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Will Hillary & Bill voluntarily agree to disarm their Secret Service?

To The Daily Sun,

I'll ask the question. Hillary Clinton, when you scrap our Second Amendment rights, will you demand that all of yours and Bill's Secret Service agents disarm?

All of us law abiding Americans would like to know, is that your plan?

Eric T. Rottenecker

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Opportunities will be lost because of changes to the band program

To The Daily Sun,

As the parent of a son who enjoyed being a member of the Laconia High School band it is very disappointing to read what is going to happen with the program.
Music meant a lot to him and he learned to appreciate it very much.
My son, Shane, is now a professional musician who lives in New York City, where he has performed concerts and recorded several albums. He has also performed concerts in several other major cities.
It is unfortunate that other students will most likely not have this opportunity facing them because of what is going to happen to the music program.

Gordon D. King

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