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They never tell us how we are going to lose our property rights

To The Daily Sun,

Alton has a small group who would have us believe our property rights are at risk. They do this through innuendo or by alluding zoning amendments are "slyly" crafted to dupe Alton citizens.

Last year the scare tactic was conservation subdivisions. If someone chooses to put in a conservation subdivision how would that affect my property rights? The conservation subdivision was simply a different way to build a subdivision and those who purchased into the subdivision would make the decisions of what happened to their property just like any other subdivision.

This year it's workforce housing. I favor having regulations in place to keep workforce housing under control. But even then, how will building affordable houses affect my property rights? Even if someone built an apartment complex which I am totally against, how would that affect my property rights? The fact is by voting against workforce housing we are actually stepping on someone else's property rights.

A gentleman in Wolfeboro said Mr. Whittmann is the only one who will protect our rights. I'm a property owner, why would I be in favor of regulations that would take my property rights away?

When this small group or its members say we are going to lose our property rights notice they never tell us how. They will gladly offer to explain it to us as if we are not quite intelligent enough to understand by quoting vague lines in even more vague agendas. These are the people who are making the Kool-Aid they hope we will all drink.

Please don't fall prey to these scare tactics. Support the warrant article on workforce housing because it is the right thing to do, and it was developed for the right reasons. This warrant article was developed to keep workforce housing under local control and to keep Alton from excessive expansion due to a state law many of us disagree with.

Lou LaCourse

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Alton should proceed with caution on workforce housing front

To The Daily Sun,

In the letter on March 4 by Edith DesMarais regarding workforce housing as it has come up in Alton, I cannot say that her statement is not true. However, as a member of a 55-and-over community in Wolfeboro, Birch Hill Estates, I would carefully examine every aspect of what is called workforce housing by Edith.

Birch Hill Estates is a resident owned community consisting of 106 manufactured homes in an area of 185 acres. We are abutters of the so called "Harriman" settlement established on 35 acres, next to Birch Hill Estates. Mrs. DesMarais was the person instrumental in having this built and I was very much against it from the beginning, attending all of the meetings with the planning board and ZBA, etc. As many as 70 of our residents were against it, and because Mrs. Desmarais had a friend on the Selectboard, we were put down at every meeting. All meetings were the last on the agenda, purposefully because a lot of our residents were elderly and would not attend because of the late hour. We felt we were treated like dirt.

The first meetings we had with Mrs. D she emphatically stated that HUD would not be a part of the project. That was true so far as money would not come from HUD. However in the final analysis, Section 8 is HUD and is part of the total picture. True, rent is paid by all residents. (Including that paid by HUD).

I was taught to be truthful. There were many lies concerning the project and that was a very big issue with me. Even our Selectboard applied for a $500,00 grant for the project and in the description of the project on the application, there were many misstatements. (I believe I still have a copy of the application). They received the grant.

The purpose of this letter is for the town of Alton to proceed with caution. I know who you are dealing with. Harriman started out to be 24 rental units and it was no problem to have 48 approved as time went by, etc., etc.

David P. Doane


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Mr. Cryans was elected 8 times & Ray Burton supported him once

To The Daily Sun,

After reading Mike Cryans' supporters over and over say that Ray Burton supported Mr. Cryans for Grafton County commissioner in 2012, it should be noted that Mr. Cryans was elected to eight terms.  But Ray only supported him one time. Why?

For you that are not aware, in 1996 Mr. Cryans ran against Ray Burton for the 1st District Executive Council portion. Ray out-polled Mr. Cryans 62,927 to 30,361 — over 2-to-1. In order to win this time around he is going to have to change the mind of many voters that didn't support him last time around.

With local experience, selectman and state experience, state representative and state senate, I feel Joe Kenney has the right experience to represent us as our next executive counselor from District 1.

The most important thing is to get out and vote, no matter which candidate you support. Our right to vote is one of the greatest privileges we have as Americans.

Good luck to both gentlemen.

See you at the polls.

L. Michael Hatch


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Please make positive choices for Alton: Johnson & LaCourse

To The Daily Sun,

The Alton town ballot has three candidates for two selectmen seats. Two of the candidates, Cydney Johnson and Lou LaCourse, have proven records of positive contributions to the town; not so for candidate Phil Wittmann.

Cydney Johnson has served in Alton on the Budget Committee, the School Board and the Board of Selectmen. She has experience in a broad range of local issues, and I can vouch for her integrity. Lou LaCourse has served on the Zoning Board of Adjustment, a thankless job, but one that builds solid understanding of planning and zoning. Both Johnson and LaCourse have served with the best interests of the town in mind.

Phil Wittmann clearly has his own private agenda. He is a sponsor of those three nutty petition articles: One to fire Town Planner Ken McWilliams, one to fire Town Assessor Tom Sargent and one to withdraw from the Lakes Region Planning Commission. Who knows what else is on that agenda? Now he is seeking a position of authority in Alton to pursue his negative agenda.

Please make the positive choices for Alton selectman by voting for Cydney Johnson and Lou LaCourse.

Alan Sherwood


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I would be honored to serve as selectman for the Town of Alton

To The Daily Sun,

On March 11 the voters of Alton have a chance to elect a conservative selectman with a new perspective on town government. I have worked for a large health care company for 25 years and have also run a small entertainment business. In health care I have specialized in working with senior citizens and have learned from their wisdom.

I have been concerned about outside groups trying to dictate to our town how they must plan the town's development. I have personally spent hours researching the over-reaching state Workforce Housing Law and would fight against it. Workforce housing is being implemented through changes in zoning. Our membership in the Lakes Region Planning Commission connects us with an organization of unelected officials with a very liberal agenda who have little concern about preserving the traditional New Hampshire way of life.

I believe in keeping the cost of local government low especially during a recession. The public sector can only do well when the private sector is doing well.

Finally, I would like to see more civility at town meetings toward citizens and board members. The voters of this town deserve to be respected. I also consider our senior citizens and our veterans to be our town's greatest assets.

I would be honored to serve as selectman for Alton and would appreciate your vote on March 11.

Phil Wittmann


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