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Politicians had better note growing dissatisfaction in heartland

To The Daily Sun,

Monday morning I read an interesting article in the middle of the paper (not The Sun), below the fold. According to this story a sheriff, David Clark Jr., used Twitter to say the reason President Obama responded to the killings of our military people in Tennessee "with what amounted to a shrug" was because none of the victims looked like Trayvon Martin. I wonder how many other people have come to that conclusion, but have refrained from voicing the thought publicly?

Well I can't blame those who think that, after all the president rushed to judgment to defend black "victims", but he just doesn't seem to care when a young white woman is gunned down by an illegal immigrant, felon back after five deportations. Nor does he have care to call the massacre of four unarmed Marines and a sailor what it was, an act of terrorism by a Muslim terrorist. Clearly that is because both of these murderous attacks can be traced right back to Obama's policy decisions.

He refuses to allow the enforcement of our immigration laws as he swore to do when taking the oath of office, not once but twice. He refuses to admit that radical Islam is at war with our nation and our people and decides to follow the political correct mantra rather then being the leader this nation so desperately needs.

Liberal Democrats are confused and astounded that their efforts to destroy Donald Trump's candidacy have failed and in fact "the Donald" is garnering much unexpected support just baffles them. I confess I to was surprised, but have come to understand that Trump is giving voice to the millions of just regular folks who sick and tired of the liberal elites violation of our laws and common sense. The Marxist socialists like Obama and Hillary lie, cheat and do and say anything to get power and with power are determined to transform our Republic into a communist, socialist state with them and their kind installed as perpetual rulers with all the wealth and privilege that comes with it. The rest of the people be damned as useful idiots or serfs necessary to serve the ruling elites.

But resentment is building, the more people experience of failures and folly, lies and deceit the less they trust these "progressives" and support continues to grow for Trump. Whether or not the movement will grow into a game-changing force or not, politicians had better take account of the growing dissatisfaction and anger in our heart lands. Failure to understand and respond appropriately may spell disaster for many seeking election for one position or another.

Steve Earle


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Well worth 2 hours of your time to watch 'Humanity from Space'

To The Daily Sun,

In the long history of life on earth, the challenges to a species other than a natural disaster is and has been that of the fittest surviving. Whether that be surviving daily challenges or long-term changes in nature both of which go hand in hand. Since the advent of modern humans it has become more difficult as certain populations unable to control themselves have overrun and seriously depopulated many species.

I remember in the teachings of Christ it was spoken that the meek will inherit the earth, I never really understood that until I realized that being a shepherd and the nature of sheep that that would be a reasonable view.

Perhaps with such huge populations — 7 billion plus and 9 or 12 billion coming soon to cover the planet, with no room left even for war — the aggressive will be in such a small minority they won't matter. The work to build land armies and navies already has become unaffordable for most nations, leaving such as ISIS to run amok in desert lands and eventually become a spotty nuisance elsewhere. There are many scenarios and none may matter at all in the end.

But that all is just one window looked out of. This video is two hours long — view it — a reality has been in the works in plain sight yet seen only by a few. I myself never realized it was all so huge and in place.
Armies are not needed to control a population any longer and nearly the whole population of earth have been tuned in. In Africa people learned by themselves to use a cellphone to sell the crops and to charge their batteries (no government agency needed to pick the pockets of the haves to spend teaching the have-nots to use a simple cellphone to better their lives). People absorbing a technology which itself absorbs them. Fields of sheep have grown to nations and continents.

Invite the family, friends, the children; hard nose with certainty of your politics or religious — take 2 hours and watch. Humanity from Space — http://video.pbs.org/video/2365530573/

G.W. Brooks

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