Google Tim Carter & Glen Aldrich for a window into their ideology

To The Daily Sun,

This (letter in which I direct by comments especially to the citizens of Gilford and Meredith) is a response to a recent letter, by Mr. Tim Carter, co-founder of the Lakes Region Tea Party, about me.

After reading Mr. Carter's letter, I have to say, I took a deep breath and said to myself, "Why am I doing this," then reverting back to my roots in Brooklyn, I said a few other things, remembered why I was "in the game," and moved on to this response.

First, I'm not surprised at the tone, content and spin of the letter. Second, I must be doing something right to get this much attention from Mr. Carter and his friends. Third, I'm not surprised at his endorsement of his friend Mr. Glen Aldrich, with a platform, according to Mr. Carter, of basically no government and guns. Fourth, it's a good thing I wasn't counting on his vote. Oh, and I'm glad I made him laugh so hard.

Now, as far as the bills Mr. Carter mentions in his letter that I voted for, they are his own distorted labeling and spin of bills. For example, he indicates that I voted to, "direct tax dollars to fund abortions," (SB-194). SB-194 is actually Senate Bill 194, the prime sponsor of this bill was Republican Senator Bob Odell. This bill had both Democrat and Republican support and required the department of Health and Human Services to implement the Medicaid family planning and preventative health services expansion which did NOT include a provision to fund abortion. This is one example of Mr. Carter's distorting and spinning these bills and my record, and the list goes on.

If you would like to read the bills Mr. Carter spins in his letter, I recommend you go to the official N.H. General Court website at , and not Mr. Carter's website.

On the official website, you can get accurate information about each bill and who sponsored and supported it, and also view my official voting record, and the record of all state representatives. I am also available to answer any questions and provide further information on any of these bills and my voting record, which I stand behind.

I also recommend you google search Tim Carter, Lakes Region Tea Party and Glen Aldrich, Free State Project. Now, this isn't to imply anything negative about their affiliations, but rather to provide a window into their ideology and where their heads and hearts are really at.

Once again, I respectfully ask for your support on Nov. 4. I know you are probably tired of hearing this by now, but I will continue to be a committed and sensible voice in Concord, and put people first before politics and ideology. Once again, thank you for your consideration and the privilege to serve you.

For further information, assistance, or to support my re-election, please visit

Lisa DiMartino


State Rep, Belknap 2, Gilford & Meredith

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When voting, remember damage done by Bill O'Brien & friends

To The Daily Sun,

State politics are very important to all of us. Do you remember former House Speaker Bill O'Brien? Do you remember the damage that was done? We need to be thrifty, but in a responsible way.

My letter would be too long if I tried to include all of the issues. This forces me to focus on just a few.

New Hampshire is 50th in the nation in state aid to higher education. The Bill O'Brien Legislature cut the lowest state aid in the nation by 50 percent. Students graduating from Keene State College have an average debt in excess of $30,000.

Families trying to take care of their own handicapped children received some help from the state. This allowed parents to work so they could support their families. The Bill O'Brien Legislature cut this aid.

The damage done to the state retirement program was substantial. Please note that state savings were shifted to increased expenses to the towns and individuals.

Please re-elect Ian Raymond for representative. He has saved tax dollars, created jobs and made improvements to the local communities.

Please consider Jane Alden for representative. She is well educated with a long list of community involvement. This includes chairman of the Planning Board in Tilton, the Tilton Budget Committee and the Winnisquam Regional School Budget committee.

In addition, Mike Cryans would represent us well on the Executive Council. He has the experience for the job and is endorsed by the Burton family. That endorsement means a lot to me.

Please take the time to become informed and use your vote wisely.

Paul Bonneville

Lochmere (Tilton)

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Ahern will serve Hebron, Holderness & Plymouth thoughtfully

To The Daily Sun,

If you want a person who works hard to balance wants and needs for his constituents to represent you in the state House of Representatives, then vote for Omer Ahern for state representative for District 8, the towns of Hebron, Holderness, and Plymouth.

If you want a person who truly cares about those he serves and devotes many hours to doing charitable work, then vote for Omer Ahern.

If you want a person who works hard for organizations like the Grange, the Grafton County Farm Bureau, the Rotary Club, and the Knights of Columbus and who cares about his community, his county, his state, and his country, Omer is that person and would appreciate your vote.

If you want a person who will vote intelligently on issues that come before him, and does careful research to be sure that the result is fiscally responsible, within budget, and will solve real issues, then vote for Omer Ahern.

Omer has served as a state representative, as well as county commissioner from both Sullivan and Grafton counties. He will serve his constituents well and thoughtfully.

