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Can't allow these ethically corrupt people back into 'people's house'

To The Daily Sun,

Bill Cosby is accused of sexual improprieties by multiple women, vilified by the media and entertainment industry and dragged into court on sex assault charges and possible jail time.

Bill Clinton is accused of sexual improprieties by Juanita Broaddick, Kathleen Willey, Gennifer Flowers, Connie Hamzy, Elieen Wellstone, Sandra Allen James, Christy Zercher, Regina Hopper, Robyn Dickey, Carolyn Moffett, Dolly Kyle Browning, Elizabeth Ward, Sally Perdue, Elizabeth Gracen, Bobbie Ann Willam and Paula Corbin.

He's dragged into court on sex assault charges by Paula Jones. He pays her $850,000 to avoid having to air his dirty laundry at a trial. He later lies under oath about a sexual encounter with Monica Lewinsky while president. That admission triggers impeachment proceedings.

He emerges from all of this unscathed and is now in campaign mode for a wife who enabled his perversions and wages her own lifelong war on the truth.

How anyone with a shred of decency would allow these two ethically and morally corrupt people back into the "people's house" is beyond me.

Douglas Isleib

Gilmanton Iron Works

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Mr. Leandro was not a 'bully'; let's drop the name calling, please

To The Daily Sun,

I was shocked by Jacqueline Denver's comment on Page 4 of the Friday, Jan. 15, Laconia Daily Sun calling Mr. Leandro a "bully."

I attended the public hearing Thursday evening of the Gilford Budget Committee.

I found Mr. Leandro extremely well spoken, courteous and a true professional. I believe he is doing a great job, in an extremely tough area.

As far as listening to others, that is exactly what he did on Thursday night. He and the Budget Committee did increase the town budget based on public input, that night.

Dealing with the School Department where emotions run high, as to teachers' salaries is not an easy task.

I, too, am disturbed by the one-time expenditures, carried over from previous years, in the default budget of the School Department. This discrepancy is described by Norm Silber, a member of the Budget Committee, whose article appears on the same page.

I can see where Kevin Leandro and the rest of the Budget Committee were upset with the Gilford School Department. The School Department default budget may not have been presented in good faith. Let us get down to the true facts concerning the School Department default budget in a civil manner without further name-calling.

Just the facts, please.

Howard Epstein


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