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Mike Cryans has a positive outlook on the political process

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to urge my fellow voters in Executive Council District 1 to mark their ballots on March 11 for Mike Cryans.

Mike is running for the seat held by his friend and former Council member, the late Ray Burton. Cryans and Burton served together on the Grafton County Commission for more than a decade, and in recognition of their close alliance Ray's brother and two sisters are publically supporting Mike in the upcoming election.

As Grafton County Commissioner, Mike Cryans has worked hard to protect taxpayers, strengthen the middle class and invest in the economy. He is also forward-thinking, having worked as commissioner to level the old jail, to create a public park, and managing to cut heating costs in county buildings by building a biomass energy facility, and had money left over to return to the taxpayers.

At a recent meeting he had with voters, Mike especially impressed me with his positive outlook on the political process, his understanding that public funds, responsibly used, are essential for the functioning of our communities, and his firm belief in the privacy of the individual. I personally find his opponent wanting in all of these categories.

Please join me in voting for Mike Cryans on March 11.

Ronald G. Lawler


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Support our community right to sign-off on energy projects

To The Daily Sun,

Prepare for another potential industrial wind project, Newfound.

EDP Renewables is working to meet all the requirements to place a meteorological tower in Alexandria for their proposed Spruce Ridge industrial wind project spanning the towns of Alexandria, Hebron, and Groton. This comes on the heels of Iberdrola announcing a "pause" in their Wild Meadows project planned for Alexandria and Danbury.

Coincidence? I think not.

Any progress a corporate entity makes benefits every other corporate entity. One might think two different industrial wind companies would be in competition with one another, but it doesn't work that way. Instead, these corporate giants work together to keep pressure on the towns they come to invade. The more pressure they can maintain, the more effort it takes to hold them off. By working together, industrial wind developers are able to claim more community support for their projects.

The math is simple yet deceptive. There are more private land leases secured by multiple industrial projects within the town, so therefore the developers claim more local "support" for the project.

Newfound is not new to the deceptive ways of industrial wind companies. The project in Groton is the reason why the Wild Meadows project was put on "pause," according to the developer, Iberdrola. The "issues" with the project in Groton stem from the corporate giant making changes to their project, allegedly, without the proper approval from the proper agencies. Now they expect other Newfound towns to welcome them with open arms and believe every promise they make -- and when we don't, they say we are "misinformed."

It would seem surrounding Newfound towns have learned something from watching the town of Groton receive an industrial wind project. It seems we have learned that these corporate giants are not to be trusted. We do not want any industrial wind projects destroying our rural environment, our tourism, our property values, our peace and quiet, our watershed, our birds and bats, our wildlife, our forests, our ridgelines, our communities, our rivers and streams, Newfound Lake, or our health.

Vote "yes" for a Community Bill of Rights (RBO) on March 11 in the towns of Alexandria (Article 16), Danbury (Article 9), and Hebron (Article 4).

A Community Bill of Rights is a binding law, enforceable by the selectmen and the residents. Support our right to decide what type of energy projects we want, our right to protect our ecosystems from the harm of industrialization, our right to protect the rural character of our towns, prevent industrial pollution of our waters, and our right to govern by consent. We say "no" to industrial wind turbines.

Michelle Sanborn

CARE Group


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I'm a selectman candidate who is pro-Gilmanton & that is all

To The Daily Sun,

To Gilmanton voters:

My name is Jim Barnes and I want to be your next selectman.

I live in the Iron Works. After a 40-year career in the propane/oil business I retired in 2011 to become a full-time singer/songwriter and entertainer. I travel the state performing music in a variety of venues. It's a great living.

To run for selectman was a difficult decision. I have never done this before. I'll have a lot to learn if elected, but I'm confident that I am up to the task. With your help I can succeed.

