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‘President Obama wants to destoy America’ – now that’s funny

To The Daily Sun,

President Obama wants to destroy America.

What a stupid thing to say. And how stupid you sound for saying it.

Don't you realize that this paper continues to print these sick, sad absurdities because of their high entertainment value? They are funnier than the funnies.

Peter Davis

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Senate Republicans prefer tax cuts over N.H. families & businesses

To The Daily Sun,

As the budgeting process moves from the N.H. House to the Senate, it should be judged on its ability to improve the well-being of Granite Staters and grow our economy. Unfortunately, Jeanie Forrester and Senate Republicans are instead already showing allegiance to big companies, many of them from out-of-state, rather than the people of New Hampshire.

Senate Republicans' priorities couldn't be made clearer than with Senate Bills 1 and 2, which would give corporate tax giveaways to big businesses. That is not going to help New Hampshire families or small businesses. And as Jeff McLynch, executive director of New Hampshire Fiscal Policy Institute, explained in his testimony before the Senate Ways and Means Committee, passing SB-1 and SB-2 would blow a $78 million hole in the state's budget.

As Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, it is Jeanie Forrester's obligation to present a budget that provides for the people of New Hampshire, and not just big (mostly out-of-state) corporations. That means avoiding the massive cuts being pushed by Republicans in the StateHouse (cuts to critical programs like meals on wheels, substance misuse treatment, disability services, and infrastructure projects, just to name a few).

But such devastating cuts will only get worse if Senate Republicans blow a huge hole in our state budget for more business tax giveaways. Unless Granite Staters take a stand, Jeannie Forrester and the Senate Republicans will choose tax cuts for big out-of-state corporations over New Hampshire families and small businesses.

Lynn Thomas

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