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Try making positive change instead of just being sore losers

To The Daily Sun,

To you who are out there violently protesting or sympathize with those who are: grow up! I am troubled by the duplicitous justification for these tantrums in the streets.

Okay, so you don't like Trump, and those who supported his candidacy. Too bad! Eight years ago, the successful candidate was Obama. I did not agree with his vision for America, and did not vote for him. But he won and my candidate lost. Sure, I was very disappointed and I feared some of the changes he might make that could/would adversely affect me personally. I knew that there were others who also felt the way I did.

However, we understood the concept of democracy and the fact that more people voted for Obama, so he was going to be our president. This happened again four years later. Again, more people voted for Obama than his opponent. This is how democratic elections work. The person with the most votes wins! Period!

Now, did anyone see violent demonstrations, vandalism, property damage or looting in 2008? How about in 2012?

And now you go out into the streets to protest against Trump and his supporters, who you claim are violent, racists and full of hate, and yet it is you who destroys private property, assaults opponents and burns Trump in effigy. Hello? There is a definite disconnect there, Buba.

Who is the violent and intolerant person? Why yes, that would be you! Who is being unreasonable? Who burns the flag of the one country in the world where you can protest and destroy and not face a long interment, or worse. Yup, you.

Life is spent winning and losing. If you gamble, you face the possibility of losing. If you play sports, you face the possibility of losing. Each day you get up, you face death in any number of ways. Everything you do, or don't do could lead to eventual loss. That is pure fact. It's time for you all to put your big person pants on and face reality.

Try making positive changes instead of being poor losers.

Ken Knowlton


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Gilmanton Holiday Craft Fair scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 26

To The Daily Sun,

The American Legion Auxiliary Ellis-Geddes-Levitt Gilmanton Unit 102 hopes to see all of our friends and neighbors at the 2016 Gilmanton Holiday Craft Fair hosted by the Gilmanton PTA on Saturday, Nov. 26, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Gilmanton School, 1386 Route 140. For 60 years Unit 102 has served the military servicemen and women and military family needs of the community.

The auxiliary will have many delicious food items to enjoy during your holiday season. All proceeds from the auxiliary's efforts at this and other annual events are used to support service members, veterans, their families and the community. We look forward to seeing you at the Fair and hope you will stop by our location to browse and enjoy,.

Raelyn Cottrell, President

Gilmanton Ellis-Geddes-Levitt Unit 102
American Legion Auxiliary

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