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What make him think we'd ever want him in The Weirs?

To The Daily Sun,
I read with interest the other day your article on page one about the man who wanted to open a sex shop on Union Avenue. My favorite part of the whole article came at the very end when he was quoted as saying "after reviewing the ordinance with Saunders and describing circles with radiuses of 500 feet, he found 'unless I'm banished to The Weirs, there are only two lots where I can do this.'"
Banished to The Weirs? What, is The Weirs, some kind of leper colony? I find the comment rather insulting. People who live, work, enjoy recreation and vacation by the Weirs choose to do so, in fact, we like The Weirs, we have, by no means, been "banished to The Weirs".
Oh, and what makes you think we would even want you in The Weirs?
Kathleen Kelly

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Will you ever know how your state senator voted on phone deregulation?

To The Daily Sun,
At election time we listen to a lot of presentations and promises made by the candidates for state senator and take that into consideration when casting our vote at election time.
I recently wanted to know how all 24 of our state senators voted on a an amendment, to a bill about electric renewable portfolio standard, which further deregulated telephone service in N.H. and eliminated the Public Utilities Commission authority to support customers who have a service problem with FairPoint.
Unfortunately It seems that the only way you can verify how your senator voted is if a roll call vote is taken and each senators vote is officially recorded. So far this year I have been told that only three roll call votes have been taken. If a voice vote is taken on a bill there is no record of who voted which way.
Do you know how your senator voted?
Wouldn't you like to know before the next election? Ask your senator!
Bill Whalen

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Will Laconia realize animals don't have to suffer for our entertainment?

To The Daily Sun,
I have just learned the Kelly Circus is coming to your town and it is a travesty this facade is passing for family entertainment! There is endless documentation of this as well as other animal-based circuses abusing their animals. How can they not — animals are NOT meant to travel 10,000 miles a year performing — extreme temperatures, unnatural physical actions, lack of community (they are chained all of the time with NO recreation or socialization) and they are often whipped and prodded with electrical devices. It is too bad children and families are mislead into thinking animals deserve this treatment and it is part of the cost for humans to be amused. One of many examples:
Alternative and cruelty free entertainment :
I hope your town realizes animals don't have to suffer for our entertainment and bans this cruelty next year!
Adam Steinberg

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I'm not anti-Catholic but no Pope or clergy can speak for you

To The Daily Sun
In response to George Maloof:
Remember George, the fool has said in his heart, there is no God (Psm 14:1). You claim to be an ex-Catholic grilled in church theology and claim you are liberated, "from what?"
Pop Francis said this, that, or whatever, its not what a Pope says George it's what Jesus Christ says, because he alone is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). God's word is truth, (John 17:17) anything else is mere man's words.
The greatest revival I have ever seen in New Hampshire, was in Manchester, when thousands of Catholic people let Jesus Christ save and fill them with the Holy Spirit in 1975. You see Jesus Christ is the head of his Church, not a Pope or any other person, we all are one in Christ Jesus.
Jesus is the image of the invisible God, the first born of every person, for by Him, were all things created, that are in Heaven and that are in Earth. That includes kingdoms or dominions (America, etc) and every power known all created by Him and for Him.
He was before all things, he is the head of the body, the church; he's the risen saviour and he alone has the preeminence (Col 2:13-18).
George, God's word tells us we are all sinners and Jesus died for our sins, and we all, no matter who we are (I'm Irish) can go to heaven. George read (John 3:16-17). Repent, and ask Jesus into your life, and you will never be the same again, in other words, "it's better felt than told". I hope to see you there.
Listen folks, I'm not an anti-Catholic, but no Pope, or clergy can speak for you; this is America not China, President Obama does not speak for you, or me, so choose you this day whom you will serve. I made my choice in 1963; I asked Jesus into my heart; he is now my Lord, and Savior and my Coming King. Do the same George. Jesus loves even you.
May God Bless the U.S.A.
William "Liam" McCoy

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This is an outrageous abuse of authority by Bristol postmaster

To The Daily Sun,
The following letter, which went to the Bristol Board of Selectmen, the N.H. Department of Transportation, the U.S. Postal Service Office of the Consumer Advocate, the U.S. Postal Service Safety Office, Congressman Ann Kuster, and Senators Kelly Ayotte and Jeanne Shaheen, is submitted for publication:
We previously contacted you about the dangerous decision by the new Bristol postmaster, James Howell, who on March 14 — without any advance notice — halted the home delivery of mail on Summer Street until residents moved their mailboxes from the buildings where they were mounted to the end of their driveways. His ill-considered excuse was that "delivery of mail on Summer St poses a grave threat to the safety of our Letter Carrier".
The problem here is that we have a retaining wall in front of our house. We previously had a mailbox in front of our house but, because of the retaining wall, the box was too close to the road for safety. The carrier had no place to pull off the heavily traveled road. Summer Street (Route 104) is a major east-west highway, and we were in danger, too, when we went to retrieve the mail. Additionally, during the winter, the snowplow constantly buried the mailbox because there is no other place to push the snow. Again, because it is a major highway, we found that, as soon as we shoveled out the mailbox, it would be plowed in again.
The place where Mr. Howell is asking us to place the mailbox — at the end of the driveway we share with our neighbor — is the only spot the town has to pile the snow from the sidewalk that leads up to our home. The far end of that shared driveway is where the town piles the snow when plowing the sidewalk, and it is the location where Mr. Howell would have us place the mailbox.
After we sent the initial letters out and other residents of Summer Street also had bombarded the post office with complaints, the postmaster reconsidered his decision and resumed mail delivery, so those of you who had responded to us were notified that the problem had been resolved.
This week, as part of an obviously personal vendetta in retaliation for our having contacted his superiors and other public officials, Mr. Howell ordered the letter carrier to stop delivering mail to 125 Summer Street — again without any notification to us. We know it was a vendetta because we simply stopped receiving mail, while other Summer Street residents are continuing to receive their mail without having to place mailboxes on the street.
When we stopped at the post office to find out what was going on, Mr. Howell again refused to listen to reason and said our choices are to place the mailbox at the end of our driveway, or to put it a quarter-mile away, out of sight of the house, at the end of Winter Street Extension, the dirt road that leads to our back driveway. He said if we failed to agree to one of those options, he would simply return our mail to the senders as undeliverable.
This outrageous abuse of authority from a man who clearly has no idea what safety is must be addressed. He is putting us and the carrier in danger, as well as creating a problem for the town highway crew that clears the sidewalk and the the state highway crew that maintains the roadway. The traffic on Summer Street is a problem this time of year, but it is even worse during the winter.
The purpose of the U.S. Postal Service is to see that the mail gets through, not to leave delivery to the whims of a tyrant of Mr. Howell's ilk.
Thomas P. & Lee Caldwell

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