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It's time for Bristol's old guard to move over or accept some new viewpoints

To The Daily Sun,

Dear voters of Bristol:
Let the mudslinging begin in Bristol! It seems some officials cannot help themselves! I am writing this in response to many half-truths, un-truths and innuendo statements made by Shaun Lageuex in the past year or so to discredit honest people trying to do their best for the town of Bristol, the latest of which is aimed at candidate for Selectboard John Sellers.
Selectboard Chair Shaun Lageuex would have us believe that John Sellers is in constant pursuit of information to destroy progress in Bristol when the facts will prove that under Shaun's watch it became town policy for anyone requesting public information, including sworn elected officials of the Budget Committee, to do so with a formal 91-A request. Now the truth is that as a private citizen John has requested information through this process and he has also been authorized by the Budget Committee to seek information from the town to assist with Budget Committee discussion and budget preparation. It should also be noted that this new policy helped to create the divisiveness that Shaun Lageuex stated in his letter to the editor in the March 2nd edition of this newspaper. When sworn elected officials are treated this badly it is no wonder that new and qualified people do not want run for office or work for our town. People need to pay more attention to the facts; watch the video tapes of meetings on the town website if you cannot attend.
I normally would not go down this route as I always prefer the high road, but comments and influences as they are and as I have experienced first-hand during my tenure on Selectboard spur me on to make a statement. I think it is high time for the old guard to move over or accept some new viewpoints and stop with the negativity. Ask yourself why these people cannot work together with others. Is it simply because they do not share the same opinion or is it tied to a personal agenda?
We have some real issues in Bristol, which include loss of employees despite extensive pay raises, lack of timely financial data availability due to ineffective hiring causing a revolving door for financial staff for more than a year, misguided prioritization in the light of crucial space needs issues for our police department vs. other feel nice projects like the multi-use trail touted as economic development to name just a few. I firmly believe that we need stronger leadership to address these and other issues facing Bristol. I also strongly believe that having varied opinions as part of any discussion and action on these issues will bring about better decisions.
With this letter I do not want to state who you should vote for or try to influence your decision except to say you should get involved, research the candidates and warrant articles that will require your vote and make your decision based on what you feel is the right decision for you and for the town. Make up your own mind based on facts folks.
Please vote on March 14th!
Don't forget Town Meeting on Saturday, March 18th at 9 am at Newfound Regional High School.

Janet Cote

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I think it's time for me to serve Sanbornton on the BudCom

To The Daily Sun,

To my fellow citizens of Sanbornton: My name is John Vorel and I live with my family on Lower Bay Road. I am running for election to one of the three-year seats on the town's Budget Committee.

While living in Sanbornton these last eight years, I have come to know the community and the wonderful people who live here. I have a clear understanding of the complexity of town operations and the needs of our citizens and visitors alike. I have always given of my time to help the community that I live in and I think it is time for me to serve the town of Sanbornton and its citizens in a similar way.

The Budget Committee's work is extremely important in balancing the operational costs of the town against the hard earned money that taxpayers contribute through their property taxes. This process requires working with all concerned to reach a budget that will accomplish the will of the voters.

My 27 years of experience in managing both private and public entities gives me a unique outlook on listening to many different view points and then crafting a budget that will work for all. The following list of past experiences has helped me to prepare to represent the citizens of Sanbornton:

President, N.H. Ski Area Operators Association.
Vice Chairman, New London Planning Board.
Member, New London Transfer Facility Site Committee.
President, Laconia-Weirs Beach Chamber of Commerce.
Member, Gilford Zoning Board.
Member, Laconia-Gilford Economic Development Commission.

In addition, I have managed budgets well in excess of $6 million and understand that every dollar is important and needs to be put to good use. I ask for your vote and support on March 14 as one of your next members to the town's Budget Committee.

John Vorel

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