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Ayotte needs to make a clean break from these miscreants

To The Daily Sun,

I've never witnessed such strange and dangerous behavior from politicians in this time of troubling global developments.

Let's start with Garry Johnson's Libertarian pitch. He was recently interviewed on "Morning Joe." Mike Barnacle asked Gary about his stand on Aleppo. Gary blanches and asks, "What's Aleppo," and Barnacle must explain about the world-renowned Syrian refugee crisis. Then there's the recent park bench interview in which Gary sticks his tongue out and starts talking gibberish. Someone suggested that he was trying to be humorous by literally "biting his tongue." But even if that were the case, his two minutes on national television were squirmingly uncomfortable.

On the other side, we have the Green Party. Jill Stein recently visited the Sioux reservation to support their land defense efforts. But instead of making the grand gesture, she decides to spray-paint a bulldozer. Why would a candidate do something small like this to turn voters away? It's just not presidential. Neither is talking gibberish.

Regarding the current state of the Republican machine, my first direct experience with blind rage happened several years ago. I met a foreign student whose relatives were trying to sell plumbing equipment abroad. His English was spartan so he asked if I would help him at a trade fair booth. While there, I struck up a conversation with two guys from Kansas City. The conversation started out pleasant enough, but within minutes I was being slammed: "...you Boston liberal dilettantes — you're responsible for the downfall of the United States....".

The abuse went on at length. Then, just as suddenly, they walked off shaking their fists like Jack Nicholson's insane character in "The Shining." And this was before I ever signaled any of my personal political convictions.

Over the years, I have recognized this senseless vitriol as a tactic of the neo-con movement. You shout insults at some unsuspecting dupe, close off all avenues of normal human intercourse and then leave in a huff. Apparently, this works because millions of scared Americans have bought into not just the tactics (Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, et. al.) but also the insipid and morosely harmful invective that has left this country unable to function.

I'd like to point out that so-called neo-cons are not conservatives at all. I challenge the most ardent of you to imagine a public forum populated by William F. Buckley and any of the neo-con gang members found in the boozy House of Representatives. They and others have created the legislative drought. Somehow the extremely un-American notion of "not-playing-if-its-not-my-football" has gained full acceptance in certain political circles. If you don't know, William F. Buckley, an educated and civil man, was the titular head of the American conservative movement not that long ago. Maybe you have also forgotten that the conservative American Heritage Foundation refined the national health coverage agenda — already old idea — in the 1950s.

Just to help you out some more, the American Heritage Foundation is now run by Jim DeMint, the former senator and neo-con from Dixie. His job is to advise like-minded neo-cons on obstructionist tactics. That's quite a sad decline for a once thriving and productive institution.

Now that Republicans have co-opted the Tea Party, the inevitable Frankenstein of ideological intolerance and boorish, bully-like behavior cannot be controlled. I don't have to remind you that World War II heroes like Dwight Eisenhower or any of a host of decent men have been scorned and ridiculed for their ideological "weakness." This ridiculous public charade has been twisted so far that one of the Teletubby's was officially branded as gay and then, for God's sake, scorned as a children's cartoon. Children's cartoons?

As we look at the party's reactions to Donald Trump's antics, we are offered a glimpse into the current state of Republican wisdom. The faithful wanted meat and they got it. Only now, the tiger has turned on its trainer and the partyers at the masked ball are jumping out of windows to avoid revealing their real identity.

Perhaps the most dangerous development in the U.S. is the rise of the Dixiecrats. Regardless of name, this group has reviled the Union of States for hundreds of years. Their push to destroy central government is couched in a diatribe that has been fraudulently framed as states rights issues. I'd love to see how modern secessionists would deal with defending themselves from foreign regime incursions or how well they would fare in the realities of global commerce. These are the same creeps who denied emergency funding for Hurricane Sandy victims. And then, only a few months later, they passed emergency funds for their own tornado-torn states. What a singular and proud moment for the United States. By the way, these are states that donate less money to the feds than states like, for instance, New Jersey and New York.

On a personal note, anyone who stoops to support or defend this obstructionist baloney deserves to be publicly ridiculed. Not unlike what I'm doing now. In my opinion, your fevered hatred, your actions and your tacit support of the virtual overthrow of federal authority are nothing short of sedition.

I'm talking to you, Kelly. Maybe you're just playing along to do your best to get something done. If so, that's even worse. Now show some spine and make a clean break from these miscreants, just like you did with Donald.

Incidentally, I see Paul Ryan struggling with the same issues. You guys would be surprised how robust the party could become if you would just dump the clowns, including the entire RNC, and focus on serious fixes to serious issues. That starts by opening the door to the other party.

Paul B. Utiger

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District 1 deserves a councilor with the integrity of Mike Cryans

To The Daily Sun,

We're voting for Mike Cryans for Executive Council because he understands we are better working together to solve problems than practicing the partisan gridlock that has been demonstrated by the three Republican councilors now serving. In much the same way the party of "No," under Mitch McConnell's leadership in Washington, (supported by Kelly Ayotte), has prevented even a hearing for (Supreme Court nominee) Justice Merritt Garland, Joe Kenney, Chris Sununu and David Wheeler have voted in lockstep to deny a qualified candidate, Dorothy Graham, an appointment to district court judge pretty much for doing her job too well, or not the way they wanted. They also plan to block the New Hampshire Health Protection Program which is already providing coverage to nearly 50,000 low-income Granite Staters.

Mike Cryans understands health care issues do not disappear due to lack of funding. He is willing to listen, sit down and problem solve collaboratively. During the past 19 years, as a highly respected and valued Grafton County  Commissioner, Mike has demonstrated the ability to get things done for his constituents in a positive way.

New Hampshire needs and deserves a person with the integrity of Mike Cryans on the Executive Council. Please join us in voting for Mike Cryans on Nov. 8.

Bob Swartz & Kay Anderson

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