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Cruz has taken on the whole Senate in the name of what's right

To The Daily Sun,

My goodness, the GOP establishment of New Hampshire continues to show how mean they can be to the lower levels of the Republican Party. Why do we have two major political parties anyway? What is the difference between those groups?

I have seen two interviews with guest John H. Sununu this week. At the end of both John H. has quickly made his pitch for Jeb, Marco, Christie, and Kasich as the only four to consider. Gee, King John (he got that name back in the 1980s) didn't mention my candidate, the one who shows courage, super intelligence, Christian man, and principles — Ten Cruz.

Ted has taken on the whole U.S. Senate a couple of times in the name of what is right. I admire character, and courage. Ted Cruz is a walking example of that. Those who fear his election are concerned that a President Cruz will know what the GOP House and Senate is hiding from the taxpaying public.

If we truly cared, and I do, we would find how disgraceful the two bodies (House and Senate) and Obama treat the public. That is one reason they fear Cruz. Another is because we may know, too!
Niel Young


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Here's why news sources like the Drudge Report are so popular

To The Daily Sun,
I saw Donald Trump speaking before a crowd the other day talking about the large crowds he has been drawing, larger than any other candidate, Republican or Democrat. He commented on how the cameras always stayed pointed on him. They never turn to show the crowd unless there's a heckler. This is a clear demonstration of media bias. Most of the media is anti-Trump. They don't want you to see the size of the crowds he's drawing. The media and not just the media uses this type of tactic all the time to promote their agenda. To focus attention on what they want the people to be focused on and to ignore what they don't want you to see. They have been doing this for many decades now.

Since 1974, pro-life supporters have had a rally each year in Washington, D.C. Hundreds of thousands of people come together to protest on behalf of the tens of millions of babies killed since Roe vs. Wade. How much coverage does the media give to this annual event? Some of you are probably barely aware that this rally happens, and that it is probably the largest rally of any kind to take place anywhere in America. Why is that? Plain and simple, it is media bias. They are by and large pro-choice and they don't want you to know about the rally. They would rather down play it as non-newsworthy.

The media, people who write, even the government, does a form of this by highlighting certain issues in the news and leaving others unreported. This is why news outlets such as the Drudge Report are so popular. It is why the government wants to control these, so that only their version of the news gets out there.

This brings us to what is at the heart of my writing today. A grand jury has indicted David Daleiden, the man responsible for making the videos exposing Planned Parenthood's barbaric practices and probably illegal activity in performing abortions and altering procedures for the purpose of obtaining intact organs and sometimes intact whole babies to sell to human biologics companies. This story goes beyond just bad reporting of the news, though that is part of it. It extends to the corruption of our court system that seems symptomatic of a cancer in our society where the righteous are prosecuted for their righteousness and the guilty are declared innocent. How can such a society endure?

John Demakowski

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