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Buy your tickets for Summer Theater now, while they're still available

To The Daily Sun,

The first show of the year at Interlakes Summer Theater was another gem. "Always. . . Patsy Cline" was funny throughout and featured some outstanding country music.

Nancy Barry, director and costar of the show, was outstanding, as usual, and the star of the show, Adriana Schaps, in the role of Patsy Cline, was quite simply amazing. Gifted with a beautiful voice and a wonderful stage presence, this young woman represents the type of talent we've come to expect out of Nancy and the Interlakes team.

You have four more opportunities to see the rest of the 2016 cast over the summer. Next up is "9 to 5 The Musical," followed by "The Producers," featuring the multitalented Mikey LoBalsamo, "My Fair Lady," and ending the season with what will be a rocking "Footloose!"

Go buy your tickets now while they are still available. Put down your iPad, put that smartphone on vibrate, and come and watch these young outstanding performers at Interlakes. You will have a special time and help to support live musical theater in the Lakes Region.

Vincent Martino
Braintree, Mass.

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Twin Rivers Food Pantry has bread & peanut butter but no jelly

To The Daily Sun,

The Twin Rivers Interfaith Food Pantry has a number of needs for July.

We especially need egg cartons — lots of them. We are now able to obtain fresh eggs through New Hampshire Food Bank. Unfortunately they come in cartons containing 15 dozen eggs all on sheets. Thereby we need to transfer them into egg cartons to give out. We can't keep enough eggs and run out quickly due to lack of cartons.

Children are out of school so there is a need to provide food items that satisfy their taste buds. What about this? Now that we have eggs, how about pancake mix and regular bottles of maple syrup. We have plenty of cereal thanks to the USDA. None that kid's love, unfortunately, just that plain old corn stuff!

We have peanut butter and bread but no jelly. Sadly we have real tight freezer space available therefore ice cream, Popsicles, frozen pizza bits, etc. are out. Should you see anything else that children would love with their meals, we are happy to receive.

We need your help, so please donate! We are located at 237 Central St. in Franklin. Call to arrange delivery at (603-934-2662).

The Rev. Karen Heavey, Director

Twin Rivers Interfaith Food Pantry


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