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Some rhyming verse for Leon Albushies & James Veverka

To The Daily Sun,

In response to Leon Albushies, I'd like to respond with a little rap the way they should be written.

Sister, brother, nephew, niece...

Freedom gives our souls release;

Practice ways of pursing peace,

Pray that wars on Earth will cease.

And for James Veverka I have a couple of rhyming verses:

The end is near to souls who wait,

My Christ He lives within.

This moral frame is bound of late...

To conquer death and sin.

Yet if you need the help of God,

Surrender to His will.

The way of life's the path we trod...

In truth, says "Peace be still."

Love, joy, and peace to all the readers.

Daniel Levesque


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We have truly created a U.S. monster in our ability to kill

To The Daily Sun,

If a man wants to protect his property he builds a fence. Still, feeling insecure he builds another fence. He continues building fences until he has a hundred fences. By now, his neighbors begin to question his apparent paranoia. Over the years he builds ten-thousand fences. He attempts to justify his defensiveness with outlandish stories of enemies everywhere and threats to his safety and well being.

If this story refers to the United States Military, you know what it means. By devious means, we have been told of threats of armed groups throughout the Middle-East and elsewhere. We have been warned over and over again that we are in grave danger and must react with the full force of military might. We have bombed seven countries (with no declaration of war). And even today, we make assertions that our military presence is vital to our safety here at home. This is a blatant lie now, as it has been for the last 12 years.

We have the strongest military complex the world has ever known. We are invincible! In the last decade or so we have built and enormous amount of armaments far, far exceeding the present danger, even in the worst possible circumstances.

The United States of America has no real enemies — certainly not Iran, Russia or elsewhere. Manufactured stories of danger from hostile countries is used to justify further arms buildup and legal uses of bombing attacks. Going back to several agonizing years we gave up the precious lives of 4,500 service men and women in a war that they now say was a "Mistake!" We spent over four and a half trillion dollars due to repeated lies of the Bush Administration. This money and continued requests for additional funds must be paid back, plus interest, by my grandchildren and their heirs.

We spent billions of dollars on security we don't need. Homeland Security could be cut in half. Not one person in this country has been killed by terrorists from Middle Eastern countries in the last 13 years. We also need to stop all additional planes and atomic submarine requests because (1) we can't afford them, (2) we have over-build naval ships and subs, we have no use for! How much more money will we borrow for military equipment we don't need.

The threat to our personal safety lies in the fact that we have a military posed to be the dominate factor in all we do, in every part of the world. This is a very dangerous precedent in that wars all over the world can and will continue to come. We have truly created a monster in our ability to kill anyone who confronts us and stands in our way of controlling the fat of numerous weakened countries. We don't need these weapons — but as long as we have them, many, many people will die!

Leon R. Albushies



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