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Bill Martel was a wonderful gentleman and American

To The Daily Sun,

On Tuesday, Feb. 16, I sadly noted the passing of William J. Martel. I met Bill about 35 years ago as he was a dear friend of my in-laws. Having read a considerable amount about WW II, I happened across a William Martel in one of my books and I asked him about it while chatting at Martel's Bait Shop. 

Bill was fluent in French and became an interpreter for a general in a combat engineering company. His company liberated one and maybe two concentration camps in Germany. Bill was put in charge of cleaning up these camps, which he said he couldn't describe to me.

Bill also went into Hitler's bunker with the general. His obituary gave a glancing mention of his war effort, and that's how he would have wanted it, but I had to drop this note so people would realize what a wonderful gentleman and wonderful American he was!

Michael Giguere


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It’s incredible people would think Hillary is a viable candidate

To The Daily Sun,

Everyone seems to be forgetting the fact that Hillary had people dying in Benghazi and that she claimed to be under sniper attack on a visit to another country.

She is under investigation for federal offenses. I find it incredible the people would find her a viable candidate for president, not to mention what she and Bill did when they left the White House, taking mementos that didn't belong to them. On and on it goes, where she stops....you fill in the rest.

This reminds me of mothers speaking about their criminal sons, perhaps a serial killer, "... but he was such a nice boy," and Hillary, she's such a nice gal. Oops. I think I need to vomit. Oh brother.

Dean Tappan
Center Harbor

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