Neglecting to vote is sure way to get wrong candidate into office

To The Daily Sun,

I'm writing this letter to support Scott Brown for U.S Senate. It's not so much a vote for Brown as it is a vote against Shaheen. That's right, I prefer someone I only partially agree with over Shaheen who doesn't do much I agree with.

Shaheen aligns with Obama most of the time. She and her supporters have run one of the most negative campaigns of this election. You may not always agree 100 percent with a candidate but "no vote" is a sure way to get the least effective candidate into office.

It is very important in our democracy to vote.

Richard Hickok


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Have Americans really lost their precious right to dissent?

To The Daily Sun,

We have been dropping bombs on Middle Eastern countries (as many as seven countries) for 12 years — non stop. We have the dubious record of killing more people, without regret, or justification without international laws in place (if war should ever be morally acceptable.) We have done more damage trying to instill democratic beliefs on ancient cultures that continue to war between themselves — as they have done for hundreds of years. If we defeat this gang of cut-throats, who's next? Answer this question to justify continued bombing. If it stopped tomorrow, what have we accomplished?

It is a sad commentary on our total lack of morality, fostering misplaced suspicion on the lives of other people different from ourselves. We cannot solve their constant uprisings that they themselves have created.

Have Americans lost their precious right to dissent? Has morality disappeared for the sake of military dominance whereas unabated and irrational fear give us the excuse to use greater military force. Have 4,400 men and women, in service to their country, died without just cause? God forbid!

Leon Albushies


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With Dave Pollak, it is not just all about money and taxes

To The Daily Sun,

What a pleasure to have a candidate like Dave Pollak running for Commissioner of Belknap County. He actually listens to voters and is willing to work with other people in government to get things done for all the residents in the county.

With Dave it is not all about money and taxes. He sees good problem-solving as collaborative with input from all the stakeholders and then effective, economic evaluation of solutions. Dave's reason for running is to get Belknap County government moving in a positive, cooperative way and that resonates with me. I want an independent commissioner, not beholden to any party or ideology, able to research information on his own and think critically.

Dave has impressed me with his visitations to five county jails, talking with their superintendents, and county personnel at our local nursing home. As a candidate he has independently researched three different options for dealing with our overcrowded and inadequate jail facility. After drawing his own conclusions, he expressed them articulately in letters to the newspaper.

Reading the heartfelt letter from the spouses of nursing home residents published in the Sun, Oct. 16, it is glaringly apparent that we have to elect county commissioners and representatives who will work together to resolve contentious issues in a timely manner. Please join me in voting for Dave Pollak for Belknap County Commissioner Nov. 4 and get this county moving forward again.

Bob Swartz


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Important that we elect commissioners who will solve problems

To The Daily Sun,

A visit from Dave Pollak has once again assured me that he is the right candidate for county commissioner. Aware of my successful energy efficiency work, he has stopped by on several occasions to brainstorm ideas for building the new county jail, to lower not only the initial costs of construction, but also understanding the importance an efficient design plays to lower the cost of operation once it is built.

As a former construction manager, Dave Pollak has the experience to deal with the complex details involved in a project of this magnitude. As a professor at Lakes Region Community College, he understands how energy efficient buildings are just one more piece of the puzzle to save taxpayers money. He is confident that with hard work and research of the available options, we can meet the needs of the county and stay within an affordable budget that respects the spending limits of each community.

While some members of the delegation have chosen to cut funding for health insurance and other contractual obligations, and unsuccessfully micro-manage the commissioners' day-to-day county affairs, these delegates have in effect multiplied the problems at the county. It is all the more important that we elect a commissioner who is willing and able to solve problems.

I hope you will join me in voting for Dave Pollak for County Commissioner.

Ian Raymond


State Rep. for Belknap County District 4 (Tilton & Sanbornton)

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Brian Gallagher of high moral character; we're lucky he's running

To The Daily Sun,

We are fortunate this election cycle to have an exceptionally well qualified candidate to represent Sanbornton and Tilton in the state Legislature, Brian Gallagher. Brian has the experience, and ability to be a successful leader, but just as importantly, he has a genuine desire to make a difference. That desire coupled with his hard work ethic will make an impact in Concord that is so important to those of us who are fiscally conservative.

Brian has another trait rarely seen today in a politician: he is of high moral character. I can personally attest to his integrity, and when he says that he will do all in his power to balance revenue with needs, reduce business red tape to help New Hampshire businesses grow the economy and thereby create good-paying jobs, all the while keeping a watchful eye on state aid to education, you can bet that he will do all in his power to do what he says he will do to get the job done.

Brian Gallagher will do an excellent job representing Sanbornton and Tilton in the state Legislature. He has my vote.

Roger Grey


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