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Protestors don't have right to silence Trump or anyone else

To The Daily Sun,

It seems to me that we are witnessing an all out assault to kill democracy in America. The fix is in. When big money, big business Hillary lost New Hampshire in a 60-40 thumping to Bernie Sanders, who got the most delegates to the (party) convention? How do you Bernie supporters feel about getting robbed?

When anarchist "protesters," Code Pink, Occupy Wall Street, Move on, Black Lives Matter and other front groups paid for by big money fascists like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg to shut down political rallies of both parties, all of our civil rights are in danger. Political protests being a time-honored tradition in America, every one of us has the right to their own opinions. However, nowhere in the U.S. Constitution is the right to silence those who you disagree with. Article 1 of the Bill of Rights protects our personal opinions and to express them freely, especially political opinions.

I was a young college student during the Vietnam War. Back then, our country was at war among ourselves as well, with violent clashes in every state and city. Friends and families were pitted against each other about the war for years after the actual fighting was over. My father was a proud ex-Marine. As they say, once a Marine, always a Marine. As you can imagine, he and I were on polar opposites politically and I truly regret that we had a very poor relationship for many years because of it.

However, one thing that he would tell me time and again was this. He told me that even though he most strongly disagreed with my words, he would defend to the death my right to say them. Our civil rights guaranteed by the First Amendment, backed up by the force of the Second Amendment, has kept our democracy strong since 1776.

This is going to be a tumultuous year in America as once again we find ourselves at a crossroads in American history. Emotions are running high on both sides. To those who think that they can hijack an election and thwart the will of the people I say, don't push your luck.

Alan Moon


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Newspaper should publish salaries of all local public employees

To The Daily Sun,

Despite some recent revelations about the level of compensation and benefits being paid to government and school employees in the Lakes Region, the taxpaying citizenry is still faced with a significant lack of transparency. I respectfully suggest that the press is well situated to remedy this situation and to do so would be in the most noble traditions of a free press.

Specifically, I suggest that the lead taken by the Union Leader be followed, namely a routine publication over several daily editions of all employees of the cities, towns and school in the Lakes Region, indicating by name and position, length of employment, base compensation, and total taxpayer expense, including benefits for each individual. This is information that each citizen and taxpayer has a true right to know.

A good place to start would be with the City of Laconia and the Town of Gilford.

If one looks at the Annual Report of the Town of Gilford, one can see the expenditures during the past year by the town for each vendor. Although each vendor is identified and the amount(s) paid is stated, there is no explanation. But everyone probably already knows that our biggest expense is personnel costs and benefits, so that is a key disclosure that is not yet being made.

As far as privacy concerns of individuals, I respectfully suggest that when one accepts employment by the government, including the public schools, he or she gives up any right to privacy as far as their compensation and benefits, which we, the taxpayers, are paying.

Norman J. Silber

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