What in the world has Republican Party done to earn your vote?

To The Daily Sun,

With all the negative ads being showcased in every state and the GOP licking its chops thinking they will retain the House and take over the Senate, I ask why vote for them? What have they done to earn your vote?

From the very beginning of Obama's presidency the GOP has done nothing less than try to block almost everything he has done or proposed to do. It's no secret that Mitchie has made it a main point of his boring life. He has gone so far as to filibuster his own bills. Just take a glance at Tom Colburn's Wastebook 2013 to see some of the waste in D.C. That would cover any increase in the minimum wage or any one of the number of bills waiting to be voted on. I would think there are better places to invest our tax dollars than some of the examples in Colburns Wastebook.

A perfect example of this political insanity is the election going on in Florida between Charlie Crist and Rick Scott to see who can buy this election. Spending millions for a job that only pays $130,000. Then there is Illinois where Pat Quinn is running against Bruce Rauner. Rauner has invested $23 million in this race for governor — $23 million of his own money for a job that pays just over $177,000. This is happening in many states, but more so in states that run ads paid for by the big PACs.

Why the big fight over the Keystone pipeline? Only a few permanent jobs. The oil is not staying here. Oil prices will increase, more chances for oil spills. The pipe itself is not even built here, and more addiction to oil. Until all this big money is out of politics we will never have an honest election. However, when we consider how the big money got into politics ­— the Supreme Court -— then it may never leave.

As citizens we have rights too and some of them are written into our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We do have laws and it is our country the politicians are messing with. Our tax dollars are paying them and for being paid over $200,000 per year I would expect more than a few roads being named. At least they should throw in a bridge or two.

Jon Hoyt


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Beneficiaries of overspending are now howling at the consequences

To The Daily Sun,

Over the last two years, Belknap residents have witnessed the vile and vicious attacks that the beneficiaries of ever increasing government spending launch if they don't get their way. We have seen the poisonous atmosphere they create for politicians who simply try to balance all the interests of their constituents.

The Belknap County Delegation/Convention responsibly approved a budget meeting the county's needs and balancing all stakeholders' interests. The county commissioners refused to follow the approved budget and procedures, and they moved many thousands of dollars among line items so they could spend as they wanted. (Because they showed they could not be trusted, the delegation limited the commissioners' ability to move money among line items, without approval, to $300.)

With a court decision identifying the commissioners' illegal actions, everyone acknowledges a budget problem. The beneficiaries of the overspending howl at the thought of reimbursing the county for their overpayments to resolve the budget problem. Apparently they don't care if others suffer, e.g., from increased taxes or cuts in county services (e.g., nursing home, jail, sheriff, etc.) or even jobs.

No one wants the employees to incur a large reimbursement expense at holiday time, and everyone hopes that can be avoided. But, if any parties must suffer, it should be the commissioners and those who benefited from, and encouraged, the improper spending.

Over the last two years we watched as the beneficiaries of government spending tried to bully the Belknap County Delegation into approving debt for a $42-million jail with its huge operational cost increases and budgets that require large tax increases. The bullying continued with a loud and vicious campaign of name-calling and slander as they maliciously tried to bully the delegation into rubber-stamping the commissioners' illegal spending.

Nevertheless, the Republican-led delegation has held firm to the lawful budget that provides the needed county services without large tax increases and new debt. And, despite the heated false charges, they are working responsibly to minimize the impact of the commissioners' illegal actions.

Unless Belknap County citizens elect commissioners who will follow the law and a delegation that balances all the needs of all Belknap County stakeholders, out of control spending will resume, a huge debt will be incurred for a poorly planned jail, and taxes will skyrocket.

To avoid out-of-control spending and an enormous debt, Belknap County needs Republicans in control of the delegation and trustworthy county commissioners. This requires voting for Republican State Representatives (in Gilford/Meredith: Herb Vadney, George Hurt, Russ Dumais, and Glen Aldrich) and Republican County Commissioners: Dave DeVoy and Dick Burchell.

Don Ewing


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Forrester has demonstrated immense capacity to get job done

To The Daily Sun,

Jeanie Forrester is a highly effective elected official who listens carefully to the concerns of her constituents and always advances our interests. I'm very grateful she is our state senator.

