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Energy, Interior & EPA run by people who deny science. Amazing!

To The Daily Sun,

Recently, Herr Trumpenfuhrer's pick for National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn, met at Trump Tower with the leader of the extreme right wing Austrian Freedom Party, Heinz Strache. This party was founded in the 1950s by ex-Nazis and has recently reached a cooperation agreement with Putin's party. The Kremlin has been creating alliances with right-wing parties across Europe in order to weaken those democracies. We are not immune. Russia has already succeeded in disturbing the integrity of our elections. Add a nearly 3 million vote loss to Hillary Clinton and a dark cloud of illegitimacy will surround 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for years.

Do you remember that candidate back in 2012 who ran on abolishing three government departments and couldn't remember the third? It was Rick Perry, and the third was the Energy Department. Perry is now on tap to run the Energy Department. Pinch me. Perry is no friend of science. Like The Sun's own baloney generator Steve Earle, Perry denies biological evolution and climate change science. Maybe he is one of the 26 percent of Americans who think the sun revolves around the Earth.

And how about the EPA pick, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt? Mr. Pruitt doesn't accept the vast scientific consensus (97 percent) regarding humans and climate change. He has challenged mercury, ozone, and pollution standards. He fought the EPA's Clean Power Plan to lower carbon emissions. Pruitt has made a career of fighting the EPA and now he will be its boss. What the? He even sued to block the EPA's Regional Haze Rule that would ensure that air around national parks was crystal clear. This is like a fire department hiring an arsonist.

Ryan Zinke for Interior Secretary? He recently told the Bozeman Chronicle, "he has seen no scientific evidence ... that climate change is changing the weather." He thinks volcanoes are the reason behind increased levels of CO2 which is pitifully ignorant because volcanoes at our current eruption levels cause global cooling (like Pinatubo in the 1990s) due to sulphate particulates that hover, block solar energy, and eventually drop into the atmosphere as acid rain, pollution. etc. Only cataclysmic worldwide eruptions can eventually trigger warming and that has not happened for millions of years. In fact, the Little Ice Age was colder due to decreased solar activity and increased volcanic activity.

Energy, Interior, and EPA run by people who deny science. Amazing.

James Veverka

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The annual deficit may be lower but the debt is trillions higher

To The Daily Sun,

Carol Stappi seems to have the propensity to state half truths about real facts.

The market has done well in spite of Obama's actions.

The troop withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan created a vacuum, thus giving birth to ISIS.

The uninsured rate drop is costing the public debt to rise immensely.

The true unemployment rate is higher due to the many people who have dropped out of the work force, and are not counted as unemployed.

The annual budget deficit is lower but the national debt is trillions higher.

The economy is still losing real jobs. The created jobs are mostly part-time or low-paying entry level.

Rich Tjaden

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