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When Tea Party members get a bone, they all chew on it for awhile

To The Daily Sun,

I will respond to letter written Mr. Earle Jan. 6 in The Daily Sun, why I don't know.

I'm looking at The Daily Sun dated Dec. 20, on Page 13 at the picture Mr. Earle feels I missed. What I see Steve, is Mr. Meade on one side, you in the middle and Mr. Wiles on the end. Both who have written letters in the past in defense of your line of BS. What a circle you all have going.

I would advise Mr. Earle to have someone read to him the letter I wrote in The Daily Sun, dated Dec. 24, describing the picture. Mr. Earle was perfectly described in a letter written by Ms. Stampi in The Daily Sun of Jan. 3.

I notice when the Tea Party members get a bone they all chew on it. Lately it's Al Sharpton. A bone chewed on I agree should be eaten.

Henry Osmer


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Fil those blank pages with insight, reflection and wise choices

To The Daily Sun,

This is a letter to the young man who caused an accident on the Bypass in Gilford on the afternoon of Monday, Jan. 5.

First, you almost killed a dear friend of mine. Thankfully, she saw you careening down her lane and swerved to avoid you, resulting in the head-on collision striking the passenger side, not the driver's side. She is the mother of identical twin toddlers and a baby who, luckily, were not in the car with her.

Second, I am incredibly appreciative for the swift action of our public safety and law enforcement personnel that work hard daily to keep us all safe.

Third, I'm relieved for your family and friends that you and your passenger are okay. I hope you know how lucky you are, even in the face of what will most likely be tough times ahead.

Finally, it is a New Year and your book of life is filled with many empty pages. I sincerely hope that you humbly and remorsefully fill those pages with insight, reflection, and wise choices.

Jennifer Anderson


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