It is my 1-year-old daughter's stuffed animal; a gift from brother

To The Daily Sun,

To the person who picked up or took a stuffed Bright Green Frog holding a Big Pink Heart on Halloween:

Could you please return it? It went missing Halloween around 5:50 p.m. while trick or treating on Whipple Avenue in Laconia near the end of the street. My daughter was holding it and less than 30 seconds later she no longer had it in her possession. We looked for over 30 minutes up and down the street hoping to spot someone with him.

It is my 1-year-old daughter's stuffed animal given to her by her big sister. It would be great to get the little one reacquainted with Froggy! Thank you! You can contact me via phone: 603-630-3275 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Claire Belanger


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Nothing 'hallowed' has ever been associated with Halloween

To The Daily Sun,

Halloween was a corruption of " Hallowed E'en," the evening before All Saints Day in which evil disobedience and sinful license were tolerated prior to the forgiveness and penance sought the next day. Although the level of debauchery and wickedness has waxed and waned over the centuries, nothing "hallowed" has ever been associated with the practice — until more recent times among evangelical churches. Now we promote a " Harvest Festival " or a " Bible Dress-up Night"  — much of which encourages the practice of costuming and treats as a harmless alternative.

The difficulty is not with the church activities but with the timing and the association with that which is evil. That obvious connection with a pagan holiday will undermine resolve to " come out from among them, and be ye separate" (2 Corinthians 6:17).

Yes, no doubt that passage warns against an "unequal yoke" in marriage — but its primary focus is on church and individual purity. "What fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord (agreement) hath Christ with Belial (Satan)? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? (2 Corinthians 6:14-15).

As a parent, I know the plan of restricting my children from participating in the "fun" of Halloween. And as a pastor, I know the pressure to accommodate the majority of church members who see no "harm" in such things. However, our allegiance and our responsibility are to the Lord, not men (Colossians 3:23).

Bishop Paul W. Blake


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Our U.S. Congress needs to 'get a grip'; voters must demand it

To The Daily Sun,

We find ourselves at a critical junction in the history of mankind. Not just this country but because of what this nation represents to the world at large, an objective assessment of present concern and the probable outcome of neglect.

If the future is irrelevant or impossible to modify we are at liberty to ignore the likely happenstance ahead of us. Many do! Few, if any, are exempt from the consequences, however. This land of liberty, justice, and pursuit of your choice is being sabotaged. Preserve it now or loose it all forever. This process was incremental in the past several years but will expedite shockingly. It's clear no one coverts this challenge including myself, but like death and takes, unavoidable and must be addressed.

NOTE: Introduction to the cashless society was scheduled for October 28. We learned about the details later and how! After mid-term elections a multitude of decisions will be spewed forth, none of them healthy. Amnesty for 30 million men — citizens, most of whom are totally dependent on you to pay their cost of living and medical bills.  Or — they will not speak English. I envision Tower of Bable in a multilingual, uncooperative,  and even contemptuous crowd which will surely cripple dignity, security, and trust in any obligation of governance to protects us in the future.

Will the Constitution with its amendments survive? Will freedoms therein guaranteed, remain secure? Don't count on it.

Add to this conundrum the yet unrecognized threat of violent jihad Ebola, and other diseases, over crowded schools, highway, housing and the crime engendered by all the problems. Health being foremost.

Congress must "get a grip". Voters must demand it. This last bastion of freedom must not fail or fall. Else it'll leave our future to our nightmarish imagination.

Ward H. Flanders


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I know who I am voting for on Tues. & it won't be liberal Democrats

I know who I am voting for on Tuesday & it won't be the liberal Democrats

To The Daily Sun,

I have never written a letter to The Daily Sun, but I feel compelled to do so now. I am disgusted by the lies and distortion of the truth that dominate the political scene. In my opinion, the so called "War on Women: many of these adds were pulled when it was discovered that the Obama White House paid its women employee's 86 percent of what it pays men.

