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Swamp (Chicago) Obama came from is a Democrat paradise

To The Daily Sun,
I've written a few letters before and asked some of the liberal writers to respond, but none have. Lets give it another try.
I looked at the state and city that Obama comes from — Illinois/Chicago. Here are some interesting facts and maybe you could explain to me what I'm missing:
— The state and national representatives are basically ALL DEMOCRATS. A true DEMOCRAT PARADISE and has been for decades. Lets see how they are doing.
— There are more people on welfare than working in Chicago.
— Chicago pays the highest wages to teachers than anywhere else in the U.S. — avg. $110,000 per year and pensions that average 80-90 percent of their income. (This not about teachers, it's about Democrat policies.)
Can't blame republicans there aren't any!
— There have been more people killed in Chicago than Iraq or Afganistan in the last six months, mostly young minorities.
— They also have some of the strictest gun laws in the country.
Can't blame republicans there aren't any!!

— Some of the Illinois chain of command: President Obama; Senator Dick Durbin; former Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (He plea bargained so his wife could avoid going to prison for misuse of campaign funds.) Governor Pat Quinn, Democrat; Lisa Madigan, Attorney General, Democrat; Mike Madigan, Speaker of the House (father of Lisa), Democrat; Rohm Emanuel, Chicago mayor, you guessed it, Democrat. The leadership is all DEMOCRAT.
— Thanks for the combat zone in Chicago!
Can't blame republicans there aren't any.
— Chicago school system rated one of the worst in the country.
Can't blame republicans there aren't any.
— State pension fund $78 billion in debt.
Cant blame . . . no I won't say it again.
— Cook County (Chicago) sales tax is 10.25 percent — highest in the country!
This is the political swamp that Obama comes from and he was suppose to clean up Washington? But you know what, as long as they keep electing Democrats that continue to provide handouts from the working class NOTHING WILL CHANGE! Except the state will go bankrupt before the country does.
In closing ponder this: "Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of them, better take a closer look at the American Indian!"
Tim French

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We raised $470 toward funding Farmer's Market coupon program

To The Daily Sun,

Thanks to Kevin Halligan, the staff at Laconia Local Eatery, and nearly 100 breakfast lovers, the Lakes Region Food Network is on its way to funding its Farmer's Market Coupon program in 2014. The November 30 breakfast fundraiser netted $470, while offering diners an awesome breakfast of locally sourced ingredients. For those of you who missed the breakfast at Local Eatery, Kevin hopes to host a fund-raising breakfast once a month, with proceeds going to support other local farm and food groups such as the Small and Beginning Farmers of N.H. and the Northeast Organic Farming Association-NH.
As part of the Veggie Roundup Project, the market coupons were offered to local families through our partners the Belknap County CAP program's Women, Infant, and Children's Nutrition Clinic, and the Appalachian Mountain Teen Project. Last season, the coupons enabled families to obtain fresh produce from local farmers at the Thursday outdoor market. For the 2014 season we hope to offer each family more coupons throughout the entire market season, and include vendors at the Saturday Laconia market as well. For more information about the Veggie Roundup Project, including ways you can help, please visit the Lakes Region Food Network website at www.lrfn.org, or call 528-8560.

Karen Barker
Lakes Region Food Network

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Last school year, Gilmanton overbudgeted by whopping 9%

To The Daily Sun,

Everyone in Gilmanton is excited about taxes going down. But imagine what would happen if our School Board was fiscally responsible
instead of over-budgeting by $900,000.
The past couple of years the excess amount was 5 percent of the school budget and this year, 9 percent of the total budget. The upcoming proposed budget has increased approximately $108,000 over last year even after having an excess of $900,000. This is at a time when the town is struggling to maintain its budgets without any cut in services.

Each year at this time the school administration tries to spin the facts by bragging about returning the money when, in fact, they are legally
obligated to do so. What they don't mention is that the taxpayers have already allocated and paid this money in good faith. This way of doing
business is a disservice to the taxpayers of Gilmanton.

The school board and administration will be presenting their budget to the Budget Committee on Wednesday, Dec. 11 at 6 p.m. at the
Academy Building. The Public Hearing on the budget will be held on Wednesday Jan. 15.. There will also be a Public Hearing on two petition
warrant articles regarding the school budget. Please plan to attend these important meetings even though you will not find them posted on the
school website.

It's your money!

Joanne Gianni
Gilmanton Iron Works

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I am sad to report that your Laconia High School is in decline

To The Daily Sun,

I have three college degrees and retired from a very successful career as a high tech executive.

A few years ago I was hired by a previous principal of Laconia High School as a substitute teacher. The pay is terrible, but I think the Laconia taxpayers can use the money more than I can. My motivation was to give something back to the community and teach kids as much as I can, based on my knowledge and experience.

I am sad to report that the Laconia schools are in decline. Let me tell you how.

Too many of the students are unmotivated. Too few can articulate a career objective. The school administration seems beaten down the the preponderance of discipline problems. Teachers are showing the same abandonment. Both boys and girls are offenders.

The students show a general lack of respect for authority, age and experience. A growing number of students choose not to participate in the daily Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, there are usually several important announcements from the main office. A general mode of behavior is for the students to talk or fool around, rudely avoiding the announcements, and preventing those who may be interested in listening to them.

Cell phones are everywhere. There was a token ban on them, but they re-emerged, as students sometimes say they need them for a "calculator". Students also believe that they have the right to listen to music, or whatever other programming during class. Computer-based research projects often collapse into video games when the students think the teacher isn't looking.

Bathroom breaks and trips "to get a drink" are all too common and the privileged is often abused. More and more students just give up and refuse to do the classwork or homework.

Course material is geared to the lowest common ability level. So called "advanced" classes show little marginal improvement in challenge to the students.

As a substitute teacher in a recent Algebra class I observed three students who refused to do the work. One student said, "I just don't understand this." I offered to help. Another student who seemed to know the subject offered to help but the student refused her help. I sent three offending students to the office.

I know a lot of families in Laconia. Students from good families seem to do well, but are frustrated by so many rotten apples in the barrel. Students from broken families or indifferent parents do poorly and are big part of the discipline problem.

I must say the situation is somewhat better at the Middle School. Those students haven't learned how to game the system.

Since the last assignment in the Algebra class, I have not been called back to substitute. I guess the administration doesn't want someone rocking the boat. Mediocrity and lack of discipline seem to be the order of the day at the Laconia High School.

Walter F. Kalin


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Why is N.H. dragging its heels on burying high voltage lines

To The Daily Sun,

The Northern pass has been an issue with private land owners, environmental groups, National Forest, etc. I want to talk about the sad state that New Hampshire roads and bridges are in. Seems there is a state rep who wants to put a higher tax on gasoline to repair our roads. Aren't we taxed enough? Don't we pay enough for a gallon of gasoline? Again, our state reps and senators want to lay the burden of poor management on the taxpayers.

There is anywhere from 60 to 100 million dollars in revenue waiting for the DOT, it is the Northern Pass going underground along the state rights-of-way and abandoned railroad beds. When will the Statehouse wake up? The DOT already said that it's possible to go under state owned rights-of-way. The studies were done. Have you forgotten the 361 Commission? The surrounding states — NY, CT, VT, ME — all have the legislation for high voltage lines to go underground. Why is New Hampshire dragging their heels on this issue? Don't miss this opportunity the do what is right for New Hampshire and the people that put you in office.
George Wright


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