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On Tuesday, let's stand up to establishment GOP & Democrats alike

To The Daily Sun,

The GOP proudly says, they are different than the Democrats. "We promote primaries."

I realize the need for primary contests within the GOP. The problem is the elite establishment of the GOP likes incumbents. Especially those who like being there, and remain silent to Democrat leadership. Some new faces within the GOP have made it clear that the Tea Party and other principled conservative groups are to keep your mouth shut and vote Republican.

As an activist, I like to speak and write using aphorisms (a tersely phrased statement of a truth or opinion). In Belknap County we have two county commissioners to replace, one is leaving, and John Thomas has a Republican challenger, who does understand the plight of the property taxpayer, Dick Burchell.

The Democrats are not having a candidate to oppose the incumbent Republican. What does that tell you? In recent GOP primaries in Tennessee and Mississippi the establishment Republicans interfered in those primaries to make sure the lousy incumbent won. If, as Republicans, we are accepting this behavior right here in Belknap County, then shame on us.

On Tuesday, Election Day, show the establishment and Democrats that real common sense principled Republicans will elect Dick Burchell, the real Republican.

From The New York Times of June 24: "With an unusual assist from African-American voters and other Democrats who feared his opponent, Sen. Thad Cochran on Tuesday beat back a spirited challenge from state Sen. Chris McDaniel." Mr. McDaniel, speaking in Hattiesburg, was angry, and he did not hesitate to say so: "There is something a bit strange, there is something a bit unusual about a Republican primary that's decided by liberal Democrats."

This primary is about what have they done to us? And do we trust them anymore. And this is about them versus us in the GOP.

Belknap County voters: you need some new blood in Sanbornton and Tilton. Before you vote in the primary, remember who is for more spending than we can afford. If you oppose the Taj Mahal jail proposal, vote for Devoy and Burchell. They understand spending is the big picture for most Belknap property taxpayers.

Thanks to a letter in The Weirs Times from candidate Hatch who stated that when he decided to run (a Republican) it was to eliminate two Meredith representatives (Republicans) and bring in new leadership to the delegation. I will guess Hatch was writing about two of the best: Reps. Worsman and Greemore. Hatch wouldn't get my vote on Tuesday.

In Sanbornton Gallagher and Brothers would make a major improvement. Alton/Barnstead: Howard and Comtois can be counted on for good judgment, and no playing favorites in the administration. Disregarding Hatch, I would vote for Vadney, Dumais, Hurt, and Aldrich. When candidate Hatch attacked good Republicans, that was it for him.

Our friend Jane Cormier is under attack in Senate District 16 because the establishment wants to keep their guy in office. The elite/establishment/RINO party is doomed. It will take Tea Party, common sense principled leaders, and America-loving people to fix things. Begin this Tuesday by voting out the Establishment, and voting for those you trust in the Republican Primary.

My ballot will be Smith, Hemingway, Guinta, Kathy Rago, and Frank Tilton. I'm just not good at taking orders from anyone that pretends we are a political party while protecting incumbents, no matter how bad the incumbent is.

Jefferson to Madison: "A little rebellion now and then is a good thing."

Niel Young


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Bob Smith a man of principal & will represent us well in Senate

To The Daily Sun,

Bob Smith has promised to reduce taxes and the size of government. He also understands the main role of the federal government as set forth in the U.S. Constitution is to protect the national security of the United States and its borders.

How do I know Bob Smith will keep his word? He has been there before. He served three terms in Congress and two terms as a United States Senator. He cast over 5,000 votes in the U.S. Senate. He supported the Reagan Revolution wholeheartedly, whose policies unleashed an amazing economic boom. Bob received a 100 percent rating on his votes from Right to Life organizations and the National Rifle Association. As a veteran of the Vietnam War, he supports the members of our military and our veterans 100 percent. He will not forget them.

Bob Smith is a man of principle. He will keep his word. The safety and security of the United States may depend on sending Senator Smith back to Washington, D.C.

Vote Bob Smith on Tuesday, Sept. 9, for the sake of your children and grandchildren.

Marie Bradley


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We're still accepting donations to pay for Up With People visit

