Richards looks to spend Grafton Co. funds in cost efficient manner

To The Daily Sun,

In less than two weeks, voters will go to the polls to elect a Grafton County Commissioner from this area. The commissioners' positions are extremely important because collectively they decide on a budget that affects all county residents, particularly the most needy citizens in the county.

Incumbent Martha Richards, a Holderness resident, brings six year's experience to the job, and she seeks re-election to this position. Martha has excellent organizational skills that are enhanced by her ability to work with leaders and constituents from both sides of the aisle. She has spent her life devoted to community service.

For example, Martha has chaired the annual Keep The Heat On event for nine years. This event is nonpartisan and brings together people from all walks of life who work on behalf of area communities. With her leadership, over $200,000 has been raised over the past nine years, and these funds have gone to the Plymouth Area Community Closet to be dispersed for fuel assistance.

As a resident of Grafton County, I am pleased that my commissioner keeps an open mind as she listens and evaluates budget requests with the goal of using county money in the most efficient manner. During her tenure as commissioner, she has voted with her fellow commissioners to provide appropriate levels of support for important social service organizations. In the past two years, Martha has spearheaded the effort to get the wood chip biomass plant up and running thereby saving taxpayers over $151,000 in fuel costs.

We need to re-elect Commissioner Martha Richards, a person who is dedicated to addressing the needs of our county's citizens. Please join me in voting for Martha on Nov. 4.

Carole Heuser



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How can one promise to lower taxes without reducing services?

To The Daily Sun,

Mr. mystery candidate Hull, as per your Oct. 11 letter: when you served as the town of Grafton Health Officer and Planning Board member what did you do about your town offices that have been condemned for the last year or so for black mold and water damage? Why is your town clerk located in the Post Office? How does that work, how can you use a United States Post Office for town business?

You mentioned that if you get elected that you will reduce taxes. How do you propose to do that without reducing services? I for one would like to know as would all of the voters. Will you bring another lawsuit against Grafton County that has already cost tax payers thousands in legal fees? Maybe you plan on taking money away from the County Nursing Home. Maybe you'll cut funds to N.A.N.A., or to the Region III Family Support Council and the Lakes Region Community Services. Will you reduce taxes by attacking education by doing away with the Department of Education or the states roads and bridge projects? What are your "proposed responsible budget solutions," we have all heard this song before.

What fees on working families are you talking about? The only fees imposed on working families that I'm aware of are fees at tourist attractions.

The Republican Party is not about slash and burn, but to balance the budget, fixing what is broken without sacrificing services that all of our citizens rely on day in and day out. The Republican Party is about reduced "spending". It's about ensuring that dedicated funds are used for their intended use, not for budget balancing acts.

You mentioned preserving Second Amendment rights. Other than attacks by the mayor of New York City, how are our Second Amendment rights threatened? My constituents have other concerns on their minds and the Second Amendment is the last thing they are worrying about. I'd be more concerned about dedicated funds being raided "again", from our self-funding Department of Fish and Game.

Mr. mystery Free State Project Activist Libertarian from the town of Grafton, before you think about going to Concord to fix problems, try fixing what is wrong with your own town's infrastructure and commerce first. You are not any part of the Republican Party I recognize, except in name only. That name is RINO.

One more thing you should know, as a House member you are a lawmaker and as a lawmaker you should be aware that IRS 501(c)(3) prohibits a non-profit organization from endorsing a political candidate or political party. Think about that before you attach the Wind Watch Group signs without their permission, again, to your name on totems like you did in the primary. You have no affiliation with the Wind Watch Group. I will not let these good people get screwed because you think it's in your best self serving interest.

You drum yourself up to be some kind of responsible, start acting like it.

Eric T. Rottenecker (R)
Veteran, Fiscal Conservative
Write in candidate, Grafton Dist 9

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More than half of your property tax is being set by school spending

To The Daily Sun,

As we come into budget season for both the town and the school I urge all residents of Meredith to become actively involved in the process. This way they won't end up with surprise when their tax bill shows up.

