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When Right-To-Work is passed, workers quickkly give up unions

To The Daily Sun,

Recent letters from Tom Dawson (March 20 and March 25) and Tony Boutin (March 26) address an important topic — Right-to-Works Laws. Dawson argues for compulsory unionization while Boutin argues for "Right-to-Work".

Dawson makes the absurd claim that forcing workers to join unions empowers workers. Compulsory unionization doesn't empower workers, it empowers union bosses and the politicians they support.

Progressives fight for compulsory unionization because most union leadership uses union funds to support progressive politicians and their progressive political agenda.

In my youth, America was world leader in every aspect of industry, mining, manufacturing, transportation, etc. American industry provided most American families with comfortable lives on a single income. Yet as government increasingly grew and implemented progressive policies, new rules and regulations have greatly increased the cost of doing business making companies fail, reduce wages and/or cut jobs, or move jobs overseas. Jobs that provide high value products or services and thus support good wages have been eliminated increasingly leaving only jobs providing little value which only can provide low wages.

For example, the American steel industry has almost disappeared and thousands of American manufacturing businesses have been forced to close, eliminating tens of millions of good-paying jobs.

World-leading economic freedom enabled the U.S. to become the world-leading economic power providing economic growth, opportunity, and prosperity for most American citizens. But progressive policies have reduced our economic freedoms (reducing our ranking to 12th) and stifled our economic growth. For the first time ever, fewer U.S. businesses were created in 2014 than went out of business. No wonder millions of Americans have trouble finding good jobs and earning a decent living.

Most American workers don't have Ivy League degrees, but they are not stupid. American workers know that their employers must succeed for them to keep their jobs or get raises and that the more our economy grows the more opportunities there are for American workers. Yet they see their unions supporting progressive politicians and policies that make it difficult for businesses to succeed and stifle American economic growth.

Workers see progressive government regulations destroying and preventing the creation of good jobs in mining, energy, manufacturing, etc. They see apparent favors to special interests and big donors like Buffett and Steyer that prevent creation of thousands of good jobs building the Keystone XL pipeline which would lower American energy costs, improve safety, and help make us become energy independent. They aren't happy with the prospect of paying the Obamacare Cadillac tax on their health insurance that their union leadership supported. Workers see their unions actively supporting politicians who encourage legal and illegal immigration which drive down wages, take jobs from Americans, and take welfare benefits (meant for down-on-their-luck Americans) driving up their taxes.

Recently, as big donors Gates, Zuckerberg, and others desire, President Obama increased the number of L-1B visas, allowing American companies to bring foreign high tech workers to work here at the wages far below typical American wages or even below our minimum wage.

Many American union members see progressive policies as anti-American, anti-individual freedom, anti-prosperity, anti-opportunity, and pro-special interest. They see poor futures for their children because progressive policies lock them into poor and dangerous schools, leave them faced with an enormous national debt, and are destroying our nation's future prosperity and freedoms.

Whatever the intent, progressives and their policies are destroying middle class America. In President Obama's years alone, despite the rich getting richer which should raise the median income, the American median income has declined 4 percent — $2000.

Many union members also disagree with union policies that protect disruptive, non-productive, or even criminal workers. They see union corruption and union bosses with fat salaries, generous expense accounts, and fully funded benefits while their benefits aren't fully funded. They see union bosses making deals that aren't in workers best interests, e.g., that send workers into unsafe mines.

Thus, when a Right-to-Work law is passed, many workers quickly give up their union memberships and happily negotiate their own wages, benefits and working conditions (like most other American workers).

The purpose of Right-to-Work laws is not to eliminate unions, as Boutin indicates, but to empower workers. Right-to-Work laws do not interfere with the ability of workers to form a union or stay in a union if they wish, those laws are unchanged. Right-to-Work laws simply give workers the freedom to work without joining or paying a union.

Right-to-Work laws force unions to provide value and be responsive to union members' wishes, otherwise they will lose members, income, and power. Right-to-Work laws force unions to win members by providing desired services in acceptable ways at an acceptable cost, just like anything else Americans purchase in the free market.

