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Evil will be released if we lose compassion for all humanity

To The Daily Sun,

The recent tragic and horrific events in Paris have opened a door, or more appropriately stated, Pandora's box, igniting a firestorm of knee-jerk rhetoric and legislative action that does not represent lessons learned nor this democracy's greatness. Hastened by the medias barrage of coverage, particularly of the often-quick responses for political gain, we are entering into very dangerous game of chaos and confusion, not serving the common U.S. or global good.

Hysteria is not an option, nor is silence. Both accelerated pre-World War II thought and actions. We must heed the lessons of the past. We need clearer heads to calmly navigate this precipice in concert with our allies. As we observe the current GOP, or perhaps the anti-GOP candidates, wrestle each other for the farthest right position, we risk them pushing us all off the ledge. We the people must tether it back to balance, giving voice to better angels.

In this regard, both left and right of middle ground is a more hopeful dais.

Our school children know better the lessons taught having paraded them for the past two decades through memorials and monuments of those interred and exterminated.

The country I know has a wide berth as big as Ellis Island that brought my grandmother here, pregnant with my father, from their native Italy.
The church I know has arms open wide, filled with compassion, reaching into the local and world community for those who are hungry and tired. We welcome the stranger because more angels than not are among them.

We understand all too well the sleepless nights when our sons and daughters are deployed, honoring their choice to serve for an America where lessons learned were that from the "Greatest Generation" who brought the world back from the horrors of World War II.

While the noise moves us to the brink off the far right now, we cannot yield the ship. The consequences are too grave, the rhetoric too loud. Evil released will be by our own actions if we leave hope, love and compassion for all humanity in the box.

Sandra Ringelstein

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They've a constitutional responsibility to protect the homeland

To The Daily Sun,

American leadership has been presented with a test of their legitimacy and fitness to govern by the Muslim terrorists, or as they call themselves "jihadis." The same force for evil that brought slaughter to Paris in the name of its god Allah, is being brought to America by our own government. At least one of the murderers from the Paris attack has been confirmed to have registered as a "refugee." He entered the EU in Greece before traveling to Paris to launch the attack.

Despite the unmistakable warning sign, the first group of "refugees" from Syria has been delivered to New Orleans. It was done even though the news of the Paris attack was available. The administration has repeatedly said it has no way to conduct meaningful security investigations of the tens of thousands of people it plans to bring to the United States from Syria. Our leaders have the ability to cut off the funds, to stop implementation of the plan ... they have done nothing and they are doing nothing.

This failure of America's leadership to exercise their constitutional responsibility to protect and defend the Constitution and the American homeland from an obvious threat is a measure of American leadership. The question before the nation is: What should we do about the entrenched, District of Columbia insider interests use of Congress to raid the Treasury and betray the American people with creation of this refugee "resettlement" industry?

In a recent article for The American Thinker, taxpayer funded "Voluntary Agencies" receive close to $1 billion a year to bring U.N. designated refugees to America. Their leaders, paid six-figure salaries, meet regularly with Congress, lobby for more refugees to be brought to America and more taxpayer money to support them. Refugees from Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere establish enclaves. They are not taught to assimilate. They are taught how to game the system.

Some 74.2 percent of refugees are on food stamps, 56 percent on Medicaid and 47.1 percent on SSI cash assistance. Refugee "resettlement" costs are currently running at well over $10 billion per year. Seventy-seven percent of these "refugees" are young men of military age. These "refugees" pose a clear and present danger to America. It is a near treasonous dismissal of that danger by our leaders forcing us to confront the next national security crisis.

Muslim Boston Marathon bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev came to the United States as "refugees" and were given welfare and other government benefits during their inculcation in radical Islamic thought and terrorist tactics. Senators Sessions and Cruz documented 72 other domestic terror "incidents" attributable to Muslim refugees or refugee related individuals in just the past year alone.

The entirely predictable story of the role of "Syrian refugees" in the Paris attacks is unfolding. Our leadership, and I use that term in the only as a descriptor of their positional authority, can no longer act like they don't understand the danger of bringing jihadi attackers to America. Our current president's immigration policies promise to amplify the Paris outcome... and to do it here... in America.

The test of the legitimacy of any government is whether or not it has the consent of the governed, and whether it acts in the best interest of those it is sworn to protect and defend. America's leaders face that test now. We always say we can do nothing about these things personally. But there is something you and I can do: Contact your Senators Shaheen and Ayotte and Congressmen Guinta; the Capitol Switchboard number: 1-866-220-0044.

Tell them to take a good long look at the slaughter in Paris.
Tell them that it is time for leadership.
Tell them they must stop importing jihad to America.
Tell them that failure to act, failure to stop bringing more Syrian "refugees" to America, forfeits what legitimacy they have left.
Tell them they will be held accountable for their complicity in the bloodshed that will surely follow.

Marc Abear

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