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The selling of baby parts is a horrific crime; choose life

To The Daily Sun,

People need to think about their unborn children.

Lately there has been news, discussion, controversy about Planned Parenthood's selling of baby parts after aborted babies are torn from their mothers.

Please women, if you are pregnant, have your baby. If for some reason it is an unwanted child, remember that someone will adopt the child and want him or her. Give your child life. The selling of baby parts is a horrific crime against the child and against the parents.

Pretty please, don't allow this devilish deed to continue. Have your child; choose life.

Life is precious.

Harry Mitchell

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Rout 132 area is seeing much needed road improvement

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to take an opportunity to provide all Sanbornton and Tilton citizens and all others traveling along Route 127 to Gaza Corner and along Route 132 North from Gaza to Hermit Woods Road a progress report on the road repair projects.

First of all, a huge hats-off to the state Department of Transportation for their excellent efforts to date on both roads. These improvements are positive examples of your Highway Fund dollars at work for you here.

 A new top layer surface was installed from Exit 22 along Route 127 to the Gaza Corner. This provides future maintenance protection for this area to compliment the work done on this roadway several years ago.

As reported several weeks ago, the cold asphalt surface has been placed on Route 132 going north. This area is now seeing much needed road improvements. In the weeks to come, a final hot top asphalt surface will be installed to complete the summer project.

I trust this information is helpful for all who travel these roads.

State Rep. Brian S. Gallagher


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