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President has shown sympathy for Muslim world by his actions

To The Daily Sun,

"The Grizzly bear is huge and wild, he has devoured the infant child. Infant child is not aware, he has been eaten by the bear." — A.E. Houseman's poem springs to mind as we look at Putin, the Russian bear and his newly formed Middle Eastern alliance.

"Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair. Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy, was he? Was he bare?" This kiddie poem springs to mind as we look at President Obama's feckless and frightfully "hairless" foreign policy. Remember Obama's multi-nation coalition to fight ISIS? The one that has been as feckless as his foreign policy. A policy that has been laid bare for all the world to see?

Recent reports appear to confirm that Putin has formed an ISIS intelligence sharing pact with Iran, Syria and Iraq and has seemingly done so without America's involvement or consent. How's that for irony? Iran, the country that Obama is supposed to be a diplomatic partner with by lifting sanctions and giving the Mullahs a $100 billion with which to sponsor terror around the world. Syria, the country that Obama used disappearing ink on when he dared it's leadership to cross his red line. And of course Iraq, the country that Obama abandoned and then ignored when ISIS began growing because they were just a jayvee squad, after all.

If Obama's actions are proof positive, then it looks for all the world that he still has no idea how to fight ISIS. Blame it on the coalition and of course, Bush. According to a Boston Herald report, "this administration hasn't even disrupted the Islamic State's $2 to $3 billion war chest by tracking and freezing it's financial pipeline. I thought our sophisticated cyber technology was second to none? How is it that we have spent north of $40 million to train a mere five to nine Syrian rebels? Perhaps we should not spend the rest of the $500 million on this abysmal failure of a plan to fight ISIS. If only Obama had not fired all his top military commanders along with their strategic expertise.

A Chinese aircraft carrier and missile cruiser have just transited the Suez Canal. It appears that a Chinese task force is set to join Syria's Assad and Hezb'allah forces to counter the U.S. supported Sunni rebels in Syria. James Lewis notes, "The Russians and Chinese have limited force-projection capabilities, but put them together, combined with Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Hezb'allah and Assad troops, and you get the kind of force projection only the U.S. has possessed in the past half century."

There is a change in global power politics happening as we speak. A new axis is forming in the region and the United States is "On the Outside Looking In." "An' I wanna be, an I wanna be back on the inside." The lyrics of this Little Anthony and the Imperials love song is eerily consistent with this country's position in the Middle East. Well, except that President Obama does not really want to be on the inside does he? He wants to leave that onerous and deadly task to the next president doesn't he? What would Hillary Clinton do? We can all shudder to think. Implosion comes to mind. How's that for a "war on women" and children and the nation's survival. "A vote for Clinton is a vote for extinction." How's that for a bumper sticker?

This powerful coalition may actually put a severe "hurtin'" on ISIS and that would be a good thing. However, as the United States looks away, the potential for a world war conflagration as a result of this alliance of strange bedfellows is rapidly becoming a real possibility. We desperately need a Republican in the White House. One who can quickly rebuild our military and reassert our influence before the world is set ablaze by the vacuum left by this country's purposeful lack of leadership. That's right, Obama detests our exceptionalism and has willingly ceded our power and influence to others. How's that working out for the world?

The question of whether or not Obama is a Muslim is irrelevant. What is tragically relevant is that our president has shown his sympathies for the radical Muslim world by his actions and we have to reverse that trend before all our children and grandchildren are conscripted to go fight for the very survival of this country and our way of life.

Russ Wiles

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Correct day for adjunct faculty 'un-conference' is Oct. 17

To The Daily Sun,

Well, with Oct. 17 being a Saturday (my earlier letter had the wrong calendar date), any adjunct faculty reading this, please consider joining the free gathering of adjunct professors at Concord's Holiday Inn; registration starting at 8:30 a.m. RSVP should be at: GreenChairPictures.com/NH-adjunct or http://bit.ly/NECUReg. We need a count for coffee-break order. This Un-Conference 2015 — "Connections" runs from 9 a.m to 3 p.m.

An un-conference lets the participants propose the topics, meet fellow faculty, strategize for the future, and at this one — see the documentary "Con Job". Please put this on your calendar if you are, yes, grateful for your teaching opportunity but, yes, questioning what you've done, taking such a low-paying job. Bring someone with you, someone sharing the situation that more and more faculty do, as campus administrations latch onto adjuncts at low salary as a costs-reduction measure.

I realize that some adjuncts in some situations are paid by the hour, and wonder does preparation time count as well as class hours? Grading time count? Then, how does adjunct pay compare to housecleaning pay or horse massaging pay? Pizza delivery tips/pay? Isn't there a better way?

Lynn Rudmin Chong

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