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How good it is to live in a small, caring community like our Bristol

To The Daily Sun,

With the Christmas season drawing to a close, the Bristol Downtown Decorating Committee sends thanks to all who helped make the downtown a special place to visit during the Christmas season.

Special thanks go out to Wally Orvis for the donation of this year's tree from his Christmas tree farm located on the Old Bristol Road. His contribution was greatly appreciated. Also to be thanked is the Beno Corp. for its generous contribution given in thanks for our decorating of the fence in front of their property. White Mountain Smile Makers generously donated tree decorations and decorated a bench on the common. Thanks to them for their support. Thank you also to everyone who donated empty milk jugs for our luminary project and to all those who helped light candles on our first Luminary Night.

As we clean up from the holidays we are reminded how good it is to live in a small community with caring people working together.

Bristol Downtown Decorating Committee

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Sun should be ashamed for giving the 'bishop' a forum for blasphemy

To The Daily Sun,

"Bishop" Paul W.Blake, what church are you a "bishop" in? What order did you study under? Who was your professional teacher? Do you have a degree in religion? If so where did you receive it?

I think I can speak for a few, we are very curious of this information, because online you simply do not exist as your self-proclaimed title of bishop anywhere, only in letters to The Sun.

I have read some of your letters and some caused me concern about you, most were just simply amusing. This last one was way out of line. You leave those people, their property, staff, and restaurant out of your ramblings of your Laconia fake prophecies. They should get a restraining order against you for protection, trespassing, and slander. I have eaten at their restaurant and found the atmosphere, food, staff, and decor to be simply enjoyable.

And The Sun should be ashamed of itself for printing your letters of religious blasphemy, claiming your a bishop! And your ramblings of total nonsense are just plain garbage! As a Catholic I find you a sham to God, and I am embarrassed by you.

So I will leave with this: Last night God spoke to me,and he told me you were a "few fries short of a happy meal," truth be told.

Denise C. Burke

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