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Sen. Hosmer is paving way for domestic violence legislation

To The Laconia Sun,

As a young woman and college student, I was incredibly proud when I read the article in The Laconia Daily Sun about state Sen. Andrew Hosmer, who sponsored a domestic violence bill. It is reassuring to know that Sen. Hosmer is looking out for the rights of people who have been backed into a corner, and in my opinion that's a man worth standing behind.

This piece of legislation, Senate Bill 390, allows victims of domestic abuse the ability to maintain a steady job and have peace of mind while at work. While I have never been a victim of domestic abuse, I have had some close friends who have, and I know that this legislation will be life-changing for them.

Sen. Hosmer is paving the way for domestic violence legislation in New Hampshire and has proven to me that I can still have faith in my elected officials. I just hope that other officials will follow Sen. Hosmer's leadership because domestic violence is a very real and very frightening reality for many of our fellow Granite Staters. This is a problem that we can all work together on to better New Hampshire.

Thank you Sen. Hosmer for sponsoring this bill and caring about your constituents and all people of New Hampshire.

Victoria Bunk


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Vote 'no' on Article 1 to put a stop of workforce housing law

To The Daily Sun,

On Article 2 on the Alton Town Warrant: Planning Board Proposed Amendment No. 1. This amendment may confuse some voters on March 11. A "yes" vote will still support the Work Force Housing State Law instead of trying to do something to eliminate it. Towns across the state should not have this law hanging over their heads. Town leaders need to join forces with other towns to work with their elected representatives and senators to get rid of this bad law.

As for HUD money, this article exists because HUD makes money available to push their agenda against individual and private property rights in the state of New Hampshire. Once money is accepted the article must appear on the ballot. However, voters still have the option to vote it down.

A "yes" vote preserves this bad law. A "no" vote can help start the process to get rid of a bad law. Please vote "no" on Article 2: Planning Board Proposed Amendment No. 1 on March 11.

Phil Wittmann


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At times, our societal standards just make no sense at all

To The Daily Sun,

There is some contradictions in our societal structure that make no sense to me when we talk about what is morally acceptable. Television is strictly censored, but what is really allowed, and what is not allowed?

Let's face the facts. You'll never see a naked baby or a women's breast on television. Why? Why is it censored? Is it obscene, immoral or impure? Neither of these answers are appropriate. Do we, as a society cling to our Puritan past? Do we come down on what is natural and innocent, yet allow hours of brutality, murder and crime to fill the screen, hour after hour.

Our past President George W. Bush considers torture a necessary part of warfare. We may agree with him or not. This is a moral issue and deserves condemnation. But how many speak out against its use? Isn't this where obscenity and immorality are more accurately defined? We have killed over a half-million Iraqis in an undeclared war. Does this horrendous act constitute outright condemnation, or is a women's exposed body more of an assault on our personal values.

Pornography is a huge business in this country. Do certain norms prevented us from expressing natural life in all its beauty and wonder because we hold on to false ideas letting serious crimes invade our daily lives and become acceptable? At times societal standards make no sense whatsoever. To be frank, we must learn to recognize what is dangerous and what is not. Maturity is a valuable asset in making moral decisions.

Leon R. Albushies


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It is always important to fairly tip your waitress or waiter

To The Daily Sun,

We had a Valentine's Day date at T-Bones. The food was delicious, and the service was wonderful.

There has been recent discussion in The Sun about why it is important to tip wait staff in restaurants since they are paid under minimum wage and rely on tips for their income. It is always important to fairly tip your waitress or waiter, and at T-Bones they certainly deserve it.

The staff was friendly, attentive, and really seemed as though they enjoyed what they were doing. Our thanks to the proprietor and staff of T-Bones for helping make it a great evening for us.

By the way, our dog adds his compliments for the excellent bone we brought home for him.

E. Scott Cracraft

Ellen M. McClung


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Nothing extreme about not wanting taxpayer funded abortions

To The Daily Sun,

Mike Cryans and a bunch of Democrats are disgracefully trying to extract the endorsement of Republican Ray Burton, who, unfortunately is no longer with us. They have invoked Mr. Burton's name in every single letter in the newspaper, every interview, and at every campaign appearance. They even went to the tasteless extreme of sending out emails of support for Mr. Cryans from an email address that appears as if it belonged to the late Mr. Burton. It seems that this imaginary postmortem endorsement is the cornerstone of Mike Cryans entire campaign.

Left-wing letter writers such as E. Scott Cracraft have also labeled Mr. Cryans opponent as an extremist. The examples cited by Cracraft are exactly the reasons I support Joe Kenney. There is nothing extreme about not wanting to fund abortions with tax dollars.

In the past several years or so I witnessed the late Ray Burton at several political events raising money for candidates that Cracraft and company would consider much more extreme then Joe Kenney, so Cracraft's arguments do not hold water. The Democrats and Cryans campaign have conducted themselves in the most disrespectful and disgusting manner possible, perhaps, because they have nothing positive to run on.

Who do you trust to look out for your best interest, the banker or the Marine? I'll take the Marine, he spent a lifetime defending Americans, not picking their pockets. Vote Joe Kenney.

Kevin Leandro

Marine Corps veteran


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