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I think our schools have done very well under the tax cap

To The Daily Sun,

No matter which side of the school budget and possible cuts to it one might be on, no one is against the education or the future of our children. The difference we have lies in what our children need the most and how to get it.

Lately there have been letters to the editor as well as letters being sent to the City Council, all on behalf of saving the child care program and/or overriding the tax cap. Unfortunately, it has taken on a nasty tone. There always seems to be a coordinated effort of a specific group behind special concerns whenever there is a call for cutting the budget. This year it is the child care center. Emotions run high and it has been suggested the council override the tax cap. They all start out saying their children go, or have gone to, Laconia schools, so that is where I will start.

Besides being a city councilor, I am a mother of four children who went through Laconia schools and graduated from there, one as class valedictorian of the Class of 1975, another daughter was in the Honor Society, a son went on to Bryant College and had a successful business life, and another son participated in all sports. We struggled, like most people in Laconia, with both parents working full-time to provide for them. So, education and sports were important to us and the Laconia system did well by them. I have no fight with education or sports. But, at what cost?
To override the tax cap is a serious action, one which will have consequences all over the city. Should it be for 20 children at the Huot Day Care Center, 16 being full-time, and nine of the 16 from outside Laconia. Shouldn't it take a major project that affects the entire city to override the tax cap rather than the few when there are reliable day care centers available throughout the area?

The tax cap has kept the city in good financial condition and without it spending would have been out of control. I was elected 11 years ago and opposed the tax cap which was passed the same year I was elected. Once you are a councilor you learn about revenues and expenditures, state and federal cuts, the wants and needs of every city department, and you realize that you are there to safeguard the people who elected you and give them services at every level without imposing impossible tax rates.

Just as a reminder, under the tax cap, the city approved and built the new middle school at a cost of $24,497,000. Following that, in 2010, the council voted to renovate and add additional space to the Huot Center for $9.5 million, with the city's share of $2.375 million. Following that, the city committed to another $6 million, interest free money for renovations to high school and programs that were approved but didn't fit into the original Huot plans. Most went to the $5 million football field. An additional $1.6 million followed for more needs of the high school renovations.
The city also pays our teachers, administrators, principals, and coordinators very well, many of whom actually make more than the fire chief.
I think the schools do very well under the tax cap.
At the same time the city side of the budget has cut many programs and delayed many others so that the majority of the tax cap money goes to the school system — 75 percent of it.
The council has many public hearings, most of them unattended by anyone from the public. When the budget comes up, there is no one there, not even those now protesting council's judgement. Come to meetings, express your thoughts, ask questions, and listen to what else is going on in the city. You will hear reasons for allowing some things and not others. You will understand that the city has cut many programs that the city needs as well.
Councilor Brenda Baer

Ward 4


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We are living a modern day version of life under King George

To The Daily Sun,

Swiss authorities found a document in November 2001 that outlined a 100-year plan for the infiltration by radical Islam of the West by the Muslim Brotherhood. It lists 14 pages in which The Muslim Brotherhood could take over western Christian civilization. It was founded by Hasan al-Banna in Egypt in 1928.The following lists but a few of their goals:

"Avoid open alliances with known terrorist organizations. Appear moderate. Infiltrate and control existing Muslim organizations. Use deception to mask their goals. Avoid social conflicts, avoid backlash. Establish financial networks. Involvement in election, NGO's, Infiltrate private organizations and labor unions. Draft Islamic constitutions, policies and laws for eventual implementation. Infiltrate existing western institutions until they can be converted in service of Islam. Alliance with western progressive organizations. Inflame violence among Muslims living in the West in constant jihad frame of mind. Support jihad movements by preaching, funding, propaganda, personnel, and technical support. constant hatred towards Jews to name a few."

The date on the document was Dec. 1, 1982. it refers to Taqiyya, a term that means "concealing or disguising one's beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, strategies and so forth. Da'wa involves the advancement of Islam. This is what is happening in our many schools today.

In Virginia in 2004 the FBI seized a document written by a top Muslim Brotherhood operative by the name of Mohamed Akram. The 18-page document was dated 1991. It urged action. "The Ikhwam must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within, and sabotaging its miserable house by their own hands and the hands of the believers, so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions." The document listed 29 organizations that contribute to the Muslim brotherhood agenda. Muslim Students Association and the Islamic Society of North America are but two.

What is the Ikhwam? It is Arabic for a Wahhabi religious militia formed from nomadic tribesmen who supported the ruler Ibn Saud in most of the Arabian peninsular in the kingdom of Saudi. It would appear that we have a foreign militia operating within American soil.

We face a remarkably similar scenario with the Muslim Radicals as we did in the 1930s and 1940s, when Soviet agents infiltrated our government. Even advising FDR on how to conduct the war against Germany. The similarities are too close to be a coincidence.

Sibel Edmonds translated Turkish and Farsi documents for the U.S. government for a decade. The experience she had with her supervisors were rather bizarre but not unusual. Her call was to translate documents and audio recordings for the FBI. She eventually was in demand throughout the country.

Her supervisor Mike Feghali (as she writes in "Classified Woman" the Sibel Edmonds story) insisted that "she slow down." He spoke of more perks and larger budget. He exclaimed that 9/11 "as a cause to celebrate." When she found serious flaws with marking important documents "Not Pertinent" she became alarmed. Following an attempt by a major to recruit her and her husband as agents for Turkey she became worried. The major boasted about his connection with a Turkish colonel and millions of dollars in U.S. contracts. She knew that Turkey had connection with international terrorism even al-Qaida. She had seen enough intelligence on their money laundering, illegal arms trafficking, drug trafficking, etc.

She brought the incident to the attention of her superiors. But her efforts were stifled and her character smeared. Federal law was violated when they released her name to the media. Her phone was tapped. The FBI tailed her. This only exemplifies how serious the war on terrorism actually is. And serves as an example of how not to fight a war on terrorism. She refused to give in to all kinds of intimidation.

A strange situation we have gotten ourselves into. The Patriot Act emerged almost overnight, as if it had been waiting for the right time to show itself. Read it. It's scary. We can't protect our borders but submit ourselves to a frisk before traveling abroad. What is next?

We are living under a modern day version of the life our ancestors endured under King George. The revolt of 1776 and the Declaration of Independence listed similarities we live under today. We persevered and created the freest nation ever. But there was another revolution. It occurred in 1932 and we found ourselves under the control of a bureaucratic nightmare created by FDR, that keeps growing and growing.

Gene F. Danforth


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