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I did not vote for Trump in the primary but I certainly will now

To The Daily Sun,

I watched the Trump's acceptance speech, did not hear any racists or hate comments. Telling the American people that he will work for them and put American interests first and restore law and order.

I did not vote for Trump in the primary, but he has my vote now. I did not really know the Trump family before this convention, but I have to say I was impressed. Is this what all the liberal fuss is about? Are they that afraid of hard-working, successful families?

I will take this successful non-political job creating family over the power-hungry Clintons, who only know how to take wealth away from those who have earned it, to disperse it to special interest groups for future votes.

Dennis Robitaille

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Mr. Whalen needs to find a hobby that's a little more constructive

To The Daily Sun,

Although I'd love to sit down and read this excellent publication every morning on my farmer's porch, while sipping on my fifth cup of coffee, and my two black labs by my side, the opportunity never seems to be there.

At 30 years old, I find myself rushing to get ready for work every morning, where I work my bankers hours of 50-60 hours a week, really bucking to get ahead of this ever-changing world, and retire at a decent age. That is the dream, right? Then after I arrive home for the day there's usually some sort of project or meeting going on that I signed myself up for, in most cases because there isn't any my age getting involved, and the existing members or volunteers are trying to work their way out of it due to the time commitments, the stress, the complaints they receive even though they are trying their best to do what they feel is right.

I'm hoping that someday I will get the chance to sit down and read through these letters and articles every morning, instead of the once-a-week quick flip on the website, and not have to read Bill Whalen's rants.

Bill, you need a hobby that's not slandering the people that work so hard for this town for zero or very little money. Some suggestions on other hobbies right here in Sanbornton are: hiking, fishing, kayaking, hunting, snowmobiling, painting (interior or exterior, nude or clothed), mowing the lawn, visiting some of the town' historic cemeteries, horseback riding, snow shoeing, mini golf, real golf (I'd recommend a bucket of beer while you're there), shooting the breeze at the transfer station, reading a book on Hopkinson Hill, watching loons on Lake Winnisquam, cow tipping at Swains Farm on Friday nights, building a canoe from scratch out of wood harvested from your neighbors land, gardening, putting exhaust stacks on your diesel pickup, getting a home cooked breakfast at Heritage Farm, boiling maple syrup, walking the dogs, shooting red squirrels, digging a rock out of your lawn only to find out you have to dig up seven others to get the one out, haying, bicycling, restoring that old car out back, and various other activities that don't require blasting people weekly.

Justin Barriault


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