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3,250 ducks came down Mill Falls and 'swam' to the finish line

To The Daily Sun,

The Meredith Lions Club would like to thank all those who participated in this year's race. Duck #4000 didn't get to race, but like the Red Sox, "Wait till Next Year."

In all 3,250 ducks came down Mill Falls and swam to the finish line in the slowest race the club has ever had.

The club would like to thank volunteer Frank who came in the morning and helped us set up the race course and came back again to help us break it down. Destiny and Gabriel kept Lions Marie and Mary company while they waited for the ducks to finally make their way to the end. They were from Litchfield where 500 of the ducks raced in June.

Thanks to all the local merchants who donated money and prizes. Without them the race wouldn't be as successful. This year the club enjoyed sharing the park again with the Boy Scouts and the American Legion. They add to the fun of the day and have great food.

We look forward to "serving" you all year with eyeglass and hearing aid needs.

Marie Valliere

Meredith Lions Club


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People, remember, we all bleed the same color

To The Daily Sun,

All people remember that we bleed the same color

Only love can unite like blue Stars and Stripes.

For a land torn by rhetoric from those who want power

Than arms wrapped around our sisters and brother

People remember we still bleed the same color

And want home, love and family

A good job and safe life.

Lay down arms for some peace and get off of the streets

People remember we all bleed the same color.

Black lives matter for sure and Native and White, for Latin and East — and all refugees free

People remember that we All bleed the same color.

But those who have privilege from years of of acceptance

Must know to reach toward those often rejected

And freed long ago in in times just like these.

But history repeats often in tears

When we forget once again to remember that people ALL bleed the same color.

Sandra Ringelstein


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