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Wasn't that Sen. Obama who filibustered GW's nomination for court?

To The Daily Sun,

Usually when I disagree with various Letters to the Editor, it is one person. This time it is going to be a lot more fun, I have list of people that I want to address. These people are, Paula Trombi, Bernadette Loesch, Lucy Natkiel, Lynn Rudman Chong, and last but not least your governor, Maggie Hassan.
All of you have voiced your opinion why the president should be able to nominate a candidate for the Supreme Court and be able to consider and vote on such nominee. Just last week, your president said he regretted taking part in a filibuster of one of George W Bush's nominations for the court. (Also, one of the ranking Democrats, Chuck Schumer, said no nominee would be taken up during the rest of GW's presidency.
But, as always, it is alright for the Democrats but never alright for the Republicans.
I agree with our Senate majority leader and our N.H. Senator Kelly Ayotte that they will outright refuse to consider anyone, regardless of their merit. I keep hearing if that is what they do, they will answer at ballot box. If the Democrats think this issue is that important to the voters, go for it .
After reading a a letter from Gov. Hassan, she writes that Senator Ayotte puts politics before Her constitutional duty. Speaking of politics, let's look at the governor, Senator Shaheen, and Congressman Kuster, all "Super Delegates" for Hillary Clinton who will use at their votes for her. How would you like to be one of those who supported Bernie Sanders, who beat Hillary by 22 points? Now these so-called trusted politicians are showing what they think of "by the people and for the people." If Clinton is the candidate this Nov., l hope all the Sanders supporters have a good memory.

I personally want to thank Senator Ayotte for all she has done for the people of N.H., and especially us veterans. For all those veterans that would like to personally thank Senator Ayotte, you are invited to see her at the Meredith Wicwas Lake Grange on Friday, March 4 at 1:45. It is open to the public and RSVP's are welcomed. You can RSVP at 296-9063 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Hope to see you there.

L. Michael Hatch

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Why wouldn't young voters go for Bernie; he's offering $100k bribe

To The Daily Sun,

Last week the four top Democratic economists in the country came forth saying they were positive the cost and income math Bernie Sanders was using to pan panhandle his free college and health care fantasies were as wrong as snow in July. His cost estimates are far too low and his income projections from new taxes way too high. Bernie's estimates of costs are off in the trillions, according to the experts. The four economists said they came forward because they feared Bernie's math was such a "political mirage", America would come to see the Democratic Party as the "apple dumpling gang" of bad arithmetic.

The truth of course, they already do. There is not a program today that didn't ooze like puss from a boil on the Democratic rump. Over the past 75 years all of them have gone bankrupt and frequently. Their programs are all actuarial farces, insolvent and underfunded in the tens of trillions as far as the eye can see. This causes desperation in the bottom half of society to lunge for Greek-style socialism thinking it's a life preserver. Socialism is like grabbing a huge, hunk of Swiss cheese in the middle of the Atlantic because it looks like it will keep you afloat. When all it does is slowly dissolve while attracting sharks.
We have heard the same "savior" words and empty promises that echo Bernie Sanders for the past 75 years from the Democratic Party. Excuse me voters. Wasn't it loudly screamed Social Security, Medicare, disability insurance, whopping welfare, Dodd-Frank bank rules, Obamacare, ever higher taxes, larger bureaucracy, millions more pages of regulations, and hundreds of billions more in free education money from government would prevent exactly the economic and social disaster we have today. Weren't all these things promised by past democratic saints and gods like Obama to improve equality and maintain social peace? Bernadette Loess sure doesn't offer any insight into the continued failure of these Democratic boondoggles to make life better for the average Joe.
Is it Americans have a short memory or a long, envious hand when some politician promises they can stick it someone else's pocket. Failed donkey illusions since FDR, fertilized under Obama for seven long years, have brought this country to its economic knees, while creating social divisions it has not experienced in decades. Why wouldn't it ? Bernie Sander's distilled message: "he hates rich people" as smoke slowly puffs from his ears. Excuse me again, voters. What's the difference between that and Trump saying he wants to deport Hispanics. Politicians, In the blind rage to win at any cost are tearing this country apart.
Then Americans wonder why they are one flush away from reaching the cesspool. Eighty-three percent of young voters support Bernie? Why in hell wouldn't they? He offers them an in your face $100,000 BRIBE, no questions asked, including how well they do in college and whether such a massive investment leads them to higher wages that justify such a huge cost. Education has been falling in quality and skyrocketing in cost for decades. In some momentary mental derangement we think making it "free" will paint over those problems. All it does is obfuscate the deep systemic issues that have haunted the cost and quality of a college degree for decades. The people that most want it all "white washed " are those in higher ed whose jobs are directly threatened by ever high tuition fees.
Democrats seem to think forcing retirees to pay for it through a Wall Street transaction tax which immediately becomes a multi billion dollar Main Street tax on every pension fund and mutual fund held by by tens of millions of average people solves the entrenched issues that make education so outrageously expensive. The people who think "free college" is the answer to the challenges that plague inequality deserve to be one flush from the cesspool.
Tony Boutin

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