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Ditch cable news, you’ll be fine without it. And saner, too.

To The Daily Sun,

This week, Mr. (Steve) Earle once again pontificated on  the value of Fox News, over other outlets. Like many of the saner folks, I cut off all cable years ago. I don't get my news from any TV show. Instead of being fed chocolate covered cow patties being called cupcakes, I read the news. I have read many studies that show Fox News to be the least trustworthy cable news outlet and that its viewers are the least informed. In fact, non-Fox watching Republicans are more informed than Fox viewers.

The latest round by Punditfact compared statements from Fox, MSNBC, and CNN. A whopping 60 percent of comments on Fox were "Mostly False, False," or "Pants on Fire" while 22 percent were rated "Half True." Not exactly a beacon a moral rectitude, Fox scored 18 percent in the Mostly True rating. MSNBC fared slightly better with 31 percent mostly true and CNN fared the highest with 60 percent of the statements being mostly true.

My favorite study is the latest 2014 PublicMind survey out of Fairleigh Dickinson University. The study also aimed to isolate where people got their news. Fox viewers came in below those who watch no news. NPR listeners and Sunday morning news show viewers took the top spots. Now of course, there are faults to be found in every study, but the striking fact is that Fox comes in last and least informative in every study. MSNBC would be last if Fox didn't exist.

Mr. Earle will be giddy with delight to find out that Hannity has won a cable news YS prize this year. Mediaite conducted a poll asking fellow media members of Fox, CNN and MSNBC who was the best and worst of each cable news outlets. Winning the worst at Fox? Sean Hannity. When Hannity found out he went on a vein popping ALL CAPS tirade!

So folks, ditch the cable news if you value integrity and honesty. Like giving up high salt foods, booze, or religion, you'll be fine without them. And saner.

James Veverka

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It’s no surprise that internal investigations found no fault

To The Daily Sun,

Fellow townie Henry Osmer always enjoys taking some potshots at me but usually is pretty far off mark, as is the case in his latest effort.

Henry tells us that all the scandals like Benghazi, the IRS, on and on have been investigated and no wrongdoing by Obama and company could be found. Well let's look at that a little closer.

The State Department did an internal investigation on Benghazi and found themselves innocent. The IRS did an internal investigation on the IRS and found themselves innocent. And then, so on and so forth. (LOL, Al Capone would have loved this system).

How it works is each department or agency suspected of wrongdoing decides beforehand what the investigation findings should be then announces an investigation then shortly after announces that they cleared themselves.

Wow Henry, who could possibly question those findings?

Steve Earle


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