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I look forward to continuing goal of quality education for all

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank all the voters who supported my re-election to the Gilford School Board.

It has been an honor to serve the community in that capacity and I look forward to continuing the goal of providing a quality education for all our students.

Susan D. Allen


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And now, we have our very own Steve, The Great Prevaricator

To The Daily Sun,

Historically, our great nation has produced such men as Henry Clay — The Great Compromiser, Abraham Lincoln — The Great Emancipator, Ronald Reagan — The Great Communicator, and most recently, in the Lakes Region, we have Steve — The Great Prevaricator.

In his letter to this forum, dated March 13, he entertains us with a copulation of all the lies his "blogger buddies" have relayed to him during the course of the Obama administration. As we have learned, there is no lie so outrages that Earle, a professed "hater" of President Obama, will not share. His intent is to deceive by passing along these malicious lies to convey to the readers of this forum a false impression of the president.

In his letter, Earle lies with impunity, by rationalizing this diatribe by stating, "I can't attest to the accuracy of every detail." Of course not! Earle "doesn't have to prove anything."

To exasperate the hypocrisy of his letter, he has the audacity to accuse Obama of lying, rightfully or wrongly, but has no qualms about spreading lies of his own. It appears he holds himself to a different standard, whereby he can lie and relate lies and "doesn't have to prove anything"; by doing so, Earle loses all credibility.

It's one thing to blather on in the absence of facts, but it's quite another to deliberately ignore evidence. At some point, you'd think it would become embarrassing.

To further shed some insight into Earle's thought process, I refer you to an opening statement in which he claims of reading "a couple of things which might shed some light on these issues". Apparently this "light" is inspired by an article written by "Benjamin Weingarten, publishing manager of The Blaze."

While I would not be so arrogant as question Earle's right to his sources, I will point out that The Blaze is a conservative news and entertainment television network founded by libertarian Glenn Beck, an outspoken critic of President Obama — hardly unbiased.

L.J. Siden


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