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Stimulus plan & Affordable Care Act really have helped people

To The Daily Sun,

I have read letters from Cindy Cretian-Miller in both the Laconia Citizen and The Laconia Sun. I know nothing about Jeanne Shaheen's business interest, but I know a little bit about the time of the $787 billion stimulus plan.

At that time banks, the insurance companies behind the banks and the U.S. automobile industry were all in trouble. The stock market was below 7,000 and we were losing jobs at an alarming rate.

Today our financial institution are stable, the stock market is flirting with 17,000 and the private sector has been growing jobs every month since the middle of 2009. The U.S. automobile industry is alive and kicking. Thank you Senator Shaheen.

As for the so called "Disastrous Obamacare" please look at the numbers. Thousands and thousands of people without insurance now have insurance. They have a chance at better health care and now have a better chance at early detection of serious illness. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) saves lives.

Seniors should be cheering for the Affordable Care Act. It has extended the hospital care part of Medicare until 2030 instead of 2016. It helps seniors in the so-called donut hole with prescription costs. AARP articles state information about these benefits. There are lots more positive aspects about the successful health care act. Thank you Senator Shaheen.

Cindy, please take a look at the big picture. Take a look at the numbers. I hope you see why I agree with Senator Shaheen even if you have a different point of view. The stimulus plan and the Affordable Care Act really have helped people, and I am all for that.

Paul Bonneville

Lochmere (TILTON)

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Hemingway is brilliant young statesman & will be next governor

To The Daily Sun,

I was very fortunate to get invited by Don Ewing to a political rally last Friday. To me, the keynote speaker was the brilliant young statesman, Andrew Hemmingway, who most likely will become our next governor of New Hampshire.

Andrew was clear and direct to the point of our need for a dedicated manager, not another politician, to lead New Hampshire to the great success and progress that we need and deserve. There is no way I can present him anywhere near as well as he did, so I strongly suggest that you jump on any opportunity you get to hear him present his goals and objectives. His vision for New Hampshire's potential must be heard.

With brilliant young men such as Andrew working for us we will only get much better, in all ways. Thank you Andrew.
Jack Stephenson

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Winni Playhouyse is state-of-the-art, produces top quality stagings

To The Daily Sun,

The Winnipesaukee Playhouse in Meredith is a true treasure right in our backyard. The chosen plays, outstanding actors and creative sets have made this first-class theater the place to go for live theater both during the summer season and on particular weekends throughout the entire year.

My husband and I buy a summer subscription every year even though we are not familiar with the names of most of the plays because we know from experience that we won't be disappointed (and we never have been). We have been attending all of the performances since we moved permanently to the area in 2006. This summer we also attended the Talk Back nights to learn more about the play through the words of the director, actors and the Winni educational director.

Having moved from the Boston area and attended professional theater most of my life I can say that the Winnipesaukee Playhouse is a state-of-the-art facility which produces absolutely top quality productions.

I must also add that as a hearing aid user I have been thrilled and delighted to be able to switch to the tel-coil program in my hearing aid and receive the words from the stage directly into my hearing aid because the theater was installed with a state-of-the-art Induction Loop System which you cannot even get in Boston. Those people with hearing problems and no hearing aid or no tel-coil hearing aid can borrow, at no charge, a set of headphones and receiver from the box office that will allow them to very clearly hear the words from the stage. No more trying to guess at what is being said. I have certainly experienced that at other theaters.

There is only one more play left for the summer season, but you still have one more week to see it. I have seen the set and it is amazing. But don't forget to watch for the performances throughout the 2014-15 season. If you go to their website ( www.winnipesaukeeplayhouse.org ) you can sign up for newsletters so you won't miss another show.

Susan Needleman


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Send Elaine Swinford back to Concord to serve all our citizens

To The Daily Sun,

We need a Representative in Concord who will get the job done, not just talk about what should happen. Elaine Swinford will be that Representative.

She has served Barnstead in many capacities over the past 12 years. As vice chair of the Planning Board, Elaine has worked with the Barnstead Development Group to improve the town's commercial tax base by bringing six new businesses to the Barnstead Business Park (the old Timco property) and a solar farm to Barnstead for clean energy. As overseer of Public Welfare in Barnstead, she balances the needs of citizens with the town's budget needs by helping those who receive services to get back on their feet. Elaine is available 24 hours a day to any resident who needs help.

In order to provide a food pantry in town, Elaine created the thrift shop to minimize the financial impact on the town budget. Each year Elaine has been able to return a significant portion of the welfare budget to the town through her efforts to reduce expenses.

We need a Representative in Concord who understands all citizens and all their issues. As a state representative for Alton, Barnstead, Belmont, and Gilford, Elaine only missed two sessions in four years. When a tough decision needs to be made, Elaine has demonstrated that she will make it, and take the time to understand the big picture and its impact on all citizens, not just favoring a select few or a single industry.

As chairman of Criminal Justice and Public Safety, she demonstrated the need to understand the total impact on budgets when voting rather than just cutting dollars without understanding the unintended consequences. Elaine is respected for her active leadership role in the House where she worked to unify all House Republicans around major bills and issues.

We need a Representative in Concord who is accessible and who makes the effort to meet frequently with every town that he or she represents. In Barnstead, we have not had that representation for the past two years from the tri-town representative. Elaine will actively meet with citizens of all the towns whom she represents. She will represent the interests of all citizens and businesses in those towns, not just those that would serve her own interests.

We need a Representative for Barnstead, Alton, and Gilmanton with a proven track record of serving all of our citizens. Elaine Swinford has proven her dedication in her volunteerism in Barnstead over the past 12 years as well as in Concord for four years as a Representative. I urge you to vote for someone with a proven track record and send Elaine Swinford back to Concord as the Representative from Alton, Gilmanton, and Barnstead.

Jan Face Glassman

Center Barnstead

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Support Jim Rubens for U.S. Senate and tell friends to do the same

To The Daily Sun,

I see these points made against Scott Brown as a U.S. Senator nominee from New Hampshire and think my e-mail delivered me something very sound.

"When nearly a quarter million people were out of work in Massachusetts, Scott Brown is still the guy who voted against three jobs bills. When millions of people across the country are struggling with student loan debt, Scott Brown is still the guy who voted to let the interest rates on student loans double. When Republicans got together to push a bill that would let employers deny coverage for birth control, Scott Brown is still the guy who co-sponsored it. When Wall Street nearly crashed the economy and no one went to jail, Scott Brown is still the guy who worked to weaken rules to hold big financial institutions accountable."

Independents, concerned Republicans — on Sep. 9, vote for candidate Jim Rubens over candidate Scott Brown. Give New Hampshire voters a New Hampshire candidate to consider in November. Rubens offers a mixed bag of positions, and one that doesn't get reported enough is that Rubens is pro-choice. Women's health is a matter between women and their doctors. Of course. But Smith and Brown are not there in support of women.

Support Rubens and tell your friends to do the same. He's also the candidate not financed by Wall Street money, thus not owing legislative favors. That earns Jim Rubens the support of Granny D like-minds.

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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