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Hillary's judges will rewrite our Bill of Rights; equal justice will be gone

To The Daily Sun,

I promised to continue my retort to Scott Cracraft's earlier column, and here it is. I left off berating the resident and Hillary for their failure to improve the conditions of poor blacks and minorities, as they have utterly failed to do other then increase food stamps and welfare. The truth is they won't because the Democrats need an underclass with a solid Democratic voting block. Which is why our middle class across the board has been constantly shrinking during these Obama years. It's the plan for all of us by Democrats because they need the issues to run on. It says so in "Rules for Radicals."

I'm expecting to hear from Scott that all these facts and conclusions on my part are lies because they conflict with his "liberal" views. I recall another "liberal," L.J. Siden, a few years back, use to have great difficulty with the concept of opinion as opposed to lies when ever it conflicted with his leftist views. Must be catching like a virus among progressives?

Perhaps all the lies Scott insists we on the right are telling is about terrorism? I and other conservatives have no problem identifying the roots of the problem is Islam. Obama/Hillary and all those politically correct, liberal, progressives just can't bring themselves to say it. It's Islamic terrorism and it has been going on for decades. It has been increasing exponentially just as liberal political correctness has been during the same time. Conclusion is they are related. Conservatives dare state that conclusion and are labeled racists or worse by Scott and his fellows.

Keep in mind, voters, Hillary is determined to accept tens of thousands of Syrian refuges more than Obama has, and not one of them can be vetted with any assurance. It's another Democratic feel-good plan, with not a thought to the safety of the American people.

ISIS has said they intend to insert terrorists in among these refuges and attack America from the inside. Hillary/Obama ignore this completely. Why? Even those who are not terrorists are a completely foreign culture with few, very few, shared values with we in the West. They prefer Sharia law by a large percentage, and disdain our Constitution and the concept of democracy. How can they be expected to assimilate?

New, revelations has it that Hillary wants open borders. Anyone can come in any time any where, no background checks (except of course for American legal gun owners). How does that comport with a sovereign nation?

You see readers, asking these kinds of questions and drawing conclusions from documented facts is becoming politically incorrect. Hillary, if elected, will stack the courts with activist judges who will rewrite the Bill of Rights, restricting things like free speech, religion, and the Second Amendment. I don't care what political party, or none, readers belong to, these changes will affect every American and not for the better. Standards of living will decrease, costs will rise and equal justice will fail.

Steve Earle


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Many men do not accept 'new' roles woman have taken in society

To The Daily Sun,

The U.S. Constitution provides and stresses equality for all, regardless of gender. Even though men and women have anatomical differences in their role in the reproduction, both men and women equally have the inalienable rights as specified in our Constitution. Each woman and man is uniquely individualized with the hopes and dreams to make life better for their families, in this country, as well as all humankind. With the advancement of reliable and easy contraceptives, as well as surrogate motherhood, women today are free to pursue all professional fields.

Women offer excellent contributions that are equal to men. Women are in all fields of endeavor now. They are professionally equal with men and have earned respect of their respective employees and employers in the workplace. Women are part of the difference to moving our country forward, as well as other countries on this planet.

Women are taking a much larger role in government, politics as well as many community volunteer groups. Women can be found in specialized medical fields as well as CEOs for major corporations. Such groups as MADD, SUN (a group dedicated to helping those with substance abuse addictions and prevention), are two examples of community involvement. Many women are found in firefighting, EMS services, law enforcement as well as our military. There are several women on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Donald Trump is irresponsible and abusive, to both men and women. His reprehensible disrespect is a carry over from cavemen periods in humankind's history. Trump displays reprehensible behaviors that are unacceptable and unbecoming to be president of this country, therefore he is not fit to be our president.

Trump has taken advantage of women regardless of their marital status, or possibly even their age. Is this what people want in a president? Is this what you men and women want for your daughters? His pornographic language is offensive and rates parental control just to protect the ears of young children watching TV.

Mr. Trump needs to understand that the president of the United States is for all people equally regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, creed, disability, or religion. Trump's ideas are a step backward to the progress made regarding minority and women's rights. A question to ponder: Why would Trump grope a woman any more than he would a man?

Many men do accept the "new" roles that women have taken in the workplace, home, and our society. Trump insults and disrespects women. His being unapologetic is intolerable. Life is precious for all of us. We must all work together to promoting the common cause of decency and hope for all humankind. It is a responsible action not to give Trump your vote.

Robert T. Joseph, Jr.

New Hampton

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