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Divided government assures a continual, heated battle for minds

To The Daily Sun,

I find Thomas Lemay's letter rather amusing. He fires off some good zingers at several folks, including myself. He declares his personal unhappiness with the daily barrage of left-wing and right-wing banter he's subjected to. He waxes on about his own head-butting debate over "nipples being freed." Now there is a intellectual subject to get your inner core steamed up about.

Some thoughts for you to reflect on, Tom:

1. It sure sounds like you read all the letters that distress you so much. Otherwise how would you know they upset you so? I have noticed that from numerous complainers over the years about various writers. The complainer clearly read every word of every letter written by the person or persons he says irritates the hell out of them.

2. It's a free world Tom, as much as the Democratic Party tries to remove those freedoms from Americans. If you don't like what I write, don't read it, nor anyone else on the list you elected to ridicule. Your fix is simple. Why the hell don't you take it, rather than adding to the personal attacks you claim to revile. Your own letter contradicts what you say are your true intentions.

3. The level of civility (or lack of it) in The Daily Sun reflects precisely the incivility we witness in Washington, D.C., and across America today. Why should it be any less in The Daily Sun? Simply because Tom Lemay says so? It seems Tom wants to dictate a change from what reality on the ground is from coast to coast. Tom is sounding exactly like "family man" Alan Vervaeke in trying to dictate to others how they will act, and how they will think or they are to "shut their cake hole" by his decree. This is arrogance gone mean, and rogue. That's why it always gets a rebuttal in like kind.

4. The free exchange of competing ideas fighting for public approval that influence elections are the backbone of what democracy in America stands for. If the founders had wanted a quiet, non-confrontational structure they surely would have never chosen divided government with two congresses, and a White House sharing power. Divided government assures a continual, heated, battle for the minds of voters. An election is the sorting process to determine which ideas win and which lose. Unfortunately, losers sometimes refuse to accept they lost. That is the outcome we experience today with the Democratic Party. Their refusal to accept defeat at the (ballot box) has escalated hate, acrimony, and screaming to levels not seen in decades.

5. We already have freedom of speech under attack at its very foundation on every college campus. Intolerance for opposing thought is now being taught, not only in classrooms, but by example by those who teach the class. Why the hell doesn't that concern you, Tom, far more than nipples? It is an honest question?

Tony Boutin

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The news? I go out of my way to read anything happy and positive

To The Daily Sun,

Tom LeMay, I want to thank you for mentioning me in your letter and for not mailing it to my home, laughing out loud. I admit I had to go back and look for old letters to shake my memory in regards to your name. Sadly, I cannot remember what I did five days ago anymore without a posty. I am so sick of the news as well and I go out of my way to read anything happy and positive. Which can be very hard (and often ignored) to find in the papers, on TV, online, and even from people's own mouths.

I am still opposed to Free the Nipple. I am all for equality for women, but not in that way. You considered me "prudish," I consider myself in this matter as "respecting." Not everyone feels "happy" about toples ness. And the "views" of those who are against it matter just as much as those who want to be topless. I hope that someday there will be a happy middle ground for all. As far as researching my "opponents" in this matter, damn straight I did. You don't walk into a gunfight with a fork! The two men who wrote in were from out of state. And what I wrote about their lifestyle(s) was the truth, not an attack. I just shared some of the information that was available online for anyone to look up. And now I am happily moving on from this topic.

I have had to "look" into a few writers and their letters to get a sense of what I was "entering" into lately. It has been quite interesting at times. With that being said, I did find online the "Bishop's" letter about Halloween as mentioned and his views on that holiday. I will leave it at that and just back away slowly. I agree FULLY with you being a good honest person and enjoying life is the way to live. And if you "mess" up along the way you're not going to Hell in a handbasket! I find all religions fascinating, as well as many cultures. And I get a sense you are good person with a wonderful zeal for life and a wicked sense of humor.Thank you so very much for sharing that in this paper. We need more of it and less anger,judging,and entitlement.

So I will leave you with this: An agnostic and a Catholic went into the Holy Grail for a drink ... and they had a BLAST! Have a wonderful day doing whatever makes you happy and don't forget to share a smile or two with anyone you may pass. Your smile maybe the only kindness they have received that day.

Denise C. Burke


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