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Take down that cross & God will allow your business to prosper

To The Daily Sun,

This is my open letter to Mr. and Mrs. David Kennedy, owners of the Holy Grail of the Lakes in Laconia:

First of all, I want to make it clear to all, "The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof, the world and that they dwell therein (Psalm 24:1, Exodus 9:29). So there it is, every person, every business, and everything that a person has belongs to God Almighty (Holy Trinity). We Christians are to be good stewards of God's property. ALL belongs to him.

I am not surprised at all that your business is not prospering. I did read your letters of apology, to the people dated Jan. 5 and Jan. 10. You haven't offended them, you are apologizing to the wrong persons. You need to apologize to the Lord Jesus Christ. You have offended God Almighty. I know this is tough love. But it's love none the less.

On May 29, 2015, and Aug. 9, 2015, two of my letters written to the owners of the Holy Grail (there is nothing holy about your business ) were published in the Laconia Citizen, and The Daily Sun, asking — even begging — you to take down the cross of Christ from the top of your building. I gave many biblical reasons why this man of God believes it is blasphemy to continue to display this holy cross atop your business. In my letter dated Aug. 9, 2015, I stated I myself would raise the money needed to take it down, with your permission.

I went to your business twice to speak with you. The bar manager said he would give you my letter. So I know that between the newspapers and your staff you read God's message. I waited for your response, I was snubbed both times, by you. As I was being God's representative you snubbed God also.

Mr. Kennedy in your letter dated Jan. 10, you stated, "I don't know why people don't come in hear." It's very simple. God has been offended. He controls everything. The people are not coming because of you, your hard heart. I know you haven't herd this before. This is God's M.O.

Mr. Kennedy, please honor God; take down that cross and God will honor you and your business will thrive. Your business will prosper.

If you refuse to take down the cross. Your business will not prosper here in Laconia.

Today, many Christians seem unwilling to take a stand against ungodliness and immorality. They may be afraid of failure or satisfied with their comforts. They may feel they do not need to be concerned. But God wants us to realize that doing nothing is not a option. If God's people will not take a stand, who will?
Remember. Evil and ungodliness are all around seeking to destroy the things of God. But there are things you can do to make a difference.

Do not sit by and do nothing. Boldly take a stand for God in these last days.

Bishop Paul W. Blake

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Labor unions raise the standard of living for all American workers

To The Daily Sun,

It is a matter of power and influence. The rich and business owners and managers have power and the middle class and poor has very little. Why?

The middle class acquires power and influence in two ways: our elected representatives (Congress and local state governments) and through collective bargaining (unions). Well, as we have seen Congress has been taken over by the rich, and our New Hampshire General Court (taken over) by the Republicans, who openly support the rich and business owners. Republican-led governments work to weaken middle class influence by a number of means including stopping or opposing unions.

With little influence in the federal or state governments and an erosion of organized labor, the middle class and the poor have lost out. Our wages are low. Our working conditions are poor. The middle class is disappearing. And we have no way to change this status quo without stronger unions and better representation in governments. Luckily for New Hampshire our U.S. senators and congressional representatives are pro-middle class and worker. But this is the exception and not the rule in Washington.

Right-to-Work laws weaken unions, thereby prevent the middle class and the poor from getting a fair wage and a fair "deal" in life. The playing field is horribly tilted toward the rich and is getting worse.

For a moment think what would happen if all the Walmart system of stores was unionized and allowed to bargain collectively with management. It would raise the standard of living of all American workers. Currently the Walmart owners get about $8 billion a year in profits. Why don't they use some of this excess to raise the standard of living of their employees?

A 40-hour work week in any job should produce enough income to provide a living without government assistance. Right now, two parents working three jobs at $7.25 an hour (federal and state minimum wage) would earn about $40,000 a year. I urge our state reps and senators to try raising a family on that without any other income or health care support.

Tom Dawson


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