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A thousand years of ethnic hatred in Iraq & Obama gets the blame?

To The Daily Sun,

I wish I had Mr. Earle's spare time. Alas, I do not. So it's taken me a while to respond to something he said that I believe was mistakenly aimed at me, I could be wrong.

Mr. Earle claims that we on the left use "made-up facts." Please just name one, or more if you can. Again I won't hold my breath. Mr. Earle is not alone, another dweller in the delusional fog of a channel called Fox appears to be Jim Mayotte. Great letter on July 10, Mr. Mayotte. Not anything like a truthful letter, but hey, we get it. While the entire letter was a bunch of nonsense, I will ask you a question: Do you think imposing your religious beliefs on someone else is "religious freedom?" I only ask because I happen to know a lot of Democrats. Most are Christians. Many others are dedicated to other religious beliefs, and I, as a Democrat believe they have the right to their beliefs. None would try to stop you from believing or practicing your religion, all would be offended if you attempted to impose your beliefs on others.

It has been said that Democrats are "running scared" or are "in trouble" in the coming mid-term elections. Here's that delusional fog again. First let's hope Republicans keep mistakenly comparing events that are happening now to President Obama to the failures of the Republicans. They certainly have a plethora of failures to compare these events to, and they should keep reminding people of them. Keep in mind that all these comparisons have been wrong. But what they are saying is, "See, he's as bad as we are." Great strategy, keep it up. Next of course would be the Tea Party leading the Republican leaders down the road to extinction. Keep saying stupid things and making the leaders follow you. Threaten to primary anyone with enough sense to disagree with you, another great strategy, keep it up.

Now on to the children coming to our country for relief from violence, they are being lied to by "coyotes". It is understandable that the right-wingers are afraid of these kids. Some of them probably are carrying candy and soft drinks, both of those things strike terror into the hearts of the right-wingers. Put a hoodie on them and they must be shot dead; very scary children.

Speaking from his firmly planted position in the delusional channel called Fox fog, Mr. Earle says, or mimics really, that channel: It's Obama's fault, isn't everything. I wish it was a surprise that Mr. Earle is wrong about this, but it happens every time he writes. I can't remember if he has ever been right about anything. Yeah, I can, he hasn't. Mr. Earle can explain how this problem is the president's fault. It won't be correct, but it would be funny to read no doubt. Obviously something must be done, and quickly.

Then there's the right-wing led House Of Representatives, where the only things they do quickly is nothing and getting out of town. You can thank George W. Bush for the time it will take to get these poor kids either placed here with relatives or sent back to their home countries. That might be the one thing George didn't completely screw up. Look it up, do a little research for crying out loud.

Mr. Earle actually wrote a letter blaming President Obama for the problems in Iraq. Uh-huh, sure, it's been going on for thousands of years, but now it's all Obama's fault. Mr. Earle ignores the lies told to bring us into that hornets nest of right-wing stupidity. Perhaps he can recall the warnings Bush received prior to invading a country because his daddy was threatened. I remember words like "slippery slope," "Pandora's box," and "Vietnam." He was advised to make sure he had an exit strategy, he laughed it all off. He had his henchmen go out and claim we would be welcomed as heroes, we'd be greeted in the streets with bouquets of flowers. It would be over in a matter weeks, a couple of months at most. He put his biggest lie of all on a banner, on a ship, and play-acted a military man under it: "Mission Accomplished".

The mission wasn't even close to being accomplished. Foolishly, he said at some point: "Bring it on." And they did. And they still are. He put in power the first person he could possibly get to take the job. Almost immediately the Iraqi's began saying that the United States should leave, that they could handle it. When we withdrew all we left behind was a huge embassy, fully staffed. The Iraqi's insisted on it, no troops were to be left behind.

Here's a question that the right-wingers will love to answer I'm sure: What religion was responsible for the first wave of settlers coming to the New World? I would hope that the answer will put to rest the idea that we become a "Christian nation", but I doubt it. Republicans say that they have a RINO problem — you know "Republican in name only".  I don't know or care all that much about that. I do know that as a country we have a CINO problem. And here's another question that will prove my point: What do you think Jesus would say about the current problem on our southern border? If you believe he would show up with an AK47 and blow all those kids away, there's your CINO problem.

Marty Valengavich

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Inter-Lakes Schools to be congratulated for community interaction

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing today to publicly and sincerely express, on behalf of everyone at the Winnipesaukee Playhouse, our gratitude to the Inter-Lakes School District and some specific individuals in particular at Inter-Lakes Elementary School.

As some people know, we are holding our youth summer camp at I-LES this year. As I write this, we are nearing the conclusion of the program — five weeks down, one to go. Students work, in the morning, with expert teachers to devise, rehearse, and perform their own original plays based on this summer's theme of "Fables Legends, and Myths!" In the afternoon, the focus of our day turns to dance, music, and art.

From early meetings with Dr. Steve Kelley, I-LES principal, and Director of Buildings and Grounds Chris Wald, to our daily interactions at the school with Head Custodian Donna Sturgeon and her fantastic crew, we have been made to feel nothing but welcome by everyone in our "summer home." Many other people, including the office staff and summer BLAST faculty and staff, have also gone out of their ways to welcome and help us. I want to make sure I acknowledge librarian Andrea Caulder and teachers Steve Watson, Wanda Miller, Denise Read, and Sheri MacMillan, whose space we occupied.

