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TEA Party meetings open to people who want to listen & participate

To The Daily Sun,

The Lakes Region TEA Party would like to thank state Sen. Jeanie Forrester, Rich Ashooh, Norman Silber, and Luke Freudenberg for speaking and answering questions at our August meeting.

Sen. Forrester, candidate for governor, told of her commitment to make government serve the people. She believes government must perform its appropriate functions effectively and efficiently. As a senator she has represented her constituents even when it meant going against her party. She fought for an energy policy that benefits New Hampshire, for nursing home funding, for effective actions against our illegal drug problem, and against wasteful spending like the proposed high speed rail. For more information about Sen. Forrester's plans to combat drugs, for healthcare, for a growing economy, etc., see: http://jeanieforgovernor.com/

Rich Ashooh, candidate for Congress — challenging Congressman Guinta, spoke of his national security background, his commitment to fiscal responsibility, his opposition to illegal immigration and sanctuary cities, his opposition to the Iran deal which gives the number one state sponsor of terrorism billions of dollars and enables them to get nuclear weapons and ICBMs. Ashooh supports the Second Amendment and believes that we don't have a gun law problem, but we do have a problem because of the lack of enforcement of our existing gun laws. For more information about Ashooh's policies, see: https://ashoohforcongress.com/

Norman Silber, candidate for state representative for Gilford and Meredith, talked about his commitment to enabling a growing economy that provides the jobs and opportunities that enable our citizens to prosper. He supports school choice, enforcement of our immigration laws, and clarification of our voter laws to ensure that every legitimate voter can vote without their vote being negated by an illegal voter. For more information on some of Silber's positions see: http://www.lfda.org/candidate/norman-silber#

Luke Freudenberg, candidate for Carroll County Sheriff, believes illegal drugs are the key issue of our time. Winning the war against illegal drugs will be the major focus of his term as sheriff. He believes that this issue, that claims so many lives, isn't getting the focus in Carroll County that it deserves. Freudenberg believes that his education, employment at FEMA, and experience as a selectman and business owner qualify him and enable him to coordinate effectively with the various agencies, community stakeholders, and law enforcement agencies to combat the drug problem and handle other Sheriff responsibilities. For more information, see: https://www.facebook.com/lukeforsheriff/

The TEA Party meeting attendees enjoyed hearing from these candidates and having the opportunity to get their questions answered. The Lakes Region TEA Party meetings are open to people wishing to listen and participate in Q&As, and our discussions.

Don Ewing

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Thank you all & mark your calendar for next year's festival

To The Daily Sun,

The 15th annual Laconia Multicultural Festival was a resounding success. The beautiful weather set the stage for a day full of great music, food and celebration of our varied heritage. The thousands of attendees gathering in our downtown for this celebration made for an exciting and rewarding day.

The happy faces of the folks gathered at Rotary Park, the kids beating the drums at Kid's Corner, and the toe tapping music at City Hall made the city come alive.

An awesome event like this can only happen with the support of many sponsors, advertisers, committee members and volunteers.

Our thanks to Nicoleta Parisi, our newest committee member, for organizing the 50 flag bearers led by our mayor, Ed Engler, for kicking off the day with the colorful Parade of Flags. We are so grateful to our major sponsors, Well Sense Health, Ascentria Care Alliance, Laconia Human Relations Committee, Genesis Behavioral Health and the Penny Pitou-Milo Pike Family Fund of the NH Charitable Foundation. Also special thanks goes to state Sen. Andrew Hosmer.

Our LMF Committee works on planning this event all year-round. To all our Committee members we give thanks for your tireless efforts. To the volunteers who are there for us each year as well as the many new volunteers that joined us this year, we salute you.

Thanks to The Laconia Daily Sun, the Laconia Citizen, and Salmon Press for the great coverage leading up to the event and the coverage of the event itself.

To our sound and electrical expert Wayne Sanborn, all the help from the Belknap County House of Corrections, and tables from the Taxiarchai Greek Orthodox Church, we thank you all. To Healthlink and Citizens Bank, thanks for letting us "invade" your parking lot! Special thanks to Healthlink for allowing us use of their electricity.

It is the hard work and support of many people, organizations, businesses and agencies in Laconia and the Lakes Region that lay the foundation for allowing us to share the world with the world. Further thanks go to the Laconia Police Department and Public Works. To Rowell's Sewer & Drain and Casella Waste, another big thank you for your support.

To produce an event like this requires substantial funding. The Multicultural Festival recognizes with gratitude all of our program advertisers. To our many patrons and supporters of this wonderful event — our heartfelt thanks for your donations, we truly could not do this without you.
To all our wonderful performers at Rotary Park, City Hall and The Kid's Corner stages — thank you so much. There wouldn't be a festival without our great vendors and non profit/service agency friends. Thank you all for participating. And finally and most important — to all of you that attended, we hope you enjoyed the day and we so appreciate your continued support and encouragement of the Laconia Multicultural Festival.

Mark your calendars for next year's date of Sept. 9. Again, thank you Lakes Region. Follow us on Facebook and check our website: laconiamulticulturalfestival.org for some great photos.

Becky Guyer
Multicultural Festival Coordinator

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