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'New' Dems threw the old ones under the bus; they deserve Trump

To The Daily Sun,

Newsflash! Hillary Clinton did not lose last week's election. Barack Obama did. Hillary was only running as caretaker for Obama's third term. Both Hillary and Obama shouted that from the rooftops, even louder in places where blacks and minorities congregate.

If you woke up last Wednesday to instant depression after discovering Trump won, I hope your first thought wasn't hostility toward Republicans. The Republican Party, all the way to its highest ranks, did all they could to prevent Trump's victory, including considering skullduggery. Let me tell you who did deliver Trump to us with his obnoxious, 747 size personality — Barack Hussein Obama.

A person of Trump's caliber doesn't just materialize from nothing. Millions of acorns fall, only a tiny few grow into oak trees. They need a perfect landing site. Elections are almost always won or lost for the incumbents on the vigor (or lack of it) of the U.S. economy. This election would be no different. Obama managed to produce an economy so slow it was last seen when Dwight Eisenhower was president. Economically stagnant voters in the Midwest may have voted Trump in office, but it was Obama who created the perfect growing conditions for a Trump-like figure to emerge.

The Trump win shouldn't surprise any student of common sense. From sunrise to sunset for eight years Obama demonized, threatened and assaulted business interests in every way possible. Profits were evil, taxes too low, regulations too few, businesses too greedy and stockholders undeserving. In response, owners stopped investing and American corporations spent most of the last decade trying to become British, French, Italian and Irish companies to escape the vilification of Obama and Democrats. The cloud thrown over business brought investment and entrepreneurship to lows not seen in decades. Obama spent two terms greasing the runway for "The Donald's" thunderous arrival, of course on Trump airlines.

In the "old" Democratic Party Hillary Clinton would have run as fast and as far from the failed Obama economy. But not the new one. The new party relies on near 100 percent votes from blacks and similar high numbers from Hispanics to win. Hillary received 85 percent of the black vote, she still lost. Given what they believe is their path to victory, racially motivated politics driven by demographics now consume the Democratic Party. Racism must be seen under every pebble, behind every tree and around every corner aimed specifically to anger blacks to vote. As we have witnessed, it is a dangerous and very destructive path for Americans including all races and religions. Even sadder, the promises to blacks from Democrats have been hollow as a white ping pong ball. Blacks by any metric are no better off today than they were in 2008.

During the last eight years the "new" Democrats' path has led to new lows in political civility tied to 100-year lows of political power for the Democratic Party. The "new" Democratic Party has lost the White House, both branches of Congress, 20 governorships and more than 900 legislative seats in eight short years. The "bench" of young, seasoned Democrats is almost nil. The only states they dominate are the 10 stuffed with urban minorities. The other 40 are "red" and angry at Democrats.

Remember, the working class, blue-collar American, the kind that just crammed Trump down Democrats' throats, were the backbone of the Democratic Party a few years back. The "new" Democratic Party threw those folks under the bus. They deserve Trump, they did all they could to pave the way for him.

Tony Boutin

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She wonders about that doctor who recommended abortion

To The Daily Sun,

Shutting our eyes and minds to the truth about abortion is wrong, just wrong. If a woman is pregnant, she has an infant within her, yes, a living baby. When a pregnant woman denies this and aborts, she denies her own child of the opportunity for life.

A woman was pregnant and found in an ultrasound that her baby had some potential brain anomalies. A doctor asked if she wanted to have the fetus "taken." She was vehemently opposed to abortion, and carried to term; and 14 years later her son is alive and doing well in school, sports, and life. She often wonders about the doctor and how he could have recommended abortion and what would life be like without her son.

No child deserves to be killed, even before birth. If you are pregnant, please have your baby.

Life is precious.
Harry Mitchell

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