Sen. Andrews Hosmer has natural ability to find a win-win solution

To The Daily Sun,

I have worked with Andrew Hosmer in his family business for three years now and have witnessed Andrew's natural ability to find a win/win result for his employees and customers. I'm not surprised to hear such positive reviews about Senator Hosmer's work in his first term. His willingness to work with Democrats, Republicans and Independents demonstrates his commitment to the people of District 7.

His common-sense approach was evident when his very first piece of legislation was to pass the expanded R & D (research and development) tax credit benefiting our local employers. He worked with the Republicans to pass a balanced budget as required by New Hampshire's Constitution. His commitment to improving our roads and bridges makes New Hampshire a better place to do business. We're voting for Sen. Andrew Hosmer.

Robert & Linda LaBrie


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One phone call to Rep. Ruth Gullick & things happened immediately

To The Daily Sun,

We moved to Center Harbor from Long Island, N.Y., a little over two years ago. It was the best thing we ever did. One of the first things I tried to do was have the speed limit reduced in front of our house.

We opened The Edge, a small retail shop on the property, featuring local artisans. It seemed dangerous to enter and exit the driveway with traffic speeding by at 55 mph. After two years of phone calls and emails, and even a site inspection, no change was agreed to.

One phone call to our state representative, Ruth Gulick, and things started to happen immediately. In less than a month, the speed limit is now 35 mph.

I lean to the right politically, but Ruth stepped up to the plate and hit it out of the park. She is a wonderful person who cares about her constituents and gets things done.

Ruth Gulick gets my vote.

Bill Ricciardi

Center Harbor

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Looking for someone who can make a difference? Tom Dawson!

To The Daily Sun,

Everyone complains about the inability of our congressional representatives to cooperate in solving problems on the national level in Washington. But it also seems our current state representatives have little ability to overcome gridlock on the local level here in New Hampshire. The past few years have been full of stories about important issues for the average citizen — our schools, our jails, our roads, our mental health system — being road-blocked by extreme opinions that influence our legislators in Concord.

There is a new person running for state representative from Laconia this election who has the power to rise above gridlock and solve problems. His name is Tom Dawson, and he knows how to get things done. He's been a neighbor of mine for years, and I know he is honest, capable, and responsible. He understands a wide range of state issues, and he has broad experience in solving complex problems and promoting consensus between different groups of people, on the way to putting those solutions into action.

Dawson has already helped the citizens of District 3 in many important ways over the past decades. For example, he served for three terms on the Laconia School Board. Before that, he was appointed by the governor as state fire marshal to work with all the towns of New Hampshire. And he is a retired professor of fire technology who has taught at Lakes Region Community College for many years. In all of those capacities, he learned to deal with challenging budgets, to manage large numbers of people, and to promote the common good in the most responsible way possible.

Here are the issues he has spoken about and promoted during his life in public service. He represents the working class of average citizens. He supports the public schools and higher education. He stands up for New Hampshire women to achieve equality in the workplace and in health care. He supports a minimum wage increase and the right to collective bargaining for all workers in the state. I know he has the strength of character to pursue these issues with fairness, determination, and perseverance.

In short, when you go to the polls to vote on Nov. 4, if you are looking for someone who can make a difference in District 3, then Tom Dawson is your man. In fact, electing Thomas William Dawson to the state Legislature can make a difference for all of New Hampshire. He represents the common people like you and me, and he won't let us down.

Charlotte Cox


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Don't like Washington? We get whatever the money will buy?

To The Daily Sun,

I appreciate the very partisan article by Mr. Meade. However, I wish he would dig a little deeper in his reference material to cover all the fact and variations of both the GOP and Democratic parties. Most of what he says is true, but it's what he doesn't say is the rub.

Yes, there are numerous bills on (Senate Majority Leader Harry) Reid's desk waiting for actions. Quite a few could be acted upon anytime with a simple vote. There are quite a few simple bills like naming a rock or sign and are not earth-shattering ones. However there are many that are assigned to a committee or similar bills are being worked on at the same time. There also are numerous bills that will be filibustered or are waiting to either add or avoid amendments. Many bills were never intended to become laws and are only a statement.

Those with a computer can google Rep Lynn Jenkins and read the article on this subject. It is a complicated process. Both sides are to blame and the House doesn't get a free ride either. Remember they have voted to repeal the ACA over 50 times while never expecting anything to become of the vote. They have closed the government down at a cost to the taxpayers of over $24 billion.

From day one of Obama's presidency, (Senate Minority Leader) Mitchie (McConnell) has shouted from the four walls that his only goal was for Obama to be a one-term president. He is also feeling some heat over his shoulder. Early in his term the president went to Copenhagen in 2009 to try and get the Olympics to Chicago in 2016. He failed and some in the country actually cheered. I repeat:­ We didn't get the Olympics and people cheered. What kind of people actually live here?

The GOP has stonewalled almost every thing he has tried to do. They have gone so far as to filibuster their own bills. McCain complained about having too many czars, then he wanted a czar to oversea the Ebola scare. Now he's back to complaining again. No matter what Obama has done, the GOP has found a way to complain about it. Even some long-term Republican have complained about them. I listened to Bob Dole the other night talking about how bad things have become in D.C. One problem is the money being thrown around, and any decent politician can't be bought, so we get whatever the money will buy. And that my friend isn't much.

Jon Hoyt


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Pollak is kind of open-minded & level-headed person we need

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing today to encourage the residents of Belknap County to vote for a very important candidate for county commissioner.

Dave Pollak is an open-minded, level headed man who would like to serve the residents of Belknap County in a responsible way. We need the residents of Laconia, Sanbornton, and New Hampton to do their research into Dave Pollak. You will find that he really has the level head that is needed on the Belknap County Commission.

Tanya Phillips


Belknap County employee

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