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I strongly support Barbara Luther for School Board in Ward 2

To The Daily Sun,

Next week's city elections will feature few contested races, but one race that will be contested is the race for the Ward 2 seat on the Laconia School Board currently held by Barbara Luther.

I have known Barbara for many years through our interactions both at the Registry of Deeds and at school events, and have served with Barbara on the Laconia School Board since she was selected to fill the vacant seat created by the resignation of longtime board member Beth Arsenault. I had always been impressed with and have only been more impressed by her after having the opportunity to work with her on the Laconia School Board.

Barbara understands Laconia and its schools and, like Malcolm Murray, represents the many grandparents in our city who play an active and important role in the lives of our young people. Barbara doesn't serve on the School Board for political reasons but, rather, because she has grandchildren in our schools and wants them to get the best education possible. Barbara's many of years of service as Belknap County Register of Deeds have prepared her well for her service on the Laconia School Board, as she understands the many rules and regulations surrounding public bodies, as well as governmental budgets and the need to sometimes make hard budgetary choices.

Finally, Barbara brings a strong female perspective and sensibility to the board and, as the father of two strong daughters and husband of a strong wife, I believe this perspective is extremely important in counterbalancing the many male perspectives currently on the board. I strongly support Barbara's candidacy and sincerely hope that the voters of Ward 2 will recognize the value in re-electing Barbara to the Laconia School Board.

Michael Persson


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Thanks to Karmen Gifford & Chamber for bringing us Pumpkin Festival

To The Daily Sun,

I believe the event held this past Saturday was a huge success and I give Karmen Gifford and the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce applause for taking on and bringing to us this fun event, Pumpkin Fest.

Doreen and I were in and out of Laconia all day and finally landed downtown around 7 Saturday night to enjoy the action. We had a blast walking the streets, moving in and out of shops, visiting with friends and family, all surrounded by laughter and fun other families were having together. I believe this was a positive event for downtown Laconia, and I hope to see more activity like this as the area moves through its renaissance.

I would also like to thank and give applause to the City of Laconia's Parks and Rec administration — Kevin Dunleavy, his staff and the commissioners — for their hard work and assistance in letting the RE/MAX balloon fly at Opechee Park. It is amazing to see the excitement this balloon brings to folks young and old as it soars up to 50 feet in the air.

This past weekend was a huge success in many ways and I am glad to have been a part of it.

Chris Kelly, Owner

RE/MAX Bayside


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