Obama claims personal credit for anything that goes well but . . .

To The Daily Sun,

Someone takes a drive following directions that a friend provided three years earlier. Along the way are many signs say "Caution," "Detour," and "14th Street Bridge Closed," etc. Nevertheless the driver persists in following the old directions onto the 14th Street Bridge and into the water. Who is to blame for the car in the water?

Jon Hoyt apparently believes that the person providing the directions would be to blame, not the driver.

In his Oct. 2 letter, Jon Hoyt claims to "fact check" my comment about President Obama's disastrous handling of Iraq by saying that President Bush agreed in 2008 to pull out all troops by the end of 2011. While it is true that, based on the success of the "surge," there was such an agreement, conditions in Iraq made that agreement irrelevant. The Bush and Iraqi administrations both anticipated that the 2008 agreement would be changed depending on the situation in Iraq in 2011, and President Obama and his administration knew it too.

By 2011, conditions in Iraq had changed, the U.S. Defense and State Departments, the CIA, and the Iraqi government, including Malaki, felt it was necessary to leave several thousand, at least 10,000 to 15,000, troops in Iraq after 2011 and negotiations were begun to make that happen.

In a 2011 interview with Charlie Rose, Secretary of Defense Gates indicated that he actually anticipated leaving "several tens of thousands of American troops" in Iraq after 2011. Former CIA Director Panetta indicates in his new book, "it was clear to me and many others that withdrawing all our forces would endanger the fragile stability then barely holding Iraq together."

Panetta indicates that the White House was only half-heartedly interested in a new agreement to leave troops in Iraq. President Obama apparently only participated enough in the negotiations so he could blame others for failure to get an agreement. President Obama's real interest was to claim success in Iraq before the 2012 election and leaving troops in Iraq would appear to negate that claim.

President Obama claims personal success for anything that goes well, but blames others for his administration's many failures, e.g., Benghazi, Syria, Ukraine, Iran, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, spying on innocent and unsuspected Americans, the poor economic recovery, the Obamacare lies and disasters, etc.

When President Obama claimed credit for withdrawing the troops and ending the war in Iraq, he didn't say he was just following President Bush's roadmap and give President Bush major credit. But now that his irresponsible withdrawal has resulted in a disaster, President Obama and his followers are trying to blame others.

The fact is that just about everything President Obama has done has resulted in a disaster. The world is in turmoil because of his flawed belief that the world's problems result from the U.S. being too powerful and wealthy. Our economy is a disaster as a result of his policies which make most people poorer and increase the number of people dependent on government, who co-incidentally primarily vote for Democrats, while the rich keep getting richer.

To blame President Bush for not leaving troops in Iraq, which could have prevented the current ISIS disaster, is the same as blaming the person who provided the directions in my opening example rather than the idiot who didn't adjust for conditions and drove his car into the water.

Don Ewing


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Mayor & 1 councilor were at Re-Imagine; where were the others?

To The Daily Sun,

It was very gratifying to see such a large crowd participate in the Re-Imagine Laconia forum Wednesday, where residents discussed what they want our city to be. It was a very informative evening.
Thanks to Mayor Ed Engler and Councilman David Bownes for attending. So where were our other five City Council members?

Mary Jane Hoey
Laconia (Ward 6)

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Thanks to everyone involved in the wonderful care of my mom

To The Daily Sun,

We have all heard the phrase, "It takes a village to raise a child". I believe that is true but I also now know it takes a village to care for an aging senior.

My Mom, Catherine McGarry's, battle with Alzheimer's began approximately six years ago. When it began, Mom was living in Meredith and was involved helping me at Meredith Station Mobil, where she stocked shelves, bagged ice and kept the coffee counter. As time went on her abilities lessened, but she continued to help as the store as best she could. Her involvement at the store kept her engaged and strong for several years. We will be forever grateful to Rusty McLear and those at Hampshire Hospitality Holdings for allowing her to do so.

As her needs changed we received help with routines of daily living from the wonderful staff at Forestview Manor Assisted Living in Meredith. We also became involved and received help from several volunteers from the Community Caregivers. After a fall where Mom suffered a head injury we relied on the staff at Golden View Health Care Center for a rehab stay. As her needs continued to change we received support from Dr. Suarez and the wonderful team at the SPS unit at LRGH. State Sen. Jeanie Forrester lent her support to our family as well.

In her final months we relied again on the care of the staff at Forestview Manor. Lastly, compassionate care was provided by Central NH VNA and Hospice.

In addition to these wonderful organizations, Mom was helped by a number of private caring individuals too numerous to name individually who took Mom to church, took her on rides for ice cream and took her to bingo games at the local senior centers. As her condition declined others sat with her through the night when the she wasn't sleeping while still others assisted her as she ate her meals.

