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Now, finding a new home for Gale School will be a monumental undertaking

To The Daily Sunm

Dear Shaker Regional School Districts voters (Belmont and Canterbury):

On behalf of the Save Our Gale School Committee (SOGS), thank you for your strong support for Article 4 at last Tuesday’s vote. Your message was clear: “sell the Gale School to SOGS so that we might save and repurpose this historical building.” With hard work, time, grants, and contributions of money/services, our efforts will continue. (If you have any ideas, suggestions, time, or wish to contribute/participate in this project in any way, PLEASE contact us at — www.belmontnh.net

Now that SOGS owns the building, we are able to look for a piece of property within a reasonable distance from where it now stands; we hope to move it in one piece. This will be no easy feat; the closer this property is to the Gale School’s present location — the easier and less expensive such a move will be.

It is our hope that the Shaker Regional School District will do everything possible to help us in this monumental undertaking. After all — it is in our mutual best interests that we are successful in this endeavor; the district will finally get this unwanted building out of their way, while SOGS strives to bring it back to life with a new purpose.

Ken Knowlton


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Residents, we are very grateful for your support of the Gilmanton Year-Round Library

To The Daily Sun,

Dear Gilmanton residents,

We would like to thank each and every one of you for all for your support and efforts to get out to the polls during our Nor’easter. Thanks to all of your help in spreading the word of the importance of voting, we were able to get the votes needed to secure funding needed to continue operating and providing programs for our community.

We are extremely grateful for all the efforts you as patrons made in helping to show support for the library, and helping to show others the importance of the library within our community. Your voices and votes really helped to drive the campaign, and showed us how much we mean to so many of the families here in town.

We were grateful for all the greetings and well wishes our sign holder received as we stood out in the cold snow by the polls. We are eager to start planning for the summer and having all our patrons stop in to enjoy the wonders of our beautiful library. If you still have not been in, we invite all to come in and pick up a monthly calendar to see what we have planned, please feel free to sign up to enjoy some of our monthly activities, as well as look into presenters that might make an appearance in the future.

We would also like to send out a special thank you to all those in the Town Hall who worked throughout the storm to keep the polls open, and running smoothly.

The Gilmanton Year-Round Library Board

Anna Gilbert


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