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Van Ostern recognizes demands a changing climate places on N.H.

To The Daily Sun,

New Hampshire needs Colin Van Ostern as its governor — to lead the state in adopting policies consistent with climate realities of the 21st Century.

Van Ostern, in his position as executive councilor, has supported carbon-neutral renewable energy projects throughout the state. His opponent and fellow executive councilor, Chris Sununu, has consistently voted against solar and wind projects.

Sununu, CEO of the Waterville Valley ski resort, has said, "The jury is still out" on climate change. Yet the average snow-covered season is 15 days shorter than 30 years ago and ice out on Lake Winnipesaukee comes eight days earlier. Last season Waterville logged fewer than half the number of skiers it did in 2010, the year Sununu took over. Sununu continues to support Donald Trump, another climate denier.

In August one of the oldest mail boats in the country ran aground in Lake Winnipesaukee because of low water. The Mount Washington cruise ship later canceled stops in Wolfeboro because of shallow waters there. Extreme events, such as this year's spring and drought, may be the new normal for the Granite State.

Please vote for Colin Van Ostern on Nov. 8 who recognizes the demands that a changing climate places on the Granite State and will lead the state in addressing them.

Margaret Merritt
Center Sandwich

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We both support the county farm remaining owned by the public

To The Daily Sun,

My colleague, Gary Chehames, and I are running for two seats for the state House Carroll County District 4 — to represent Moultonborough, Tuftonboro and Sandwich. Going door to door meeting voters, attending house parties and other events, we heard what is important to you as residents of our district. There are numerous issues facing New Hampshire and we want voters to be clear on where we stand on some of them.

1. We support the County Farm to remain as an operating entity owned by the citizens of Carroll County. Our farm dates back more than 150 years. It is a county resource and of considerable historical value. The majority of the delegation voted to defund the farm. No study was performed and unaudited financial data was used in making their decision. The citizens of Carroll County were not asked for their input. We will work closely and collaboratively with the county as members of the delegation to keep the farm as an operational entity that is wholly owned and controlled by the county.

2. We are advocates of efficient and effective government. Many citizens of New Hampshire depend on local services. As we have seen in the past few years, frugality-based budget cuts have had serious consequences to those most vulnerable residents of our state. The benchmark for making legislative decisions should be based upon the needs of the citizens of New Hampshire, not just to reduce spending.

3. We support expanding our workforce. New Hampshire has a very low rate of unemployment and employers are having a difficult time finding workers. Businesses are moving out of state to places where they can find a larger pool of qualified workers. We need to invest in our citizens and create opportunities so that they can receive the education and training they need to fill those vacant jobs. In doing that, we can keep existing businesses in our state and attract new ones to relocate here.

4. We support funding our excellent public education system. Public education is a cornerstone of democracy. There are forces at work that wish to move your tax dollars from supporting and improving our local public schools and diverting them to be used to pay for a private school education. We oppose those efforts. Public schools are the only schools that meet the all the needs of our children. They do not turn away children or families with physical, emotional, and mental disabilities. They also can and do serve our children who are extremely bright along with children with special needs. We strongly support the priority of funding our public schools.

We respectfully ask for your vote on Nov. 8 and please vote all the way down the ballot, for all offices on the ballot. Local officials can have the greatest impact on your daily lives.

Paul Punturieri

Gary Chehames


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