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Pres. Obama sets the tone & agenda & is morally responsible

To the editor,
I see here on Wednesday that L.J. Siden is on another half-baked attack on Fox News and it's viewers. He apparently is confused between the meaning of the words OPINION and the word LIE. Sighting Republican analysts who predicated a Romney win as proof of Fox being biased, he ignores all the Democratic analysts on Fox predicting Obama would win. Some proof LJ! But this is so typical of the Kool-Aid drinkers who have decided only they have any right to opinion and more so the exclusive right to express their opinion and to be heard by the rest of the American people.
I give readers the example of the current scandals engulfing the Obama administration as well as those going back throughout this crooked and corrupt gang of leftists ( my opinion). AG Holder lied to Congress, under oath, about his involvement in the administrations attack on the free press. The targeting of a Fox News reporter James Rosen for criminal involvement (a false charge, not opinion) in the leaking of information by a government employee. Holder started his less then stellar stint as AG by declaring that civil rights was not for white people, only minorities. Then there was his stonewalling of Congress in the hearings over "Fast and Furious", the gun running scheme apparently designed more to bolster the left's anti gun agenda here at home then anything to do with drug cartels in Mexico. Didn't matter how many Mexicans died as long as the left's anti gun movement got good press.
And how about Hilliary Clinton asking Congress, "What does it really matter", speaking of the deaths of Americans in Benghazi? What a sorry example of self-serving narcissism. We still do not know who ordered rescuers to STAND DOWN or why requests for additional security were denied and by who. Then the cover up and the absurd story of a anti Muslim video being the cause. Five days after the event the grieving mother of one of the dead security men asked Hilliary why her son died? Hilliary looked her in the eye and told her the video story lie. How cold is that?
We have all been aware that the Tea Party was the most hated enemy of progressives who were calling them racists and worse, making unsupported charges, smears and slanders at every opportunity. The Obama administration took it to another level by having the IRS, FBI, and other powerful government agencies harass, obstruct, investigate and intimidate them and many other groups that had different views then Obama and gang. They even had the FBI investigate a pro-Israel group that was expressing a different view then the administration and blocked its non profit status in the IRS. Now even after this illegal abuse by the administration and IRS has been exposed, the IRS is still continuing to carry out the program of harassment against conservative groups and individuals according to latest revaluations on, yes LJ, Fox News.
There is more then enough evidence for any reasonable person to conclude that Obama, as head of this government, sets the tone and agenda, and so is morally responsible for the criminal acts being committed on his behalf. L.J. Siden and the rest of the left writers can spin, excuse, twist and say what they will but the reality can't be covered up. This is the worst president and administration in modern American history. (MY OPINION!)
Steve Earle

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I'm disappointed you didn't recognize classic Red Sox victory

To the editor,
My brother and I own the cottage and the boathouse that you have so nicely displayed on the front page of The Laconia Daily Sun newspaper (Thursday, May 30). A few summers ago, my Red Sox loving husband, brother, father and friends convinced me to paint the boat house to resemble the Green Monster. My husband spent days deciding what game to put up on the scoreboard. It disappoints me that you did not recognize the specific
game I painted on the board. It is one for the history books. The Red Sox played the New York Yankees on July 24, 2004 and this was the game with the bench clearing brawl between Jason Varitek and Alex Rodriguez. We may have a made a few errors, but ultimately we won with a walk off home run by from Bill Mueller of off Mariano Rivera — it was a great day!
Sarah Thomas
Burlington, Vermont

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I hold Democrats to a higher standard & Shaheen disappointed

To the editor,
A couple of weeks ago, Manchester held a "march against Monsanto" rally as did over four hundred other cities in 52 countries around the world — totally ignored by the main-line media probably because of product sponsorships. For those readers who still don't know who or what Monsanto is, suffice to say that if you look up greed, corruption, arrogance and poison in the dictionary you'll find Monsanto. You see, Monsanto owns the White House and Congress along with many scientific institutions, universities and a lot of the media. This incestuous relationship has been going on for two decades now.
Three cheers for our local representatives who introduced New Hampshire HB-660 on January 3, 2013. This bill has been retained in committee in order that a final recommendation be made to the full house by this fall. Oh yes, the bill is about labeling GMO foods so that at the very least we can know what we're dying from. Ninety percent of the population want labeling of their food. I assume that some of those 90 percent live in New Hampshire? So if you don't like it, write a letter to the N.H. agriculture committee or just buy local food — it's cheaper to write a letter.
HR-933 continuing resolution aimed at averting a government shutdown was recently passed along with a sneaky clause referred to by opponents as the Monsanto Protection Act. Obama had promised during the primaries to require labeling and his refusal to veto the bill can only be seen as another successful attempt by Republicans. Monsanto can now do whatever they want completely free of the federal court system. Once again a genetically corrupt Congress is alive and well.
I don't really expect much from Republicans but I do hold Democrats to a higher standard. As an Independent, it gets a bit old to vote for the "lesser of two evils". I need to see our congressional delegation (minus Kelly Ayotte) get a bit more enraged and passionate about this topic and not leave it all up to Bernie Sanders. I want to turn on CSPAN and watch Jean Shaheen*, et al at least pretending like they're passionate. It might just convince me in future elections. After all, I did break the cigarette habit and if I don't see any emotional movement from the "the party of social justice" , I might just break another lifetime habit.
(*Bernie Sanders amendment to the farm bill to protect the 10th amendment and allow states rights the power to control labeling was voted down 71-27. Among the 71 who voted against it were 28 so called liberals and among them was Jeanne Shaheen. She's definitely on thin ice this time.)
George Maloof

