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Don't fret, the United States of Stupid beckons us backwards

To The Daily Sun,

Welcome to another edition of Tea Party Potty Tricks, brought to you by the Center for the Study of Absurdity, where we strive to keep the best of the stupid in the news. This week, we would like to introduce some our newly elected Tea Potty Party clowns to the U.S. Congress.

First up is North Carolina's Mark Walker. In one of his debates he said he wants us to place the National Guard on the Mexican border. Baptist Pastor Walker says shooting the immigrants is okay. At one debate, the good reverend stated, "We got to go laser or blitz somebody with a couple of fighter jets for a little while to make our point." The moderator then asked if the U.S. should start a war with Mexico. "Well, we did it before, if we need to do it again, I don't have a qualm about it." Isn't he just gushing with the love of the Baby Jesus!

And how about Georgia's 10th district's Pastor Jody Hice? As a radio host he has been speaking bizarro-world for many years. In great news for godly women, Hice says it's okay for a wife to run for office as long as it's with her husband's authority. Hice is against church and state separation and claims Islam doesn't deserve First Amendment protection. Hice also contends "part of the gay manifesto is to prey on children," and "homosexuality is a choice that can be cured with prayer." Pray the gay away! He also believes in no limits to the firepower a citizen can own because "you cannot defend yourself with a BB gun if your opponent has cannons and bazookas and missiles." The stupid, it burns!

Wisconsin's 6th is 95.3 percent white, so Glenn Grotham was easily elected after mocking the African-American holiday Kwanzaa and stating that Martin Luther Day is "an insult". He also claims Wisconsin's protesting teachers were slobs and that federal programs like food stamps encourage sloth. And of course, crying in his beer, Grotham claims there is a war on men.

Down in Eric Cantor's old seat in Virginia, libertarian economist David Brat supports slashing Social Security payouts to seniors by two-thirds. He also wants to dissolve that mean ole IRS. He's called for drastic cuts to education funding and insists that "rich" nations have nothing to fear about climate change. Welcome to the United States of Stupid.

Atlanta's northern suburbs keep sending extreme right-wingers to Congress. The district's latest wild-eyed fanatic is Barry Loudermilk, a Tea Party brigand who wants state-run Medicaid to be repealed. Sounding like a lobbyist for a 19th century robber baron, Loudermilk claimed, "We need to start in the direction to where we don't have a Medicaid system, but we turn it back to the way it was before Medicaid, where there were non-profit hospitals that provided indigent care to the people, that were run by churches and religious organizations." Um, Barry, Churches and religious organizations are dying in America and could never have handle the numbers anyway. Gongs for the dumbest ideas.

Congressman-elect Rick W. Allen wants to scrap environmental regulations, jack up military spending, and like every right-wing nutjob, decrease the federal oversight of education and ship undocumented immigrants home. He also thinks Wall Street could do a better job for seniors than Social Security. Anyone home in there?

Ken Buck is back! Colorado's Buck is one of the far-right lunatics that Tea Party Brigands nominated in 2010 for U.S. Senate seats. That extremist strategy ultimately guaranteed another Democrat controlled Senate. Now a member of the U.S. House, Buck was a prosecutor who refused to go after confessed rapists (must have been legitimate rapes!), called homosexuality a lifestyle choice and asserts that climate change is not a man-made problem. Buck wants to privatize the Veterans Administration hospital system, says Social Security is "horrible" and he seeks to repeal Obamacare.

From Arkansas we have millionaire banker J. French Hill, who appears to have dual citizenship in libertarian la-la-land and funds a state-based "free market" think tank, the Advance Arkansas Institute. He hates Obamacare. Hill also worked for America's most unhinged Christian Ayatollah, Mike Huckabee and of course, wants more Bush era tax cuts. A smashing success that was.

Mia Love of Utah's first black (Haitian) Republican elected to the U.S. House. A Mormon, Mia favors phasing out Social Security and ending federal student loan and work study programs. The United States of Stupid beckons us backward.

James Veverka


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I embrace my disability as notion that I can be productive & of service

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to comment on the Department of Education's Vocational Rehabilitation Program.

I became involved in this program as a client in October. It is to the say the least a magnificent instrumental organization for people with disabilities.

This program offers hope and helps disabled people who, in spite of disabilities, wish to remain active and productive in the community.

As in my case, I have worked physically hard my entire life. I tried to maintain a good work ethic, even when work was being a physical challenge for me. The worst insult a person could tell me is, "You are not capable of doing anything." If that is not a ludicrous statement, I don't know what is.

Vocational Rehabilitation offers a rainbow of hope for a person with a disability, such as myself. It works. The staff and counselors are incomparable.

With age comes changes. I embrace my disability as a notion that I can be productive and be of service to community and help others.

Vocational Rehabilitation inspired this philosophical ingenuity to me. I am better for seeking the services of Voc Rehab.

Remember, in this free society we have control over our own destiny. No individual has the right to control it for you, or to even mention it. Arrogance for sure.

I greatly encourage any disabled person to seek out the services of Voc Rehab. They are located at Employment Secuirty and they are there for you, as they were for me.

Matthew Tetreault


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