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As Ashland selectman, I'd strive for quality of life & lower tax rate

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to announce my candidacy as selectman in Ashland.
As a business owner and taxpayer in Ashland since 2004, I am deeply vested in my community and promoting economic growth while retaining the history of our town.

As market manager of the Open Air Farmers Market of New Hampton, located on the Ashland town line, I recognize the value in our local network, civic pride and community relations. I enjoy being an active member and supporter of the Ashland Community Garden, along with my wife and children.

I am currently serving as vice chairman on the Budget Committee, where we have reduced the budget below default for the first time in several years. As secretary of the Conservation Commission, I am committed to protecting our woods and waterways, and currently working with several departments to keep Northern Pass out of Ashland.

Using my experience, I look forward to working with the town's people and current Selectboard members to achieve a higher quality of life with a lower tax rate. I want to thank the Ashland voters for their support.

Harold Lamos

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SB-2 for Shaker would allow for all-day voting & absentee ballots

To The Daily Sun

Belmont taxpayers: If you don't vote, someone else will decide what's right for you! Vote "Yes" to RSA 40:13 on March 4 if you want all future school district voting to be by official ballot.
At an Official Ballot vote:
— Everyone can vote on all school warrant articles with all day voting and absentee ballots.
— A written ballot and voting booths. All amendments are added before voting starts. No late night surprises and reconsiderations.
— Increases local control. Everyone gets to vote on all local school issues.
— Everyone gets to vote on the budget. If it passes, that's great. If majority reject it, the school board can amend the budget and you can vote on it again.

Vote "No" to RSA 40:13 on March 4 if you want to continue Shaker School District voting as we do now.
Here's how we vote now:
— Limits voting on most articles only to those who can attend meetings.
— Most voting is done in public, in a crowded auditorium, by raising your hand. Counting votes accurately is very difficult.
— Encourages minority control. Only some people get a chance to vote.
— Only a few vote on the budget. Voters sit for hours on end and wait until eleven o'clock or midnight for the budget to come up for a vote.

In 1996, 63 New Hampshire towns adopted SB2-. Now, more than 50 percent of the state's population exercises the right to the secret ballot.

Legally, the ballot bill is N.H. law RSA 40:13, popularly known as Senate Bill 2 (SB-2). (N.H. had official ballot voting up until 1979, when the law was changed.) A 60 percent majority is required for passage of RSA 40:13. "Vote Yes SB-2"

Claude "Sonny" Patten

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