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Right-wing idiots still think mishandling emails is the ultimate crime

To The Daily Sun,

After reading a Steve Earle letter, my eyes always hurt due to spasmodic rolling. When Mr. Earle tries to sound reasonable, reasonable people laugh and toss down another shot for another idiotic thing said. Steve seems to be upset with Mr. Cracraft's allegedly slandering another not-so-bright, right-wing wackjob who has lost his mind. Of course a military coup is reasonable because ... Obama.

Slander? Right-wing crackpots like Steve Earle have rarely written a letter that wasn't slanderous, full of lies, and loaded with innuendo and demonization about Obama and Hillary. The apocalyptic rants are great, too.

Donald Trump is facing a civil lawsuit on Nov. 28 that charges fraud and racketeering, and in December, he faces a lawsuit regarding the alleged rape of a 13-year-old at a Jeffrey Epstein party in 1995. Meanwhile, at the funny farm, these right-wing idiots think mishandling emails will end life as we know it on earth.

Get a life, dingbats. You are all clearly stricken with Dunning Kruger effect.

James Veverka


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Let's ask which candidate can tell our allies and our enemies apart

To The Daily Sun,

Judy Ryerson (in her letter to the editor printed Wednesday, Nov. 2) is right in stating Hillary Clinton has the most experience, but temperament and character are two of her most glaring negatives.

Obama did say she was likable enough, but not to be president. That was in 2008 and still applies today.

As far as despicable, I have stated Hillary is licentious and mendacious, and she sure isn't Ms. Congeniality.

Let's ask which candidate knows the difference between our allies and our enemies. The reality is, she deals with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, takes their money, and 15 of the 19 hijackers that flew into the World Trade Center were from Saudi Arabia.

The Clinton Foundation and their quid pro quo is despicable. The duplicity and prevaricating statements give credence to her character.

Rich Tjaden

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