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3/4 of GOP's business tax cut would go to 1.2% of N.H. businesses

To The Daily Sun,

The last couple of days have seen a couple of self-congratulatory letters from members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives. When you read what they have to say, it's important to remember that both of these gentlemen voted in favor of the draconian cuts proposed by Rep. Spanos and his Republican colleagues on the House Finance Committee.

You may recall these cuts included Meals on Wheels, the developmentally disabled, nursing homes, substance abuse treatment, Service Link, ambulance service, and tourism development, to name a few. According to Rep. Gallagher and his Republican colleagues on the House Ways and Means Committee, we couldn't afford them because the governor's revenue estimates were way too high and things like reducing business taxes were way more important.

Now, all of a sudden, they're congratulating each other because the Senate miraculously found the money the governor said was coming in after all, and made the future hole created by settlement of Medicaid Enhancement Tax and Mental Health suits invisible.

As Rep. Spanos says, 92 percent of our economy is small business. Too bad three-quarters of the business tax cut is going to benefit 1.2 percent of the businesses. On top of that, it is disheartening to hear a public official complain that people who can't afford health insurance are a burden to "working Americans". I'll bet more than a few of the millions of people who now have health insurance under the ACA are "working Americans" who are not a burden on anyone.

David O. Huot


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James can dance but he's doing so on shreds of our Constitution

To The Daily Sun,

Here in Tuesday's Letters to the Editor, James Veverka is spiking the football and doing his happy dance. Can't say I blame him if the court decisions had gone the other way I'd be cheering, too. But alas they did not, and it seems to me James is dancing on the shreds of the Constitution.

I'm sure he is especially pleased that that one of these decisions give license to he and his friends to attack Christians in all their places of business, homes, churches and any gatherings places. He will feel free to smear, slander and denigrate them while he ignores Muslim's. After all, cowards like him never go after people who will fight back particularly when they might cut his head off. I do think though that perhaps his happy dance days are numbered because the court may have just woken the proverbial giant once the left starts its assault on freedom of religion which is sure to happen now.

As for his cheep shots aimed at myself and Russ Wiles, I did notice that, other than gloating, he said nothing to counter my assertions in regard to "black this and black that blah, blah, blah" nor any of those presented by Russ. When he does present his own he also gives credit to his sources, always though they are other equally loony left-wing ones, never an independent non-partisan one.

I remember his first letter years ago, where he gave a source address which traced back right to his own letter here in the paper and the next one where he claimed to have pictures of racist signs at Tea Party rallies, but that one led to a wind turbine site. He also must spend hours digging up dirt on insignificant Republicans or conservatives, but totally ignores the Democrats like Hillary, Bill, Obama and gang who have created more division, violence, death and destruction other then outright terrorists right here in the U.S., broken more laws and violated more Constitutional tenets then any American leaders in history.

This is all going to come back to bite us in our tender backsides, maybe sooner than we expect. Right now I'm looking at events in Europe. If Greece's economy crashes it may cause a domino effect among other nations around the world with shaky socialist economies of which there are far too many. This is no fault of banks, big corporations, or anything other then socialism itself which progressives ascribe to.

Some economic experts are predicting another crash even greater then last one. Sure hope they are wrong but things don't look good. If that should transpire I just wonder how much dancing James will be doing then?

Steve Earle


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