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We are lucky to have two wonderful theater groups in the area

To The Daily Sun,

We live in Connecticut and also have a residence in Weirs Beach. Whenever we are here, we are fortunate to be able to take advantage of two wonderful theater groups in the area.

Last night (Wednesday) we saw the lively and funny presentation of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" at the Winnipesaukee Playhouse, playing until Aug. 2. We also had the opportunity to see "The Foreigner," which was outstanding. Continuing this summer season will be "Any Other Name," playing from Aug. 6 to Aug. 16, and "Talley's Folly," from Aug. 20 to Aug. 30.

Our other favorite theater is the Interlakes Summer Theater, where we recently saw "42nd Street" and "Miss Saigon." We felt like we were at a Broadway theater. The remainder of their season presents "Hello Dolly" (July 29-Aug. 10), and "The Wiz" (Aug. 12-17).

If you are looking for an enjoyable evening, take in these theaters performances. We are lucky to have them.

Tom and Donna Barnas

Vernon, Conn

and Weirs Beach

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LHS students all have summer reading & writing assignments

To The Daily Sun,

In order for a student to be academically successful and college and career ready, they must be strong readers. It is important for learners of all types to read and comprehend a wide variety of material both in and out of school to develop increasingly more advanced reading skills. These skills are vital as a student moves from high school to the college and career path. So that Laconia High School students can keep advancing their reading ability over the summer, LHS teachers have carefully selected a reading and writing assignment for every student to complete.

Prior to the start of each English and humanities course, every student at LHS is required to complete a summer reading assignment in time for the first day of school. Please note that students taking an English or humanities course during the spring semester must complete the summer reading and assignment(s) by the first day of school. All summer reading assignments are available at the LHS Library website:


This learning community values literacy. Therefore, we cannot stress enough the benefits of being highly skilled readers and writers. If you have questions about the summer reading or the assignment, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ramsay Eliason

LHS Humanities Department


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Politicians casting votes to put American Dream out of reach

To The Daily Sun,

As a high school senior at Prospect Mountain High School in the beautiful town of Alton, I am about to begin my last year in the district. It is mid-summer and I'm thinking of all of the exciting things coming to me in the next 10 months: prom, ski team, and of course, college applications.

As I saw all of my friends from the class of 2014 choose, apply, and become accepted by colleges, I began to think about my future education even more. There are two aspects of college I have thought about:

— What opportunities will the college experience afford me?

— The hefty price tag that could sit over my head after I start searching for my first job.

Education is very important to me, but the cost of education cannot be overlooked because I know I will have to pay for college on my own, and my restaurant job, sadly, will not cover the tens of thousands of dollars college costs. College just seems to get more expensive by the minute. state tuition state schools, and the present discount a local student can get doesn't seem to sway me from applying to school outside New Hampshire.

Seeing as how my district's state senator, Sam Cataldo, continually votes against funding college education, I'm definitely going to have a harder time affording higher education.

Voting against funding the next generation's education is a selfish move by politicians, in my opinion. I just want to go to college, get a job, start a family, and then one day retire. But it seems more and more politicians today are casting votes to make my American dream more difficult.

What happened to representation for the people, like we talk about in my Prospect Mountain history classes?

Gabe Varney


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For the children? Let's think of our own children's future first

To The Daily Sun,

The State of Massachusetts will be accepting some of the influx of the illegal children/teens crossing the border. These children/teens are held in deplorable conditions. After they go through the system, they are given a bus ticket to where they want to go and dropped off at the bus station. To think that some of illegal children/teens will not make their way to New Hampshire is naïve.

Gov. Hassan is not aware of the state of New Hampshire being asked to take some of these illegal children/teens. Not aware? She should be aware.

So in the future, if not already, New Hampshire could be receiving these illegal children/teens. Funds will be needed for these new additions to the school and medical systems. Housing will have to be provided if they are not going to a relative already here. This costs money. This costs the towns and states money. This is an added burden to budgets.

Towns in Massachusetts are having these problems. Manchester already has additional homeless people for whom it is responsible to provide housing.

The Democratic House voted against a bill that would allow scholarship money to send their children to the schools of their choosing.

I keep hearing the Democrats say, "for the children". Yet they vote against programs for children that are citizens of this country.

I feel for these children, but it is not the responsibility of the U.S. to take care of the rest of the world. We can no longer afford it.

For the children? Let's think of our children first. There are many children in this country, in this state, that need help.

Gov. Perry is sending about 1,000 National Guard to the border. He asked the president to do this. But the president has not acted. Therefore Gov. Perry has to act. The cost will then have to be covered by the State of Texas. An additional cost to Texans, besides the influx in their school and hospitals. A cost that they would not have to have if the president enforced our borders.

Kudos to Gov. Perry. I hope other Southern governors will have his courage. We must stand with them in protecting our sovereignty.

We must have secure borders now.

Linda Riley


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Rumors about disease carried by migrant kids are nonsense

To The Daily Sun,

Once again our astute letter writer Russ Wiles has ventured into an area he really knows nothing about. In his most recent letter he states that the children coming across the border have all sorts of disease — such as TB, chicken pox, lice, foot and mouth disease, bacterial infections. I find it interesting that Mr. Wiles does not site his sources, but knowing him from past encounters his sources are usually laughable at best.

I do not know about you Russ, but I find that Dr. Mark Ward, the president of Texas Pediatric Society, is probably a bit more knowledgeable about medical issues than you, especially on what is happening on the border. Dr Ward says, "While some of the kids are indeed ill, they don't have any(thing) exotic or unexpected. The illness are what I see on a daily basis at my regular office." He goes on to say that he has not seen an active case of TB.

Finally, I think these are words we should all adhere to: "The children deserve medical care, we need to take care of them." Our country, the greatest country in the world needs to step up and care for these children no matter where they come from. I side with Dr. Ward and the other dedicated medical care workers lending a hand in caring for these children. Compassion demands it. Our Christian values demand it. And rumors presented as facts should be called out for what they are: nonsense.

Many of these children come with vaccination cards and the rates of vaccination for certain disease is actually higher in these countries than in America, this according to the World Bank.

From my travels around the world in my career, one thing I have found out to be universal, a child crying sounds the same no matter where they come from. And if a crying child does not touch your heart nothing ever will.

Mino Pasquali, PA C


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