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I'm voting for Peter Fogg for Tilton selectman & urge you to do same

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to urge voters to elect Peter Fogg as selectman for the Town of Tilton. Mr. Fogg is a wonderful high school mathematics teacher at Winnisquam Regional High School. He is always taking time to help support his students in any way possible.

Peter Fogg is very involved in the community, always supporting the youth of today. Mr. Fogg has been a great supporter of the Friends of Winnisquam Football, doing anything he can to accommodate the program. He has also been an active supporter of Cal-Ripken Baseball and Little League Baseball.

Fogg has been the vice-chair of Tilton's Parks and Recreation Department, making sure that the football field is in good playing condition as well as the outdoor skating rink in the winter months.

I am voting for Peter Fogg as selectman, and I am urging all of you, too, as well.

Paul Despins

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Peter Fogg has my full support in race for Tilton selectboard

To The Daily Sun,

As a resident of Tilton, I write this to express my full support for Peter Fogg in his race for one of two seats on the Tilton Board of Selectmen.

I have known Peter for the past 13 years as a colleague teaching in the Winnisquam Regional School District. During this time, I have watched Peter's pragmatism, his drive to hear and expose all sides/views of a given situation through discussion and explanation, and his dedication to solving problems via understanding and compromise whenever possible.

As a parks commissioner, Mr. Fogg has volunteered his time and worked many hours maintaining both the field and ice rink located at the Route 132 Ball Field. His service as sewer commissioner has greatly expanded Tilton's sewer system, protecting our two lakes and rivers for generations to come. And Peter has done all this while maintaining a low cost structure to ratepayers in our town.

Peter is interested in improving the quality of life in Tilton, and has volunteered countless hours to youth organizations, including The Winnisquam Regional High School Parent, Teacher, Student Organization, Cub Scout Pack 248, the Tilton-Northfield Little League, and Winnisquam Regional Cal Ripken Baseball.

I believe Mr. Fogg's experience with the functions of town government will be an asset to the citizens of Tilton as he works to control spending and to keep our tax rates level.

Please join me in supporting Peter on March 11.

Ruth E Nelson


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So many good people, so much personal history, on the obit pages

To The Daily Sun,

As more and more obits for fellow Laconians appear in the papers it does bother me. Last year so many, and in Tuesday's edition more folks who were part of my history.

Lura Athanas, wife of Lou Sr., was telling me 30-plus years ago how to properly cut my steak during a yard party to signify that the end of another LAYBL season was here. At one of our tournaments Lura left the bleachers to retrieve me to meet a couple of ladies from Hudson. She wanted them to tell me what they thought of "our" tournament. Bear in mind Hudson had their own tournament. They said Laconia (Lou Athanas Youth BB) had the best one in the state. Some may differ, Lou would not have it any other way. For some reason Lura had this idea she had to keep me in line. Betty and I loved them both — Lou and Lura.

I worked with Bob Laflamme at NHBB in the late 1960s. We became friends, and when my displeasure with state government came through in 1973, it was Bob who talked me into seeking office, the one place to be effective. Bob and Len Corbin, another Democrat were running my campaign. Once again, it was someone who was part of my history.

My children would deliver the Union-Leader to the Minnons on Merrimac Street. George and Mrs. Minnon were very good customers. As we all know George had a talent for making you smile. So many athletes at LHS knew this good man. That was a perfect picture of George in the paper. He is someone in my children's history now.

Niel Young

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Article 30 is in no way an attack on Gilmanton Fire Department

To The Daily Sun,

Warrant Article 30 has become a hot topic on our Gilmanton ballot this year, so please come out to vote on Tuesday, March 11.

For the last several months the vacant FF/EMT-I position has been filled by part-time employees. Because we have such a high turnover of full-time employees, the selectmen have come to realize this is a great savings to the town as we are no longer paying for benefits or retirement.

Safety and services will not be compromised. When you call 9-1-1 the persons responding to your emergency still have the very same qualifications that full-time employees have. The only difference is you will be paying a lot less for the same service.

We have looked at all departments equally and have made some cost-saving adjustments without cutting services. The only department to balk has been the Fire Department, and instead of being reasonable they had a petition warrant article (#30) put on the ballot and are using scare tactics as a way to circumvent the recommendation by the Board of Selectmen.

This is in no way an attack on the Fire Department. We are attempting to save money in places that do not affect services or employees, and this is one way to accomplish it. It would be a lot easier to say "yes" to all the departments' requests, but this is the time to say "no." My job as your selectman is to be frugal with your tax dollar, and it is up to you, the voter, to decide if you want to support our efforts.

Please support your selectmen and vote "no" on Article 30. As one of your selectmen, you have my assurance this will not negatively affect the services provided by our Fire Department.

Selectman Brett Currier

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Voting 'yes' on Ashland articles 22-25 will reduce our tax burden

To The Daily Sun,

As we see the political Town Meeting signs start to pop up within the community of Ashland, I find it difficult to comprehend why the Ashland Water and Sewer Departments have taken the initiative to expend user fees to cover the costs associated with the signs asking Ashland voters to vote "no" on warrant Articles 22-25.

Voting "yes" on these warrant articles will reduce the burden of taxes for all of Ashland taxpayers.

We live along a roadway with several other voters in this community who do not have water and sewer services offered by these departments. For the most part those of us who are not users of these departments do not get involved or attend the water and sewer commissioners' meetings. We do not ask anything of those departments and have not since the creation of the services. We pay for our personal systems to be pumped and have our wells tested as needed — again, at no expense to any of the users of these departments.

The time has come for a change. It's time for these departments to accept and pay their own way by accepting responsibility and paying for the infrastructure bonds that are being paid by the taxpayers. As a wise person once stated, it's time for the monkey to get off our backs.

During the 2014 Deliberative Session, a presentation was given showing that these departments combined had over $900,000 in savings accounts, whether it is with the town Treasurer or the Trustees of the Trust Funds. They indicate these funds are allocated for specific purposes/infrastructure. What about paying for the infrastructure that has already been built and financed through these bonds?

Ashland Warrant Articles 22, 23, 24 and 25 will mandate those departments to place $48,400 into a special revenue fund to offset the expense of the bonds that you the taxpayer (whether a user or not) are footing the bill for. If all taxpayers had the services they offer or were informed that in the near future it would be available to us, it may be easier to ask us all to pay our portion of the bill. This is far from the case. The registered petitioners of these warrant articles believe that the user fees should be appropriate to cover the expenses of the departments these bonds included.

The bonds that are currently on the town's books are not bonds for town roads, buildings or equipment. They are all for water and sewer infrastructure. All departments have infrastructure that needs attention. Take a ride around town, look at our buildings, our roads and our equipment. What would the costs of these bonds pay for within the infrastructure of the town? We cannot afford many of the necessities needed for the individual departments of the town because the taxpayers are carrying expenses that should be paid for by the water and sewer user fees.

There is a chance that the user fees may need to be adjusted to compensate for the additional expense. Those users of the system should be advised that the tax rate has consistently been adjusted to compensate for the cost of the bonds. The time has come for the users to pay their fair share.

Please consider voting yes for warrant articles 22, 23, 24, & 25.

Anne M. Abear

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