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The biggest reason for Bernie's support is a lack of trust in Hillary

To The Daily Sun,

A few days ago I ran into my favorite Democrat, Paula Trombi. We disagree with almost anything political, but enjoy discussing what's going on and remain friends.

Of course, within 30 seconds, we were discussing the upcoming New Hampshire Primary. One the first things that Paula said was that many of her friends weren't supporting her candidate Hillary Clinton.

A few days later I see a letter she wrote about Sarah Palin supporting Donald Trump. The point she was trying to make was how could Palin support Trump after the things he said about Senator John McCain years as a POW. Palin was a running mate when McCain ran for president.
If I was Paula I would be a lot more worried about all the Democrats that have deserted Clinton and now support Bernie Sanders. The biggest reason for the change is they just don't trust her.

The Clinton machine keeps calling the Republicans that bring up the email scandal "a right-wing conspiracy." My question to Paula is what do they call Democrats who believe that Clinton lied about all the emails?

I call them smart.

L. Michael Hatch

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Is it only Republicans who aren't paying fair share? How about Clinton's

To The Daily Sun,

In a recent ad, Hillary stated, "I'm not a quitter."

She quit on the four men killed in Benghazi. She failed as secretary of state and now she wants to be president. Her experience for president is miles traveled and 11 hours of testimony on Benghazi.

Why do Democrats "hate" successful people?

Why do Democrats love taxes (investments)?

What is the "war" on women?

Can the Democrats define what is "fair share?"

Is it only Republicans that are not paying their fair share? Do Hillary and Bill pay their fair share? Do jay-Z and Bey pay their fair share?

Recently, Donald Trump got the ultimate endorsement. People like Jane Fonda (traitor), Rosie O'Donnell, Michael Moore, Roseanne Barr, etc. do not like him. Enough said.

Are you feeling the "Bern?"

Was the snowstorm last weekend, climate change or global warming?

Rumor is the next Democrat debate will be on Feb. 30. Yes, I know there are not 30 days in February. However, DWS stated that it is either Feb. 30 or the Fourth of July.

I am still voting for ABC (Anybody But Clinton).

Jim Mayotte


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