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Stu Needleman (5-7) 540 JEWISH FOOD

To The Daily Sun,

A visitor to last year's Jewish Food Festival wrote, "The best day of the year. This is an epic annual event in Laconia; a valuable cultural event for our community."

Although certainly the food, the quality, the personal care that goes into each piece is the main reason people keep coming back. Many recipes go back generations and most of the foods served are not available within 50 miles of Laconia. This and will always be the main ingredient in the Jewish Food Festival recipe. But.....

We have listened to our customers and kept the festival relevant:

— Developed an online preorder system that assures those who order all the delightful items they want — we usually run out of food no matter how much we make and we make a lot.

— Changed the layouts of the serving areas — brought them inside, set-up like you find on cruise ship in pods — to make the serving process quicker.

— Streamlined the check-out processes And added payment via credit card and PayPal accounts.

— Created a huge array of frozen packaged goods for home consumption — customers complained there was too much to eat at the festival, so we are making most items in takeout pre-packs as long as quantities last for their convenience.

— Continued to seek out the best suppliers and quality of any items related to the festival. Details down to the sandwich bread itself have not been overlooked.

The food: The tastes and the smells are a common ground for everyone and Jewish food is the ultimate comfort food — a mixture of tradition and food.

Available to eat at the festival itself:
— Cheese blintzes.
— Sandwiches filled with your choice of: pastrami, brisket, corned beef or tongue (with pickle, and coleslaw on rye or roll).
— Knishes (meat and potato).
— Chopped herring.
— Chopped chicken liver.
— Assorted baked goods including strudel, and rugelach.

New this year: new suppliers have helped to raise the quality bar:
— Sought out the best Jewish rye bread in the nation that will stand up to the hearty meats. Found it in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Zingerman's Rye Bread ( and are flying the bread in just for the festival.

— Constantly looking to improve quality where ever we can. Found a small deli in Massachusetts that cooks its own meats and will bring its pastrami, corned beef and tongue into the festival for 2016 Evan's New York Style Deli Meat.

— In addition, frozen and ready to heat at home: blintzes, meat knishes, potato knishes, latkes (potato pancakes), matzo ball soup, noodle kugel, and stuffed cabbage.

Love to shop? Well we have that covered too. Our Nearly New Boutique out on the front lawn has hundreds of treasures just waiting to be found. We will start putting things out at about 9 a.m.

Furniture items, linens, children's games and toys, puzzles, strollers, port-a-cribs, kitchen items, books, jewelry, picture frames and so much more

The Laconia Jewish Food Festival takes place this Sunday, July 10, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Temple B'nai Israel at 210 Court St. in Laconia, which will be tented and credit cards are accepted.

More information can be found at and questions should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Don't miss it and don't be late. No matter how much we cook there are never any leftovers.

Stu Needleman


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