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They're more concerned with losing toys than saving U.S. lives

To The Daily Sun,

Mr. Tony Boutin of Gilford calls Democrats "brain dead" because of their stance on guns and the control of their ownership. I disagree. "Brain dead" is the failure to understand that "Democrats in the 1990s" don't include President Obama, since he wasn't elected yet and cannot be held accountable. "Brain dead" is the inability to remember it was Ronald Reagan — a notorious Not-A-Democrat — who repeatedly pushed for gun controls as part of the Brady Bill.

"Brain dead" is the inability to comprehend that Congress is the body with the responsibility to establish laws and it has repeatedly refused to take on the gun lobby, including any legislation to target gang violence in major cities. "Brain dead" is the insistence on blaming the president for his executive orders that a vast number of uninformed conservative Americans seem to think the president is abusing, when in reality he has issued less of them (per term) than any preceding presidents going all the way back to William McKinley.

"Brain dead" is the belief that the Second Amendment allows Americans to own any gun they want. "Brain dead" is the lack of an understanding that current legislation — namely HIPAA — prevents the release of an individual's medical information without their express knowledge and permission.

And finally, "brain dead" is the constant squawking and kvetching about the president and his desire to protect American men, women, and children from some individual with a gun and their desire to use it to harm others.

Now, I'm an independent who supports neither Republican nor Democrat — someone raised with guns and with a healthy respect for them. Even I can see that the president isn't after anyone who wants to either hunt, or protect their family reasonably. He isn't trying to take away guns. He is trying to control the sale of guns to individuals whose previous actions or mental state preclude them from legal gun ownership.

"Life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness" were demanded in our Declaration of Independence. "Brain dead" would be to forget how those killed by guns in this country due of a lack of determination and foresight by legislators have lost access to those demands.

Mr. Boutin and his ilk are seemingly more concerned about losing their toys then they are about other Americans losing their lives. And that is so sad, it would almost seem "brain dead."

Alan Vervaeke

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I don't want anyone to go to bed hungry; does that make me a liberal?

To The Daily Sun,

I am continually amazed at this so-called presidential campaign and the way candidates, especially the Republicans, are continually tearing down this country, blaming Mr. Obama for just about everything, including the problems in the Middle East. I disregard everything the "local clowns" like "cement head" Boutin and of course "iron head" Young say. We all know they "don't like Obama" and the real reason for that.

No, I am talking about the candidates: Bushy 3, Blow his own Trumpet, Cruz (who is ineligible to be president). How about Carly, CEO of two, yes two failed companies. She was fired from Hewlett Packard and the rest. All are against everything and for absolutely nothing.

Where do the Republicans come up with these candidates? I am sure the past Republicans Like Bob and Elizabeth Dole, Bob Taft and even Romney must be appalled.

I am looking for candidates who are for something, who can lay out a plan for ensuring that nobody in this country goes to bed hungry, that everybody has a roof over one's head, that everybody in this country has access to reasonable, affordable health care, that children be able to pursue an education without fear of getting shot, that our young men and woman not be sent to fight in some foreign land to get some politician's company rich. Finally, that the seniors in this country be treated once again with respect by supporting improved Social Security and Medicare benefits they so richly deserve.

That is who I am looking for. That is the candidate that will get my vote.

Also, if that is being a "liberal" I plead guilty.

Bill Knightly

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