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If Hillary is elected it will be bloody Islamic terrorist biz as usual

To The Daily Sun,

There they go again. Bombs going off in New York and New Jersey. People being stabbed in a mall in Minnesota and the one thing they have in common is Islam.

Say what you will, but there is no denying that fact and another fact is that Obama, Clinton and the Democrats still will not say the words "Islamic terrorist." Hundreds, no, thousands of people murdered, more thousands maimed and still these people, supposed leaders are still giving Islam cover.

Make no mistake it's Islam that is the problem, it's Islam whose Koran tells its followers to attack and murder and they have been doing this long, long before Donald Trump ever entered this world.

Hillary Clinton wants people to think that Trump is some kind of recruiting tool for terrorism. Only people ignorant of history could possible believe that. But that is exactly the people who are the targets of this misinformation ad. No mistake, there are plenty of Hillary supporters who know this to be hokum but are only to glad to spread ignorance liberally around. What is true in the ads is terrorist sites are telling prospective recruits that Trump is dangerous and anti-Muslim. Understand (that) terrorists consider that only they are true Muslims, and thus Trump is dangerous to them, the terrorists.

Hillary's ad is a clear admission that she is not a threat, not a danger to them. If Hillary is elected it's bloody business as usual. More bombs, blood, death and destruction while Clinton attacks her political enemies here at home, guts the Constitution and makes the world a far more dangerous place for our children's futures. A vote for Hillary is a vote for appeasement, the erosion of liberty and equal justice under the law.

You may not like Trump and the things he says, but consider he is for America. He does not have to do this. He could have sat home. But he saw the danger Obama and Hillary are to our safety and way of life.

Hillary Clinton is for Hillary and be damned to anyone or anything that gets in her way. She will lie, cheat, smear, slander, any means justifies her ends even if people have to die all so she gets what she wants. She is an evil, self-serving person who will sell America down the river if elected.

Moderate Democrats, Independents, hold your noses if you must, but for our nation, vote Trump.

Steve Earle


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Chris Sununu has actively opposed renewable energy projects

To The Daily Sun,

I want to leave a healthier planet to my children and grandchildren. Consequently, I was pleased to learn that the installer of the solar panels at my house has completed 288 solar installations in the Lakes Region since 2009. These solar panels, including an array on the Sandwich Fire Station, save thousands of dollars in electricity bills and decrease our reliance on fossil fuel.

A study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, part of the U. S. Department of Energy, estimates that solar panels on rooftops are capable of providing over 50 percent of all electricity used in the Granite State.

I feel fortunate that Colin Van Ostern, a strong advocate for solar and other renewable energy projects, is running for governor. Executive Councilor Van Ostern has supported such projects in Berlin, Durham, Peterborough, Plymouth, and at the Manchester Airport. His opponent Chris Sununu, who also sits on the Executive Council, has actively opposed such projects. Sununu voted 10 times against solar and wind projects in the state; six times he was the only councilor to vote no.

Please join me in supporting renewable energy in the Granite State by casting your vote for Colin Van Ostern in November.

Dick Devens
Center Sandwich

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