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Enjoy musical theatre for yourself and for your whole family

To The Daily Sun,

If you want an evening of outstanding musical theater, run over to the Interlakes Summer Theatre at Inter-Lakes High School and pick up tickets for the final three shows of the season.

I saw "The Producers" tonight and it was just a spectacular performance. Mikey LoBalsamo, Cary Mitchell and Giulia Dunes, the three leads, were outstanding, and the rest of the cast just superb. "The Producers" runs until July 24, so you still have time to buy tickets!

The next show up is "My Fair Lady," featuring some of the most beautiful music ever written. You know the songs -- "Wouldn't it be Loverly," "I Could Have Danced All Night," "The Rain in Spain," and many more classics too numerous to mention. Tickets for this show are already selling fast.

To end the season, Nancy Barry and the production team will turn the cast loose for its performance of "Footloose." Featuring songs like "Holding Out for a Hero," "Almost Paradise," "Let's Hear it for the Boy" and the music of Kenny Loggins in Footloose, this ticket will be a tough one to secure.

So don't wait. Get your tickets today. Enjoy musical theater for yourself and the whole family. You'll be glad you did.

Vincent Martino
Braintree, Mass.

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City is forcing us all to go to court to see if women are really equal

To The Daily Sun,
The question of whether Ms. Sinclair is a nudist or exhibitionist is irrelevant. There have been countless local and federal cases that allow nudity in public places, absent deliberate intent to entice a sexual response or is in and of itself lewd conduct. And in Ms Sinclair's original letter she declared she is not a nudist so let's take that discussion off the table for another day.
Her point is that anything a man can do, a woman should be able to do also. Gender equality. Period.
I know that makes some people uncomfortable because women have been treated as unequal for most of human history. Women only were granted the constitutional right to vote 100 years ago after 80 years of sometimes violent struggle. The battle for equal pay continues.
If I read her letter correctly, she simply wants the right to take off her shirt on a hot day if a man can also do so.
True, local governments have the ability to pass laws restricting Ms Sinclair's request, but we also have courts which can decide if those ordinances are unlawful. So if the city chooses not rescind or modify its law, than we shall all go to court and see if women are really equal to men under the law.
I'm betting on the women.
Gary Mussell
Moorpark, Calif.


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