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I'm dismayed by Laconia's cavalier treatment of majestic oaks

To The Daily Sun,

My opinion may not count for much, since I am a resident of Gilford, but I should like to express my dismay at Laconia's cavalier treatment of its majestic oaks.

First it was the Perley Oak — 400 years old. No matter, its days are numbered. Cut it down! Fortunately that decision was rescinded.

Now that wonderful oak on Union Avenue. Its days, too, are numbered, as are yours and mine. It blocks the view, no matter that it is itself part of "The View" on an increasingly commercial and undistinguished Union Avenue. Cafua Management cares not for Laconia and does what it wishes, promises and conditions notwithstanding.

Is it not time for the City of Laconia to assert itself, require that Cafua Management move that exit, remove the impervious pavement around the tree, and let us enjoy that remnant of an earlier time as long as the tree itself shall live?

Barry Dame

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So, Laconia, what will be the fate of this awesome ancient tree?

To The Daily Sun,

Just a quick thought regarding the possible destruction of the iconic oak tree on Union Ave. Has anyone considered just reversing the planned entrance and exit to the newest example of urban sprawl? Pardon my simplistic reasoning, but this option came to mind after a little field inspection I did of the perceived problem. The requested solution will result in the removal of yet another valuable piece of history, to make way for what I'm sure will be a "can't live without it" business venture.

This tree, with a 14-foot circumference, has withstood everything man and nature could throw at it for well over a century, and is in relatively good health despite what some have intimated. It is a shame that the original edict made by the Planning Board to protect and maintain this "monumental shade tree" now may be in danger of changing due to new "problems" recently cited by city staff.

So, what will the fate of this awesome ancient tree be? I'm sure many of those who will be making the final decision remember strains of an old song: "paved paradise to put in a parking lot."

Ken Knowlton, Former Chairman

Belmont Conservation Commission

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