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Only a bigoted mind could read a white flag as a sign of hate

To The Daily Sun,

Regarding a letter in your paper of March 11, page 7, "... Black lives matter" by Steve Earle: I could shed some color to the very black-and-white image Mr. Earle chooses to paint. If it is not safe for me to send my 15-year-old son to the market because the police may find reason to shoot, strangle or bounce to death in a van his young, unarmed self; don't even talk to me about the victim's anger.

Black lives matter is a fairly benign reaction to a documented pattern of "open season on young unarmed blacks" by police. Ironically, you mention the Panther Party which originated for precisely the same reason, to defend against mistreatment of the black community by the Oakland police. Same stuff ... different millennium?

For those comfortably situated in white rural America, safe from the worries of having to share your world with an oppressed class of multicolored people ... make whatever judgments, hate spewings, you need to salve your conscience, but understand oppressed people will scream "ouch" sometimes.

Only a very bigoted mind could transform a movement waiving a white flag saying "hey....we matter" when our children are being recklessly killed, into a ravenous, hate spewing, bunch of hooligans who have no point? This coming from a white man living in a state where if you wanted to find some "negroes" you'd have to dig for them?

All lives matter. It is just in America, we people of color must remind our pale brethren that we, too, are included in "all."

Ted Hill

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LHS offers so much after school; something should fit your son

To The Daily Sun,

To Liz West:

Regarding your recent letter about your "19-year old with challenges," I read with considerable interest.

You state that there is little for your son to do after, "The bell rings at Laconia High School; students head home." Why, when the school has so much to offer after classes end?" You stated, "We want our children to have a place where they are safe, where they can get help with their homework ... a place where they can share ideas, learn to come together and have others show them life skills or for adults to come and share some of their talents with them."

You say that perhaps the community and/or businesses could "develop something" for them to do. You go on to say that perhaps movies, a place to play pool, music, etc. could be offered and that these young people "have not a lot of choices outside of school." (There's more, but I won't quote it all here.)

The high school offers so many interesting and wonderful after-school choices (incorporating your concerns) that your complaints should be satisfied.

Having taught at LHS for almost 20 years, the last I knew, the school did an outstanding job of offering a comprehensive array of after-school programs/activities to students on all levels and with a variety of interests. From a number of clubs to several athletic/sports teams in addition to band and chorus and many youth groups, all these terrific choices provide numerous opportunities to cultivate individual talents, social skills, and to assuage boredom at little to no cost at all except to the taxpayer.

The staff, advisers, and coaches all love children, love what they do, and put enormous effort into making student experiences meaningful and enjoyable. The youth groups offered are particularly focused on the life skills and coping skills that you mention and a place to go where young men and women can "have fun and just be themselves" as your wishes point out.

With so many choices, isn't there something the school offers that would satisfy the needs of your son — and you?

I managed an after-school youth group for students of all abilities during my years at LHS that offered all the things you wish your son could be involved in and even included some weekends and school vacations if students elected to participate. We traveled to a number of states and to Canada for activities.

I can assure you that everything the school has to offer is a much safer and much better choice than hanging around a pool hall.

Barbara L. Garneau, Retired

Marketing Education

DECA Youth Group Adviser

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