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Government funding is necessary to educate a skilled workforce

To The Daily Sun,

On July 23, a Prospect Mountain senior, Gabe Varney, penned a useful and well-put complaint about the current state of American higher education. Gabe bemoaned the current state Republican Party and their habit of denying funding for higher education to our New Hampshire students. In response, on the 25th, Mr. Tony Boutin replied with a condescending attack on Mr. Varney, accusing Gabe of having "an entitlement attitude" for expecting "welfare" in the form of college aid. As a fellow incoming senior, myself at Kingswood Regional High School, I felt compelled and qualified to respond.

Mr. Boutin, are you aware that we live in the richest country in the world in the most culturally, economically and technologically developed time in human history? We have greater resources than any human population has ever had at its disposal, and we have 21st century needs that demand 21st century workers. These workers, whether in technology, science, mathematics, or in any number of other fields, need college education to make the wheels of our society turn. And to get that college education, most will need grants, affordable loans and aid. You bemoan that system as "entitlement" and "welfare," complaining that it means "giving you money someone else worked hard for."

In this modern age, can't we finally accept that one of the basic responsibilities of society is that the successful make some sort of contribution to assuring that the education of our youngest and least able to pay is guaranteed?

First, you define providing aid to students as "welfare." In your strictly-economic, black-and-white viewpoint, isn't it really a successful investment? Think about it. We give students the means, through economic aid, to an education, and then they repay it many times over with the increased lifetime tax contributions their greater income will bring in. What's more, they contribute on a far higher level than the strictly economic with their increased contribution to society and brighter, more experienced perspective on life they'll bring to the world.

You complain that in order for America's less-privileged students to get their education, the rich and upper class will need to pay a little bit more taxes. Really, so what? In order for the masses to get education, there must be government funding, and yeah, that means taxes.

What was the first thing to allow the masses in America a college education? The GI Bill, which was funded at a time when the top marginal tax rate was over 80 percent. Now, sure, we have lower taxes, but we can still afford as a culture to send Gabe and me and millions of other working- and middle-class teens to college. Before the government began helping students get to school, college education was only for the rich. We've got to a point where the poor and middle class can somewhat, with hardship, afford higher education. We need to move forward on this, not backward.

If you ask me, I believe America should adopt the Finnish system of education. We should fund every interested student's education, given that they're qualified to go to school, and meet their needs while they're there so that as many students as possible can graduate. But at least, we need to free ourselves of the Sam Cataldos and Jeb Bradleys who deny our youth the funding they need.

I think that education is absolutely vital to society, much more so than the preservation of the low tax rates the rich so currently enjoy. And, if you ask me, to deny my generation this "welfare," this needed infusion of financial lifeblood into the future backbone of our economy, is to starve the future of its vigor for frankly stupid ideological purposes. It's time to expand aid to students, not reduce it.

Michael Bloomer

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Migrant children should be treated with compassion and respect

To The Daily Sun,

Today in the office a patient came in and said he agreed with my recent letter to the paper, but also thought I was brave to write it because it would open up criticism from the true believers out there. And then right on cue comes a letter from Greg Knytych. The only thing that bothered me about the letter was that Greg questioned my integrity.

Greg does not know me, in 30 years of practicing medicine both here in the states and in Africa and Pakistan no one has ever questioned my integrity. I think it is cowardly of you, Greg, to question my integrity in a letter. I know you would never do that to my face.

My sources when I write are beyond question, you can disagree with them but you cannot question my integrity when I source them. Greg there is so much disinformation in your letter I hope that when I am done exposing you, you have the integrity to admit your wrong.

First , you state, "you want to know sources, Mirno", "how about the report that one hospital has spent over $60,000 to vaccinate approximately 50-60 children because they weren't vaccinated when they arrived." If you believe this, this means that this hospital spent about $1,000 per child to vaccinate them. I think a reasonable, intelligent person would look at this and maybe question these numbers and spend, oh I don't know, about 60 seconds online, to find out that this source, Greg, is completely wrong. News source KFOX 14 out of El Paso Texas, reports that the hospitals in question in El Paso, actually treated 50-60 and they did indeed spend $60,000 dollars but it was to treat kids through the ER , not to vaccinate. Kids were sent there to be evaluated and treated, and yes I can believe that $1,000 was spent per child. And these hospitals will be reimbursed through MedPar (medical payment authority request). But it was not to vaccinate. If you are going to quote sources Greg, at least try and get it right. These were for minor illness and none of the children needed to spend the night in the hospital.

