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Warriors of Sharia law are hidden within the ‘Horse of Doom’

To The Daily Sun,

Today a Trojan Horse stands outside the halls of Congress. Hidden within are warriors of chaos cloaked in religion. A democratic Republic ruled by secular law is targeted. Sympathizers are readying.

America, man our battle stations! If you survive the Republic's death at the hands of the administration, surely you will not escape the warriors of Sharia law hidden within the "Horse of Doom."

It's "teamsters" lull indifference, unconcern, distracting us from 24/7 vigilance. This mesmerizing "gift" is about to disembark its deadly cargo. All who dwell in freedom's light — beware.

Ward H. Flanders


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Help put on the 3rd Annual 'Book-It!' 5K Road Race in Meredith

To The Daily Sun,

The Friends of the Meredith Library are seeking sponsorship and volunteers for the third annual "Book-It!" 5K Road Race being held on Saturday, Aug. 30, at Community Park in Meredith. This popular family event attracts more than 100 runners and walkers each year. All proceeds from the race are used to support the Meredith Public Library.

Sponsors of $100 or more will be listed on the hi-tech shirts worn by the racers, on signage at the event, on the race website (mplbook-it.weebly.com) and in all public relation materials. To donate and be included on the shirts, please contact us by Aug. 10.

We are also looking for a sponsor for a new race timer we are purchasing. For more information on how to donate, please contact Beverly Heyduk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 603-279-1206 or Barbara Brann at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 603-279-5565.

We would like to thank those who have already donated: Gold Sponsor, The Fitness Edge; Silver Sponsors, Miracle Farms Landscape Contractors, Overhead Door Options Inc.; Bronze Sponsors, Chippers, DES Home Repair and Remodeling, E.M. Heath Inc., Middleton Building Supply Inc. and Phu Jee Chinese Cuisine.

Beverly Heyduk

Friends of the Meredith Library

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Progressives want all Americans to have VA-type health care

To The Daily Sun,

John Morrissey's letter of July 23 supporting Nick Vazzana's candidacy was amusing. While Vazzana may have been a successful entrepreneur as he claims, Vazzana also supports President Obama's policies which have killed more good jobs than it has created, made middle income Americans poorer, and widened the gap between our rich and poor.

Morrissey apparently likes Common Core which is another one-size-fits-all Washington-driven program to control education, indoctrinate children with the proper "progressive" views, and reward special interest groups.

Perhaps Morrissey is demonstrating his learning of Common Core math when he (incorrectly) asserts that before Obamacare one quarter (about 78 million) of our population was uninsured. The generally accepted, although overstated, number of uninsured Americans at the time of Obamacare's passage was about 45 million people, less than 15 percent. One-third of the 45 million were illegal aliens (who President Obama said would not get Obamacare), one-third were people who could afford but chose not to purchase health insurance, and about one-third were people who could not afford the high priced health insurance which meets the government requirements imposed to benefit bureaucrats and special interests.

Addressing the problem that 5 percent of our population could not afford health insurance did not require an Obamacare-like solution which drives up costs, reduces health care choices for most people, and puts Washington bureaucrats in charge of our health care.

Before Obamacare we were the center for innovation in health care (Obamacare's regulations and taxes will hurt this). Most of us know people who survived illnesses that would have killed them just a few years ago. The U.S. health care system is the world's best, or nearly the best in responsiveness to health problems.

Critics of our health care system point to the World Health Organization, and similar organizations, which bias their evaluations in favor of single-payer, central-controlled healthcare systems such as that provided in the U.S. by the Veterans Administration.

The ultimate goal for "progressives" like President Obama is a VA-type of health care system for all Americans because it gives the government control over everything related to your health.

The VA health care system has had problems for decades. Certainly some good care is provided. But now we find that patients are put on hidden waiting lists, patients who complain are neglected, and records are falsified so employees get raises and bonuses. Our pre-Obamacare system is much more responsive to patients.

I agree with Morrissey that we need to "restore the American dream." But big government controls and solutions, as exemplified by the results of President Obama's actions, are obstacles rather than aids to people achieving their American dreams.

Don Ewing


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If anyone should be deported, it should be members of Congress

To The Daily Sun,

Are we being invaded?

Yes, by hordes of 7- to 15-year-old children from Central America. Beware as they are armed with spitballs and are scared stiff. They have ridden on the tops of railroad cars for thousands of miles just to get here to be safe from the drug lords at home. In some cases they will be killed if they go home or they will be forced to work as mules carrying drugs. In most cases they will be deported and sent back. There must be a better answer than that.

If there was oil to be had down there it would be a no brainer and our answer would be there. Just ask the Cheney/Bush cartel. But no oil, so who cares and what to do with them if they stay here?

We don't have the resources or places to house them do we? Well, we do but we won't even spend those on our own people. We already have thousands in need, if you are to believe the news lately. We even turn Detroit, if you haven't heard about it. We will waste billions trying to keep health care away from those who need it. We will waste more closing down the government if we don't get our way. We will spend more time pointing fingers of blame at each other than trying to fix the problem.

The GOP has spent more time attacking the president instead of earning its pay. All they are doing is stalling until the next elections. Ted Cruz, the anti­patriot, from Texas tries to blame Obama for everything possible from A to Z. Izza spends all his time attacking on the other front. Good military move, but they are attacking and dividing their own country. Sounds like treason to me. This is how we have lost respect in the world.

Other countries see our lack of respect and wonder why they should respect Obama. It wasn't to long ago the described patriotic and "popular" Congress has vowed not to allow the president to accomplish anything. They must be proud.

If anyone should be deported it should be many members of the House and Senate. The GOP has spent the last few years quietly building from the ground up rearranging voting districts and voting rules so they will be able to slide into power in the mid-­term elections. We need to keep both Maggie and Jeanne in office. So, get out the vote in 2014.

Jon Hoyt

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This administration has a death plan for us and our country

To The Daily Sun,

Death Notice: Ours!

Do we prefer not to be advised by our doctor of their diagnostic expectation of our remaining life span? Given the extent of many illnesses, is this why we refuse to acknowledge that this administration has a death plan for us and our country?

Regardless of your attitude to this threat we have arrived again at 1776 — the only possible answer to 2014.

Ward H. Flanders



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