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I did not know you could become a pope online for just a few bucks

To The Daily Sun,

First off, I wish to say thank you to Mr. Mitchell for our civilized letters. You seem like a very caring, loving man. God bless you for those fine qualities, truly. You and I will always disagree in a sense, but it is my pleasure to do so with a man with class, thank you. Adoption is very expensive and a long process and sometimes does not go according to plan. Perhaps you/friends/church could help these couples/person by donating your time,help,knowledge,and perhaps money to this cause?! Also, some mothers can not simply just keep their babies. Perhaps due to legal issues, homelessness,or mental and physical issues. Again, perhaps you could think of a way to help them too. Words, protests, signs and sadly prayers can not do it all.I will keep an eye out for you and your friends to do more great things for these ladies and their babies. All the best Mr Mitchell, until we write again.

Mr.Cracraft, thank you for your letter and that information. I did not know that you could become a pope online for a few bucks!. I wonder if I can get an empress certificate? I went to Catholic schools for many years and I can assure you that is not how they got their titles. I am sure you are just fine with your certification/title as is and use it in good ways. But, I do not think that is the case with Mr. Blake. He even claims in one of his letters to The Sun that he is, "Bishop Paul W. Blake and ministry". I think he has a title alright, but The Sun won't print it. I have read your letters and columns and I do enjoy them. And the Holy Grail restaurant in Laconia is fantastic I agree. Nothing better on a cold night like a Guinness and some thick Irish stew. Best to you Mr Cracraft and hope to see you soon Holy Grail for a another fine meal.

Denise C. Burke

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