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Thanks to all who helped make Gilmanton Old Home Day grand

To The Daily Sun,

The organizers of Gilmanton's 116th Old Home Day on Aug. 9 extend special thanks to all of those who made the event a success.

We are grateful to all our volunteers who worked in the kitchen, food booth, wait-staff, pie bakers, art show judges and participants, ticket takers, car parkers, crafters, vendors, Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts, American Legion flag ceremony, ambulance rescue, antique car participants, raffle hawker, Lindsay and Her Puppet Pals, and the Parker Hill Road Band.

Hearty thanks go also to everyone who attended to make our Old Home Day a grand day.

Sarah Baldwin-Welcome

For the Old Home Day Committee


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About Fox News: Many silly TV shows receive high ratings?

To The Daily Sun,

Recently I received a letter from Bob Meade, in it he invited me to visit a web sight. So this is addressed to him.

Mr. Meade, thank you for the letter, I always enjoy receiving mail that is not an ad or a bill. However, I have to tell you I already know what's going on with the refugee children. That's why I back Catholic Charities and anyone else that wants to treat these kids humanely. I can't believe that there are people who feel compelled to call these children "illegals." While I feel sorry for these people, I'm sorry but they are the ones acting lawlessly. I will always believe you have the right to say stupid things, that doesn't come close to making it right.

I saw one gentleman from Catholic Charities say they wanted to procure empty warehouses, office buildings, and schools to build dormitory type housing for these children. Those are my thoughts on the matter Mr. Meade, thanks again for your interest in my opinion.

On the same subject, one of the frequent writers to this wonderful paper questioned where the poor families were getting the several thousands of dollars it cost to send these children up north. These are families who love their children and they will make any sacrifice to get their children to safety. I don't believe it is any of his business where they get the money, but, think loan sharks, think selling anything and everything to save your child.

Now I have been waiting patiently for Mr. Earle to respond to my challenge to name even a single "made-up fact" he claims we on the left write about. I presume he is researching this challenge and is having some difficulty coming up with anything, when you're ready Mr. Earle.

But I seem to have struck a nerve with Mr. Jim McCoole. Gosh Mr. McCoole, what offended you so that you would write such a letter. I would like you to try to say exactly which of my points upset you so, pick one, just one. Was it asking Mr. Mayotte about what he thinks religious freedom means to him? Was it me pointing out the misdirection of the right-wingers saying liberals are in trouble in the coming mid-terms? Perhaps it was the fact that I know Christians, and other people of different religions, who have no problem with anyone's religious beliefs, as long as they don't try to impose them on someone else. I think it was probably when I pointed out that Jesus, were He to show up at our southern border, would most likely not be carrying an AK-47. That if you believe He would be, you are a CINO.

Mr. McCoole, I was raised by two of the most devout Catholics I have ever met in my life. I myself was Catholic until I was 12 when I made the decision to find something else to believe in. This was a very personal choice I made after seeing people who called themselves Christian doing and saying some very un-Christian things. Actually it was much more than just that, but that's the simplest way to put it. If I insulted any true Christian, that was not my intention and I apologize for the misunderstanding.

Mr. Earle is certainly king of the "half-truths" line of opining. The letter where he misquotes Nancy Pelosi is the kind of classic half truth nonsense we have come to expect from Mr. Earle.

To Cathy Dawson: Mr. Earle either tries to be funny by misspelling peoples names or he just doesn't know any better. Either way it is just more of the disrespectful attitude he shows in almost every one of his letters, even when he pretends to care about the person in question. I don't know for a fact that the president hasn't asked Hamas to show some restraint, but I doubt he has. If anyone were to ask them to do that it would probably be Secretary of State John Kerry. But let's say the president did come out and ask them to show some restraint, you can bet the first thing to come from the right-wingers would be that he is negotiating with terrorists.

I would also like to thank Mr. Ewing for his wonderful advice to visit a couple of states to the south. To be honest I would have gone even without his urging. I wish I could still be there but my present circumstances won't allow it. Anyway, while I was there I was shocked, the roads, the taxes, the prices, the people. What a difference from here.

The roads I took to and from my destination were smooth and for the most part trouble free, some construction traffic, not to bad though. As to the sales tax, it of course goes hand in hand with the prices of taxable goods, here I really was shocked. The prices of things I regularly purchase in New Hampshire were 50 cents to a dollar cheaper, the sales tax is 6 cents on a dollar, and I was in one of the wealthier sections of the state. The gas prices there have dropped drastically since my last visit, a pleasant surprise to be sure.

