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Voting this year is probably one of the last big decisions I will make

To The Daily Sun,

The last thing I thought I'd be doing this month is filling out an absentee ballot form for the town of Tilton. Thanks to the girls at Town Hall I was able to do so and my vote will be counted Nov 8.

I take my right to vote seriously, and while I may not be able to stand in a voting booth this year, my vote will be in the ballot box. My mobility these days is limited to my walker and the length of my oxygen line. Now I know how a puppy feels when he tries to turn a 20-foot leash run into a 25 footer.

There are some things, however, about absentee ballots that I wasn't aware of. For instance, you have to be alive, breathing and above ground for your vote to count. A month or so ago, that might have been an issue for me. Two years before that, my heart and lung specialist told me my condition was likely caused by excessive living back in the 1980s and '90s. The quality of life, is, after all, influenced by the choices we make, they preached. I thanked them for their brilliant diiagnosis and, asked them if they learned that in med school. Some people cant take a joke.

What's becoming clear to me is that voting this year is probably one of the last important decisions I will make in this lifetime.

My point is, if you think that your vote doesn't count, you are so wrong. In this tightly-contested and critically-important election, the people of New Hampshire have a voice ... and an obligation to take
back control of our government. The future of your children's and grandchildren's constitutional rights depends on it.

It's like this: If you don't get out and vote for Trump and we let the Clintons back in, then the power grab from the federal, state and county level will continue to destroy this country like a cancer, and the words "Live free or die" when talking about New Hampshire will be no more than a myth.

Tom Sellew

Lochmere (Tilton)

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Lisa DiMartino and Johan Andersen offer us a positive change

To The Daily Sun,

We voters in Gilford and Meredith have an opportunity to start changing the way things have been going in our state House of Representatives. We have an opportunity to send two people who really care about people.

Lisa DiMartino and Johan Andersen offer us change. Change from division, change from the politics of no, change from a party that wants to control women's personal healthcare decisions and change from policies that don't place a priority on the education of our children.

Make sure to get out to vote and cast your vote for Lisa DiMartino and Johan Andersen.

Rick & Harriet DeMark


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