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Republican senators engaged in clear obstruction of Constitution

To The Daily Sun,

Nearly a month ago, we saw the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia. Since then, the ninth seat on the Supreme Court has remained vacated. Now, it's a disappointment that the Senate is not doing the job their constituents wants them to do — follow the Constitution. It seems a bit hypocritical for Republicans to call out Democrats for not "following" the Constitution.

Clearly in the Constitution (Article 2, Section 2, Clause 2) it clearly states "he shall nominate, and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, shall appoint ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, judges of the Supreme Court..."

Now, our Senator, Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) is one of those who is obstructing the Constitution. Along with the presidential candidates, Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Ted Cruz (R-TX). This issue shouldn't be a partisan issue, rather they should follow the Constitution. Without the ninth justice, you'll most likely see a gridlock in the Supreme Court as the court currently, is split evenly between conservatives and liberals. With 4-4 rulings, you'll see issues that are crucial not going forward.

It's unprecedented for the Senate to not hold a hearing, and vote to accept/deny the confirmation.

President Barack Obama was elected by the people not once, but twice, and shall do his job that he was tasked to do when he was elected to be our president. Even then, according to ABC News/Washington Post poll, 63 percent of Americans has voiced their opinion that they want the current president to nominate a Supreme Court justice, and for the Senate to hold a hearing and vote on the nominee. My guess: if Obama does not nominate a SCJ that does not meet credentials to hold this office, then the Senate shall vote accordingly.

We have pending cases that are waiting in the court to be decided on. Anywhere from women's health, to equality issues, and other crucial cases that needs to be decided on by the Supreme Court. Americans wants to know crucial cases sooner rather than later. Believe it or not, the Supreme Court is one of the three branches of government. Without the ninth justice, Republicans are essentially stopping the highest court of the land. Let's face it, if this was the same scenario, but it was a Republican president, you'll see them moving the process quickly.

Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and other Democrats, recently took the Senate floor to pressure the Republicans to do their jobs. As stated before, this shouldn't be a partisan issue. The Republicans won't even hold a hearing in the Senate, and therefore, won't consider any Supreme Court justice. This is clear obstruction of the Constitution. Republicans will make up every excuse to not hold a hearing from claiming it's an election year, to the president being a lame duck, and other non-professional excuse.

Senators, #DoYourJob

Nick Crosby

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Good candidates are made by the issues that drive their efforts

To The Daily Sun,

What brings one to become a candidate in a city or state election? My opinion: one should have something that drives their candidacy.

In 1973, I had witnessed major courier/trucking companies dictate to the state who would be allowed to compete in the delivery of packages from point A to B — say, Laconia to Manchester, or beyond. My friends said, "Get yourself known by seeking a seat on the Laconia City Council," and to make it harder, one friend said in this partisan election "run as an independent." Result: I defeated the Republican and the Democrat on the ballot for Ward 5. I was one of three fiscally conservatives on the nine-person council.

At that time I had three children in the school system. Back then we did not have a tax cap.

And the next year, the residents of Ward 5 sent me to the Legislature where I fought for "equality" in an industry where politicians protected the "Big Guy," and stuck it me and the little guy like me and many others.

I went back to the Legislature in 1993, at the end of my third term on the City Council. This time, it was to rid Laconia of the prison, and limit the number of non-taxable properties in an effort to maintain a more fair property tax.

Just one more issue: we have competition in our area, such as two fast food chains, multiple auto dealers, banks, and radio stations. Competition is good, but government endorsing one entity over the other, that is not equality.

Okay, everyone in the "pig pile!"

Niel Young


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