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Right wingers are resistant to facts that complicate their views

To The Daily Sun,

I was somewhat disappointed, but not surprised, to read Bob Meade's column on Tuesday that is just a rehash of conservative complaints about supposed Obama administration wrong doing. I found it particularly disturbing that rather than having facts speak for themselves, Meade has to include disturbing details of Ambassador Stevens' death that have been definitely proven to be unfounded rumor. Was his purpose to inflame hatred and prejudice toward Obama and Muslims? In Saturday's Daily Sun we read from Russ Wiles about the Obama "totalitarian takeover of our education system." And on that same day George Dengel informs us of food riots, marshal law, confiscation of guns, the suspension of the Constitution, and Obama appointing himself dictator. Dengel goes on to remind us that "Obama is a Muslim" and that we should look forward to "public floggings, stonings and executions (beheading) simply for being gay, Christian or Jewish."

When you are a right-wing conservative that basis your existence on fear and lies, those fears and lies have to be ginned up every once in awhile as we can plainly witness by the aforementioned contributors. If you convince yourself that Obama is actually out to destroy America from within, than any lie about his beliefs, his religion, even his country of birth, is justified.

Right wing conservatives are resistant to any facts that complicate their views of reality. They are driven by apocalyptic terrors. The future of the republic itself is always in danger, and the Constitution is destined for the shredder. Their illusions of a socialist dictatorship have them trembling with fear and rage. They emphasize the fear rather than courage, resentment rather than compassion, timidity rather than faith, despair rather than hope. Change is not accepted well, and they emphasize the destructive rather than the creative aspects of change.

These contributors have made it quite clear that Obama is the devil incarnate, but they have done nothing to promote the conservative agenda. It reflects a lack of a coherent strategy. They don't have a lot that they themselves can talk about that is affirmative or that voters are looking for. So they default to what is a line of attack that presumably works with their own followers.

As we've seen in this forum, right wing conservatives will tell you that conservatism is not failing — the American people are failing.

L. J. Siden

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Put an end to $42 million jail & focus on bringing jobs to BC

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank The Laconia Sun and reporter Michael Kitch for the front page picture and article titled "Go to Jail". There has been lots of misinformation about the Belknap County Jail. The media should not pick winners or losers but promote the truth. Having spent time in the military and slept in many barracks, I toured the jail last summer to find out the true living conditions for myself.
I met Dan Ward, the superintendent, and his staff. They are all dedicated hard working people. I did think the staffing was too light for the number of people being incarcerated. When I walked away from the tour, I thought there was a disconnect between the military and the public they serve. Why do people think prisoners should be treated better than service members? The jail is crowded but it was designed to have another wing added when needed. If bunk beds were added, it would truly look like a military barracks and more prisoners could be housed. Remember no one is asking these inmates to put on body armor and go on patrol. All they are asked to do is take a shower, eat three meals a day, and behave.
Dan Ward and his staff do need more support from the County Commissioners for their immediate safety concerns. I have heard time and time again the need for locks on jail cells and a security camera system for the protection of the inmates and employees. It is totally unacceptable to ask prisoners to pretend jail cells have locks on them. Video security systems are a must today and are inexpensive. The county needs to make these improvements to make things right at the jail.

Let's put an end to the 42 million dollar jail and start spending our time and energy bringing jobs back to Belknap County. People with a job tend to stay out of trouble and do not cost the taxpayers $32k plus medical expenses a year to house at the Belknap County Jail.
David DeVoy

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Donation response to Meredith Food Pantry plea was overwhelming

To The Daily Sun,
After the letter in The Daily Sun asking for help for the Meredith Emergency Food Pantry, the response was overwhelming. We would like to thank each and every one who came in and donated to us. We are very fortunate to have such support from individuals, churches, banks, school, businesses, and club organizations. Our thanks go out to each and everyone.

We are still in need due to our overwhelming increase of the less fortunate people who have lost their jobs and have fallen on hard times. Thanks again to each and everyone that has helped.
Paul Rowley
Meredith Emergency Food Pantry

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WOW Trail is a golden gem that needs to be completed ASAP

To The Daily Sun,

We brought our bicycles over to Tilton to checkout the Winnipesaukee River Trail and "Wow" hardly does it justice.

What breathtaking views of the mighty Winnipesaukee River! What a wonderful use of an abandoned railroad track. the rails are still there. Trees grow among the ties and a lot of the trail was built right on top of the track with a single, half-buried rail running along side.

There are historic information placards about the Winnipesaukee River and the mills it powered in the past, but most have fallen to vandals.

There are vies of pristine wetland that Walk Kelly couldn't match. The trails leads to downtown Franklin. The return trip is a uphill grade, naturally, since it follows the river back upstream, but it is in no way challenging. That's the beauty of building a bike trail along a railroad track; there are never any steep hills, so anyone could peddle them.

Old train tracks are ready-made corridors through the back acres, often remote and always scenic. The WOW trail system following the old rail right of ways, which the state conveniently already controls, is a golden gem and needs to be completed in my lifetime (I'm already in my 60s). The is no good reason the trail should not run alongside the Hobo Railroad. South Down was built with the understanding that a bike path was in the future.

I do agree that a chain link fence would be an awful eyesore for South Down. The fence has been an expensive, unnecessary piece of overkill. The trail between Tilton and Franklin sometimes runs just feet from 50-foot drop offs into the raging river. Not a problem except in a nanny state. Let's get that trail to the Weirs done.

Peter Davis


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Goal of U.N. Agenda 21 is to gain total control over world's wealth

To The Daily Sun,
George Dengel had a very thought provoking and informative letter in Saturday's Sun. The facts he presented regarding Democrat-run cities cannot be disputed. He says the problem is the Democrats, but they don't believe that. Do we think the government will collapse under Obama, as Detroit has? Never in America you say. But what is being done to stop the progressives from fundamentally changing America? We are being bombarded on all sides by friendly appearing organizations that don't have our best interests in mind. Mr. Dengel paints a very dark picture for our country, but could it happen?
Years ago I met a man in Antrim who said we should get out of the U.N. I wondered why we should, as it was keeping peace in the world. After a lot of study, including communism and the Russian language, I have come to agree with him. The U.N. and the progressives all want a homogeneous world — one world government, one people, everyone equal, everyone the same, whether they work hard to earn a good living, or get by on government handouts.
That's the goal of the U.N. Agenda 21, to gain total control over all of the Earth's wealth. They must convince Americans that in order to save their planet, we must give up our individual rights — like private property ownership — for the greater good.
In the world of sustainable development, as Agenda 21 is, even the possibility of doing harm to the environment, is a sufficient reason to create new and onerous regulations, giving up more of your constitutional rights.
It is thought that environmentalists are being used to this end, and likely many individual members do not even recognize it. The backers of Agenda 21 are good at selecting terms whose meaning seems self-explanatory and sound very positive. This is done in an effort to make those who hear them for the first time think they are probably good things. The reality is quite different.
Can Obama destroy America in the next 3 1/2 years as Mr. Dengel has said he must? Yes, he can, if we don't do anything. It has been said "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing". Can we stop him and all his Chicago and terrorist cronies? Yes, we can, with your help. If you want to learn more about Agenda 21 and its effects in Ohio, go to http://www.darkejournal.com/2013/07/gop-men-hear-ohio-anti-agenda-21.html?m=1.
We have to wake up now. I'd like to call forth all those 1960's flower children who staged sit-ins and riots to please come forth and be active again, this time FOR your country that you love.

Peggy Graham

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