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Did $827 million stimulus package prevent inequality? Nope!

To The Daily Sun,

Did the taxpayer-funded "free subsidies" from government, embedded in Obamacare fix equality in health care? Nope.

Democrats already recognize the failure. The five major companies selling "subsidized "policies are losing hundreds of millions. All are seriously considering pulling out. Seeing this failure Democrats are now demanding even more costly, free, government, single-payer. Did the Democrats' idea of funny money from government for easy, no-down-payment, no-job mortgages fix inequality in housing? Nope.

That flawed, donkey idea created the deepest recession in more than 50 years, while it put millions out in the street. Did FDR's Social Security, or Medicare or disability insurance prevent national, economic inequality? Nope.

All three programs are bankrupt, boondoggles that cheat beneficiaries out of trillions in investment returns that are rightfully theirs. Worse, the programs are so bankrupt in the out years they threaten the future solvency of the nation and the living standards of our kids.

Did hundreds of thousands of pages of new rules and regulations from Democrats over the past half century on banking, lending and the securities industry prevent Inequality? Nope? All those rules have done is made every financial product more expensive while they allowed the biggest Ponzi scheme crook in history, Bernie Madoff, to clean out his "patsies."

Did the creation of the federal consumer protection agency, said to be mandatory to protect ordinary people from corrupt business interests, by Democrats prevent inequality? Nope. All the agency has done is add more constraints and oversight increasing costs for every consumer transaction in America. Did the hundreds of billions in record welfare spending from Obama over the last eight years cut inequality? Nope.

Did the extension of record unemployment handouts in ever more billions from government reduce inequality? Nope. Did the establishment of the pension benefit guarantee program from government (also bankrupt) intended to backstop pensioners from failed businesses reduce inequality? Nope. Did Obama's $837 million stimulus package that went directly to the deficit for our kids to pay back later prevent inequality? Nope. Does the fact government transfers today a higher percentage of its money from person A to person B than any time in its history prevent inequality? Nope.

The Democrats now have a new, and very expensive idea to cure inequality. It's free college. I understand. I am laughing too after writing the previous paragraph. It's yelled for with the same loudness, intensity, high emotion and certainty all the previous, deeply flawed ideas have been from FDR through Obama, with Kennedy and Johnson in between them.

Remember, Johnson was going to make the blacks better off. How's that worked out for them? Read my next letter on the unintended consequences of free college before that explodes in our faces like Obamacare has and the funny money mortgages did. It has all the same earmarks to become another trillion-dollar Democratic, boondoggle making inequality worse. Yes, worse!

Tony Boutin

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Let me tell you why I will make a great county commissioner

To The Daily Sun,

Mr. DeVoy, don't throw stones in glass houses.

Mr DeVoy, you seem to have nothing better to do then write about conspiracies and secret meetings. What do you think is going on. Your behavior is almost comical. You make these accusations yet, you are doing everything possible to help your associates. You are working extra hard to get Hunter Taylor and your other associate to join you as commissioners. You have reserved political ad space in the Laconia paper, yet you are not up for re-election, Why?

The greatest thing is all the whining you have done is just discrediting you and your associates, so good luck. Hopefully in time you will see morals and ethics are more important and we will be able to work together to show the rest of the state how to make a great county even better.

Now let me tell you why I will make a great commissioner. I let morals, honesty and ethics rule my decisions. I have a surgical background and a understanding of medical codes and billing. I have administrative experience in a hospital and medical school. I cannot only help secure our nursing home for now and the future, but also create a nursing home for the future that continues to be prosperous as our elderly are a valuable part of this county and state.

I have a vast amount of small-business experience. I have started, expanded and sold a vast variety of businesses. A surgical company. A trucking company. A fitness franchise. An exotic car dealership/repair shop. I was the president of a nursing/allied health school. I have overseen companies with as few as six employees to as many as 350 employees.

I am a longtime Alton resident, married, with two teenage boys who were raised and schooled right here in Alton. I have helped with many activities in our community like baseball, soccer, fishing and basketball. I also believe we should help the inmates in our correction center so they can become a productive part of our community and society. We can do this by embracing the programs available and find a responsible way to pay for them without taxing the people of Belknap County.

Jonathan Smolin
Candidate for Belknap County Commissioner


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