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Non-transparancy: something is wrong in city government

To The Daily Sun,

Laconia's City Charter, Section 5:06, covers appropriations after budgets are adopted. It mandates the council shall designate the source of any money so appropriated for a specific purpose.

Two notices for public hearing per Article V (S5:06) appeared in a local newspaper. What is problematic for the public is that; a. the notice regarding the new revenue, "previously received from the federal Department of Justice" is absent what the appropriation purpose is or the amount of money deposited in the general fund; b) The notice regarding the new revenue, "to accept and expend funds from the State of N.H. Department of Justice" is absent what the appropriation purpose is or the amount yet voted for deposit into the general gund.

Following my Right-to-Know request of Monday, I was anonymously informed that "the city manager had consulted with the city solicitor and was told the city was doing nothing wrong".

I reminded this individual that this was a supplemental appropriation. The response was that it is not a supplemental appropriation because it was "not tax dollars".

Moreover, I was also told that since the new revenue source was not tax dollars it could be spent outside the budget. I find no exception in charter or RSAs that allows a so-called "gift" of money from the fed or N..H. Department of Justice, being classified as non-tax money.

My RSA 91-A 19 Oct. 2015 request to review all documentation pertaining to the two notices on has gone unanswered. It would seem the council had to have had all that information in order to vote to accept or apply these funds for a purpose. Accordingly, all that I requested would be denied or readily available. Clearly, the city manager is using the five-day rule to inform me when the document would be available for review. In so doing, I (the public) would not be able to speak at the hearings because no facts, i.e., purpose or amount will be known until after the hearings.

No matter what the source of revenue, the city receives, it has to be deposited in the general fund and assigned a revenue line item. Accordingly, the council must appropriate the money for a purpose. These public hearings reek of non-transparency. Something is drastically wrong in city government.

Thomas A. Tardif


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We're a giving country but we can't commit cultural suicide

To The Daily Sun,

I see a letter from Todd Welch who very generously invites all of the Syrian refugees in the world to come here and live in Tilton. As I, too, live in Tilton, I was going to give him a call and discuss this issue with him but he is not listed in the telephone book. I guess he must have a private number that he doesn't want public.

So, Todd are you personally willing to sponsor your Syrian Muslim friends to live at your house and guarantee that they will not require public assistance for at least two years? That is how legal immigrants are allowed to live here. I know because I have done it. Are you going to put them up in your grand hotel and teach them about garbage pickup and indoor plumbing?

Remember that 90 percent of these people are young men who have been actively fighting in a civil war. They are running because they have lost their war. War is what they know. Sharia law is what they know. Conflict and killing and hate is what they know.

Open your eyes, Todd. The United States is the most giving country in the world, but that doesn't mean we should commit cultural suicide. If you still feel so strongly about your idea, I urge you to bring it up at the town meeting in March.

Alan Moon


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