I will work to ensure Northern Pass lines are buried underground

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Omer C. Ahern Jr. of Plymouth. I am a candidate for one of the three state representative seats in Grafton District 8, representing the towns of Hebron, Holderness and Plymouth. I am the father of four and the grandfather of four, soon to be six. My wife, Susan, and I raised our four children here in New Hampshire, three of whom are professionally engaged here in New Hampshire, while our youngest is still in college.

I feel I am very qualified to represent the folks of my district based upon my 34 years of public service. As an attorney, I have represented small-business owners, families, and the elderly. Additionally I have spent many years volunteering in the non-profit sector working with youth sports, the elderly, historic preservation (The Fort at No. 4, and The Friends of the Pemi-Livermore Falls), and in support of local agriculture.

My experience in state government is well-rounded as I was a state representative from Belknap County and have served as a county commissioner in both Sullivan and Grafton counties. I feel I am uniquely qualified to serve the people of Grafton District 8 effectively and efficiently as I will work with other state legislators to reduce government spending at the state and county levels, reduce governmental rules and regulations to promote a more friendly business environment to create more good-paying jobs locally and throughout all of New Hampshire.

One of the cornerstones of my campaign about which I feel most passionately and, if elected, I will work on diligently is to ensure that if the Northern Pass Project is approved and if it is to be constructed, the only acceptable construction will be transmission lines buried underground. I am adamant that it should only be constructed in a state-owned rights of way and that the revenue earned for its "carrying charges" will directly benefit the people of the state of New Hampshire. I have fought in opposition of this project for four years. It is a non-partisan issue. And I will work with all of my colleagues on both sides to protect the beauty of my beloved Granite State and the property values of its citizens.

I respectfully ask the voters of Hebron, Holderness and Plymouth for their vote for Omer Ahern Jr. on Nov. 4. Thank you and may God Bless America and the great Granite State of New Hampshire.

Omer C. Ahern Jr., Esq.


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County’s dysfunctional reputation won’t draw new businesses

To The Daily Sun,

As I drive around Laconia and see the red and white signs suggesting the same cast of three characters should represent Laconia in Concord for two more years, one thing comes to mind. Obstructionist, extremist, non-collaborative governance that I witnessed repeatedly at the Belknap County Convention meetings in which these three individuals participated.

Fortunately, two of the most flagrant perpetrators of arrogant "my way or not at all" governance are not running again, but two hand picked clones are. They claim to be independent thinkers, but behave more like people living in fear of being challenged or what is now being called "primaried" by their own party for not being "conservative enough" to be approved by the extremist right-wing voters. That is what happened to a moderate candidate, unfortunately, in the election last March.

The large red and white signs tell us, "Elect all 5," hoping these three will slide in on the coattails of the new candidates. I believe if they have not been part of the solution the past two years, it is because they have been part of the problem by not being collaborative and participating in reasonable consensus decision-making and problem-solving. Further, I believe by not challenging the autocratic leadership of the BCC they did nothing but rubberstamp the arrogant, demeaning behaviors I witnessed.

I hope the voters in Laconia take the time to go online and see how many times these three reps voted with Bill O'Brien in support of his Tea Party/ALEC driven agenda over the last few years. How well has that worked for Laconia and New Hampshire? Belknap County now has the reputation of having the most dysfunctional county government in New Hampshire. Is this an environment that attracts new businesses?

For Bill O'Brien's voting record go to:

For our Laconia reps or any other state rep now serving go to:

Compare for yourself. Then go to the polls November 4th and make an informed vote. We deserve transparent government, not strict adherence to an extremist ideology that serves no one but the fear mongers and believers of the ideology.

Kay M. Anderson

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No tax increases? Should we solicit donations to fix the roadways?

To The Daily Sun,

I almost laughed out loud when I read Tim Carter's letter concerning Lisa DiMartino's voting record. I commend Lisa for all of her efforts as our State Representative. I know Lisa personally and have witnessed her giving 101 percent to her constituents. How does Tim Carter propose to get our pot holes fixed anyway?

He is against tax increases. Who isn't. But what other method do we have to get our roadways paved? Does he think people in the community will just donate money to get the roads repaired; that's an LOL! Before you listen to Tim's ridiculous banter, ask yourself why any person would subject themselves to this type of abuse. It's clearly not for the $100 a year a state rep is paid.

Lisa is a strong woman who not only works on behalf of all of her constituents in the towns of Meredith and Gilford, but she also juggles the responsibility of caring for her family. She helps those with disabilities because she knows from her own personal experience how challenging it is. I urge all of the voters in Meredith and Gilford to vote for Lisa DiMartino, a strong capable woman who looks out for her constituents' best interests.

Lisa Merrill

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Take advantage of opportunity to send a genuine person to Statehouse

To The Daily Sun,

Nov. 4 will provide for a great opportunity for voters of Senate District 7 (the communities of Laconia, Gilford, Belmont, Franklin, Northfield, Andover, Salisbury, Boscawen, Webster, Canterbury) to send a genuine person, Representative Rago, to the Statehouse as Senator Rago.

I served on the House Education Committee with Rep. Rago and found she was a dedicated mom, a careful and meticulous processor of tremendous amounts of information, with a perspective to make any of her constituents proud. The House Education Committee tends to be less partisan, because the welfare and the learning by children are at stake. Rep. Rago offered valuable input to our discussions and her critical examination of the final bill gave a no-nonsense, bipartisan product for the full House to consider and debate.

I strongly endorse Rep. Kathy Rago as the next state senator of Senate District 7.

State Rep. Joe Pitre


Strafford County, District 2

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Would local businesses hire illegals over citizens to save on wages?

To The Daily Sun,

I just read that there is an order for millions of blank work permits from the Obama administration.

The plan is to sign the executive order after the elections. There are not enough federal employees to do background checks. Some could be criminals.

I read an article or an illegal arrested again after being deported two times already. It is not unusual. Some have been arrested more and deported and come back. Are these people you want moving to New Hampshire?

Amnesty would hurt New Hampshire citizens. Can you imagine millions of illegals having work permits? How would this effect seasonal workers? Would businesses hire illegals over citizens for a lower pay?

Remember illegals do not need to be a part of Obamacare, so businesses could save and not have to pay for health insurance.

Recently in a debate, Senator Shaheen was asked about border security and she joked that the southern New Hampshire border was not secure. So what if Scott Brown is in New Hampshire. At least he is a U.S. citizen and he has owned his Rye home for many years. Her joke told us how much she cares about securing U.S. borders.

When you go to vote next week, just think of which candidate will help New Hampshire citizens keep or get jobs, which candidate will keep you safer?

Linda Riley


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