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Many thanks to those who enabled LHS dunk tank fundraiser

To The Daily Sun,

Laconia High School's Homecoming Week was a huge success. Student participation appeared at an all-time high and the enthusiasm around the homecoming float themes was impressive considering it required some of the classes to do some quick research to determine how to best represent their decade!

A big hit during the homecoming week was the dunk tank competition that faculty, staff and students participated in. Donations to vote for an LHS Administrator to be dunked during the pep rally were made to the LHS Student Emergency Fund. A total of $250 was raised and Assistant Principal Dave Bartlett earned the most votes and was dunked several times by students who generously donated money to the fund.

Many thanks to the Laconia High School community for participating in this fantastic fund raiser. The excitement and anticipation it created showcased the LHS Sachem school spirit that seems to grow every year at Laconia High School.

Laconia High School would like to give a big thank you to Taylor Rental in Belmont for donating the dunk tank during the Homecoming Pep Rally. It's wonderful to know that a local business recognizes the benefits of donating their time and product to a great cause. In return, many local families will have access to the support they need to improve their situation through the LHS Student Emergency Fund.

Wendy E. Hamill

Director of School Counseling

Student Council Adviser

Laconia High School

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Apparently to Mrs. Clinton, 'every child' description has its limits

To The Daily Sun

From the mouth of Mrs Clinton: "I will work every day to ensure that every child can use their God-given talents to achieve their full potential."

Mrs. Clinton and Clinton supporters: aborted children who are butchered from their mother's womb deserve the same opportunity.

Dennis Morrissette


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