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Winnipesaukee Playhouse producing a timeless political satire

A timeless satire on government corruption
To the Daily Sun,

When President Kennedy was assassinated I was an exchange student in a Dallas high school. When Lee Harvey Oswald was killed a few days later conspiracy theories took off and to this day there are questions on who originated the plot.

Six years later a bomb went off in a crowded bank in my hometown of Milan, Italy, killing 16 people and wounding 84. The police, under pressure to resolve the case, immediately arrested an anarchist, Giuseppe Pinelli, and brought him in for questioning. A few days later Pinelli died from a fall from the fourth floor of the police station. The ensuing investigation attempted to clarify whether he committed suicide, was pushed, or fell accidentally. The eventual conclusion that indeed it had been an accident failed to convince many, and Dario Fo, a playwright, satirist and acute observer of the Italian political scene was urged to write a play about the perceived cover-up. What resulted was "The Accidental Death of an Anarchist" in which he used words of the many versions offered by the authorities and created an irreverent and comical portrayal of corruption and incompetence.

His effort caused him to be repeatedly sued for slander but also to be hailed as the courageous champion of morality. For his body of work in 1997 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. His plays have been performed around the world and I was pleased to see that "The Anarchist" is going to be presented at the Winnipesaukee Playhouse in Meredith. It will resonate with all those who have doubts about the explanations of recent events, those who enjoy satire, and all anarchists, that is all who believe that governments impinge on personal liberty in this state of "Live free or die."

Giovanni Frisone

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There are more American women and we have fewer jobs for them

To the Daily Sun,

The Washington Examiner has an interesting article. Apparently all the employment gains by women since 2007 have been from foreign women.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said there were losses among American born women and gains among foreign born women.

There is a loss of 64,000 jobs for American-born women.

Some of these women are American citizens now. Great! But we do not need any more.

So why does Congress want to increase the number of H1B visas? Why are we letting all the illegals into this country?

Since 2007, there was an increase an increase of 600,000 more women with a loss of 64,000 jobs. We have more American women and fewer jobs for them.

Is there a war on women? The only war on women is by our federal government for letting more immigrants in to take American jobs that were held at one time by Americans.

So parents and grandparents, instead of buying your daughter or granddaughter a new dress or toy, contact your federal representatives and say "More jobs for American women – NO increases in H1B visas and no more illegal immigrants! It only takes a minute. This is important for the future of your grandchildren.

Is our immigration system broken? Yes. Maybe we should put a hold on immigration until more Americans have more American jobs for both men and women.

We cannot fix all the problems of the world. We cannot give better lives for people in other countries and ignore our own citizens.

I do not want to hear a candidate for president, Senate, or House of Representatives say they will secure the border first. I want to know how and exactly when. I want to know if they have written legislation to do this. I want to know if they are contacting fellow representatives if they would co-sponsor this bill and gather enough votes that if the president vetoes it, they have the votes to override the veto.

I do not want the spin line of "Secure the border first." I do not want broken promises. I do not want to send a representative back to Washington who promises to do something and then gives an excuse what it was not done. I want action.

Linda Riley


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