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VNA Hospice care makes losing a loved one easier to bear

To The Daily Sun,

Last December my amazing mother, Gloria S. Bullock, died of metastatic breast cancer. She had been successfully living with cancer for over 25 years until the medication stopped working. She gladly accepted home hospice care from Central N.H. VNA & Hospice, and she, my dad, my husband and I became an army of four.

The nurses assigned to my mother, both named Linda, were absolute angels to her and to us. Not only were we blessed to have mom at home in the beautiful bedroom she and Dad shared, but we had the support, help and kindness from our "Linda's."

When it was too hard for Mom to get out of bed, we asked for a hospital bed, and it was there immediately. Anything we needed, we were given with speed and kindness. Hospice meant help and comfort both for Mom and for us as well. As we became caretakers, we had the support and help we needed, and arms around us when we felt we couldn't keep going.

Hospice meant that my Mom could be at home with family and friends. It meant that we as caretakers had the help and support we needed when we needed it. Mom was treated like the queen she was and to her last breath she knew she was loved and cared for.

We can't thank hospice enough. It is clear that everyone at hospice truly cares for the patient and the family; it is a blessing for everyone involved. One of Mom's final requests was for donations to be made to hospice in lieu of flowers.

I strongly suggest that anyone who wishes to donate to a great cause should consider making a donation to hospice. This organization makes losing a loved one easier to bear knowing that they are receiving such loving and kind care.

At this time of year, the hospice program will offer a very important Tree of Memories celebration on Saturday, Dec. 10. Besides raising funds, it is an opportunity to honor family, friends and Hospice members.

Dad and I miss Mom every day, but I am comforted in knowing that she received the best care possible. Hospice is a blessing and comfort both to the patient and family, and is the "soft place to fall" when we feel we can no longer stand on our own.

Jane (Bullock) Fraser & Ned Bullock


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American voters have put an end to the 'inclusion' delusion

To The Daily Sun,
One of the main beefs on the ALL-inclusive left (Democrats) left is that the philosophy of inclusion is endangered by Donald Trump. Apparently, the anti-Trump people think we're basically harmonious and the world will come to an end because Trump was elected.
Is it me, or is that point of view about as strange as Kanye West wanting to run for the White House? More than sixty million Americans do not feel that President Obama included then in his grand-left wing vision.

There is not a man on this earth more opposite to Barack Obama than Donald Trump. Sixty million folks is a huge crew, and again, many of them feel excluded, not included, by the president's policies.
It is not inclusive to force nuns to fund birth control and promote abortion without limits. I think ALL sane people would agree that is not inclusive to Americans who have sincere beliefs on life.
Same thing for forcing Americans to pay more for health insurance, so the poor can have free or subsidized health care. Millions of working Americans are not included in the benefits of ObamaCare. It is not inclusive to ignore the hard-drug epidemic in America while devoting resources to other less significant issues.
Then there's illegal immigration. It is not inclusive to fail to monitor the workplace so that foreigners who have no right to be here can secure jobs. That excludes American citizens from fair marketplace competition.
The fantasy of open borders is not inclusive when most Americans strongly reject that concept. It is not inclusive to fail to protect the poor in Chicago from murderous gang violence.
My family is protected from gang violence, thank God , but that is not the case for inner-city residents all over the country. Therefore, many urban folks are not included in effective public safety policies. Failing to protect ALL Americans from illegal alien felons who defy deportation is not inclusive. Some cities harbor criminal aliens excluding ALL law abiding Americans from the protection they deserve and pay for through taxes.
Children in bad schools are not included in quality education, are they? Memoto the progressive community: opposing school competition is not inclusive. Hating your neighbor because he or she holds different views in not inclusive.
Forcing business people to support gay nuptials when their beliefs (Christian) are challenged is not inclusive either. It is not inclusive for government to target the assets of successful Americans while demoralizing them, like Bernie Sanders is championed on the internet, which includes everyone who is not liberal from inclusion in the "good person"club. Nothing the government can do about the other, than criticize dishonest and hateful reporting.
President Obama offers little criticism of the liberal media that generally adores him. You are living in a fantasy world if you think the liberal administration of the past eight years has encouraged inclusion.
The millions of Americans who have been excluded have now put an end to the inclusion delusion. And hopefully P.C.

Every Christian knows that God's kingdom is not ALL inclusive. The LORD JESUS said, "Verily, verily, except a man be "born again", he cannot see the kingdom of God." (John 3:3) "Jesus said unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me." (John 14:6)
No church, no civic club, no secret society, no lodge, no group, and no organization can save a man from HELL.
Only JESUS CHRIST, the SON of the Living God, can do that.

Bishop Paul Blake


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