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Mr. Leandro was not a 'bully'; let's drop the name calling, please

To The Daily Sun,

I was shocked by Jacqueline Denver's comment on Page 4 of the Friday, Jan. 15, Laconia Daily Sun calling Mr. Leandro a "bully."

I attended the public hearing Thursday evening of the Gilford Budget Committee.

I found Mr. Leandro extremely well spoken, courteous and a true professional. I believe he is doing a great job, in an extremely tough area.

As far as listening to others, that is exactly what he did on Thursday night. He and the Budget Committee did increase the town budget based on public input, that night.

Dealing with the School Department where emotions run high, as to teachers' salaries is not an easy task.

I, too, am disturbed by the one-time expenditures, carried over from previous years, in the default budget of the School Department. This discrepancy is described by Norm Silber, a member of the Budget Committee, whose article appears on the same page.

I can see where Kevin Leandro and the rest of the Budget Committee were upset with the Gilford School Department. The School Department default budget may not have been presented in good faith. Let us get down to the true facts concerning the School Department default budget in a civil manner without further name-calling.

Just the facts, please.

Howard Epstein


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You didn't have to serve in a 'war zone', just in a time of war

To The Daily Sun,
A letter in your Jan. 14 edition, by Eric T. Rottenecker USN is not totally true. Myself and many other "Cold War" veterans and veterans that served during times of conflict receive the veterans town/city tax reduction allowed by law. We did not have to serve in a war zone, we did not have to serve in any time of conflict. The law authorizes the tax deduction if you served during times of conflict or, for cold war vets, wound up with a medical condition while serving, and received an honorable discharge. I believe the seaman may have forgotten that all who serve their country signed a blank check upon entry and without all the support functions we performed the wars won, lost and that came out neither totally won or lost would have been for naught.
I am not without great appreciation and respect for those combat veterans who lost their lives or came home with serious mental and/or physical trauma, however it is important to know the veterans here at the New Hampshire Veterans Home filled all of the combat and supports functions, both enlisted, officers, men and women, that were necessary to complete the missions we were asked to do.
The last item in this dialog is that you must be a property owner/tax payer in the town/city the tax reduction is requested from.
With my highest regards for all who served, may god bless you!
Bill Bertholdt, President,

N.H. Veterans Home Resident Council


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