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I'm supporting Jeanette Stweart as write-in candidate in Ashland

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing this letter in support of Jeanette Stewart, a lifelong resident of Ashland, who is running as a write-in candidate for the Ashland Board of Selectmen.

Jeanette has shown that she is dedicated to the town and its residents, having served the community as a volunteer in several different organizations. She has actively been involved with the Ashland Women's Club for more than 20 years, the last few serving as president, and she is also president of the American Legion Auxiliary as well as a member of the Board of Directors of the Ashland Historical Society.

Jeanette also previously served the town as a member of the Ashland Board of Selectmen for eight years, and during that time, she demonstrated a strong commitment to the needs of both town residents and town employees.

I am happy to support Jeanette Stewart as a write-in candidate for the Ashland Board of Selectmen. She has shown that she cares deeply for our community and strives to keep the town's best interests at heart. I urge voters to write-in Jeanette Stewart for Board of Selectmen on March 8.

Tina Randall


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You want us to spend $6.5M is town with declining school census?

To The Daily Sun,
Some on the Moultonborough Selectboard have lost touch with reality. A simple study that was supposed to determine if the town needs a new gymnasium has morphed into a massive high cost high maintenance recreation complex. And one selectman has taken the baton and charged forward. A selectman who ran on the promise of less spending and less government.
This new recreation complex is going to cost little to taxpayers or actually free.
Voodoo arithmetic. You see fellow citizens the town of Moultonborough is ending or paying off a current bond issue. A bond issue that we the taxpayers paid for with our property taxes. So we should see lower taxes, right? Oh no. You see one of the selectmen states that we just carry over this finished paid for bond issue to a new bond issue for this new proposed bond issue. Voila. This new $6.5-million recreation complex is going to be virtually free. Yes, free. How is that for property tax shenanigans? With this new math one selectmen actually stated at a public meeting that this new recreation complex would cost the town taxpayers nothing or pennies on the dollar. Since one bond issue is ending and a new bond issue is being proposed for $6.5 million dollars. Pennies. Or voodoo mathematics?
There is no mention of the bran- new gymnasium at one of the boys camps in Moutonborough. Such as sharing this vastly underutilized gymnasium. The boys camp only uses that brand new gymnasium for six weeks out of the entire year. Nor is there any mention of the gymnasium complex at the closed Catholic school on Route 25. A huge gymnasium. Modern. Clean. Not used anymore as school just closed. Two perfectly good gymnasiums available just for the asking. Don't think that the rent for these two perfectly good gymnasiums would require a $6.5-million bond issue to be paid for by the property taxpayers of the town of Moultonborough.
The tide rises all boats. Moultonborough has a tax base of lakefront homes. Most of the lake homes are not permanent residents and therefore cannot vote. Raise their property taxes and it becomes free money. Missing is the fact that raising taxes affects all boats. The rest of us will also be paying higher taxes as well.
My fellow citizens. There is a recession on average every seven years. Look it up. How many years have gone by since the last recession? And now some wish to spend $6.5-million in a town with declining school population. Oh, but you say that this will include a senior center. Yes, I viewed the plans. The seniors get one room with folding doors. And we still have the perfectly good Lions Club if the seniors wish to use it.
Pennies on the dollar. Ya, right!

Jay Parker

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