The Meredith Selectboard meets on the first and third Monday of each month and will begin budget deliberations in November. Please see for scheduling and agendas.

There is another, very large part of your tax rate that many seem to be unaware of. That is the Inter-Lakes Independent School District. The school district comprises well over half of the property tax rate and is decided by a body of voters independent of the town of Meredith. I, as a selectperson, have no say over this budget any more than you, the citizen. So think of that. More than half of your property taxes are being set by the school district which covers Meredith, Center Harbor, and Sandwich.

The budget work sessions begin in January. At this link you can find the schedule for all of the school board meetings. http://www.inter-

As a fellow taxpayer, I encourage all residents to get involved in both the town and the school budgeting sessions. These affect your town, your services, your school and your pocket. Calling the town manager and or the Selectboard after the budgets have been set and voted on by the small fraction of people who show up at these meetings isn't going to do any good. Let's make this a larger fraction and reduce those surprises.

Hillary Seeger


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Tom Dawson is broadly experienced, level-headed and kind

To The Daily Sun,

I served for several years with Tom Dawson on the Laconia School Board and know him well. He is now running for a seat in the New Hampshire State Legislature for Laconia, District 3, and it is my privilege to support his candidacy.

Tom is a very broadly experienced person, very knowledgeable, level-headed and kind. He is not an ideologue. He is thoughtful and problem solving. If I had to use one way to describe him, I would call him an advocate for the little guy, and in central New Hampshire. Almost all of us are little guys.

If you want to vote for someone whose commitment to public service and common sense and decency will give you confidence, vote for Tom Dawson.

Philip T. McLaughlin


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I want a factual federal budget that doesn’t pay for frivolous items

To The Daily Sun,

I heard the other day about Jeanne Shaheen's bill to change the federal budget from one year to two years. She says it would give them more time to agree on a budget.

It does not make sense to me. The federal budget keeps getting extensions. We have not passed a federal budget since 2009. So essentially we now have a budget that goes beyond two years already.

The House has created the budgets per the Constitution and passed them to the Senate. There the budget dies. Harry Reid does not bring the budget before the Senate to discuss. He is in violation of the Constitution.

2013 Federal budget included: $385,000 to study the duck penis, $17.5 million in special tax exemptions for Nevada brothels, almost $1 million to study romance novels, $10,000 on a pole dance study, $125,000 on a documentary on superheroes, $1.9 million in lifestyle coaching for Senate staffers.

Also: $1 million for a bus stop with heated seats and wifi, $415,000 to California wine growers to promote wine sales in China, $704,000 for landscaping at residence of Brussels ambassador (Makes me wonder if money like this was spent foolishly the year Ambassador Stevens begged for more security and was denied), $3.5 million to cover solar panels at Manchester airport because the panels blinded pilots and air traffic controllers (I wonder how much green energy is in use today that was subsidized by the federal government?), $1.5 billion on government owned properties with very little or no use at all — some set for demolition but still being maintained, $9 million in advertising for the Army on recruiting while they are cutting back 80,000 troops, $437,000 for IRS employees in Las Vegas on union training (shouldn't their union pay for this?), $300,000 on administration portraits (Sen. Shaheen co-sponsored a bill that limits price of portrait to $20,000 — other than president — why do we need portraits — photograph would do)

The list goes on and on and comes to a whopping $30 billion in 2013 alone. Just think, we are borrowing money and paying interest to pay for these and other frivolous items.

Even when the Democrats were in power of both houses, they did not pass a budget. Only one budget was passed since Obama got elected. Could it be, that some politicians do not want their name to a bill that they voted for or against. It might not be helpful in elections years. It might actually hurt.

I personally have a budget. I want a federal budget. A factual federal budget where we cannot spend more than what we make. I want a budget that does not pay for frivolous items.

Linda Riley


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