Forrester has demonstrated immense capacity to get job done

To The Daily Sun,

Jeanie Forrester is a highly effective elected official who listens carefully to the concerns of her constituents and always advances our interests. I'm very grateful she is our state senator.

In her first and second terms, Sen. Forrester took on many important issues and got real results. In her leadership role as Senate Finance Committee chairwoman, Jeanie helped to build a state budget that was fiscally responsible, balanced, and compassionate. She held the line on taxes and fees by spending only what we have while managing to help our most vulnerable citizens: children in need of services, domestic violence prevention, youth substance abuse prevention, services for our developmentally disabled citizens on the wait list.

Jeanie demonstrates each and every day how much she cares about her constituents. She's there for us in Concord and in the community as well — attending community events, volunteering for important causes, and keeping us informed of legislative activity via her Capitol Steps newspaper column.

As the sponsor of many important bills that passed into law, Jeanie has demonstrated immense capacity to get the job done. If there ever was a time when proven experience and solid leadership was needed, it's now. I would like to thank Jeanie for her hard work, dedication, diligence, determination, integrity and grace. She's the real deal.

Please join me in supporting Jeanie Forrester on Nov. 4, a day when actions speak louder than words.

Tim Naro


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Democratic candidates have no understanding of state debt

To The Daily Sun,

Last week's candidate forum in Northfield showed voters three Democrat candidates who don't understand a critical issue facing the Granite State: our billions of debt.

The Democrat candidates Lorrie Carey, Leigh Webb, and Deb Wheeler, told the crowd debt isn't an issue at all. When asked, none knew the state carries dangerous levels of debt and none expressed concern that increasing interest payments on that debt and all future borrowing must be accounted for in our state and local budgets. None suggested they understood that we have an underfunded pension system even.

Rep. Carey stated her belief that because the state has a constitutional obligation to present a balanced budget, the idea that the state carries any debt is impossible. Coming from a political neophyte this would be merely laughable. But this stunningly inept comment came from someone who has completed two years as a representative. Webb's and Wheeler's comments were of a similar nature.

Run-away debt costs taxpayers more whenever government borrows money for school buildings and the like. The recent credit rating drop caused our interest rate on borrowing to increase by 50 percent.

Carrie, Webb, and Wheeler showed they just don't understand what's facing our state. By contrast, the Republicans, Carolyn Virtue, Jason Parent and I, Greg Hill, understand the seriousness of this issue. We know that runaway debt limits the future economic growth that you and your children are depending upon.

We ask for your vote Nov. 4.

Greg Hill


Candidate for State Representative

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I examine a candidate closely & I'm going to vote for Jane Alden

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to my fellow citizens of Belknap County District 4:

I write this letter in support of a tireless supporter of our community and the democratic process, Jane Alden. Jane is a truly caring individual who has shown through her tireless efforts her willingness to donate her life to the goals of unconditional support and assistance her fellow citizens no matter their age, sex, socio-economic and gender.

She has shown her strong support to our young population, aging population, veteran population and ever diversifying population. Jane has the acute ability to see the core of a problem, present her opinion, seek the input of others, reach out to other community members if a compromise is necessary for the effective meeting of the community's needs and provide strong and unqualified leadership.

I have meandered through the budget systems of the town of Tilton and SAU 59 at times confused, amused, frustrated, and proud with the system. This has been a strong learning experience and Jane has provided much appreciated mentoring so that I could survive these systems. I have concurrently participated in the democratic election process of these ever-expanding systems, and have appreciated Jane's kind and caring support in my victories and defeat.

I am careful in my praise and support in the election process. I examine a candidate closely. As a result of this scrutiny, I would strongly urge your support of Jane Alden for State Representative on Nov. 4.

I would end this endorsement with a challenge and invitation for all the community members of Belknap County District 4 to show their Yankee heritage by exercising their right to vote.

Wayne Brock

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How can anyone in Belmont contact their representative, Mr. Silvia?

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing this letter in response to Belmont's state legislative representative Michael Sylvia's letter of Sept. 3 requesting five taxpayers to step up and demand accountability.

Mr. Sylvia is a Free Stater who moved to Belmont six months before he was elected. A Free Stater is a person who does not believe in our present form of government. He believes that town governments should run things without any form of state involvement, which means each town would have to establish its own laws in order to operate. Their plan was to bring in 20,000 Free Staters into the state because our population is not large and have them run for public office in order to implement their political views.

Mr. Sylvia, as a representative for the town of Belmont, is on the state roster that identifies who represents each town in our state. If you go to this roster you will find Mr. Sylvia's name and that is all you will find, no address, phone number, e-mail address and no biographies to explain who he is and what he stands for and how he will promote good present-day government as we know it. How can anyone in Belmont or the state contact him? The answer is, you can't.

Mr. Sylvia voted as a member of the Belknap County Delegation against providing health insurance benefits to the county employees for 2014, even though they are entitled for that benefit and have a contract with the county. I have spoken to a number of county employees and they said that they have not had any increase in income for the past three years.

He and the county delegation have created the problem and Mr. Sylvia now puts the blame on the commissioners who have an obligation to the county employees. I would like to make a recommendation for him, he should sign the petition himself and find four like-minded individuals to go along with it and see where it goes.

To the voters of Belmont: You voted for Mr. Sylvia not knowing who or what he was about and because he put his name on the Republican side of the ballot. The consequence of that vote will have an impact on a number of individuals who are usually on the lower end of the income scale.

George Condodemetraky


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Who wants to work for county if wages & benefits are under attack?

To The Daily Sun,

The Executive Committee (of the Belknap County Convention), by not fully funding the contractual obligations of Belknap County, have forced the commissioners into taking one of three options going forward:

1. Break the union contracts that were negotiated in good faith, and subject the county to lawsuits.

2. Be held in contempt for ignoring the court ordered injunction that prevents the commissioners from transferring funds between budget lines.

3. Terminate employees, leaving the county critically understaffed, and damaging morale to the point where they will have a difficult time finding high quality applicants to fill future job openings. Who will want to work for the county if they believe that their wages and benefits are under constant attack by some members on the County Convention?

Regardless of whether you believe the employees should kick in more toward their health insurance plan or not, the Executive Committee's strong-arm tactics are wrong. It is the commissioners' job to negotiate the details of the labor contracts. For the extremists on the county convention to try to override the commissioners' authority in an effort to save taxpayers money, will likely wind up costing the county more in lawsuits than it saves on insurance contributions.

It is time to stop this foolishness — the Executive Committee should pay the county's contractual obligations and not hold employees' earned benefits hostage. The voters can bring an end to this come Tuesday, by careful selection of candidates for county commissioner, and the state representatives who will sit on the county convention.

State Rep. Ian Raymond


Belknap County, District 4 (Tilton & Sanbornton)


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