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Making band an after-school program makes it an after-thought

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is to support the music program at Laconia High School. Holding this program after school makes it like an after-thought.

Students get tired and stressed after a full day of classes and may choose not to participate. Then there are those who have after-school activities, part-time jobs or other responsibilities. Something as involved as music requires one's full attention.

As a former LHS band member, I know how rewarding and memorable those times are. I was involved from 1961-1965, under the capable direction of Mr. Bernard Williams. Over those four short sheets we enjoyed a trip to Quebec, the World's Fair in New York and an exchange concert every year. There were countless football games and parades.

Then, there were our fund raisers to support our activities — Mason's candy, peanut brittle drives and selling special calender's. Once a year we sold tickets for a concert in the school auditorium. Our activities (not tax dollars) paid for trips and the purchase of new uniforms.

The best times of my high school years were band oriented and I have bored friends and families with these stories for years.

The band showed me something that was bigger than myself and made me more confident. It left me with something I could use later and a few times I have played in our church.

Fast forward about 20 years and our daughter became involved in music. This time is was Belmont High School, under the management of Ray Cragie, He was an LHS band member, too — Class of 1968.

During those times, I relived my band experiences all over again. This gave us something in common, as we shared those times for four short years.

Music brings about relaxation, self confidence and attention to detail. When it is over, students have a skill not everyone has, but more importantly, pleasant memories that will last a lifetime of those short years.

Please support the music program.

John Morrison



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St. Vincent de Paul hosted volunteer appreciation dinner

To The Daily Sun,

The Laconia Conference of St. Vincent de Paul held its annual volunteer appreciation dinner on Monday, May 16. The dinner also celebrated the 25th anniversary of the conference. The affair was hosted and catered by Contigiani Catering Services at Peasant Ridge Country Club. The Contigiani's excellent cuisine and service was appreciated by all of the SVdP volunteers.

Approximately 160 current and past volunteers who staff and manage the conference's four programs — thrift store, food pantry, financial assistance program, and the Children's Foundation — attended the annual recognition of the volunteer service.

As an all-volunteer non-profit organization, such dedication is essential to the effectiveness and efficiency of St. Vincent de Paul in providing needed assistance to some many in the region. In its 25 years of existence, St. Vincent de Paul has never paid any wages or salaries; so more of our donations of clothing, furniture, and cash go directly for community support.

Five individuals received service awards: Jeanette Buckley, Jo Carignan, John Peavey, and Erika Johnson for 25 years of volunteer service, and Sue Page for 20 years of service.

Many Lakes Region vendors provided "door prizes" for a raffle. We wish to thank Fratello's, Local Eatery, Prescott Florist, Whittemore's Florist, Laconia Bakery, China Gardens, the Common Man organization, Home Comfort and Lavinia's in Center Harbor, Patrick's Pub & Eatery, T-Bones Restaurant, O's Steak and Seafood, the Faro Grill in Weirs Beach, Laconia Car Wash, China Garden, Laconia Village Bakery, O'du's Hair Salon, Court Street Salon, and Bootleggers for their wonderful generosity.

On behalf of these many volunteers and the people we serve, I offer our sincere appreciation to all in the Lakes Region who have supported us. Most of all, I extend my thanks to all the volunteers who have donated so many hours of their time for the benefit of the Lakes Region over our 25 years of service. Many thanks.

Erika Johnson, President

Saint Vincent de Paul Society



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