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Japanese people were adamant about fighting to the last person

To The Daily Sun,

A letter was printed in the Saturday, Aug. 15, paper by a gentleman who claimed to correct many errors/reasons about the long-planned ground invasion of Japan before the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. While Japan was indeed a defeated nation and was no longer a threat in the Pacific, the gentleman appears to have no direct contact with the thousands of troops on the Pacific islands or on ships headed for the ground invasion in Japan.

Even though the nation was defeated, the Japanese people were adamant about fighting to the last person, dead by battle or suicide.

The quarter million, plus or minus thousands, of Japanese killed by the A-bombs saved 2 million or more Allied and Japanese lives that otherwise would have been lost. These are the facts I have learned as a result of serving in the armed forces and living in the New Hampshire Veterans Home in Tilton. The bombings were what we realize were necessary evils to end World War II and save millions of lives.

Bill Berthold


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I hope Trump does take the country back & brings God with him

To The Daily Sun,

Well New Hampshire, how do you like Donald Trump now? He speaks what all of us are saying and feeling. While the rest B.S. us until they get elected.

Where are all the promises the Republicans said they were going to do? They did nothing. So he is saying it like it is and needs no donations from anyone. He has his own money and does not have to owe favors to anyone. That's what I call shaking up the apple cart. He is waking up both sides. That is why he drawing so many crowds.

Who wants Bernie Sanders? He is nothing but a communist, another Obama. Have we not had enough of that? Now Iran is going to do their own inspections? How crazy is that? Are they kidding?

Nasty Hillary should be in jail. She should not be running for anything. I just hope you can see all the handwriting on the wall.

I hope (Trump) does take the country back and put God, yes, I said God back into our lives. I am sick of the crazy liberals. They are one of the reasons this country is going down the tubes. All I have to say to them is, wake up.

God bless America.

Anna DeRose

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