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Do your own research instead of letting MSNBC tell you what to say

To The Daily Sun,

I'm so thankful Bernadette Loesch isn't going to "hate me back". The very thought has kept me up at night.

Really though Bernadette, I don't hate you, though I think your political views are silly, narrow-minded and without merit.

I remember well when you first started writing your letters a few years back. In one of the first ones, you accused every conservative who didn't vote for Obama of being a racist. Our reasons for rejecting Obama were clearly stated, had nothing to do with race and they have been proven out just as clearly as can be. Still you took the low road, the road of slander and personal attack. But never mind that's what liberals have been doing since the 1960s.

Also you told, insisted even, that everyone stop watching Fox News and you gave a whole list of acceptable left-leaning news sources for us to read or watch headed up by MSNBC. MSNBC has the lowest trust rating and audience of any cable news network, and for good reason. How many of their program anchors is it now who have been forced out, off the air for their foul-mouthed, unprofessional smear attacks on conservatives? As for Fox, all your accusations of lies are empty as you are unable to identify a single one. Instead you choose to label any opinion you don't like as a lie. You and L.J. Siden are just alike in that.

Now it's true I hate what Obama has done to the American people and do not separate him from his actions, and I have listed out those grievances many times and you have yet to challenge or debate a single point of my contentions except by dismissing them all as lies. Why is that, or are you unable to dispute the truth of my points? So in case you have forgotten I'll give you just a few for you to respond to if you dare.

Obama had no foreign policy experience before being elected. The results of this are being seen all over the Middle East right now today. Obama has lied over and over to the American people: He promised the most open and transparent administration ever. It is not. He promised to bring people together and be inclusive. He did not. He lied about the ACA — "If you like your Dr. you can keep your Dr." He knew that was not true. Same for the health insurance part of the ACA. And why are all his collage transcripts, admission records and travel passports still sealed until this day?

Start with these if you want, if you dare, do some homework, a little research instead of letting MSNBC tell you what to think and say for a change. I'll be waiting, but not holding my breath.

Gee I must be hitting some sore points. All the lefties are paying attention.

Steve Earle

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Obama’s decision to allow Shell to drill in the Arctic is ‘indefensible’

To The Daily Sun,

Now betrayer-of-the-environment President Obama has given Shell permission to drill for oil in the Arctic. Here's what Greenpeace released: "It's an indefensible decision," said Greenpeace Arctic campaigner Ian Duff. "The Arctic is melting rapidly because of climate change. But instead of seeing it as a warning, Shell sees profit. It wants to drill for more of the stuff that caused the melting in the first place. And all the evidence shows Shell can't drill safely in the Arctic. The extreme conditions means it's when, not if, a spill will happen."

Put blame on Obama, basketball-court guy, manicured-golf-course guy. Sell-out guy.

It ties in, too, with opening our treasure, Atlantic coast and waters to the oil industry. That's coming next. From Florida to Delaware we will see tragic oil pollution. In whale nurseries, in sea turtle habitat. Where people earn their livings with fisheries and tourism. President Obama is owned by business.

Related: April 29 is the deadline for you Sierra Club members to send in your ballots for our national board of directors. I'm voting for: Steve Ma, Joseph Manning, Allison Chin, Cliff Cockerham, Lawson Legate. I used e-mail and phone calls to discuss ocean oil-drilling with them. They are for keeping carbon-based fuels in the ground. This new permission given to Shell will appall them, activists that they are. I have more confidence in voting for Sierra Club board than in voting for politicians and presidents, that sham voting we get.

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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