Positive community interaction is a recurring motif in the Inter-Lakes School District's official vision, mission, and core values. Being a newcomer to this community, I was really moved to discover how dedicated the school district is to actively living these values and modeling this vision and mission for its students — some of whom are with us for the summer.

Timothy L'Ecuyer

Education Director

The Winnipesaukee Playhouse


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Unified community message stopped additional turbine development

To The Daily Sun,

Is our Fish and Game Department turning a blind eye on our industrial wind power plant problem? New Hampshire currently has 70 active wind turbines. Are we measuring these impacts, or will we just approve another several hundred turbines? Their findings could have a profound impact on wind development in New Hampshire. And if no studies are being conducted, I would suggest starting with the Groton Wind Power Plant first.

That's because Groton's habitats and spawning areas have changed. One thing remains true: wind developers are in control. Otherwise, we'd be seeing monthly Fish and Game reports on the true damage happening in Groton.

There are a few Lakes Region groups trying to build pressure, but going up against these developers is tough. You see, they get to use "flawed science" in their pursuit to build here.

A few of these wind developers may squeeze some short-term profits out of this, but not without federal subsidies. Our long-term effect will be punishing our fish and wildlife to the brink of extinction in some of our local rivers and streams.

I hope our state is studying the effects of wind development, because the last thing I want to hear from them is an announcement on how their adding an animal to the Endangered Species List.

It's true, Newfound Lake almost became home to about 65 percent of all wind turbine development in New Hampshire. Our unified community message stopped additional turbine development. We need to continue our focus locally. Let your state and local politicians know where you stand on the Spruce Ridge Wind Farm proposal.

And remember, if your local politician is doing the right thing, praise him or her. Because we all know that doing the right thing isn't always easy and in the political arena — it's even worse.

Ray Cunningham


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Legislature should reduce taxes & add incentives to grow businesses

To The Daily Sun,

As a Republican and longtime Gilford resident, I am running for one of the four seats for District 2-Gilford/Meredith in the Sept. 9 Primary.

I am the founder of Hurt and Forbes Insurance Agency of Laconia, a successful company that I operated for more than 30 years. Having sold the agency in early 2000, I continued my career as an insurance consultant and my education with a master's degree in law from Champlain College of Vermont.

My decision to run is based upon my belief that we need to change the way business is conducted not only in Concord, but also at the county level.

Belknap County and in particular, Gilford and Meredith, is experiencing an epidemic of illegal drug activity and evidence shows, it has placed an overwhelming burden on our judicial and corrections system. In terms of a new jail, some of our legislators have declined to sign on to a costly new correctional facility, and rightly so. But doing nothing is not an option.

In my opinion Gilford and Meredith need someone with fresh ideas and a clear vision of how we as a community can achieve these goals. I am working with others on a corrections plan that is not only affordable, but one that can be supported by all Belknap County communities and the taxpayers.

Furthermore, many of our families and business are under enormous financial strain in these difficult economic times. In my opinion the Legislature should be looking to reduce taxes and adding incentives to grow business. Common sense and history tell us, that government works best when it promotes an environment in which business thrive and families can succeed in providing for the future.

My platform supports less-costly biennial sessions, lower taxes for business, and more transparency in government.

I am opposed to a sales or income tax and any effort to remove our Second Amendment rights.

I would appreciate your vote in the September primary. You can count on me to protect your freedoms, your money and the economic future of your families.

George Hurt

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Obviously, public schools have no prepared him for real world

To The Daily Sun,

Recently your paper printed a letter from a senior in high school named Gabe, insisting that the taxpayers should pay for his college education. Tony Boutin responded with a very good letter which included praise for the young man for trying to plan for his future.

Next came a letter from another high school senior with the same entitlement attitude as the first one ... only scarier. Michael informs Mr. Boutin that we live in the richest country in the world so the successful can certainly pay more in taxes to help him. Young man, we no longer live in the richest country as our treasury has been squandered on social programs. There's no money left. You want to pick the pockets of the people who have worked hard and been successful instead of figuring out a way to earn it yourself (hard work and good grades).

You love the Finnish system and obviously haven't been taught the American system of achievement. A government who will pay for your education will also tell you what you may and may not study, taking away your personal choices.

Recently Sen. Sam Cataldo has been mentioned in three different letters (including yours) in three different newspapers. It sounds like maybe you are being fed talking points from Sam's opponent, Richard Leonard. Mr. Leonard would certainly believe in wealth redistribution as you do. Sam Cataldo does not. Obviously the public schools have not prepared you for the real world, even before Common Core. They seem to have achieved their goal of turning out good little socialists.

Mr. Boutin's response to you comes from his life experiences that you are not old enough to appreciate and understand. All you have had is public school propaganda which explains your failure to understand the American way of life.

Congratulations Michael. You have learned how to put your thoughts down on paper and put them out there for all to see. Now comes lesson Number 2. When you do that you put yourself in the line of fire of people who disagree. It's not the Finnish way, it's not even the Canadian or Mexican way, it's the American way.

Phil Wittmann


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