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Sen. Hosmer has all the qualities necessary to be a good legislator

To The Daily Sun,

It is always noble to see a senator who is not afraid to interact with the community he serves and who possesses the willingness to create durable solutions to the current societal issues.

As we all know, New Hampshire has been greatly affected by the heroin epidemic and Belknap County is currently battling a severe substance abuse crisis. The individuals who are tasked with managing these crises are often times asked to do a lot more with less, sometimes with very limited or no resources at their disposal. To address these concerns, the New England Police Benevolent Association Local 265 (Probation/Parole Officer's Union) reached out to lawmakers in New Hampshire, mostly state senators from both sides of the aisle, to provide awareness to the current issues.

Sen. Hosmer was very responsive to our calls and welcomed the opportunity to meet with us to discuss these challenging times. He immediately made himself available to participate in a ride-along program to see firsthand what our community's problems and needs are. His willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public's frustrations and concerns speaks volumes about him as an individual and community leader, setting him far apart from other politicians who are "talk but no action."

These days it is becoming very common for politicians to distance themselves from their constituents. As soon as they get elected they inevitably forget about the promises they made during the election season. Once in office, they make decisions without any input from the communities they serve. These decisions seem mostly to favor their political party rather than what better serves the people who voted for them.

However, that does not seem to be the case for Sen. Hosmer. He is leading by example and showing the people he is not all talk, but a man of action. He is an exemplary representation for all those who took the oath to serve the general public. He is heavily invested in the community, which is self-evident by his response to requests for open dialogue and opportunities to go into the community and be a part of the solution not become part of the problem.

He is always among his constituents asking and learning about the most pressing issues within society, attending social functions, such as Multicultural Day, Recovery Court graduations, and meeting with community stakeholders. He has also attended local coalition meetings against substance misuse, is working with Navigating Recovery to become another resource in our community, and attends local functions to help sustain families in need of support.

In summary, the quality of the Legislature is measured by his dedication to represent the constituents within it. Sen. Hosmer possesses all of the qualities necessary to properly and effectively legislate and surpasses all the expectations of those within the community he serves. He is a role model within the community and has earned this opportunity to better serve his constituents.

This November please vote for Andrew Hosmer, as he is a true public servant who has continued to work tirelessly toward solving difficult and true societal problems with honesty, open-mindedness, active community participation, community dialogue and bipartisan communication. He is a leader who will maintain his word and follow through with promises of positive change.

Seifu Ragassa

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Valerie Fraser has been a skilled, responsive & hard-working rep

To The Daily Sun,

The residents of Center Harbor and New Hampton will have the opportunity to reelect a competent, qualified and responsive representative to the state House of Representatives.

Recently, Valerie Fraser's constituents were struggling with a common problem, namely, the repair and restoration of the Mosquito Bridge that forms part of our common border. Valerie was quick to respond to our concerns and assisted us with communication with the NHDOT as well as residents in both towns. She was very effective, responsive and present at every meeting

In contrast, her opponent, Ruth Gulick was not involved at any level of our deliberations and was never present at any meetings.

Valerie Fraser has been a very skilled, responsive and hard working representative and will continue to do so with your vote.

Please join me in voting for Valerie Fraser as Center Harbor and New Hampton's representative in the state House of Representatives.

Gwen Bronson
Center Harbor



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