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Lisa DiMartino and Johan Andersen offer us a positive change

To The Daily Sun,

We voters in Gilford and Meredith have an opportunity to start changing the way things have been going in our state House of Representatives. We have an opportunity to send two people who really care about people.

Lisa DiMartino and Johan Andersen offer us change. Change from division, change from the politics of no, change from a party that wants to control women's personal healthcare decisions and change from policies that don't place a priority on the education of our children.

Make sure to get out to vote and cast your vote for Lisa DiMartino and Johan Andersen.

Rick & Harriet DeMark


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What a choice; I can't support either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump

To The Daily Sun,

We are now going to vote for a serial liar and warmonger so that a self-serving maniac won't slip into the White House. So much for American exceptionalism.

Are we still going to be a beacon of light when the rest of the world thinks we are politically corrupt and an uncontrolled threat to anyone not willing to serve our national interests? We have smart bombs, dumb voters and leaders.

I really worry for our grandchildren's future when we accumulate massive debt to wage perpetual war. As a veteran I cannot support Hillary Clinton. As a human being I cannot support for Donald Trump. May God help the innocent.

Curtis Beaupre

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