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98% of your contribution to Neighbors in Need goes to assistance

To The Daily Sun,

How can you tell if your contributions to a charity or non-profit really makes a difference in the community that you live? Actually, there are a variety of ways that many donors make this judgment.

Of course, one of the time-honored ways is measuring how much of your contribution actually gets to the people you want to help or how much is eaten up in administrative and fund-raising costs. A good percentage is around 75 percent. An excellent measure would be 85 percent.

The Neighbors in Need program? The record shows 98.2 percent of every dollar donated goes directly to assist your neighbors. How can we achieve that? Well, there's no staff; so no wages or salaries. We don't have a building; so no rent, no utilities, no heat, no maintenance. No fund-raising events or promotions; so no fund-raising costs. No cost for paper, stamps, etc.; so no office expense. Our only non-program expenses is the fees the state of New Hampshire charges us to maintain our non-profits status. So, out of every dollar you donate to our program, 98 cents goes directly to your neighbors who are in financial need.

Another measure you could use is how much of your contribution stays "home" rather than going outside your community. Do a percentage of the dollars you donate go to national organizations or to people living somewhere else in the country or the world. Neighbors in Need? The 98 cents mentioned above stays right here in the Lakes Region, to folks you probably pass by in the local grocery store, the local bank, the local gas station.

Do your donations actually impact on people's lives? If you donated to the Neighbors in Need program this year, you helped a severely handicapped man get a much needed hearing aid. If you sent us a check this year, you made it possible for an elderly woman get her wheelchair fixed so that she could make her doctor's appointments. You helped a Belmont single mom who working and raising two children to buy some more oil to heat her apartment during last year's severe winter.

You helped a grandmother in Laconia pay to fix her car so she could continue to transport her medically complex grandchild. Your dollars helped a family of six in Gilford pay out-of-pocket expenses for colostomy supplies as they had not met her Medicaid spend-down amount. You matched the meager savings of a single woman on disability and helped her buy a car to replace the one that was no longer repairable.

So, if you contribute to Neighbors in Need, 98 percent of every dollar goes to make a major impact on the lives of your neighbors in your towns or city in the Lakes Region. If you haven't supported us in the past, won't you consider a gift no matter how small. We would really appreciate your consideration of a monthly or quarterly donation, as the need continues throughout the year.

If you want more information about Neighbors in Need, just give me a call (494-0482), send a letter, or send an e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays to all in the Lakes Region.

Bill Johnson, President

Neighbors in Need


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Democrats despise capitalism right to their inner cores

To The Daily Sun,

Another dirty little secret of Obamacare: One of the principal aims of Obamacare is to destroy the practice of independent medicine in America. Beyond its incredible success dividing the country, Obamacare has accomplished that objective with surgical precision.

In 2008, 62 percent of American doctors were independent. By 2012 that percentage had fallen to 49 percent. Today, just 35 percent of doctors are independent. Within five years Obamacare will have destroyed every small, Main Street, health care provider in America. Every independent clinic, lab and doctors office will have been acquired by some much larger hospital chain or New York Stock Exchange conglomerate. The cost and complexity to comply with Obamacare's 2,000-plus pages of rules, regulations and guidelines make it financially impossible for small, health care providers to survive alone.

Obamacare destroys competition in health care by creating an environment where only huge entities can exist. The Laconia Clinic is the perfect example of this. For decades the independently owned Laconia Clinic was a formidable competitor to LRGH. Not any more. The clinic is now part of LRGH.

Even worse, Obamacare turns doctors into nothing more than salaried, 9-to-5 employees of monster business enterprises that face ever less competition in the future. The one, sure way to keep prices high? Kill off competitors by buying them out, creating what essentially become "competition free health care zones across America" where only government determines all pricing. Government pricing assures the misallocation of vital investment capital. Regulated pricing always leads to a scarcity of supply of services and products.

Liberals, progressives and Democrats continually scream their dislike for the Walmarts of the world because they harm small businesses. Consider their hypocrisy as they kill every small, health-care business in America with Obamacare. The legislation insures only King Kong and Godzilla will survive. This outcome is not some unintended consequence. The result is by design.

This path serves Democrats' ultimate goal, which is government-controlled, government-paid health care under a single payer. The end game is complete price control of health care, by government that accompanies the death of innovation and discovery. An area where America still prospers and has lead the world. Nothing kills risk taking, and new discovery like price controls with the intent to eliminate or minimize profits.

It is a lot easier for government to monitor and oversee a thousand medical behemoths than millions of small operators. The Obamacare path offers never-ending opportunities for collusion and corruption between big government and big business. In fact, Obamacare is already stuffed to the brim with big business, big government collusion and corruption. Highly complex "risk corridors" described with pages of fine print "protect businesses" from poor Obamacare outcomes at the expense of taxpayers. This "profit protection corruption" was the price Barack Obama had to pay out to get business to play "Obamacare Ball". This is just the first inning of governments obfuscation game over actual health costs.

The last benefit for Democrats with Obamacare is that it further weakens the pillars of capitalism that underpin the prosperity America has enjoyed over the past century. This country did not attain its No. 1 status producing the world's largest GDP, and the world's most efficient producer by praying at Democrats alter of socialism. Democrats despise capitalism to their inner core taking every opportunity to demean its success and dilute its power. Obamacare is simply Democrats' latest edition of wealth destruction for the middle class and taxpayer class.

Tony Boutin


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