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Tea Party candidates are offering a ton of rhetoric and no proposals

To The Daily Sun,

In a recent letter to The Daily Sun, Mr. Ewing invited all dissatisfied Democrats to take a look at the Tea Party and join them. Well, I'm a Democrat and pretty dissatisfied with Congress, so I thought  — what the heck — I'm game.
I took a look at a few of their candidates — announced and unannounced.
Senator Ted Cruz really likes shutting down the government and wants to eliminate the IRS.
Governor Rick Perry wants to eliminate the Departments of Commerce, Education and — oops.
Reverend Mike Huckabbe wants to win the war against Christianity. I'm a Catholic, so I guess I'm okay.
If I were non-Christian though, I'd be a little nervous. He also has quite the opinion of women. Apparently he thinks that women need "Uncle Sugar" to give them free contraception. This is because we can't control our libido. Hmm.
I think that the Tea Party wants smaller government and less taxes. That sounds pretty good. They also want to eliminate Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and, of course, Obamacare.
Now, I have a direct question for Mr. Ewing. What specific legislation, what specific policies, what specific agencies are set in place – ready to go-when all of this stuff is gone? Who's going to pay for all of these services? Before you say that the states will pick up the tab, what will happen to our state budgets? The money will have to come from somewhere.
I'm looking at a ton of rhetoric and no proposals. It's really easy to criticize and blame the Democrats.
I haven't seen a single solution put forth — just a bunch of noise.

June M. Huot

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I hope chess tournament was as fun for players as it was for me

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank all the people who made the Citywide Chess Tournament that was held on April 4 a success for the 14th year. I was so proud of our students and the good sportsmanship they displayed.

A special thank you to all the coaches — Tony Campo from Holy Trinity School, Ramsay Eliason from Laconia High School, David Ross for Elm Street School, Chris Beyer from Woodland Heights School, Greg Schneberger from Laconia Middle School, Ernie Bownes and Ed Emond for Pleasant Street School — for giving of their time to organize and coach these students and for cheering the players on Saturday morning.

Thanks to Project EXTRA for their support to provide breakfast for the players, and to Deb Williams and Kaitlyn Salome for helping to organize and register players. A special thanks to Jack Aldrich and his culinary arts students for the tasty breakfast treats that they prepared. Thank you to Jeff Twombly for arranging the camera and screen so that the audience could have a bird's-eye view of the games. Thank you to Steve Dalzell, facility manager, and his custodial staff who helped set the room up on Friday. Thank you to Ken Martin for the engraving of the trophies in advance. The winners really get a kick out of receiving a trophy. As you can see it takes many people to make this event happen.

Gift certificates were donated for the winners in each division by Alan Beetle and Patrick's Pub and Eatery. A special thank you for this generous gesture.

Our winners were Carly DeNauw in the high school division, Noah Mousseau in the middle school division and Finnian Mousseau in the elementary division. Once again, thank you to all the spectators and families and especially to the students who participate in this annual activity. We hope it was as fun for you as it was for us.

Janet Brough
Administrative Assistant

Laconia School District

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