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EDP Renewables not really being transparent about Spruce Ridge plans

To The Daily Sun,

Newfound Lake and Cardigan residents have one more wind turbine project to deal with and it's called the Spruce Ridge Wind Power Plant. The project would be built on a single landowner's leased property which stretches across four towns: Groton, Alexandria, Hebron and Orange.

On Tuesday, June 17, EDP Renewables met with the Alexandria Board of Selectman at the Alexandria Town Hall. The selectmen met with EDP's project manager, Derik Rieman, and lawyer, Mark Beliveau.

Mark Beliveau stated that EDP had submitted a letter and a package of information to the selectmen a week prior which successfully addressed five of the six conditions that the Alexandria selectmen had placed on granting a permit for construction of a Met tower in Alexandria.

They then discussed the status of those five conditions: 1) FAA Approval information; 2) The Planning Board in Groton has written two letters in response to the Alexandria letter concerning abutter of the Met tower access road; 3) EDP agrees to install a barbed wire fence around the Met tower; 4) Requirement for a bond to cover the cost of decommissioning and removal of the tower; 5) Copies of any other permits given to EDP on this project

The remaining unanswered question the selectmen had requested two months ago was related to the decommissioning cost estimate, which EDP has not supplied. EDP said they would answer that question within one months time.

A Met tower gathers wind speed data to determine whether the area might be an appropriate locale for a utility-scale wind turbine energy facility. Many of you reading this understand that, but EDP told CT as part of their Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) application that they won't need a Met tower to measure wind characteristics. They did not make clear why they now are still pursuing a permit for a Met tower.

What we do know is:
— EDP wants to erect a half-mile-tall Met tower this fall by helicopter
— EDP will not say how many turbines they plan to instal (15, 25, 36 or more)
— EDP will not say how tall the turbines will be
— EDP will not say where the turbines will be located
— EDP said they don't need FAA approval for the Groton Met tower
— EDP stated that they will be transparent and abide by all regulations

A final decision on whether to issue the Met tower building permit is likely to be made at the selectman's meeting four weeks from now. I had to go and ask my mom what the definition of transparency was. It's a big word and I'm a small guy. So, I went to the only source I knew. My mom told me the word transparency means to be honest, easy to understand, not secretive, something defined, something readily understood, etc. I don't think EDP is being transparent — do you?

If you're shocked by the height of the Met tower! Wait until you see the wind turbines.

Ray Cunningham

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Mencken predicted someday White House will be home to moron

To The Daily Sun,

I am always in awe of the brilliance of The Founding Fathers. How could these men know that this Rule Book, a.k.a the U.S. Constitution, would be the final say — that is, until we have a president who scorns this document.
I lost a frequent radio show caller who said abortion is a woman's right. And if I was going to continue to oppose that position he would be a listener but no longer a caller. Someone else trying to take my First Amendment away. Another listener took my advice and no longer is a caller. Though he has written a couple of letters to editors critical of my position regarding those who should do some type of work, yet find it easier to exist on somebody else's money. He used to refer to George W. Bush as a "moron". I allowed him to use "The First".

H. L. Mencken (1880-1956) American journalist: "As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron." Mencken was 52 years ahead of his time with that prediction!
Niel Young

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Please join us for our next volunteer education session on July 9

To The Daily Sun,

Interlakes Community Caregivers, Inc. asks your readers to join our team of volunteers. ICCI is a 501(c)3 volunteer nonprofit organization that provides support services and information to assist our neighbors in their daily lives.
Requests for services are continuing to increase and thus the need for more volunteers.

Why would you want to volunteer for ICCI?

Because you want to.....

● Make a difference and be involved with the issue of helping others

● Pay back to the community for help or opportunities extended to you

● Enjoy the benefits of serving the community and increase your sense of connection

● Improve the quality of life in our community

● Have an enjoyable and rewarding experience that increases life satisfaction

● Feel productive and use some untapped skills

Perhaps you've had personal experience of needing some help to remain independent, either directly or through a friend or relative. ICCI provides those services that are often just that "little piece of support" that makes all the difference in the world. Will you help?

