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Of course some have benefited from Obamacare, but at what cost?

To The Daily Sun,

There have been countless Obamacare letters written to The Daily Sun from liberals over the years — the latest from Mirno Pasquali, all infected with the same logic flaw.

The far left talks only about the benefit side of the ledger. A ledger has two sides, not just one. Liberals ask you to shoot logic in the head. Of course most people won't. That is why to this day the majority of Americans in every mainstream poll ever taken oppose Obamacare. These results infuriate Obamacare huggers to no end.

Mirno says, if you just keep focusing on the "benefit side" you will become as deluded about Obamacare as I am. I and hundreds of millions of other Americans demand a cost accounting of Obamacare, next to the benefit accounting.

A short review of Obamacare history reveals the following. Its the missing data Democrats refuse to talk about, including Mirno.

1. Five years into the program, the majority of Americans still firmly oppose Obamacare.

2 The cost side of the ledger reveals thousands of people harmed — paying much higher rates for every person helped. The help-to-hurt ratio sucks, to coin a modern phrase. No one denies Obamacare helps some people. But at what cost, to how many people? I can assure you Mirno doesn't know. More insulting, he doesn't want to know. His lack of compassion for those harmed sickens me. No one is going to have logical or common sense debate with Mirno about Obamacare.

3. Is it mere coincidence 20 million people have fallen out of the middle class since Obama was elected and Obamacare enacted? That many of those ejected felt the brunt of paying for those who benefit?

4. Is it coincidence that Democrats lost Congress after they passed Obamacare? Then they lost the Senate. Then they lost the majority of governorships. Then they lost so many state legislatures the Democratic presence shrank to numbers not seen since the early 1900s. Does that sound like an electorate in love with the Obamacare?

5. Is it coincidence that all the Democratic politicians who voted for Obamacare were immediately voted out of office.

6. Is it coincidence that just about every Democrat running for office has run from Obamacare as fast as their feet would carry them?

7. Is it coincidence Obamacare is producing what will be less-than-a-handful of giant insurers and hospitals that control all of health care while competition has all but dried up as the little guy in health care been blown from existence? Let Democrats once again extol their love for the little guy as Obamacare shoots everyone of them in the head, stone cold dead. I did not mention doctors because they have already been bought out wholesale by hospitals. Doctors and hospitals are now one entity. No small, independent doctor's office can survive the ravages, costs and compliance demanded by Obamacare. Mirno doesn't give a rats behind. I do.

8. Is it coincidence 55 percent of doctors in metropolitan areas already refuse to see Medicaid patients? That is where the majority of them live.

9. The percentage of people on Medicare who have trouble finding a primary care doctor are now at record levels. That number is now about 30 percent and going higher fast. Why wouldn't that be the case? Obamacare took $500 billion from the Medicare program and cut payments to doctors. Now, even fewer doctors are willing to treat Medicare patients because they go broke doing it.

10. Is it coincidence that the health outcomes of people on private insurance are better than those paid by government? This is a fact. Worse, government is already paying for 89 percent of all medical costs in America. That means 89 percent are getting poorer results than they should.

11. Is it coincidence health insurance rates on the exchanges are going up 25 percent on average in 45 states in 2016, while out-of-pocket deductibles increase as well. All on the cost side of the Obamacare ledger that Mirno refuses to talk about.

12. The health outcomes of people with no insurance are no worse than those who are on Medicaid. America is wasting hundreds of billions of dollars as the middle class hemorrhages people unable to make ends meet in order to subsidize free heath care for millions that produces zero medical benefits. It should be no surprise to anyone why the majority of Americans oppose Obamacare. No one without insurance, on average lives a day less than those on multibillion-dollar Medicaid. This fact has been pointed out a million times.

I can assure you the brain dead can't hear it. They refuse to look at the other half of the Obamacare ledger, the side that is ruining the lives of millions of people right now.

