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I don't fear God will punish Ms. Burke or me for defending Holy Grail

To The Daily Sun,

In his recent letter to The Sun, John Demakowski defends "Bishop" Paul Blake's claim that God told him that the Holy Grail, a fine restaurant in Laconia, is suffering financially because it serves alcohol in a decommissioned church building. Like Mr. Blake, Mr. Demakowski always seems to know the will of the Almighty, right down to how people should vote (or dine).

Mr. Demakowski wrote: "Again if God did send Bishop Blake to minister in this manner, then Denise Burke and E. Scott Cracraft have become meddlers in this affair and could find themselves opposing God. I would be careful if I were them."

Tell me, is Mr. Demakowski making a subtle threat toward Ms. Burke and me? While some of the liberal/progressive writers to The Sun and I have been recipients of threats or harassment by those who do not agree with us, I normally would not consider such language a real threat. But, coming from religious fanatics like Mssrs. Demankowski and Blake, I find it a bit disturbing.

After all, I do not fear that God will punish Ms. Burke or I for honorably defending a local eatery against the likes of self-appointed false prophets like Mssrs. Demakowski and Blake. My "higher power," my conscience, tells me that defending innocent people against such bullies is the "right" thing to do.

I am much more afraid of men like Mssrs. Blake and Demakowki who claim to speak for God. This has to be the height of arrogance and presumptuousness. History proves that people like this are the real danger because frequently they also believe God has appointed them to carry out his judgment on those who disagree with them.

That is scary and when you think about it, there is really no qualitative difference between them and groups like ISIL. A religious fanatic is a religious fanatic, and many are extremely dangerous. The only real difference is that some of our Christian fanatics have not hurt as many people — yet. Should Ms. Burke and I file police reports just to be on the safe side? Laws (as well as medications) exist for such people.

Finally, the Holy Grail is a wonderful establishment. If Jesus indeed does return and decides to visit Laconia, we should all take him out to dinner there and he should not have to pay.
E. Scott Cracraft

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Why do people who make millions acting think they know it all

To The Daily Sun,

Once again it is time for that over blown, over the top, over priced, self-indulgent, pat ourselves on the back popularity contest of the elites in Hollywood know as The Oscars. I am writing this before the event because I will NOT be watching it. I know what is coming. If it were just a gathering to applaud outstanding achievements in different categories and funny one liners that would be one thing. But this year it will be much more that that.

Hollywood, that west coast capital of the liberals and where the Washington liberals go to get their major funding LOST the election last year and their gal LOST. So now we will have all the beautiful people in their six-figure dresses and perfectly coifed hair, whose job it is to pretend to be someone else, and have no expertise in politics other that their opinion, tell the rest of the nation that we are bigots, misogynists, Islamophobics, white supremacists, oh and let's not forget deplorables. How could we! Don't we know that they know better! The nerve we had to elect someone other they their anointed! Just watch the temper tantrums on stage.

It always amazes me that people who make millions pretending to be someone else now have all the answers. They go to their glitzy parties congratulating each other and drinking champagne as the real workers of the country come home on Friday dead tired after working 60 or 70 hours with a six pack of beer they can barely afford after putting food on their table. Then to call them horrible names just gets me seeing red.

I am done, listening to them and letting them get away with it. However, there is only so much I can do. What I can do is stop playing. Stop going to their movies, stop buying their DVD's, watching them on TV. They have the constitutional right to say whatever they would like, no denying that. But, on the other hand, I have the constitutional right to not listen to word of it. I will use my constitutional right and walk away. If my party of one gains some momentum, maybe they will get the message.

What I will do, being in New Hampshire, is take the money I would have spent on one of Meryl Streep's movies and go to Walmart and buy some ammo and go to the shooting range and spend an enjoyable afternoon enjoying my constitutional rights.

Martin Kearney

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