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Wright wants sheriff job because he desires active leadership

To The Daily Sun,

As a Gilford resident and taxpayer, I find myself compelled to share with your readers, why I support William Wright for sheriff of Belknap County.

I will leave it to the readers as to whether or not my opinion is qualified. I am currently a sergeant with the Northfield Police Department. Prior to that, I worked for the Belknap County Sheriff's Department for 5 1/2 years. I was a deputy sheriff, assigned to the criminal division, conducting investigations and prosecution for the department. My immediate supervisor for some of that time was Sgt. William Wright. I had the opportunity to work with Wright as a peer. Until he became my supervisor as he rose through the ranks of the department.

While he was deputy, he held positions as an operator and assistant team leader on the BSOG SWAT team. He was also assigned to the U.S. Marshal's Fugitive Apprehension Task Force until promoted to administrative sergeant. He was tasked with responsibilities of the communications division and other administrative aspects. He was reassigned as criminal investigation sergeant responsible for overseeing investigations and prosecution.

What I observed of William Wright, was that any assignment that he became responsible for, he would immerse himself into and in most cases, he taught himself to master the assignment.
Wright, as my supervisor, would listen to the concerns of his subordinates and facilitate the needs required to complete an assignment, oftentimes rolling up his sleeves to assist as needed.

He has shared his desire to become sheriff and has openly and actively been preparing himself to lead the department. I believe Wright is doing it for all the right reasons. He is doing it because he sees a need for active leadership. He sees a need for accountability and he is demonstrating this by risking the job he loves by daring to run against someone who has been there and done that.

Mike Moyer, whom I also worked with in my law enforcement career, is very qualified. He, like Wright, worked his way through the ranks of the agency he was loyal to — Laconia PD. He proved himself, and when it came time for Mike to retire five years ago, he did so.

William Wright is not ready to retire. The sheriff's position is a promotion to Wright. He wants this job because he desires active and involved leadership. He is eager to prove himself in this next logical position in his career.

I ask the voters of Belknap County.

You be the decision makers and get out there to vote.

James P. McIntire

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Bankruptcy actions show inability to manage financial affairs

To The Daily Sun,

Mr. (Jonathan) Smolin's words say one thing. His actual history says the opposite.

On the issue of "morals, honesty and ethics," he has chosen not to share with the voters the following: a $210,000 judgment against him was entered on June 20, 2007, by the Cumberland County Maine Probate Court. The bases underlying the judgment included misappropriating from the bank account of an elderly and ailing man and defrauding the same man into transferring title to certain real estate to Mr. Smolin.

It needs to be emphasized that Mr. Smolin accepted all the allegations made in the case against him and agreed to have judgment entered against him on the basis of those allegations. In other words, he admitted liability, rather than defending the case at trial.

Sometime between that June 2007 Consent Judgment and today, Mr. Smolin apparently chose to bring his "morals, honesty and ethics" to Belknap County (where he now running for county commissioner).

On the issue of Mr. Smolin's claim of having a "vast amount of small business experience," which presumably will equip him to serve as a county commissioner, it should be noted that Mr. Smolin has instituted three different personal bankruptcy actions in the last eight years. Even putting aside issues of dishonesty and bad faith, these multiple bankruptcy actions show a total inability to manage his own financial affairs in a responsible manner.

Should this inability and irresponsibility be brought to county government, where a commissioner is charged with the planning and management of the Belknap County budget?

To put it mildly, Mr. Smolin has some explaining to do.

Hunter Taylor

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