To The Daily Sun,

Up With People has arrived in the Lakes Region! It is wonderful to have them here again after 17 years, and there are SO many people in our community that have helped to make this dream a reality. Thank you all! For those of you who want to be a part of this event but have not yet done so, we still need your help.
The people of the Lakes Region never cease to amaze me with their generosity of spirit! So many people have opened their homes, all cast members were set up in host families ahead of schedule. Our local restaurants stepped up to the plate and generously agreed to provide full cast meals as needed! The Laconia School District has been an incredible support throughout, donating space for the shows to be held Friday and Saturday, Sept 5th and 6th at LMS. Principals and teachers with a busy first week of school warmly opened their classrooms to volunteers. The LPD escorted the Up With People buses into town on Monday and officers are donating time to be present at the shows. The Laconia Daily Sun and WLNH have provided wonderful media coverage both before and during this weekly event. A heartfelt thank you also goes to the following financial donors: Bank of New Hampshire $5,000; AAVID Thermalloy $2,500; Meredith Village Savings Bank $1,000; Stand Up Laconia $1,000; Laconia Police Relief Association, Santa Fund, Penny Pitou Foundation, Better Together, Meadowbrook, Taylor Community, Putnam Fund, and Granite United Way each contributed at the $500 level. Donors at $250 level include Lakes Region General Healthcare; Autoserv; TD Bank and Melcher & Prescott. In addition, we want to thank the many anonymous donors who have generously given.
We have collectively raised almost $17,000 ... unfortunately we are still $8,000 away from reaching the total cost of the Up With People week here in Laconia. If we receive no more monetary donations, then the money we receive from the ticket sales will go to the cost of bringing Up With People here rather than to Got Lunch!, Gilford Got Lunch, and Stand Up Laconia, which was one of our sincere hope when we decided to bring Up With People to the Lakes Region. If we have missed reaching out to our local businesses or if there are individuals within our community that can give to this great cause ... please do so now!! For further information please contact Misa Grenier This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send donations directly to Up With People, 6830 Broadway, Unit A Denver, Co 80221. In the memo please indicate Stand Up Laconia.
Watching the smiles and friendships formed with host families as well as with students in our schools and seniors in our community it quickly becomes evident that Up With People is truly much more than a wonderful 2-night concert of song and dance. The positive energy and 1000 hours of volunteerism they bring to our community is IMPACTFUL and will reverberate long after their buses leave town!! We also have the ability to make this not just a great experience for our community, but a way to provide needed funds to Got Lunch!, Gilford Got Lunch and Stand Up Laconia, and your help would be much appreciated.
With sincere thanks,
Clare Persson, Chair

Stand Up Laconia

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Swinford & Glassman are Republicans who've earned support

To The Daily Sun,

From an independent's point of view, voting in elections is a lot like playing the stock market. On the one hand, you suspect both systems are rigged against you. On the other hand, once you acquire the habit, you'll tend to pay more attention to their performance — both the stocks and the politicians. That's not a bad thing. In today's world, investment literacy and civic literacy go hand-in-hand.

Take this year's primary election, Tuesday, Sept. 9. As a registered independent, I can choose either a blue Democrat ballot (http://sos.nh.gov/DemSample2014SP.aspx?id=8589937297) or a pink Republican one (http://sos.nh.gov/RepSample2014SP.aspx?id=8589937470)

Except for governor, the Democrat ballot seems like a parking garage at midnight. Half the spaces have incumbents with no challengers, and the rest of the spaces are vacant. Politically, it's embarrassing. Taking a ballot like that would be like buying stocks that paid no dividends.

The Republican primary ballot is quite the opposite. For the national positions, altogether there are more candidates than a voter has fingers. As an independent, I'll wait until November to see what my choices are.

At the state level, though, I get interested. Elaine Swinford for Belknap District 8 Representative (Barnstead, Alton and Gilmanton) and Alan Glassman for Delegate to the Republican Party State Convention are people with whom I have worked, seen work, and enjoyed knowing over several years. They are smart, competent and responsible organizers. They welcome problems to solve, even ones I toss at them. And they have skills and interests beyond talking the party line. We can get together on state and local issues without first having to agree on border patrols in Texas.

Seeing that Elaine and Alan each have a primary contest, and being that I can choose my primary ballot, I've decided to vote for them. I'll take a Republican pink one as a kind of surgical strike for good local representation. Other independents can do the same, including the district's college-age voters who are so numerous they could swing any contest they wanted. They can still request absentee ballots if they'll be out of town.

Compared to buying stocks, the nice thing about voting is that there are no brokers' fees.

Stuart Leiderman
Center Barnstead

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Entire school board has responsibility to fill Ward 2 vacancy

To The Daily Sun,

In the Laconia Daily Sun (9/3/14): "Arsenault Resigns From School Board After 16 Years Of Service," by Gail Ober: Chair Chris Guilmett said, "her resignation came in the form of an e-mail dated August 17."

Why did Guilmett wait 18 days to make this public? Guilmett said, "the Budget and Personnel Committee will hold public interviews for any and all candidates with the goal of making a recommendation to the full board for appointment on Oct. 20." Richard Coggon said, "he felt it was the responsibility of the entire School Board to publicly interview all of the candidates for the seat."

Coggon is correct.

In the Laconia Citizen: "Laconia School Board Member Steps Down," by Ed Pierce (9/3/14): Guilmett said, "that after consulting with City Manager Scott Myers, the N.H. Deptartment of Education and N.H. Secretary of State's office, it is too late to enter Ward 2 candidates for the position in the Sept. 9 primary election. As a result, the district has formulated a plan about how to proceed."

The Laconia City Charter and the New Hampshire RSAs outline whose responsibility it is to appoint and fill a vacancy. There is no provision giving a subcommittee the power to interview and/or recommend who will fill the vacancy. The Laconia Charter Article IX Board of Education Section 9:01 states, "Any vacancies occurring on the Board of Education shall be filled in accordance with RSA 671:31. "RSA 671:33 Vacancies.-II. (a) "The School Board shall fill vacancies occurring on the School Board." The School Board shall fill vacancies. The School Board has to follow the Charter and the RSAs they can't make up its own rules.

There is no election for Ward 2 School Board this year which is the Ward Beth Arsenault represents. There is a Primary on Sept. 9 for School Board in Wards 4 and 5. Both spots are unopposed. There is also a spot on the Police Commission which is also unopposed. Please write in someone's name. The two top vote-getters will earn a place on the November ballot.

David Gammon

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