Why is Kathy Rago refusing to participate in Laconia forum?

To The Daily Sun,

If you are a candidate for office, you have a basic obligation to the people of your district. If you expect us to vote for you, we have a right to learn about your ideas and vision, and you have a duty to hear your constituents' concerns.

Kathy Rago apparently believes that she owes nothing to the voters of Laconia and Gilford. She expects to get away with a stealth campaign for State Senate in District 7. She hasn't appeared at any public forums in these two locations, and now she has even refused to attend the Lakes Region Community College candidates' forum hosted by LRCC and the League of Women Voters NH. Laconia is the largest city in District 7 and yet since Ms. Rago declined. The citizens of Laconia will not be able to hear from her before the election. Because she won't attend Senator Andrew Hosmer will not be allowed to speak at the event.

Andrew Hosmer will be there anyway to offer his time, because he wants to listen to the people he represents. Sen. Hosmer has always been there with his time and effort for the people of District 7. He has shown up for every forum or debate he has been invited to. He has agreed to any format in Laconia Ms. Rago prefers, at any location. She still refuses.

So where is Kathy Rago and why is she refusing to participate in an open forum for the voters of Laconia? Avoiding Laconia leads us to believe she wants to hide her vision, doesn't want to be held accountable for her votes, or just doesn't care about the people of Laconia, or those in Gilford.

Kathy Rago does not deserve our vote. I support Andrew Hosmer because he shows up. He takes responsibility for his votes. He is always accessible and committed to District 7. And he has a record of working hard and producing results for us. Andrew Hosmer cares about us. Kathy Rago doesn't.

Werner Dietrich


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With Jeanie, I feel I'm informed & participating in decision making

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to support Jeanie Forrester in her re-election to the New Hampshire Senate.

I have worked with Jeanie on various "Main Street" issues in my hometown of Meredith. From my first-hand experience, Jeanie is an honest, trustworthy person who works hard to accomplish goals set before her. She is a person of integrity whom I respect with the utmost confidence.

I also appreciate how she endeavors to keep constituents informed through her regular email communications and how she solicits feedback on issues that are being addressed in Concord. In these ways, I feel informed, in touch and participating in decisions being made on behalf of my community.

Keep Jeanie working for us by your vote on Nov. 4.

Ann Sprague


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Glen Aldrich is just the kind of working man we need in Concord

To The Daily Sun,

Glen Aldrich is a friend of mine and a good man. An attack on him can only be based on ignorance or a lack of honesty.

The world is not black and white. If you run into someone you agree with 100 percent you have found a special person. I can see how Glen can agree with a portion of the Tea Party principles. He has a strong respect for the Constitution and is a proud American, yet he does not support government intrusion into personal privacy. Glen will defend people's natural rights as well as their civil liberties.

Glen Aldrich is a generous man even though he is of modest means. He supports many civic causes with his time and skills. Glen helped distribute Thanksgiving meals to those in need with Shire Sharing. He organized the roadside cleanup we do several times a year along Route 3 in Belmont. He achieved his amateur radio license and enjoys assisting the radio club providing event communications.

Glen Aldrich is a working-man and exactly the kind of representative that our very unique citizen legislature needs. It's true, he was not born in the Granite State (just like 60 percent of New Hampshire residents), but he was born with the 'live free or die' spirit and he came home to New Hampshire.

I'm glad he is here and I will be honored to serve with him should the people of Belmont choose to re-elected me. I hope the good people of Gilford and Meredith will cast a vote on Nov. 4 for Glen Aldrich.

State Rep. Mike Sylvia

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We're fortunate to have someone like Peter Spanos step forward

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to urge support of Peter Spanos' campaign for state representative.

Peter is a native of Laconia and a business owner. As a business owner, Peter is uniquely qualified to help our economy grow and bring better jobs back to the Lakes Region. Peter understands how high taxes can prevent small businesses from growing, hiring more neighbors and thus providing more money to purchase goods and services from other small businesses.

Peter also understands how state government over-regulation can be costly, both in terms of attorney fees to remain in compliance but also in the time spend trying to understand the ever changing regulatory landscape.

Finally, Peter understands how critical a high quality education is to allow our young people the opportunity to stay in the Lakes Region and have the training to start their own small businesses to support their family and the general community.

The Lakes Region is fortunate to have someone of Peter's experience, intellect and dedication to public service is willing to endure the challenges of public service. I would encourage you to vote for Peter on Nov. 4.

Christopher Boothby


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Our Jeanie Forrester is a full-time & fully-engaged state senator

To The Daily Sun,

I ask you to join me and vote to return Jeanie Forrester to her third term as Senator from District 2.

Jeanie has demonstrated her ability to understand the legislative process and make difficult and well-reasoned decisions.

She has reached out frequently to every community in her district to understand their issues and to work diligently for their best outcome. She is in constant contact with citizens, Boards of Selectmen and business owners to listen to their concerns and to keep them updated on progress with ongoing and upcoming legislation.

Her web site and e-mail letters provide excellent information about her activities and position on current and future legislation. Jeanie has demonstrated she is easily available to all her constituents with prompt replies to questions and requests. Her work schedule demonstrates she is a full-time and fully-engaged senator representing all of us in District 2.

Please join me in returning Jeanie to the Senate on Nov. 4.

Ken Taylor


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