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Trump remains in a class of crass rarely achieved by mere mortals

To The Daily Sun,

And you thought the 2012 campaign was a circus show! The 2016 campaign is clearly a significant increase in clown-car nuttery. Welcome to another edition of Tea Party Potty Tricks, brought to you by the Center for the Study of Absurdity, where we strive to keep the stupid in the news.

Having a banner year in absurdity and ineptitude, Donald Trump has been able to say things only fools or obstinate drunks consider sensible. In but a short time, the toxic waste dump called the Donald has been able to radiate in the spectra of grossly stupid with far more luminosity than all the candidates put together have in many election cycles.

Luckily for us, his redshift indicates he is moving away fast. A recent poll of likely New Hampshire voters indicates Trump is unelectable. Well, Duh! It took a poll to figure that one out for a graceless buffoon? For those wanting some nostalgic cinematic expressions of Trump sociopathy, there is the movie called "You've Been Trumped" making the rounds again. It's a Scottish golf course building story. Trump's money and power lose! As Senator Graham, (of "Let's send troops to Iraq again" fame) noted, he is a wrecking ball. So progressives, you know you love him, so get the popcorn and beer out with a widescreen and enjoy this episode of political suicide while it lasts because even Ted Cruz (of evolution and climate change denial fame) isn't as entertaining and Michelle Bachmann of tin-foil hat fame isn't going to run.

Similar to Ted Cruz, there are some close contenders for the most clueless and classless such as Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee, but Trump remains in a class of oafish crass rarely achieved by mere mortals.

Our local tomfoolery prize winner is once again Steve Earle of "Birther" and Muslim obsession fame. Steve's latest compulsive jag is another chapter in his usual race-baiting. Black this, white that, blah blah blah. We here at the Absurdity Center can imagine a grade school yearbook picture of Steve Earle with a caption, "when I grow up, I want to be the Grand Wizard of Race Baiters."

James Veverka

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Emergency room bill for tooth pain was more than I make in month

To The Daily Sun,

I went to the emergency room for I was in pain and could not afford to lose work-time for a tooth, okay. I can't afford insurance. Welfare does not include rent, bills, etc. They say I make too much but it doesn't account for bills.

Really, I don't know how our seniors of are making it today. The government does not pay them enough to get by and they are the ones who got us here. And they are suffering, too.

My emergency room bill was $1,132.30, after a 35 percent discount. This is more than I make in a month. Thanks Obama. How's anyone to make it? We need to help our seniors and care for our young ones!

Judy Lee


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