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No power on earth should be able to take home & earnings at will

To The Daily Sun,

Our original intent to protect inalienable rights and the journey and fight to complete our experiment of freedoms is not complete as a nation.

Both Democrats and Republicans depend on income and property taxes as the principle means of funding government rule. Because this control to taxation is absolute, then the power is absolute and we are subservient to that taking. Our main means of survival, home and income, are first owned by the government and then allowed to us as the government so orders in tax code and kick backs.

Neither party advocates true liberty because these types of taxation —property and income taxes — are the most controlling and repressive, not progressive, by denying the independence we declared we wanted from the rulers of England. We live today as then with the same controlling means of survival, our home and income, being first owned by the government and then allowed to us to retain as the government so orders with kick backs divvied up to those closest to the rulers.

The original Constitution allowed us the most liberty and freedoms, it had no income tax and depended on import taxes, but the founding fathers were so indoctrinated with the power concept of fiefdoms under control of a sovereign ruler they never outlawed property taxes, the true individual freedom to be immune from rulers.

So too did Carl Marx's principles of government, as we do today, advocate control by land rents — property taxes — and progressive income taxes, both exactly what Democrats and Republicans have approved time and time again.

Our nation has one concern- do the rulers spend those taken rights of private ownership wisely and better than we can for our families when they control and spend the wealth they have taken?

One only needs to look at the deficits, debts, and deaths and say no. Drugs kill 30,000 a year, wasteful wars have taken their toll, unsustainably more and more citizens and non citizens now barely exist off the kick backs they are subserviently dependent on called entitlements ironically entitled back to you from these absolute taxes.

The most fearful freedom to this growing progressive control would be to outlaw income and property taxes to provide true freedom taxes — those you can afford to pay and must pay but by choice. If we institute freedom taxes, those that tax success of a nation — uniform sales and import taxes — we will truly be free to judge the success and failures of government leadership to promote the economy. Most people spend 90 percent of their annual earnings and the savings creates industry.

A federal balanced budget amendment is first and foremost a serious pressing need to stop the unchecked failed rule and takings do date from both parties. With that must be a super majority override borrowing authority for only national, in our boarders, emergencies that must provide for short term repayments back to a balanced budget to Treasury.

Until we comply with these truths of self evident rights to freedom of property — income and land ownership, we will never reach the promise of individual independence but forever stay subservient to the rule of an unaccountable sovereign power.

We still have a revolution to complete in understanding and making history by cementing our principles of governance. Shall we continue to be subservient and dependent completely? Can we take the next and last step to true freedoms stated in the U.S. Constitution Article IV, Section 2 and provide for the immunities of citizens in the several states with an amendment to protect our freedom of property and hard earned income from absolute takings?

We must decide soon if a true freedom, that of an individual's choice as to what they can afford in spending and its taxation is inalienable. We can balance the demands of a nation with the rights to be immune to takings of real estate and earnings and its repression of liberty and ownership.

This reality must be understood to achieve and then demand for these principles, which are and were, most important in our Declaration of Independence. We should demand now to re-enforce them back into the Constitution to provide the mechanism for those principles of freedom.

No power on earth should have the ability to take home and earnings at will. Those rulers and oppressive powers must be dethroned once again and citizens permanently immunized from taking of these purest of inalienable freedoms to survival and pursue happiness without extortion.

Jeff Frost

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Join me in protest of this decision to allow the trapping of bobcats

To The Daily Sun,

By a vote of 5-4, the Fish and Game Commission has initiated an order to allow the trapping of bobcats next December.

It is beyond my comprehension why anyone would vote for such a cruel way to kill these creatures of the wild. This narrow vote of one has sealed the fate of these animals who roam our woods. The kittens are being born in late spring, thus making them prime targets for this cowardly sport. They will surely wander into these traps as they are just learning to fend for themselves, being under the protection of their mother for eight months.

As far as I know, there is no overabundance of bobcats in New Hampshire. So what is the reason for the kill? Anyone who has read Nicholas Evans' book "The Loop" which deals with the trapping of wolves in the West can thoroughly understand fully the pain and suffering a trapped animal endures. They try valiantly to bite off their leg which is holding them prisoner, but to no avail. They must wait until either a knife or a bullet ends their life.

It is my hope that there are caring people who will protest this action by Fish and Game by any means they can.

Betty O'Donnell


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