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Parents' emails to superintendent & board members go unanswered

To The Daily Sun,

Sadly, it appears that certain members of the Alton School Board have decided to continue with their deceptive ways in order to serve their own agenda, which is to elect Steve Miller as the chair of the board. The two newly elected members, Peter Leavitt and Michael Ball, who were both blindsided by this same board at the last meeting when it was abruptly ended by superintendent and co-conspirator, Maureen Ward, will not, as I understand it, be available to attend the meeting on April 25.

The date chosen happens to be the first day of Spring school vacation, so obviously many families will not be available.

Why didn't the board try to find a date when all members could attend? To add insult to injury, the April 25 meeting is not open to public input. So now it appears there will be a meeting of three school board members, solely to elect Steve Miller as chair, and once again; no opportunity for community members to have their voices heard. I am appalled that this kind of behavior is allowed by elected officials.

It's a travesty when such deceit and dishonesty is used by board members whose responsibility is to collaborate with community members in order to make the best decisions possible for the sake of the education of our children. Steve Miller's ego is apparently getting in the way of his ability to do his job.

Parents' emails to board members and Maureen Ward have gone unanswered.

We, as parents and residents, have a right to know what information the board has used to make recent major decisions that will have significant effects on the schedule and staffing at Alton Central School, yet our requests for information and a written educational plan go unanswered. How deplorable that Steve Miller cannot provide any substantial evidence, other than mention of "philosophical discussions," as to how the board has done its job, which is a public service.

Somewhere along the line, they seemed to have forgotten that they have an obligation to the community and transparency is implicit in their roles. Maureen Ward recently told Michael Ball that she would be willing to meet with community members to discuss their concerns, but I have no knowledge of such a meeting being scheduled. It seems Steve Miller and Maureen Ward either enjoy negative attention or simply do not feel that they have to answer to anyone.

The Alton School Board has become an authoritative one, and this is simply intolerable and downright unethical. As parents as residents, our voices deserve to be heard and this board cannot silence us forever.

Kim Mochrie


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2 large trucks full of electronic waste collected on April 23

To The Daily Sun,

The Laconia-Gilford Lions Club Electronic Waste Collection Day on April 23 was a great success and the club is grateful to all those who brought items and participated in it. Thanks to you, we filled up two large trucks with recyclable electronic items.

Special thanks to Lowe's in Gilford for allowing us to use their parking lot for this fundraiser.

The money that the Lions raised will allow the club to meet pressing needs in our community including eye exams, eye glasses, eye screening in the schools, hearing aids, scholarships to graduating seniors, Lakes Region Community Services, Community Health & Hospice, and assistance to food pantries among other local charities. The club greatly appreciates all of your support and looks forward to seeing you on October 15 for our fall electronic waste fundraiser.

Marylin Brown, President

Laconia-Gilford Lions Club

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