In her first and second terms, Sen. Forrester took on many important issues and got real results. In her leadership role as Senate Finance Committee chairwoman, Jeanie helped to build a state budget that was fiscally responsible, balanced, and compassionate. She held the line on taxes and fees by spending only what we have while managing to help our most vulnerable citizens: children in need of services, domestic violence prevention, youth substance abuse prevention, services for our developmentally disabled citizens on the wait list.

Jeanie demonstrates each and every day how much she cares about her constituents. She's there for us in Concord and in the community as well — attending community events, volunteering for important causes, and keeping us informed of legislative activity via her Capitol Steps newspaper column.

As the sponsor of many important bills that passed into law, Jeanie has demonstrated immense capacity to get the job done. If there ever was a time when proven experience and solid leadership was needed, it's now. I would like to thank Jeanie for her hard work, dedication, diligence, determination, integrity and grace. She's the real deal.

Please join me in supporting Jeanie Forrester on Nov. 4, a day when actions speak louder than words.

Tim Naro


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Nonsensical & untrue to say our country leads world in violence

To The Daily Sun,

Once again we have been treated to the condescending remarks of Professor George "The ends justify the means" Maloof. He started off with what I believe was his attempt at humor when he claimed that he is an "Independent."

He then tells us that of the top 11 developed nations, we rank dead last in health care. Really? As one who has had occasion to be the beneficiary of more than my share of our excellent medical and surgical services, I would simply ask the professor what country would he like to go to in order to get on a six month waiting line in order to get something as available as an MRI or a CAT scan? And after he received that non-invasive test, what would his wait time be to actually see a physician?

Our neighbor to the north, Canada ranks ahead of the United States. Yet, there are actually travel agencies that specialize in arranging for Canadian citizens to travel to the United States, get booked into a hotel, and then see a pre-arranged doctor about their condition. From what I've read, Canada will pay for the out-of-country medical costs for procedures that are done promptly in this country as "emergency" treatments.

The United Kingdom is ranked first in health care. Have you ever heard of anyone going to that country for medical treatment? Rather, we often hear of dignitaries from many of those so-called top health care providing countries who come to this country for treatments.

Further, our pharmaceutical company investment in research overwhelms the rest of the world and we are ranked number one in the per capita research costs. The rest of the world benefits from the investment in research and development that is done in this country

The professor also made a nonsensical, and untrue statement that our country ranks "No. 1 in violence, having 88 guns per 100 people." Perhaps the professor could take a look at the violent deaths in this country as compared to the rest of the world. In 2012, our national murder rate was 4.7 deaths per 100,000 population. Compare that 4.7 number to the Caribbean's 15.8, or South America's 22.6. In some locations Asia has a very low murder rate, but even there, they have countries that have 5.8 murder rate. Some African nations range from 11.1 to a high of 22.6, and Europe has countries that have up to 5.9 deaths per 100,000. Not only is the United States far from being the most violent country in the world, if we were to exclude key cities around the country that have high drug, gang related murders, our numbers would drop significantly lower than 4.7.

Maybe instead of looking down his nose at people who have read "The Fountainhead," or "Atlas Shrugged," the professor might take a few minutes and get some real facts . . . or is that asking too much from an academician.

Bob Meade


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Democratic candidates have no understanding of state debt

To The Daily Sun,

Last week's candidate forum in Northfield showed voters three Democrat candidates who don't understand a critical issue facing the Granite State: our billions of debt.

The Democrat candidates Lorrie Carey, Leigh Webb, and Deb Wheeler, told the crowd debt isn't an issue at all. When asked, none knew the state carries dangerous levels of debt and none expressed concern that increasing interest payments on that debt and all future borrowing must be accounted for in our state and local budgets. None suggested they understood that we have an underfunded pension system even.

Rep. Carey stated her belief that because the state has a constitutional obligation to present a balanced budget, the idea that the state carries any debt is impossible. Coming from a political neophyte this would be merely laughable. But this stunningly inept comment came from someone who has completed two years as a representative. Webb's and Wheeler's comments were of a similar nature.

Run-away debt costs taxpayers more whenever government borrows money for school buildings and the like. The recent credit rating drop caused our interest rate on borrowing to increase by 50 percent.

Carrie, Webb, and Wheeler showed they just don't understand what's facing our state. By contrast, the Republicans, Carolyn Virtue, Jason Parent and I, Greg Hill, understand the seriousness of this issue. We know that runaway debt limits the future economic growth that you and your children are depending upon.

We ask for your vote Nov. 4.

Greg Hill


Candidate for State Representative

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