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I've been deeply disturbed by Republican actoins at Statehouse

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Paul Punturieri and I am running for a seat in the New Hampshire House as a Democrat representing Moultonborough, Tuftonboro and Sandwich in Carroll County District 4. I have read predictions of a low voter turnout for the primary. Predictions are often wrong, and I hope that is the case on Tuesday, Sept. 13, and that we have a very heavy voter turnout. This is a critical primary election that will determine whether New Hampshire will continue to move forward.

My wife and I have lived in Moultonborough since 2002. I earned a Bachelor's degree from Long Island University in Brooklyn (many years ago) in respiratory therapy and continue to work full time in clinical practice. I was elected to the Moultonborough Planning Board in 2012 and elected as a selectman in 2014. In the nearly five years in office, I have missed but one scheduled meeting. My work ethic is simple: Do my homework, show up, and look for common ground all the while exercising plain old common sense.

I support policies that encourage growth and innovation. I know that the most important thing is the creation of a workforce that is educated and well trained. This is how New Hampshire is going to continue making sure that job creation comes from small business and entrepreneurship, and not just from big corporations.

I have been deeply disturbed by the actions of some Republicans in the Statehouse who have done everything in their power to unwind the many excellent institutions that ensure a high quality of education in New Hampshire's public schools. We shouldn't forget that it was quality affordable education that has given America an advantage in the world economy. Raising the next generation of leaders should be our priority. Continuing New Hampshire's tradition of excellent public education is an imperative.

Current Rep. Glenn Cordelli does not agree with that. He has the support of the Koch brothers-funded Americans For Prosperity, whose main agenda item is to dismantle public education everywhere in America. That kind of radical thinking does not belong here in New Hampshire and is a danger to the future of public education.

In the last few years, passing funding in the state to fight the opiate crisis has been an uphill battle. It's true that we've seen the Legislature has taken steps to address the crisis, but these steps would have been taken sooner with a majority that was committed to saving lives, not just scoring political points.

Making Medicaid Expansion permanent is critical. Some 50,000-plus New Hampshire citizens now have affordable health care coverage and hospitals are now reaping the benefit by seeing significant reductions in uncompensated care, thus saving all of us money.

Our two current representatives do not seem to agree on very many issues, based upon their votes, and has been the norm in the Statehouse, not much gets done. That needs to change.

For more information you can find me on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/PaulPunturieriforNHHouse and at PaulPunturieri.com.

I respectfully ask for your vote on Sept. 13.

Paul Punturieri

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Varney didn't show up for any of his House committee meetings

To The Daily Sun,

Peter Varney ought NOT to be re-elected to the N.H. House representing Alton and Gilmanton and here's why: In mathematics, when something is more than half you round-up to the nearest whole number to "simplify" — like when only half the work gets done but you get paid the whole amount anyway. But this ought not to be the case for state legislators who are too lazy. In Varney's case, he NEVER showed up to ANY of his committee meetings this year but he still got paid the $200 per two-year term compensation.

Varney is the full-time fire chief in New Durham and that commitment was the probable excuse for his absence another legislator gave to me when I asked, "Where's Varney" So you can imagine my surprise when I found out he was running AGAIN. Oh, the audacity!

Varney is a duffer who cheated us out of $200 that ought to re-paid with damages.

So whoever gets elected to represent us should file an LSR toward an Article 32 petition to have Varney return this money. Thus, my suggestion is to vote for ANYBODY BUT VARNEY.

(For proof, see attendance sheet numbers 2 though 18.)

Joe Haas










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