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SB-2 is a town decision process whose time has come for Bristol

To The Daily Sun,

To me, this is one of those things that if you step back, take a deep breath and really think about it, SB-2 is a process whose time has come.

We will still have our deliberative sessions where we can voice opinions and make desired changes. We will still hear the same few people bloviate on many subjects. The big difference is that we wouldn't be constrained by time and commitments to decide on the issues and we would be allowed to go home to research and give some thought to the various articles rather than be forced to vote without that consideration.

On the second Tuesday in March, SB-2 allows us an 11- or 12-hour window to vote on all the questions. As an added benefit anyone who knows they cannot make it to the voting booth can vote by absentee ballot. How can it get any better than that?

Please join be in supporting and voting "Yes" for SB-2.

J.P. Morrison


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Marshall Bishop does not represent people of Gilmanton, only himself

To The Daily Sun,

Dear Gilmanton taxpayers:
When you consider who you wish to serve you as selectman, please consider Marshall Bishop's past year of service. The following is a few of the highlights.

Marshall let the town electrician go. The electrician that helped rebuild the Academy. The one who campaigned for his opponent. Within a few weeks of being elected, he tells the selectmen's administrative assistant she no longer needs to take minutes. Her job was reduced to part-time, and her benefits removed. She is demoted from office manager to clerk. She, feeling sick, leaves. In less than a year , the new selectmen's administrative assistant is made full-time with benefits.

Marshall, you fire the Academy groundskeeper, with 15 years of service, because you feel he was rude to a board member during public input.

You give the town clerk/tax collector the selectmen's meeting room. This motion and approval — 2 to 1 — was made after receiving no positive feedback from board members who use it. How many members did you disregard? Planning, Historical District Commission, ZBA, etc.

Marshall, you have the town administrator write a letter to the New Hampshire Liquor Commission stating you have all the necessary permits to operate. This is simply not true. You tell everyone that the Town of Gilmanton is dysfunctional, because no one from the Planning Board called you to come back. This is after you received a conditional approval for your 24-seat wine tasting room. What happened to completing the conditions and bringing the plan in for approval?

Marshall, you are granted a special exemption from the ZBA to operate a restaurant in a rural zone. You need site plan approval from the Planning Board, for parking, lighting, septic, and you refuse to return to the Planning Board.

On Sept. 23 of last year you write the chairman of the ZBA and ask that a board member be removed. This is the only board member who voted against your special exemption application.

Marshall, you continue with a frivolous lawsuit against the Town of Gilmanton, costing taxpayers to date $4,431. With more expenses to continue.

Marshall, you have done enough harm. You do not represent the people of Gilmanton. You represent yourself.

Don Guarino


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