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Can't face somebody waiting on me & earning just $2 for doing so

To The Daily Sun,

As a resident of Laconia, I love this place. I do have three varied comments so I'll try and be brief.

#1. The Hathaway House is a mess. Let the owners do what they wish. Tearing it down would be wonderful, it's such an eyesore. Laconia is full of houses that represent times past. Just look at how many you see on a daily basis that are so big you know they probably harbored three generations under one roof in times past. But, better than that is Endicott Rock down at Weirs Beach, where surveyors carved their initials as they discovered Lake Winnipesaukee. I get a thrill whenever I show a guest that site. Finally, the mills we have, all gussied up now as apartments and meeting places but still looking like the mills they were from the outside. This is our heritage, we are rich in it .

#2. Downtown Laconia is the saddest little town. It reminds me of a poem about the poor old house by the side of the road, the house with nobody in it. I never show the town to guests because it is forsaken.: empty windows, second hand stores, can't we do better? It seems to become emptier every year that passes.

#3. Minimum wage: My favorite places to eat are T-Bones and Cactus Jack's. When I saw what the waiters receive as pay — I think it was $2.13 — it's a good thing I wasn't eating lunch there or I would have choked on my food. How can we allow that? Most of the people who wait on us hold two jobs to keep alive. I have a suggestion. Those of us who eat there can afford to .Yet we are continually earning a $10 coupon, sometimes more, depending on the day of the week. I don't need that $10. These restaurants are very community oriented, donating money to charities. But charity begins at home. I would rather see the servers earn more and I'll forgo getting a break on dinner . I was shocked at the wage they get. Perhaps it's universal and I'm just learning as it was written up in the paper. I can't bring myself to face somebody waiting on me and earning two bucks for doing so. Pay the servers, don't pay me, please? You don't have to wait for a law to pass.

That's it. We are so lucky to live here. Just some thoughts that I couldn't keep to myself.

Carole Polony

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GOP needs to find a leader, stop the infighting & take offensive

To The Daily Sun,

Like picking ripe fruit from low hanging branches, the Democrats and progressive types offer up current examples of how they really think. The NAACP has pronounced Tim Scott a "dummy for the Tea Party". His high crime or misdemeanor? Not being a member of the Democratic plantation. Condi Rice was called an "Aunt Jemim. Who can forget former RNC chair Michael Steele having oreo cookies rolled down the aisle toward him during a speech. Juan Williams was called a "porch monkey" way back when, before NPR found him to be too politically incorrect.

Liberal Internet outlets spewed their hate-filled venom recently at actress Tamera Mowry. Her alleged sin is being a black woman married to a white man. Not just any white man, but Adam Housley who works for that "nastiest of all networks", Fox News. Ain't 21st century political correctness wonderful in the land of hope and change? Betrothed to someone who has connections to conservatives, capitalism and traditional values gives her the title of "white man's whore".

Who can forget the heartwarming video of MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry and cohorts having themselves a jolly ole chuckle while viewing the photo of Mitt Romney holding his black adopted grandson on his knee. Go back in time to when USA columnist Barbara Reynolds referencing Justice Thomas as having a little "Archie Bunker mentality" for marrying a white woman.

Michelle Malkin reminds us, "poisonous attempts to shame are an old, endless schoolyard game played by bullies who never grow up and can't stand other people's happiness or success". And unfortunately, far too many liberal progressives seem perpetually unhappy. Go read Derrick Wilburn's Oct. 30, 2013 article in American Thinker entitled, "Liberalism = Unhappyism". It will give you enlightening insights into their dismal mindset. Oh and lest I forget, Michelle might just be the standard bearer for this sort of "lack of diversity" bullying. "Oriental Auntie-Tom" and "Manilla Whore" are just a few of the lovely epithets thrown her way over the years. Left wing neanderthals thought they could intimidate Michelle by shouting at her, "me love you long time" or "holla for a dolla".

Seems intolerance is never having to say you're sorry if you are of the so-called, superior, political persuasion. Okay, Melissa did offer a seemingly heartfelt apology, after others made her aware of her diversity deficient indiscretion. Go ask Stacy Dash how many belated apologies she has received for the many dozens of racial slurs hurled her way for not being a certified member of the Democrat plantation.

Perhaps we can understand, if not forgive, the Democrats for their hypocritical stance on racial diversity. Remember, Democrat Nathan Bedford Forrest founded the Ku Klux Klan. Democrat Woodrow Wilson segregated office buildings and jobs 50 years after integration by mostly Republican administrations. It was the Democrat party that instituted Jim Crow laws and separate but equal. Republican Dwight Eisenhower sent the 101st Airborne into Arkansas to counter the Democrat Party's enforcement of segregation. It was Democrat Bull Connor who turned the hoses on the marchers in Birmingham and Democrat George Wallace who decried, "segregation forever". So perhaps that explains why they are returning to their elitist and bullying roots. Perhaps that is why they promote diversity as though they own the copyright, when their actions are to insist that others must think the way they do. Sounds more like a cult to me. Come in, but leave your diverse ideas, thoughts and opinions at the door.

