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If gun control was the rule in the Wild West, maybe tht's why it was so wild

To The Daily Sun,

Interesting letter on Tuesday by Dick Devens urging transition to renewable energy. I'd be all for that if facts met with the idea. My problem with it is current technology only works up to a point. That point falls short on multiple levels though.

Take the electric car for instance. Advances have allowed them to go up to 100 mph and 200 miles, but then they must stop and be plugged in for long periods. Seems to me they also cost a great deal more then a conventionally powered car. Same seems to be true of hybrids, too. Until they can compete on those two levels it doesn't seem likely people will embrace them. Perhaps fuel cell technology will come to their rescue if they can ever get the costs down. Until then I'll wait.

Then there is energy production. Wind turbines and solar power are still very expensive and not as simple as they sound. Battery storage units are a necessity for both, which are expensive and must be replaced every few years, as are electric car batteries. Both of these sources are still rather inefficient and most people can't afford the capital investments required. Electric generating plants that can use green renewable fuels are limited to atomic and plasma generators. The atomic are not popular and little or ever do we hear about plasma generators. It's all solar panels and wind turbines.

So guess Mr. Devens will continue to fret over climate change until either costs come down or technology makes green things competitive, hope that's soon.

Good news, Jon Hoyt says he sees the transparency of Obama and his administration. Wonderful, now Jon is going to tell us the answers many without his sight have been asking for months or years now. For instance, who created the "Fast and Furious" gun-running scheme that killed hundreds of Mexicans? Who ran it and who approved it, what was its purpose?

Another question is why Ambassador Stevens was sent to Benghazi in the first place after several attacks had occurred there before? Why was his security detail so sparse? Why weren't our military and security forces allowed to at least try to save the ambassador and his team? Whose decisions was it not to try and why was the senior military commander in Tripoli relieved of his command for trying?

And about that little thing about some YouTube video causing all the fuss, since debunked, but promoted for weeks by Obama and company, who ever came up with that and were they ever held to account for the lie? Another unclear question never fully answered was who instructed the IRS to target conservatives and stonewall conservatives for the year before presidential elections? Has anyone been held accountable for any of these "transparent" questions? Why was not an independent counsel appointed to investigate these things because there have been no clear answers to date? But never fear, Jon will be able to answer these and many other things without resorting to administration talking points and distractions, right Jon?

George Maloof tells us gun control was the rule out in the Wild West. Must be why it was so wild; even today we see how our gun-free zones attract the crazy homicidal types. Actually though gun control was far from the rule and was most often enacted in cattle towns where drovers broke lose after months on the trail. It was always also a local ordnance based on a local need not a national political movement to deprive honest citizens of a constitutional right.

Steve Earle


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Teachers to be commended for giving up a Saturday for PI day

To The Daily Sun,

Last Saturday, March 14, was PI day and it was celebrated with lots of activities at Gilford Middle School. I was privileged to accompany my granddaughter that morning and saw first hand the hard work on the part of the Middle School math teacher Mrs. Fox and the others. They are to be commended for giving up a Saturday morning to make this educational experience so much fun for the children. Hats off to all of you and a big thank you.

Joyce McMath


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