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The Obama legacy is going to get skinned alive next year

To The Daily Sun,

First, let me say I never write anything intentioned to influence public opinion I don't believe to be the truth. I offer the same courtesy of assumption to all who contribute letters to the Daily Sun, no matter how vehemently I may disagree with their views. That would include Alan Vervaeke who I wish a very Happy New Year. I will never let political disagreements interfere with wishing the best prosperity to one and all.

That Alan wants to reveal himself to be a sour grapes, sore loser is his business. I wonder if he understands the poor example it sets for young people? My view lost, therefore I am entitled to lash out in defiance to denounce, demean and vilify the winners. It's simply poor sportsmanship. Alan prides himself for recognizing "crybabies," but he seems brain dead to recognize the biggest one in Gilford that stares back at him in the mirror every morning.

That Obama is "leasing" rather than "purchasing" ( as I suggested in error) the $5 million he is about to live it seems to be the only word out of 600 in my letter that interested the "bulldogs." Obama was elected not once but twice on the backs of the bottom third of society economically. Obama spent eight years expressing his never-ending feelings of pain and heartfelt sorrow for their suffering. That this man now moves into a $5 million mansion while simultaneously becoming a West Coast, jet-setter with digs next to the "elite class" in Rancho Mirage, California, is hypocrisy by every definition of it.

It is indeed the lifestyles of the rich and famous for Barack and Michelle Obama who got rich how? Peddling the "snake oil of hope" to the desperate masses while delivering despair. That he is leasing such accommodation, not buying, changes nothing of the substance of my letter. But don't expect any of the sore loser bulldogs that Alan heads to grasp the obvious.

There is good reason why the political fate of Democrats now plumbs new lows in the political ocean. Sometimes, you just have to think, but that isn't something that comes natural to any of them.

Many of the richest people in the world lease rather than purchase. It signifies absolutely nothing among the wealthy. They also borrow billions rather than use their own cash even though they may be billionaires. The question to buy or lease is always a personal choice driven only by lifestyle and tax considerations, not financial ability. That Obama elects to lease, rather than buy does nothing to alter the hypocrisy that enshrines him in light of the origin of his wealth, cemented to false promises to better the lives of the less fortunate. Obama has amassed a personal fortune on their backs with many more millions to come, all while his presidency exacerbated the wealth gap between those who have little and those who have much.

Among the elite that Obama travels with whether they lease or purchase is as about as important as the toothpaste they choose. Purchase or lease for the wealthy like Obama is much noise about little. It is all simply more, New Years, political BS from the "bulldogs" trying to distract from the hypocritical, political disaster that Barack Obama has been for the Democratic Party culminating in their most humiliating loss in a century.

The Obama legacy is going to get skinned alive in the next year. The loud, constant, wailing of Alan Vervaeke and the liberals that accompanies it will be a comforting lullaby to millions like myself. The hypocrisy that Barack Obama represents will at long last be dead.

Tony Boutin

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Gilford Historical Society thanks all for Candlelight Stroll help

To The Daily Sun,

The Gilford Historical Society would like to thank all those who visited the three historical buildings/museums during the very cold Candlelight Stroll on Dec. 10. We also want to thank the many volunteers who helped to make it possible to have the three buildings open to welcome visitors.

We thank Carmel Lancia who decorated the three mantels at the historical 1838 Rowe House with fresh greens and the Ladies of Lakeport Lake Village Apartments who created the cranberry and popcorn garlands that were on the tree in the Rowe House: Carleen Cornelison, Diane DuFault, Doris Milo, Elaine Dapergolas, and Ginny Brake. Thanks go to Bill and Sally Bickford for decorating the outside of the Meetinghouse.

We thank those who donated an hour of their time so the buildings could be open: Pete and Sue Allen, Terry Bobseine, Alexandra Breed, Carolyn Brown, Nancy Carsen, Jim Colby, Rusty Davis, Kathy Dahll, Namome Eldbridge, Nan Fay, Diane Godbout, Doug Hill, Loretta and Lauren Isikoski, Karin Landry, Pat Martin, Diane Mitton, Ann Montminy, Mark and Alex Richardson, Ed Rushbrook, Rosemary Shannon, and Walt and Shirley Stockwell.

The aroma of gingerbread cookies was enticing to many at the Grange, thanks to Patti Herrick (who lives in Meredith) and Kathy Dahll for making the dough.

For providing music at the Meetinghouse, we thank the members of the First United Methodist Church of Gilford for their Hallelujah ringers for playing their chimes and for Dan Carter (the Muzic Man) for playing and singing holiday music there. We thank Jerry Murphy for playing his guitar and leading us in holiday singing at the Rowe House.

We scheduled our volunteers so they are able to volunteer for an hour and have an hour to enjoy the Stroll. We are thankful to all who were willing to work and volunteered their time to help make the Candlelight Stroll so enjoyable.

Kathy Lacroix


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