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Let’s get time-wasting Gilford Budget Committee out of the way

To the Daily Sun,

In Gilford, both the town and school currently have five layers of budgetary review:

1. Department heads

2. Town Administrator/School Superintendent

3. Board of Selectmen/School Board

4. Budget Committee

5. Townspeople at Deliberative Session

Article 30 seeks to remove the most time-consuming and ineffective layer, by disbanding the Budget Committee.

— Over the past six years, the Budget Committee reviewed a total of $221 million dollars in budgets (town and school combined).

— In that time, the committee reduced budgets by less than 2/10ths of a percent, or roughly $2 per year on a $200,000 home.

— To get that drop in the bucket, the committee itself spends 300+ person-hours every year. They require department heads and management in the town and school to spend dozens of additional hours each, going over their financials with budget subcommittees, then meeting with the full committee.

For accountability's sake, there are two groups of elected officials reviewing the budgets: The Board of Selectmen and the School Board. Let them do their jobs, and if you don't like how they do their jobs, vote them out. In the meantime, let's get the time-wasting, ineffectual Budget Committee out of the way. Vote "YES" on 30.

Allen Voivod

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Who would buy a house in a town that allows biosolid use?

To The Daily Sun,

On March 8, 2016, there will be a vote concerning the use of biosolids in the town of Gilmanton, and I implore you to vote in favor of their ban.

While I was living with my parents, the farm next door started using biosolids on their farmland. Once they began to use biosolids we became very concerned about what they would do to our health. Therefore, during my current house hunt my fiancée and I ruled out Gilmanton as a place we wanted to live due to the use of biosolids. When it came down to it I needed to consider the health and well-being of my fiancée, myself and the family we hope to start.

Perception can be far more powerful than facts. I could have easily written a letter full of facts and statistics about how biosolids are bad. But what's more important to me is the risk that my family could get sick from this substance, and why risk it? So when I went to go buy my house, I didn't even look in Gilmanton.

More importantly, if I came to this conclusion, who's to say others haven't as well. Who would want to buy a house in a town that is spreading human feces around in their fields?

We need to put a stop to the use of biosolids in Gilmanton. It's dangerous for the current residents, and possibly driving away potential ones.

David Borowy


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