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Accepting defeat with grace & dignity is beyond Democrat's range

To The Daily Sun,

SIX observations to the "bulldog" wing of Daily Sun Liberals. You all know the main actors: Cracraft, Loesch, Veverka, Vervaeke and Sappi.
1. Scott Cracraft is never going to support a Republican until all sinners repent. Not likely. Even if God had won last week on the Republican ticket and appointed the apostles to his cabinet, Scott would have said, "I can't support someone with such deeply held religious beliefs, I am voting for Barbra Streisand". When Romney was the Republican nominee, Scott couldn't support someone of such wealth, but Hillary, the multi-millionaire liar got his vote this year. Why? Right church, Democrat. Right pew, nincompoop liberal. Right prayer, more "free" from government.
2. It had been the teaching since our founding that Americans rallied around the winning president in a show of solidarity and a unified front to our enemies. It was called the "honeymoon" period. Out of their abundant, generosity Democrats will give Trump HALF of what a honeymoon is "the screwing."
3. I have a news flash for donkey jockeys. It wasn't the old, white men who voted Trump in, it was the disenchanted, disenfranchised, disillusioned, working class in the tens of millions who voted the larger than life Trump in office. Hillary's so called "DEPLORABLES." Even women in certain voting strata voted by majority for Trump. They compared Trumps sex habits to Bill Clinton's and declared a draw on the "dropped draws" issue. The megaphone of non stop "race baiting" and "gender baiting" didn't save the liberals bacon this election. Voters now see through the THIN VEIL of self serving, political clap trap on those issues.
4. If we want to look to what a sore, vindictive loser looks like Look no further than the Democratic Party. To accept defeat with grace, dignity and style is beyond their ability. They are indeed a dangerous breed to god fearing, working-class Americans. The "New Democrats" are the most divisive and dividing force in the nation. Did Republicans self destruct in DEFIANCE in the streets after Obama won or destroy private property or burn down Harlem ? Nope. This style of vengeful protesting outrage is now taught on campus by people like Scott. "Opposing logic" must be demonized, marginalized, humiliated, then destroyed by any means necessary.
5. We have had an Electoral College since the beginning for reasons everyone knows, and has long agreed with. If we didn't have it, 40 states and more than half of America would never see a presidential nominee. Don't even total the vote. It is as meaningless as the baseball team that gets 100 hits with no runs and loses to the team with one run and one hit. Democrats say we won on hits, but lost on runs. Sorry the game wins on runs, not hits. Don't like how it is scored? DON'T PLAY!
6. This election forever ends the Democrat's mirage that the Citizens United Supreme Court decision gave Republicans an election advantage with money from deep pockets that could influence or even buy an elections out come. Hillary Clinton put that issue to bed FOREVER. She took in 80 percent of all the the millionaire and billionaire-class contributions to PACS while she outspent Trump by 50 percent. She still lost. Just as true in many other races for both houses. That the Republicans have a special pipeline into big money that disadvantages Democrats is 100 percent contrived, politically-induced BS.
Tony Boutin

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Trump's pick for EPA will hasten the demise of planet Earth

To The Daily Sun,

Who are the people that President-elect Trump's "team" is in the process of picking for his trusted advisors, administration and appointees to crucial government agencies?
Today we are going to learn about Myron Ebell. Now you might say, Myron who? Well, if you are not familiar with prominent lobbyists for corporations, who continue to pollute our fragile environment and climate change deniers, you might want to continue reading.
First and foremost we must state that Myron Ebell is not a scientist, nor does he have any background in the field of science related to climate change. Myron Ebell attended Colorado College, where he majored in Philosophy. In addition, he has a Master's degree in political theory.
Now it looks as if he is posed to be appointed to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This man is on record for saying that pesticides aren't bad for you! Yep, it's true. Ebell is also on record for saying that he doesn't believe in climate change. Oh my! Ebell also downplays the health and ecological impact of chemicals on the environment.
Myron Ebell is the cirector of the Center for Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Now, you might think based on that title that this group IS concerned about improving our environment. Sadly, you would be wrong, dead wrong. This organization downplays the health and ecological impacts of chemicals. He has been a lobbyist who represents the National Inholders Association (formerly known as the American Land Rights Association) which advocates for the elimination of Federal conservation regulations.
Some of the donors to the Center for Energy and Environment are: petroleum, coal, Big Ag, Monsanto and Syngenta. Some of the other corporations who have funded the CEI are the Petroleum Institute, Dow Chemical, Eli Lilly, et al. EPA Scientists found that chemicals used by Syngenta and Bayer are very harmful to bee colonies, otherwise known as honey bees which are crucial for pollination. A couple of these harmful pesticides used by these two companies are Imidacloprid (used on cotton and soybean fields), and Atrazine used in the U.S. on farms. The use of Atrazine has been banned in other countries.
Students at Georgetown University and Harvard have demonstrated against Ebell's appointment to the EPA. In 2006 Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) and Senator Olympia Snow (R-ME) sent a joint bipartisan letter to the CEO of ExxonMobil concerning the funding of climate change denial groups such as Competitive Enterprise Institute.
President-elect Trump's followers truly believe that he will bring drastic and much needed change to the United States. Bringing about true change requires considerable effort. After all, one of his constant promises remains that he was going to "drain the swamp." If Myron Ebell is appointed the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency this may just hasten the deterioration of our quality of life and the demise of planet earth. We are in the process of now being able to judge just how Trump's appointments will bring good, positive, or very harmful negative change to this country for the next four years.

Bernadette Loesch

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