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Who'd you vote for if your son had been left in Benghazi to die?

To The Daily Sun,

Shame on you Hillary Clinton! And shame on you Gov. Maggie Hassan for endorsing her run for president!

It is a fact that Hillary and President Obama knew from the onset that the attack in Benghazi, which led to the brutal torture and killing of Ambassador Stevens and three other brave Americans, had absolutely nothing to do with a video.

They knew before the attack occurred that these men were in grave danger. But, to save their own political careers, they had the audacity to lie and blame the attack on a ridiculous video. That lie sent an innocent man to prison.

I ask anyone who is supporting these people: Would you vote for and endorse them if it were your son who was left to die? Please, look in the mirror and answer truthfully, for some day it may be.

And remember those who do endorse and support their lies, as Gov. Maggie Hassan has done.

Linda Dupere

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This is homecoming week at Laconia High School. Join us!

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of Sachem Nation, I want to cordially invite and welcome all the Laconia High School alumni and every member of the City of Laconia to join us in celebrating Laconia High School's Homecoming Week. We could not be more proud of our current students, teachers both past and present, and most importantly, alumni who have walked the hallowed halls of our school since it first opened in 1878. It is an honor each year that we take time to recognize the impact of our school community and its role in the City of Laconia.

The idea of school pride is not lost on our students. It is a focal point of everything we do. Part of what we do is celebratory of the heritage of this city and its schools. This pride is not only about our extracurricular teams, but it is inclusive of them. Laconia schools continue to prepare students to excel academically and our district mission to ensure that we impact every student, every day and in every way remains the focus of our educational program. We continue to restructure our curriculum using the Understanding by Design framework, work toward greater consistency in our classrooms, and shape more successful student behavior. At the core of our planning is the commitment and expectation that our students will grow toward academic excellence by developing both an understanding and appreciation for learning. It is my opinion that these goals have been constant throughout the years this school has existed. This is root of our pride and what we celebrate.

Laconia Pride is also represented in a new, district-wide roll-out of the Positive Behaviors, Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Program that we are able to access through our SAMHSA Grant. This initiative focuses on the entire K-12 school community learning more effective ways of helping students develop more positive behaviors that will strengthen their college and career readiness. This program also seeks to ensure a more positive consistency in both how we act and react to behavior in the school community. Based on initial data, PBIS is already have a positive impact! Better behavior translates into higher academic performance and higher academic performance results in the right kind of pride.

Throughout Homecoming Week, students will engage in activities that celebrate good ole Laconia High. Each day, grade level cohorts will compete in games during lunch that earn them points toward being the champions of homecoming. On Thursday, we invite parents to our annual open house. We will also be running our Drive a Ford 4UR School event from 3-6 p.m. that day. This event is sponsored by our local Irwin Ford dealership. If you want to support LHS in a very easy and positive way, come on down and drive a brand new Ford vehicle. It takes 10 minutes, there is no sales pressure at all and for everyone who drives, Ford gives $20 toward the sophomore and junior classes at LHS.

Students will be working on the floats all week long and on Friday, after a 1 p.m. pep rally (in which there are rumors of a dunk tank with Mr. Bartlett's name on it) Laconia High School and the city of Laconia will have a parade. The student floats will celebrate the decades of the 1950s, '60s, '70s and '80s, the LHS Marching Band will lead us, and many community groups and clubs will be participating. This is a true celebration of Laconia and the tradition of the parade is a wonderful thing to experience.

Friday evening at 7 p.m. the Laconia Sachems football team will kick off the athletics that will run Friday evening and all day Saturday. There will be a crowing of the king and queen of the court prior to the game, a very special half time show by our Laconia High School Marching Sachems and a recognition for our most recent state champions, the girls' lacrosse team. You do not want to miss it.

So let us all come together and celebrate all the things that are right about our city. We have so many reasons to stand up and be proud of the accomplishments and achievement of so many of our alumni and this is a special week set aside to honor them. We encourage everyone in Sachem Nation to participate in that celebration.

Go Sachems!

Jim McCollum. Principal

Laconia High School

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