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Wake up! Popularity does not make for good political leadership

To The Daily Sun,

Right now, the intelligent seniors and veterans are screaming to replace the whole corrupt crowd down there in DC. I say right now, because when the booths open for voting, the displeasure will fade away to "I know that name" and continue to vote for the same old people who know nothing about helping this country, but sure know how to line their pockets with yours and my hard-earned money.

Wake up! Popularity does not make for good leadership. So it seems that you do not care about your children or grandkids, so lets leave them a debt so high that they will never be able to pay it off, because we will not be here to see them burdened with our reckless spending. Spend! Spend! Spend! It's only money. After all, Washington has printing presses to print more and more and more. Pretty soon, the green money of the good ole US of A, won't even be worth the paper it is printed on. And, do not speak out about the head honcho because someone will accuse you of racism. A black woman comedian once said it very clearly of him, "If he doesn't do well, we can blame it on the white part of him".

Bev Buker


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Shutdown is irresponsible; it's cosing too many people too much

To The Daily Sun,
I don't know where Mr. Ewing gets his news because it certainly differs from what my sources tell me.
Today, I read these headlines: "Senate Leaders Near Fiscal Deal but the House is Uncertain" in the New York Times, "Senate Leaders Close to Deal on Shutdown, Debt Ceiling" in the Washington Post and "Senate Nears Deal on Debt, Shutdown" in the Wall Street Journal.
The shut down is irresponsible and is costing too many people too much. But I urge Mr. Ewing to lay blame in the appropriate place.
Kate Miller

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Isn't 'authorizing the use of force' the same as declaring war?

To The Daily Sun,

Just a couple of things: Leon Albushies continues his opinion that former President Bush broke some laws with the attack on Iraq. I respectfully disagree. First he is under the impression that Congress, did not use the words "declare war on" that it was an illegal war. I've heard it argued that "authorizing the use of force" is the same thing. Not being a lawyer I cannot say this is right or wrong but I choose to believe it has the same meaning and was understood as such by Congress and everyone else, nit picking aside. Second his idea that we need the approval from the U.N. to do anything is absurd. The U.N. is a corrupt, incompetent organization that has violated it's charter over and over for decades and like a contract that in business that has been broken it no longer has the force of law to enforce it's terms.
John Hoyt is so very concerned that the Tea Party wants to only hurt Obama. He forgets that Obama is, and has been, hurting the very people he claims to be helping. Under his administration the price of gas, diesel fuel, home heating oil, electricity and every energy source has gone up. That hurts the poor, elderly, sick. working families and the nation in general. Prices for food, clothing, rent all continue to rise. He has wasted hundreds of millions of stimulus dollars spending them overseas and wasteing them on investments here in this country on doomed, failing companies that incidental donated millions to his campaign. His ACA costs are rising like the sky rocket costs of his energy programs hurting everyone except the freeloaders and illegal aliens. Might I mention he has changed the terms and condition of that law without Congress, a power the president does not have. Not one program he has launched has done any of the things he promised, other then raise the national debt.
And lets consider his foreign policy boondoggles. The "Fast and Furious" gun-running scheme killed hundreds and he and Holder covered that up and stonewalled hearings. If his Arab Spring policy was to create chaos in the Middle East, well that is a resounding success. National policy has resulted in the IRS, BATF, OSHA, and dozens of other departments targeting political opponents illegally. And hey, how about that little, no scandal here, Benghazi thing that killed the U.S. Ambassador and three American security men and which the President and all his crew lied to the world about then ran, and continue to run, another cover-up. After that we learn the government is listening in on everyone's electronic communications. NICE!
So excuse me if I think that even if, as John contends, the Tea Party only wants to hurt Obama, I say good for them.
Steve Earle


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Shouldn't take bumping against debt limit to reign in spending

