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Democrats 'easy money' policy has stuffed the pockets of the rich

To The Daily Sun,

Hillary and Bernie are promising all kinds of programs to make America more equal again. But when you separate fact from fiction, Democratic administrations have made the distribution of wealth far more unequal than their opponents, who supposedly favor the rich.
The government census bureau measures inequality using the popular GINI index and two other measurements. By all three measures, inequality rose more under Bill Clinton than it did under Ronald Regan while Barack Obama's presidency has produced an absolute explosion of inequality — THREE TIMES higher than under the presidency of George Bush. Obama proved the best way to stuff the pockets of the rich, that stokes the flames of inequality is with zero interest rates and policies determined to inflate stock prices. Cheap money becomes itself a printing press to vast wealth for those who have access to it in hard times. This result is no surprise. Inequality flourishes from ultra liberal, easy money policies. This outcome is taught in every economics 101 class from Harvard to Stanford.

Don't we owe it to ourselves to ask why deeply liberal Democrats like FDR and Obama failed to improve economic equality? They run expressly on platforms that promise to fix it. Inequality sits at record highs today while the "welfare state" built brick by brick by Democrats over 75 years has exploded in size and power from a tiny, leprechaun to King Kong today. The massive expansion of government and it's expense has only exacerbated INEQUALITY in America.
In 1968 transfer payments by government, that would include things like Medicare, Social Security as well as countless other benefits increased from a pittance of 53 billion representing just 7 percent of all personal income to 2.5 TRILLION, representing 17 percent of all personal income in 2014.

Let me express this so slow-thinking Democrats can grasp it. We increased the money government redistributes to one out of every 6 dollars in income today, from one out of every 13 dollars in 1968, yet the GINI index which measures inequality is far higher today. The creation of the massive , redistributing welfare state that promised to produce equality by every Democrat from FDR to Obama and now Hillary and Bernie has been one of the most gigantic lies and failures in American History. The rich are richer than ever under Obama while the purchasing power of the bottom 90 percent has remained stagnant for 45 years. Yet, we never stop hearing from DEMOCRATS that just ONE MORE EXPANSION of the welfare state (like free college and health care) is all that stands between equality and inequality. To believe that is to certify your idiocy and gets you in the Bernadette Loesh for President Fan Club.
Tony Boutin

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Thanks to all who came out & voted for me in Sanbornton election

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who helped me, in so many ways, with my campaign. I would also like to thank those of you who came out and voted for me. I feel very lucky to have such strong support.

Now starts the work of keeping my campaign promises. I hope to see and hear from many of you in the next few months around this beautiful town we all call home. Again, thank all of you.

John Olmstead



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