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We extend our heartfelt thanks to John Molton & his staff

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of Altrusa International of Meredith, we would like to thank John Moulton and the staff of Moulton Farm for their support of Altrusa's Farm to Table program. Throughout the growing season, Moulton Farm has donated farm fresh vegetables to Altrusa to feed the hungry in the Meredith, Center Harbor, Moultonborough and Laconia area.

Every week, Altrusa members have delivered nutritious vegetables to food pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters throughout the region. The generosity of Moulton Farm has assured that those whose budgets don't generally provide fresh produce could enjoy the delicious freshness and nutrition of fresh corn, tomatoes, squash and other joys of the season.

This is the eighth year that John Moulton has helped Altrusa to serve hundreds of others through this program. We extend our heartfelt thanks to him and his staff.

Lisa Davis

Judy Hodges

Lois Bradley

Chairs of Altrusa International of Meredith's Farm to Table Program

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Many of her fellow Democrats have lost faith in Hillary

To The Daily Sun,

After reading a Letter to the Editor by Michael J. Brady of Pelham (headlined) "I have reached my limit
on Clinton's e-mail controversy," I have to admit the Republicans are trying to find the extent of all those e-mails. And for good reason.

This last Monday (Aug. 31) night, 7,000 more e-mails were released. The State Department says roughly 150 contained classified material, whether it was classified at the time of Clinton's correspondence matters little because she knew the routine.

To even compare this to Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice is a joke.

I think the Democrats think the people should overlook all the various problems she has gotten herself in, and make her the perfect candidate.

I think the Republicans have a good reason to have reached their limit and have her indicted if it can be shown she broke the law. Of course, it won't matter as the president will pardon her anyway.

The one thing is a fact and that is many of her fellow Democrats have lost faith in her. She has dropped in the polls, 45 percent in Iowa since May. Run, Joe, run.

L. Michael Hatch


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