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'Globalist progressives can't tolerate very idea of nation states

To The Daily Sun,

Robert T. Joseph asserts that he wants all of us to open our hearts and minds to what others have to say. This self-declared independent allegedly wants unfettered free speech with a wide diversity of opinions, though he mentions being disturbed by the ongoing animosity of some writers. Perhaps he has forgotten that the 1st Amendment is there to protect rough, abrasive and, dare I say, speech tinged with a little animosity. Perhaps even childish and antagonistic speech as well. Robert seems quite concerned about where certain writers obtain their information. But to his everlasting credit, he does defend the right to all kinds of free speech.

While his letter tries so very hard to be open minded and fair and encourages all of us to merge our concepts in some congruent way, he somehow found a way to allude to the notion that three writers should "open the barriers, minds and hearts to what others say". And he pleads with every writer to "stop calling other people names." With regards to the information gathering, perhaps I should refresh Robert's memory. I constantly reference the people and web sites that I get my information from. I wonder where Robert obtains his information?

Ah, but you know, try as he might to be objective, Robert just couldn't help himself. He claims that I sometimes express my ideas in a vicious manner, insinuating that I sometimes express myself in brutal, violent, heartless and immoral ways. Why he must think I am positively barbaric.

Robert, perhaps taking a little time to pause and to listen, as you suggest, will go a long way in not making you sound like a hypocrite, when you smear someone while pretending to be so fair and inclusive of others. I do not engage in name calling, Robert, but I just responded to Carol Stappi who engaged in lots of name calling against me. I have been called nasty names by a platoon of leftist-sounding writers over the past few months and I am done defending myself. You appear to be a very nice person who recites lovely-sounding platitudes. However, I have no idea where in the world you stand politically on anything, based on your letter. It takes guts to take a firm position on issues and I would love for you to share a few of yours.

I, on the other hand, will continue to speak out about how the progressive left movement, imbued with a Marxist-socialist agenda, has taken over the Democratic Party and is ideologically driven to transform this country forever. To put it succinctly, I will quote David Solway of American Thinker, "Nationalist conservatives cannot tolerate the destruction of their national identity. Globalist progressives cannot tolerate the very idea of nation states." I steadfastly stand with the nationalist conservatives. I wonder if Mr. Robert T. Joseph will get off his perch atop the comfy fence and let us all know where he stands on that issue. Without any "vicious" name calling of course, as that would be incongruous and antagonistic and not the least bit "constructive."

Russ Wiles

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I will not support anything that raises Belmont's outrageous taxes

To The Daily Sun,

I read a letter submitted by Donna Hepp in Wednesday's Sun, which was had the best ideas I have read yet as to the Belmont's wanting to perhaps take over the old mill building. I commend Ms. Hepp's suggestions.

I will never support anything that raises the already outrageous taxes in Belmont. Many can't even sell their homes because of the taxes here. I will say no to the mill.

Don Irvin


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