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Somtimes we can get so 'principaled' we miss the big picture

To The Daily Sun,

Frugality is a value of mine, and I don't like spending money unless it is completely necessary. But there are times to spend money so it does cost us more money in the future. The example is when we properly maintain a car today, it will prevent major repairs in the future. It's true, I don't have to spend the money, but I choose to spend it because I know in the long run it will be more cost effective. This example also relates our local government and how we choose to invest our resources.

I don't like paying more taxes than I need to, and I want to keep our taxes as low. But there are times we need to spend money today to ensure it will not cost us more in the future. Sometimes we can get so "principled" that we lose the bigger picture.

In the process of electing our next Belknap Country commissioner it will be important that we look for a candidate the can see the future, and help make decisions for us, the tax payer, to keep our taxes low for the long term and not just for an election cycle.

Glen Waring who is running for country commissioner is one who I believe has the character, experience and the foresight to work collaboratively to find solutions for Belknap County that will not only good for the taxpayer today, but are solutions that will be good for my children, who will be the taxpayers in the future.

Mark Warren

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Gary Johnson for president, he's fiscally conservative & socially tolerant

To The Daily Sun,

In response to Althea Dunscombe's letter in The Sun on Aug. 26, it seems she has bought into the same pervasive belief that there are only two choices in the upcoming general election. And that belief is exactly what the two major parties (GOP and DEM) want you to continue believing. If there were ever a general election that demonstrated the sad truth that the media, largely influenced by the two aforementioned parties, want to continue with a duopoly of choice, than this is the year. And it is very sad.

We are a relatively young democratic republic and those who aren't aware, the Republican and Democratic parties were not always the only party choices. There were the Federalists, the Whigs, Jeffersonian Republicans, Anti-Masonic, and more recently the Green and Libertarian Parties. It took voters to effect change and this caused the existence of some of these well-established parties to fade into the history books.

What causes me alarm is Althea's point of taking a leap of faith. I assume she is insinuating that equates to a vote for Trump. Wow, that sort of echoes Trump's suggestion that you may as well vote for him because you have nothing to lose. Sorry, I am not buying either of those two suggestions. I don't take leaps of faith and I have a lot to lose and so does America.

I educate myself, listen to the candidates, and do my best to sift through their campaign rhetoric and compare what they promise, to what they have delivered in the past and make my choice. I will choose neither of the two major party candidates and I feel a vibe in our communities and in the national discourse that a whole lot of Americans feel the same as I do.

Unfortunately this myth of the duopoly falsely paints our citizen voters into a corner where they feel compelled to vote against the candidate they fear most. That is really a sad commentary on the choices that the major parties have offered this election cycle. This is where I invite you to learn a bit more, no make that a lot more about the other candidates that you can vote for this November.

I am particularly keen on Gary Johnson the Libertarian party candidate. I lived in New Mexico prior to, during, and after his two terms as that state's Republican governor. He did wonderful things for New Mexico, which before his terms was mired in debt and corrupt politics. He took a deficit budget and, using his background as a very successful businessman, his down-to-earth common sense, and very strong moral fiber, and within his first term had eliminated the state budget debt and began building a surplus. All the while he made very substantial infrastructure improvements, greatly improved the quality of public education, and became known as the veto governor. He was re-elected in a landslide in a largely Democratic state. Of course his successor took the surplus he left behind and quickly wasted it and created another deficit budget.

I also got to know Governor Johnson on a personal basis as I had the good fortune to spend 500 miles with him as medical support on his inaugural cross-state bicycle ride to promote his "Toss no Mas" anti-litter campaign. I rode with Governor Johnson, his former business manager Harold Field, his secretary of taxation and revenue John Chavez (whom I knew from racing and training with) and we had a blast. We camped out each night and with all that being said, I can say with no reservations that Gary Johnson is the real deal.

He is not a career politician, so for those of you that find that attractive about Trump, there you can check that off. Gary is a self-made very successful businessman that started a one-man handyman service and built it into Big J enterprises, one of the largest construction firms in New Mexico.

Governor Johnson is not a dynamic public speaker, but he is exceptional at understanding the issues, formulating a plan, and executing it fairly and efficiently. Just don't expect spit-and-polish when he speaks.

If you want to know more about him, and I hope you do, please do your own research. His mantra of fiscally conservative and socially tolerant strikes a chord with me and my being an independent he much more closely aligns with the issues that are important to me than either of the "only two choices" as Althea inaccurately put it.

Pat Furr

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