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Wake up! The election wasn't stolen; Hillary was a bad candidate

To The Daily Sun,

I am so sick of hearing Democrats saying that Trump's election is not legitimate. People so upset about his election that they needed to cancel exams, have counseling, etc.

Our country has a history of orderly and peaceful transitions of the Executive Branch after an election.

Was Trump's tweet inappropriate? Maybe. Was Representative Lewis's comment about Trump election being illegitimate inappropriate? Maybe. Apparently this is not the first inauguration that Representative Lewis will not be attending. He did not attend the Bush inauguration. If he did not want to go then he should just stay home.

Now about 25 Democrats will be boycotting the inauguration, among them Carol Shea-Porter. Why am I not surprised?

Romney lost the 2012 election. I think for several reasons. Harry Reid lied and admitted it with an attitude that it was okay as Obama won the election when Reid lied that he had an anonymous source that Romney did not pay any taxes for 10 years.

Did the Obama and Hillary and the White House lie about Benghazi? Absolutely. If they had not and Americans knew it was a terrorist attack would Obama have been re-elected? I don't think so.

Obama spent $300,000 to try to stop Netanyahu from being re-elected. I bet he would have spent more, as it was a close race and I think they thought what they did would be successful.

So it is okay for the U.S. to try to influence another country's elections but no other country can try to influence ours? So it is okay to blatantly lie about a candidate to get your candidate elected?

According to the L.A. Times (a liberal-leaning newspaper) the U.S. has tried to influence elections 81 times from 1946 to 2000. And the U.S. is not alone. Russia tried influencing 36 elections.

Hillary lost. For a well-seasoned politician she should have known that the president is picked by the Electoral College and not by popular vote. Our Founding Fathers created this system so that small states would have a say in the election. Otherwise presidential candidates would not even bother to come to New Hampshire or other small states. They would campaign only in areas of large population.

Did the Russians hack the DNC server? Yes. Did the DNC turn over the server to the FBI to aid in the investigation? No!

Did the Russians hack the GOP server? Yes.

Was the information leaked from the DNC server true? Yes. The DNC colluded in making Hillary the candidate. Debate questions were given to Hillary before the debates.

Hillary sent emails to her daughter and the President of Egypt that the attack on Benghazi was indeed a terrorist attack.

In 2015, federal computers were hacked and approximately 21.5 million people had their Social Security numbers and or fingerprints hacked. Did the Obama administration or Congress do anything? No.

In 2014, the Chinese hacked tens of thousands of federal employees' files. Did the Obama administration or Congress do anything? No.

In 2013, it was reported that Anonymous, an activist hacker group, hacked various government agency computers. Did the Obama administration or congress do anything? No.

In 2012, Lauri Love of England said he hacked into American agencies, including the U.S. Army, NASA and the Federal Reserve. Did the Obama administration or congress do anything? No.

So what has the federal government done in these past years? It is evident whatever was done was not enough.

Meryl Streep recently at the Golden Globe Awards said that Hollywood liberal actors/actresses are having a problem because Republicans are against them.

Frist of all, who cares what you think. You are not any smarter or more informed than me or my fellow citizens. You just have a platform and I am sick of hearing your platform.

Liberals — grow up!

The election was not stolen. Hillary was a lousy candidate and that is the candidate that the DNC chose. She did not campaign so much in the end. What came out in Wikileaks, were they truths or fiction? They were true. People have had enough of the Clintons.

Announced recently, the Clinton Global Initiative will close because of a drop in foreign donations. She did not get elected. Could it be that the Clintons have nothing to sell to other countries?

Are the citizens of the U.S. sick of the Clintons selling us out?

Obama was not my candidate. But I gave him a chance. It did not last long as I did not like what was happening in Washington, D.C. What if Americans boycotted his inauguration or said they thought he was not legitimate?

Some groups are planning to disrupt the inauguration ceremonies. If a person is hurt or property is damaged, I hope the people responsible are arrested and brought to court. I believe in orderly protest without harm to people or property. What is being planned is anything but. Enough is enough.

Trump is the president-elect. He is going to be sworn into office this Friday.

Let's give him a chance.

Linda Riley


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Others also believe that cross is a trivialization of a cherished symbol.

To The Daily Sun,

There is a cadre of people on the left who are turning the term "liberal" into an oxymoron. Instead of respecting another's free speech they seek to demean, degrade, and/or ridicule those who don't share their so-called liberal views. In Saturday's paper some chose to claim their faith by demeaning and ridiculing Bishop Paul Blake.

I don't know Bishop Blake, but I do know that Mormons refer to their leaders as "bishop." I know too, that the cross is a universal symbol of Christianity. Bishop Blake expressed his concern over what he and countless others believe is an abuse and trivialization of that cherished symbol. Perhaps those who choose to demean Bishop Blake should ask their clergy whether or not they agree with the bishop's opinion.

To quote an old Boy Scout truism, you don't build yourself up by tearing someone else down.

Bob Meade

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