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Rep. Herb Vadney & Bob Giuda were guests of the TEA Party

To The Daily Sun,
On Wednesday May 18, the Lakes Region TEA Party was treated to interesting and informative presentations by Bob Giuda, candidate for the N.H. District 2 Senate seat, and Representative Herb Vadney.
Bob Giuda talked about what's wrong with government and how to fix it. He discussed many of the obstacles to creating more and better jobs that our N.H. government isn't addressing, e.g., high energy costs, infrastructure problems, some federal government programs and mandates, and regulations that make no sense. Giuda identified a shift in N.H. spending priorities away from programs that enable people and businesses to succeed to spending that seeks to remedy the consequences of un- and underemployment. Giuda intends to change Concord's focus to enabling our businesses to grow and provide more and better jobs to create more opportunities for N.H. citizens to succeed. For more information, see www.bobgiuda.org.
Herb Vadney talked about the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and N.H.'s Renewable Energy Program. Although N.H.'s electricity costs are already about the highest in the US, Vadney foresees a likely big electric rate increase coming next year when the N.H. Renewable Energy Program requirement for the energy coming from renewable sources doubles from 9 to 18 percent, even though N.H. is greatly exceeding our energy emissions targets. For information on our energy use and mix see: www.iso-ne.com.
On behalf of the Lakes Region TEA Party, I want to thank Bob Giuda and Herb Vadney for sharing their information with us and answering our questions.
Don Ewing

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Will Hillary & Bill voluntarily agree to disarm their Secret Service?

To The Daily Sun,

I'll ask the question. Hillary Clinton, when you scrap our Second Amendment rights, will you demand that all of yours and Bill's Secret Service agents disarm?

All of us law abiding Americans would like to know, is that your plan?

Eric T. Rottenecker

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