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Rosemary Landry (1-22) 96

To The Daily Sun,

I invite anyone who would like to witness the unprofessional behavior which flows from Rep. Fields, our Belknap County Commissioners and County Administrator Shackett toward Chair Worsman, to just watch a county meeting in action. The meetings are taped for cable access. But better still, come and view a meeting of the Belknap County Convention up close and personal.

Meetings are posted on the Belknap County Convention website as well as in local newspapers. I invite you to come and judge for yourself. "The Proof is in the Pudding".

Rosemary Landry

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We're appalled by amount of dog feces piling up behind LHS

To The Daily Sun,

A few nights ago, my husband and I decided to walk two of our dogs at Laconia High School. We do this at times when the roads are narrowed due to snowbanks and when there is excess sand on the roads. As we walked from the back of the building onto Dewey Street, we were appalled by the amount of dog feces around the new Huot Center. We saw multiple piles of feces on the outside of the Child Development Center's fenced in playground, that the children still use, weather permitting. Can you imagine the smell they have to endure? The piles continued as we walked through the parking lot, around the the Huot Center's dining room.

As dog owners who pick up after their dogs, it disturbs us to see this as the city ordinance clearly states: "Chapter 13 Animals: 113-10.1. Dog Waste. (added 7-22-1996 by Ord. No. 06.96.6)

A. Duty to dispose. It shall be the duty of each person who owns, possesses or controls a dog to immediately remove and dispose of any feces left by
his/her dog on any sidewalk, street or other public area. It shall further be the duty of each person who owns, possesses or controls a dog to
immediately remove and dispose of any feces left by his/her dog on any private property neither owned nor occupied by said person, unless said
private property owner or occupant agrees otherwise.

B. Duty to possess means of removal; disposal. No person who owns, possesses or controls such dog shall appear with such dog on any sidewalk, street,
park or other public area without means of removal of any feces left by such dog. Furthermore, no person who owns, possesses or controls such dog
shall appear with such dog on any private property neither owned nor occupied by said person without the means of removal of any feces left by said
dog, unless said private property owner or occupier agrees otherwise. Disposal of such feces shall be in a manner consistent with all applicable laws.

C. Enforcement; fines for violation. This section shall be enforced by the Laconia Police Department. Violation of this regulation shall be punishable by
a fine of $25 for each occurrence."

Irresponsible dog owners who will not take the time to clean up after their dogs inadvertently make responsible dog owners look bad. Those of us who
do take the time to clean up after our dogs as the law states often get lumped in with those who don't and that is not a fair characterization. It is also not fair for the students and staff of LHS to have to dodge dog feces as they walk around and between the two buildings nor is it fair to the people employed by the school who will have to clean up these piles of dog feces before they can start their spring lawn care duties.

Please, for the sake of the responsible dog owners, the children at the Huot Child Development Center and the staff & students of LHS, pick up after your dogs.

Marie Dalzell

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Mike Cryans is best candidate to carry on legacy of Ray Burton

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to urge your readers to vote for Mike Cryans in the District One Executive Council special election on March 11. No one is better suited to succeed Ray Burton than Democrat Mike Cryans. A longtime friend of Ray's, Mike was endorsed by Ray to be a Grafton County Commissioner and served with him in that capacity for 16 years. Born in northern New Hampshire, Mike has been a lifelong resident in this state. He understands small town New Hampshire issues and values, from the Lakes Region to the Connecticut River to the Canadian border.

Mike is running for Executive Council for Ray Burton's old seat to leverage the power and position of the Executive Council to promote education, infrastructure improvements and economic development in the huge part of New Hampshire that is District One and to secure state contracts that will bring jobs to this area.

Hardworking, decent to his core, and committed to the best interests of his constituents, Mike's commitment to community and public service is exemplary. In his various roles in the private and public sector, he has advocated effectively to improve the lives of some of the least fortunate and made our communities stronger in the process.

To help working families and taxpayers in District One, he will work in a bipartisan manner, as he did as Grafton County Commissioner, to create jobs and support local business. As Executive Councilor, Mike will publicize unique issues affecting northern New Hampshire and will hold state government accountable to its people. Following the example of Ray Burton, Mike will ensure that the heads of state agencies visit the communities of District One to learn about the multitude of issues facing the area firsthand.

I urge you to vote for Mike Cryans on March 11. I believe he is the best candidate to succeed Ray Burton and carry on his legacy.

