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Mike Cryans will serve the people, not some extremist agenda

To The Daily Sun,

The 2016 election has been dominated by the races at the top of the ticket. But as voters elect a president and governor, they will also choose who will serve on the New Hampshire Executive Council. I'm proud to support Mike Cryans in Executive Council District 1.

The Executive Council occupies a vital role among New Hampshire's constitutional offices, with the power to approve contracts over $25,000 and to approve nominations made by the governor to state courts, boards and commissions. The District 1 seat on the Executive Council represents an area larger than either New Hampshire congressional district. It covers two entire counties (Coös and Grafton) and parts of five others (Belknap, Carroll, Merrimack, Strafford and Sullivan), comprising 107 municipalities and 19 unincorporated places.

District 1 needs Mike Cryans on the Executive Council. For the last 30 months, since the special election to replace the late, great Ray Burton, District 1 has had an Executive Councilor who represents an extremist agenda from Washington, not the people of New Hampshire.

When extremists in Washington last year targeted Planned Parenthood with trumped-up videotapes, the current District 1 councilor voted in reactionary lockstep to defund Planned Parenthood, not once but twice. Ending public funding threatened access to basic health care for more than 12,000 women in New Hampshire, many of them in the rural areas in District 1 where there are few other healthcare options.

When extremists in Washington last year targeted Dorothy Graham's nomination to the New Hampshire Superior Court, the current District 1 councilor voted in reactionary lockstep to defeat her nomination, not once but twice. This despite pleas from police officials across the state, including Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard, urging the Executive Council not to surrender to ignorant, hateful rhetoric.

Mike Cryans will serve the people of District 1, not an extremist agenda. A district as large and diverse as District 1 requires an executive councilor who can balance the interests of the entire district, not divide us and alienate us with reactionary politics. As a native of Littleton, a small-business owner, the executive director of a respected community non-profit, and a Grafton County commissioner for nearly 20 years, Mike brings a respectful and civil tone to public office and a deep understanding of the needs of New Hampshire and the North Country.

It's time District 1 had an executive councilor who will stand up for us. Please join me in voting for Mike Cryans for Executive Council on Nov. 8.

Paul Phillips

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The founders chose to ban the establishment of a national religion

To The Daily Sun,

I see Alan Vervaeke is bringing up the old liberal theory that the founders were not Christians. Let me first say that all Christians are deists, but not all deists are Christians. But to Alan's point, which I believe is nonsense, given that all Europe was and had been a Christian world for about 1,000 years or so.

Now all our founders were derived from that culture and were religious to various degrees and that would be Christians. Otherwise, why all the references to God, or the supreme power, etc. in their writings?

Alan wants to split some fine hairs in order to make the argument that religion should have no voice, regard or consideration in our government. Well actually, however (what) one chooses to believe regarding the deity when the Constitution was written, the founders chose to ban the government from founding a national religion. They never banned religion from having a voice or participation in government, which is what Alan is trying to say is the case, I believe.

Sorry Alan, you're not going to shut down, ban or otherwise silence the voices of Christians because they disagree with your political views. Live with it.

Steve Earle


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