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Donald Trump would straighten this country out big time

To the Daily Sun,

I am just wondering how everyone feels about Donald Trump? I am glad he is shaking up all these politicians. He says it like it is. He speaks our language which we all are saying and thinking. The debate was great. They gave him all the tough questions on purpose hoping he would stumble. Well, he did not.

I think he would do a much better job then all the jerks we have now. He needs no money from anyone. He would straighten out this country big time. He talks and will do the walk. What we have now is just talk and never does the walk. Like he said, they are all talk and no action.

So here is our chance to change everything that is wrong with our country to what will be the right thing to do. So do not be afraid of that kind of change instead of the same old same no matter who gets in. After all, they will owe the donors favors, whereas Trump will not have to do that. Get the picture?

So let's hope Trump does not go for a third party. Otherwise it is Hillary. We sure do not want that liar for our next president. She should be in jail with the rest of them. Enough with the corruption already. Hope and pray this works in our favor. It would be nice to see this country come back to the way we all knew it once. God bless America.

Anna DeRose

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Long & costly wars are engineered by the armaments industry

To the Daily Sun,

London-based Airwars reports at least 459 civilians killed in air strikes in Iraq and Syria. Airwars is a group of independent journalists pursuing " a collaborative not-for-profit transparency project." The U.S. has run thousands of sorties and carried out hundreds of strikes monthly which are responsible for most of these deaths! Why?

"Why" is the predominate question that should be asked of each of the candidates and of every American. Why are we bombing Middle Eastern countries? If the answer is, "Because they (whoever) are a threat to our national security." I would ask again "Why?" Hasn't that same unsubstantiated answer ever been proven true? Didn't the same irrational excuse make the rounds about the threat of al-Qaida and the Taliban? We have never been attacked in 12 years. Doesn't that fact make our case null and void? Are we arrogant by refusing to concede our ill-placed fears on non-existent dangers. Do we allow the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians to be the price of our own insecurities? Shame on us.

These long and costly wars will continue as long as the United States is controlled by the armaments industry which beckons every U.S. senator to do their dirty work in the halls of Congress. Wars would cease to exist if the president took immediate and decisive action determined to have these factious nations solve their own long-standing problems. We have no legal right to be there.

"He was wounded by our iniquities: He was bruised for our sins."

Leon R. Albushies

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