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Fossil fuels are finite and horrible polluters of water and air

To The Daily Sun,

I just saw an interesting piece from the Bloomberg News website, stating that investment in renewable energy has overtaken investment in oil, gas, and coal combined. Some people with lots of money apparently consider renewable energy a good bet. Read about it at http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-04-14/fossil-fuels-just-lost-the-race-against-renewables.

This isn't only about climate change, it's also about increasing costs of extraction, and the fact that fossil fuels are finite and horrible polluters of air and water.

Karen Barker

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Democrats are not ever going to stop sharpening their hate tool

To The Daily Sun,

One thing is for sure, Obama and the liberal media can't lay blame for the burning and looting of Baltimore on some all-white police force, or all white local government. That was the implicit explanation given by Obama's Justice Department for the race riots in Ferguson after the killing of a young black man there. Baltimore is not some city inhabited only by blacks but policed primarily by whites. Sixty-three percent of Baltimore is black and 40 percent of the police force is black. The police commissioner is black, the mayor is black, the previous mayor was black and so is the majority of the city council.

The same comparison can be made in countless, other large American cities where crime rates are in the stratosphere including Chicago, Cleveland. Detroit, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. These are all cities where black mayors are in charge, black police chiefs are in charge and black school superintendents are in charge. All cities where for decades black leaders have held sway over large black populations. Still crime, looting and murder are endemic to these cities.

No matter these basic facts Democrats will be doing their very best to lay the blame for this tragedy in Baltimore at the feet of white privilege and racism. Far left political writer Susan Estrich has already been in The Daily Sun trumpeting exactly that. Allegations, accusations and innuendo of racism (just as in Ferguson) never stop because playing the race card can win elections no matter the absence of honesty to them. How many people have been accused of racism in this paper simply because they strongly oppose the polices of Barack Obama? Allegations of racism are a conclusion of political convince for the far left having to defend Obama's dismal failure on economic issues and foreign policy. Recall, his own party would not even be seen with him in the last election.

Who causes me the most sorrow and deepest despair? The poor and the black. The Democratic party has been their supposed advocate, champion and protector since FDR's sure-fire recipe for equality he called The New Deal in the 1930s and '40s. Followed by LBJ's Great New Society of the '60s with even louder screams they would solve the problems of the poor and blacks.

Let Democrats admit the horrendous and total failure of those two great men and their policies if Hillary Clinton runs on another can't miss campaign with sure-fire remedies to cure inequality and turn the tide of pain and suffering for blacks. Are the poor and the blacks gullible enough to swallow the hook, line and sinker of another Trojan horse from the Democratic Party once again echoing the failed promises of FDR, LBJ and JFK? The truth is those men only worsened the lives of the poor and the blacks over the past 70 years. If their policies worked why are blacks burning down Baltimore, and why is "inequality" the only word in Hillary's election dictionary?

That the poor and blacks must hate, dislike and distrust those more well off, no matter what year in history is critical to a thriving and successful Democratic Party. Why would anyone think Democrats are ever going to stop sharpening their most effective political tool, hate, envy and division for political advantage? If I am wrong, how is it after 70 years of promising to deliver the poor and blacks they are now worse off than at any point in history? The poor are not going to decrease in numbers, and the challenges of the blacks is never going to vanish. If poverty, racism, envy and the seeds of division sown by Democrats stopped the Democratic Party would disappear with them.

Tony Boutin


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