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The IL-MA team is playing in the big game on Saturday, please help

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank all parents and children that joined, watched or cringed as I have paraded up and down the sidelines each football season. It started in 2008 when Ryan Kelly started playing in Gilford as a Silver Hawk. For four years the folks of Gilford took Ryan and his friends in as if he was their own and shared with him the aspects of the game, how to be a good winner and a good loser, and these Gilford coaches and families lets us in to be a part of their family for three months out of the next four years. Thank you.

Then we came back to Meredith as Ryan entered ninth grade and he was going to play for the IL/MA Lakers. What a transition, the big league, and still I was able to "do my thing" on the sidelines to encourage not only Ryan Kelly but his friends as well — Zach, Justin, Collin, Anthony, Andrew, Nick, and the list goes on.

See, I love these kids. I am loud, so they know I am there. I am loud because sometimes they need loud. I am loud because I never want Ryan Kelly to think he is alone. This Saturday, Ryan Kelly, Zach, Justin, Collin, Andrew and the rest of these boys are going to play the big game at UNH. I ask for your help. I ask you to join them at UNH. I ask, if you can, that you help to support our Lakes Region team as they move to win against a strong Stevens' team. I ask that you let these boys know you are with them this week.

If you have a business and your business has a sign, change your sign to let these boys know you are with them, please. As I move through this week, the last week that I will be running sidelines as a proud dad of a great IL/MA team football player and student of Inter-Lakes High School, I once again say, Thank You to all who have been with me and more importantly with Ryan Kelly in his quest for a championship. GO LAKERS.

Chris Kelly


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Leave the Lord out of your Trump praise, he's tired of your abuse

To The Daily Sun,

You are correct, you did not do any research on Matthew Sheppard. That was a shame you did not know about how he died or lived. You could have, but you chose not too.

His mother spoke on the behalf of her deceased son, who was openly gay because of what Donald has had to say about the gay community, and on a few occasions, publicly. She was defending her son and his memory as any good parent would do. Why should she favor a candidate who lessons her sons way of life and others. Was he killed because he was gay and had sexual relationships with one of his killers who perhaps was confused by his own sexuality? Was it because they believed he had a large sum of drug money on him? Was it both? Who knows the truth. None of us were there and should not assume.

As far as you saying I think, or was implying, your a "hick,ignorant, or a bigot" because you voted for Trump, that was your interpretation. If I have something to say, trust me I will say it very clearly.

As for your turtle saga. The official authorities investigated the situation and they, based on their experience and knowledge, said the turtle was fine. Your letters you wrote in clearly state you feel it is being "abused," not me. And I love the way you just toss out the address and name of the shop to try to drum up more attention,classic.

And finally leave the Lord out of your Trump praises. He is tired of the abuse. And maybe that light over Donald is just a UFO looking to return its leader back to base.

Have a happy day and I'm done.

Denise C. Burke

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