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I would like to continue to work for residents of Center Harbor

To The Daily Sun,

Having had the honor of serving as selectman in Center Harbor for the past three years, I wanted to take an opportunity to thank town residents for their support during my term. I, and the other selectmen, have worked relentlessly to keep the town budget as flat as possible while maintaining the services and rural quality of life in Center Harbor. At the same time we have been very successful in working with the business community to create sustainable events like SkateFest and LobsterFest that help bring the community together for fun and recreation, while also bringing visitors to Center Harbor to sample what we have to offer in the way of shopping, dining and recreation.

Also, I would like to thank all the town employees and volunteers who work so diligently on behalf of the residents. We have a great team that works efficiently and well together and I would very much like to continue working with all of them in a second term. Finally, thank you again to the residents for your support and contributions to our efforts.
I am on the ballot for a second three year term as selectman, so please take a moment of your time and be sure to vote on March 8. It has been an honor and pleasure to serve you, and I humbly ask you for your support for a second term as selectman.

Harry Viens, Selectman

Center Harbor

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Support the library if you want, but don’t obligate the taxpayers

To The Daily Sun,

Here we are again, as citizens of the United States, to vote on the town officers and warrant articles. Again we will be voting on funding the Gilmanton Year-Round Library (privately owned). We should be glad we have the right to vote on this article as our voting rights were almost taken away from us.

Two of the selectmen, Hatch and Jean, were a hair's breath away from signing a three-year contract with the library for $45,000 a year. If they had signed this as they wanted to, you would not be voting on this for three years, it would have been in the budget. I personally wondered, not being a lawyer, if this was legal. I was told it was, but was it ethical? The town has had the right to vote each year, and the votes have been close. To take that right away seemed very unethical.

I'm sure there are many out in town who use the library and want to see it opened forever. That's wonderful. Support the library, send them a check each year showing your support. Don't put this expense on the backs of all the citizens of Gilmanton, who can't afford it. Our taxes went up in December $400. We weren't prepared for that Christmas gift.

I know we aren't the only ones that are retired and working to pay our taxes. We totally support the needs of this town, Police Department, Fire Department, EMTs, road agent. school. These things are all important and necessary. But supporting a privately-owned library isn't on our list. If it's on yours, I'm sure they would welcome a check from you.

We're supporting selectmen with experience, that know what's good for the town and that try to keep the taxes from skyrocketing every year. Brett Currier and Don Guarino are those people.

I encourage everyone to get out and vote. It's a freedom we should cherish.

Jane Gove


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