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I'm not cashing in my retirement fund to 'go green' anytime soon

To The Daily Sun,

It's summertime in Antarctica and yet two ships are trapped in 10-foot-thick pack ice and one is an ice breaker. It's all very confusing because the climate scientists keep saying the world is getting warmer. But then I read in the past 10 years the average world mean temperatures have only risen, like one tenth of a degree. Australia is having the hottest summer on record but Al gore said the Arctic was to be ice free by now if I heard him right. So who do we trust? I sure don't trust Al Gore as far as I could throw him and the way that guy has ballooned up that's not far. Still something is different — but then back in the 70s scientists were telling us a new ice age was coming.

In terms of the earths age that was less then a blink of an eye, so what are we to make of these claims? The global alarmists say the extreme cold, unusually severe storms and such is all consistent with their warming theory's. But couldn't the reverse be true, that it may be the extreme heat wave down under that is the aberration? If the climate is changing is it do to human activity of natural forces? I do know that there is no shortage of people like Gore who will shill anything like a carnival barker to make themselves some money.
I sure don't know and at my age I'm not cashing in my retirement fund to "go green" any time soon. Now I wouldn't mind an electric car, or heating my home by something other then fossil fuels but the fact just is that those things just can not compete dollar for dollar with traditional fuels. Make the things cost effective, then we'll talk again.
Steve Earle


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What happened to WWJD? Conservatives don't want to use it anymore?

To The Daily Sun,
To Tom Sellow: please keep writing with your delightful opinions. Like Earle, Stephenson, Meade, Wiles, and Bouton, your letters are always amusing, while usually devoid of any grasp of the realities of the world. Mr. Earle, for instance, once bragged that he stole lunch money from the "weaker" kids, by which I have to assume he meant smarter kids. Well that certainly would have widened his group of victims, he then complained about people he had concerns about who dressed "like thugs". I asked if he could say how these people were dressed and he couldn't or wouldn't answer. I was going to suggest he recall what he wore while he was terrorizing his classmates, then maybe we would all know what to watch for.

I know you guys on the right assume "global warming" means that we who believe it to be real think that we will all be living in tropical climates. Maybe listen to people who actually know what they are talking about, and while global warming is catchy and truthful, looking at the entire world (that's where the global part comes from), a more fitting name is what a lot of people are now calling it — climate change. The more severe storms, which we have had. The rising of the oceans, which is really happening (I have seen this first hand). The temperature variations, say from warm to very cold, or cold to warm, whatever, it's happening more and more. I realize that fact checkers are evil for you right wingers, but then you should really be more careful, do your own research. So you may want to check the habitat of polar bears, any bear climbing up onto that ship would be so tired it would be more likely to be the meal than get to have a meal.
I have only one other thing to say, to my Christian neighbors and friends, actually it's a question. There was an anagram some years ago that seems to have fallen out of favor and I truly would like to know why. What ever happened to WWJD? Having watched the right at work I of course have an idea why they don't use it any more.
Marty Valengavich

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Attend a Christopher Boothby event if you want to sense excitement

To The Daily Sun,

I was taken aback by the Jan. 2 article in your paper regarding the Executive Council race. It implied that because only one person showed up at a Joe Kenney event in Laconia, that is an indication there is no interest in this race.

I would argue that you should attend a Christopher Boothby event if you want to see how much excitement there is in the Executive Council race. Recently, he held a New Year's Day brunch in Meredith that had 40 people at it, and an event in Wolfeboro that had 30 attendees. While these numbers may not seem huge, considering this is a special election in January, that is excellent turnout.

It is my personal opinion, as someone who has known Christopher for a long time and is a supporter of his, that Christopher could easily get double-digit number of voters at a coffee shop event, and I expect that he will do so sometime soon.

Please vote for Christopher Boothby on January 21, and check out his website at www.christopherboothby.com for more information.

L. Michael Hatch

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A polar bear clawing at a ship in the Antarctic would be big news

To The Daily Sun,

Tom Sellew should probably not be writing letters to the editor in regards to global warming. His own intellectuallity on the subject is at best very questionable. One, animal scientists say may become extinct because of global warming is the polar bear. When polar bears claw at the hull of the strained ship in the Antarctic, that will be very big news. When that happens, penguins may also migrate further north in the arctic. Mr. Sellew can then form his own research group to find out how polar bears got from the Artic to the Antarctic and how penguins got from Antarctica to the Arctic.

Jon Christen Solberg


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Senator Jeff Woodburn talks a good game but he's very partisan

To The Daily Sun,

State Senator Jeff Woodburn (D-Dalton) has a creditability problem. When he's in his district, he talks a good game about bipartisanship but, when he gets to Concord, he's just another partisan Democrat attacking Republicans with half truths or outright fabrications.
Recently, Senator Woodburn wrote an article claiming Republican legislators had filed a bill for a so-called "canoe tax". Such a bill would require owners of non-motorized vessels, such as canoes, kayaks and row boats, to pay a $10 tax which would go to support spending by N.H. Fish and Game. Senator Woodburn bravely took the stance of opposing this bill.
The only problem is that there never was a "canoe tax" bill, though Senator Woodburn is quick to take credit for killing that fictional bill. The senator knew that there was no such bill in existence but decided to ignore such a trivial fact.
Maybe Senator Woodburn's fight against imaginary taxes is to distract our attention from the tax increases he does support. Despite his earlier public opposition to a gas tax, Senator Woodburn now says he'll vote to increase the gas tax.
While politicians in Washington feel it's acceptable to make false promises (if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor...) here in New Hampshire, we expect better.
Paul Simard

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