Anne Rogers


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I'm fortunate to have great job I work hard at & sincerely enjoy

To The Daily Sun,
While I'm not comfortable having to publicly defend myself, I feel that I must respond to the malicious comments submitted by Mr. Gordon Blais.
I absolutely met the combined education and experience requirements for the position I hold. The appointment was offered to me after an extensive and competitive recruitment process. I have earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, been recognized as a Certified Public Manager, and most recently was designated a Credentialed Manager by the ICMA. Mr. Blais continues to question and criticize the county's decision to hire me. Not that questioning is a bad thing, but persisting to print false information is intentionally misleading the public.

Mr. Blais has done extensive research to try to find anything that will support his misguided opinion, requesting my personnel files, the county's recruitment process, contacting legislators, former employers, current employees, and to his discontent, has not been able to support any of his libelous statements.
He did get my salary correct. I consider myself fortunate to have a great job that I work hard at and sincerely enjoy. When compared to equivalent positions in New Hampshire, my compensation is in the lower half of the range. I am one of "those in our community who worked hard and went into debt to get the educational training that qualified me for a position like this" (his words). Not to mention the required years of experience. The message that sends to kids is that hard work, discipline, and advanced education can lead to a rewarding career. A very good message and something I am proud of.

Belknap County is well managed by a team of professionals who operate with honor, humility and integrity. In a difficult political environment they work hard every day to maintain the morale of more than 260 employees who are engaged in providing excellent service, in often difficult situations, to the public.
I hope you will contact me directly, or any of the county's leadership if you have questions and would like accurate answers about the operation of Belknap County.
Debra A Shackett,
Belknap County Administrator
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Wind energy does have its place, but not near people's homes

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Steve Young, Jr., a tax paying resident and registered voter in the town of Danbury.

I sincerely hope who ever reads this takes it in into great consideration, after receiving the recent poll results of the ballots that were sent by the selectman of Danbury, I now feel I am speaking on behalf of the majority of the townspeople of Danbury when I say that the Wild Meadows wind project is a bad idea and wrong, not only for the residents of Danbury, but also for our neighbors. Here in Danbury, there is a clear majority of registered voters who strongly oppose this project, the results as you probably already know were 249 to 116.

I am writing today to voice my objection to the Wild Meadows Wind Project. I purchased my land in 2000, cleared it myself and built my own house for my family to live in a quiet rural setting, a place where my children could grow and play in the yard without concern, a place away from city life, industrialization and the noise caused by it. It is a place where you can stand outside on a cold crisp winter evening, look up in amazement at the star filled sky, away from the city lights and a place so quiet you could hear a pin drop. I remember clearing my land, taking a break to eat my lunch sitting on a log, listening to only the sounds of birds chirping and the chipmunks dropping pine cones out of the trees and thinking to myself "Wow, it is so peaceful and quiet here, I can't wait to get this house built", I imagined myself sitting out on my deck and taking in the sounds of nature watching my children play, or gazing up at the night sky, listening to the tree frogs, peepers and the occasional owl.

I sincerely feel this is serene setting is now very threatened by the industrial giants like Iberdrola and their Wind Turbine Projects. If this project moves forward, not only will I be dealing with the noise of the construction phase, but also once completed, the once peaceful quiet evenings spent looking at the stars will now be accompanied by blinking lights, and sounds of industrial wind turbines churning out their horrible tune, at a decibel level stated and confirmed by Iberdrola to be in the range of a "quiet urban evening". I have to tell you that I have relatives who live in an urban setting in Lawrence, Massachusetts and even on their quietest nights, the sounds would drown out any chirping birds, and one would most certainly not be able to hear a pine cone falling from a tree, let alone a pin drop. When they come to visit, to them it is like camping for the weekend, they are in awe of how quiet and peaceful it is here in Danbury.

If I wanted a "quiet urban setting" I would have purchased a house in Lawrence or Manchester and not selected a rural parcel in the country setting of Danbury. I remember at one of the meetings Iberdrola spokespeople mentioned the noise I would hear in my house would "only be similar to a dishwasher running in another room", at least I can turn my dishwasher off if I so chose to end the noise and it doesn't bother my neighbors when it is running.

I feel wind energy has it's place, however allowing the construction of these turbines near people's homes (especially in communities where the majority is against their construction to begin with) is not only irresponsible, but also dangerous to the occupants health and well being of those in close proximity, as has been documented in numerous independent studies. Let alone the impact on property values and the fact that the energy produced is not going to supply homes surrounding the turbines, or even in the same state for that matter. Win turbines will not reduce the number of traditional power plants in operation, as wind is not a constant source of power and when their is little or no wind blowing, the demand for energy does not cease and therefore still needs to be supplied by traditional means. Also, if there was no government subsidies, Iberdrola wouldn't even be pursuing these projects.

Steve Young, Jr.

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