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See if Bernie Sanders doesn't make more sense than the rest

To The Daily Sun,

I am 68 years old. My car is paid for. I have no mortgage. I receive Social Security. I have Medicare. I'm single. So tell me please, why do I need to hold two jobs to make ends meet?

Thank God I'm healthy enough to work. Are whiskey and cigars that expensive?

Take one more look and see if Bernie Sanders doesn't make more sense than anyone else out there.

Johan Andersen


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Who needs to stoop so low as to steal a loved one's flowers?

To The Daily Sun, 

For years now, we have not been able to put flowers on my in-laws grave. It saddens us that on trying to memorialize our parents that our wishes are always diminished as some cold-hearted person decides to steal from their grave site. What is wrong with people who need to stoop as low as to steal some loved one's flowers? Totally frustrated.

Denise Tarallo




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