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2015 Medicare bill eleminated only 2 of 10 'Medigap' plans

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in response to the Letter to the Editor from Marc Abear regarding supplemental/Medigap health insurance plans.

Mr. Abear wrote; "Medicare supplemental insurance, so-called Medigap plans have been attacked. Most Medigap plans pay the beneficiaries' deductibles and co-pays. The reason for purchasing these plans is that they cushion you from the out-of-pocket impacts of Medicare services which you need when you can least afford them." He goes on to say, "Our government passed a law last year discouraging beneficiaries from buying such plans. Last April, Congress passed a Medicare bill, which the president signed, restricting first-dollar coverage for Medicap plans. The reform takes effect in 2020 meaning it will save little, according to the CBO."

I believe that Mr. Abear is stating that Medigap plans will not be available to cover out-of-pocket costs from Medicare.

It is true that a Medicare bill was passed in April 2015. But this bill is only eliminating the two plans that cover the Part B deductible, which is $166 for this year. Those two plans are the "C" plan and the "F" plan. The remaining eight plans that cover some or all of the other out-of-pocket costs from Medicare will still be available.

People with Medicare who have a C or F plan going into the year 2020 will be able to keep them. After the year 2020, supplemental plans will not include the C or the F plan; the two that cover the Part B deductible.

Please feel free to contact me at ServiceLink, 1-866-634-9412 or 528-6945 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , for any Medicare and Medicare Supplemental questions you have.

Louisa Simpson

Medicare Specialist

ServiceLink of Belknap County

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Perhaps there's more to the story but jail authorities need to respond

To The Daily Sun,

According to Pastor Robert Horne's letter in The Daily Sun on March 18, the "authorities of the jail" instituted a policy the prohibits him and/or his church from telling the truth of the Bible at the prison.

Perhaps this is a new policy brought in by the new supervisor of the prison, as we know Dan Ward recently retired from that position. This is another government policy that stems the freedom of religion and so the excellent charitable work of Pastor Horne will be stopped.

Perhaps there is more to the story than I see in Pastor Horne's letter.

The "authorities" at the House of Corrections ought to respond publicly to this issue, as it is a most important one. Doing some wondrous good at the prison should be rewarded, not stopped.

Harry Mitchell

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