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Friends, you have taken me to highest mountain with your words

To The Daily Sun,

Retirees who have preceded me and who have left Inter-Lakes High School have surely felt the warmth of kind words and the sincerity of impressive tributes. Their tasks done, they have left to pursue other positions or simply to rest and relax.

In a few weeks, I will be joining that group, retiring after a number of years as a teacher and as the manager of your school store. My stay at Inter-Lakes High School has been a rewarding and satisfying one, enriched and supported by school board members and administrators, by teachers and staff, by students and parents. Individually, each one of you has touched my life; collectively, all of you have nurtured my passions for teaching and for managing a small business.

Too often I have acknowledged you silently. Today I am thanking you graciously and lovingly.

At a recent retirement party, I was greeted by a large number of happy and enthusiastic colleagues and long-time friends. Hosted by my dear friends — Elaine Campbell, Cindy Boucher and Diane Hueber,  this party was a joyous blend of fun and entertainment, speeches and tributes honoring me, and the presentation of very generous gifts.

I deem it such a distinction to know that the high school library will now be called The Marjorie Lee Library; and I feel so honored and happy to know that the Inter-Lakes Alumni Association will present an annual scholarship, in my name, from the impressive monies donated by all of you. In addition to those beautiful honors, the 2015 Pinnacle (yearbook) was dedicated to me. Unbelievable? I would surely say so! Overwhelmed? I know so!

On Sunday, June 7, the Alumni Association held its 91st Alumni Brunch at Church Landing. A great gathering of 196 alumni honored the 50 year class and enjoyed an abundant brunch and entertainment. The association awarded three $1,000 scholarships to Catherine Quimby, Kylie Dickinson and Kodey Converse. The annual Alumni Cup was presented to Hannah Crosby, and the first alumni scholarship in honor of Marjorie Lee was awarded to Kylie Dickinson. The Class of 1960 awarded two $500 scholarships to Terri Folsom and Allison McCann.

All of you, my dear friends, have taken me to the highest mountain (figuratively) with your beautiful words, with your impressive gifts, and with your heartfelt love and gratitude. You have shown such warmth, such kindness, and such selflessness; you have given to me and honored me so beautifully from your very generous and big hearts.

In my humility and from my heart, I thank you all so very, very much. In the time ahead, I hope

that I can make a difference for you, the kind of difference you have made for me.

In friendship and with appreciation and love,

Marjorie Lee


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Those numbers don't address whether or not people are the cause

To The Daily Sun,

I don't make it a habit of responding to a response, as I am happier using the time that it takes to respond doing something productive. I'm responding to James Veverka, as I was impressed with the speed at which he researched his usual haunts and came up with a lot of figures that in fact did not address what I was implying.

Even if the numbers he produced are correct, they don't answer the question of whether or not people have anything to do with the rise in those numbers or whether it's old Mother Nature up to her normal hijinks. The climate change (nee global warming) alarmists ignore history and the changes in climate that have occurred long before we inhabited the earth. If you read Don Ewing's letter in Saturday's edition of The Sun you will find many statements that coincide with my quoting of parts of Irving Janis' book on "groupthink". If you compare in-group to alarmists and out-group with deniers you'll see exactly what professor Janis meant about the phenomenon of "groupthink".

On another note, I will stand by my statement that Al Gore claimed the ocean waters were going to rise by a few feet, the exact number he used I don't recall. It should come as no surprise to anyone that Gore would exaggerate the numbers as he has been known to skew the facts in the past. Keep in mind this is the same Al Gore that claimed he invented the Internet and that the book/movie "Love Story" was written about him and his wife.

Again, I want to thank Mr. Veverka for responding so quickly to my letter so that this cave dwelling conservative could learn the truth. His kindness is only exceeded by his tactful charm.

Dave Schwotzer

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