There is no vaccine schedule I know of that can cost $1,000 at a single setting. But maybe you can tell us where we can find this source? I believe this is what I would call a laughable source. Your statement is so patently ridiculous that I will send a check for $100 to the charity of your choice if you can verify your claim through a legitimate news source. Would you do the same?

Then you quote Russ, "and now we have children coming in with TB." And your source for this is "a senior unidentified spokesman for the CDC." Come on Greg, are we supposed to believe this? You then continue the quote saying that "chicken pox, scabies, lice foot and mouth disease, bacterial pneumonia and who knows what other diseases." I went back on line, to the CDC website, and to an infectious disease website and found no source which stated these children at the border were a danger to the cattle of Texas.

I'm sorry Greg. Didn't you know that foot and mouth disease is a disease rarely seen in humans, but deadly in cattle. I'm sure you or Russ can give us your source for this statement. Let me help you out. Hand, foot and mouth disease is a disease caused by the coxsackie virus, this is seen in children. It is not deadly. We see it routinely in our office. This is great, now Russ himself, is considered a laughable source, thanks to you.

You acknowledge that UNICEF has stated that 93 percent of the children in the countries in question are vaccinated for measles. Do you know what the herd immunity is for measles? With measles, when 83-94 percent of the people are vaccinated the disease dies out. So if 93 percent of the children are vaccinated against measles we are not going to see any great outbreaks, the science does not fit.

You again quote some unnamed source later on in the article, "there have been reports of measles and chicken pox at the centers." Please, Greg give us the source so we can look them up ourselves. These sources are not coming from World Net Daily are they? Or as I affectionately call it World Nut Daily.

You go on to say that 60,000 vaccinations have been given. Great. Let's vaccinate everyone. What was the cost of these vaccinations, I'm glad you asked. It was around $26,000. That comes out to about 45 cents a dose. Greg, go back to your first statement about a hospital spending $1,000 per child to vaccinate. By my calculations $1,000 would buy about 2,100 doses of vaccines at 45 cents a dose. So you seem to think that each of those 50 children received 2,100 vaccinations. Yes Greg , that seems highly likely.

You then go on to quote Eddie Olivarez, the director of the Hidalgo County Health Department, "officials have counted five cases of chicken pox." Stop the presses; five cases of chickenpox. Actually I found a press conference online by Mr. Olivarez dated July 16 at which he stated that they had 10 cases of chickenpox, but they were all in remission. Not a threat to any one.
I find this laughable because Russ, as you may know, does not believe in vaccinations. I have advocated for vaccines from day one, as anyone who reads this paper knows. Now you and Russ are worried about a vaccine preventable disease like chickenpox. Give me a break. But let's continue with a quote from Mr Olivarez, "There is no indication of any communicable disease, any infectious disease that are a threat to us at this point."

And that was the point of my original letter. Whatever you think about the crisis at the border, to use the false narrative that these children present some major health crisis is just nonsense. For you to use these children as pawns to attack the president is unconscionable. Remember it was a law signed by President George W. Bush in 2008 called the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization act, which ensures that children arriving at the border unaccompanied from central American countries like Guatemala, EL Salvador, and Honduras get a full immigration hearing, and cannot be turned away without it. These children risk a lot to come to this country to escape murder, gangs, sex trafficking and a relentless cycle of poverty. We should treat them with respect and compassion, not lies and half truths. That is all I ask.

What about it Greg, ready to show your integrity and admit your wrong? I can't wait for your reply. Oh yea, and how about that check?

Mirno Pasquali, PA -C


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By my count, 4 of 5 major TV networks are owned by liberals

To The Daily Sun,

Well readers, Bernadette Loesche has pulled a gun on me in the form of the NYU School of Law. Now, how could I argue with a couple of professors from there? Except NYU is a noted liberal institution, and personally I don't trust lawyers. Too many of them are politicians. (Really, you need to broaden you reading.)

Bernadette's point was to try and convince you and I that most media in this country are run by conservatives. Let's check out that theory. Most folks get their news from TV these days so take a look at this.

First CNN: Founded by Ted Turner (noted liberal) and for the past few years a big Obama backer. Their broadcasters were more like Obama cheerleaders, missing only pompoms and mini skirts. No one in their right mind could confuse them for conservatives.

How about ABC? Well they are owned by the Walt Disney Company, not a very conservative-friendly outfit, I think most people realize.

NBC? Oh, come on, not even Bernadette could make that argument.

Then there is CBS which split in half a few years ago into Time Warner and Viacom.