To The Daily Sun,

Each month the U.S. government collects about 10 times as much tax money as it needs to pay the interest and principle on our national debt. Therefore, UNLESS President Obama violates the Constitution and refuses to make the payments, there will be NO DEFAULT on our national debt obligations.
However, without a debt ceiling increase, government spending will be limited to its income. Payments on our national debt are supposed to be paid first. Social Security, Medicare, and other payments from trust funds should also continue.
It should not take bumping against our debt limit to force Congress and the president to end our disastrous overspending. Both Republicans and Democrats have acknowledged that our deficits cannot continue (without a disastrous result), but neither party has truly acted to balance our spending and income.
The hysteria from politicians, the media, and special interests is way out of proportion to the impact that fixing our spending problem will have on most Americans. Remember the hysteria about the 'sequester"? Yet few Americans have been affected.
Remember the hysteria about the government "shutdown"? Yet, this has affected so few Americans that President Obama has taken unprecedented, extreme, and outrageous steps to try to increase the pain such as by closing open air monuments and withholding death benefit payments for our soldiers killed in combat.
Many cuts in government spending should be easy as so many government programs have little positive value. The Department of Energy has obstructed our move to energy independence. Public education has become far more costly but not better, since the Department of Education has started "helping".
Programs that punish people for getting jobs and trying to become self-supporting should be scrapped. Programs that encourage self-destructive behavior such as premature Motherhood should be fixed to encourage behavior that produces long-term benefits.
Thousands of useless million dollar "studies" (such as to determine the effect of alcohol on Chinese prostitutes) demonstrate contempt for hard-earned taxpayer dollars and should be eliminated.
Taxpayer subsidies and bailouts for businesses and other special interest groups must stop, these entities should survive only if they provide value to customers or contributors.
If the debt ceiling is not raised, the greatest pain for most Americans will come from the hysterical protests from special interests that lose taxpayer dollars and politicians howling at the prospect of being forced to balance the budget as they are supposed, and many promised, to do.
Don Ewing

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It's time to refuse to bargain with political & economic terrorists

To The Daily Sun,

Tea Party members of Congress laughably anointed themselves as the pure and faithful guardians of the Constitution. Yet they do not care about votes in Congress, laws of the land, court decisions, any majority opinion, payments already approved, or existing contracts — unless they agree with them. They accept neither the legitimacy of democratic elections nor the results. Just like other fundamentalist extremists throughout the world, they intend to impose their warped social and political version of sharia on our country, whether Americans want it or not.

This minority of a minority has hijacked the Republican party and now — like the economic terrorists they are — have put a gun to the nation's head. They say "Do as we say or we will blow up the economy and everyone with it." All Americans will be collateral damage of their fantasies. The Tea Partiers in the House will happily set off bombs in every 401(k), credit card account, mortgage, the national debt and the world's economy. Not to mention Social Security, veterans' benefit and military pay checks. Every one of us will be seriously wounded by their tantrum. Instead of threatening to hold their breath until they turn blue, like 2-year-olds in a cartoon strip, they are putting a choke hold on America's windpipe.

But wait: they say they are willing to negotiate. Except that their idea of negotiation is not compromise or finding common ground but only unconditional surrender. "Meet our demands and we will let you live." And then they will return later with more blackmail and ransom notes. Abraham Lincoln put it well when he spoke about the Southern Fire Eaters who blew up the country in an attempt to preserve slavery. He said: "A highwayman holds a pistol to my ear and mutters through his teeth, 'Stand and deliver, or I shall kill you — and then you will be a murderer!'

It's time to see these people as the radical extremists and anarchists they are. It's time for leaders of the Republican party in Congress (including John "If I Only Had a Backbone" Boehner), who enabled these denizens of the fringe to show some sense of responsibility to their country and finally say no. It's time to refuse to bargain with political and economic terrorists. It's past time to take away the gun they are holding to the head of the American people. It is as simple as letting the House vote on a clean end to the shutdown and on the debt ceiling. Or to vote on any of the bipartisan compromises that come from the Senate. Watching the Tea Party caucus in action makes one wonder what these political versions of Timothy McVeigh, Eric Rudolph and the Tsarnaev brothers think they can get away with. They don't believe in the Constitution or in democracy. The Tea Party fringers are modern day secessionists and nullifiers. Let the would-be Ayatollahs such as Cruz and Bachmann and Wilson impose their tea-cracy on themselves and leave the real world alone.

Ed Allard

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