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I want to say a proper goodbye to a good friend & a good man

To the editor,
My friend Carl Lafond passed away May 23.
Carl had known my husband John and I when we lived in Rochester. We found a place in the same building as Carl when we moved to Laconia. Carl and his cat "Molly"! For a long time before my husband passed Carl would drive him to Dover for medical treatments. When Carl became ill I was nearby to be there for him, as he was for John. Coincidentally, Carl left us five years and one day from the time of losing my husband.
Thank you for allowing me print space to say a proper goodbye to a good friend, and a good man.
Norma Kenney

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Another WOW Sweepstakes Ball sellout; lots of people to thank

To the editor,
The 10th Annual "WOW Sweepstakes Ball" was held at the Opechee Inn & Conference Center on Saturday, May 18st and was a great evening of food, fun, dancing and more. Congratulations to our 10 cash prize winners and $10,000 Grand Prize winner Alison Isabelle of Gilford! We write this letter to thank and acknowledge the individuals and businesses for their generous contributions and support of the WOW Trail. We are grateful that the WOW Trail has gained such widespread support from our community.
The proceeds from this year's WOW Sweepstakes Ball of approximately $35,000 will be used for the continued expansion and on-going maintenance of the trail. We have begun the engineering design of Phase II of the trail, which will extend the trail from downtown to Belmont, and we hope to build this section in 2014.
Many thanks to all who bought a ticket to this fundraising event. We were again delighted by the tremendous turnout... and our 10th sell-out!
The event committee includes Jennifer Beetle, Jeff Beetle, Susan Brown, Becky Doherty, Megan Page and Emma Womack. This group of volunteers did an absolutely awesome job of putting together one of the most fun and exciting events here in the Lakes Region! Jeff Beetle and the Patrick's staff prepared a delicious buffet for 500 people. Big Cat Coffee, Sawyer's Dairy Bar and Annie's Café & Catering finished the job with delicious lineup of coffee, ice cream and desserts.
We thank all our event sponsors and contributors listed below, for without them, it wouldn't happen. In particular, we thank our presenting sponsor Meredith Village Savings Bank for their continued support of the WOW Trail.
All Brite Cleaning & Restoration; Amoskeag Beverages; Annie's Café & Catering; Autoserv Dealerships; Bank of NH Pavilion at Meadowbrook; Jill Baron, Illustration; Baron's Billiards; Bayside Automotive; Beans n' Greens Farmstand; Beede Monument Services; Beyond the Fringe Salon; Big Cat Coffees; Binnie Media; Body Covers Screen Printing & Design; Body Design by Joy; Boulia-Gorrell Lumber Company; Brickfront Restaurant; Carrie's Eco Spa Boutique; Children's Dentistry of the Lakes Region; Robert A. Clifford; Comcast Spotlight; Common Man Restaurants; Contigiani's Catering Service; Coppola Physical Therapy; Cross Insurance; CrossFit Juggernaut; Eastern Propane; Franklin Savings Bank; Fratello's Italian Grille; Funspot; Gail Beane Graphics; Gator Signs; General Linen; Gilford Hills Tennis & Fitness Club; Giuseppe's Pizzeria & Ristorante; Granite State Glass; Gunstock Mountain Resort; Hair Factory; Hannaford; Hart's Turkey Farm Restaurant; Homeward Bound Professional Animal Care; Horizon Beverages; Ian Raymond Photography; InnSeason Resorts; Irwin Automotive; Irwin Marine; JMG Marketing; Kennell Orthodontics; Laconia Athletic & Swim Club; Laconia Muskrats; Laconia T-Bone's & Cactus Jack's; Laconia Trustworthy Hardware; Lahey Landscaping; Lake Opechee Inn & Spa; Lake Opechee Conference Center; Lakes Region Airport Shuttle; Lakes Region Association; Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce; Lakes Region Coca-Cola; Lakes Region Floral Studio; LRGHealthcare.
Mainstay Technologies, Mame's, Martignetti Companies of NH; Massage Therapy & Hypnosis by Nancy Lee; MC Cycle & Sport; Meredith Village Savings Bank; MetroCast; Nails by Shelly; NAPA Auto Parts; NASWA Resort; NH Distributors; NH Motor Speedway; Northeast Communications; North Shore Comedy; O'Du's Hair Salon; O Steak & Seafood Restaurant; R.A. Page; Patrick's Pub & Eatery; Pheasant Ridge Golf Course; Piche's Ski & Sports Shops; Pike Industries; Pine State Beverages; PSNH; Salmon Press; Sawyer's Dairy Bar; Scoring Concepts; Shalimar Resort; Southern Wine & Spirits; Steele Hill Resorts; Steven J. Smith & Associates; Stonegate Winery; Stratham Tire; Subway; Tanger Outlet Center; The Country Carriage; The Fitness Edge; The Golf Club at Patrick's Place; The Inns & Spa at Mill Falls; The Laconia Citizen; The Laconia Daily Sun; The Margate; The Weirs Times; Tylergraphics; U-Frame We Frame, Wescott, Dyer, Fitzgerald & Nichols, PA, Woodstock Inn & Brewery, Zoom Fitness.
In your travels, we ask that you take a moment to thank these people and organizations for their generous contributions to this exciting project.
Darcy Peary & Allan Beetle
Event Co-Chairs
WOW Sweepstakes Ball

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