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Our 9-month old bulldog, 'Lola' needs heart surgery that is going to cost upwards of $5,000

To The Daily Sun,

Recently, we found out that our 9-month-old, English bulldog needs to have heart surgery, or she will go into heart failure soon and will no longer be with us. The surgery is obviously very costly. We have been quoted $3,500-$5,000 for just the surgery, not including a surgical consult and second echocardiogram, as well as the follow-up care she will need. We have organized a fundraiser to try to come up with the money to save our baby. We have created a public Facebook event that has more info and pictures of Lola, as well as a Gofund me account. The Facebook event can be found under: Help Fix Lola's Broken Heart. Here is the link:

The Gofund me link is:

I live in Center Barnstead, work in Laconia. Anything you could do would be greatly appreciated!
Heather Dreher

Center Barnstead

03-04 Lola

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I see as inevitable, a health & environmental disintegration because of biosolids

To The Daily Sun,

Now that biosolids will continue to be used in Gilmanton, the monitoring of biosolids for the safety for all residents is now the responsibility of the residents who use biosolids, as well as the responsibility for all consequences of biosolid use. This shall include asking the supply company for paperwork for standards of testing, testing the aquifer/wells and surrounding ponds and streams, the testing of the soil, air, hay, food produced, to prove purity and blood tests for the owners of the land and the family that reside there, as well as the animals.

Testing should not be an issue if the users are so sure that biosolids are safe and are not destructive. Prove it by testing the above list. Users will also have to be accountable for the safety of their neighbors, who did not want biosolids to be used, but are affected by them.

You have disregarded their right to live without the effects of biosolids, by ruining their health, gardens and quality of life in their own home. Residents who spread this toxic waste, just added to their burden of responsibility to protect others in town, who do not use it. Think about how you would feel, if someone took away your rights in your own home. Biosolid users have incurred a huge burden.

The variables of failure are endless. One improperly treated batch of biosolids, and we are in jeopardy. It will be imperative, that you as the users of biosolids, research the information that is available, to use the bio-solids as safely and responsibly as you can. You owe that to the town.

You, as users of bio-solids, also have the responsibility of transparency, and have a moral obligation to disclose that you have used bio-solids on your land, to any one who wants to buy your property, or surrounding property, so potential new owners can make an informed decision. Notify your neighbors before spreading, so they can have a chance to protect themselves, animals, and their gardens and leave their home while you spread biosolids on your fields.

You may feel victorious, that you have "won" this battle to use biosolids on your land, but there are no winners with biosolids. The only people who are making money at your expense, is the company who is supplying and spreading it. You are the experiment, to see how much your immune system can tolerate while using it.

Do you wear a respirator, gloves, boots, disposable outer clothes? Do you post the land that was just covered with bio-solids? Do you keep your windows closed? Do you track the bio-solids into the house and cross contaminate? If you develop health issues, you will be on your own, because the company will abandon you. Profit is the priority, with the people being expendable.

Your liability is also an issue. Isn't it true that you sign away your rights, and that the company will not help you if something goes wrong? An example would be not treating the biosolids enough in the process, so pathogens and viruses escape. You are not given any guarantees.

You have decided to believe the propaganda of the company which supplies the biosolids. The company is free of responsibility to you, and you are on your own. Could you afford lawsuits from the residents around you? If the signed document exists, why would you sign away your protection and rights, and take that chance? Biosolids are a volatile chemical soup, waiting to mutate to a even more dangerous substance than it is now.

Be prepared for what I see as inevitable ... a health and environmental disintegration because of biosolid use in the future. As biosolids are used multiple times on the land and the intervention of environmental factors, that cannot be controlled, develop and affect the biosolids adversely, it is an environmental tragedy you are creating, that will be out of human control to reverse.

Thank you to all residents who voted "yes" on Warrant Article 3 to ban biosolids. It was good attempt. We now, become the observers of bio-solid use, with a responsibility to report any health issues to the Health Department, DES and the EPA. Our property values have taken a permanent decline, as a result of biosolid continued use. Sadly the tainting of once pure and beautiful farmland is another result of biosolid use. Restoration of the land is not possible once biosolids are used. We were not against the farmers, just against biosolid use, that taints the land.

There is a network that will supply free manure, in place of the bio-solids. I challenge you to contact them and switch over from biosolids.

At this point in time, we can only try to protect our health. Be vigilant.

Other towns have banned biosolids because they recognized the danger. We will have another opportunity to try again. Until then, collect proof and data for that possibility.

OSHA Sludge Safety Standards for Workers: read and ask why farmers and the public need not know of the danger. What else is being hidden?

Lainie Rosato

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