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Hillary needs to look in a mirror before calling other people deplorable

To The Daily Sun,

Are there cases where law abiding minorities are treated unfairly by police? Tragically, yes, in a huge country like ours. On the other hand, the statistics show there is no epidemic of police murdering innocent people through racial profiling. With those facts being undisputed, why the media-fueled frenzy from elements within the Democratic Party talking about an "epidemic" of police murdering innocent blacks? Could it be that there is nobody left among our friends on the left side of the aisle who can do simple math?

Instead of highlighting any of the countless examples of tolerance within stricken communities, we see a one-sided spotlight on rare moments of police injustice. It is bad enough that our president invites radicals to the White House, unwittingly providing cover for an outpouring of violence coming from seedier elements within our communities. Now, with millions in campaign money backing her megaphone, Hillary sees votes on the line. It seems revoltingly obvious that Hillary's team is stoking racial tensions in hopes of scarfing up votes. Worst of all, the venom is directed at our men and women in blue who are heroically doing their jobs.

Hillary Clinton needs to look in the mirror to her own party's campaign of hate and division the next time she gins up a definition for "deplorable" behavior, but sadly, the mud-slinging from her cesspool hasn't even hit high gear yet. We must brace ourselves for many more disgustingly inappropriate Nazi comparisons and other unspeakably insulting tripe that will now accelerate, saturating the airwaves and piling up in our mailboxes. But if she is interested in salvaging a touch of integrity, she could at least stop throwing our peace officers under the bus.

Jim Buttolph

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I'm running as an independent, write-in candidate for the N.H. House

To The Daily Sun,
This election season we may feel bogged down by party politics, and many of us feel we have to pick the lesser of two evils. If you live in Sanbornton, New Hampton, or Tilton, that may not be the case for you. This year, among the party candidates running for state representative is a glimmer of hope.

I'm Griffin Fredette (and) I am running as an independent and will work across party lines to do what's best for New Hampshire, without having to conform to a party. i will make sure that New Hampshire remains a great place to live for the people here, while not having to introduce more taxes or excessive spending. I will tackle the problems we face with the interests of District 4 in mind, and I hope this Nov. 8 you'll consider writing in Griffin Fredette on your ballot.

Griffin Fredette

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