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How would Pres. Cruz function with entire Congress against him?

To The Daily Sun,

To all you Republican apologists, please stop using Ted Cruz and the U.S. Constitution in the same sentence. Once again, Ted was born in Canada, and as such is not eligible to be president. According to the U.S. Constitution, Article 2, Section 1 clearly statest, "No person except a Natural Born Citizen of the United States shall be eligible to the Office of President."

It has always rankled me that the Republicans use this document to beat everyone over the head, but when it comes to adhering to it themselves, well ... there always seems to be an excuse.

One other interesting little tidbit of information that everyone seems to overlook is that the current president doesn't seem to get much through Congress because one party is almost 100 percent united against anything he has to offer with very little exception. Now you propose to elect someone who almost the entire Senate and House of Representatives seems to loathe. So if Ted, the Canadian, does manage to get elected, just how much do you think he will get done when the entire Congress is united against him?

Oh, and ladies, as of the writing of this letter, Carly Fiorina has been excluded from the Republican debate. Why? There is plenty of room on the stage now. She placed better in Iowa than some of the other people on the stage, and her poll numbers indicated she is a contender. Could it be that the way Republicans and the media handle poll numbers, they are using the Republican math, i.e. 2 + 2 = 5 or maybe 6. Or is it perhaps that the old boys don't want any women in the "old boys club?"

To me this stinks. Or is it perhaps that they are afraid she will make fools out of some of them? Maybe that an inconvenient truth may somehow emerge? Ladies, if this somehow comes to pass and she is excluded, why, oh why, would you ever vote Republican?

Martin Kearney


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I don't want our grandchildren to pay for our inability to stand strong

To The Daily Sun,

Every two years there is a federal election where we elect a congressman or sometimes a senator or president. We go to the polls and vote who we think is the best person, or the lesser of two evils.

We hope we made the correct choice. Sometimes as in 2007, some of us are sorely disappointed in the choice we made.

In 2007 there was a wave of "Hope and Change." No one knew much about the young senator from Illinois. And sometimes things were in the media that people just did not really think about.

We have been angry a long time about our representatives in Washington D.C. They campaign and promise us one thing and when they get to Washington D.C. they do another and then they come back to the state and say they are working hard to do what they had originally promised. They actually want us to re-elect them again. And usually they do because they have all the Washington D.C. money behind them.

We actually have a choice this year for president.

I believe that candidate is Ted Cruz.

There is no magic pill to fix Washington D.C. No, Donald Trump. I will not vote for you, in the hopes that the wave to restore America will happen in a flash because you are president.

I do not want to choose a president of dreams of hope but with my intellect that I have chosen the best person for the job. Mr. Trump, you interviewed for this job and you are fired! When applying for permits in Atlantic City for one of your hotels, you promised that you would not use junk bonds for the funding of the hotel and when you got all the necessary permits, you did exactly the opposite and used junk bonds and then your company went bankrupt.

Your companies, although legally done, went bankrupt four times. Our country cannot afford to go bankrupt. With 18 trillion in debt and our spending more than the money we take in, we cannot afford more spending. You thought in the beginning that Obama was doing a good job and that the stimulus should have been bigger.

And I will not vote for Rubio as what you say in the ads and town meetings sounds good but am not sure you will do what you say. You campaigned and promised the people in Florida when you were running for Senate that you would stop amnesty and did exactly the opposite when you joined the gang of eight for an amnesty bill.

I choose Ted Cruz for president. He stood courageous in the state of Iowa and said he was against the ethanol subsidy. He is against all energy subsidies. He wants the public to choose. What a novel idea. Letting the people choose what we think is best. All the other candidates pandered to the Iowa citizens and said they were in favor of the ethanol subsidies for their votes. Trump said he thought it should be bigger.

There is no magic pill to fix our country. It took years and many errors to get us in this position. It took compromising when there should have been no compromise. Sometimes no change is better than change and most of the country would rather not have Obamacare.

Yes we need to have portability of our health care. Yes we need to help those who have serious health care problems but we all know Obamacare is not the answer.

I choose Ted Cruz because he will not only bring jobs back to America, but good paying jobs and that is the difference.

I choose Ted Cruz, because he will strengthen our military in these trying times. He will have the backs of every soldier and if with the consent of Congress (which is according to our Constitution) will not have our soldiers go into battle with their hands tied behind their backs but go into battle to win!

He will fire the people in the Veterans' Administration that put money and bonuses before the health and welfare of our Veterans that serve our country proudly.

I choose Ted Cruz, because, as a future grandmother, I want America to be strong and prosperous. I do not want my grandchildren to pay for our inability to stand strong for the hard work to make this country greater.

I choose Ted Cruz, so that Common Core will not be the standard of this country. Education should be at the local level and not the federal level, where they do not know the individual learning methods of each individual student. Teachers can choose the method to teach my grandchildren and not some bureaucrat in Washington D.C.

I choose Ted Cruz, because he will truly secure our all our borders and not just the border to the south. He will empower our Border Patrol. He will stop the cartel from bringing in illegals and drugs.

I choose Ted Cruz, because what he says campaigning is exactly what he is going to do. He will not succumb to the money and powers of the lobbyists and beaurocrats in Washington D.C.

I choose Ted Cruz, because he will fight with all his might for his choices of Supreme Court justices. A choice that will have many years of effect even after his term of Presidency is done. A choice that will restore the Constitution to the law of the land as our founding fathers had dreamed.

So, I ask on primary day for you to vote with me for Ted Cruz. Vote with me for a candidate that you will feel the same a year or longer after the election that you were glad you voted for him. Vote with me for the candidate we have been waiting for so long for.

Vote with me for integrity. Vote with me for Ted Cruz!

Linda Riley

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