merry Christmas Santa — bang bang.
But I digress. Back to Obamacare. In the final analysis, "the end justifies the means". I really try to attribute good motives to our presidents . Trying to ease the burden of 40 million people and give them a decent chance in life in spite of all the Republican opposition to me is honorable. One contributor wrote recently: "Every day we are being informed that the current administration knowingly deceived the citizens". Another example of adolescence. Welcome to the real world. Imagine that. Politicians deceiving the public. Gee, one would think that our president was deceiving us to go to war in Iraq. Oh, that was another president. For some I guess the first 50 years of childhood are the hardest.
Happy Holidays to all my Libertarian, Tea Party and Republican friends out there — all two of them.

George Maloof


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Secular humanism has weakened influence of Christianity in schools

To The Daily Sun,

How did we get from being a nation whose people by consensus held the Bible to be the true Word of God, as I related in my letter of Nov. 13, that we were from our founding until sometime well into the 20th century, to one that treats the Bible as a banned book from our public schools? And what bearing does this have on the N.H. Supreme Court case Duncan v the State of N.H., which has been the focus of this series of letters.
That Christianity exerted a central influence in shaping American society, culture, government, laws, thoughts, morals, and institutions cannot be honestly contended against. It can be clearly seen in our history. Look at original state constitutions, and state and local laws right up until the the mid 1900s. Read the inscriptions on monuments you might find locally. Find an online copy of an addition of the blue back speller, the book commonly used to teach reading, in the 19th century. Check out which colleges began as seminaries. Read American literature from the 17th to the 19th century. I might note that the Jeremiad, a style of preaching was the first original American literary type. So, again, how did we go from being a society who's culture, laws and customs were based on the Bible and Biblical teaching to one where a teacher can get fired for having religious materials in his classroom? This story I believe has direct bearing on Duncan v State of N.H.
The beginning of education in America was largely Christian; you needed to learn to read in order to read the word of God. Our first schools where religious schools and tax money was used to support them. When the common school movement started in the 1830s our public schools still retained a protestant orientation, for that was the orientation of the people. Whether it was wisely or naively, after some protest, this new government involvement in education was for most part accepted as long as these schools were allowed to have what was agreed to be a nonsectarian protestant orientation. The King James Bible was widely used in public schools then. I might also note that the amount of time that a student spent in school each year was but a fraction of the time each child attends today. At the time of the passing of N.H.'s Blaine Amendment in 1878 this was the state of public education.
There was an element that sought to secularize our culture. It had been around since our founding. George Washington and his right hand man Alexander Hamilton warned of the folly of these in George Washington's Farewell Address. This element found a platform in public education and with the aid of the tensions between the Catholic and protestant populations they succeeded in moving public education — thus our population — toward the secular-humanist view. The longer you spent in this school system the more likely you were to be, and the more deeply you would be affected by it. The influence of Christianity had been deeply ingrained in our culture and, even into the middle of the 20th Century, though weakened by this inroads of secular-humanism into our schools; the custom of honoring God's Word in school still survived in many of our states and communities. This was a snag for these humanist though there was now more of them by this time. What then?

John Demakowski


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