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Daily Sun’s front page again proves Donald Trump right

To the Editor:

Do you wonder why Donald Trump is doing so well in the polls? It's not because he would make such a terrific president. It's because for the first time there is a candidate who isn't afraid to say what most everyone is thinking. The American people have been lied to and BSed for so long that we are drawn to the "refreshing honesty" (however tasteless) like moths to a flame.

The fact of the matter is that he is a shrewd businessman who knows his way around the dollars and cents troubles that we are in. He is also a showman who knows that the more noise he makes the more attention he gets, and negative attention is better than no attention. He has, over the years, bought enough politicians to know that every vote cast for him in the primary is a vote taken away from a valid Republican candidate, therefore paving the way for someone else (perhaps someone from his wedding guest list). He is a billionaire — a smart and ruthless money-maker who always has a personal agenda. And, might I add, the Laconia Daily Sun is doing a fine job feeding into him.

First, when reporting on the Trump rally held in The Weirs, it was said that the event opened with Mr. Trump commenting on the subject of his opponents when in actuality the evening opened with him addressing the media. He looked directly at them and told us that they would report exactly what they wanted. That the media had censored and manipulated his comments to sound differently than they were intended. He was right. Not one word was mentioned about the challenge made by a Blue Star mother, or his response to the like. The Sun isn't alone in this as WBIN, WMUR, CNN, as well as the Union Leader, the Citizen and the Boston Herald were all there and all fell short.

Secondly, Mr. Trump repeatedly speaks of how he is not taking donations to his campaign. This way he will not be obligated to any special interest group the way other politicians are, all the way down to local officials.

Now, I'm not saying this is how it all happened ... nor am I accusing anyone of anything ... but ... it sure looks fishy to the average Joe when the very man who cast the deciding vote on the Lakeport Landing sale smears a huge story about the possible "special interest group" all over the front page of his newspaper. Just sayin', in the very narrow eyes of a very narrow-minded New England community it doesn't look good. It looks like the city is taking yet another opportunity to throw salt into a wound ... a wound that they just won't let heal. By having a mayor that plays a dual role as editor of the local free paper what you end up with is the government controlling the media, once again proving Mr. Trump right, allowing him to gain more momentum which in turn serves his agenda to pave the way for a candidate that he probably already owns.

Holly Tetreault


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Why not give a little in return for all that you have received?

To the Daily Sun,

I would like to comment on the letter by the Gilford resident in Thursday, Aug. 6's, edition. In her letter she seemed to be annoyed by those who think able-bodied people should work for their living, and not be a burden on others. She said churches "pick and choose their favorites to help" leaving others, like her, to fend for themselves. How has she been left to fend for herself, when she said she receives SSDI benefits to help support her?

How about saying thank you, ma'am, to all the people, like my family, who go to work and help you survive? They pay the taxes that make it possible for you and others to live on those benefits. They struggle daily to pay the bills with what's left of their wages after the government takes its share to help the needy like you. How many people work low paying part-time jobs, only to be laid off when the business fails, or the boss finds someone else who will work for less money? Who will help them? Who cares when they can't find enough jobs to live on, and they struggle to keep their car, or a place to live?

I don't know your circumstances; maybe you really need the SSDI benefits. Just don't sit there and criticize those who are working hard to live, and are doing what they can to contribute to their churches to help others. Churches are not bottomless wells of money; they do need to set limits so that funds go to those most in need. They depend on donations from their members, yes, and we should give thanks to God that parishioners give generously when they can. Many also give their talents and their time to help, not just their money. Doesn't that count for something?

Jesus really did feed 5,000 people, by the way, but he only did it after someone brought to him those few loaves of bread and fishes. That's how God works. He asks us to give what we have, and then he makes it grow into blessings for all. Why not see what you have to give, and give a little in return for all that you have received?

Doris Morrissette


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