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I look forward to serving Bristol as selectman again, if you see fit

To The Daily Sun,

Dear Bristol voters:

I am seeking one of two available seats on the selectboard this year.

I know that most of the good people in our town government have great intentions for our residents. But I also know that there's always a limit and many of our residents; seniors, single-income families and single parent homes alike, would appreciate a conservative voice representing their wishes at town hall. Because no matter how much we may think any department may "need" more personnel or more equipment or more space, we must never forget the vast majority who pay for these things are hardly getting by and "just a few cents" on the tax rate can take too big of a bite out of already strained family budgets.

You don't have to go far in any direction to see the many wonderful improvements that we all enjoy daily made by many gifted and committed citizens of our community. I believe we can continue to enjoy these things without losing sight of where the money comes from and how often we ask for it.

I have enjoyed this town's past support in either electing or appointing me to various boards, namely budget, zoning and Sselectmen. I look forward to serving you again if you see fit.

I appreciate your consideration and hope you cast your vote for me on March 8. God Bless America and our little town of Bristol.

J.P. Morrison



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Vote for continued support of the Gilmanton Year-Round Library

To The Daily Sun,

To the voters of Gilmanton:
I am writing to ask that as a resident of Gilmanton, when you go to the voting booth on March 8, to vote "yes" for continued town support for the Year-Round Library. I personally use the library at least monthly both for checking out books and for other events when they occur.
When I look to what others may personally gain, I think there are few places, times, and programs in our town that provide events that appeal to such a wide majority of residents for no charge. The computers, books, children's activities along with crafts, movies, yoga and programs from the N.H. Humanities and quest speakers on topics that range from coyotes to the Salem witches — bring information, fun and enlightenment to those who take advantage of the offerings. The Year-Rund Library has tried to address the varied interests of our town and I hope to see them continue to do so and also grow in their development of more programs for our community. Please, vote "yes."

Betty A. Mitchell


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