I will take a no-nonsense, moderate approach to state legislature

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Eric T. Rottenecker and I'm running for state House representative for Grafton district 9. I'm a Republican from an Republican family and I am not looking for any endorsements from the party whereas I am not the party's nominee, I do not expect the party to endorse me.

As a write-in candidate for the district, I wear the R behind my name for that is what I am. I consider myself a moderate for the reason that when it comes to social issues I part company with anyone who will use their religious beliefs to oppress another person's rights. The right to choose your orientation for marriage is a settled issue and I will not waste time, effort and taxpayer money to reverse the decisions made in the past. I'm pro-choice meaning, I'm pro-women. I've been with my wife Carol for over 30 years and we share the common belief, that we don't impose our wills upon one another. Just I wouldn't dare try it with my three sisters, or any other woman. Women have earned the right to choose, end of discussion.

I will not attack a political party on either side of the aisle when we need to work together for the good of the state and what is right for the state, wasting time on issues that don't sit well with individuals has got to stop. We need to evolve and move on.

I'm a U.S. Navy veteran, operations specialist, on my last tour of duty I was assigned to Navy Special Warfare Unit-3 under Group-1 (Navy SEALS). I had been delegated the authority of Air mobility/mobility coordinator for CENTCOM (central command, CTF-561, Middle East). My duties included ,but were not limited to, coordinating air mobility movement of Special Warfare personnel throughout CENTCOM, encompassing 30 countries from Sudan to Iraq to the Russian/China border to Pakistan to Kenya.

Within the first five months of operation Iraqi/Enduring Freedom utilizing Air Force, Navy and Army elements I had moved 1,113,000 pounds of operational gear and 1,500 Navy, Army, Marines and International Special Warfare personnel. I took upon myself, the responsibilities of informing personnel forward of arrivals of men and equipment with up-to-the-minute information. I had a very close rapport with my OPS boss. I coordinated with higher pay grades, for the arrival of personnel returning back from forward positions to ensure they had proper billeting and location of operational equipment. I ensured that no movement was carried out without an OPORD (operational order) or directive so Command had no loose cannons rolling around CENTCOM — not on my watch. I had ensured that all movement had a paper trail whereas cost were incurred under operations Iraq/Enduring Freedom and other commands. I was also held accountable for the location of more 160 pieces of operational vital equipment at all times.

I carry a no-nonsense approach to this kind of responsibility. This was a 20-hour, seven-day-week for me without assistance. I met this challenge head-on and have no regrets, just pride in performance.

I would be honored to bring this same kind of team-spirited pride of representation for all of the people in Grafton District 9 to the state House in November. I will listen to all of my constituents and if you have a special issue I will work to get it resolved and have your voice heard without over-exceeding my authority.

I am proud of all of our selectboard members that I've been meeting with on a regular basis in this district. We all should be proud. All of these members, along with town administrators and secretaries, bring a lot of knowledge and experience to the tables with them for the daunting task of running our local governments. They should all be commended.
I would like to thank all of the registered voters who make it a special task to get out and vote. Please write me in for your state representative. I'm ready to take on the responsibility, using a common-sense, grass-roots approach.

Eric T. Rottenecker ( R )
Write-in Candidate
Grafton Dist. 9
Alexandra, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol, Grafton.


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We will gather & pray for Laconia on Saturday morning at Rotary Park

To The Daily Sun,

A group of concerned neighbors are getting together at the gazebo located in the park by Belknap Mill at 9 a.m. this Saturday, Nov 1. We will supply coffee & donuts .

We would like to gather & pray for Laconia and surrounding communities in the light of the recent overdoses and drug use locally. This is a group gathering to show love & support to the community as well as talk about ways to reach out to our neighbors in the future. All are welcome.
Katherine Sorell


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4 years & counting; our opposition to Northern Pass will not waver

To The Daily Sun,

On Sunday, Oct. 26, no fewer than 70 grass roots members opposed to the Northern Pass gathered in Franco for a celebration dinner marking four years strong in fighting the Northern Pass as it is proposed. Guest speakers talked about rights-of-way and how Vermont, Maine and New York are burying HVDC lines. PSNH is pushing forward with this project, and as long as they do the opposition will be there for however long it takes. We will not stop.

Hydro Quebec said they would not build this line if the people of New Hampshire didn't want it. Why is it taking so long for the New Hampshire legislators to follow suit with the other three states that are burying these lines? It has been four years of committees, studies, meetings, disappointments. When will the state House act?

Remember this Northern Pass HVDC line is a merchant-funded project not needed for system reliability. It will put millions upon millions of dollars in the pockets on PSNH and North East Utilities' stockholders. It is only sensible to bury he line under Interstate 93 and other state-owned rights-of-way. Think of that revenue instead of casinos and gambling.

George Wright


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Social Security & Medicare under attack by the Republican Party

To The Daily Sun,

What do Scott Brown and Frank Guinta have in common?

Scott Brown and Frank Guinta are Republican candidates that have taken large donations from people who do not live in New Hampshire. These wealthy people are trying to buy our voice in Washington. What is good for them is not necessarily good for us. Do you believe that Scott Brown and Frank Guinta will vote against the people who are making the large donations to their campaigns?

If you are a veteran, a senior citizen, a student in college or a former student trying to pay back college loans, you know that Jeanne Shaheen and Carol Shea-Porter have been working for you. They are working for the people of New Hampshire.

Programs like Social Security and Medicare are under attack by the leadership of the Republican Party. We know that Jeanne Shaheen and Carol Shea-Porter have worked to protect these programs. We know that they have tried to help veterans and students. We need to support Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter with our vote on Tuesday, Nov. 4.

Paul Bonneville

Lochmere (Tilton)

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Thank you allfor the tremendous Tobin/Hicks family benefit

To The Daily Sun,

Unbelievable!! Thank you tremendously from the Tobin/Hicks family benefit.

The gift items for auction, donations and an abundance of food was amazing and so much appreciated. The community spirit of Sanbornton and surrounding towns, friends and family, businesses and organizations were especially overwhelming. We may live in a small community but the love, gifts and caring are worldly. We will always be grateful as these memories will brighten the tough days ahead.

A special thank you to the Van Tassel, Fournier, Mcgirr and Ober families who organized and dedicated many hours of work and love to make this an unforgettable event.

Bill Tobin


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