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Regardless of color, place the right people in the right positions

To The Daily Sun,

I have no problem with starting five, or the entire 12-man roster, of the Celtics all being Black Americans. The true fan wants the hometown team to win. I am not thinking about "if only they would put a white guy on the court." I know why. The black guys are the best, and if winning is the objective, while entertaining the fans, the coach and management, place the right people in the right position to do just that.

Bill Russell did not like playing Boston because he was the only black ball player and he was a star, but fans did not like the color of his skin. Sixty years later the sneaker is on the other foot. Millions of fans hold the athlete in high esteem, until that hero does something stupid. Hey, O.J. got away with two murders because he was black.

For those two-bit actors whining about the percentages and threatening to leave my America, go, and take other bonehead hate-America people with you. Whoopi, Rosie, Sharpton, why not take Hussein Obama with you? He doesn't like white people, and he uses black people. (Recent stats regarding black on white murders in USA?)

Niel Young

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Please join us in voting for Brett Currier for Gilmanton Selectboard

To The Daily Sun,

Dear Gilmanton voters:

We hope you will join us and support Brett Currier for selectman. We have come to know Brett well and feel that his fiscal common sense and experience as selectman makes him the perfect candidate for the job. He has shown us that he is able to be fair and unbiased during his previous term as selectman. Add to that, he is a fiscal conservative, something Gilmanton needs now with the recent tax increases. He loves this town and knows what is needed to keep it running efficiently and fairly.

Please join us in voting for Brett Currier for selectman.

Maria & Wayne Ogni

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