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Did American conservatives riot after Obama was elected?

To The Daily Sun,

Alan Vervaeke must have choked on his pabulum as the inane rhetoric that he has been supplying to these pages seems to have come to a halt, at least temporarily. I hope his sabbatical is an extended one and I'd like him to know he will not be missed. It would also be nice if he invited the other left-wing lunatics that damage the decorum of these pages along for the ride.

Question? Did the conservatives of this country riot after Obama's two elections to the presidency. No! Did the conservatives riot after policemen were randomly killed while in the performance of their duties. No! It is always those on the left, mostly young people, who at their age are giving nothing to society, but expect the people who do, to pay for their every want. This mindset is fostered upon them by the socialist party — once the Democratic Party — which promises them everything, but deliver nothing.

The eerie thing about it all is that these kids and others with their hands out keep voting for the people who make the promises and then fail to deliver. Go figure. I would hope that the people who incite violence understand that violence begets violence and if this country is ever drawn into another civil war by their acts that they will be on the losing end of the battle.

You can disagree without being disagreeable, which will lead to better results for all, including those who disagree with the party in power.

Dave Schwotzer

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Mrs. Clinton will no longer be the 'whipping boy' of the right

To The Daily Sun,

A dear friend of mine was a great consolation to me after Election Day. She told me something that we will have to keep in mind and remember for the next four years. She basically said that Mrs. Clinton would now be free of the constant ridicule, lies and innuendo. Mrs. Clinton has been the "whipping boy" of the right for many decades.

Now, the Republican majority in Congress, along with President-elect Trump, will have to basically put up or shut up in order to bring this country together in a sensible and moderate vein. If they continue to obstruct, oppose and deny the will of the voters, then we as citizens must write and call our congressional representatives and senators to express our deep concern, and to remind them that they have run out of excuses to bring this country together and forward.

They now have a very clear mandate. Are they willing to squander this time on repealing the ACA? What will they replace it with? We did not hear any specifics from the Trump campaign, only very vague statements. No concrete policy was offered. Will this new president and Congress heavily penalize the insurance industry if they dare to raise deductibles and the cost of premiums? Let's face it folks, the insurance industry is that 800-pound gorilla in the room that no one — in the Trump campaign or in Congress — had the courage to call out as the real culprits of rising costs. This alone would be a very magnanimous gesture to start the healing and stem the anger of the majority of American voters.

Next order of business is to pass a bill in both the House and Senate to fully fund putting thousands of citizens to work fixing our crumbling infrastructure. Send it to the new president's desk for signature. After all, that was one of Trump's campaign promises. How about term limits like Mr. Trump promised? Will that happen as well, or will an uncooperative legislative branch again stymie another president?

It is now the Republicans turn to show the world that an important priority should be job creation. Do this instead of sending troops to other countries to kill, conqueror, or continue to fight those endless battles that cannot be won, and which have driven up the national debt into the trillions of taxpayers' dollars. This country doesn't need to add more men and women to the already overwhelming rolls of the injured, ignored, suffering from PTSD, homeless, or suicidal veterans.

Bernadette Loesch


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