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I'm moving left because that's where the adult candidates are

To the Daily Sun,

I just read an end-of-year piece at the back of the end-of-year Time magazine by Joel Stein describing "the year the adults gave up" and I am inspired. (Disgusted actually).

The most poignant message being that we can now no longer explain to our teens why Kanye should not be president. I'll take that a step further — or teenage mutant turtles, or Sponge Bob for that matter. We have given up. I present "The Donald."

I remember my sixth-grade history textbook picture of the cartoon depiction of the guy selling snake oil. Grown-ups lie!? I was a sweet child with a deep conscience. The 1960s opened my eyes! As the song says, we lost Martin, John, Bobby and too many others. "Turn, Turn, turn" ... Here we are.

So all of us 30- to 70-year-olds, what are we doing? It is time to be grown-ups. Adults get up, go to work, bring home the bacon, feed the family, grow a garden, care for the kids and our parents, welcome a stranger, make your bed, go to church (or synagogue, mosque or temple), walk a mile in another's shoes and, for Gods sake, lay down your arms, open the window, vote, use your mind, voice and hands.

And ladies, we fought too hard for the job, the vote, our bodies, ourselves, Title 9 and our voice. Don't give it up. Don't give it back!

As for me, a declared independent, moving left because Hillary and Bernie are at least adults in my book.

Sandra Ringelstein

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To have a veteran's status you need to have been in a war zone

To The Daily Sun,

Senior Chief Healy, one of our New Hampshire native sons had lost his life in Afghanistan. He was part of one of our Special Boat Teams (SEALS) attached to SEAL Team (no names please). I was the air mobility coordinator who had moved the team into country. I had never met the senior chief but I had direct contact with the team. The Special Forces are a small tight knit community and when you lose one member you lose a family member, closer than you can ever imagine.

Being in a foreign war zone is just that, a war zone. To have a veteran's status you needed to be in a war zone, in a combat area. To have just served in the military and not in a combat area doesn't give you a veteran status. It would degrade the men and women who have served and died in combat areas to be aligned with those who had just served in the military but never went to war, and who now expect the same status. As a veteran who has served five tours of duty in the Middle East war zone, believe me when I tell you that a $500 tax credit will never erase the memory of losing someone who had the misfortune of being sent into harm's way. Be proud of the service you did in the military and be thankful that you never had to step foot into a combat zone, it is not easily forgotten.

Congress has never authorized any Cold War (1948-2001) medals, it was never classified as a fighting war.

I will never forget Senior Chief Healy and the other Special Force men of the detachment who had lost their lives that fateful day, never.

Eric T. Rottenecker USN

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