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Bernie has been fighting for the poor and middle class for 30 years

To The Daily Sun,

Senator Bernie Sanders is the best candidate for President of the United States.

There are many reasons for this opinion. One of the most important is his record of taking on problems facing the middle class and the poor. For 30 years, Sanders has fought for reforms such as: universal health care, free tuition at public colleges/universities, and fair trade that protects workers, the environment and American jobs. He wants to strengthen the social safety net that provides vital help for working class Americans who: cannot afford child care, have no doctor and face losing their jobs if they need to stay at home to care for a sick child or a newborn baby. Sanders has fought for these things because he believes it is right and moral to do so. Fighting for these issues makes him "...a democratic socialist," not a communist.
Sanders also has called for the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes. He wants to end tax loopholes for corporations that ship jobs overseas. He has called for raising income taxes for the rich to 50 percent. To Bernie, the top 1 percent should not be allowed to stash their wealth overseas to avoid paying taxes here. He proposes a Wall Street transaction tax to fund free public college for poor and middle class students. Under present tax law, Wall Street bankers can deduct, from their taxes, fines they have to pay for committing fraud! Does wanting to close this ridiculous loophole and these other reforms make Sanders a communist? No. Heʼs a democratic socialist. Whatʼs more, 67 percent or more of 1,500 likely voters polled agree with him on these tax issues.
A third reason for Sanders being the best candidate is the way heʼs running his campaign. He is the only candidate — of either party — who refuses to accept money from a super-PAC or other form of corporate donations. Does Bernie refuse big donations from corporate America because he hates capitalism and is therefore a communist? No. Bernie doesnʼt hate capitalism. But he understands that when capitalism runs completely free, only a very few gain and the many lose. The many lose jobs as in the Great Recession. They lose a clean environment. The many lose the social safety net, a net established to ameliorate the greed which capitalism feeds. They lose their democratic government because money starts to buy elections. The Koch brothers are committing $900 million to the 2016 elections, for example. In contrast, Bernie only solicits small donations from individual citizens, and heʼs being surprisingly successful at it. But is it such a surprise? No, because these donors realize that Bernie is one of them. At campaign events, he is outdrawing Hillary Clinton and any of the Republican candidates — even in "Red States." However, despite these successes and despite viewer polls which show Bernie winning the first Democratic debate, the mass media would have people believe that Sanders canʼt win — either in the primary or in the general election. The media keep repeating this claim over and over. Why? Perhaps itʼs because the mass media is owned by corporations or by wealthy families. Perhaps corporate America and the wealthy understand that if Bernie wins, itʼs us, the people, who win and not them.
Vote for the best candidate in the Democratic primary, and then for him in the general election next November. Vote for Bernie Sanders, and take the first step in taking back the government which is supposed to be "...of the people."

Mike Dowal
New Hampton

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DId Hillary & top aides complete the required training at State or not?

To The Daily Sun,

Hillary has embroiled herself in another scandal of her own making. This one concerns a law regarding protection of classified material. Material, which if released, could compromise our nation's security and get people killed.

For the record, the president issued "Executive Order 13526 – Classified National Security Information" in late 2009, requiring all employees with classification capability to take mandatory training. That requirement became federal law in late 2010. One would think the Secretary of State would be covered by the requirement and that the State Department would be able to confirm the requirement was met.

The State Department created a course subsequent to imposition of the requirement called, "Classified and Sensitive but Unclassified Information: Making and Marking," to satisfy that requirement. Those employees with classification authority who fail to take the course each year are supposed to have their classification authority suspended. One would think records at the State Department would be kept as to who took the training and when.

State Department employees are routinely denied access to information networks and systems for failure to complete this required training. Such action taken by the State Department appears logical as having untrained officials accessing sensitive material would be a menace to national security and could play into the hands of those who would endanger American interests. Audit and control without record keeping would be useless in assuring compliance.

Judicial Watch submitted Freedom of Information Act requests which have been ignored. They said basically: Show us that Hillary Clinton and her top aides at State completed the required training for the handling of classified information. Tell us if any of them had their access at the State Department suspended for not completing the required training. What training did Hillary Clinton take to allow her to make credible representations about classified information on her illicit email system? Tell us that Hillary Clinton didn't put the nation's security at risk. Tell us that she complied with the law.

The State Department is withholding the answers to these questions. Infer from the State Department's action or inaction what you will. The legal battle for the information is ongoing. My question to you today is: Why is funding that legal battle the best use of your tax dollars? Perhaps it is time to call your congressman and your senators and ask them: Why do they agree with the State Department's refusal to disclose? What have your congressman and senators done to protect your tax dollars being wasted fighting to withhold the answers to these questions?

Frank Guinta 202-225-5456
Kelly Ayotte 202-224-3324
Jeanne Shaheen 202-224-2841

Marc Abear

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