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Join me in protest of this decision to allow the trapping of bobcats

To The Daily Sun,

By a vote of 5-4, the Fish and Game Commission has initiated an order to allow the trapping of bobcats next December.

It is beyond my comprehension why anyone would vote for such a cruel way to kill these creatures of the wild. This narrow vote of one has sealed the fate of these animals who roam our woods. The kittens are being born in late spring, thus making them prime targets for this cowardly sport. They will surely wander into these traps as they are just learning to fend for themselves, being under the protection of their mother for eight months.

As far as I know, there is no overabundance of bobcats in New Hampshire. So what is the reason for the kill? Anyone who has read Nicholas Evans' book "The Loop" which deals with the trapping of wolves in the West can thoroughly understand fully the pain and suffering a trapped animal endures. They try valiantly to bite off their leg which is holding them prisoner, but to no avail. They must wait until either a knife or a bullet ends their life.

It is my hope that there are caring people who will protest this action by Fish and Game by any means they can.

Betty O'Donnell


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I've concerns about long-term drug use replacement for addicts

To The Daily Sun,

I have directly been involved in the lives of folks addicted to drugs since the age of 12.

As a Laconia native, I started using drugs at that age and stopped using them (10 of those years as a daily heroin user) after 16 years in San Diego. I have been substance-free for 29 years. I have concerns regarding the long-term use of drug replacement as a mainstream go to treatment for addiction.

Too often, the most extreme examples are cited to support a course of treatment. The fact is that opiate withdrawal is completed within a 15-day period. It seems that an industry of professional practice is building with the arrival of funds. Those professionals should be only for critical intervention ... they shouldn't become the long-term reality of people's lives.

The state funds would be more wisely applied to community chemical-free resources that serve to integrate folks into a chemical-free community/lifestyle. We have to move away from raising our kids on Adderall, blunting their anxiety with Benzodiazepines, providing medical marijuana for their emotional discomfort, Suboxone or methadone for years.

Stripped of the PR lingo — addicts are offered a 1/2 life of monthly prescriptions and 15-minute therapy visits — addiction is slavery, upgrading from field slave to house slave is not the same as freedom. There will always be a tiny number of people who really need the above medications, but not an entire generation of people.

Robert Johnson

South Sutton

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