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I work 40 hours & I can't afford expanded basic cable either

To The Daily Sun,

I had to take this opportunity to write in regards to the article in Saturday, July 5's, paper regarding the Housing Authority will no longer be subsidizing cable TV for its tenants. I did not know this was being done and that the tenants only had to pay $20 for expanded basic service. They are now upset that they will have to pay out $35.95 for just basic or $76.95 to keep the expanded basic.

All I can say is, welcome to the real world.

I work 40 hours a week and cannot afford expanded basic cable. I love all the channels that expanded basic cable offers, but MetroCast is pricing itself way out of the reach of the "common" TV viewer. They do offer a little black box that is free and does offer a few upper channels not included in the price of the basic cable price.

I have also invested $7 a month for NETFLIX which is a good alternative.

Pam Fugate

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Delegation should get chance to okay HVAC udpates at BC Jail

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to address the letter to the editor the Sheriff wrote last week. Although I respect his opinion, I do not agree with it. He supports the building of a new beautiful and expensive jail. His support for this project could cost the City of Laconia, alone, an additional one million dollar in taxes annually. Laconia has a tax cap and the proposed jail would create havoc in their budgetary process, causing layoffs.
Our form of government is a representative, one that works best if elected officials are willing to compromise. Leaders that understand their operating environment can adapt to overcome challenges and find solutions. As a businessman and a retired military officer, I have overcome many challenges by understanding the problem at hand and finding a solution by seeking common ground. I believe, in life, we usually get what we need and not what we want. The sheriff's all or nothing attitude is disappointing.
Understanding the current economic conditions and the consequences of higher tax rates, to include Laconia's tax cap, I have offered a solution. I articulated my plan at the county delegation meeting. The sheriff was quoted, in The Laconia Daily Sun, as saying that my plan was "stupid". I decided to write a letter to the editor to explain, in detail, my conceptual plan. Other delegation members have expressed adding another wing to the existing jail or constructing a separate women's building with a fenced in area that leads to the jail. All of these are good ideas and are not stupid. The sheriff diminishes his stature by using terms like stupid or ludicrous. The sheriff's duties do not include the County Jail.
The County Jail was built in the late 1970-1980s. The vast majority of the county delegation believes it is worth updating and maintaining. I would like to remind the readers that the corner stone on Gilford High School reads 1974. To date, the county commissioners have not produced a report from a structural engineer that says the jail needs to be replaced. I believe the county commissioners should call back the county delegation to offer a new bond to only update the ventilation and cooling system at the jail. The vast majority or maybe the entire delegation would support this bond. Good leaders move the ball forward by seeking and capitalizing on common ground.
The sheriff's recommended course of action is to wait out the current delegation, as stated in The Laconia Daily Sun, and then offer the same jail plan to another delegation hoping they will accept it. One thing I have learned over the years, is that "hope" is not a plan. Military operations or business ventures usually fail if "hope" is the plan. Americans, in general, are not happy with all levels of government. Also many people are facing financial hardship. I would suggest to the sheriff that the delegation that is elected in 2014 may be more concerned for the taxpayer than the current one. The time to act is now on the ventilation and cooling system. If the commissioners care about the staff and inmates, they will reconvene the county delegation for a vote on a new bond.
David DeVoy
Candidate for Belknap County Commissioner

District 1

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We're so luck for the veterans who gave us freedoms to celebrate

To The Daily Sun,

The 4th of July is here. We are so lucky to live in the USA. We are so lucky that the veterans of past wars fought to give us the freedom from England and for continued freedom.

Let us today thank the Veterans still with us and remember those who fought to give us this freedom.

Linda Riley


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You'd think Obama would be last person to attack other's freedoms

To The Daily Sun,

Obama did something difficult for any sitting president. He managed to be a three-time loser at the U.S. Supreme court in just one week.

First, Obama got slapped side the head by the highest court in the land for overstepping his presidential authority. Barack interprets the Constitution at his convenience to "Obama speak." He stuffed the National Labor Relations Board ( NLRB) with Obama "clones" during so-called recesses to produce corrupted, union endorsed, outcomes on every disagreement the Labor Board reviews. Score a big one for the Supremes doing their job protecting the American people from the bullying arrogance of presidential over-reach.

Second score for the court, another knockout blow to union power. Unions have been in severe decline in this country for 50 years with good reason. All they do is drive up costs for every person buying their product or service. Look no further than the outrageous, always increasing, cost of public education and a college education to see my point. Unions never stop trying to increase their treasure chest by forever reducing the size of workers pay checks with dues deductions. Money used almost exclusively to buy and sell politicians in the political process. Labor unions own every ounce of Barack Obama's backside. Unions define to every American exactly what crony, corrupted, incest-ridden politics looks like.

Unions in Illinois and many other states had dragooned hundreds of thousands of low-paid, home-health care workers into the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), sucking in millions in dues from thousands of people who do not want to be union members, violating their First Amendment rights. This huge Supreme Court decision blows open the door to future cases that will further protect people from being coerced into unions under their thumb screws.

Third score for the court. The Supremes determined "Obamacare" treads all over the religious freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution. Small business owners under the ACA are forced to violate their religious beliefs to pay for contraception for their employees. Democrats simply do not care about the individual freedoms guaranteed to every American since Washington and Jefferson walked this land. The cost of contraception is irrelevant, whether it be $2 or $200 a week. It is the violation of the principles of freedom guaranteed under the Constitution to every individual.

Given the horrific history of slavery and repression against blacks in this country for centuries and Obama being the first black man to hold the highest office in the land, one would think he would be the last person on earth to be attacking the freedoms and individual liberties of others. Yet he has spent his entire presidency doing exactly that. Democrats, never stop nibbling at our freedoms wrapped in the flag of equality.

Thankfully, we have the U.S. Supreme Court to suppress and kick back at power-seeking presidential tyrants like Obama. We have divided government and the Supreme Court to protect us all from presidents exactly like him. The founders were pretty smart guys.

Tony Boutin


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What's new with Obama ignorning sound advice, foreign or domestic?

To The Daily Sun,

Our great constitutional law-professor president has now been shot down by the Supreme Court twice in four days. (I really pity those students he taught.) What's more, seems he hasn't learned a thing because he's vowed to keep right on using his pen and telephone (apparently to violate more of the Constitution that he doesn't understand or perhaps finds inconvenient ) in order to go around a Congress he can't convince that communism is the way to go. He's just full of bad ideas as his record shows. Critics said early on that he had no experience in any of the necessary fields to be a successful president and he has proved them right over and over. What's worse he has proven the inability to learn on-the job. He stubbornly holds to Marxist-socialist concepts that have failed everywhere in the world they have been tried and proven we in America are no exception to the rule. (It's the concept at fault not the people or culture.)
Our crisis down on the southern boarder seems to have surprised even Mr. Obama, even though he was warned months ago it would happen. But whats new with that? He was warned by our generals if he pulled out of Iraq the terrorists would flood back, they did and are. He was warned about the possibility of attacks in Libya against our embassy and interests but did nothing. Results, Benghazi.
Obama is a man so self confident that he fails to listen, heed warnings, take precautions or act in any way proactively. (Except of course to attack critics.)
So now with our resources overwhelmed in the south the president has now decided to bulk up the immigration courts there and send back all those unaccompanied children flooding in. Liberals can't be happy about that. All goes to prove he's a slow learner and unfortunately it's always others who end up paying the price in blood and tears for his arrogant incompetence.
Steve Earle


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