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Thanks for the help with fundraising event for my Eagle Scout project

To The Daily Sun,

Recently, I held a pancake breakfast at St. Charles Borremeo Catholic Church. My fellow Boy Scouts (of Troop 55, Meredith) and I  provided and served breakfast as a fundraiser for my Eagle Scout project which is to construct an information welcoming sign for the church.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that came to the pancake breakfast and to thank everyone who has contributed and/or donated to this project. As a result of our efforts so far, we have achieved a little over 50 percent of our fundraising goal.

I would also like to thank John Moulton and the staff of Moulton Farms, and Steve Janaitis of Acosta Food Services, and the staff and parishioners of St. Charles, and the Scouts and parents of Troop 55, for their very generous donations of time, food and supplies. Without them the breakfast would not have been possible.

Matthew Sundius


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Why is it that Mr. Vevaeke can voice abortion opinion but I can't

To The Daily Sun,

I offer this response to Mr. Vervaeke's letter in the Sept. 9 issue of The Sun. Who you call my "hanging-off-the-cross minions" are individuals who speak for life, and I graciously thank them for their support of the unborn. Each has his or her own opinion, not mine. If we agree, so be it.

As far as being male, why are you entitled to speak, but you don't think I am?

I have always acknowledged that the law of the United States offers choice in ending the life of your child. I only encourage women to choose life and give them hope in keeping their baby. An abortion is a gruesome, terrible act of murder that can't be unmade once it is performed. Please don't have an abortion is my plea. Life is precious.

Finally your insulting manner and rude offensive comments are not respectful of other people's opinions.

Harry Mitchell

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