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Trump is the only one on the money; I wish we could vote today

To The Daily Sun,

What is it going to take to make this administration see that bringing all these refugees to America is only going to make it easy to attack us? These are young able-bodied men that are ready for battle. The so-called president does not see the danger like most of us see.

Aside for not being able to afford to take care of our own country, now we can take in who-knows-who (refugees). I guess the administration could care less.

Enough with the Muslims. Send them all packing and let them go back to there own country and fight. We do not want sharia law. Why are we bowing down to them? Now they are all going to be in the welfare system. We should all not pay any taxes, then you will see how things will change. This will never stop. The country is letting ISIS in with these refugees.

Donald, you seem to be the only one on the money. I wish the election were today. All the others want this amnesty.

I remember when things were not this way a long time ago. People came to this country and learned English and became Americans. It was the best melting pot ever. Now, forget it. They demand everything. What has happened to America? Since Obama took office, he has destroyed America in every way. Some change. That is the only promise he has made and kept. I know that is not working for anyone at this time.

We all better start praying to God. He has been taken out of everything. It is time to put God back in and do some serious praying. Then maybe we can be saved. Think about it. I am sure many do agree.

Anna DeRose

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Democrats ordering up another bucket of 'free' to buy election

To The Daily Sun,

Let's be honest in the assessment of our foreign policy success under Bush and Obama. The word "lousy" would be accurate. Bush's policies ran too hot. Obama's have run too cold. Bush ran head first into Iraq under the cover Saddam had nuclear weapons. Obama did a 180 under the cover he had been elected to get America out of war at any price. Both choices have been huge blunders. Bush was too quick "on the draw." Obama was too quick to " withdraw." These poor foreign policy choices have left America, our allies and the world in a disastrous position that can be summed up in two words: Less safe. The "warm pudding," common sense approach would likely have yielded far superior results.

Unfortunately, for Americans, we are stuck with two political parties where every position is a polar opposite of the other. If Republicans say, "white, hard and small is the solution," Democrats will retort black, soft and huge must be the solution. Neither party acknowledges the middle of the road where the best solutions are almost always found. It is also where the majority of Americans continually say their politics lie.

Unfortunately it is the noisy extremes of both parties that grab all the headlines. Trump and Sanders reflect this today. Both men draw out-sized media coverage because they represent extremes. This diabolical political arrangement produces a failed outcome on every issue of importance. The extremes don't want common sense. They want a pound of flesh from the other guy while compromising nothing. If Bernadette Loesch believes for a second after hearing Bernie "give away" Sanders she can get a "free entitlement," paid for by her neighbor, or some faceless person across the country she will be drowning out common sense with a bullhorn 24/7.

Are you comatose? Every entitlement in America is bankrupt or insolvent. The decades old government disability insurance program just went "BUST" last month. The political fix. Rob tens of billions from the insolvent Social Security program so politicians can avoid the hard fix making eligibility much stiffer, reduce benefits and dramatically increase payroll withholding on workers. Disability insurance has morphed over the past decade to nothing but a giant, new welfare program for people in their fifties and early sixties who can't find work. A simple headache, bingo, you've just hit the government "free" jackpot of several hundred thousands for a lifetime taken directly out of someone else's pocket, reducing living standards for millions of other Americans.

In this backdrop Democrats want to add another "free entitlement" this election cycle while the failed, economic disaster of the last one, "Free" Obamacare, still leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of tens of millions. That followed the "give away" mortgages debacle, sponsored by Democrats, that nearly killed the country. Would any sane person looking at their personal finances observing such a mess be thinking what next can I put on my credit card. Not on your life. This country is already drowning in debt, mostly created by Democrats as unfunded, eternity entitlements, while that spending, plus interest on that debt now represent 70 cents of every dollar in the budget. Wake up. We are economically drowning in an ocean of debt.

Democrats are ordering up another bucket of "free water" in hopes of buying the 2016 presidential election.

Tony Boutin

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