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Forrester's votes to cut state revenue were fiscally irresponsible

To The Daily Sun,

I was contemplating whether I should or should not respond to Mike Hatch's letter in this paper last week. He was responding to a letter I shared earlier where I challenged state Senator Jeanie Forrester's assertion that she is "for all the people" in her run for governor.

My letter stated that two days after her announcement that she would be running for governor and will be "for the people" if elected, she voted against the expansion of Medicaid; not exactly a "for the people" vote.

Mike Hatch did not reply to the only point of my letter which was why she is "not for all the people" but rather he said that I, and others, "never give her credit for all she has done for the district she represents." So, I have listed two of the revenue cutting votes she cast while being our state senator:

— One early vote she cast was to vote "no" to keep the $30 car registration surcharge which was earmarked for the DOT, causing the revenues to drop $45 million each year that it has not been reinstated, for a total of $270 million to date.

— A recent vote by Senator Forrester reduced the rate of the BPT and BET (Business Profit tax and Business Enterprise Tax), projected to cost the state over $103 million by the years 2020-2021.

Senator Forrester's votes on these issues were fiscally irresponsible.

It is important to know that when revenues are cut, the cuts have to be made somewhere.

The impact of just these business taxes are likely to cut into funding of the state University System, the judicial branch, Veterans Home, Environmental Services, Resources & Economic Development, the Revenue Administration, Safety, and numerous others as well.

When an elected official acts in this manner (i.e. lowering revenues), the impact they will have on the various departments should be made public, ideally before the vote is made.

An informed citizenry is the best form of democracy.

Paula Trombi


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1 bath & 1 BR is same as 50 baths & 1 BR: why the 'fireworks'?

To The Daily Sun,

This is in regards to the article written (April 12), regarding Gilmanton's land use technician and building inspector's decision to deny a permit for the addition of a bathroom.

Septic systems are initially determined by the number of proposed bedrooms and then designed according to soil and site conditions. In my 40 years as a builder I have never heard of bathrooms being a factor in the design. Established codes, performance requirements and even common sense dictate that if you have one bedroom and let's say one bathroom, your waste flow is generally considered to be from two people.

To underscore the point, if you had 50 bathrooms and one bedroom you're still not impacting your septic system any differently than if you only had one bathroom — there would just be 50 different choices of where the two people can, ahem ... do their business.

Selectman Jean of course was correct in his assessment, as was Carolyn Baldwin in stating that this was not a decision he could or even should have been asked to make. In fact, unless there were good grounds to suspect the bathroom may have included the addition of a bedroom, this was a matter that should have easily been handled by the technician/inspector. That's what they're paid to do.

How "fireworks" (as the article stated) can erupt, and — "everyone and their mother" — can become involved in an issue that I have seen handled seamlessly so many times ... is beyond me.

Al Blake

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