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Now I know, replace that tattered U.S. flag with a new one

To The Daily Sun,

It was a long winter for all of us; we all took a beating. But what really took a beating was the flag on my flag pole. I usually buy a new one every year before the 4th. Having grown up near the coast, it's not uncommon to see a tattered flag flapping in the wind. What I didn't know, and found out Memorial Day morning when a USMC vet stopped in front of my home and told me, I should be ashamed for displaying our flag in such a state. I told him a 40 dollar flag was not in the budget this month, he said, "I will drop one by". Two days later this USMC vet showed up at my home with a 3X5 original cloth flag.

I was initially mad that this person would stop in front of my home and question my patriotism but then I wondered how many more vets were insulted driving by. Honor is the only word that comes to mind.

Tom Sellew

Lochmere (Tilton)

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Finally, the President of the United States is acting; he gave another speech

To The Daily Sun,

It's only Wednesday, and already this week two more screw-ups hit the news.

CIA bureau chief in Kabul was outed by the White House (by error) but still now a target is on him, his family and associates.

Next the State Department promotes the website of a radical Muslim cleric, Sheik Abdallah Ben Bayyah, because he came out against the kidnapping of those girls in Nigeria. Problem is Ben Bayyah is vice president of a radical Muslim scholars group and he issued a faqua to kill American solders and civilian personal in Iraq. The White House issued an oops. This bunch running things down in D.C. are looking more and more like Third World talent. It's embarrassing.

There's also an inspector general report which now says there were 140 preventable deaths due to VA's "Drop dead List."

Finally the president is acting. He gave another speech. We will wait til next month to read the report of the investigation. Then after Congress breaks for a week in June takes the month of August off, he and they will get right down to work on it. When? ... in September? Probably too late for those who will die between now and then anyway, but maybe a few thereafter?

Then I just have to ask what can they really do? Unless dramatic reforms are begun then things will just go back to business as usual as soon as the heat is off.

What needs to happen is criminal charges need to be brought and a law passed to allow the firing of VA personnel who can't or won't do their jobs. That would mean bucking the unions though. Anyone willing to hold their breath?

I got a card in the mail today from a liberal who apparently doesn't care for my letters in the paper. After the name-calling the guy apparently thinks we need to "end vet welfare" (his words). Can't make this stuff up either James V.

Steve Earle


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Here are 4 good reasons not to vote for Jeanee Shaheen again

To The Daily Sun,

I am a veteran and a life member of the NRA. I will be voting for Scott Brown for U.S. Senator. I have read that Scott Brown is a "carpetbagger." But his last name is not Clinton or Kennedy.

Here are the reasons to NOT vote for Senator Shaheen:

1. President Obama and Senator Shaheen were aware of the VA scandal in 2008. She waited until today (5/29) to call for the resignation of General Shinseski, head of the VA. Why?

2. Senator Shaheen was the deciding vote on Obamacare. She promised reduced rates, we could keep our policies, doctors and hospitals, all untrue. She voted for 20 new taxes, among them a medical device tax and a tanning tax. She voted to allow children up to the age of 26 to stay on their parents' policy. However, she voted for children of military families to only stay until the age of 21.

3. She continues to support both President Obama and Hillary Clinton in the Benghazi scandal. She continues to support Harry Reid in not voting on the Keystone XL project. After all, what has oil done for North Dakota and Texas?

Finally, we need Scott Brown in the Senate.

Jim Mayotte


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My WWII vet uncle waited long time for VA services - in the 90s

To The Daily Sun,

We keep hearing some silly statements from the right wingers about the very real problem of global warming. If you look hard enough you can find some scientists who overlook the fact that the globe was warming quite naturally on it's own schedule, then came the industrial revolution. If you look over our history since then you can see what we innocently did without realizing the consequences. MMGW is really man-made global warming acceleration; we didn't cause it, but we did help it along some, and have been for a while. And now it's gotten out of hand in the name of more profits for the few. The coal and oil industries have long worked hard and spent probably millions of dollars to keep people from advancing safe and clean power sources.

What we need to do, at least those of us that actually care about our children and grandchildren, is to stop paying subsidies to big oil and coal companies, and start investing in other sources of energy. Wind and solar are only two, but obviously the two biggest that are also free for the taking. Will we have to pay more for gas and heat? Most definitely, but it may just help us and the rest of the world get at least a handle on the rising of the seas that is actually happening, no matter what Mitt Romney makes jokes about. If you believe that because it's cold in the winter here in the U.S. that global warming isn't real, do yourself a favor and find out what percentage of the earth's surface the U.S. occupies. It may just surprise you. And of course colder temperatures, as well as higher ones are all part of the bigger picture.

As far as the whole V.A. "scandal", my uncle was a WWII vet. He lived in the apartment above mine, although he had a son and daughter, I ended up being his "aide" in getting up and down two flights of stairs, as well as his morning coffee companion. He complained bitterly about his treatment at the V.A. facility near us, and about the wait time for his appointments and for his place in the V.A. "home". This was in the early nineties. I don't believe his treatment had anything to do with his death two weeks after getting his bed in the "home"; he was an old guy when he went in. My feeling is that we need to get the V.A. out of the hands of the military, make it public and get a single-payer system in place to better help all our citizens get better access to needed health care.
Just read Mr. Earle's comical response to my letter regarding his fake concern for a dead ambassador. Now I don't care if he spells my name wrong, but if you are going to pretend to have any concern for someone living or dead, at least learn how to spell their name. But Mr. Earle has voiced the opinion that it was the Democrats who believed George W. Bush's lies about WMD that should be held accountable for the travesty of the Iraq war. As I have said before, it should be a crime to believe anything the right wingers say, at the time Bush had bungled Afghanistan so badly he used the CIA and every member of his cabinet to support his subterfuge of WMD in Iraq as a distraction. All the while using phony "alerts" to our safety. Mr. Earle was fine with sending thousands of Americans to be killed or wounded because the tyrant in Iraq had once threated Bush's daddy, and there's the oil Cheney wanted to profit from; so as long as they lie for profit and thousands die it's okay with Mr. Earle.

Ambassador Stevens made appointments in Benghazi for the five days he would be there; those five days included the fateful anniversary of 9-11. Mr. Earle has also claimed that the video that was causing so many protests in the region didn't exist, when anyone with any sense realizes it actually did exist. What some talking head on a channel called Fox says is proof of absolutely nothing Mr. Earle, when you have actual tangible proof that our current president lied about anything, please let us know. If you want to drag Ambassador Stevens name through the mud, you are free to do so, but it is a shame that you would.

Marty Valengavich

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Date of special fire truck re-vote in Gilmanton is Tues., June 10

To The Daily Sun,

Please note the following correction to the information about the Gilmanton Special Election: The date for the election is Tuesday, June 10. Sorry for any confusion.

Joanne Gianni
Gilmanton Iron Works

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