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Violating voter laws is a direct crime against every N.H. resident

To The Daily Sun,

I read in this Saturday's edition a story from the AP in Concord titled "Judge rules N.H. voter registration conditions illegal" outlining the court challenge to the 2012 law to require people voting in New Hampshire to have legal residency in New Hampshire. This is the basis of voting rights, isn't it? That you cast your vote where your legal residence is and not where you are staying for school or a temporary job.

The argument is that voter fraud doesn't happen but that is not true. Voter fraud isn't prosecuted because when a college student from another state votes here and at their legal residence the AG office can't figure out if the person violated New Hampshire law or the law of their home state. It has been documented that this double voting has occurred in every major election for decades and these people are getting away with committing a felony crime.

The intention of the liberal, progressive Democrats is made perfectly clear with the quote from Gilles Bissonnette, a lawyer for the civil liberties group that brought the lawsuit. He is quoted as saying, "If (legal) residency was the requirement to vote, it would disenfranchise all sorts of people in New Hampshire." He goes on to say that the law, if enforced, would have applied to not just students, but to resident doctors in training and members of the military who plan to leave the state when their work is done.

Here is another news update. Members of the military are prohibited from voting anyplace other than their legal residency, whether that be an assignment elsewhere in the U.S. or at their Home-Of-Record (HOR) if stationed overseas. This applies to all federal employees and contractors, too.

Violating voter laws is a direct crime against every resident of New Hampshire. This law requiring voters in New Hampshire to be legal residents in New Hampshire would allow us, as voting residents to have faith that the election was conducted fairly and allow the AG to prosecute individuals that participate in the so-called double voting.

Greg Knytych


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Meredith Sculpture Walk is an extraordinary addition to the town

To The Daily Sun,

I want to thank the volunteers of the Greater Meredith Program for their continued work in exercising their mission of "creating a year-round business, service and recreational/social hub for residents, workforce and visitors." You certainly contribute to our popularity and beauty.

I also want to thank the Meredith Sculpture Walk Committee for the creation and expedition of the Sculpture Walk. What an extraordinary addition to the town. I was crossing Main Street yesterday and I had the pleasure of seeing approximately 35 kids with maps in hand taking the walk and their excitement was priceless.

Congratulations to the artists involved and thank you for sharing your beautiful pieces with our town for so many to enjoy. I look forward to taking the Meredith Sculpture Walk and hope to see you out there.

We do live in the best town, in the best state, in the best country, in the world

Carla Horne, Chair

Meredith Selectboard

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Church of the Holy Spirit family event will be more fun than an Xbox

To The Daily Sun,

Want to pry your kids away from the Xbox and get them to an event they'll be talking about long after? Are you interested in auction bargains? How about an inexpensive yet filling family lunch, while everyone of all ages has a fun time?

You can enjoy all of these things and more at the first annual Church of the Holy Spirit Family Fun Day on Saturday, Aug. 9, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the church grounds at 263 Highland St. in Plymouth (across from the Whole Village Family Resource Center and just before Hannaford's).

Magician Bob Nadeau will delight your family with his "parlor magic" sleight of hand and humor. Thanks to many generous sponsors, including a major donation from Community Guarantee Savings Bank, our silent auction will enable you to bid on such items as a $50 gift certificate for the Flying Monkey Performance Center, passes (including skate rental) to the PSU Ice Arena, a Parkhurst Hardware lawn spreader valued at $59, a book of prints by Georgia O'Keefe ($100 value), and gift certificates for a wide variety of restaurants and retailers in the Plymouth/Newfound area.

What else will be going on? A lot: The Girl Scouts will be painting faces and serving lemonade. The New Hampshire Humane Society will be there to answer any questions you might have about pet care or adoption (they might even have a pet to introduce you to). Kids can enjoy building fairy houses. Both kids and adults can win cash prizes playing musical chairs. A tree festooned with New Hampshire Lottery tickets will be raffled off. Live music will be played throughout the day.

And there will be a bounty of food to satisfy your family's appetite while having little impact on your wallet: Savor a taco for $2.50 from our deluxe taco bar, corn on the cob from Longview Farm for 50 cents, hot dogs and pie slices for $2, popcorn from Bill White Realty's popcorn machine for 50 cents, and where else can you get a big slice of watermelon for 25 cents?

We'll be doing this rain or shine, with everything under tents in case the sun gets too hot or rain tries to crash the party. Should you have any questions, Barbara Brooks (744-3597) will be happy to answer them. Come join in the fun.

Jim Crawford

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Weather has nothing to do with push to start school year in August

To The Daily Sun,

Heads up folks, and all parents of area school kids. The "dis-service" public servants of the local government schools, who don't understand that they work for us, are at it again. This year, they want the school year to begin before Labor Day, because district Superintendent Terri Forsten is trying to sell us the notion that the last days of August are cooler than the first days of June, and therefore our kids must start school on Tuesday, Aug. 26, and attend for only three days (Tues., Wed., Thurs.), and then be off for four days of the long holiday weekend (Fri., Sat., Sun., Mon.).

Some of us may already know what the real reason for this is, and it's not the weather. And when the real reason becomes public, heads should roll.

Summer jobs for some of these kids will be disrupted, and family summer vacations will be interrupted for others. The lack of common sense has become commonplace in the public sector. We must send a message to them that we hire them to do a job for us, not the other way around. We call the shots, not them.

There is a very simple solution for this attitude of "we know better than you" from these overpaid bureaucrats: Keep your kids home until Wednesday, Sept. 3, like you have in previous years. Let them know they work for us. Let them know that we pay their salaries, and we will not put up with any more of their arbitrary and dictatorial heavy-handedness.

So now, it's up to you, parents. If enough of you take a stand in this, there won't be any issue of truancy. And who knows, maybe some of these public servants will begin to understand what that form of employment actually means.

Jim McCoole

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Warriors of Sharia law are hidden within the ‘Horse of Doom’

To The Daily Sun,

Today a Trojan Horse stands outside the halls of Congress. Hidden within are warriors of chaos cloaked in religion. A democratic Republic ruled by secular law is targeted. Sympathizers are readying.

America, man our battle stations! If you survive the Republic's death at the hands of the administration, surely you will not escape the warriors of Sharia law hidden within the "Horse of Doom."

It's "teamsters" lull indifference, unconcern, distracting us from 24/7 vigilance. This mesmerizing "gift" is about to disembark its deadly cargo. All who dwell in freedom's light — beware.

Ward H. Flanders


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