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Mike Cryans will be an effective leader we can all be proud of

To The Daily Sun,

As a former state representative from Charlestown and now living in Laconia, I want to urge my friends in the region to elect Mike Cryans to represent District 1 on the Executive Council.

Mike is a longtime Grafton County commissioner who worked closely with Ray Burton and watch his tireless efforts on behalf of the people he served. Mike's political style is similar to Ray's, and as a result he will be an effective leader in whom we can all be proud.

Cryans understands the drug epidemic as he has served for 10 years as the executive director of Headrest, an alcohol-drug abuse facility in Lebanon.

We need a person with Mike's experience to represent us in Concord. Please vote on Nov. 8 and consider giving Mike Cryans a vote for the Executive Council.

Cynthia Sweeney



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Would that some politicians shared the mantra of runner John Raby

To The Daily Sun,

"When his teaching colleagues used to ask him why he ran, John Raby would often answer that he likes the scenery, to train on the road, and the feeling of being in shape.

But running is more than that, too, he noted. It teaches life lessons.

"I like a sport that teaches people that you can be tough without being cruel, you can be competitive without being vicious, and you can be brave without being violent. It teaches us the ability to cast off fear in the face of odds, and that's a pretty powerful thing."

And so wrote Concord Monitor journalist Alyssa Dandria in her Oct. 16 article on John Raby, a 72-year-old New London marathon runner.

Would that some politicians also had that mantra.

Ginny Timmons

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