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Hillary is only going to pick up where Obama has left off

To The Daily Sun,

Well everyone, it looks like Lois Lerner will walk away free. Are you surprised? Do not be surprised when you see good old Hillary do the same. Such crooks. If we did something like that we would get life with no mistakes allowed.

So all the hype about Hillary is to show us that she is accountable for what she has done. "What difference at this point does that make?" Who said that? She is laughing at all of this because she already knows she is getting away with all of what she has done. If people are stupid enough to vote her in as president then what we get, we deserve. She lied about everything.

She is only going to pick up where Obama has left off. Do you want that? We all know how that has been going. How about going down the toilet. I think that is a better way of saying how Obama has changed America. So this is our last chance not to become communist.

So long Bernie Sanders. Who needs him? Talk to these young people who think this will be for the greater good. Oh wait a minute. Was it not Hitler who said the same thing? Then what happened? Read your history and find out. Do the schools teach history anymore?

All I can say is no Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush, or Hillary Clinton. Sorry I like someone who is not tied to special interest and says it like it is. It is your call. I am not endorsing any candidate. I just think we need to think this out. Not the same old, same old. Why can we not just have the votes without all this money to raise? Also, what the hell do they need electoral votes anyway? That is stupid and a waste of money. That money that they raise can help reduce the deficit. If they would only go by the votes it would make a big difference.

Anna DeRose

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Allan Beetle (11-2) 65 VOTE TONY

To The Daily Sun,

I invite the residents of Ward 6 in Laconia to consider a new face with new ideas to represent them on the City Council this year.

Tony Felch, a native of Lakeport and an active community leader, is ready to bring new ideas to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead of us as we seek to improve the quality of life for our community.

Allan Beetle


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