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Thank you, whoever, for savings me such a lot of trouble

To The Daily Sun,

Whoever found my license, debit cards, etc. spread out all over Pleasant Street, I give you my most heartfelt thanks for picking all of them up and taking them to the police station. You saved me such a lot of trouble, and made up for my absurd belief that while pumping gas and placing my ID cards on the roof of my car, I wouldn't forget them.

Thank you for being a very good citizen.

Susan Goodnough


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This is just more proof of left-wing mainstream medai bias

To The Daily Sun,

Wow! Can you believe the mainstream media and CNN? Ben Carson, according to them, said he was offered a scholarship to West Point. Not an appointment mind you but a scholarship. Does any reader know the difference, I don't? Both, in this context, are free educations, so? So with the media obsession on this I think it's time again to ask just how Obama got into Columbia? All his records are still sealed; why is that? Did the media even ask about that seven years ago? Did CNN? No, and why not?

This is more proof of left-wing, mainstream media bias. They exposed that clearly at the last Republican debate and again now. Their excuse they say is Carson lies, yet when Hillary proved herself a serial liar at the Benghazi hearing what was the media response? Ho hum!

Anyone die as result of Carson saying scholarship instead of appointment? Did it cost tax payers one red cent?

What a farce! Just proves you can't trust today's media or liberal Democrats.

Steve Earle


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