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Please join me in supporting Mike Moyer for Belknap County Sheriff

To The Daily Sun,

In an especially tumultuous election year, it is refreshing to have a candidate like Mike Moyer running for Belknap County sheriff. Mike has had a distinguished career here in Laconia as police chief, where his steady hand guided our city through particularly challenging times.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mike Moyer for 30 years, and during that time he has been unfailingly professional, competent, and dedicated to our community. Mike brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in law enforcement to the office of Belknap County sheriff for which he is eminently qualified.

Law and order as well as the safety of our law enforcement officials has never been a greater priority for our county than it is right now. Please join me in proudly supporting the best candidate for the job this September, Michael Moyer for Belknap County sheriff.

State Rep. Peter J. Spanos
Belknap County, District 3


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Alternative is a man from Jersey with the shallowest of N.H. roots

To The Daily Sun,

There is a fundamental choice in this year's Republican Sept. 13 Primary. I am supporting Jonathan Smolin, who is a longtime Alton resident.

Jonathan is running for Belknap County commissioner in the towns of Alton, Gilford, Meredith and Center Harbor.

His opponent in the primary, claims he is running for re-election, when in fact he was never elected to the position in the first place. He was appointed by the Belknap County Delegation members to fill a vacancy by a previous commissioner who resigned.

Jonathan, and his family are well respected and community oriented. His two boys attend Alton schools and participate in local sports and community activities.

As a county taxpayer, it seems that we need to elect people with a strong business background. The county budget is influenced greatly by the nursing home and jail and health care is a significant component of both of these functions. With a business background and his work experience as a surgical assistant and coordinator at a local hospital, Jonathan's abilities will be an asset to county governance.

Jonathan's opponent has no evident business experience, and in examining the minutes to meetings of the Belknap Commission, reveals his support for continued and unwarranted expansion of county government. Furthermore, in a clear example of intellectual dishonesty, this same individual would now like to take credit for a tax reduction — stated on his political signs — which he opposed, when the county representatives voted to return money to the taxpayers in the amount of $400,000.

Belknap County residents have a clear choice in this election, a choice which will make a statement of how we should be governed. If taxes are important to you, look behind a false claim of "lower taxes" and vote Jonathan Smolin, a conservative and hard-working, but a thoughtful man. The alternative is a vote for more spending by a person from New Jersey with the shallowest of New Hampshire roots, one who proposed a sales tax for the county to meet its obligations.

Elizabeth Gamage

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