Hobby Lobby decision: They actually pay for 16 out of 20 listed contraceptive medications, the four they do not cover are the proven abortive medications. Saying that Hobby Lobby does not pay for contraceptive medication is not completely true. The real "War on Women" is occurring in the Middle East where 13 year old Malala was shot in the head because she went to school in Pakistan. The add that stated that Scott Brown and Frank Guinta are part of the "War on Women" because they voted against Planned Parenthood. Truth: several years ago it was learned that Planned Parenthood spent 80 percent of its government funding for abortions. There was a law that stated that the taxpayers' money could not be used to fund abortions. Instead of holding Planned Parenthood accountable for breaking the law, the Democrats instead rewarded them by proposing a new law that allowed tax payers to fund abortions, this is what Scott Brown and Frank Guinta voted against.

Jeanne Shaheen comes from Missouri. Scott Brown has been a New Englander all of his life. His mother and father both worked in New Hampshire. He lived in his grandfathers home in New Hampshire on a and off since he was a toddler. When both President Bill Clinton and Hillary moved to New York after the presidency they had no ties to New York except that there was an open Senate seat. She was not called a carpetbagger by the Democratic Liberals because its okay if it is done by them.

ObamaCare: President Obama delayed many of the taxes and compliancy standards  so that they would not affect the 2014 elections. Don't forget, "If you like your doctor, you can keep him". Wait until we all see what is coming! Fact: one of the big news media sources investigated all the big money donors. They found that the Koch Brothers ranked 17th on the list. Numbers 1 through 16 financed the Democrats.

Other scandals: IRS, NAS, VA Hospitals, Benghazi and backdoor deals. I am tired of the lies and cover-ups. I know who I am voting for on Tuesday. It's not the liberal Democrats.

B. Garneau 


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In Groton, we're again left to choose between lesser of evils

To The Daily Sun,

On Oct. 22, the League of Women Voters held a forum in the town of Grafton for the state representative candidates of Grafton districts 9 and 17. Both Steve Darrow and Catherine Mulholland running in District 17 were there, but I'm not writing about them today. Of the four candidates running to represent District 9 (two will ultimately win) only one showed up. This is inconceivable.

Jeff Shacket, a.k.a. "No Show" Shackett, the only incumbent in the race, did commit to be there after many attempts to get a response to the invitation. He said he would be out of town on the 29th, so despite that being a better date for some other participants, the league chose the 22nd in order to have four of the six candidates participate. But it was announced at the opening of the forum that Mr. Shackett had called that morning to beg off as he had a "business emergency" in Florida he had to fly out immediately for. (While he wasn't expected to be there by those he had told on the preceding Saturday he had no intention to fulfill his promise, the excuse he gave was still shocking to them.) He was asked to at least give the league a statement they could read for him, but didn't.

The other candidate running in the Republican Party column, Bob Hull, not only didn't attend, but didn't even have the courtesy to respond to numerous invitations to participate.

On the Democratic Party side of the ballot, Judy Wallick was there, and admitted getting a phone call from Alexandria resident Jennie Tuthill telling her what the hot topics are and what her position should be. Ms. Wallick talked about a need for bipartisan problem solving as she's somehow connected to a group called No Labels that wants Washington to "reach across the aisle" and socialize with members of "the other" party. It wasn't clear on this, or many other relevant issues that came up, just how her answers told us what she intends to do should she be elected. The number of times she responded without answering the question (3), "I don't know" (3) or "I agree with" either Steve (Darrow) or Catherine (Mulholland) (4) left most of us wondering if she had done any research or could even think for herself.

She seems like a very nice lady, but I couldn't help wondering when it was all over if she would just end up being another Catherine Mulholland who only votes as the Democratic Party tells her to. They did, after all, pay for some very pretty postcards to be mailed to voters. Postcards filled with scare-tactic spin that she should be ashamed of having her name on. One thing she did clearly repeat was that because we have no sales or income tax, there's no good way to "increase the broad income" as she's opposed to "drastic" spending cuts.

Unfortunately, Jeremy Olson, the other Democrat running against Wallick was also a no-show. No-show and no response as well. I know a lot of people won't vote for Mr. Olson just because he's a Free Stater, but he's intelligent and articulate. It would have been nice to get a chance to hear his views and compare them to the other candidates.

So what do we do on Nov. 4? We're again left having to choose between the "lesser of the evils." I'm tired of having to choose between drinking the rubbing alcohol or the turpentine. (sigh) Too bad it's too late for someone worthwhile to launch a write-in campaign.

Cindy Kudlik


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