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Thanks for all your support of Faith, Hope & Love Foundation

To The Daily Sun,

The Faith Hope and Love Foundation would like to thank the Lakes Region for your continued support over the past seven years! Time and time again we are reminded of your generosity and compassion. A recent example of support comes from two local Lakes Region women now entering their senior year at Plymouth State University.

Suzanna Derynioski, and Kelsey Piper organized a dance show fundraiser where all proceeds from the show went to the Faith Hope and Love Foundation. The mission of FHL is to bring relief to children and youth suffering from poverty, hunger or homelessness and to bring them hope through faith and love, so they may accomplish all of their dreams. All proceeds from this dance show fundraiser will be going back out directly to the community to help those in need!

Derynioski and Piper planned and implemented the fundraiser for FHL with the help of local dancers Abby Bennett, Jessie Byram, Hannah Crosby, Suzanna Derynioski, Sarah Dubois, Jacqui Galea, Becky Gregoire, Ashley (White) Halsey, Paige Halsey, Bailey Hildrith, Kaitlyn Marcella, Rene Martinez, Nicole Newman, Kelsey Piper, Laura Scribner, Hannah Sullivan, Kira Szalma, Maggie Walker, Hannah Weller, Jessica White and Jackie Wright.

We also wanted to thank the following local businesses for sponsoring the show: Charles and Donna Hildrith, Attractive Landscapes, R.M. Piper, Inc. and The Cote Corporation.

We are so blessed to live in such a great community where people pull together to help those in need! Since 2006 we have been able to give out almost $20,000 to local children and youth for basic survival and enrichment needs as well as scholarships for higher learning. With our Gowns for Girls event you our amazing community have donated hundreds of prom dresses to help girls in need be able to attend prom. Over 600 girls have attended our event and gone to prom because of your donations!

Thank you for your continued support of our organization and we look forward to seeing you all at our fashion show fundraiser on October 19th in Gilford!

The Faith Hope and Love Foundation

Co-Founders Laura Brusseau & Jessica Dutille

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Get off your pity potties & do something positive for a change

To The Daily Sun,

Why don't you guys get a life? Your negative diatribes are boring, and do not add anything to anyone's well being. Can't you find anything to be positive about? Have you ever done anything to help people whom you don't know to have a better life? Have you ever served on a committee that works to make our county, state or nation a better place for those without much money to live on? Your ill-informed attacks on the United Nations and all regulatory authorities are stupid. Regulations to protect us from pollution and rapacious billionaire business owners such as the Koch brothers are badly needed to deal with their ability to control our government with their wealth.

Have you ever volunteered for, or supported: Habitat for Humanity, Scouts, Soup Kitchens, Got Lunch, Boys and Girls Club, Hospital, Caregivers, Meals on Wheels, Mentoring programs, Saint Vincent DePaul, Food Pantry, Belknap County Nursing Home, or any of many other local organizations devoted to helping make our communities better places to live.

Get off your pity potties and do something positive for a change, and give us all break from your tiresome letters.

Kent Warner
Center Harbor

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Is this the America that Mr. Siden envisions for our children?

To The Daily Sun,

My, my! Here in Friday's paper I find L.J. Siden is again dropping road apples on us, or me in particular. Well L.J., I must say we agree on what we desire as the core principals of and from our country but it seem we strongly disagree on how to achieve it. You are looking for center-right conservatives to work with, well I am one of those. I'm a fiscal conservative and a social moderate. But still we two are very far apart on our views, why is that? Well for one thing you view Obama as good for America and I not good at all. You defend everything the man does and says and attack those of us who level questions or criticisms toward him. To you the progressives can do no wrong and conservatives no right. Today's letter of yours you once again referred to real or "imagined" scandals. Nothing imaginary about any of those I noted in my letter that so offends you.
It would be great if we could agree on a way to improve the economy and increase middle class wages but as long as Obama and progressives shove job killing socialists programs down our nations throat that won't happen. Small business, big business, all are holding back on hiring because they don't trust the future course Obama has laid out, simple as that. Socialism is a poor substitute for free enterprise. I'm not aware of any major socialist nation which was ever able to stand alone on it's economy.
The USSR staggered about for a three decades until in WW2 it conquered eastern Europe and scavenged and gutted those nations for the next five decades then still collapsed. China still struggles today and exists by exploiting the great masses of it's own poor and the stupid trade policies we in the U.S. provide them with. Western Europe was subsidized by U.S. from 1945 onward. Americans worked 50 weeks a year Europeans 46, while we defended them from envious eyes of the USSR. Now many of them are coming to grips with the reality that they are running out of other peoples money.
L.J. wants conservatives to move "outside our comfort zone", whatever that means? I suspect he wants us to concede to progressive socialist demands for ever more spending, more and more growth of the federal government along with the growing power therein. History has shown what happens when to much power is concentrated in big central governments. We are seeing what happens when big government under Obama get the bit between it's teeth. Government scandals (not imagined) violation of the civil rights of citizens by the IRS, BATF, OSHA, DOJ, then the cover-ups and stonewalling. Is this the America L.J. envisions for our children?
Compare that to what progressives call the radical right. The much maligned Tea Party wants our federal government to reduce the national debt, follow constitutional law, live within our means, lower taxes, reduce excessive federal regulations, stop waist and corruption and have an open, honest government. Now, how radical is that L.J.?
Steve Earle


