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Appropriate to put Adolph Hitler & Donald Trump in same sentence

To The Daily Sun,

Since "political correctness" is currently getting a bad name in the political world, it is time some folks started defending it.

As I understand it, "political correctness" is one way of making bigots, haters and other malcontents keep their bigotry and prejudices to themselves — and outwardly refrain from spewing out their warped feelings. In other words, if they really can't understand what is twisted about their hates and fears, then at least "political correctness" can shame them into decent and civil outward behavior.

Many have been comparing the rise of Donald Trump with the rise of Adolph Hitler. As an armchair student of history, I think it is an apt comparison — and I would point out that neither Hitler nor Trump could have "risen" without the passionate support of their uncritical, unthinking followers.

If and when vulgarity, prejudice, racism, etc., become publicly and politically acceptable, and "political correctness" is trampled on, THEN what? Storm troopers and brown shirts, American-style?

Richard B. Davis


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Employees on the 'front lines' at LRGHealthcare are doing their part

To The Daily Sun,

"I don't lose sleep."
What a statement to hear from someone who is suppose to be helping us. I can no longer hold in my thoughts or emotions. With what I see with my own eyes at Lakes Region General Hospital and what others feel, including myself, leaves a heavy heart.
Let's not forget the big endless amounts of frustration, doubt, fear and yes, even the loss of sleep at night. FRONT LINE, we all need to make a move. Will I awaken by my alarm clock or by the phone call of being "called off" again? The endless rumors of what is happening next. The continued questions from the community. The community's opinions of the higher powers that be or what will happen if the higher powers fail us? Or hearing, "they are screwing you guys!"

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Have you heard what the sick have had to say? Have you heard there concern for us? Have you seen our thank you cards from them? Do you even have any clue what effects you have?
A patient should only have concern about getting well and trusting in us to accomplish that. And on the "FRONT LINE," you bet your ass we make that happen. We make that happen with our heavy hearts, our frustrations, our short-changed pockets, the days we feel we are losing hope for LRGH. Even at a time of the Lakes Region's biggest time of need with the heroin crisis, we on the LRGH "FRONT LINE" are pushing and fighting.
To the community.
"THE FRONT LINE'S" hands are tied when it comes to politics. I ask that you do your best to separate the two. We thank you for any and all of your support for your community caregivers.

We didn't become doctors, surgeons, RNs, social workers, LPNS, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, LNAs, security guards, kitchen workers and housekeepers or just a friendly face to greet you at our doors. To be and feel so disrespected by a remark made in a paper is garbage. You can at least show us the respect we have earned and deserve. We are holding our grounds and doing our part even when the old ship isn't floating smoothly. Our foundation is strong it's the top that needs some remodeling.

A personal note to the FRONT LINES:
Don't forget what greatness you can accomplish when you have each others support. Continue to laugh and brush it off to stay afloat or until you figure out other alternatives to make things work better for you and yours. We have one thing in common: we are all there to care for someone, to help someone just make it to tomorrow. To give a smile and a ear. Easier said then done on a rocky ship. But even as professionals sometime looked at as hero's. We forget that we are humans to. Good Luck!

Elizabeth Lacroix


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