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Is cost of Medicare Part B going up to pay for the refugees

To The Daily Sun,

Now what? Medicare is raising the cost of Part B by 52 percent? Is that so we can pay for the refugees or the other losers who are sucking up everything you can think of? Outraged? You bet I am. You should be as well.

This country is going down faster and faster. Are we doing anything to stop this? I do not think so. We need a Donald Trump to change things. Are we just going to take everything and anything the government throws at us? This sure is not the America I grew up with. Ever since Obama came into office we have been going down the tubes fast. I am sure everyone has noticed that.

So now what? Where do we go from here? Down, down, down — that is where we are heading. Soon we will not know this country anymore. Thanks to Obama. He promised change and that is what we have. I think most of us do not like what is happening. The only promised Obama has kept. God bless us and the nation.

Anna DeRose


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Jim Webb was not treated fairly; maybe 'No Label' would be best

To The Daily Sun,

Anderson Cooper did a great disservice to a great American, Senator Jim Webb. I was in support of him very early on and gave him a stipend for campaign funding and volunteered to man phones to help him. Maybe he wants to get his feet wet and will run again.

I realize he did not have a lot of money, but New Hampshire is a place to campaign in the first primary and does not take a lot of money. He could have rented a recreation vehicle, stayed in the state for a while and he would be on the money. He has an exemplary dossier; an ex-marine, Sec. of the Navy, fought in Vietnam and Senator of Virginia.

Sen. Webb tried several times to get in the debate and Mr. Cooper kept saying to him, "you agreed to the rules". Gov. O'Malley got too much attention and Sen. Webb could not get a word in edgewise. Fox News thinks he should go to the Republican Party or perhaps the "No Labels" problem-solver, non-bias form of campaigning reform that I attended in Manchester on Oct. 12.

Rosemary Mellon


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