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Architects of war sail into their golden years with no scrutiny

To The Daily Sun,

Then-President Bush and his hawk/oil-magnate partner, V.P. Cheney, in March 2003 launched their "shock and awe" destruction of Baghdad, using the ruse of weapons-of-mass-destruction. A year later we saw Bush unfurl his famous banner, "mission accomplished," on a military vessel off California. Much later in 2013, we witness spreading war in that U.S.-invaded Middle East with ever more violence including in Iraq's ruins, but I've just heard BBC news announce five-month-high oil prices—- related to the sad, mad mess in the Middle East. Somewhere, no guilt impeding, Dick Cheney is rubbing his hands over that more money, I am willing to bet.

Are Americans following that Inder Comar, "a San Francisco attorney, filed suit in March 2013 against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Wolfowitz and Powell, alleging that the Bush Administration violated both international and domestic law in planning and waging the Iraq War?"(witnessiraq.com). California media, on Aug. 20, 2013, reported that "in court papers filed today, the United States Department of Justice requested that George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice and Paul Wolfowitz be granted procedural immunity in a case alleging that they planned and waged the Iraq War in violation of international law."

The architects of a war spreading its flames for more and more war should be excused? As if they are good children at the end of a civilized meal?

Bales, Hassan, Manning, Snowden — murderers and whistleblowers — have had our attention in legal proceedings (Snowden's still pending). All have in common that their lives were drastically impacted by Bush-Cheney's wars. Yet the architects of war should go on into their golden years with no scrutiny and possible legal repercussions for their actions? How just is this to those who are now dead, maimed, or refugee families? A next generation of children have become desperate and with their chances at education minimal or gone. A big "no" to our U.S. Department of Justice. Real justice must prevail.

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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Are you going to vote your self interest or follow the Teapublicans?

To The Daily Sun,

During times of economic hardship, the nation's corporations become "grassroots activists" claiming they are on your side and care only about your "freedoms." Historically in New Hampshire, the political right has been very successful at convincing many middle class and indeed, low income voters that their own interests are in line with the corporate "fat cats."

Let me share a few examples that might ring a bell with you. Everyday, we hear of the financial problems caused by Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, and unemployment insurance. If your life, or that of your family is made better by any of these government programs, you are simply the cause of the problem. Corporate pundits and lobbyists have even coined a word that summarizes your crime — you are getting "entitlements" which implies that these are benefits you did not earn, when in fact you did. We all paid our payroll or SSI tax with every paycheck. Even unemployment insurance is something that you paid into, even if you never collected.

To correct your irresponsible behavior, the "Teapublicans" are trying to persuade you into signing onto having your Social Security cut along with your health benefits and everything else. Many Republicans in Congress are pushing to reduce your benefits by weakening Social Security and Medicare, while curtailing food stamps, even for families of active armed forces personnel.

Perhaps, an even greater outrage is to hold the American people hostage by trying to force the president to defund Obamacare, the Affordable Care Law. This law, already passed by Congress and approved by the Supreme Court not only provides health care for 32 million uninsured Americans, but prevents insurance companies from refusing to cover all citizens no matter what their health history. One example, before the law, an innocent little baby born with a pre-natal condition could never get insurance coverage, during his lifetime. How can people who say they care about family values want to return to this injustice?

If President Obama does not agree to defund the law, the Teapublicans want to shut down the government and refuse to pass an increase in the national debt, preventing the U.S. from paying its obligations. This will make our money worthless and destroy our credit in the rest of the world. And the Republicans call everyone else "financially irresponsible?"

It is your choice, for we live in a democracy. Are you going to vote your self-interest and conscience or give the people who are philosophically against necessary programs the power to run your government? The choice is clear.

Nick Vazzana

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