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Jim Gray's views do not represent me; Joe Casey will work for all

To The Daily Sun,

I saw a recent Letter to the Editor by Hunter Taylor about state Senate Candidate James Gray. I take issue with several of the statements about Rep. Gray's record:

"Jim has consistently supported the funding of both our law enforcement and service agencies in their efforts to address our current drug crisis, including enforcement, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation."

Really? Then why has he repeatedly voted against keeping the dedicated funding from alcohol sales to address that same drug crisis? And why do the New Hampshitre Troopers Association, the New England Police Benevolent Association and the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire support Gray's opponent, Joe Casey?

According to Taylor, "(Jim) is not beholden to any special interest group; he will represent all of us."

Really? Then why did he vote with the insurance lobby on SB-532, allowing insurance companies to deny immediate treatment for substance abuse?

And why did Gray vote against a ban on conversion therapy for minors (HB-1661)? Why did he vote against prohibiting discrimination against employees who are victims of domestic violence (SB-390)? Why did he vote in favor of for-profit prisons (HB-443) despite the known connection with wrongful mass incarceration and poor treatment of inmates?

I encourage anyone to look at his record and the positions he is taking. I doubt that I am alone when I say: Jim Gray does not represent me. I trust Joe Casey to truly work for all his constituents.

Betty Ann Abbott
Gilmanton Iron Works

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Volunteers are the heart of New Beginnings and we need help

To The Daily Sun,

New Beginnings is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending sexual, domestic, stalking violence and human trafficking by providing services such as emergency shelter, support and advocacy.

Volunteers for our Gala Event Committee are needed to help with the decorations, marketing, and invitations of our gala in April 2017. If you have a passion for event planning and like the general atmosphere of working in a group with compassionate people then this is the committee for you.

Our 2017 gala is themed after the 1940s and our title is "Swing into a New Era with New Beginnings." This gala is to celebrate our 25 years of service to the Lakes Region community.

Volunteers are the heart of New Beginnings. Without you, we wouldn't be able to move forward with our mission to end violence in our communities. We value you, your time and all that you contribute to our organization. Volunteer and be part of the New Beginnings community.

Please call 528-6511 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to volunteer. We will discuss your skills and how to best match them with our opportunities."

Aileen Castillo
Development VISTA
New Beginnings—Without Violence & Abuse

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