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I've changed my mind; I want Steve Marchand to be our new governor

To The Daily Sun,

We have a three-way race on Tuesday the 13th's Democratic primary ballot. Though Colin VanOstern has received great endorsements, and I originally donated to his campaign, having met and listened to Steve Marchand, I will vote for Marchand.
At 31, Marchand was voted mayor of Portsmouth. He's wet his feet or submerged is body in complex governing. VanOstern has dipped his toe with Executive Council decision-making and working for a company whose product sells itself (Stonyfield yogurt). As Hillary is the go-to party darling, VanOstern is that. Look critically at what the each gubernatorial candidate offers.
Steve Marchand prioritizes investing in public education. As UNH director of Corporate Relations, he's heard first-hand that needy public schools cause industry to lose prospective, choice employees who want better schools for their children. And we all want better schools for our communities. How else let every talent among us blossom? He'd restore the building-fund that our schools used to access for construction needs. He'd fund full day kindergarten.
He's the only candidate 100 percent opposed to Northern (Tres)Pass.

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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I wish I lived in Laconia so I could vote for Tom Dawson for state rep

To The Daily Sun,

It is rare that I write a letter in support of a political candidate not in my district and for whom I cannot vote, but I would like to make an exception in the case of Tom Dawson, who is running for the New Hampshire House from Laconia.

I have known Tom since I moved to this area more than 15 years ago. At one point we were co-workers. Although I have not always agreed with him, I have found him to be a reasonable and honest man. On a personal level, I know him to be a gentleman who always listens to others.

Tom's record of service to the state and community is impressive. Before he moved here he was the assistant to the fire chief in this nation's fourth largest city. He earned a doctorate in Fire Administration and at one point, served as New Hampshire's state fire marshal (under a Republican governor). Later, he started the Fire Science Program at Lakes Region Community College, an impressive and popular program. Later, he started the Fire Protection Technology program.
When I worked with him he always was a leader among his co-workers.

Tom is strong supporter of public education and especially of the state's community colleges, for which he worked for years. He also supports reproductive freedom for women. He can be depended on to always tell the truth and even if you disagree with him, he will listen carefully to your opinions and concerns. He has never shown any signs of being a "professional politician" and in his retirement, wishes to serve his state and community. I hope the voters in his district elect him. I wish I lived in Laconia so I could vote for him.

E. Scott Cracraft

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