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There would be nothing 'free' about a college education, just a switch in who pays the bill

To The Daily Sun,

It's whack the piñata time for the Democrats. "Free education" this election will make the world fair and equal. I got some ocean-front land in Gilford to sell you if you really believe that baloney.

It seems we can solve the economic failure education has produced for the last quarter century by making it "free," while record outlays from the federal government ($75 billion), plus endless billions more in free money grants from the states, foundations and scholarships from thousands of private sources have only produced higher tuition fees with a record amount of student debt ($1.3 trillion) in our nation's history.

Continually increasing amounts of "free money" to education for 25 straight years has only inflated its cost to the point of a king's ransom.

There is absolutely nothing free about a free college education. All we are talking about is transferring education's horrific costs on to someone else, namely taxpayers to further obfuscate the failure. Adding insult to injury, the academic measure of higher education has either stalled or declined over the same period. Free college education is simply the latest perpetuation of FDR's, and Obama's fantasy of entitlements while Bernie Sanders screams it all failed to the high heavens. Then, like those before him he screams for more of the same solutions that simply don't work.

Einstein said the definition of insanity is "doing the same thing while expecting a different result." When I say the demand for free college is insane, I have justification from Einstein himself.

The only segment of society made better off after 75 years of promises of New Deals, Great Societies handcuffed to Hope and Change by Democrats have been the top 10 percent.

No matter how many times Democrats have promised to rescue the poor, we have more poor than ever. No matter how many Democrats have sworn to lift the fortunes of the middle class the only people who are lifted is the top class, not the middle.

So let's stop pretending another new entitlements of free college will rescue anyone from the bottom 90 percent. It never has, it never will. If increased free money had even the tiniest impact wouldn't you think we would have seen it by now. All billions promised to make college less expensive for main street. It didn't happen, did it? The free billions not only didn't reduce costs, they actually increased them at an incredible pace outstripping inflation and almost every other product in America.

Education, in the image of people like Scott Cracraft, has sucked up every penny of those hundreds of billions in heaping philanthropy into higher wages for faculty, new benefits for faculty, expanded faculty, expanded administration staff, while many colleges have turned into vacation playgrounds of amenities with first-class athletic stadiums, student centers, swimming pools and polo grounds for the rich and famous. It truly is insanity as millions of kids go broke being forced to pay for education's failure to address the needs of the 21st century.

Now "education" and Democrats, like Scott Cracraft, want to totally obfuscate the incredible failure of education. They want taxpayers to reward their dual failure to control costs and improve academic quality with free, while they have refused every request to implement the desperately needed productivity improvements required, and enforce the discipline needed to create a superior academic product at a reasonable cost.

Education loves the status quo because they are the only ones who have benefited from costs rising so quickly. Nothing cements the failure of education to the dark ages of high costs and poor academic performance than making it free. All while education refuses to accept even the tiniest responsibility for what is undoubtedly the broadest and biggest public sector failure in American history.

Tony Boutin

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People need to really think about giving respect & a hand to those who served

To The Daily Sun,

Tine for holiday sales. So many businesses around the are and the world are really a disgrace.

All the stores, TV, radio talk about the sales. This is the time it really hurts and is depressing. Never do you hear on a regular basis, "Thank you for your service."

That's how bad society turned out. Stores just care about the damn sales.

Bob O'Neil had an article about the disrespect of the flag. This is serious — to show no respect of the veterans. When the vets are raising money it's a disgrace. People walk by and do not even notice or care. They go to their homes, where it is so great to spend time. Maybe they should lose it. What a shame!

The heartless, unthankful people should think about the pain watching their best friend being killed in front of them. Then you just have to walk away.

People should really think about giving the respect and really take the time to thank vets and give them money, and not think about the money saved on stupid sale days or a car discount for college. No discount for vets, who have served, all the time present and past.

Josh Gaydos



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