Mom passed away in early September. Our family will be forever grateful for each and every one of the individuals and organizations who took part in her care. It definitely takes a village and we are so happy that Meredith and the Lakes Region are our "village."

Pat Wade


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Let's be honest about this. It hasn't been just Obama screwing up

To The Daily Sun,

Watch out, duck, keep your heads down, the liberal election mud-slinging campaigns are building up to full slime ahead. Here they go again telling readers the same old foolishness: Republicans lie, conservatives are all bad people, Fox News lies, on and on. But the one thing they don't do is engage in an honest debate of the issues.

Ask them about the economy and they say is better, not good and certainly not booming. Ask about unemployment and they say it's better but, no good and certainly will not mention we have the lowest worker participation since 1978. After six of years of Obama and company they are still blaming Bush. (They) have no idea how to fix it and only want to spend more money we don't have.

Ever wonder why costs for everything are going through the roof? Simple. When Obama want's more money he just has the stuff printed up. With nothing to back it up our dollars are devalued. He has caused the price of heating fuels, gasoline, diesel fuel, coal to generate electricity all to double in his drive for clean energy. When the cost of energy rises it forces up the cost of all goods and services.

So readers, ask yourselves who does this hurt? Not the rich and powerful politically-connected elites, no sir. It affects the poor, working families, the shrinking middle class, well you know, all those folks the Democrats say they are looking out for. With friends like that who needs enemies?

Speaking of enemies, why is it Democrats just can't bring themselves to use the term, Muslim terrorists? Eighty-percent of all terrorism committed in the past 30 years has been committed by Muslims. That's just a fact but try to get a Democrat to say so is near impossible. Political correctness again. This past week Obama has finally been forced by public opinion to bomb ISIS. So what's he do? Telegraphs the attack then sends in the bombers in the middle of the night when no one is in the ISIS buildings. Wouldn't want to hurt anyone I guess.

Let's be straight about it, it has not been just Obama screwing up. Every Democrat in the federal Congress, state legislatures, governors' offices and at every level have rubber-stamped every move the president has made. Every law, ever mandate, every policy that has brought harm down on the American working people and their families. It's time for a change, people. Party loyalty is one thing. but at some point self-interest and family has to be taken into account. Democrats have done nothing for real people that helps us, and they will continue blindly down the same road of caring only for themselves unless they are corrected by we the people.

You can correct their careless, self serving political agenda by voting them out in November. Please do.

Steve Earle


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America's funniest congressional leaders are at it yet again

To The Daily Sun,

Colors are popping, leaves are falling, rakes are out of their holsters, and we are all close to being tomatoed out after a great growing year. Welcome to the another edition of Tea Party Potty Tricks brought to you by the Center for the Study of Absurdity. As you know, we here at the center always do our best to bring you the best of the worst so let's get to work.

First up is our American Taliban winner, National Review columnist Kevin Williamson. Mr. Williamson posted in his Twitter feed that women who had abortions should be hanged. No exceptions. ISIS and al-Qaida have nothing on this guy, eh? Not to be outdone by Mr. Williamson, Wayne Steven Odegard was arrested in Minneapolis for a hate crime that Mullah Omar would be proud of. Mr. Odegard stood outside a gay bar shouting a mixture of curses and biblical scriptures and then shot a couple with his CO2-powered gun.

In education matters you might have heard about the hissy-fits the right-wingers are having over the Advanced Placement History Curriculum in Colorado schools. They don't like that the course teaches students about the civil disobedience that marked some of our more troubling phases. Thousands of students walked out to protest right-wing censorship and indoctrination. Their reasons to scoff were soon confirmed by State Board of Education member Pam Reilley Mazanec's Facebook post when she claimed America was exceptional because it "ended slavery voluntarily." And the South will rise again, Pammy.

Tea Partier and self-lobotomized neurosurgeon Ben Carson says he is likely to run for President in 2016. Comedians couldn't be happier. Carson's latest in a long line of vacuous statements is that if the GOP doesn't take the Senate in 2014, the country will descend into anarchy and the 2016 elections could be canceled. Be afraid! Of course it's rubbish because the GOP faces 25 U.S. Senate contests out of the 33 in 2016 and there is, well, Hillary. The GOP gains of 2014 will likely be reversed in 2016.

America's funniest congressional members are at it again. Michele Bachmann wants Obama to declare war on all of Islam. She also claimed that a government under any other religion but Christianity would be a theocracy. Huh? Isn't Ms. Bachmann one of those who cries wolf about her phony war on her religion of Christianity? Those gay bullies!

Louie Gohmert has proved his comedic worth once again by telling Fox Business host Lou Dobbs that it's political correctness behind Obama sending 3,000 military personnel to help prevent a global outbreak of Ebola. If you have any doubts about the wide open spaces of Texas, he followed with, "the military is not trained to go catch Ebola and die."

James Veverka


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