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Don't like socialism? Okay, give up Social Security & Medicare

To The Daily Sun,

I remember in the 1980s, I still had a TV antenna, and no Internet service. I wrote columns in the Suncook Valley Sun called "Ramblin On". Today that seems to be the format of the Tea Party parrots. Their letters say the same thing every day, only signed by a different parrot.

I would like to congratulate Steve Earle for again winning the center of absurdity tomfoolery award for continuing his birther and Muslim obsession fame. Those in Hill who read his letters are proud of his writing skills and as he travels by horse pastures searching for news for his next letter. I suggest he has the janitor of the parrot cage to come up with a different line.

The letter in the Aug. 1 Daily Sun signed by Mr. Earle challenged a liberal to provide a example of successful socialism. Think socialist programs are un-American? That's fine. Just give up Social Security, Medicare, stop driving on public roads and highways, never call police and fire departments, don't use Postal Service, don't flush toilet into sewer system — and oh — and get off the Internet, cuz the U.S. government created that, too.

As for Mr. Trump, I give him credit for telling you how he fells, not what someone wants him to say. While he puts the candidates running for president where he wants them, the Democratic Party hopes he wins the GOP nomination for president. Awk, Awk. Just "Ramblin On".

Henry Osmer


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Naturalized citizen no longer have to say they'll defend USA

To The Daily Sun,

Just a (few days) ago, UNH removed the Bias Free Language Guide it had on the website. Good!

I am sick of all the politically correct talk. I think that is why Donald Trump is doing so well in the polls. He tells you exactly what he feels. No spinning.

The guide had me upset. There were words that it said one should not use. For example rich, motherly, poor. And the most upsetting of all was American. Yes, American should not be said as it fails to recognize South America ... and probably Central America, too.

When you say America, you know exactly what you are talking about and so does everyone else. America is the United States of America.

More and more, people are ashamed to be American. Well, I am not.

In 1999, my son went on a hockey trip to the Czech Republic, and Italy. He was in the middle school. There was a hockey tournament in Milan.

As a doting mother, I was on the opposite side of the rink taking videos. About a half dozen men came by and asked "Italian?" I said, "No, American." Then they started saying, "Clinton bomb no good," and I kept replying, "Hockey boys."

I was proud to be an American then and am still proud to be an American.

Our country is exceptional. There is no other country like America. Unfortunately it is not as good as when I was growing up. There is too much political correctness. There is too much concern for people's feelings and not enough for Americans striving to excel.

When I was a kid there was common sense. I do not know where it went. Not everything was perfect, but now things just do not make sense.

Pizza shop employees can carry a gun, but soldiers in the recruiting office next door cannot.

Illegals can break traffic laws and nothing happens, because the police do not want to write a ticket as they will lose time going to court and the illegals will not be there.

Everyone wanted their children to be immunized. No more polio, TB, small pox, diphtheria and other horrible diseases. No there is no evidence between vaccinations and autism. Yes they were gone but coming back. Some of these diseases are not cured by regular medicine. The diseases are more potent. Some parents do not immunize and some are illegals coming into this country who have the diseases.

We used to be tops in education and now are at Third World levels. How can that be with all the money we spend on education? Some kids who did poorly repeated a grade when I was a kid. Not now. Schools will lose funding if they have a child repeat a grade. If the child cannot read, he will quit school and cannot get a decent job. (Not that there are many decent jobs as most have gone overseas) Who cares if the kid cannot read? Let's get our federal funding.

Effective July 21, 2015, candidates for naturalization, do not have to say they will defend the USA. So let me get this straight. My son and I have to defend the USA, which I am happy to do, but newly naturalized citizens do not have to. You and your families will have to join the military and go off to war, and the new naturalized citizens get to stay at home. Tell me the common sense of that.

If you do not want to defend the USA with all your might in times of need, I do not want you here. You should not be here. You should not have the right to vote or anything. Go back to where you came from, if you are not willing to protect our great country.

Illegal criminals are let go to commit other crimes. In 2013, 36,000 illegal criminals were released by the Department of Homeland Security. DHS did not even tell the police in the communities where they were released, that they released criminals. Of those released, the illegals went on to commit new crimes: 193 homicides, 426 sexual assaults, 303 kidnappings and 16,070 convictions under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These are the numbers of those caught again. What about those not caught?

The state of New Hampshire has a drug problem. Heroin. Where does heroin come from? Not here in the U.S. It comes from over the border and we as yet do not have secure borders. So let's put more money in the states to help with drug abuse, but not secure our borders.

Yes, common sense is gone. I want it back, and the America I grew up in.

Linda Riley

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