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These sowers of violence are already in aa state of mind where all they need is a little nudge

To The Daily Sun,

The great author Robert A. Heinlein once said, "You can sway a thousand men by appealing to their prejudices quicker than you can convince one man by logic." And apparently, when you are old, you can be swayed that much quicker.

Donald Trump meet Steve Earle.

And by the way Steve, I never once said you weren't entitled to your opinion, as gaseous and toxic as they frequently are. I support your right to an opinion 100 percent. I just don't have to agree with it. You love your rhetoric, and I love my facts and data, and the two simply don't mix.

I hope that when I get to be your age, I don't cower in my bunker, afraid of change or things that are new or different. Many people are afraid of change. Many people are afraid of different. And some like you will spew and regurgitate half-baked pseudo-facts and rhetoric to spread that fear. So share your opinions far and wide in whatever medium you choose and people like my 'V Twin' and I will gladly, happily, joyfully, and intelligently counter most anything you say.

Your Donald Trump is the George Wallace of the 21st century. Remember George? "Segregation Now. Segregation Tomorrow. Segregation Forever." He also played to people's fears. He was where the Democratic Party hit rock bottom, and four years later all of those people fled to the Republican Party and they have stayed there ever since. His message of hate and intolerance reverberated with the poor, the uneducated, and with older folks. Then George got shot — perhaps by someone encouraged to exercise his Second Amendment rights (like your Donald does frequently). Donald has been encouraging Islamic violence for the past year, and then tells everyone just how right and prophetic he is when it happens.

The saddest part is that these sowers of violence are already in a state of mind where they only need a little push — a nudge — and off they go. Just like many of those Christians who grabbed guns and killed abortion doctors and nurses and police officers and innocent bystanders. I personally see little difference. Violence incited by religion is the reason why we have a separation of church and state in this country.

So whether you are truly deplorable or not really doesn't matter. Even though we know that label was applied to members of the KKK, the Aryan Nation, or spittle-spewing and xenophobic or homophobic or Islamophobic misogynists.

Now if you fall into one of those categories, by all means take on "deplorable" as an adjective. Wear it proudly, Steve! Because in the meantime, others will continue to stand for America as a whole and everyone in it and anyone that sees it as Ronald Reagan did — that "America is, and always will be, a shining city on a hill."

Alan Vervaeke


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Let's make Social Security the mandatory pension plan for every union

To The Daily Sun,

The bipartisan policy center just published a report on retirement entitled "securing our financial future". Former Democratic senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota is the co-chair of the center. The report, more than two years in the making, focuses on the endless billions in underfunding embedded in Social Security. Politicians are afraid to address the issue for fear of voter backlash at election time. Even now, spending for benefits exceeds the incoming revenue to pay for them. That shortfall between income and expenses to pay benefits widens every year for the next 40 years.
In 1983 Social Security required major surgery to fix the same impending bankruptcy issues we face again. Insolvency fears never go away because Social Security is a variation on a Ponzi scheme that if run by private enterprise would be most illegal. We only allow the U.S. government to operate bankruptcy embedded cons. The rescue package back then nearly failed. It took the courage of flamboyant democrat Tip O'Neil and Ronald Regan to pull a backroom deal to save it at the final hour. Tip and the Gip had to INCREASE withholding taxes on every worker and employer while cutting benefits to make the program solvent, and solvent only TEMPORARILY. The same hard, unpopular fixes are required again to make Social Security solvent. Guess what? Current politicians refuse to make those hard choices again. Democrats simply hate to admit they designed a program that is a total piece of crap. Being required to increase payroll taxes AGAIN on people earning the lowest wages in America while cutting their benefits AGAIN proves there is no doubt of the boondoggle Social Security is for all, most especially the "Hillary deplorables"..
Worst of all, the program has created little economic fairness or equality for anyone in America despite the glowing promises that it would. Confiscating money from worker paychecks for 40 years while supplying a miniscule return on that money makes Social Security the worst performing pension plan in the country, hurting beneficiaries while helping government. Every private pension plan in America is promising rates of return (and achieving them) more than DOUBLE what Social Security returns to its beneficiaries. This represents hundreds of billions of dollars going into government pockets, INVISIBLY not into the wallets of Social Security beneficiaries.
The U.S. government is the biggest swindler in the country, bar none, all while inequality in America flourishes according to Bernie Sanders as he yells for an even BIGGER SWINDLER. There is no wondering why we have the outcome we do. Every program passed by Democrats since FDR promised to increase fairness and produce equality like Social Security have all failed. All have gone bankrupt or are BANKRUPT while hollowing out the middle class paying for them. It is no wonder why the WORKING class in America by a good majority now support Trump, as poor a candidate as he is. Even worse, there is nothing but insolvency in the future for all these programs as far as government accounts can calculate, including to the 22nd century.
Social Security is not even an asset on your balance sheet. You can't even borrow a nickel against it. You can't will it to anyone either. If you die before you collect, tough turkey. How do we fix this mess? I Suggest this. We make Social Security the MANDATORY PRIVATE PENSION PLAN for every union member from Boston to Los Angeles including the UAW. It must be run and operated the same way Social Security runs with all the same lousy disadvantages including half the return they demand on their current private pensions. These union Democrats are the people keeping the worst pension plan in America in existence for all the rest of us. They keep voting in office the democratic idiots who dream all this bankrupt crap up, who then refuse to fix it ,even when it is BROKE as far as the human eye can see.
Tony Boutin

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