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Please return flower urns that were taken from husband's grave

To The Daily Sun,

When I went to my husband's grave at Sacred Heart Cemetery to place flowers down, the flower urns were gone.
I wish who ever took them to please bring them back!
It so sad people have to take things from the resting place of our loved ones.
Carol Sargent

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Low wages means government is subsidizing Walmart & McDonald's

To The Daily Sun,
Recently we have heard the side of those who are against raising the minimum wage. It has come from state senators who voted against it and from people who write letter to the editor from the position of management. It is true that raising the minimum wage has a negative impact on some small businesses and will result in the loss of some jobs.
Please note, there is another point of view. This is from the position of workers making low wages. Consider a family of four with two workers together making less than $30,000 a year or a senior in high school trying to earn money to help with college.
People working for low wages are consumers who will put the extra money back into the economy. In some cases it will create some jobs helping to balance the job market. Extra money will also be going into Medicare and social security helping these programs.
Presently, low income families need food stamps and earned income credit to help them out. That means that the government is subsidizing companies like Walmart and McDonald's. In the case of Walmart they will have to raise the price on the products from other countries including purchases from Asia. Could this make our products more competitive?
Let me conclude by pointing out that it is true that the worker would be earning more money and working the same hours. It is also true that the worker would be gaining back buying power to replace what was lost by inflation since the last increase in minimum wage which was a long, long, long time ago.

Paul Bonneville
Lochmere (Tilton)

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Unforeseen circumstances had me relying on 'system' for survival

To The Daily Sun,
Thank you for the opportunity to voice opinions. It is by being open minded and listening to each other outcomes of peaceful compromises benefiting all can happen.
After reading Mr. Corliss's, letter directed to Mr. Young, I felt the need to use my voice. I was widowed after my late husband, Pete Morrison, passed away in 1988. Being left with five children, the youngest being seven and 10-years-old, Social Security benefits helped stabilize me financially to support my family. Projecting into the future and wanting to be independent financially, I entered college earning a Bachelor's degree and Master's while working full time. Financial assistance in the form of Pell Grants assisted me with student loans. When my two youngest were no longer eligible for government assistance, I had transferred into a full time job teaching, no longer dependent on a system for stability.
I was caught, due to unforeseen circumstances, relying on a system for survival as many others are also.

This story is a testament to hard working people who contribute to the economy and do not want to rely on a "system". Mr. Corliss is an example of this also. As we know, there is no perfect system. Healthy systems need open-minded people who are active listeners receiving, processing, discussing, and then acting on information with a plan that will benefit all. All systems and programs need constant revisions and upgrades with the progression of our economy. It seems unfair to judge the viability of a program such as welfare or Social Security based on some of the population whose value systems erode the program intentions. Hopefully my story will present the side of good intentions and my gratefulness for assistance from the government at a most difficult time in my life.
In appreciation of our military system, including Mr. Young's father, I have an art exhibit at the National Guard Headquarters in Concord. There are 15 pieces of original art honoring all veterans.
Again a thank you to The Daily Sun for allowing me to have my voice heard.
Elaine Morrison


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Gates have been removed from Woodland Heights field to discourage dog lovers

To The Daily Sun,

Unfortunately, responsible dog owners like my family and others, have lost the privilege to meet, socialize and exercise our dogs at the fenced-in ball field at Woodland Heights Elementary School. This has been an activity that we have enjoyed for many years. Recently, a call was made to the school requesting the overflowing maggot-ridden garbage receptacles outside the field be emptied, out of health concerns for all the adults and children who use the ball field (a request made many times through the years and only done after repeated calls). To our surprise, the day after the phone call, we visited the previously enclosed ball field and found that every single door to the ball field, including the doors facing the woods and the drainage field, had been removed, thus rendering the field inviting to deer, raccoons, bears, foxes, skunks, etc., and more particularly not enclosed for the safety of our dogs and children.

We have been told, through a spokesperson from the city, that "the field is intended for use by the school as an activity area for the students, is used for various youth sports and is available to the public for general use at other times." We have always respected this intention.

Our use of the field has been a blessing. Doggy refuse bags were placed at the entrance, indicating that dog owners were obliged to pick up after their dogs, which we and our friends have consistently done. Many people have picked up refuse of other dogs, dogs whose irresponsible owners did not respect this privilege.

To have been able to gather at the ball field when it is not in use for other activities will be greatly missed by many and we count this as a sad day for responsible pet owners and, most importantly, an end of an era for us, our friends, and our beloved pets.

Laurie McCarthy

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Only metal is spoken at welding class; leave troubles at the door

To The Daily Sun,

I just completed the winter semester for welding at Laconia Adult Education. What a great program! This is my second year in a row. It is a 10 week course. The teacher and his assistant are more than qualified, they know all aspects of this trade, and have all the state of the art equipment. They supply all the gases and welding supplies, and safety is always emphasized.

If you are a beginner there is hands on training, or if you have projects to do, like I do, just bring in your own material and free lance. They even have beginner work with you and help so they can learn. If you have never cut steel with a plasma cutter, all I can say is WOW.

There are new people of all walks of life to meet and swap ideas and give advice to. You get to park your troubles at the door, because only metal is spoken in there.

It starts in February, a good warm place to pass the winter doldrums. These classes have no problem filling, I hope to be back next year, where the motto is always, "Go burn em up."

Steven Belcher


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