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Big stores refuse to recognize State of N.H. ID for U.S. veterans

To The Daily Sun,

In the year 2012 the state Legislature passed legislation allowing veterans to have their status indicated on their drivers license, thus providing us with a photo I.D. proving our service to our country. A veteran's photo I.D. is something that major stores always require before they will provide a veterans' discount.

Unfortunately Home Depot and Lowe's will not accept the new license with honorable veterans status noted on the card for an everyday veteran's discount at their stores. They only accept active, retired, reserve I.D.s and cards issued to veterans who have filed a medical claim against the V.A.

So what about all the other veterans who served but do not meet the stores criteria, the answer is, sorry no discount without the required documentation! Our New Hampshire drivers license is not acceptable!

We and the State of New Hampshire should boycott both of these stores until they change their discriminatory policy!

What do you think?

Bill Whalen

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Sun reporter was simply describing what happened in court

To The Daily Sun,

It's a good thing Bob Greemore is not running for re-election. Given the content of his recent (Aug. 8) Letter to the Editor, it is obvious he doesn't care much about the facts.
Greemore's criticism of the Sun's coverage (Aug. 7: County Factions Make Their Arguments Before A Judge) of the lawsuit brought by some members of the County Convention against the County Commissioners completely overlooks a key piece of information: The reporter simply described what actually happened at the hearing.

In fact, Attorney Desrosier did occupy most of the time describing his clients' position on the plaintiffs' standing in the case. Attorney Desrosier was simply doing his job, arguing on behalf of his clients, not engaging in a "long diatribe."
In a hearing that lasted only an hour, Attorney Desrosier simply laid out his clients' argument that the County Convention previously voted to challenge 2013 budget, not the 2014 budget which is the basis of the current lawsuit.

I am glad the Sun is covering this issue and, given the reports I have received from those who were there, I believe it is doing so with accuracy.

Kate Miller, Chair
Belknap County Democrats


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I too say welcome home, Steve Selig, and thank you Tom Crane

To The Daily Sun,

Tom Crane wrote a beautiful, moving tribute to my classmate, Steve Selig, who recently passed away. High school was the part of life I shared with Steve. Friendship bonds were formed as we lived in an aura of naive, carefree, Cinderella "living happily ever after" innocence. The Vietnam War changed all of that innocence. Steve however never lost his genuine caring about old classmates and worked with great enthusiasm on our 50th class reunion.

Tom Crane, in his welcome home letter, speaks of the brotherhood bond of Vietnam veterans, alluding to moral conflicts and emotional turmoil. I respect the courage, bravery, and selflessness exhibited by Steve, Mr. Crane and all other veterans.

Interviewing veterans as an integral part of my artwork, I have always been impressed with their quiet, humble quiet voices. Each interview has left me with the knowledge I have just spoken with a man or woman of great honor. Steve had this quiet, humble voice. I never knew of his military career until his death.

And so it is with great honor I too say welcome home Steve and thank you Tom Crane.

"Goodbye," said the fox." And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." Antoine De Saint-Exupery, (The Little Prince).

Elaine Morrison

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We appreciate all the help wiht the Laconia MS Walk 2014

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Greater New England Chapter, I would like to thank the following local businesses for their generous support of the Laconia MS Walk 2014: Annie's Cafe & Catering, Laconia; Aroma Joe's, Laconia; Coca Cola Bottling, Belmont; Country Kitchen, Belmont; Hannaford's Supermarket, Gilford; Laconia Ice Company, Laconia; Michaud Distributors, Laconia; Sal's Pizza, Belmont; The 99, Tilton; and The Village Bakery, Laconia.

These businesses provided food and beverage items for all participants in the Laconia MS Walk 2014.

We would also like to thank Bank of New Hampshire for hosting the "rest stop" for this event.

The Laconia MS Walk 2014 hosted 160 walkers and has raised over $20,000. Thank you to all of you who walked and/or donated to this event.

Funds from this event will support research into the cause and cure of MS. The money raised will also fund community-based education, support and advocacy within Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont. The NMSS Greater New England Chapter responds to the needs of the nearly 19,000 individuals and their families who are confronted every day by the many challenges of living with multiple sclerosis, empowering them with the resources to maintain independence and to live their lives as fully as possible.

Thank you for joining the movement to create a world free of MS. We appreciate all of the help that these local businesses have provided.

Colleen Akerman
Laconia MS Walk 2014 Committee Member

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City Council shouldn't be putting pressure on zoning board members

To The Daily Sun,

As a past alternate member of the Laconia Zoning Board of Adjustment, I was disappointed to see the City Council exert pressure on the current Zoning Board members. During my two years on the board, I witnessed a group of volunteers carry out their duties with professionalism and due diligence. I was proud to be part of and serve with this board. Having come from a town in Massachusetts where political pressure to sway ZBA Board members to act favorably toward politically connected people, it was refreshing to see a ZBA Board act fairly and independently.

The ZBA has strict guidelines/criteria that must be met in order to grant a variance or special exception. Granting a zoning variance or special exception cannot be based solely on the applicant. A zoning change or special exception goes with the land, not the person. Laconia will suffer if the City Council denies appointing or re-appointing ZBA volunteers who follow the ZBA guidelines and act independently.

Dennis Robitaille


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