The next Volunteer Education Session is scheduled for Wednesday, July 9th, and we're hoping that you will join us. Training materials are provided in advance for your review, so please contact us today.

For more information and to download the ICCI Volunteer Application, please visit our website at www.interlakescommunitycaregivers.org. To sign up for the next class, for any questions or further information, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 253-9275, Ext. 4.

Ann W. Sprague
Executive Director

Interlakes Community Caregivers

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More reasonable people will be given chance to address jail issues

To The Daily Sun,

Coercion is more often than not counter productive in interpersonal relationships. The executive branch of Belknap County government has not used an open approach to planning for a new or improved county jail, but rather has tried to coerce the county delegation into being a rubber stamp for their pet project which is familiarly known as the Ricci Greene proposal. The project was tagged by its creators with a price tag of $42.6 million. When that figure was met with an icy response, the chair of the jail planning committee was then quoted as saying that he did not know the origin of that figure.

On May 1, this same head of the jail planning committee, Commissioner Philpot, stated that the delegation was not prepared to have a rational discussion of the issue. The New Hampshire architect, who previously had been unwilling to contemplate a reduction in size of the colossus which was Ricci Greene, then found it expedient to reduce the size about 11 percent. For reasons unknown, this individual then speculated that the cost of the new jail could be reduced by almost three times what a strict arithmetic extension would indicate. One is met with such dissemblance at every turn, whether it be the county sheriff positing that the disproportionate jail sentences we experience are due to judges being familiar with the inadequacies of our jail or the jail superintendent falsely claiming that the comprehensive assessment of the county criminal justice which was called for in the Bennett report has been done when, in fact, it has not been done.

For those unfamiliar with Bennett, his first comment on the path forward was that a study of county resources be done and his second, whose importance was underscored, was that the justice system be studied in its entirety. Of course, Mr. Bennett may have been wrong about the growth path of Belknap County's population but nowhere is there an acknowledgement of that.

The next ploy was for the county delegation to be presented with an all-or-nothing approach to appropriating funds for a temporary building which the county would not own, a new HVAC system which was described as reusable in some undetermined measure, and a schematic design for the Ricci Greene proposal. Rep. Frank Tilton pointed out that state law forbids the use of bonding for temporary improvements, which comment was not answered with specificity. It was further pointed out that the county would be bonding for 10 years a rental property which would be vacated in three years.

The Laconia City Council has stated that this project should not be built and The Laconia Daily Sun has printed a masterful article suggesting that Belknap County does not have an assessment base which could accommodate such a large project.

Nothing deters the commissioners, their executive branch and the planning committee from their intent to saddle the county with this project. Subsequent to the June 16 meeting, the planning committee has met and stated that they will stay "loyal" to Ricci Greene.

Does this defiance of community opinion and the votes of the towns' elected representatives make sense if the commissioners do not feel that they have a hole card? A rather well known Belknap defense attorney made his way to the June 16 meeting and suggested that if the delegation did not vote favorably on the bond request then the county should be sued. Never mind that the delegation is prepared to act on a more reasonable proposal, the message delivered was easy to understand: Give us what we want or suffer the consequences when a suit is filed on behalf of our jail population.

Of course, bullies are craven when confronted with resolve and I would suggest that such a suit will be adjudicated over a prolonged period of time, a period of time in which more reasonable people will be given the opportunity to address all of the county's problems including the travesty which is the county jail.

Rep. Richard B. Burchell

Belknap County, District 5


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Numbers of university administrators has grown 369% since 1976

To The Daily Sun,

Responding to Dale Channing Eddy's elaboration on my earlier letter regarding a reason for unreasonable rise in college tuition ... after I wrote my letter I came across this number in my Progressive Populist of that week: "... numbers of university administrators have grown by 369 percent since 1976."

The blossoming of opportunities offered by PSU, since I first worked at PSC in 1971, is an incredible blossoming. I don't deny that. But President Harold Hyde ran a tight ship in his era, with no extras, and the administration fit into Ellen Reed House, which now houses offices for members of the English Department members. That "... 369 percent since 1976" really must raise some eyebrows, or maybe ghosts!

Lynn Rudmin Chong

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