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Alan is such a wonderful ambassador for progressive madness

To The Daily Sun,

Jim Mayotte asks why liberals and Democrats love Fidel Castro. One reason is that they inexplicably embrace evil while demeaning their own country's greatness. Progressive socialism must be defended at all costs, even if that cost is misery and death for millions. Why did they bemoan and express admiration for Hugo Chavez when he died, the same way they now bemoan and express admiration for Castro? Why did one of President Obama's original advisors, Anita Dunn, tell us that one of her two favorite go to people was Mao Zedong? Why does the Democratic left proudly display their iconic Che Guevera T-shirts and believe that he was a great freedom fighter? Because they refuse to face up to pure evil. Their ideology is pure flag burning, business destroying madness. It is pure progressive, Marxist-socialism cloaked in a deceitful mantle of social justice and equality for all. It really is sick and demented and so sad that so many believe the progressive leftist ideology has merit.

President-elect Trump has gone on a thank you tour because he actually understands the people who voted for him and is laser focused on showing his appreciation, while already working to improve the lot of the working class. President Obama went on an apology tour because he despises all that the United States stands for. He abhors capitalism, Christianity, the Constitution and the very concept of America being a sovereign nation. Read his book, "Dreams From My Father" and you will understand why he could spend 20 years listening to a preacher who shouts, "God Damn America." Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers and all his Marxist college buddies and professors helped him to form his poisonous opinion of the great country that elected him president, twice! Let that thought roll around in your head for a minute.

Oh, and Bob Meade may owe a debt of gratitude to one Alan Vervaeke. Literally one day after Bob tried to impress upon the lefty writers just how demeaning and devoid of content and character are their letters, in comes Alan spewing all manner of invective against those who disagree with his point of view. Please go back and read the last paragraph of his letter in the December 7 edition of The Sun. It offers the most perfect example of what Bob was explaining to all of us in his December 6 column. Alan, thank you, thank you, thank you. You are such a wonderful ambassador for the progressive leftist madness that pretends to represent the best interests of our great nation. Please do not stop writing because you must not ever bottle up all that hatred you must have for diversity of thoughts and opinions. It would be really bad for your health, and ours.

Russ Wiles

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We're all safer because these people abhor gun ownership

To The Daily Sun,

Yikes! What incredible reactions to the presidential election results have been penned in recent letters.
Ms. Andersen's "best shot" (condemning as yet UNTRIED, proposed tax and med plans), in my opinion, was taken with an unloaded gun. The ACA had to "be passed" before we knew what was in it. Now we know — how's that working out?
The Veverka/Vervaeke/Craycraft/Hightower recent raging rants against conservatives are not unlike an electric guitar amp, that's volume nob is locked on "10," and the player is oblivious to the fact that the guitar is out of tune. So much vitriol and hatred!
These are excellent examples of "Conservophobia." I do take comfort in the knowledge that these people most likely abhor gun ownership; we are all much safer for that.
Bottom line folks: the election is over. Trump won. Get over it! It is time to "move on," to choose between being a problem or part of the solution to "Make America Great Again."

Ken Knowlton


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