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Now, France closed its borders; a little late, don't you think?

To The Daily Sun,

Look what took place in Paris on Saturday. One explosion after another. All those people taken hostage. That is the 9/11 of Paris. Now they closed the borders. A little late, don't you think? Is this what it takes for the country to wake up?
Well, I hope the refugees we let come to America does not turn into another 9/11. You know what? With all the Muslims they are letting in we will have another worse than 9/11. The borders should have been closed long ago. No Muslims in any country but the country they come from.

Wake up America. What the hell are you waiting for? Take your heads out of the sand and do something now. We should have never taken those refugees. They are going to be nothing but trouble. They are all young and ready for battle. Do you not see that?

Sorry that some of you liberals do not have the eyesight to see the writing on the wall. So I say take the refugees to your house. Send them all back, Donald, please. Enough is enough. Charity begins here at home. Remember that?

Anna DeRose


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Obama has transformed U.S. into a crony capitalist system

To The Daily Sun,

Bernadette Loesch has once again provided readers with a crystal clear example of what happens when "leftism" smacks up against reality. Delusions, muddled thinking and an appalling lack of insight blaze across the page in a fiery mess of mendacity.

Don Ewing's recent letter gave us many examples of the magnificence of capitalism. Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams, two of the most preeminent economists of the last half century, have written volumes as to how and why capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than has any other economic system ever devised.

In Bernadette's Veterans Day letter, she has allegedly found someone who attempts to prove otherwise, one David Cay Johnson. She mentions his recently published article, "Is Capitalism Killing White Middle Aged Americans." She mentions everything from prescription drug addiction, various health maladies, stagnant wages and long term unemployment as being caused by capitalism. And of course, the constantly parroted phrase by the Left that only the evil 1 percent prosper from this elitist system.

However, in full jabberwocky mode, Bernadette failed to offer even one example from this Nobel prize winning author of how or why capitalism has caused this decline in our society. Bernadette, who may have found a religious leader by the name of George Soros, fails to understand that she has just described what has occurred in this country over the past seven years under our job-killing, Marxist-loving and capitalism-hating president.

Yes Bernadette, we all know that this decline began before the "Age of Obama.".That is because thanks to most Democrats and a bunch of feckless Republicans, a bureaucratic behemoth has transformed us into a crony capitalist system that does favor the 1 percent. While the poor and middle class has suffered, President Obama has rewarded the 1 percent handsomely, has he not, Bernadette? What you actually did Bernadette, is give everyone another example as to why we need a true, tea party-type, conservative Republican to return us to a fiscally sound, entrepreneur-inspiring, system of unbridled, real capitalism that will set the small business world on fire.

Bless you Bernadette, you truly are a conservative's best friend. Oh just wondering, any chance you think that Senator Bernie Sanders is just the person to get our economy booming again? After all, socialism has such a glorious history of bringing nations out of poverty and into prosperity. Oh wait, we are still waiting for just one example of this in the entire history of mankind aren't we? Socialism equates to good intentions and misery. Capitalism, when allowed to do it's thing, brings good results and prosperity. Through the Looking Glass she skips along. Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Humpty Dumpty, the lion and the unicorn. Is it all so very confusing? Well not really, just a bit incongruous. Sort of like a socialism oxymoron — "cruel kindness." Keep up the good work Bernadette, and a happy Veterans Day to you.

Russ Wiles

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