And the people, as I ran into strangers in my running around, I greeted and was greeted by perfect strangers I noticed a lack of suspicion that I get here on a daily basis. I was greeted with many hearty "good mornings" and was happy to return the same. When I said good morning to people they responded with the same with a smile. While there are many people here that will do the same, most I have run into look at you like you want something from them that they don't want to give. It's sad really. I have found in my life that the most distrustful people are the ones you can trust the least. Anyway, I spent 10 glorious days in the most beautiful state in the country, in my humble opinion. That would be Connecticut of course.

One last thing, Mr. McCoole points out the ratings for a channel called Fox. Honey Boo-Boo, that Jersey shore show, and Paris Hilton, and many other silly shows enjoyed high ratings. Does that make them relevant to anyone other than viewers of these shows? I won't even bother to point out how ratings are gathered other than to say that Fox might actually have higher ratings than are reported, of course they may also have lower ratings.

Marty Valengavich


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George Hurt a non-nonsense conservative with common sense

To The Daily Sun,

George Hurt of Gilford is running in the Sept. 9 primary for a statehouse seat representing Gilford and Meredith. George is a no-nonsense conservative who has common sense and believes that fiscal responsibility is the best avenue to pursue when managing budgetary matters at all levels of government. We need this type of leadership especially at the state and county levels.

George is the founder of Hurt and Forbes Insurance of Laconia, a well-known company throughout the Lakes Region. He successfully operated the business for 30 years. He has previous legislative experience serving Gilford from 1995 until 1998. I believe that this combination of business success and previous legislative experience will make a difference for us in Concord at this critical time of our economy.

I have personally know George for many years. When he says he is focused on improving New Hampshire government and Belknap County government for us, you can believe we will have a strong voice representing the communities of Meredith and Gilford.

We should all support George Hurt for his bid in the Republican Primary Sept. 9.

David R. Horvath, Sr.


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Right wing, left wing? Who cares? Nation founded on trust in God

To The Daily Sun,

In response to Mr. James Veverka's malicious, hateful letter: every time you write you must be reading out of Satan's personal diary of all the people he hates, including God's people. 

James, you are being used by Satan; don't be such a fool to serve him. You will be full of madness, your letters have proved that over and over again, it's time to get right with God, and give Satan a black eye. God is love he manifested his love to us by sending his son (Jesus) to be the sacrifice for all mankind's sins (1 John 4:8-12). 

All the people you slandered, are the Daily Sins top letter writers and most of Laconia folks would agree, God is a good God, he saves and heals, not kill and destroy, Jesus came to give us everlasting life, (John 3:16 and Psm 103: 1-4) 

I know, James, how you think and act, I was a stupid unsaved man 51 years ago, then I heard the Gospel (good news) and believed and asked Jesus into my life, I know he lives and in going to meet him soon, in Heaven, do you want to join me?

Fox News, right wing, left wing, who cares? This great nation was founded on "In God we trust"; return America to God and obey his word and believe me, our best days will be blessed by God. 

"The greatest love story, James, is "Jesus dying on a cruel cross, pouring out his life's blood for all", yes even you James. (Read 1 Cor 1:18-21). 

William "Liam" McCoy


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Something wrong with people who insist on supporting terrorists

To The Daily Sun,

Weird Wednesday is really here as I read the letter from Professor George Maloof. Good grief, another nutty professor from Plymouth State. His headline, "Human rights against Palestinians too numerous to count," made my stomach turn. I couldn't bring myself to read more then the first paragraph of this anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, hate rant.

This supposed educated person has apparently never in his life attended a history class not conducted by some terrorist organization or other. He can't count the violations because they are committed by Hamas against both the Jews and their own people and that doesn't fit in with his anti-Jewish, anti-Israeli mantra. Oh the poor Palestinians, you know the ones who elected, right, elected, Hamas to rule over them and cheer at every successful terrorist act committed against anyone not them. Over and over, decade after decade these Muslims terrorists have attacked Israel, Jews, Americans, British, anyone who doesn't give them a free hand at killing and terrorizing.

How this man has the nerve to write the stupid hateful things he does is arrogance, or ignorance incarnate. He has, in the past, written that any means justify the ends. So we should ask, "What are his ends here?" To eradicate the Jewish people from the face of the earth? That's what Hamas wants, it's in their charter. I believe them, why doesn't he?

Something's wrong with people like George Maloof who insist on supporting these terrorist organizations and blaming the Israelis for defending themselves against the naked aggression of religious, homicidal maniacs. Problem is these nuts don't even know they are sick.

Steve Earle


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