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The weeping outrage of the pot-head brats is music to my ears

To The Daily Sun,

Well, the election is finally over. All the signs are disappearing, no more obnoxious TV adds, and best of all, Hillary Clinton becomes an afterthought in American history.

Wish I could say I told you so, but truth is I believed the mainstream media when they kept predicting a big Hillary win. Teach me, when has the lame stream media ever been straight with we peons who are just supposed to listen, believe and do what they say?

Hooray for we stubborn deplorables who are sick and tired of Washington elites and corrupt-o-crats polluting everything they can get their hands on and all the money and power they can horde. Trump's victory has lifted a great weight from my soul. I now have hope my children and grandchildren might have a future in the nation I grew up in. The crying, weeping, outrage of the pot-headed, spoiled brats is a joy to my ears. Poor babies just can't stand not getting what they want.

How will they manage to make it in the real world where no one will give them a "safe spot"? As for a revolution, I ask, with what? Am I gloating? Darn right!

Steve Earle


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I've been libeled in these letter pages many times but I accept it

To The Daily Sun,

Oh, where or where is my good friend Steve Earle? Oh where or where can he be?

Mr. Earle, since you moved to Gilford, I have been unable to find your new phone number. Even though we never agree on most things, I always enjoy our phone conversations! I miss them! I also wanted to "welcome you to the neighborhood." If you contact me as soon as possible, I promise not to tell the story you told me about you and the Beatles! (I have always thought that was a very funny story!).

As for your recent letter accusing me of "slandering" Jim McCoole, any lawyer will tell you that the best defense against an action for slander is to show you were telling the truth. Besides, your lawyer will also tell you that slander is spoken whereas if you write it, they call it libel.

I did not slander or libel Mr. McCoole. In his own words in the pages of this paper he did say he favored a military coup against President Obama, whom he does not like. I only wrote the truth and simply asked if he also favored a military coup or "Second Amendment solution" if Hillary Clinton was elected.

And, as I wrote, that does scare the hell out of me. It is especially frightening that either of the two major parties would endorse anyone who takes this position. Unfortunately, the people I hear this from are usually Trump supporters.

That is a position normally taken by fringe groups who think it is the answer when they do not get their way at the polls or in court. I would also condemn it if Mr. McCoole had been elected and someone advocated removing him from office by force.

Another thing: I am not an attorney, but I think your lawyer will also tell you that the more of a "public" figure you are the less right to privacy you have. All people, of whatever party, who run for public office are usually fair game for any lie. One look at our current election circus should make that clear. And, I did not even tell a lie!
I think that goes for people who are public figures in the sense that they write regular op-eds for the newspaper. I have been libeled in the pages of The Sun numerous times and have even been threatened. But, I come to expect that and not let it bother me because I choose to write what I write.

Call me soon, Mr. Earle.

E. Scott Cracraft

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