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I wish to continue service on school board and selectboard

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Richard Hanson and I am running for my seventh consecutive term as a (member at large) on the Inter-Lakes School Board and my second term as a selectmen in the town of Center Harbor. I am appreciative of the support and trust I have received over the past years and will strive to continue to represent the citizens of the Inter-lakes school district and the town of Center Harbor in a balanced and thoughtful manner. I would appreciate your vote on Tuesday, March 14th

Richard Hanson
Center Harbor

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Don't belittle my friend and brother in the Lord in a public forum

To The Daily Sun,

In response to Denise Burke's letter of Feb. 25 regarding the Holy Grail of the Lakes, the Kennedys may hold the deed ma'am, but the building belongs to God. Everything does. If you're saying because the Kennedys hold the deed it's none of God's business you are wrong. If you are saying God does not give direction to men you are wrong.

I started this engagement by declaring that I did not want to take up the burden of the Holy Grail. God did not speak to me about it. You without cause, other than you frequent the Holy Grail, belittled my friend and brother in the Lord in a public forum. He did no evil to you. He did no evil to the owners of the Holy Grail.

If God is of the same heart as he in this, he did him a favor by being faithful to deliver the message.

Are you so arrogant in your heart, that you could not come to imagine that God could put a burden on someone like Bishop Blake's heart for the misuse of the cross the symbol of his son, who gave his life for men's sins?

John Demakowski

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