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Good candidates are made by the issues that drive their efforts

To The Daily Sun,

What brings one to become a candidate in a city or state election? My opinion: one should have something that drives their candidacy.

In 1973, I had witnessed major courier/trucking companies dictate to the state who would be allowed to compete in the delivery of packages from point A to B — say, Laconia to Manchester, or beyond. My friends said, "Get yourself known by seeking a seat on the Laconia City Council," and to make it harder, one friend said in this partisan election "run as an independent." Result: I defeated the Republican and the Democrat on the ballot for Ward 5. I was one of three fiscally conservatives on the nine-person council.

At that time I had three children in the school system. Back then we did not have a tax cap.

And the next year, the residents of Ward 5 sent me to the Legislature where I fought for "equality" in an industry where politicians protected the "Big Guy," and stuck it me and the little guy like me and many others.

I went back to the Legislature in 1993, at the end of my third term on the City Council. This time, it was to rid Laconia of the prison, and limit the number of non-taxable properties in an effort to maintain a more fair property tax.

Just one more issue: we have competition in our area, such as two fast food chains, multiple auto dealers, banks, and radio stations. Competition is good, but government endorsing one entity over the other, that is not equality.

Okay, everyone in the "pig pile!"

Niel Young


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More than 700k Google searches for self-induced abortions in 2016

To The Daily Sun,

Have you noticed how obsessed certain writers are about Black Lives Matter, Muslims, and now Hillary? Most of these people align with the Tea Party. If there is any group that generally reeks of racism, hatred of Muslims and immigrants, and is afflicted with Obama Derangement Syndrome, it is the Tea Party. The Tea Party has now gotten what it deserves after years of spewing their ignorant sociopathic nastiness: A narcissistic, authoritarian, racist, misogynistic, anti-immigrant, Muslim-hating, bully with the vocabulary of a 4th grader named Donald Trump. A man who will never be president yet will become very useful for Democrats in getting their message out. That is why I am rooting huuuuuugely for Donald Trump.

Then there are a couple of writers who waste time with attacks on the ACA. Its not a perfect plan because it was a Republican idea to begin with. It originated from CATO and The Heritage Foundation and was first passed in Massachusetts by Mitt Romney. It will be honed and improved upon in the years to come, as all social safety net programs are. The next step towards universal health care will be to implement the public option which conservative Democrats blocked with filibuster threats. Single-payer is not the only road to universal health care. President Hillary Clinton will do what she can to build upon the ACA and there will be no repeal. The latest enrollment period numbers are about 12.7 million in the marketplace, and very roughly 20 million total — adding Medicaid expansion, young adults staying on their parents plan, and other coverage provisions. The uninsured rate went from 20.3 percent to 11.5 percent since 2012 (1).  As far as being harmed, the breakdown is always along party lines so we shouldn't take that poll seriously. Pew Research found that 9 out of 10 Republicans were against it and 8 out of 10 Democrats supported it, so if the poll was done right, the 26 percent are majority conservatives who will say anything.

I see the "Forced Birth" activist John Demakowski is back. When it comes to liberty and equality we can all agree it means control of one's body and our path in life. With the Forced Birth religious fanatics, that liberty excludes pregnant women. Pregnant women don't have personal autonomy in the extremist world of mandatory births. They frown upon women having control of their bodies so much that they even attack expanding contraception availability. The Southern Baptists even demand that a woman submit herself to her husband. For decades conservatives have even attacked condoms! Six years ago Colorado started a program of free contraception and their teen pregnancy rate plummeted 40 percent. Wow, that means fewer abortions, fewer unplanned pregnancies and fewer young mothers in need of public assistance. And yes, fewer unwanted and abused children. Its a win-win but the right wing is so infantile they just can't see it.

There were more than 700,000 Google searches looking into self-induced abortions in 2015. In fact, there were 119,000 searches for the exact phrase "how to have a miscarriage." The Texas Policy Evaluation Project found that between 100,000 and 240,000 women have attempted self induced abortions. (2)

Another indictment of the Christian Sharia is that the highest teen births map looks a lot like the Confederacy. (3)

Mr Demakowski also forgets that the videos he speaks of were bogus and the Forced Birth activists who made them were felony indicted and arrested. The fake medical group also was slapped by a restraining order regarding the videos. So far 30 states have investigated Planned Parenthood and in all instances, the organization was cleared.(4)


James Veverka

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