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Some facts of history are lost, left out or intentionally discarded

To The Daily Sun,

Anyone can compile a list of quotes from the Founding Fathers. Indeed, and they can compile a list of historical facts of individuals — one might also leave out facts, especially ones not contributing to their views.

The information presented on this website — http://candst.tripod.com/boston4.htm, had it also been listed with the link to the treaty which seems so very important to the secularist would have muted the need for such a listing. The history of the first Treaty of Tripoli and its failure and the passing of a second Treaty of Tripoli without Article 11, a treaty signed by the same individuals as the first and which any rational individual would agree negates the first.

I do hope that James Veverka heeds L.J. Siden's advice, "To twist the past to fit an agenda is intellectually dishonest." As to my twisting the past, history is written and rewritten, it's taught and then reinterpreted and taught.

The king of England declared the colonists to be in revolt on Oct. 27, 1775, after the Continental Congress submitted the Olive Branch Petition expressing its desire to remain loyal to the British crown on Sept. 1 of that year. I fully understand it is termed the Revolutionary War, but the fact is it was the War for Independence. And that is not a twisting of the past to fit an agenda, but presenting a fact which has been either lost, left out or intentionally discarded.

Lastly, I was speaking of those who seem to protest loudest and longest. Perhaps I have missed some letters over the years. I do not find being non-religious degrading, and "assuming" such was the intent speaks for itself.

G.W. Brooks


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Long waiting list at County Home because it is the best there is

To The Daily Sun,

It is with optimism, hope, gratitude and pride that I write this letter. I have been employed by Belknap County Nursing Home for 8 1/2 years, most of them in my current position. I began there during very challenging times, when the nursing home was in immediate jeopardy of closing. Major changes were implemented and our team worked tirelessly to bring the facility back into compliance. The years have provided us with various challenges but we have continued to thrive, be progressive and maintain our mission: "To care for our residents as ourselves, with compassion, dignity and respect."

For those of you who have never passed through the doors of Belknap County Nursing Home but read the local newspapers regularly, I can't even begin to imagine what you think. And to those of you who visit us often and experience the love and warmth within our four walls, you know what we are really about. We are your loved ones' caregivers, friends, advocates and extended family. The decision to place a family member in a nursing home is, for many, a heart-wrenching one. We thank you for entrusting your loved ones in our care.

I am so very proud of the staff of Belknap County Nursing Home. We have had another very successful year and it is because of all of you. Our deficiency-free survey is an attestation to the work that you carry out each day. There has been minimal staff turnover, even when your benefits and insurance coverage are the topic of debate. You have become actively involved in politics. Your voice is being heard. You offer assurances daily to residents and families, even when you yourself feel uncertainty.

Our reputation as a high-quality, long-term and skilled-care facility, remains untarnished, in spite of the tensions between our elected officials. We continue to have a long waiting list of people who seek admission to Belknap County Nursing Home because we are the very best there is. As you come to work each day you give your all, leaving your own troubles at the door, for the sake of your residents. I thank each and every one of you for your ongoing dedication and commitment to the residents and families we serve. You are the heart of Belknap County Nursing Home; you are the reason we continue to succeed. I am so blessed to be a member of this family.

Dianne Roberts, RN

Director of Nursing

Belknap County Nursing Home


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