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Seventh-day Adventist Church as served Katmandu since 1960

To The Daily Sun,

Many in our community may be wondering where they can contribute funds to help the victims of the Nepal earthquake. Adventist Development and Relief Agency(ADRA), part of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, has facilities for emergency all over the world, including near Nepal.

Independent analysis of how efficiently charity organizations use the funds donated to them show ADRA rating higher even than Red Cross. Charity Navigator (charitynavigator.org) gives ADRA an overall rating of 91.90, while they give Red Cross 85.25. The percent of ADRA's total expenses spent on services it delivers is 93.2 percent, while at Red Cross it is 90.4 percent.

ADRA Nepal is already responding with plastic sheeting for temporary shelter, and relief supplies from the ADRA network are already en route. An additional ten ADRA Emergency Response Team members from several countries are on their way to Nepal to assist the local office with coordination and continued relief efforts.
The current response is focusing on shelter while looking ahead to additional assistance in food, water, and health care to prevent the spread of disease in the wake of the disaster.
The Seventh-day Adventist Church has been operating a hospital in Katmandu, Nepal since 1960. Today, Scheer Memorial Hospital has evolved into a three-story facility licenced for 150-beds, that provides a full range of outpatient and inpatient services. Reports following the earthquake say that the hospital has come through almost completely unscathed. Only one wall in the old section has a crack in it. Of course, the hospital is now flooded with victims of the tragedy. Hospital staff are thankful to have their facility intact to help as many as possible.

To donate to ADRA's relief efforts in Nepal, you can go to their website: adra.org or call 1-800-424-ADRA (2372) or send a check to 12501 Old Columbia Road, Silver Spring, MD 20904.

Pastor Cliff Gleason

Concord and Laconia Seventh-day Adventist Churches


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Have you noticed that Pres. Obama is MIA as Baltimore burns?

To The Daily Sun,

Baltimore is burning and apparently the mayor is complicit in the violence and destruction. Police stand by and do nothing and when reporters ask why they have been told to "ask the mayor". Is it coming down to this: that elected officials are so politically correct that they fear to confront crime? Is every grievance, real or imagined, to be used as an excuse to riot, loot and burn by mobs of thugs? This is the consequence of liberal policies run amok in my opinion. The rule of law is being disregarded in favor of mob appeasement and the results are clear to see. This is a microcosm of the entire liberal philosophy espoused by Obama, Hillary Clinton, Ed Reed, Nancy Pelosi and all the rest. Appease the Russian dictator, appease the Iranian mullahs, appease the mobs. Then they tell us they want more gun control for honest citizens when they refuse to allow police to control mobs. Then they tell us they want to reduce our military while allowing Iran a path to nuke weapons. Then they tell us we need higher taxes to create more programs that encourage dependence on government, illegal immigration and drugs. Is there anything they will stand against? Oh that's right, the Tea Party. Funny, I have yet to see a Tea Party activity that can be even accused of littering let alone violence.

Am I the only one who has noticed that Obama has been silent, missing in action, as Baltimore burns? This begs the question, what does he stand for? He has a habit of disappearing during critical times. And lets not forget this was the president who promised to bring people together, the post racial president it was advertised. Anything but is the fact. There has been more racial division directly attributed to Obama then any president in modern times. Yes progressive liberals strike again.
Readers be aware if we get another progressive liberal in the White House next year or in the future we will see more and worse here in our country. We will become a second world country with vast unemployment, crime and violence, unable to defend ourselves or effect world events. Destroying a nation is far easier then building one and the fall can be rapid and devastating and it is the poor and working class that will suffer the most.
Steve Earle


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