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Obama has shown reckless disregard for the U.S. Constitution

To The Daily Sun,

I am proud of Kelly Ayotte for standing up for the Constitution and the American people. The death of Justice Scalia was a sad day for conservatives like me — he has been a valiant warrior for the Constitution and the idea of government that our Founding Fathers helped to build.

Given President Obama's reckless disregard of the Constitution and overreaches of executive authority, I do not think he should appoint another justice to the bench at this time. This is a historic election year where political outsiders are the ones who we believe will truly get things done.

But regardless of who wins the election — whether it's a Republican or a Democrat — the American people deserve to have their voice heard — especially when it comes to the nomination of someone who will serve in that position presumably for the rest of their life.

D. Gruette

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Current regulations of biosolids don't protect human health

To The Daily Sun,

Ban Biosolids: vote YES on Article 3 in Gilmanton.

Honest science-based information about how biosolids have harmed human health, agriculture, and the environment will not be found on government webpages. Nor on the NEBRA webpage. The US EPA Office of Water — the same office that for an entire year covered up the lead problems in Flint, Michigan — is covering up hundreds of incidents where people, livestock, and well water were permanently impacted by sludge-exposure. Independent scientists have long agreed that the current regulations do not protect human health, agriculture, or the environment.
Gilmanton residents should be aware that in N.H., every town has the right to put in place more protective regulations. This right is stated in the federal rule, state rule, and has been confirmed by the N.H. General Court. Dozens of other N.H. towns have more stringent regulations. A January EPA letter to Citizens for Sludge-Free Land states that communities may ban the practice altogether in areas with high and variable water tables, permeable soil, and other sensitive areas. Protect your land, water, and health by voting YES on Article 3.
For the inside story of how sludge brokers, U.S. government agencies, industry-funded researchers, NEBRA, and sewage treatment plant trade groups collaborate to cover up hundreds of harmful incidents linked to sludge exposure, ignore or manipulate scientific data, and silence critics, see

Caroline Snyder
North Sandwich

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