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Thanks to Moulton Farm for the donation of wonderful fresh veggies

To The Daily Sun,

We would like to thank John Moulton and the staff of Moulton Farm for all the wonderful fresh vegetables they donated to Altrusa of Meredith's Farm to Table all summer. Thanks to Moulton Farm, Altrusans were able to deliver nutritious and delicious produce every week to the patrons of the food pantries at Calvary Bible Church, and the Lakes Region Food Pantry. The diners at the Carey House, New Beginnings, the Moultonborough Lions Club, Camp Mayhew, and the Meredith Altrusa Community Dinners also regularly enjoyed delicious fresh vegetables thanks to the generosity of Moulton's.

Altrusa has concluded the Farm to Table program for the season, but we look forward to sharing the excitement of Cow Pie Bingo with many of our neighbors at Moulton Farm on Sept. 24.

Lisa Davis & Judy Hodges


Altrusa of Meredith Farm to Table

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Democratic voters tend to skip over races at the bottom of the ballot

To The Daily Sun,

Democrats have a voting problem. If you are a Democrat, listen up. When voting, Democrats select the first few important candidates at the top of the ticket then stop. More often than not Democrats do not vote consistently down the entire ballot. I personally have been guilty of this. I don't know the candidate and I stop voting. Republicans usually vote down the entire ticket — for Republicans — whether they know the candidate or not.

This is a deadly habit in that often Democrats down ticket do not get elected. Remember that most Democrats running have Democratic values and are more in line with your beliefs than the other party.

My recommendation, if you are a Democrat vote Democratic down the entire ballot. Chances are good that your beliefs will be better served if the Democrats win all seats.

Tom Dawson

Candidate for State Representative

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