Please join me, and vote for Omer Ahern on Nov. 4.

Cynthia Downing


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How ironic Sen. Hosmer doesn't favor fax funds for private education

To The Daily Sun,

I have never actively supported one candidate over another, but now feel compelled to write in support of Kathy Rago and Joe Kenney. There are so many important issues at stake. Foremost among them for Catholics are the assaults on free speech and religious freedoms, and the ongoing attacks on the sanctity of human life. I feel duty-bound to stand up and support candidates who have shown honest and effective leadership and who have a strong moral compass.

In recent filings at the N.H. Secretary of State, Planned Parenthood New Hampshire Action Fund has expended $74,763 in support of and in opposition to candidates in several elections in the state of New Hampshire. Our state Senator Andrew Hosmer and Mike Cryans (running against Joe Kenney for Executive Council) both got a good amount of money donated to their campaigns by Planned Parenthood.

Sen. Hosmer voted for passage of SB-319, the Buffer Law, which is not only pro-abortion legislation, but is an attack on religious and free speech rights. Sen. Hosmer accepted Planned Parenthood donations during his 2010, 2012 and 2014 campaigns. He did this while touting himself as a member/chairman of the Endowment Trust for the Holy Trinity School in Laconia. This disingenuously promotes his public image and sends a mixed message to the religious community. How does financial support from Planned Parenthood and voting for SB-319 uphold the "Catholic teachings" spelled out in the Holy Trinity School mission statement?

At recent candidate forums, Sen. Hosmer has repeatedly stated that he is not in favor of using taxpayer funds for religious education. How ironic it is that Sen. Hosmer does not want to use taxpayer funds for religious education, yet he has no problem taking taxpayer funded Planned Parenthood donations to his campaign while a member/chairman of the Endowment Trust for the Holy Trinity School.

Kathy Rago is running for state senator in our District 7 against Sen. Hosmer. Kathy served in the state House of Representatives in 2010-2012 and is a certified public accountant (CPA). While in the NH House, Kathy Rago used her CPA skills to help eliminate the looming budget deficit. Now again, the current leadership is spending the state into another deficit situation. We need more CPAs in Concord.

Kathy is an advocate for the taxpayer, is an unwavering supporter of our constitutional rights as Americans, and has a consistent pro-life voting record. We trust Kathy to be true to her word, make wise compassionate decisions on our behalf, and to work honestly and cooperatively with all elected officials. Kathy is not beholden to any special interest groups and will instead work for the best interest of all the citizens of our District 7.

Joe Kenney is running for the Executive Council. Joe won a special election in March 2014 after the passing of Ray Burton and is now running for re-election. Joe's 34 years as a United States Marine and his service at local and state levels, speak to his longstanding commitment to our country and to the citizens of New Hampshire.

Joe Kenney's focus on constituent service picks up where Ray Burton left off. Like Kathy, Joe has consistently voted pro-life. Let's send Joe Kenney back to the Executive Council for a full term.

Soon the annoying TV commercials will end, the piles of political mail will be recycled and the people we elect will be in Concord representing our interests. Please consider voting for Kathy Rago and Joe Kenney on election day. Our country needs more Legislators like Kathy and Joe.

Kevin Keohan


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I'm going to fight to reduce your taxes at every opportunity

To The Daily Sun,

I am being attacked on these pages, almost on a daily basis, by the losing Republican primary candidate who is conducting a sour-grapes campaign. I could try to address each and every accusation but as they are coming faster and becoming more off the wall each time.

In the interest of conserving time and preventing reader fatigue, I will address the most recent one only, that I am somehow responsible for the Grafton Town Clerk's Office being located in the same building as the U.S. Post Office.

The Grafton Town Clerk's Office is not located in the same building as the U.S. Post Office. Anyone wishing to verify this can easily look on the Internet and see that the Grafton Post Office has an address of 564 Main St., and the Grafton Town Clerk has an address of 11 Library Road. Clearly not the same building and clearly this accusation is baseless.

I could continue refuting the other baseless accusations but I will not waste your time, nor mine.


Now to a positive note, I am looking forward to being your advocate in Concord. I am going to fight to reduce your taxes at every opportunity. I am going to fight to return local control of education. I am going to fight to reduce government intrusion into your everyday lives. I'm going to fight to protect your Second Amendment rights, which are continually under attack despite claims to the contrary.

Please vote for Bob Hull on Nov. 4 because I am a true fiscal conservative who will not be swayed by the constant demands for overspending by special interests of any kind in Concord and I thank everyone ahead of time for helping me to protect your pocketbooks.

Robert "Bob" Hull
Candidate for State Representative, Grafton District 9


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