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We want Recycling Center matter settled; we're not waiting 'till March

To The Daily Sun,

Headlines including the phrase "dump picking" do disservice to our clean and well-run Sanbornton Transfer Station and Recycling Center. Coming to mind, author Hemingway's short story title, "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place."

Our Sanbornton Transfer Station and Recycling Center issue at this time is about returning to a system, well-tried and successful, whereby we brought items that needed taking home by someone else: Clean and good clothing (some labels: Eddie Bauer, J Jill, Levi, Gap), including outerwear and boots, household items such as cookware, dishware, small appliances still in working condition; hardware such as wheelbarrows, tools, gardening needs, electronic goods. A townsman recently showed up with large storage containers holding perfectly good and usable drop cloths. "I used them for roofing and now don't need them."

Before our selectmen made a sudden, September decision that recycling and repurposing were not for Sanbornton, we had opportunity not to waste what still was good. We had opportunity not to go to a store and pay for what we could get at the Transfer Station and Recycling Center. The goods were kept neatly in assigned areas. Perfectly readable books were in book cases, a small library.

Now we've passed a petition with successful number of signatures (50 or more registered voters) to call for a special Town Meeting. The selectmen have 30 days from Oct. 14 to schedule one, with one warrant article — to get us back our recycling rights. We trust they will choose a Wednesday night or a Saturday morning, as those times have worked for regular Town Meetings.

We want this settled before winter. We are not waiting for March Town Meeting. We respect our selectmen's service to the town, but this sudden change is unacceptable. We think of "bait and switch".

What we agreed to pay for in the Transfer Station and Recycling Center's budget at last Town Meeting is not what we have today, not with recycling/repurposing taken away.

Chris Hobby


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I'll take every Syrian refugee in my town if it'll keep Mr. Schwotzer out

To The Daily Sun,

In response to David Schwotzer's letter published Oct. 21, I would take all the Syrian refugees into my town if it meant keeping you out.

In your article you say that Syria was taken over by some of the worst people you have ever seen in your lifetime but your ignorance won't allow you to see why these refugees are so desperate to leave.

You and I live in a country that everyone else wants to. Do you know why? It's because of people like Dick Devens, Jack Landow and Bernadette Loesch. They have big hearts and open minds. This is what continues to make this country so great.

Perhaps (Mr. Schwotzer), you should go spend some time in Syria and maybe while you're there you'll find a little of both.

Todd Welch


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