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Once we whites become a minority in U.S. we can open casinos

To The Daily Sun,

I have heard enough about the race card. Blacks were dancing in the streets all over the country the day O.J. was found not guilty. His ex and her friend, BOTH WHITE were brutally murdered. I did not hear the out cry from our black leaders back then as I do now. I guess two white crackers, butchered by a black man FOUND NOT GUILTY does't fall under a RACIST CRIME. Obama, Sharpton and our attorney general are a disgrace to the legacy of Martin, John and Bobby — three true pioneers, who did not politicize civil rights for all.

It won't be long before whites are the minority in the USA, it's only a matter of time. Look at the bright side, it won't be long till the white man can open casinos in Conn. and if we're lucky, Obana will give us a loan. Think of it, solar powerd slot machines.

Tom Sellew

Lochmere (Tilton)

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What budget did the $400k City Council 'found' come out of

To The Daily Sun,

I'm glad that the Belknap County Delegation understands that the three commissioners advise, request funding their proposed budget and department administrators answer to the county administrator AND commissioners. Our state representatives establish the final budget. Many of us here in Belknap County have waited for some time to have a group who places the taxpayer first, especially in the present and future when folks in the private sector may be working 60 hours a week — 20 hours at each of their three jobs!
Then to read that the City Council has FOUND nearly $400,000 to promote the entrance to the downtown mall leaves me with one question: what line item in the '13-'14 city budget did you take that money from?
Question for the three commissioners: Do each of you really have a private office built for one?
One remark re: "The Gateway" brought a call during program from Charlie St. Clair (Laconia Antiques). I asked Charlie what new visitors entering downtown through The Gateway would see? I had suggested to business folks in '93 that remaining open later on summer days would be helpful. The hours have not changed. NO, this is not a request. I have some of the same advertisers from the day I started. In nearly 17 years my ads come from around Union Avenue, Gilford, Belmont, and Meredith.
Niel Young


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Regional planning officials should answer questions in public

To The Daily Sun,

Are you aware of the massive planning initiative called the Granite State Future? It's currently being developed by the Lakes Region Planning Commission and the other eight regional planning commissions in New Hampshire. The plan will have far-reaching impacts about how you will be able to use your land, who will live in your neighborhood, who can drive where, what you can do with the water on your land, etc.

My guess is you probably have questions about all these things. Based on a letter I received on Thursday, July 18 from Mr. Kimon Koulet and Mr. Jerry Coogan, unelected employees of the Lakes Region Planning Commission, it's far easier to push a boulder up the Mt. Washington Auto Road than it is to get an answer from the Lakes Region Planning Commission in a public forum about this giant state-wide planning project.

In fact, if you want recorded answers to your questions, there's only one guaranteed method. You have to submit your question in writing to them.

If you attend a public meeting about Granite State Future, Mr. Coogan said in his letter to me, " ...the public has no guaranteed right to speak at a public meeting...."

How does that sit with you? I know what you're thinking, that you have First Amendment rights to freedom of speech. Apparently those rights don't exist in a public meeting hosted by the Lakes Region Planning Commission.

Are you shocked that you can't ask questions of your public servants at public meetings about issues that affect your land and your life? I know I was stunned.

If you attend a public hearing, a hearing is different than a meeting, about Granite State Future and have a question about any aspect of the plan, the unelected members of the Lakes Region Planning Commission are not required to answer it. You're allowed to make a comment at a public hearing, but Mr. Koulet and Mr. Coogan don't have to answer any question you may ask.

If you go to their offices to meet with them to ask questions, they forbid you to record the meeting in case you want to re-listen to what they said.

Is this the way you feel your public servants should respond to your concerns about your land and what you can do with it in the future?

Do you feel Mr. Koulet and Mr. Coogan are trying to hide something? Why do they make it nearly impossible for the general public to hear answers to important questions?

Do you want to read the letter Mr. Koulet and Mr. Coogan sent to me? Go here to download it:


If you're not happy with this state of affairs, I suggest you get in touch with me. We'll then, as a group, meet with our N.H. House Representatives and our State Senator Jeanie Forrester to see about making changes that require the planning officials to answer our questions in public and allow all meetings with unelected planning officials to be recorded.

Tim Carter



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Philpot used to give impression of a well-informed public servant

To The Daily Sun,

It is difficult to determine which of the recent statements made by Belknap County Commissioner Edward Philpot is the more disturbing and offensive, his diatribe about the "bad people" in county government who hold political views different to his, or Philpot's declination to retract, or at least moderate, his earlier remarks upon reflection. Instead, Philpot chose to reinforce his attack upon fellow officials with a whiny list of grievances e-mailed to the Republican county chairman.

As noted by other letter writers, reasonable minds can disagree about disbursement of county revenues, the efficacy of new jail construction, and the like. But Philpot appears to equate disagreement with his views on these matters with a character flaw. Officials who disagree with Philpot are not merely ill-informed or mistaken. They are malevolent, and in need of public condemnation and swift removal from office. While such a mindset might befit a speechwriter for Stalin, its expression is unseemly here in New Hampshire, where the positions deplored by Philpot presumably represent the views of the thousands of county residents who elected these "bad people" to office.

Up until a week ago, Edward Philpot gave the impression of a thoughtful, well-informed public servant. But the insulting and antagonistic nature of his recent outbursts makes it unlikely that Philpot can play a constructive role in resolving the many problems currently confronting the county delegation. Given that, his resignation from office is probably in the public interest.

Bill Lamb


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Had to laugh at Philpot taking credit for record at nursing home

To The Daily Sun,

After reading Belknap County Commissioner Philpot's statements about the Republican members of the County Delegation, I have to assume he was suffering from a brain freeze. To accuse these members of being "bad people doing bad things" is ridiculous and insulting. The GOP members of the delegation are looking out for the taxpayers — the people who pay the bills. I thought that's what they were elected to do. I realize the commissioners want to build a monument to their service but what I don't understand is how that makes them "good people". I think the problem is the commissioners can't handle the fact that someone is finally looking over their shoulder. They, for too long, have considered the county and the complex their little own fiefdom, which led them to believe they were untouchable.
I had to laugh at Philpot taking credit for the "unblemished rating of the nursing facility." I have to ask, Ed, how many bedpans have you emptied? How many bandages have you changed? How many floors have you washed? How much laundry have you done? How many meals have you prepared? How many MDS's have you ever done? How many care plan meetings have you attended? How many hours have you volunteered in the activities department? The nurses, the aides, the maintenance dept., the laundry workers etc. are responsible for that "unblemished record", not you and the other commissioners. For too long the upper echelon of the county have been patting themselves on the back for the conditions at the facility and giving no credit to the people who work in the trenches.
Some other questions for Mr. Philpot: How much did the new offices for the commissioners cost when remodeled a couple of years ago and how did that project improve conditions for the nursing home residents and the occupants of the jail? How much did the granite sign at he road cost and how did that help these people?
My last question is, did Ms. Deb Shacket have the required scholastic degree when you hired her to be the county administrator and if she didn't does she have one now and who paid for it?
Mr. Philpot, please submit the answers to these questions to The Laconia Sun, the same venue you used to demean the county delegation.

Dave Schwotzer


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