Mirno is dead wrong. I guarantee it. Obamacare will change, and dramatically, whether he wants it to or not. It is going to change quickly because many Democrats don't like many parts of it, because the majority of their constituents don't like much of it. Sanity will eventually prevail over the brain dead.

Tony Boutin

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Bob Meade - Assimilate . . . or else

There has been much made of the remarks concerning immigrants which were made by presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Bombastic though they were, they were not necessarily void of some truths.

In our last article, we wrote of how previous immigrants came in search of the American dream and how they assimilated into our culture; learning the language, working hard, getting educated, and being part of the "greatest generation" that fought and won the Second World War. But times have changed, not only in this country, but in much of the western world.

There is an outstanding YouTube video that illustrates the demographics of world poverty, and how the problems need to be addressed if they are to be solved: http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=LPjzfGChGlE&feature=player_embedded (Please take a few minutes and view the video. If you don't have the Internet, please copy the underlined information and provide it to the librarian who may be able to help you access it using the library's computers.) Essentially, the video shows that in order to effectively address the enormous poverty problems around the world, the knowledge and physical resources to overcome poverty must be brought to the poverty stricken areas. The sheer numbers of those in poverty are so large, that the wealthier countries simply cannot physically absorb the needy . . . the help must be brought to them.

Our most pressing issue in this country is assimilation. Or, more accurately, the lack of assimilation. Think about this . . . people leave their native countries seeking the American dream. They arrive on our shores and then choose to live in an enclave, not assimilating into the American culture, but expecting the American culture to be modified so as to mimic the culture from which they migrated. One glaring example can be found in Dearborn, Michigan, home of the Ford Motor Company. In a relatively short time, the Muslim community has grown to become 46 percent of that city's population and, in a 5-4 decision by the Dearborn City Council, it was decided to officially implement all aspects of Sharia law. Obviously, they are not seeking the "American dream" but are wishing to replace it with their former culture.

In California, the Census Bureau has reported that as of a year ago, Hispanics became the dominant population in that state with 14.99 million residents as compared to 14.92 million Whites, 5.3 million Asians, and 2.22 million Blacks. Nationally, the Hispanic population reached a high of 55.4 million people, or 17.4 percent of our total population.

The immigrant populations of the past learned the language and became educated. Pew Research has shown that in the 2000 Census, of those residents who were over the age of twenty five, 85.5 percent of whites had achieved at least a high school diploma, as compared to 52.4 percent of Hispanics. This presents a couple of significant problems. The first is that communities with high immigrant populations, not just Hispanics but Muslims and other minorities, must pay for and accommodate additional staff to teach English, and to have translators in various municipal offices and departments, and the judiciary, to accommodate the immigrant's inability to speak or understand English. Instead of placing the burden to assimilate on the immigrant, we often place the burden on our government to "accommodate".

Another issue is that, according to Pew Research, last year more than $120 billion was sent by workers to their families in their native countries. Of that amount, over $23 billion was sent to Mexico, and China-India-Philippines all received over $10 billion. Obviously, a country such as Mexico, is happy to have their unskilled citizens come to this country and earn money to send back to their families, as that relieves them of having to provide for those of their own population who are needy.

This problem, assimilation or the lack thereof, is not limited to this country, but is a significant issue in much of the western world. Because of declining birth rates, many countries in Europe needed to import workers from other countries; mainly the Middle-East. However, in many cases, they too have the problem of immigrants not assimilating but living in enclaves, bringing their native country's cultures with them. France has had many issues as there are enclaves within that country where police and fire departments simply can't enter. As we've seen in a number of European countries, the immigrant populations strongly resist assimilating but nevertheless demand the benefits available to those living in socialist countries. As a side but important issue, the immigrant populations are significantly out-birthing the native population of each host country. It has been predicted that much of Europe's native populations will , within a generation or two, be the minority populations in their own country.

Without assimilation, and without continued pursuit of the American dream, what will America look like in a generation or two?

(Bob Meade is a Laconia resident.)

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