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Letter about Smolin's personal finances was neglectful & unethical

To The Daily Sun,

What an unconscionable and detached letter written by Norman J. Silber!

Why was he neglectful and unethical in his summary of Jonathan Smolin's personal finances? His letter was stated from records that no one has read, plus facts that are incoherent and judgmental. He gives just enough information to justify his conclusion. The trickery in this letter is astounding. The ethical rules of conduct that recognizes respect for human values of what is right and what is wrong.

My mother always said, "You cannot walk in someone else's shoes." What prevented a telephone call to Jonathan about questions concerning his finances? The truth, ethics and the personal knowledge belong to Jonathan Smolin, so ask him, and, while you talk, apologize.

Rosemary Landry

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I'm one of 5 Laconia Democrats in running for 4 spots on Nov. ballot

To The Daily Sun,

The New Hampshire state primary is next Tuesday, Sept. 13. Democrats in Laconia have a primary because the city has a single legislative district, Belknap, District 3. That district has four seats in the N.H. House of Representatives, and there are five candidates running for those four positions. I am one of those five and would appreciate your vote. Laconia also is part of a "floterial" district that serves both the City of Laconia and the Town of Belmont. There is no primary for that seat.

In a recent letter to the editor, I said that if you vote in the primary of one of the parties, you become registered on the voter checklist as a member of that party. If you are undeclared and take, say, a Democratic ballot, and want to return to undeclared status you may do so right there at the polling place right after you vote. In my earlier letter I said this also applies to people registered as a member of the opposing party. This was incorrect and I want to clear that up. If, as a registered Republican, you vote in the Democratic primary and want to return to status as a registered Republican, you have to do so at city hall on any day after the primary.

One thing I neglected to say is that if you're not registered and want to vote in next Tuesday's primary, you can do so at your polling place on primary day.

Lastly, the voter turnout at primaries is historically awful. Local elections really matter and your vote is critical to making the people who represent you know that you care. Please make the effort to vote in next Tuesday, primary

David Huot
Democratic Candidate

for House of Representatives

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