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Thanks to Karmen Gifford & Chamber for bringing us Pumpkin Festival

To The Daily Sun,

I believe the event held this past Saturday was a huge success and I give Karmen Gifford and the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce applause for taking on and bringing to us this fun event, Pumpkin Fest.

Doreen and I were in and out of Laconia all day and finally landed downtown around 7 Saturday night to enjoy the action. We had a blast walking the streets, moving in and out of shops, visiting with friends and family, all surrounded by laughter and fun other families were having together. I believe this was a positive event for downtown Laconia, and I hope to see more activity like this as the area moves through its renaissance.

I would also like to thank and give applause to the City of Laconia's Parks and Rec administration — Kevin Dunleavy, his staff and the commissioners — for their hard work and assistance in letting the RE/MAX balloon fly at Opechee Park. It is amazing to see the excitement this balloon brings to folks young and old as it soars up to 50 feet in the air.

This past weekend was a huge success in many ways and I am glad to have been a part of it.

Chris Kelly, Owner

RE/MAX Bayside


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I look forward to Mr. Welch informing us how many refugees he took in

To The Daily Sun,

I had to chuckle at Todd Welch's response to my letter of last week, which dissed a few of the liberal/progressive/leftist letter writers to this newspaper. He claimed that their "big hearts and open minds" are what make this country great. I have no clue as to the size of their hearts but I can tell by the content of their letters they certainly don't have open minds. Now I can add Todd Welch to that list. If they and he had open minds they surely would be able to find something that writers to this newspaper and conservatives in general offer that they could agree with. I'm sure that he and those of his ilk will consider that last sentence as being a little hypocritical on my part but in truth I don't always disagree with progressive ideas, just the major majority of them. I have even on rare occasions (very rare) agreed with something Obama has done.
Now to the subject of Syrian refugees. I would hope that Mr. Welch has read Alan Moon's response to his letter that quoted him as saying he would take all of the refugees into Tilton if it would keep me out. If he reads that and absorbs it he will find that it is written by someone with common sense who doesn't have a knee-jerk response to things but thinks them out before acting. Mr. Welch could learn from him. As far as keeping me out of Tilton, good luck with that.
I am happy to give Mr. Welch the phone numaber and web address of USCIS (U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services) so that he can contact them and request as many of these refugees that he thinks he can house. They are as follows: 1-800-375-5283 and www.uscis.gov. I'm sure they will be glad to assist you in your endeavors. He should keep in mind the saying, "if you can talk the talk you should be able to walk the walk."
I just want to add that I am not against "legal" and organized immigration. Everyone coming into this country should have to play by the same rules. Should we make exceptions for those fleeing for their lives, yes, but again in an organized way. They should be housed in some sort of detention center where they can be vetted and acclimated to living in a free country before being let out into the general population. Forcing cities to take hundreds at a time of people who can't speak English etc. is not fair to residents of those cities as the federal government covers few of the expenses involved and the local education and welfare systems become overwhelmed.
In closing I would ask Mr. Welch to inform readers of this newspaper how many refugees he took in.

Dave Schwotzer

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