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Don't raise the gas tax; sto wasting the money we give you now

To The Daily Sun,

"60 Minutes" did a program on the infrastructure on the bridges and roads. It said so many bridges were in disrepair and needed to be fixed. Yes they do.

But they want to raise the gas tax.

I am sick of hearing that more money is needed to fix our infrastructure.

I live in the town of Meredith. The federal government was going to spend $4 million and the state $1 million for rotaries that we do not need. After a town meeting, with many town citizens attending, the selectmen voted the project down.

More towns and cities need to vote down projects that are not needed.

Stimulus money — bridges to nowhere; why didn't we spend the billions of dollars on infrastructure then? Federal gas tax money has been used to create hiking trails and a museum.

Do not raise the gas tax? Stop wasting the money you get from us already? Gas tax money should only be used to repair or build bridges and roads. And instead of building new bridges, why don't we fix the ones we have already?

I am not a bottomless pit for the federal government to mismanage the money it collects from me to spend on other things.

"No" to a higher gas tax.

Linda Riley


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We are open to all mental health customers; no admission fee

To The Daily Sun,

Did you know that one out of four people will experience some kind of mental health issue within a year? Or one out of five adults are diagnosed with depression? May is Mental Health Awareness Month and is an opportunity to learn both about mental health as part of overall health and the need to be alert to symptoms of mental illness.

"During Mental Health Awareness Month, everyone should take the time to learn symptoms of mental illness," said Patt Fancy, executive director of Lakes Region Consumer Advisory Board, also known as CornerBridge, in Laconia. If you or a loved one suffers with a mental illness, you are not alone. Many people are unaware of where to turn to for support.

Lakes Region Consumer Advisory Board oversees both CornerBridge and Concord Peer Support, which are peer support centers that are consumer-directed and where consumers develop their own programs to supplement existing mental health services, address issues such as social isolation and discrimination, and enjoy opportunities for socialization, personal and educational enhancement, and peer support.

A Peer Support Center is a central place for consumer self-help, advocacy, education, and socialization. At CornerBridge and Concord Peer Support we provide a socialization service that addresses the isolation felt by many mental health consumers. We are all peers who have a lived-life experience and understand how important it is when things get rough. We offer groups in Wellness, Recovery and how to live life managing the illness.

We are open to all mental health consumers. No admission fee or membership fee is charged.

For more information, please check out our website: www.nhcornerbridge.org or call 603-528-7742.

Joy Hall, Program Director

CornerBridge House


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