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I really hate what Obama is & what Obama does but I do not lie

To The Daily Sun,

Guess I get under L.J. Siden's skin because I won't play his/her games. I refuse to "prove" what is common knowledge, established fact, or someone's opinion. Readers can almost hear him/her screaming hysterically as he/she slams his/her keyboard keys as he/she slanders, smears and lies about me personally instead of debating issues. Typical leftist tactic, detract readers from facts and issues and just spew hate and lies.

L.J. is particularly aggrieved that I presented an article written by an editor from The Blaze. Apparently to Siden's warped thinking, no conservative source can ever be quoted or taken account of. Siden's favorite MSNBC, (lowest of the lowlifes) is just fine though I bet. Well Siden, I never said the article was from other than from The Blaze and everyone already knows Glenn Beck is the owner of it. What a shock!

Now just so Siden understands, I do indeed hate Obama. I hate him because he's a proven liar. I believe him to be a Marxist socialist who does not have good intentions for America and her people. He has lied, stonewalled investigations if he ever ordered those investigations, or withheld any results from them. His minions lied to Congress or took the Fifth, He stirred racial divisions resulting in riots looting burning and cops being killed by radical racists thugs. Oh yea, Siden I really hate what Obama is and Obama does, but I do not lie.

I see Netanyahu won his election in Israel the other day. What, no congrats from our president? Guess he's pouting in the Oval Office anteroom. All his underhanded efforts to affect the election over there went for naught. It wouldn't have mattered anyway because the Jewish people will defend themselves and their nation from the hordes of Obama's Muslim buddies dedicated to destroying Israel and every living Jew in the world no matter who is prime minister. Just another thing Obama doesn't understand about the world.

Well, Siden, chew on this for awhile and dream up some more of your lies. You will not intimidate me into silence.
Steve Earle


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Week after I retired from military I realized country is full of whiners

To The Daily Sun,

My response to Mr. Eddy will be as follows: I want to say, "No," I by no means tried to put words in your mouth. I was returning to offer to you that you offered Mr. Hoyt, which was if he doesn't want to be exposed to opposing viewpoints in the pages of The Sun, stop reading them and leave the rest of us alone.

I felt that for you to point him out and not mention any of the others by name was as they are all right-wingers. I have read a few of your past letters tonight and though I don't agree with all you write. I don't believe I ever mentioned you in a letter before. I can accept your right to an opinion as long as it is based a known subject which many would have different opinion.

I am watching Fox News now — The Kelly File. I admire your mention of your life experiences around the world. I have written about this before, however in brief. I joined the Army right after high school, 17 years old. I served from 1958 till 1978. I served 9.5 years overseas in France, Germany, Thailand and Vietnam. My point being, raised in the 1940s, we were taught to respect our elders. I'm sure you know that their is no such thing as "freedom of speech "in the military.

A week after I retired I realized this country is full of protesters, whiners and other names which I am not free to write. I worked the next 20 years as a cross-country truck driver, traveled through 46 states and seen enough of this country to know that if you listen to those who complain about illegal immigrants that in fact do the jobs Americans want no part of. If anyone feels differently, travel Interstate 10 from Florida to California, Interstate 5 north to Bellingham, Wash., and see for yourself.

I understand you want your right to free speech, Messrs. Meade, Wiles, Earle can get together and fill The Daily Sun full of garbage, and if you doubt that reread my letter March 21, plus those by Wiles and Earle. Enough said.

Henry Osmer


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