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Sanbornton Old Home Day committee is grateful for support

To The Daily Sun,

Sanbornton's July 25 Old Home Day shone with sun and happy faces. Our committee of 20 people has much to be thankful for, and publicly thank the following:

First Student bus company stepped in at the last minute with bus service to complement that provided by Sant Bani School. Kathy Farrington of our town did an excellent job with designing T-shirt graphics, making a grounds map, providing a program; our 37 T-shirt sponsors made our costs do-able.

Thanks to our library and its staff, and to Salatiello Family Trust for sponsoring story-teller Odds Bodkin. Thanks to our selectmen for use of Old Town Hall and sponsorship of our event. Sanbornton Historical Society gave us use of property and grounds and money-tracking by treasurer Jack Potter.

Sanbornton Police and Fire were with us, opening the Life/Safety Building to the public for public information, child fingerprinting, and children's plastic firemen hats! Thanks to Franklin Savings Bank for the use of their delightful Balloon Burst Booth.

Twenty-six bakers in town provided us with the cakes that were sliced and enjoyed. Many thanks to them and to Sheryl Anderson for adding the "Celebrate Sanbornton" lettering to the cakes. Crafters, vendors, car show participants, demonstrators, New Horizons Band and Moulton's Band — all made the event happen. Boy Scouts providing the color guard for the parade — we needed you and thank you.

Tobin family — thank you to Bill for his astonishing New Hampshire State Seal Float. Swain family — you brought animals from your farm, thank you! Paraders — thank you for giving us a parade all enjoy as part of summer fun. Adding the library's children participants was joyful!

In the food department, thank you to Mountain View Church for setting up lunch barbecue and to the snowmobile club for lunch barbecue also. Thanks to Sanbornton Historical Society members for pancake breakfast that broke all previous records for patronage! Thanks for donations of quarts of maple syrup: Heritage Farm, Back Door Farm, Just Maple, Chapman Sugar House.

Thank you to others unnamed, and to the public, our townspeople, for turning out. We've set a date for next year: the fourth Saturday, July 23. We'll start meeting on first Mondays of months, in February, and more helping hands are welcome.

David Witham – Co-chair

Lynn Chong – Co-chair

Sanbornton Old Home Day

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Leader who clearly explains economic problem will gain support

To the Daily Sun,

Currency devaluation, quantitative easing, is not a precondition for economic recovery; rather it is a hindrance to it. Economic success is predictable. Economic action is rational. A strong stable currency is a magnet for investment and a catalyst for expanded trade. The ingredients for growth following an economic crisis are accountability, transparency, fiscal consolidation, and equitable distribution of sacrifice.

When a nation is confronted with severe economic contraction it must face the situation. It must clearly recognize the situation. It must analyze the alternatives and most importantly it must embrace the future not hold onto the past.

Selection of the best available path forward needs two decisions. It requires comprehension of the economic reality which is a grasp of the available alternatives and of the costs and probable results of each. It also requires turning the crisis to political advantage. America has clearly failed to do either of those things in the most recent economic downturn.

Political leaders who explain the situation clearly to their citizens will gain support for tough policies. America has had no such clear explanation of the economic downturn. There was no explanation of the cause. There was no explanation of the available choices. Instead we have been fed a steady diet of everything will be OK ... the Big Government will care for everyone. Things are tough ... but trust me.

This fails to build the sense of urgency necessary to make the hard economic choices required. Over time we have become less and less willing to make the needed sacrifices. Trust has been eroded. The political leadership of both parties have spouted bi-partisan lies in which the media has been complicit; by both propagating and perpetuating them.

America did embrace a new leader. Unfortunately that leader had no new economic ideas. He had only tired Marxist ideology. He left in place and then grew the vested interests associated with the old leadership from which he had inherited failure. It is time we start to think about that and grasp what it means for the future.

The coming election will have the largest and most diverse field of candidates in modern history. There is a smorgasbord of ideas available for us to choose from. Do we choose the Greek path with Hillary and Bernie, or do we select something with a higher probability of success? Moving forward we should build a foundation of integrity, fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility and life. We have a choice to make.

Marc Abear


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