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That's a very superficial understanding of what happened

To The Daily Sun,

E. Scott Cracraft, get a grip on yourself.

I'm not one of your college students who is impressed by your rhetorical devices. The subject we were discussing was theology, not science. The Sun has your column and my letter archived so don't change the subject and try to BS your way out of it. Are you an ordained minister? Do you have years of Bible school training?

You challenged the validity of the deity of Christ. You presented theological arguments that do not follow logically neither from the history of the church, nor an understanding of the scriptures. Sir, what you did was to take your very superficial understanding of what happened and asserted as you said, "My ignorance is just as valid as your knowledge."

Get off of your high horse sir and take your own advice. Or in your mind are college professors above having to practice what you preach. It takes a big man to admit that he is wrong. Are you that sir? Or are you just hot air?

John Demakowski


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Don't want to be left with consequences

To The Daily Sun,

Moving to New Hampshire 17 years ago provided the opportunity to live a more desired lifestyle. My husband and I both have stressful, demanding careers and living in a rural New Hampshire community gave us the balance we sought. We love the mountains, lakes and wildlife that surround us. While we have never been politically minded, nor did we want to be, issues involving our town compelled us to take a closer look and get involved.

Industrial wind turbines are targeted for our town. Monstrosities that would tower nearly 500 feet tall. These projects will decrease property values, change the landscape, destroy our beautiful ridge lines, pollute the watersheds, displace wildlife and kill birds. Most recently, the northern long-eared bat was put on the threatened species list. The industrial wind turbine project would infringe upon their habitat. Can we afford to lose an entire species? Do people realize how vital bats are to the environment and the balance of nature?

How can this happen? Well, these corporations have been subsidized by the federal government with our tax dollars to promote sustainable energy. Industrial wind turbines in the Northeast are not sustainable, and studies have indicated this time and time again. However, our representatives in Concord are not listening. This has prompted my town and several other communities in New Hampshire to pass a Rights Based Ordinance (RBO). This declares our right to local self government and puts the rights of the people over the rights of large corporations.

The RBO is based on our state Constitution. Citizens have rights. We don't want to be bullied. We don't want to be left with the consequences of failed projects, projects that have not proven to be even close to providing sustainable energy. They have only proven to cost an exorbitant amount of taxpayers' money with the energy being exported out of state and the profits stuffing foreign companies' pockets. I urge your readers to get involved. The future of our beautiful state is at stake. Don't allow corporate greed to take over our local communities and do irreparable harm.

Sue Ozkan
CARE Group


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