No tax increases? Should we solicit donations to fix the roadways?

To The Daily Sun,

I almost laughed out loud when I read Tim Carter's letter concerning Lisa DiMartino's voting record. I commend Lisa for all of her efforts as our State Representative. I know Lisa personally and have witnessed her giving 101 percent to her constituents. How does Tim Carter propose to get our pot holes fixed anyway?

He is against tax increases. Who isn't. But what other method do we have to get our roadways paved? Does he think people in the community will just donate money to get the roads repaired; that's an LOL! Before you listen to Tim's ridiculous banter, ask yourself why any person would subject themselves to this type of abuse. It's clearly not for the $100 a year a state rep is paid.

Lisa is a strong woman who not only works on behalf of all of her constituents in the towns of Meredith and Gilford, but she also juggles the responsibility of caring for her family. She helps those with disabilities because she knows from her own personal experience how challenging it is. I urge all of the voters in Meredith and Gilford to vote for Lisa DiMartino, a strong capable woman who looks out for her constituents' best interests.

Lisa Merrill

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Would local businesses hire illegals over citizens to save on wages?

To The Daily Sun,

I just read that there is an order for millions of blank work permits from the Obama administration.

The plan is to sign the executive order after the elections. There are not enough federal employees to do background checks. Some could be criminals.

I read an article or an illegal arrested again after being deported two times already. It is not unusual. Some have been arrested more and deported and come back. Are these people you want moving to New Hampshire?

Amnesty would hurt New Hampshire citizens. Can you imagine millions of illegals having work permits? How would this effect seasonal workers? Would businesses hire illegals over citizens for a lower pay?

Remember illegals do not need to be a part of Obamacare, so businesses could save and not have to pay for health insurance.

Recently in a debate, Senator Shaheen was asked about border security and she joked that the southern New Hampshire border was not secure. So what if Scott Brown is in New Hampshire. At least he is a U.S. citizen and he has owned his Rye home for many years. Her joke told us how much she cares about securing U.S. borders.

When you go to vote next week, just think of which candidate will help New Hampshire citizens keep or get jobs, which candidate will keep you safer?

Linda Riley


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Why was it a good for N.H. to vote with Obama 99% of the time?

To The Daily Sun,

Here are a few questions for Senator Shaheen:

Did you ask President Obama to come to New Hampshire to campaign for you? You stated that president was busy. What kind of friend is busy after you have supported him 99 percent of the time?

You call and joke that Scott Brown is a carpetbagger. What is Hillary Clinton? She never lived in New York? Will you call her a carpetbagger?

We recently learn from Hillary Clinton that corporations and businesses do not create jobs? Will you ask Hillary who create jobs? Hillary Clinton has thrown President Obama under the bus. Are you throwing him under the bus?

Can you answer why you voted for more than 20 new taxes? Why did you vote to tax tanning salons, medical devices and others?

Please explain why voting 99 percent with President Obama was good for New Hampshire.

Will you apologize for lying to the people of New Hampshire on Obamacare? As you know, we were unable to keep our policies, hospitals and doctors.

Maybe we could understand your logic if you would answer these questions. I do not expect you to answer them. However, this veteran will be voting for Scott Brown. FYI, he was born in New Hampshire.

Jim Mayotte


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Electing Kathy Rago will ensure a vote against new taxes and fees

To The Daily Sun,

Kathy Lauer Rago would be a great state senator for District 7. As a state representative, she had an outstanding record for small accountable government. Kathy knows what difficulties middle-class families are facing. Kathy is middle class. Her representation in Concord will ensure you a vote against new taxes and fees and will keep the New Hampshire Advantage alive and well in our Granite State.

I know Kathy will be a great asset to our state senate and heartily endorse her candidacy. Go Kathy!
Jane Cormier

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County employees don’t know what kind of Christmas they’ll have

To The Daily Sun,

It's taken me a couple of days to digest what happened at the Belknap County Convention Executive Committee meeting Monday night, and, after doing so I am left with two very vexing questions.

1. The commissioners may not transfer more than $300 from any line in the budget, to any other line in the budget, without Executive Committee approval, and the amount of money needed to fund the county employees' health insurance benefits for the rest of the year is less than the projected surplus in the county budget. Why, then, is it necessary to force the commissioners to pick through only the health insurance lines to see if there's enough money there to keep us afloat until Nov. 17?

2. Why didn't the chairman uphold the dignity of the proceedings by declaring out of order the insulting, demeaning, outrageous and callous comment about the county commissioners and county administrator by a member of the audience who was recognized to speak?

I'm surprised that the media thought the comment was appropriate for publication.

Most of all, though, I'm sorry the county employees still can't figure out what kind of Christmas they're going to have.

Rep. David O. Huot


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