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Why has Black Lives Matter movement not been declared terrorist?

To The Daily Sun,

Charlotte, North Carolina, is one of the most integrated and un-racist cities in America, according to esteemed columnist Matthew Vadum. Yet the increasingly violent Black Lives Matter movement is claiming that a black cop, Brentley Vinson, who reports to a black police chief and killed a black suspect, Keith Lamont Scott, is a result of systemic racial discrimination. This comment is absurd on its face and of course the investigation has just begun and is ongoing. Of course the "wait for the facts to come in" mentality, only applies when it concerns the latest act of violent Islamist terrorism. Isn't that right NYC mayor, Bolshevik Bill deBlasio?

DeRay McKesson, head of Black Lives Matter, apparently asserts that rioting is a "cry for justice" and looting is not violent, but just an expression of anger and a political statement. "Pressing you to no longer keep me out of this space, by destroying it," is all the validation needed to destroy local business owners, according to DeRay. So in today's leftist world of upside down moral equivalence, it apparently is okay to commit crimes against others just to make a point.

Who besides me was incensed when Barack Obama attended the memorial service of the five murdered Dallas police officers and then lectured the widows about police brutality? Thanks Mr. Vadum for reminding me of that horrendous act, which is just one more example of the cold and calculating mindset of the current leader of the left in this country.

Did Hillary Clinton reprimand the Democratic National Committee when they endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement, which supports racial riots and the destruction of the communities where black citizens reside? Well of course not, because both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama appear to lust for and thrive in a world filled with chaos, thuggery, mobs, riots and terror. They then can come in and save us with dictatorial governance. For our own good of course. After all, they know what's best for us.

What better way to further grow a big government bureaucracy that will eventually attack the Second Amendment while continuing its assault on the First Amendment. That already happens on far too many college campuses where the left shouts down speakers from the right, but the reverse is almost an unheard of happening. In fact, has anyone heard of that happening? No, the thuggish behavior emanates from the left, which includes the mocking of those with opposing points of view.

Why has the Black Lives Matter movement not been designated as a domestic terrorist organization since it idolizes cop killers and openly calls for police officers to be assassinated? George Soros who funds groups that despise America and is the primary backer of BLM and has tremendous influence over the Democratic Party, would be very upset with them. That is the party responsible for the violence and decay that has occurred in black inner city communities as explained so well by Don Ewing in his recent letter.

Donald Trump just might change that 60-year narrative of a modern day plantation and more black citizens are realizing that the Democrats only care about getting their votes and not about changing their lot in life. Because if they did, the $19 billion of our tax dollars they have spent on changing poverty in the inner cities would have actually changed poverty in the inner cities.

Perhaps those folks have begun to understand what Star Parker, Deneen Borelli, Ron Christie, Jason Riley, Crystal Wright, Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Jesse Lee Peterson, Deroy Murdock, Lloyd Marcus, Larry Elder and of course Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams have been trying to inform them about. The Democratic Party is not the party that will offer you the opportunity to get away from the yoke of big government. It is the Republican Party that offers that real hope for optimism and change.

Please people, when you go vote, understand what you are voting for, far beyond the credentials of a candidate.

Democrats, aka, the left, want an open borders nation that will destroy the very sovereign fabric of this country in favor of global governance. As Dr. Michael Savage has been telling us for over a decade, the left will erase our borders, language and culture. Does eight years of a Hillary presidency combined with Barack Obama potentially becoming the new leader of the United Nations make you feel warm and fuzzy inside? Or like me, does the thought of that sort of tyranny just make your skin crawl? If it doesn't, then you have just not been paying attention. We have about a month and a half to right this ship of leftist fools.

Russ Wiles

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Thank you Peter Merill for support of the WOW Trail; you're a good neighbor

To The Daily Sun,

With our country's media reporting so many negative stories about drugs, shootings and political back stabbing, I found it very refreshing to read your article in last Friday's Laconia Daily Sun about a fellow Laconia citizen who has taken it upon himself to help maintain the quality of the WOW Trail.

Peter Merrill has voluntarily taken on the responsibility for repairing the birdhouses that have become vandalized. In addition he also collects trash left behind by less caring folks.

Thank you, Mr. Merrill, for your support of the WOW Trail. And more importantly, thank you for being a thoughtful and caring neighbor.

John Perkins

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