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Most Blueberry Hill Rd. residents want 'scenic' designation lifted

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to bring Meredith Article #8 to your attention. It is a petition signed by MOST residents (not all) of Blueberry Hill Road to rescind Blueberry Hill Road as a scenic road.

Blueberry Hill Road was deemed a scenic road back in 2007, originated by a resident who no longer lives in the state. Its origin is believed to be done due to the Page Pond property possibly being developed at that time. Page Pond is now conservation land and our road is in no danger of being attached by a developer.

A "scenic road" is not what you think. It's not beautiful views and mountains, it's all about trees and stonewalls and actually stonewalls is a state law whether your road is scenic or not. Our road is in dire need of removing large dead trees and having us put on a list for N.H. Electric Co-op to remove limbs and trees, if necessary, from the power lines. Yes, we can have both Meredith Public Works and N.H. Co-op go through a process, which is time consuming and avoided by both departments, unless an emergency, it's going through the planning board, marking trees, etc. Without the scenic road designation, the town and power company can be proactive in maintaining the trees and keeping the road safe without having to go through hoops to cut dead trees. I have complete confidence in both public works and N.H. Co-op they know what trees need to be removed and not going to clear cut just because they can! Please help us keep our road safe and vote to rescind our designated scenic road, its nothing but dead trees and not scenic.

Ann Marie Beauchemin

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I'm running for Selectboard and Planning Board in Belmont

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Jim Spiller, I'm a native of Kittery, Maine, a small-business owner and Belmont resident for more than nine years, and I am running for the positions of selectman and Planning Board member in Belmont.

Unlike many others that may choose to run in these trying times, I am not running because I have any particular anger or concerns with the current administration of our town. I think that they have all done a fine job. I am running simply because I believe I am qualified and I very strongly believe that these elected positions should not become long-term or semi-permanent positions. A lack of diversity in these positions can lead to a narrowing of perspective over time, complacency and expectations can set in, and there are more opportunities for personalities to clash.

I commit to give 110 percent during my three-year tenure as a selectman or on the Planning Board. I would then step aside for someone with a fresh perspective to fill my spot.

About me personally:

My wife Sue and I have four adult children and six grandchildren, three of whom are currently in the Shaker School District, with one more soon to join them. Like many families today, we have a daughter and two grandchildren who have fallen on hard times and are living with us temporarily. So I understand first-hand the day-to-day struggle to make ends meet in this difficult economy.

I am retired from the Navy as an aviation electronics technician. In that time I earned l several letters of commendation for cost-cutting measures as well as for community service. I served more than 16 years on active duty and six years on reserve duty, in multiple technical, quality control, supervisory and instructor positions.

I have an associate's degree in business management.

In the civilian sector I have served in a variety of positions in a broad spectrum of industries such as technician, instructor, quality manager, customer service manager, production manager and technical writer.

I have owned Tank Testing Services of New England since 2009. It had been in business under the previous owner for 21 years. We provide testing services, primarily in Vermont and New Hampshire to the petroleum industry, gas stations, schools, airports municipal buildings and truck terminals to name a few.

All of these positions in my military and civilian career have served to build a background of flexibility, working with others and building consensus on a variety of projects. I was also required to learn new aircraft systems and a wide variety of civilian products in a short time. All of these experiences will serve me well in coming quickly up to speed in these positions.

I humbly ask for your trust, your support and your vote in continuing to keep Belmont on a positive and responsible path into the future.

The Belmont High School Student Council is hosting Belmont Candidates Night; Tuesday evening, March 1, at 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Belmont High School. Please come on out and join me and all the other candidates for what I'm sure will be an informative session. I look forward to seeing and meeting with you there.

Jim Spiller


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