After reading a long and twisting description on Wikipedia it turns out both are owned by the Sumner Redstone Company. Sumner Redstone is a Boston media mogul and long-time Democratic supporter, very much the equal of Ruppert Murdock. Now if Murdock should gain Time Warner it certainly would make him media king, but so far that is not the case as far as I know. It would, however, help level the playing field because by my count it's four liberal TV networks vs Fox News right now.

As for newspapers most notable are the N.Y. Times, Washington Post, L.A. Times, Boston Globe, Atlanta Journal Constitution, all liberal. Smaller local papers are far harder to define but most take their lead from these.

So once again I have proven you and the NYU professors wrong. Have a good day.

Steve Earle


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Savor the Season tent is exciting presence at Main Street Market

To The Daily Sun,

July was an exciting month in the Savor the Season tent at the Laconia Main Street Outdoor Market.

On Thursday, July 10, we had the pleasure of hosting Ana Gourlay from Sunflower Natural Foods, sharing her knowledge about fresh herbs. The booth was busy all market long, as shoppers stopped to sample food selections made with fresh herbs from Ana's garden, and chat with Ana about growing, using, and storing fresh herbs. We really appreciate Ana taking the time out of her busy schedule to participate in this great event.

The following week, July 17, Larry Frates was in the tent doing caricatures of shoppers, for a donation in support of the Veggie Round-up Project's Farmers Market Coupon program. In an hour's time, Larry collected $70 which is enough to provide three families with coupons for a month. The families are participants in the local Women, Infants, and Children Nutrition Clinic in Belknap County. Thanks Larry for sharing your talents with us, and for doing a great caricature of me.
Coming up in August we have several events scheduled in the tent. On Aug. 7, we are hosting a Neighbor Share fresh food collection, inviting marketgoers to purchase an extra item to donate to a local food pantry. Christine LeClair, Gleaning Coordinator for Belknap County, and Martha Aucoin, from the Christ Life Food Pantry, will be in the Savor the Season tent to accept donations, as well as share information about their efforts to help get fresh produce into the hands of those in need.

The following week, Aug. 14, is the August Food Demonstration, featuring Leslie Judice from Tavern 27. We're not sure yet what she'll be featuring, but we know it will be creative and delicious. Be sure to stop by for a sample and to chat with Leslie anytime between 3:30-4:30.

Finally, Aug. 21, is Kid's Day at the market. We are working with Tammy Levesque, HEAL program coordinator and coordinator of the Wellness Academy for the Laconia schools, to offer activities for children, like a market scavenger hunt. We'll have food sampling and suggestions for kid-friendly snacking in the Savor the Season booth, just in time for their return to school. Come by anytime between 3-5 p.m.
All of these events are coordinated through the Lakes Region Food Network, a grassroots network of individuals, organizations, and businesses that are working to strengthen our local food system. You can learn more about LRFN at www.lrfn.org, or contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Hope to see you at the market in August.

Karen Barker
Lakes Region Food Network

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Violating voter laws is a direct crime against every N.H. resident

To The Daily Sun,

I read in this Saturday's edition a story from the AP in Concord titled "Judge rules N.H. voter registration conditions illegal" outlining the court challenge to the 2012 law to require people voting in New Hampshire to have legal residency in New Hampshire. This is the basis of voting rights, isn't it? That you cast your vote where your legal residence is and not where you are staying for school or a temporary job.

The argument is that voter fraud doesn't happen but that is not true. Voter fraud isn't prosecuted because when a college student from another state votes here and at their legal residence the AG office can't figure out if the person violated New Hampshire law or the law of their home state. It has been documented that this double voting has occurred in every major election for decades and these people are getting away with committing a felony crime.

The intention of the liberal, progressive Democrats is made perfectly clear with the quote from Gilles Bissonnette, a lawyer for the civil liberties group that brought the lawsuit. He is quoted as saying, "If (legal) residency was the requirement to vote, it would disenfranchise all sorts of people in New Hampshire." He goes on to say that the law, if enforced, would have applied to not just students, but to resident doctors in training and members of the military who plan to leave the state when their work is done.

Here is another news update. Members of the military are prohibited from voting anyplace other than their legal residency, whether that be an assignment elsewhere in the U.S. or at their Home-Of-Record (HOR) if stationed overseas. This applies to all federal employees and contractors, too.

Violating voter laws is a direct crime against every resident of New Hampshire. This law requiring voters in New Hampshire to be legal residents in New Hampshire would allow us, as voting residents to have faith that the election was conducted fairly and allow the AG to prosecute individuals that participate in the so-called double voting.

Greg Knytych


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