Don Ewing


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Thanks to all who helped with Elks 'Mickey' Bird benefit

To The Daily Sun,

Our local businesses were very gracious in donating gift certificates or items for a fundraiser held for "Mickey" Bird on Saturday, March 28. Those of us who live in the Lakes Region know very well how our community can rally together and help our fellow citizens when the need arises.

Special thanks to the following businesses: To Mayor Ed Engler, editor and president of The Laconia Daily Sun, for the donation of a fundraiser ad and a well-written article on March 25. A heartfelt thank you to all of the businesses that made this happen: Local Eatery, Kellerhaus, Laconia Pet Center, Soda Shoppe, Harts Turkey Farm Restaurant, Funspot, Uniformly Yours, T-Bones/Cactus Jacks, Café Déjà vu, Jon's Roast Beef & Deli, Patrick's Pub & Eatery, Pitman's Freight Room, Our Place Family Restaurant, Pizza Hut, Faro's Italian Grille, The Eggshell, The Lakeside & The Circle Restaurants.

Also: Happy Jacks, Quicklane/Irwin Motors, Laconia Car Wash, Gilford Cinemas 8, The Studio, Sunday's Salon & Spa, Laconia Village Bakery, Prescott's Flower Shop, The Talon Salon, Sunflower's Natural Foods, The 405 Pub & Grill and Lakeside Famous Roast Beef, Whittemore's Flower Shop, The Brickfront Restaurant & Bar, Giuseppe's Showtime Pizzeria, Top Of The Town Restaurant, Art Escape, Jump n' Joy Bouncy House, Boulia-Gorrell Lumber Co., Hannaford, Shaw's & Vista Foods Supermarkets, Barbary's Barber Shop, Sherwin Williams, Shooter's Tavern & Pizzeria, Wine'ing Butcher, Water Street Café, Sal's Pizza, Fratellos & The Homestead Restaurants.

Also: Terry Murphy's Court Street Auto, Laconia House of Pizza, Alterations Plus, Trustworthy Hardware, Burrito Me, Auto Zone, Union Diner, Greenlaw's Music, Wild Bird Depot, Lakes Region Party n' Gifts (Blue Ribbon Basket Co.), Gilford Gift Outlet, Jr.'s Crush House, Hector's Restaurant (check donation) and Dairy Queen. (Also, a Mike's Quality Car Care certificate donated by Mike Chandronnait.)

Special thanks to the following: Margie and "Mickey" Bird for allowing us to assist them at this unexpected time of need and their grandson Shaun who revived him. Thanks to their daughter Sandra, Owner of L & R Cleaning Co. for gracious donation of company gift bags filled with green cleaning products and certificates for top-notch cleaning services, and to their family members for assisting in food preparation and again, Sandra for helping with the bingo game. Special thanks to Mickey's brother-in-law Louis and his wife Nikki for making hand-tied fishing flies to raffle. Mr. Peter Tibbetts and his wife Deirdre for their help and also the behind the scenes help in making this event happen. Claire Morel for assistance to Dianne in planning this event, gathering certificates and items, food preparation, donating a beautiful, framed scratch-tickets donation from her, Roger Morel and friend Mike Hardy, and also her donation of two $50 coach bus tickets to Foxwoods Casino. Mr. Alain Tinker- for his assistance and adding to a fun evening in his creation of the Business Logo board and offering some "extras" while calling the bingo and raffle items. Our bartenders of the evening: Erin and Brenda. To the helpers of the night, this could not have taken place without you: Claire Morel, Deb Auger, Richard & Mary Ingram, Tracy Richardson, Donnie & Marsha Lamontagne, Deirdre Tibbetts, Eddie Gaudet, Robbin Flegenheimer, Jim Culpon, Charlie, and Bob Cunningham for set-up help, ad and cake donation.

Thanks to all who donated food and made this night a fun and successful evening. Mickey also extends thanks to those of you that gave him cards and personal donations. Thanks also to Elks Secretary Sandra Gaumond and Mr. and Mrs. William Shene, Exalted Ruler at the time of the planning of this event and (Sandra) State President respectively.

In case I have forgotten someone, you know who you are and I thank you. Elks Care, Elks Share. Thanks 876!

Dianne Chandronnait

Laconia Lodge of Elks

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