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Impact of 'Medigap' fix will to to erode our retirement savingss

To The Daily Sun,

Medicare supplemental insurance, so called Medigap plans have been attacked. Most Medigap plans pay the beneficiaries' deductibles and co-pays. The reason for purchasing these plans is that they cushion you from the out-of-pocket impacts of Medicare services which you need when you can least afford them.

Our government passed a law last year discouraging beneficiaries from buying such plans. Last April, Congress passed a Medicare bill, which the president signed, restricting first-dollar coverage for Medigap plans. The reform takes effect in 2020 meaning it will save little, according to the CBO.

The government was working under the misunderstanding that passage of this change will make you, the consumer, more cost-conscious. What they refuse to recognize is that we do not buy insurance products based on policing price on behalf of the federal government. That is simply an ignorant premise.

Government controls directly more than half of health care spending. One would think that as the single largest consumer, it would be the most knowledgeable and most able to impact rates.

Most of us do not comprehend the medical billing system in sufficient detail nor do we have the expertise to navigate the 30,000 item long list of procedures. The premise of the bill was wrong from inception. The impact will be to erode the retirement savings of all Americans.

This is yet another example of Congress, at the request of the executive branch, passing bills that limit our freedom and deplete our savings. It is an example of bureaucrats making up a story that common sense should have told legislators was false. But no, the bureaucrats and our big government know what is best for us. So just shut up and pay the bill.

Making matters worse, they are eroding our ability to contract for insurance that meets a need. We don't need any more of this type of help. We need to elect legislators who are interested in supporting and protecting life, increasing not restricting our liberty and enhancing not restricting our property rights.

Just my opinion.

Marc Abear


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We're coming to understand what a fine president Obama has been

To The Daily Sun,

President Obama's approval rating hit a three-year high according to a recent Gallup Poll. We're coming to understand the many good things he has accomplished and are going to miss him.

He has advocated for: 1) proposed student loan reform, 2) Wall Street accountability. 3) credit card reform, 4) health care reform (Obamacare), 5) higher wages and fair pay for the middle and lower classes, 6) reauthorization of Children's Health Insurance Program, 7) and expansion of the GI Bill. He also 8) has worked for a more peaceful world and was awarded the Nobel Prize and 9) tracked, found, and brought bin Laden to ultimate justice.

What did he get from a Republican dominated Congress? Well, before he was even sworn in, they determined that their overriding goal was to automatically oppose anything he proposed and to never support anything he supported.

In pursuit of their goal, the Republicans in Congress : 1) blocked the bill to aid small businesses, 2) blocked unemployment benefits extension, 3) blocked campaign disclosure bill, 4) blocked the bill to raise oil spill liability cap, 5) blocked Wall Street reform bill, 6) block comprehensive energy legislation, 7) blocked the debate on financial oversight bill, 8) blocked efforts to pass a mine safety bill, 9) blocked efforts to hold BP accountable, 10) tried to block the extension of much needed medical care for 9/11 first responders who are dying at an alarming rate as a result from exposure at Ground Zero.

"This is the moment when we must come together to save this planet. Let us resolve that we will not leave our children a world where the oceans will rise and famine spreads and terrible storms devastate our lands." — Barack Obama

Yes, we are going to miss President Obama very much.

Bernadette Loesch


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