If elected I would come to the job with no baggage. No political affiliation to speak of. Sure, I'm a registered Republican, but not a Republican activist. It's just the way I lean. I am not a member of any group or organization in town. I've kept a low profile in the 15 years that I've lived here, but it doesn't mean I'm oblivious to what goes on. I just don't have any bias to bring to the job. I'm not anti-this or pro-that.

What I am is pro-Gilmanton, and that is all. This is a great little town, and if I can do a little something to make it even better, then I will be glad to do so.

If you have questions, concerns or want to offer guidance, please call me at 364-5834. But, please, not at 7:30 in the evening, as I enjoy watching "Jeopardy." I welcome your input. After all, the selectman works for you, not the other way around.

James R. "Jim" Barnes


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Bristol deserves someone who'll use experience as foundation

To The Daily Sun,
It has been a cold and snowy winter and March brings welcomed thoughts of longer, warmer days. This year it also brings a town election that has spurred interest among Bristol residents. That also is welcomed. C'mon this is America, and we are lucky to have choices. One choice for Bristol residents is to decide the best candidates to fill two Selecboard seats.

I have carefully decided that my first vote for Selectboard will be cast for Rick Alpers. In my opinion, he has proven his ability to contribute a convincing and succinct analysis to others that share responsibility for making a collective, cohesive decision on behalf of the town. These decisions warrant deliberate, prudent consideration of the facts while incorporating the vision spelled out within the town's Master Plan. A balance that is necessary for the future economic climate in Bristol.

Increased costs are not unique to Bristol. They are escalating due to economic factors such as inflation. We each feel the inflation factor personally, as well. Change is inevitable to harness some of the increased costs the town has incurred, and Rick is an advocate of working with neighboring towns to share services regionally hoping to gain better control.

Rick also has demonstrated his ability to lead through influence and example. He believes in transparency and encourages all to share concerns, ideas and possible solutions. This attribute enables him to best understand all aspects of the situation at hand. From gathered information, he is able to present a consensus, compiled from the suggested ideas of all residents and taxpayers. While it may not be possible to please all in every situation, his suggestions are well thought-out, and presented with the intention that will benefit the greater good of the townspeople. He has no other agenda than to serve this town to the best of his ability. It is a continued display of his passion for local government.

Bristol deserves someone that will use experience as a foundation for improvement going forward. That candidate is Rick Alpers.

My second vote will be cast for Shaun Lagueux who was appointed when Jeff Shackett resigned due to the residency requirement. Shaun stepped in and has shown that he is knowledgeable in the workings of town government, has an open mind and is willing to help anyone, anyway he can. He has earned, and deserves my vote. Knowing that you will be voting on March 11, I ask that you consider both Rick and Shaun when casting your ballot.

Janice Della Croce

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Who is best to replace Ray Burton? He answered question himself

To The Daily Sun,

Ray Burton, the respected member of the Governor's Executive Council from District 1, had a long history of service to all residents of the district. Members of both sides of the aisle respected him and voted in great numbers to regularly re-elect him.

In the coming election for a person to replace Ray on the Executive Council, each of the candidates claims to embody Ray's attributes. Ray was dedicated to public service for each individual with a need. He considered each decision and with needs of the district, and voted what he thought was the right view regardless of external political preferences. After decades of such behavior, the overwhelming majority of the electorate came to respect and trust his judgment.

So who is best to replace him? Ray answered this question himself. When, in January of 2011 with a majority of Republicans on the Grafton County Commission, Ray declined to accept the nomination for chair and instead nominated Mike Cryans over the other Republican commissioner. Then again in 2012, Ray endorsed Mike for his seat on the commission over a Republican challenger. Two important opportunities to select a person from his party, and Ray personally chose Mike Cryans.

No one can fill Ray's shoes, but Mike Cryans embodies Ray's attributes of dedication to public service, thoughtful consideration of issues and respect for others who may not share his views.

Ray never tried to demonize his opponents and neither will Mike Cryans. Vote for Mike Cryans for Executive Councilor on March 11.

Louis Lieto

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