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Someone who I did not know started berating me for being liberal

To The Daily Sun,

A letter to Bernadette Loesch:
My friend, I am late in writing this letter but I want you to know I am outraged by the obscene and intimidating phone call you received due to your political opinions. This is inexcusable!
I could simply say "just consider the source" or tell you that the anonymous caller was just a gutless coward but I know it must have been scary for you. Some of our local right-wingers ARE scary!
I am glad you informed the police and hope (although it is doubtful) they find the caller and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. In the meantime, Ms. Loesch, please be safe. Some of these people are not exactly mentally or emotionally "balanced."
Usually, when people who disagree with my letters call or email me, they at least identify themselves. Nevertheless, there are those who have threatened or otherwise tried to intimidate me for my political and social positions. I have also let these people know that I refuse to be intimidated.
A fairly recent example of this actually had a humorous note. I was in a local grocery store and someone I "did not know from Adam" and who was acting very strange apparently recognized my picture from The Sun. He started berating me for subverting young minds with liberal propaganda, etc.

It turns out he thought I was Leo Sandy, who has not written for The Sun for years! Then he had me confused with someone involved in some school board politics. These folks should at least get their writers straight!

E. Scott Cracraft

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Is there a male out there who has not had a similar conversation?

To The Daily Sun,

As a private citizen, 11 years ago, Trump had a private conversation recorded (I wonder how much the Clinton's paid for that recording?) No one was hurt/assaulted by that conversation (unlike the actions of Hillary's husband) and for God's sake, if there's a male out there who's not had a boisterous sexual conversation with his buddies at some point in their life, I want to hear about it.

Now most of the news media, people in his own party and just about every Democrat is now demanding Trump drop out of the race. Folks he's running for president and not running to be the pope. (If Trump was talking about a male in his conversation, he would probably now have 10 million LGBT votes.)

As secretary of state, Hillary jeopardized national security by using an unsecured server. She then lied about sending classified emails and violated the law by deleting public record emails and then the Department of "Injustice" grants immunity to five of her top aides and she herself is given a free pass by the FBI. No one is asking her to drop out of the presidential race.

Why did Hillary wait till now to release this recording, when she likely had it over a year ago? Because she did not want any competition in the presidential race. If she had released this earlier, the Republican Party could have fielded another candidate. It's too late to do that because absentee votes have already been cast for both Hillary and Donald. As crude as Trump is, I believe he still has America's best interest at heart.

Dennis Robitaille


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