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Music has a history of bringing people together, not the opposite

To The Daily Sun,

Let's realize that sports have been starting to bring out the worst in people, athletes have to be drug-tested for a reason, there is corruption at every level, from coaches, to athletes, owners and bookies. People constantly get hurt during and after games because their team either won, or lost.

Music has a history of bringing people together not tearing them apart or putting them against each other. Music allows people to rise above conflict, health issues, despair and can promote healing, love and peace for individuals, groups, communities, countries and even the world.

So you see Fox canceling "American Idol" has had an impact far greater than any of us could have imagined (ha ha ha). On a serious note, you cannot remove this from our schools. This would be a mistake of immense proportion and we would see even more downward spiraling in our children's emotional state of being.

This will remove positive influences that help keep balance. Within 10 to 15 years they will be asking why our children treat each other the way they do and we can look back at this time and say, I told you so. This seriously needs to be reconsidered and we as parents, children, lovers of peace, solidarity and the arts need to make a stand, band together, sing together and state we will not go quietly into the night, not without our instruments, sheet music and our lyrics.

The most comforting and soothing thing I remember as a child was my mom singing to me when I was scared, hurt or in pain and it always provided relief and comfort, and my children have been saying that same thing too many of their friends and those in need, it is something that has rung true for many of us and needs to stay. Thank you for taking the time to listen and I hope this moves you to write, organize and act upon your feelings to help with this. A little support can make a big difference.

Richard Shepard
(Grew up in Laconia & Gilford)

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If you think U.S. government is so corrupt, why still live here?

To The Daily Sun,

Out of all the things you could be concerned about, you choose to continually write about global warming and whether its real or not.

From what I read almost all scientists agree that the earth is warming but aren't on the same page on the cause. But if Russ Wiles can find one man who says differently, I guess it can't be true.

The articles you continue to write on this issue are becoming as boring as your political view. How about mixing it up a little. Maybe you could go round up Big Foot, the abominable snowman, Loch Ness Monster and Casper the Friendly Ghost and get their opinion on it. I'm sure they won't be hard to find.

You're probably having your daily coffee and muffin with them discussing all your other conspiracy theories. Or maybe the reason these monsters are so hard to find is that they're more frightened of you than you might be of them.

I think my biggest question though is if you think that the government of the United States is so corrupt why do you continue to live in this country? It's a big world out there and I know one right that you still have! To leave!

Todd Welch

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