It was Republicans who made up the majority who passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Which, by the way, was over the filibuster of such Democrat paragons as William Fullbright, Al Gore Sr. and of course, Grand Keagle Byrd. Now, revisionist history says that the Dixiecrats joined the Republican Party. Truth is that most remained Democrats. So, just how is it that the Republicans have allowed history to be revised to the point that most believe it was the Republicans who were and are, so enamored with segregation and slavery? Yes I know, the Democrats have the media, academia and Hollywood on their side. I don't care. Republicans need to unite the way Democrats do. They need to find some gumption, find a leader, stop the infighting and take the offensive against the modern day plantation owners. Otherwise, the GOP may dissolve along with our magnificent Republic and the freedoms that encompass it.

Russ Wiles

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So-called progressives support abridgment of individual rights

To The Daily Sun,

I see in the news that Mayor Bloomberg in NYC says there is no room in that city for conservative extremists. Who was it he called extreme? For one, the right-to-life folks. So what is extreme about that? For millions of years, mothers and fathers have cherished and protected the lives of their children, born and unborn. It is as instinctive as breathing yet progressives insist on abortion on demand as women's health and planned parenthood. Poppycock, it isn't either of those things, if anyone is extreme it's they.

How about those "extreme" Tea Party folks who want a smaller less intrusive government which obeys the laws, follows the Constitution, is less wasteful, and is accountable to we the people? That's extreme? I don't think so. Then there are those terrible legal gun owners who are among the most law abiding segments of our society. Only about .02 percent of them get involved in violent crimes. That is so far from extreme as to be laughable
What is extreme is a president who disobeys our laws, selectively enforces or refuses to enforce them, disregards the Constitution and Senate leaders that allows him do do so.

Progressives they call themselves but what is progressive about them? They support the abridgment of individual rights where it suits them, lack the slightest modicum of tolerance and respect for different opinions and are so terrified of those who are not them they would rather label them racists, extremist's, rednecks, claim they are against women, minority's and religions. So afraid in fact that demonize any news stories, any news channels, papers or publications that tell people facts they do not want people to know. That attitude and behavior is what is extreme.
Steve Earle


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Alton residents drafted language for workforce housing ordinance

To The Daily Sun,
The Town of Alton continues to work on implementing the recommendations outlined in the 2005 Alton Master Plan. This year the Planning Board is bringing forward new zoning language related to workforce housing.

Workforce housing is designed to meet the needs of many of our local citizens and many professionals that work in Alton and would like to live here. The purpose of this amendment is to assure local control of how workforce housing is managed in Alton. In the absence of this ordinance, developers can control and determine where and how workforce housing occurs in Town. The goal is to plan ahead and be proactive in protecting the community by establishing local regulations on workforce housing that would identify where and how workforce housing would be permitted rather than leaving that determination up to developers.

The Planning Board decided early on that rather than borrow language from a nearby community, the town should do some research into the current housing situation in Alton, understand how it is impacted by changes in the real estate market, and identify what is required under state law. A competitive grant process was announced in 2012 for projects like this and Alton submitted an application. Early in 2013 the Town of Alton received funding to conduct the inventory and analysis of the community's housing stock and compliance with the state's workforce housing law. The funding was made available through New Hampshire Housing, and the consulting firm Jeffrey H. Taylor and Associates was hired by the town to assist with the inventory, analysis, and the drafting of any regulatory language.

The study was completed under the supervision of the Zoning Amendment Committee and the Town Planner, and included a great deal of community participation from the start. The Planning Board was involved in the entire process and then worked with the consultant to finalize the language being presented to the voters at Town Meeting. What we discovered is that Alton does not always provide an adequate number of single family homes within the income range of a working household. This is often when the housing market is at its strongest, and in rural portions of the community where the minimum lot size increases the cost of development. When these conditions exist a developer can invoke the existing state housing law and receive relief from the courts. This scenario excludes local input and does not implement the Alton Master Plan.

The language being presented to the voters at Town Meeting provides a voluntary process for a developer interested in creating workforce housing units, but it keeps the entire process before the Alton Planning Board and places the burden of proof on the developer. Any developer hoping to make use of this regulatory process will need to show that Alton is not providing its fair share of workforce housing in the county, and that the land use regulations in Alton are making it impossible to create new units that are affordable to working families. The Planning Board has created a fairly high bar for an interested developer so that Alton only creates additional units when they are truly needed.

This process required an incredible number of volunteer hours from board members and the many citizens who participated in the public meetings. Their effort helped Alton create regulatory language that speaks to the needs of this community into the future. Please take the time to read the proposed regulatory language drafted by your fellow Alton residents, and if you have questions please contact Town Planner Ken McWilliams.
Alton Planning Board

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Government has now put insurers in charge of extracting our money

To The Daily Sun,

I just got a notice from my health care provider that I now have to pay an additional monthly premium for a pediatric dental plan. The plan covers children till the age of 19. My youngest child is an adult. The insurance company said it doesn't make any difference if you don't have children. When my kids were growing up I spent thousands of my own dollars on their dental care, now the government is demanding I pay for the dental care of someone else's children.

The government has put insurance companies in charge of extracting money from those who have earned it to those who have not. What's to stop the government from telling insurance companies to collect a premium for some other type of coverage that doesn't apply to people in my age group? How about charging a premium for maternity benefits? Oh, right, we seniors already pay a premium for that.

To our N.H.-elected federal representatives: how about representing those who earn and pay the tax money that you so freely give away?

Dennis Robitaille


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