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Anyone know what year Meredith Village Cemetery was established?

To The Daily Sun,

I'm in the process of compiling a historic walking tour of Meredith Village Cemetery and have hit a few snags and bugaboos.

Does anyone know what year Meredith Village Cemetery (old name Plymouth Street Cemetery) actually started or was consecrated? Has anyone have any of the old Meredith Village Cemetery Association burial records or the minutes to their annual meetings?

I'm also looking for biographical information on anyone interred in MVC who was born before 1850. I'd appreciate any and all help. Please contact me at 603-527-0233 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

John Calvin

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Health care system we had wasn't working; too many were uninsured

To The Daily Sun,

I read with interest Bob Meade's letter in which he lauded the Bush tax cuts, again, and criticized Obamacare, again. He was wrong about the tax cuts and what he said about Obamacare confuses the forest for the trees.

President Bush was responsible for two tax cuts, neither of which did much for the economy. The first came during an economic decline and was followed by ... more decline. The second coincided with the beginning of the housing bubble which, when it subsequently burst, nearly destroyed the world economy. If the cuts were responsible for the subsequent growth, such as it was, they led to the collapse, too. But, they weren't. All the cuts did was enrich the so-called job creators who mostly pocketed the money while job growth and wages remained stagnant. Forbes business magazine reported that Politifact found that the claim that the Bush tax cuts led to job growth was "wholly false".

As to Obamacare, Mr. Meade made some good points about problems with the law which should be fixed. The point, however, is that the law did not destroy job growth as the Chicken Littles kept predicting. The law was a decent, though clearly not perfect, compromise between leaving millions uninsured and expanding government involvement in health care.

What we had wasn't working. There were too many uninsured and medical costs were skyrocketing. With Obamacare, there are fewer uninsured and cost inflation has slowed. Most of my doctor friends dislike Obamacare but they acknowledge that it's better than what we had. I wonder what Mr. Meade's solution is to getting full insurance coverage and controlling medical cost inflation?

Dave Pollak

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