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Liberals embrace religious liberty for all under the law

To The Daily Sun,

What the heck is Steve Earle talking about? Liberals embracing Islam? This liberal is an atheist that sees all religions as reality denying ideologies and snake oil that is on par with nonsense like astrology and Tarot cards. What liberals embrace is religious liberty for all under the law. This is covered by the Bill of Rights and the Fourteenth Amendment if you haven't read the Constitution, Steve.

The fact is that every religious text promotes death or cruel and unusual punishments to the unbeliever and every religious text has its social justice scriptures. The Abrahamic God (YHWH=Allah) of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam makes Hitler, Stalin and Mao look like amateurs with its genocides, cruelty, intolerance, and its pathologically desperate need to be worshiped and obeyed. And the threat of eternal damnation in Christianity ranks as the most evil thing a religion has ever promoted. Both the New Testament and the Quran go on diabolical rants about eternal fire.

Where on Earth did Steve Earle get the notion that liberals support conservative religious beliefs of any religion? Opposing civil rights, women's rights, and gay rights is a hallmark of conservative religions everywhere. Here in the USA, its our religious right that opposes equal pay and reproductive rights for women. It's our religious right that opposes marriage equality. It's our religious right that stinks of the putrid miasma of religious intolerance on a legal level. It's our religious right that wants to put daily prayer back in schools. Just like conservative Islam.

Liberals believe that conservative blowhards like Steve Earle have the right to have ignorant beliefs as long as they don't create public disorder or create harm. We believe that religion has no place in the public square, so crazy ideas like Christianity and Islam can't turn our government into an authoritarian religious state. Whether it's the Saudi state-based on Islam or the Jewish state-based on Judaism or the delusional Christian state our far right wants. It all belongs down the toilet with the rest of humanity's waste.

So, Steve, your strawman argument has just been burned to ashes.

James Veverka


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We are not able to properly vet people coming from war zones

To The Daily Sun,

Germany's refugee crisis has turned deadly because common sense vetting did not take place. In the past two years, the United States has let in more than 38,000 refugees from Syria, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan. President Obama has increased this resettlement by 77 percent during his last days. This according to numbers from the refugee processing center. The total number by the end of President Obama's term is expected to exceed 100,000 refugees.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka has reminded us that the FBI has told us that we are not able to properly vet all these people coming from jihadi war zones where ISIS and al-Qaida exist. The Berlin jihadi terrorist had eight different names and was on a government watch list for subversive behavior and yet he managed to kill for Allah anyway.

Dr. Gorka's parents arrived in Austria, refugees from a communist dictatorship. They went through a thorough vetting process to ensure they were not a threat to the host country. He asserts that we do not have the manpower to do proper vetting and we are already trying to track down 900 ISIS cases across America. He is of course correct when he says that there is no possible way to sit down with all these folks and spend weeks properly vetting them. That is why President-elect Trump is correct by saying we have to begin a moratorium of all refugees from war-torn Muslim countries in order to protect ourselves from jihadi slaughters like the ones that took place in Berlin, Germany, and Nice, France.

Reports have estimated that there are 65 million displaced persons in the world today, which surpasses the numbers after World War II. The world has become more destabilized and more dangerous under Obama's eight-year retreat from world leadership. Isn't Donald Trump also correct when he tells us that we should create safe zones so that folks can remain in the country that most of them would eventually have to go back to anyway?

The left, the Democrats, Hollywood and academia are telling adults and our children that Trump is to be feared and has not earned the right to be our president. They claim he has picked too many billionaires (CBS News) because to the left, too much success is apparently a bad thing. I am excited because I, more and more believe, a President Trump will make America great again by making us safer, more prosperous and resume our role as a leader of the Free World.

James Ververka is beside himself over Trump's Cabinet picks. That is just further proof that they and Trump will do a fantastic job.

Russ Wiles

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