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Democrats attack Trump as though he has a record of bad behavior, but it’s just not so

To The Daily Sun,

I've been watching, listening and reading since my last letter to the editor, and have been astounded by the total lack of ethics on the part of the Democrats. Hillary's alleged good health took another hit the other day when she had to be carted into her limo close to unconsciousness. They said it was pneumonia but instead of a hospital she was taken to her daughter's apartment then two hours later was out and about as though nothing had happened.

Hey, maybe it is pneumonia, I don't know, but this shows she isn't all that healthy. Seems medically fragile to me and why all the secrecy if they knew back on Friday? But isn't this just typical of the Clintons, Secrets and lies, lies and secrets? It just never ever ends.

Speaking of lies, Maggie Hassan approved an ad where they claim the Governor was responsible for keeping the state budget down. Another whooper! Hassan vetoed the bill trimming her huge spending bill and the veto had to be overridden in the Legislature. It was Republicans there that held the state's budget to manageable proportions.

Democratic smear merchants attack Trump as though he has a record of bad behavior but that's just not so. Can anyone relate any overt racial actions Trump has ever engaged in? Is there any documented evidence of theft, lies, corruption, incompetence? Has he ever committed any acts that could be seen as detrimental to the nation's best interests? No they can't. But all of those things can be applied to Hillary Clinton, every one of them, plus influence peddling while secretary of state, soliciting money from foreign sources hostile to our nation and risking national security with he private server scandals.

It is absolutely insane the lengths Clinton and her supporters will go to, the falsehoods, distortions and character assassinations they engage in. But hey, nothing really new here. Their credo of "any means justify the ends" just as communist Saul Alinsky wrote. And Hillary and the progressives have been following old comrade Saul's "Rules for Radicals" word for word, year after year, and our lame stream media looks the other way.

Couple of other thoughts I might share are:

One, free market capitalism as practiced before liberals started screwing things up raised more hundreds of millions of humans up out of abject poverty than any other system devised and yet progressives are trying to pull it all down in favor of socialism, a system that has never worked anywhere. China and India both have dropped their old systems in favor of the capitalism system and their middle classes are exploding while ours is shrinking.

Second thought is after months of urging I can still get no response from any liberal, that is zero, none when I ask, "What values do liberals share with Muslims?" I say they have none. So why is it we see over and over liberals defending everything Islamic and denouncing everything Christian? I can only conclude liberals are incredibly uninformed.

Steve Earle


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Appoint someone with budgetary experience to temporary seat

To The Daily Sun,

Perhaps we should be asking those who have previously served on the Sanbornton Select Board if they would consider the possibility of filling the temporary selectman vacancy position until March. Come March anyone interested in running for a full three-year term would have an opportunity to get their name on the ballot for that position.

Our town needs someone with the experience gained from having been a selectman as we go into budget development time and some major road projects on the agenda for this year. Let's do what's best for all the residents of Sanbornton.

Call your selectmen and express your views on this important decision that they will make next week.

Bill Whalen


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