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I believe in not judging my neighbor, no matter what my beliefs are, even if I disagree

To The Daily Sun,

No sir (G.W. Brooks) you are mistaken, it is Black Lives Matter, not Lives Matter. You are the one playing with the use of this saying (words) for your own "beliefs." I can assure you, what the African Americans are using it for, is not about abortion, and it never has nor will be. And I won't really go into what I think you "meant" when you said, "Many are demanding their lives matter, yet not one speaks loudly for their unborn kin." So your saying that "they" all must be for abortion if they are not mentioning this at their rallies and press conferences?!

I think your a very religious man, by the sounds of your letter. I think you tossed this subject out there because of upcoming elections, perhaps to stir the pot. Or maybe you feel it has not been in the news enough for you. Whatever your reasons were/are, you are off base in my book and I am Catholic, a woman, and a mother. Do not ever assume to know a woman's "choice" until you have walked in her shoes. And do not use your Bible or beliefs to judge them, sir.

It was my choice to have my kids. It was my choice not to remain on birth control. My life, my decision, and my body. I was not raped, threatened, beaten, or had my own "religion" pushed down my throat to "go forth and reproduce" as my "calling" as woman is claimed I should do. I had no medical conditions that I had to choose between my life or that of the child I was carrying. My children had no serious medical conditions that would affect the quality of their lives so severe that I had to make that choice. I am grateful and I am blessed for those four choices, my sons, I made over 20 years ago with no regrets. Not all women are as lucky as I am to have that choice or freedom.

I do believe that all life matters. I do believe that abortion should never be used as a means of birth control. I believe in adoption. I believe in not judging my "fellow neighbor" no matter what my beliefs are, even if I disagree. Can you sir say the same? And until you, as a man, can grow a uterus, do not judge the path and strength of any woman on this planet. Even Mary had a choice.

And that is all I have to say on this subject. Good luck, sir, and have a blessed day.

D.C. Burke

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Needs of the people will be low priority as long as party establishments are in charge

To The Daily Sun,

The New Hampshire Democrat establishment went against the wishes of Democrat voters when they used their Super Delegate votes to give Hillary Clinton, despite losing by 22 percent, as many delegates as Bernie Sanders. The Democrat Party establishments in other states also went against their voters' wishes.

Now we see that Hillary Clinton installed her cronies in the, supposedly neutral, Democrat National Committee (DNC) to actively work for her and against her opponents. In a fair election, Bernie Sanders may well have received the votes needed to become the Democrat presidential nominee.

President Obama's team participated in this fraud against Democrat voters; they reviewed the lists of donors to be rewarded with prestigious appointments, no Sanders donors were included.

At the convention, the DNC worked to silence Bernie's supporters, limit their media coverage, and even exclude them.

The leader of the DNC's corruption, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was named an "honorary chairman" of Hillary's campaign and vows to continue fighting for Hillary.

Hillary Clinton tells us that she will make Wall Street work for Main Street. But, in the few years since Hillary Clinton was secretary of state she has earned about $15 million mostly from speeches given to Wall Street which has already pledged or contributed more than $48 million to help her campaign. Since Hillary won't release the speeches she gave to Wall Street, one wonders if she tells them what she tells us, that she will make them work for Main Street.

Hillary promises to solve the same problems that Democrat politicians have been promising to solve, but not solving, for decades. Public education is still poor but expensive. Colleges are exorbitantly expensive. Many graduates have large debts but nearly worthless degrees. Good middle income jobs are vanishing. Energy costs keep rising. Health care is more, not less, expensive. Taxes keep increasing. But, while most Americans struggle despite politicians' promises, the politicians and their special interest supporters keep doing better and better.

About 75 percent of the American people feel our country is going in the wrong direction and showed that by voting, against the wishes of the political establishments, for Bernie Sanders and for non-establishment Republican candidates. But the Democrat and Republican establishments fight, and as we see even cheat, to keep the power and wealth that their positions provide.

As long as the Democrat and Republican establishments are in power, the needs of the people will be low priority, only the wishes of their special interest supporters will be high priority. The Democrat establishment cheated Bernie Sanders to ensure that their candidate, Hillary Clinton, would win the nomination and advance their interests, not the peoples' interests.

Don Ewing

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