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Come to school board meeting and let them know how important band is

To The Daily Sun,

The Laconia School Board is supposed to support education by "ensuring success with every student, every day, in every way." I will be a sophomore at Laconia High School this fall. I just completed my freshman year as a proud member of the Laconia High School Band. I owe much of my success freshman year to participating in the band. I made a lot of new friends, in all grades, and it gave me a safe, fun atmosphere in which to socialize, not just during band events, but also in the halls of the high school. which can be very daunting for a freshman.

I was able to attend the Laconia School Board meeting on June 7. Many parents, students, and teachers spoke about the importance of offering music as part of the academic curriculum during the school day. When I return to school in the fall, I have to take band as a class after school. It will be overwhelming for me to take five full blocks of classes instead of four like other students and I have needed to build an empty block into my schedule for each semester. Many students will not be returning to band or chorus because of this change. Students participate in sports after school, have part-time jobs after school, and need to take the bus home after school, or have other commitments that take place outside of school.

Band and chorus will experience a huge drop in numbers this fall and will lose many of the talented students who use band and chorus as an outlet to express and share their gifts. I was lucky enough to go to Disney with the band and we brought home the award for "Best in Class," compared to all the other bands that were there the same week. My brother, Ben, may not have the same opportunity to go to Disney in four years time because of all the cuts to the music program.

The Laconia music program is a hidden jewel for the City of Laconia and doesn't get the recognition it deserves. Music is part of an academic curriculum and deserves to be part of the school day. Please join me at the next Laconia School Board meeting on Tuesday, July 12 at 7 p.m.. Let's keep the Laconia School Board accountable for "ensuring success with every student, every day, in every way."

William Cone

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Let's remember nations where people live under dictatorships

To The Daily Sun,

We should never forget why this nation was created: to escape oppression and tyranny. Our founding document states that "all men are created equal" and the history of our country is in large part a never-ending quest to achieve that ideal. Equality for all, no matter the color of your skin or where you ancestors came from. And unless you're a Native-American, your ancestors came to these shores from somewhere else. Remember the Native-Americans who were here long before the 13 original colonies.

We must also remember the other nations where people live daily under brutal dictatorships. Pray for peace on earth. Acceptance of "the other" is the first step to true unity. Don't ever forget that when your ancestors first set foot in America there were people here who considered them "the other."
Bernadette Loesch

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